i told myself i didn't want any part in this and that it was stupid

Something Bad

Summary: Through the fault of her golden heart, the reader is brutally raped, not only leaving marks on her body but also in her mind.

Parrings: Sister!Reader x Brother!Dean, Sister!Reader x Brother!Sam.

Warnings: Swearing, Rape, Violence, Nudity (Kinda)

A/N: (This is my first fic i have ever posted on tumblr! I’ve finally conviced myself!)

It was already past midnight, you and your brothers were going to the bar to talk to the bartender, who witnessed a ghoul attack. You went there at night and not during the day because you wanted to get information from him that you did not collect during a normal interrogation. And more precisely Sam and Dean will talk to him …

Because your very protective brothers think that you are still too small, even though you could use a fake ID and enter there without any problem they don’t want any men to look at you ‘not right’.

You only sigh with reluctance at their opinion. You’ve been sixteen already! You were almost an adult hunter, you could take care of yourself!

“Y/N” You could hear Sam’s voice, “Y/N, are you listening to me?” Sam looked at you from the front seat.

“What? Sorry, I wasn’t listening,” you said, looking away from the window.

“I said …” He cleared his throat. “I said that when we get to the place you have to stay in the car and wait for us politely, if anything, you call us right away.” He said and you rolled your eyes.

Sam looked at you with his serious eyes waiting for your answer.

“Y/N” Dean said in a warning voice looking at you through the reflection of the mirror.

“Of course I’ll do it to younker Sam.” You spoke with a typical British accent and gave him a cynical smile.

He just smirked at this answer and turned towards the direction of the ride.


Dean slowly parked in front of the bar and turned to you. “Y/N we’ll be back soon, stay in the car and don’t do anything stupid.” He told with his fatherly tone and you nodded.

After a while, you watched your brothers enter a crowded bar, you waited five more minutes to make sure they won’t get back soon to the Impala.

You carefully got out of the car and closed it behind you. You just wanted boost some money because you had to have some cash to get out with your friends next week.

A little later, when you were right in front of the door from the bar, you heard a silent cry for help from the garbage dump behind building.

You quickly had a look around the empty parking lot, then again you heard a quiet cry for help. You carefully took the weapon from the back of your pants and walked toward the cry source.

With a thumping heart, you looked behind first garbage dump and to your surprise you didn’t see anyone.You were 'bout to turn away when you felt a dull ache on the back of your head and everything turned black.


When you woke up on the ground, you slowly tried to sit. You felt the cold wind on your skin. You were afraid to open your eyes and when you did it immediately, you regretted it. You were almost completely naked, wearing only a shirt, shoes and a piece of the left leg of your jeans. You looked around you, you lay on wet asphalt, shreds of clothes lay around you and you sat in your own blood.

The memory of what happened hit you like a bullet, immidently you started to cry.You never really wanted to turn back time so much as you wanted right then, you knew you had to listen to your brothers.You were angry, even furious because of your helplessness.

You looked at your body to see what happened to you.Your breasts and belly were covered with hickeys .You’ve flinched at the memory of the feeling of doing them.You covered yourself quickly.Terrified of everything that happened, you curled up into a ball, which caused you great pain, and you leaned against the wall behind you.

You couldn’t believe how it happened … You felt completely empty, sad and angry. Angry at that fucker, the bastard who did this to you … he should burn in hell like others like him.

You felt like a part of you was torn away… the rest of your intimacy that you had yesterday were brutally taken away from you…

This fucking bastard not only took your clothes, weapons or telephone but also virginity, security, trust and dignity.

You could not even get up and go to your brothers because you did not want to expose yourself to this again.

After a while, you remembered that you had a small dagger hidden in the boot for such occasions. You gently pulled it out of your shoe and squeezed it in your hand as if it were your last hope.

Soon after that you heard the footsteps of someone coming towards you. You fell silent immediately and clenched your fingers on the dagger until your knuckles whitened.

