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Jules: It’s unfortunate that your father refuses to spend time with us together. It was almost like if he refuses to meet with me, like he has a problem with me. 

Courtney: I told you all, he got sick.

Jules: With the thought of seeing me? Is this why I rarely see him and when I do he attempts to throw various insults my way? 

Courtney: It is just how he is. He doesn’t mean anything by it.

Jules: It’s odd because normally when persons throw insults to others they mean things by it. 

Neha: *whispers* Jules, please. You’re being-

Jules: I’m being honest and I would appreciate if you all were honest with me. Normally I don’t care how others feel for me but if it has to do with Neha and persons who are close to her, I do feel some sort of care. I also don’t appreciate how-

Neha: Jules, please. Can we just, enjoy our meal and we’ll talk about this later?

just the two of us (hogwarts au) part nine - shalaska - pureCAMP

A/N - i can’t apologise enough for how long this has taken me to write. i know you’re all expecting party, and i promise i will start on that as soon as i can. it’s much easier to write with somebody else, which is why mean queens chapters tend to get written in one day and submitted, however writing alone is hard and takes me much longer, so i’m sorry if you’re not enjoying mean queens and prefer my other fics. i really am sorry, recently it’s been tough to write through school work and my debilitating mental health, but we won’t get into that because it’s sad. all you need to know is that i feel awful and I'm very sorry i haven’t delivered this quickly. i hope you like it anyways <3

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“I went to the doctor and he said I should take some pain killers. I hate those things. I know I’ll get addicted. I get addicted to everything. I just weaned myself off of Fruity Pebbles. That was a nightmare. I told Courtney to hide the cereal boxes and to go grocery shopping for me so I wouldn’t have to go down the cereal aisle. Courtney is no help. Ever since she stopped taking H she’s been hitting the Captain Crunch pretty bad. Her face is badly broken out. I don’t know what to do. I feel despair every day like I’m at the bottom of a large cereal box looking out. I have a recurring nightmare where I’m the prize in the cereal box and a kid’s hand reaches into the box to get me out and I have to dodge it. Maybe I’ll go back on heroine. At least that way I won’t have anymore nightmares.” - Kurt Cobain

HNITS One-Shot: Holy Thursday Redux

And this year, when Hannah presses her naked body to Baker’s naked body, Baker kisses her and whispers that she loves her. 

Hannah x Baker. ~2.5k words. 

Takes place in the spring of 2013, a year after the events of Her Name in the Sky.

They acknowledge it without acknowledging it. Baker brings it up one night in mid-February, during their goodnight phone call.

“What do you want to do for Easter?” she asks, her voice suddenly higher than normal.

The question surprises Hannah. “Oh–I don’t know,” she says, falling back into her desk chair. “Why, what were you thinking?”

“I don’t have class on Good Friday,” Baker says tentatively. “I was thinking maybe I’d fly to Atlanta that Thursday night?”

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Friendly reminder that Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, Adore Delano and Courtney Act are some of the most successful queens that have come from the show despite not winning…incase Ru has an aneurism and doesn’t crown Violet Chachki :—)

i told courtney that i don’t like the jonas brothers and my baby sister said “don’t take it too hard courtney she isn’t human like the rest of us” and courtney says “yeah i know”

The Bad Boy - Jack Gilinsky Part 48
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Part 47

I followed Courtney down the corridor to the familiar cafeteria that I had been in not too long ago. I glanced around the cafeteria trying to figure out who she was bringing me to. She brought me down to one of the back tables. “Hey guys, this is Kendall, she’s new here” She said taking a seat. "Hi" I said waving slightly at them. They all mumbled a faint ‘hi’ in response.

“Take a seat” Courtney said patting the seat beside her and I took it. "This is Dina, Leslie, Amy and Piper" Courtney said gesturing to 4 girls who all kind of looked the same. Long blond hair, pale skin and gleaming white teeth. "Hey it’s nice to meet you" Amy said. “So where are you from?” Dina asked me. "I’m from Omaha" I told them. “That’s cool, so what do you do for fun there?” They asked me. "Smoke pot mostly" I said half joking half not. “Seriously?” They all said simultaneously. "Well I don’t, but a lot of people I do" I said shrugging. 

“Have you ever?” Courtney asked which an overwhelming interest level. “Yeah once with my boyfriend” I told them. “Jack right?” Courtney recalled and I nodded. "What’s he like?“ Dina said leaning her elbows on the table. I was a little taken aback by the sudden interest that these girls had in me. But I didn’t let it go to my head too much because I assumed their fixation was due to their lack of communication with people over the last few months.

