i told myself i wasnt gonna make this

i told myself i wasnt gonna make any more posts about saucegate unless someone got killed but this dude is livestreaming himself complaining about mcdonalds and various other fast food joints for the past hour


I told myself wouldn’t but I ended up doing it anyways haaa

My Miraculous Ladybug OC Neva, and her alter self Magpie (because im so creative with names)

Not gonna lie I am quite proud of her, even i did get a bit carried away with her and it took me quite a while to try and not make her not look like a penguin

Ah well! Back to the trash bin I go~

Ozpin`s a fucking time machine

this one is gonna be very short. okay so i remember i saw once a theory that ozpin controls time, the thing is that it wasnt really a theory, the reasons they thought that was just because hes old as fuck and has a clock looking building so i told myself it doesnt really make any sense, but then i remembered something.

those are the rules for naming the characters in RWBY that monty oum (writer of the show) posted on his twitter account. notice that in the third paragraph (not including the numbered ones) there is written that all characters are named after a color except for ozpin “for reasons”. now in the speech ozpin gives on volume 2 episode 8 he says that a war that ended 80 years ago caused the people of remnant to name their child after colors to express the creativity they werent allowed to have. now if this trend has started 80 years ago, why isnt ozpin named after a color? it is pretty obvious that he isnt 80 years old and the RWBY wiki says hes a middle aged man, which leads to the conclusion that he was alive more than 80 years ago, while somehow still being less than 80.

another thing is when he tells pyrrha the seasonal maidens fairytale existed when he was still a kid, and she reacts with “youre not that old professor”. are you sure? are you really sure pyrrha?

Inna lilah wa inna ilayhi rajioon my friend Shifa passed away this morning in a car accident. She was very young, extremely beautiful, and talented. Although I wasnt personally close to her I would like if everyone could please make dua for her and that punishment of the grave is made easy on her. May Allah swt give sabr to her parents Ameen. Let her sins be washed away with the water for Al-Kawthar. Ya Allah let you be pleased with her as she stands before you. Ameen

And sorry I didnt go to your meet up last weekend..but I’ll go to your janazaa tomorrow.