“Y/N ?!” You heard the voice of Sam looking for you. You dropped your dagger helplessly and began to cry. “Oh my God, Y/N!” You saw Sam approaching in your direction

“DON’T LOOK AT ME! PLEASE!” You screamed through tears, covering even more. After all, Sam was your brother and you did’t want him to look at you in this condition.

Despite your request, he didn’t close his eyes and quickly took off his jacket and put it on you. And you, with your trembling hands, pinned her and slowly and tried to get up, luckily the jacket was too big for you so it covered you to the middle of your thight. You waved for a moment but Sam immediately caught you and helped you.

“SON OF A BITCH! Y/N!” You saw Dean running toward you. “Y/N what the hell happened?!”

You didn’t answer him, but you knew that Sam already known what happend.

“Y/N!” Dean shouted.

“So-something… bad” you answer through tears.

The oldest brother opened the baby and helped you get into Impala. After which both your brothers quickliy sat in the front seats.

“Tell me what happened!” Dean burst out impatiently, Sam put a hand on his shoulder trying to calm him down.

“Thi-this man…” You stumbled.“H-he raped me…” You said before you broke down.

Second part.

I’m a little busy (K.L imagine) part 2

45 minutes later I’m back at the house and yes that includes both uber rides

“Franny I hope you know self defence cause girl I’m gonna whoop your ass” I say walking into her room

“That bad!” She looks up from her phone trying not to laugh

“Thhee most awful date I’ve even been on and I’ve once had a guy throw up on me” I yell from the bathroom as I get changed into something more comfortable, coming out and laying on the bed

“And I’m still starving cause I didn’t even make it to the food part of the date” I huff getting up and going to the kitchen

“Back so early Y/N” Bobby laughed looking at the other boys

I looked at them all laughing between themselves confused

“Yeah it was a disaster” I said reaching up and pulling two bowls and cereal out the cabinet.

They just smirk to each other. “I’m sure that’s why” Corey said as I turned my back to get milk. Ignoring their school girl giggling I grab two spoons

“Where’s Kian?” I ask receiving the same stupid smirks from them all, understand what they meant now I rolled my eyes

“He’s in his room” Jc laughed at me

(Kians POV)

Laying in my bed scrolling through twitter waiting for Y/N to text me back hopefully saying she’s having an awful time and she wants me to come pick her up, it hadnt even been an hour yet and I felt like she’d been gone for days, and I know I’m only feeling like this because she’s with another guy, I’ve gone days not seeing her before and yeah I was always excited to see her again but it never felt like this.

I must have been wrapped up in my own thoughts as next thing I knew I felt a weight on the bed next to me, turning over I see Y/N dressed all comfy like normal with a big messy bun on top of her head and no make up holding a bowl of cereal out to me. I sat up taking it from her smiling probably a little too much

“You’re back early?” I asked as I leaned on my elbow getting a little closer to her

“Yeah it was, umm not great” she said as she placed her bowl down on the floor showing me a lot more of her skin than she probably intended, all I could think about was wrapping my arms around her tiny waist and pulling her to my bare chest and never letting her leave me again.


Reaching down to put my bowl on the floor I suddenly felt two strong arm around my waist pulling my closer I rested my head on Kian bare chest breathing in his scent.

“So what was so bad about it” he asked as he ran his fingers through my hair

“Well where do I start? First of all he was late! Which you know is just rude, then I found out he’s not 25 he’s 35 which to be honest wouldn’t have bothered me if he hadn’t lied about it, he burped in my face, which is disgusting and to top it all off when I told him I was a dancer he asked me if that means he gets a free lap dance if he pays for dinner” I churned out at a million miles an hour

I leaned back so I could look up at Kian’s face to see him smiling down at me

“I don’t see how any of that is amusing Ki” I said as I moved to kneel next to him, he pulled him self up so he was level with me and I just stared at him

“Wanna know the worst part?” I asked taking a deep breath

“And what’s that? He said looking right into my eyes

I felt like he was starting into my soul, I argued with myself in my head as to if I should even say what I was thinking. I bit down on my lip before finally plucking up the courage

"He’s not you”

(Kians POV)

“And what’s that?” I asked as I looked into her eyes looking for any kind of hint that this is where she wanted to be right now, in bed with me just talking, if it made her anywhere near as happy as it made me to just be with her in the same room just the two of us.

