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Thought this bit from ‘The Little Engine That Couldn’t’ was pretty cute. :) 

- Marianne

Today I saw Moana, in a theatre in New Zealand

…and what an experience it was. To watch a film in a style so recognisable, admirable, ubiquitous about stories and people that I grew up hearing and being taught about, was truly one of the most emotional experiences in my life. Of course I was crying right from the get go, all the way to the credits.

As I sat and watched the stories woven through my childhood, not just as a New Zealander, but as a Samoan/Maori mix, being told by DISNEY, I was awash with brimming awe. Constantly teetering on the breaking point of tears as I saw the legends of my people being brought to life for all who are reached by the wide stretching arms of Disneys prolific films, to enjoy and become enamoured by.

And I was not alone. The theatre of easily 300 likeminded Kiwis, the majority of which being of Polynesian background, laughed and cried together as we watched familiar stories being told by close to home voices portrayed in the most famous animated style in the world.

So thank you Disney, for this incredible experience you’ve given to the world. Please know how much it means to us in the smallest personal way. Not even about the representation to the masses that this brings. But of the small pride it has given us that in the wide wide world, we have a light that is worth shining.


(Edit: starting off with my sister, the whole theatre clapped too! Which never happens x)

Classic Margherita pizza from Via Napoli located in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion.


So!!  I forgot to tell y’all what I’m doing for the next week oops

I’m going to London!!!

Ahhhhh!!!!  I’m so, so excited :D :D  

So what does this mean?  It means I won’t have internet access unless I’m in the hotel room (mornings and nights), so I’ll be setting up a queue for that midday period when I’m not around~*~

This also means that all the fanfic writing I do next week will be on my phone; I’ve done this before with past fic (wrote 12000 words with just me thumbs actually), so that’s not a problem.  However, it means any completed fic will be posted the week I come back because I barely know how to format ao3 on my laptop let alone on a phone.  

I will be writing though!!  I’ve got an entire flight there and back to write on because I’m too excited to sleep whenever I’m on an airplane (!!!!!) as well as whenever I’m in the hotel room  

I’ll also be posting pics when I can so y’all can see the adventures of a US Southerner freezing her ass off in London :D 

So I guess that’s it!  I’ll be back in a week with new fic and new experiences; I just can’t wait to get there!!

♪ ♫  “I can play the prey, I will satisfy.” ♪ ♫

                             ♪ ♫ “But my ego’s bigger than my actual size.”  ♪ ♫

                                                                   ♪ ♫ “It’s time for me, to open my eyes.” ♪ ♫

                                            🎶 “What I’ve longed to be.” 🎶            

find what you’re looking for (jax/miles)

find what you’re looking for
backstage. jax/miles. pg-13. ~3k
miles and alya break up two weeks into sophomore year. jax is a-okay with that.

a/n: i’d love to say “i can’t believe i wrote this”, but, yes, yes i can.


Quick idea where Juggo’s sleeping over at Dave’s house but gets a fucked up nightmare. It doesn’t help that its a fucking hell of a thunderstorm outside when he wakes up and he’s really afraid of thunders

Dave wakes up bc of the low whining coming from his friend’s direction and has to comfort him back to sleep, hearing about the awful nightmare he just woke up from and gently telling him it’s ok, everything is fine~