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find what you’re looking for (jax/miles)

find what you’re looking for
backstage. jax/miles. pg-13. ~3k
miles and alya break up two weeks into sophomore year. jax is a-okay with that.

a/n: i’d love to say “i can’t believe i wrote this”, but, yes, yes i can.


anonymous asked:

Saru gets thrown into a Snow White/Sleeling Beauty type scenario and Munakata is Prince Charming. Saru's reaction to being kissed in front of everyone. What if they're in a relationship at the time?

I think the main difference between the two of them being in a relationship or not is whether Fushimi is pissed off because “the Captain kissed me” or “the Captain kissed me in public.” Like Fushimi gets hit by Sleeping Beauty Strain and no one can wake him up, Munakata does his research properly and decides that there is only one way to solve this problem. So he walks up completely unruffled and just kisses Fushimi right there in front of everyone. While the kissing is happening the rest of Scepter 4 is just staring (a few people possibly applaud, maybe some the Fushimi fan club’s Reisaru faction just got a treat here). Fushimi’s eyes open suddenly but Munakata keeps up with the kissing just a little bit longer than is possibly entirely necessary while Fushimi’s face gets redder and redder. Finally Munakata pulls away and Fushimi’s breathing a little hard and his face is just totally red to the ears, Munakata smiles brilliantly and notes that he is pleased to have found a solution to their problem. Fushimi finally finds his voice to ask what the fuck Munakata thought he was doing, Munakata calmly explains the problem and notes that traditionally there is, after all, only one way to break a sleeping spell and is Fushimi displeased by this. Fushimi kinda mutters his answer because well, okay, saving his life but then again kissing. Munakata is still sparkling and everyone else is still staring, Fushimi is finally like I’m going to go hide in my room now until I don’t feel like killing everyone and makes his escape. If they’re not in a relationship this possibly later leads to Fushimi confronting Munakata about why he did the kissing in the first place because it’s not like Fushimi has a ‘true love’ or anything stupid like that, and Munakata notes that nonetheless the kiss worked and Munakata certainly doesn’t regret his actions in the least.

kara-knuckles  asked:

Considering Sora was to Disney Castle, he probably figured there was a town as well. And Donald and Goofy likely told him about it. Also, if EVERYONE will be reconnected, then they should go to the beach first =Ъ

He most certainly knows about a town and the name, but does he know that it’s the town of fun and games, of ice cream and fruit ball, races and pinball, selling little figurines of the inhabitants as well as of the three heroes who have won the million dreams award 13 years ago and holy shit Mickey you REALLY need to visit home some more because that would’ve tipped you off about TERRA’S WHEREABOUTS???

…whoops, I got a little carried away here ;’D But if they told him, I have legitimately no idea how they avoided visiting Disney Town because Sora would have probably insisted to check it out xD

Hm, tough choice! Though I kinda like to imagine that everyone goes to Destiny Islands at first, so the Destiny Trio can go home and the others tag along to heal before they have to go back to their own lives. I guess you can call that a vacation at the beach? And after that, the Wayfinder trio goes back home, rebuilds it and once it’s ready, their “first” vacation is Disney Town :3