She looked back at me like she was thinking about something really hard, biting down on her lip, the same lip I’d thought about taking in mine so many times.

“He’s not you” she finally breathed out

I stared at her for a second in shock, suddenly I didn’t care if I’d misunderstood her or wait for her to say anything else. I wrapped my hand around her neck taking a handful of her hair, I pulled her to me and kissed her. It was like all of a sudden nothing else mattered but having her here her lips on mine.

I pulled her down on top of me deepening the kiss as she kisses me back, I felt her bit my bottom lip softly. Pulling away slowly and resting my forehead on hers before thing went any further a smile spread across both our faces.

“I’m here if you want me” I whispered to against her mouth

She didn’t say a word she just kissed me.

(The next morning)

I woke up to a buzzing. I look round still half asleep and see Y/N curled up in my arms, I run my fingertips down her bare back gently not to wake her from her beautiful sleep. I heard the buzzing again and reached round grabbing my phone seeing Jc’s name pop up

I smile and pull Y/N closer taking a picture before replying.

Creepypasta #1193: My Sister Didn't Want Anyone In Her Room

Length: Medium

My sister Melissa had always been a strange individual, even as a six year-old. That was the age in which she started dressing entirely in black and rarely showed any emotion beyond her default stoic expression. She didn’t often speak in more than three sentences at a time, and when she did, she would sometimes use very big words that I never expected someone her age, or hell, even my age, to understand. It sort of reminded me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. My parents theorized she had some form of autism, though she was never officially diagnosed.

Probably the weirdest thing about her was that her room became completely off-limits. She would allow neither me, nor my parents, to enter. Even when my mom or dad wanted to vacuum in there, she would tell them, “No one is allowed in here but me.”

By the time she was nine and I was thirteen, I was past the point where I was desperately curious to see what was in there. The only times the door ever opened was when she was entering or exiting, and from the few brief glances I had seen, it looked like your typical little girls’ room, with pink walls, a fancy bed, and a bunch of stuffed animals.

But whenever she was home, she would do everything in her power to prevent anyone from so much as making a peek. She seemed to have some sort of sixth sense that alerted her whenever someone touched her door, as no matter which part of the house she was currently in, she would always sprint downstairs and shout at me to step away if I tried turning the knob. Even if she was taking a bath, she would leave the bathroom and come down wearing nothing but a towel.

I asked my mom about it, and she told me it was normal for kids to want privacy and to not want their stuff touched, and that I should respect her personal boundaries. I asked Dad, and he said the same thing. I still couldn’t help but be curious.

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1988 prompt: "I didn't want to tell my friend who was my real date from last night because he turned out to be an asshole so i just pointed at a random stranger (you) but now they're storming over to interrogate you and you're playing along??? Okay!"

“Are you really sure?” Sharpy asks him for the 11th time and it was endearing and sweet the first couple but it’s now grating on Patrick’s nerves.”Like, really?”

Patrick can’t help the eye roll. “For fuck’s sake Sharpy I already told you. Yes, I’m sure. One hundred percent.”

“But- we don’t know him…” Sharpy whines. In Sharpy speech that means Sharpy himself hasn’t seen him and hasn’t given his approval.

“He’s perfectly fine,Sharpy, shut up. He’s nice and hot and he’s really into me,ok?” 

“Why?” Sharpy asks because he is a fucking tool. 

“Fuck off! I’m a great catch!”

“Just because your mom told you that…”

Patrick looks him dead in the eyes with the most self-satisfying smirk he can muster. “Well, your mom said the same thing.”

Sharpy opens his mouth to retort but closes it immediately, full knowing he was beaten. “Fine,” he grumbles, “but don’t come crying to me when he ends up being an asshole.”

“I’ll just come gloating then, because I’m gonna land myself the hottest, most awesome boyfriend, Just wait.”


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anonymous asked:

Can you write about Ieyasu dealing with mute MC after the poisoning ^^

I’m combining this with another request I had since it goes well together.

