i told her 'thanks for having so much confidence in me'

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Talking about the last flashback, do you think Silver told Madi about the full extent of Flint's relationship with Thomas? Him mentioning Thomas to Mari threw me off a bit and I don't know if we're supposed to believe that he told her flint's secret or if he just told her that he lost a friend named Thomas or what. I'm loving all your thought-out answers this morning btw, they're making a fab episode even better. And your gifsets of course are killing me. Great job all around 👌🏼

Thank you so much!! :D

(Sorry for the late reply though, I got swept away with the new content)

I have to admit that that line threw me off too. I was surprised and a liiitle bit disappointed at first. At first!!! I was sure Silver would keep that secret because Flint told him that in full confidence, considered him the only person worthy of knowing that information about him because he trusted he wouldn’t use it against him or see him any differently for it. I was sure the reason for Madi’s initial mistrust of Flint was so strong partly because she didn’t know who he was, what he’s lost, and what that war truly meant to him. But considering she did know, this means her trusting Silver, a person she knows little about (considering not even Flint was privy to his life story and they’ve known each other far longer than Silver and Madi have) and not trusting Flint even though she knew he fights for his lost family doesn’t really make sense. She heard about Flint and Silver’s influence in the pirate world, she was told by her father they were both dangerous men, so why did it take her so long to understand him and not Silver?! Why did Flint have to make that extra effort to win her trust? Anyway I went off topic, that’s a discussion for another time and one that can have many interpretations, of course.

I think Silver might not have told her all of it, though. I can’t believe he would give away too much because he’s genuinely sympathetic towards Flint and his tragedies and as much as he trusts Madi not to go around and spread the story or even judge Flint for it, I feel like he’d consider it too private, too intimate to be shared so lightly. If she were to ever learn more about Flint and his relationship with Thomas and Miranda then Flint should be the one to tell her. It’s not Silver’s story to tell and I want to believe he knew that, especially given how long it took Flint to share that piece of his soul with him. However, even if he told her all he knows I don’t think he did any harm by it. I think he just wanted to show her that there is more to Flint than she thinks. That he’s fighting for something far greater and more meaningful than she and the rest of the world are led to believe. That he’s not all about destruction and mayhem, but rather about love because that is the root of Flint’s existence. Perhaps that was what helped her eventually see past the harsh exterior of Flint’s persona and allowed her to truly understand the broken man inside.

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can you do an imagine that y/n is dating one of the boys and she have a 4b hair and she is insecure about it but the boy supports her, thanks

I had to google what 4b hair was so forgive me for inaccuracy and sorry this took me so long to get around to doing! I’m busy and stressed and when I’m not busy… I’m forgetful. I haven’t written in a long time so I hope I’ve done an alright job?? I’m clearly out of practice, tbh.


You frowned as you looked yourself over in the mirror, happy with your clothes for the day but not so happy with your hair. The style was still new to you and as much as Calum told you that you looked great, you were still feeling insecure about it. 

You sigh and roll your eyes at yourself, determined to be confident with the new look. Calum was in the kitchen, talking on his phone with his back to you. You snuck up behind him and tapped his shoulder, scaring him and causing him to nearly drop his phone. You laughed as Calum apologised to his sister, glaring with his eyes but smiling at you as he righted himself in his chair. 

When he was done on the phone he pulled you away from the coffee machine and wrapped his arms almost too tightly around your waist. “She’s excited to see us.” He announced, kissing your cheek before releasing you. 

You tried to smile happily, the insecurity of your hair returning. “It’s been a while.” You replied, turning back to put the milk in the fridge after pouring your coffee.

Calum frowned at your back, “What’s up?” 

You busied yourself with your too hot mug, avoiding the question. “The sky, the sun, probably a few birds.”

Calum sighed, “Are you not feeling great? She’d understand if we cancelled.” 

You shook your head, “I’m feeling great, there’s not need to cancel.” 

Calum got up from his chair and stepped around the island to stand in front of you, taking the mug from your hands and setting it beside you on the counter. “You seem a little off, Y/N.” 

“I’m just nervous.” You shrugged.

“About?” Calum prompted further.

“I’m not used to the new hair, that’s all.” You admitted finally. “It’s… big and- I don’t know.”

Calum took a hold of your forearms and pulled you closer to him so that eye contact was unavoidable. “You look amazing, I’ll keep telling you that until you believe it, alright?”

“But what if-”

“My sister will love it too, not everyone can make it work for them, but you do, it suits you.” 

You side-stepped Calum to take your mug back and take a drink. Looking down at it you replied, “People have already made comments.”

“Fuck ‘em.” Calum shrugged, “If you like the style then who cares what others think? Who cares what me or my sister think of it?”

You nodded, looking back up at him. “You’re right.”

Calum grinned, “What’s new?”

Okay FUNNY ASS story with one of my Online Clients for Personal Training.