"He’s just like any other teenage boy I guess” I said shrugging, not sure what else to say. "He’s really hot as well" Courtney said giggling to herself. "How would you know?“ Piper asked looking at her with jealous confusion. "She has a picture of him on her wall” She told them. “Oh, well I guess we’re going to have to take a visit later then” She said winking at me and I smiled.

“So how did you guys meet?” Piper asked me. I thought about telling them the full dramatic story of our relationship. I decided it would be better for everyone if I just left out the whole Me, Sam, Jack love triangle for another day. “You know just the usual, we were Science partners” I said casually. "That is so romantic" They all swooned. “Yeah..” I said looking the other way.

We spent what felt like hours talking about how cute Jack and I were and how long we were going to last and blah blah blah. But talking about my 'perfect’ relationship didn’t make me feel any better since I hadn’t been able to contact Jack since I left.

To make matters worse, my first real day of school was tomorrow and I wasn’t ready for it at all. It was bad enough having to deal with being away from Jack, but having to do that while trying to learn all day was going to be almost impossible.

I was sitting on my bed, reading over my schedule when Courtney walked in. “Hey” She said with a wide smile. "Hi" I said looking up from my piece of paper. “The girls seemed to really like you today” She said jumping onto the bed. “Yeah they seem like nice girls” I told her honestly. "Yeah they are, they can be a little intense sometimes, but you’ll like them" She said lying down fully on the bed.

I glanced at the clock and it had just gone 11pm. It was still early but it was my first day and I didn’t want to be tired. I picked up my phone, checking for anything. Nothing. “Have you heard anything from you’re boyfriend yet?” Courtney asked me and I shook my head in disappointment. She gave me a sympathetic smile. 'He will, don’t worry" She said and I nodded just to be polite.

“Well anyways, I’ll see you in the morning” Courtney said turning over in her bed. “Night” I said before turning off my light.

I groaned as the familiar sound of the alarm went off. I prayed to myself that it was Courtneys’ one for her run and not mine. Of course no such luck, I leaned over turning it off. It took me a moment to get the energy to get up and get ready. I threw on that abomination they called a uniform and moved onto my hair. I was going to make an effort with it, to make it look good, then I realized I was in an all girls boarding school in the middle of nowhere.

I was just about to grab my schoolbag and make my way to class, when my phone began to ring. I ran to it in desperation, answering it without checking the caller ID. "Hello?“ I said in a louder tone than usual. There was a silence for a moment and I was about to hang up thinking they had hung up when a voice spoke. "Sparky?” The voice said and I knew exactly who it was. "Hey" I said smiling wider than my mouth would allow.

“Hey” He said chuckling slightly. "So how are you?“ He asked me. I sighed deeply. "I could be doing better, I miss you so much” I said. There was a silence. "Sorry I didn’t call, it was just…difficult" Jack told me. "It’s difficult for me too, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore me" I said my voice croaking slightly. I didn’t want to fight with Jack when we were so far away but I was angry that he hadn’t called all weekend.

“I’m sorry” He said. "It’s okay" I said on an exhale breath. "Look, I have to go, good luck on you’re first day. I’ll try call you later" He said before hanging up. “Okay bye, I lov-” But that’s when the line cut off. I tried to hold it back but I couldn’t help a few tears from coming out. I could have let myself go over the edge but I didn’t, I acted brave and pushed my tears back. I was going to be here for a long time and I might as well get used to it.

He came in and said hi, and I was like: Oh my God, Peter Capaldi has actually said hi to me! I was so shocked. He said, ‘Who are you playing?’ and I told him, 'Courtney’. 'Ah. Interesting. Interesting.’ All the time he was talking I was thinking 'I seriously just met the Doctor. I can tell people I have met the Doctor.’ Who can say that? Not many.
—  Ellis George on meeting Peter at the episode 1 read through for series 8 (DWM interview)
The Bad Boy - Jack Gilinsky Part 54
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I acted like I didn’t care but there was always a part of me that would care about Jack. But honestly me coming home wasn’t going to do anything to help him. if anything it would just make it worse. He was obviously acting up because of what happened between us and if I was there it would just add fuel to the fire.

I would have told Courtney and the girls about what Maggie said but I was a little sick of talking about Jack  lately and I just wanted to have a normal conversation for once. Beside if I did tell them they would just try and convince me to sneak off and see him, which would mean I would be in even more trouble with my Mom, or worse Lexi.