Anon: everyone probably give yasumasa the side eye after hearing she got poisoned.

Here u go!^^


“Poison meant for him PART ll”

“Are you sure it’s not Yasumasa?” Lord Ieyasu asks me once again. I nod in reply, being unable to speak for a while. Lord Ieyasu has been asking me this constantly, his eyes suspicious of Lord Yasumasa from the first moment. I don’t blame him, Lord Yasumasa had once wanted to get rid of me but he had already apologized and this time was clearly not him so I don’t want any blames to be placed on someone innocent. Actually, many have already placed their bets on Lord Yasumasa being the one to poison me.

“He didn't–” “I don’t know what you’re saying,” Lord Ieyasu curtly cuts me off without bothering to try to read my lips. I sigh and grab a paper and pen then started writing down what I wanted to say and show it to him. “Lord Yasumasa didn’t do anything wrong so please don’t put blames on the innocent,”

“We never know if he was the one to order that retainer now do we,” he says, refusing to listen to me. I frown at him, both angry but frustrated because I was unable to say everything I wanted to. “Then who is it?” he presses when seeing my frown. I shrug and he groans in frustration. The retainer that had tried to poison Lord Ieyasu was no longer here for some reason. “Are you sure you’re not blind either?” he asks me. I give him a furious look and hit him with frustration. “You’ve gotten much braver these days, haven’t you,” he comments as he feeds me a spoonful of the medicine porridge he had made for me.

Even though I am in a tough position where my life may change forever, Lord Ieyasu is the same as always. But I can’t say that I hate this part of him, it just shows him not wanting me to worry about the changes to life. It’s hard not being able to speak but I am happy that I have Lord Ieyasu by my side as we go through this together. When he learned about my being poisoned, he was ready to kill anyone who felt suspicious to him. I stopped him from doing so, but I understood him. It was his way of showing he cares and loves me. Lord Ieyasu never told me he loves me, but I know he does, because sometimes when words fails to show, actions comes in place of it. And that’s what Lord Ieyasu does. He isn’t a man of words, but a man of actions. And I find myself staring at him, unable to stop smiling as he feeds me.

Lord Ieyasu notice this and frowns. “Stop smiling, it’s disgusting and distracting me. I’ll loose my concentration and my hand will slip, causing you to choke on this spoon.”

Slip, he says. I roll my eyes at his usual behavior. “Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me,” he curtly spoke. I grab the pen and paper and write what I wanted to retort back. “But I already did it, milord,” he reads it then looks up at me rolling my eyes again, teasing him. “You stupid kitchen wench,” he growls. “Ready to die now are you?”

“Ah, but I can only die when I’ve betrayed you right? I haven’t done that yet,” he reads what I write then gets up. “Feed yourself. You have your own hands for a reason,” he says as he starts striding away. As much as I wanted to reply with saying that he was the one to wanting to fed me, I couldn’t because I had no voice to call from his back. So I quickly stand up and follow behind him. When he hears my footsteps, he pauses to look over his shoulder, meeting my eyes. “Do you not have something better to do? Rest,” he orders but I shake my head stubbornly. He sighs and keeps on walking without refusing me so I once again follow him.

On our way, Lord Yasumasa and Lord Tadakatsu walks past us with a bow and I see from the corner of my eyes that Lord Ieyasu was giving the side eyes to Lord Yasumasa. I then tap on Ieyasu’s shoulder. He looks back at me mouthing him “Stop,” with a shaking head. “I don’t know what you are saying,” he dismisses me, clearing having understood what I was trying to tell him. I then start writing once again for him to see. “I know you understood me,” I give him a frowning look. But Lord Ieyasu just makes another excuse. “Your handwriting is so horrible I can’t read it,” he retorts then leaves me behind as he walks away again.