So I have him on a personalized Weight loss routine to get leaned up and so I tell him to pick a cardio of his choice. 3 days out the week. So he messaged me saying “I just got off work but I dont know what type of cardio to do”. So I jokingly say since he’s been talking to this girl. “you can jog, or brisk walk or hey maybe call that girl you been spending so much time with to get some cardio with a friend ” and I dont think much of it but 30 minutes later I get a message of him saying this 

“Lol yo bro i got the booty call. I told her my fitness trainer recommended it. Thank you for being a wing man, without even trying lol”

HAHA that confidence has skyrocketed with his improved physique so far hahahahaha

Lanyard Dreams pt 15


Hey yall! So this part gets a little crayyyy but nothing too smutty because I’m not a smut type writer and I would honestly suck ass if I tried. I’ll leave the rest up to your own imagination lol. Let me know what you think in my ASK! Thank you so much for reading <3

- M xx


You see your friend and Calum walk back into the restaurant. Luke turns to you while still focusing on them walking back to the table.

“What do you think happened? I’m confused.”

“Same dude, same. I have no clue. Maybe he told her about her flight situation and what not.” You say not confidently.

Everyone at the table fell silent as your friend and Calum retook their seats. Eyeing your friend she refuses to make eye contact with you. What the hell was going on?

“Did everyone order already?” Calum said nonchalantly.

You all nod and smile. You glance around the table and everyone’s facial expression was the same. You felt the awkwardness physically floating in the air. You kicked Luke’s leg under the table.

“Uh…uh so” Luke stutters because of your kick. “What the fuck was that for?” He whispers on the side of his mouth to you.

“I don’t know start talking about something.” You whisper to him.

As Luke starts to bring up some random subject you look at your friend.

“We’ll be right back” You motion for her to come. “We’re gonna go to the bathroom really quick.”

As you make your way to the bathroom with your friend all the words you were thinking come spilling out of your mouth.

“What the hell just happened? Are you guys okay? Worse? Better? What?”

“I’m staying.” Your friend said bluntly.

“You’re WHAT? How in the- what did he do for you to change your mind so easily?” You felt almost mad that Calum was able to sway her mind with ease.

“I don’t know. He just was so sincere and apologetic. He said the exact words I needed him to say for me to change my mind.”

“That easy? Wow he must’ve said some good shit then.” You sigh. “Well if that’s what you think will make you happy then alright. I’m happy for you too.”

Your friend throws her body onto yours in a huge embrace.

“He’s still a fuck boy.” She whispers in your ear.

As you rejoin the table, you see that the food has arrived. Luke catches eyes with you and Calum catches eyes with your friend. It was as if none of that club bullshit had happened. Everything was back to normal.

“So?” Luke said to you as he hands you your silverware.

“She’s staying after all.” Luke turns his head fully towards you raising his eyebrows.

“Well I guess we can all go back to normal now. Thank god.” He said with a sigh of relief.

When the dinner was done you all squished into a van to take you back home. You and Luke by the window with Ashton beside you. Your friend and Calum across from you two and Michael squeezed beside them. Calum and your friend were back to their usual selves. You felt relieved but also scared. You knew how easy it was for your friend to say yes to staying because of how much she likes Calum but you were scared that she might just use that to forgive him for everything he might do in the future. Trying to rid your mind of all these thoughts you look to Luke. Since the whole Calum situation was figured out for the most part you couldn’t wait to put all your effort into you and Luke’s new relationship.

“What are you staring at?” Luke looks down at you leaning on his arm.

“You’re just like really pretty. Has anyone ever told you that you’re like really pretty?” You say while flashing a stupid smile.

“Shut the fuck up.” Luke says while messing up your hair. He reaches his arm down to your thigh and gives it a little squeeze and then goes back to talking to Ashton beside you.

When you all finally made it home you felt mentally and physically exhausted. This whole day was dedicated to your friend and Calum and now that it was all over you felt calmed.

“Hey wanna head to bed now?” Luke looks towards you. He bites his lip ring and raises his eyebrows. He knew what that shit did to you. You smile and nod. He takes your hand leading the way saying to goodnight to all the boys. You see your friend and Calum walk into their bedroom too.

Luke begins stripping off his clothes piece by piece leaving him only in his boxer briefs. You still weren’t used to seeing him like this but it was a beautiful site to see. He was so tall and lanky. His shoulders so broad. His skin so pale and smooth. Your eyes begin to wander all over his body. He was fucking beautiful.

“Brush your teeth with me?” Luke says while flashing that straight smile exposing all of his teeth.

You and Luke walk into the bathroom. You stood in front of the sink staring in the mirror while brushing. Luke stood right behind you being able to see perfectly over your head. He kept on making stupid faces at you while his mouth began to overflow with foam. This was so normal and something that you could get used to.