It was actually kind of nice having a drama free life for once. Nothing dramatic ever really happened here. There were a few girl fights here and there but nothing major. I guess my Mom was right, being away from Jack really was going to help me focus on my studies. Unfortunately sometimes a drama free life also meant an excitement free life. It just got so monotonous here, with the wake up, class, food, study, sleep routine. But I wasn’t going to complain, I’d rather figure out a math problem then figure out a love triangle problem.

I hadn’t talked to Sam either, especially since Maggie called me. I knew that if I talked to him, it would just cause even more tension between Jack and him. I thought maybe if I just stayed as far away from both of them as possible then maybe they could rekindle their friendship, the one that I destroyed many times.

It was currently a Sunday in March almost a month and half since Jack and I broke up. I was currently sitting on my bed, finishing up on my English essay since Courtney had gone out for dinner with her parents. Sunday was the day that family and friends were allowed to visit, my Mom never did especially since I never returned  her calls. Which meant I was extremely surprised when I saw her walk through the door of my room.

“Mom!” I said jumping up in shock. She didn’t say anything, just pulled me into her arms. "Is everything alright?“ I asked her beginning to worry as to why she came all the way down here. "Yeah of course, just sit down, there is something we need to discuss” She said taking my hand and placing me on the bed before sitting down beside me.

“Mom, you’re scaring me..” I said as I begun to feel an odd feeling in my stomach. "No it’s nothing bad, it’s just important" She told me which calmed me down slightly. "Okay..“ I said almost inaudibly as I waiting for her to speak. "Well..the thing is Lexi she’s moving out this week and..” She began but I cut her off. "What? She’s moving out?“ I said with a grin on my face. "Yes..” My Mom confirmed. “Wow” I said to myself. This was the moment I had dreamed about for the last 6 months, but now that it was actually here, it wasn’t half as satisfying as I thought it would be.

“And, I was thinking since you and Jack aren’t together anymore and Lexi won’t be there to argue with you anymore, that you would maybe want to come back home?” She asked hopefully.

I stayed silent for a moment, just going over her offer. Was that really what I wanted? To be sucked back into that world. The one I was barely even apart of anymore. Things would never be the same as before, never mind the people. I had been away for almost 2 months and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go back.

“Mom, I don’t know, my life is kind of here now..” I told her. "Oh..“ She said looking utterly shocked. I guess she though I’d be halfway to the car before she even got her offer out. "Yeah..” I said feeling guilty because it really seemed like she wanted me to come home. There was a painfully awkward silence for a moment as we were both lost for words.

“Wait, I have an idea. You haven’t had any sick days this year have you?” She asked me. “Nope not one” I said shaking my hand. “Great! Why don’t you come home for like 2 or 3 days before Lexi moves out and you can decide if you want to stay?” She asked with a beaming grin. I wanted to say no because I had already decided that I didn’t want to go home. But my Mom was not the type to just randomly let me miss school, so I knew she was desperate for me to come home for a while. Besides she was going to be sad to see Lexi move out and I wanted to be there for her. “Okay” I said softly smiling at her.

She squealed slightly. "Great! You go pack and I’ll talk to your principal to make sure it’s okay" She said running off with an excited smile. I giggled to myself. After all the shit I had put her through, I was glad I could make her happy for once. Beside was I really going to say no to a few days off?

I began packing as soon as my Mom left. I only packed a small bag because it was only going to be a few days. Courtney walked in just as I finished. “What’s this? Where are you off to?” She asked curiously. “My Mom wants me to come home for a few days while my sisters moves out. She’s trying to convince me to stay” I said laughing at the idea. “Seriously?” She said her face dropping. “Yeah it’s only a few days though” I said to her.

“Kendall, It’s all sorted, I’ll see you in the car” My Mom said peaking her head through the door. “Okay” I said back to her. Courtney came up to me, wrapping her arms tightly around me. "I’m going to miss you so much, you were honestly one of my best friends here" She told her.

I chuckled. “Court, I’m only going to a few days” I said chuckling at her. She leaned out of the hug, raising an eyebrow at me. “Kendall don’t kid yourself, you know as soon as you see him, you’re not going to be able to leave” She told me. “See who?” I asked playing ignorant even though I knew exactly who she was talking about. She just shook her head walking back to her bed. “Well I’ll see you in a few days” I said heading for the door with my bag. "I wouldn’t count on it" She said half smiling at me.

I just laughed because I knew I would be back, there was nothing keeping me in Omaha, or should I say no one.