As much as I wanted to get mad at him and glare at him when I returned to his side, I couldn’t find myself to do so when I hear the soft laughter from Lord Ieyasu, his face so bright, it was my first time hearing his laugh. So I laugh along with him despite my silence. He turns to me when he sees me laughing silently. “I want to hear your voice again,” he gives me a sweet gesture by patting my head. I just stare at him, shock by how much he was changing each day. Maybe it was because he had gotten used to me always being by his side and talking that he misses it? No matter what the possibilities were, I feel a soft warmth filling in my heart because of Lord Ieyasu.

The King Phase V

Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV

Starring: GOT7 jinyoung

Genre: The Good Kind

Warnings: Violence, Language, Sexuality

I didn’t know this time yesterday I’d be asking a virtual stranger to live with her but here we are.

She’s probably looking for a way to ditch me. She said she went to the bathroom and the bathroom isn’t visible to me from where I’m sitting so I guess I’ll have to trust that she’ll come back.

I don’t want to think about if she’ll say no but I have to consider the possibility. If she does, I’ll need somewhere else to go so I take out my phone with the intention to scroll through my contacts for any other options.

When I go to unlock it, I see a message from Jinyoung:

“I know this is a lot. Take all the time you need to process. I’ll be here when you’re ready.

Just so you know, I’m still in.”

I nearly break down and cry as a wave of emotional exhaustion hits me. I just manage to keep it together as I shut down my phone and put it away. Damn him. He knows me so well. It confuses me because is this from Jinyoung, my boyfriend or The King?

Part of me wants to overanalyze his words and look for the hidden meaning or a hidden threat but the message is pretty clear. He still wants this. I just have to decide if I do. It’s still hard for me to admit to myself the enormity of the situation we’re in.

I’m lost in replaying Jinyoung and I’s last conversation when Nawal comes strolling up to the table with a huge smile on her face and some type of card in her hand saying she hopes I like to shop.

“Not usually. Why?”

“You’re gonna need to stock up if you stay with me. I have that spare bedroom I can set you up in but none of my clothes will fit you and I don’t know if you’ll like my food.

"Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Did you live with Jinyoung or do you have your own place?”

“I lived with him. All my stuff is there.” I say.

“That’s what I’d assumed. Forgive me for not asking first. Anyway, you up for getting everything you need today? I figure we can go back to my place first to take inventory of what can be shared as far as toiletries go. Then you can check out the room and the fridge and make a list. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect.”


I take it back. I can’t wait.

I was trying to focus. Usually my mind is filled with the threads that connect each job. The ones I need to pull usually highlight themselves for me and a scenario plays out for each of the probabilities of that action; like watching several alternate endings to a film.

But since I texted her, it’s like I can’t get the projector started or rather, each film is starring her. It’s driving me crazy to watch in my mind what would happen if she told a civilian who I really am, if she told the police, if she left me, if she disappeared with Nawal…

I’ve studied her behavior and though I know what she’d likely do, I would be inept at my job if I didn’t acknowledge that people are ultimately unpredictable. Especially in emotionally volatile situations. I’d say finding out you don’t know your boyfriend at all after a year would count as one.

I know I can’t work in this state. Fuck! This phase of one of my plans has to be meticulously controlled so only the right blood is shed. I can’t afford collateral damage. Fuck! I can’t believe I’ve given her this much control; this much power over me.

I have to find where she is. I take out a disposable phone from it’s place amongst a dozen others and pull up an anonymous tracking app to find Nawal’s location. It’s several townships from here and they’re clearly on the move.

The urgency is burning me alive to grab my jacket and leave now to follow them myself. But that would be stupid on a level I refuse to tolerate. I take a deep breath and do what I do best. I think.

It would be best for me to cast a wide net since I can’t rely on either her or Nawal’s typical behavior patterns while they’re together. I’ll have to have them watched. As much as I can’t stand it, I would be more informed if I stay put and was available to be reported to. Idleness has never rankled me as much as it does now but I have to hold my position.

The wild idea pops into my head to show up at Nawal’s and beg an audience with her, just to see where her head’s at. Just to assuage my neuroses that the worst could play out. I barely let the idea live before I let it fizzle out. It would be awfully curious to both Nawal and my girl for me to magically know where she’d be. I can imagine Nawal’s face at seeing me again. Especially in light of what my lady must have told her.