After all the housekeeping was done Luke opens up the bed sheets and slides in. You begin to change but before putting on your own pajamas you sneakily go into Luke’s drawers and pick out his black oversized t-shirt.

“Yea sure okay just take my stuff.” Luke says jokingly.

You slide into bed next to him. Right before you rest your head down on the pillow he puts his arm there so you would cuddle next to him.

“You’re such a little shit Luke Hemmings.” You move your body towards his. He was massive. Remembering how you were on the tour bus you giggle to yourself.

“How the fuck did we even fit in your bunk? This is like not even enough room and it’s a queen sized bed.” You say while sitting up.

“Yea I have no fucking clue honestly. I guess you just have to move closer to me.” Luke says cheekily.

“Mhm yea sure.” You say as you lie back down and scoot even closer to Luke.

Your leg was on top and wrapped around of both his legs. Closing your eyes thinking that you were going to sleep Luke begins to rubs his fingers down your bare back giving you goose bumps. Trying not to react like a complete idiot you try to remain calm. You felt his breathe ease into your neck as he approached you closer and closer. Fuck shit fuck. What was he trying to do? Feeling scared your heart begins to pound. You knew the emotional attraction was there and the physical attraction was undeniable.

“Luke I-” He cuts you off.

“Just trust me.” Luke says with a demanding tone. It was attractive as fuck.

His hands begin to trace your every curve. His fingers lingering above your skin for a couple seconds almost as a tease. You feel his lips connect to your neck and his lip ring grazes your skin. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as you take in all your senses. The feeling of Luke’s massive hands on your small body and his cold lips kissing your flushed skin. The aura of his scent engulfing you completely. You feel him stop and his smile imprints into your skin almost as if he was thinking like what the fuck am I doing. Taking the reigns now you begin to move your arms down his back slowly and steadily reaching the band of his boxer briefs. You feel the dimples at the bottom of his back. You trace your fingers around them. You want to take in every part of his body inch by inch.

“Fuck it” Luke exclaims as he grabs your body and thrusts it on top of his. You were now straddling him. The moonlight peeping through the blinds hitting the side of his face. You see his eyes memorize your body intently as he lifts your shirt above your head. He sits up with his back against the headboard. His shoulder slumped but still broad. His hair all messy poking in every direction.

“You’re fucking beautiful.” Luke whispers innocently into your ear. He begins to push your hair back behind you and then out of your face. His fingers then fall gently down your cheek.

“This alright?” Luke says while being attached to your lips. His face was so close to yours the tips of your noses were brushing up against each others.

“It’s perfect.”


Friends POV with Calum

As you walk into the room with Calum you think to yourself. What the fuck were you doing? Just because you told Calum that you would stay didn’t mean that everything could go back to how it was before. There was an internal battle going on in your head. Should you just ask for your own space or go along with it? As you look up from the ground about to make your decision your eyes are met by an almost naked Calum Hood. Fuck fuck fuck. Feeling the sexual tension between you rise to a peak you try to look away. You tried to fight off this raging urge inside of you but it was so hard because Calum looked so good. Throwing away every ounce of discipline you had you run up to Calum and jump into his arms that catch almost as if he was expecting you to do that.

Your lips latch onto his soft and fluffy ones. Grabbing the back of his head you begin to pull yourself up as Calum’s arms tense up and push you higher. He slowly begins walking to the bed and lays you down.

“You’re such a fucking shit head you know that right.” You say in between the kisses.

“I didn’t do shit. This was all you.” Calum says panting.

You begin to grab onto Calum’s arm pulling yourself up but then he lays you back down. Jesus Christ he was demanding. Grabbing the back of your head he starts from your lips and then works his way down, slowly and intently making sure to kiss every part of your body.

“Fuuuck.” You say quietly to yourself. Your face instantly gets hot because you know Calum probably heard you. You feel his lips change from a peck to a smile and he lets out a little laugh. He moves his way back up to meet your eye level. He places a kiss on the tip of your nose so delicately.

“Alright I don’t want to go so fast. Not too long ago you fucking hated me.” Calum says laughing. “Talk to me. I was thinking about this earlier but I feel like you know so much about me but I don’t know enough about you even though we’ve talked everyday for the past months.”

Your heart begins to gush. Calum wanted to just talk to you, nothing physical but just talk. You feel like this was his way of starting fresh with you after everything that had went down. You placed your head on Calum’s chest and began to tell him your life story from the beginning as if he knew nothing about you.


Waking up the next morning you turn to your side. Holy fuck wait. You were absolutely naked and so was Luke Hemmings whose hands were rested on your bare body. You move his arm and reach for your shirt.

“Good morning.” Luke says squinting his eyes and shielding his face from the sunlight.

“Good morning Luke.” You say as you lean over to him and place a kiss on his dimple. “Last night was perfect.”