On top of that, Nawal is not to be underestimated. She’d put several things together in seconds. So would my girl. My cover would be blown and my Strategies doubly threatened. Not to mention the total loss of trust. If it’s hard for her to trust me now after a year of clout I’ve built with her, showing up would be irreparable.

No, I have to let my network handle it. I use the same phone I tracked Nawal with, having the intent to send out an informal APB. My instructions are to ping a location if they spot these two women but not to move on them. I will hand-pick my tail. I attach to the message a CCTV shot of them from the bar the night before once I receive it. The final piece is to take stock of who I have to work with and to choose the field man I trust most.

I hit SEND and wait. The pings are almost immediate. As I scroll through the lineup, I see a veteran. One I would trust with my life if he actually knew me. I message him to discreetly follow them and report every hour their location and activities, specifying that he is to give them a wide berth.

That message sent and no more for me to do, I collapse in my office chair and cradle my head in my hands.

Yes, I’m worried about blowing my cover. I’ve been building this empire since I was seventeen. I’ve come a long way from having to do the grunt work with my own two hands.

The truth is though, that I’m more worried about what to do with this relationship. This is new territory for me. I’m not used to feeling this vulnerable; this out of control.

If it turns out that I misjudged her and she gives me up, I know what I have to do; erase her and disappear. The problem is I don’t know if I could. Could I wipe her out like she never existed? Could I treat the woman I kiss, make love to, hold at night and spend my valuable time with like a mark in a con gone wrong? Could I live knowing that I took someone who really mattered to me out of this world? I don’t think I could.

I’ve been waking up next to her for a while now. There is no fear in her eyes when she looks at me. No hidden agendas, no objectives, almost no wants at all. It’s been what’s been keeping me going, I realize.

She is where I rest. I am always ten steps ahead. Of her too, because it is necessary for my safety and hers. But being with her… It’s the most present I ever am. I can laugh at a joke. Try a new restaurant. Let her embarrass me with intimate kisses in public.

She adds a lightness and spirit to my life that I’ve not allowed myself before her. Part of me hates to think what I’ve done to that spirit but I’ve seen a toughness and resilience in her too. I know she can handle this if I just give her time.

This is stupid. Look at me, The King, wrapped around the finger of a woman. And yet it’s true.

I admit I’m afraid. The kingdom is at stake and I’ve put a lot of my life into it. Years that I could’ve spent living, I spent building. I finally got it to the point that I could afford to give some of my attention to a girl and she could implode it all.

However, if I’m being honest, I’m afraid to lose her more. I have never felt this depth of feeling before and I am truly afraid of that. Empathy is a liability in my line of work. I guess I always had it or I would have let Nawal die with her ex but what my girl brings out of me makes me question after all this time why I do what I do.

I hate to admit it but she’s softened me.

To Be Continued…

anonymous asked:

I am the "beautiful" anon and I want you to know you made me happy as well. Because when I wrote my first message I didn't expect you to react that way, I didn't expect to hear so many kind words and I didn't expect you to write the next letter so fast! I'm happy that I made you happy somehow. You're so sweet ☺ And you touched our hearts with your work. Remember that. I can't wait for the last part, I'm sure it will be as beautiful as the previous ones. Thank you. Hope you'll have a good day 💕

Hello beautiful anon!

I was actually waiting for you. Thank you for everything you have done for me. And I mean it. You brought me to life again. And I’m so happy I touched your heart. Somebody told me once that I couldn’t change the world, but that I could change someones world. And if I just give them a little joy or a hint of a feeling then I’m happy for that. And this is why I’m in debt with you. Because you gave me a hint of feeling. So this is why I was waiting for you, because heres the last one. Fabrizio’s letter. Thanks again and I hope you have a great week.

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the shoebox project sentence meme - part one
  • "it frightens the shit out of birds which you can imagine is exactly what I look for in a mode of transportation."
  • "_________ has got his head stuck in a window."
  • "S/He is not doing great, s/he is stuck in a window."
  • "Do please try not to be arrested."
  • "I don't know why s/he looked so panicked. I was wearing a top hat and was very chivalrous I think."
  • "We only almost got arrested once, and that was a mistake, I'd never seen that goat before in my life."
  • "I want to help you eat your sandwich."
  • "So this is a short note to let you know I miss you too! Though I miss my jacket more!"
  • "Stop making faces, that one you've got on right now is particularly unappealing."
  • "Repeat after me, ______: I do believe in commas. I do, I do."
  • "Summer love. Ah, the romance. Ah, the black eyes."
  • "It isn't funny. Stop laughing, I mean it."
  • "To pee or not to pee is hardly the question."
  • "I can say funnification if I want and one day, when our epistolary extravaganzas are published, the world will sit back and think What Brilliance!"
  • "Stop looking at your tongue in the mirror it's unbecoming."
  • "_____ do you think my tongue's weird? I keep looking at it in the mirror and it is WEIRD, it's sort of POINTY."
  • "I did that on purpose, you see, to give you something to do."
  • "Betrayal is a bitter potion to swallow, you know."
  • "There are nights I awake in a cold sweat, clutching my pillow, convinced I have got a GREAT BLOODY PINK DUSTER STICKING OUT OF MY ARSE when ALL I TRIED TO DO WAS HELP MY FRIEND IN HIS HOUR OF NEED."
  • "REST UP ALL RIGHT, don't do any calisthenics for a couple of days and no violent shagging!!"
  • "S/He's always around and s/he smells nice so why not right?"
  • "Like how some girls give friendship bracelets, we can give Friendship Scars."
  • "I like your nose."
  • "Anyway how can you resist a face like this?"
  • "So I look like two years ago I was on the African desert battling mad stampeding elephants with very pointy tusks."
  • "S/He's glad. S/He just doesn't know it yet."
  • "Can I have a towel, please, o most patient and understanding of hosts, on whose territory I have done nothing but trespass and drip."
  • "hey! that was definitely Inappropriate Touching."
  • "There are people who would give their eyeteeth to be groped by me, you know."
  • "Now. Where were we? Ah yes. Revenge."
  • "Thanks for making me miss all the fun, you stupid wanker."
  • "if it's war you want, it's war you've got!"
  • "At least i don't have fleas."
  • "You're a madman."
  • "I've got new socks on!"
  • "You do not win with no more underwear ever."
  • "You're again apologising for yourself. Stop it!"
  • "We must be getting somewhere; i didn't poison you, myself, or light anything on fire last time."
  • "You expect me to believe that?"
  • "I don't hate _____. _____ hates me."
  • "You told me you hate him/her!! We all hate him/her!!"
  • "Maybe you're being slowly eaten away from the inside."
  • "Are you busy after class? I want to talk to you, this is stupid."
  • "I thought you looked rather dashing, nearly snorting it up into your nose like that."
  • "Hang on, aren't we in a fight?"
  • "We've been very mature. We've definitely resolved the issue at hand."
  • "Well, if it makes you feel better, you look terribly handsome."
  • "I've always had a thing for older men."
  • "I encourage all forms of flattery from my underlings."
  • "They do say, that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."
  • "What could possibly make things worse than right now?"
  • "Just don't do anything stupid, ______, and don't say anything stupid, either."
  • "You know, I thought this night couldn't get any more beautiful, and then you stepped round that corner."
  • "You are the only (wo)man who has ever managed to hold my complete attention. I can't stop thinking about you, I can't eat, I can't sleep, I do nothing but pine and steal your clothing--"
  • "I was under the impression that I had never even held your partial attention for more than a half an hour."
  • "I heard you and _______ shared a most passionate embrace."
  • "S/he's really a terribly attractive (wo)man, you know, for her/his age."
  • "You know, I do find myself developing a strange craving for human flesh."
  • "_______, you are determined to ruin everything!"
  • "Oho! Someone's not getting into the Halloween spirit!"
  • "I haven't said anything!"
  • "I've not said one word about your grammar."
  • "I'm not frightened."
  • "______, you are about to learn the meaning of a thumping."
  • "How do you know if you're paralyzed?"