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Omega Stiles and Alpha Derek?

Hey :)

You bet! Also check out the a/b/o tag here for more fics.

monday i can fall apart but by friday i’m in love by  tryslora | 5.6K

It’s just past five in the morning and Stiles is barely awake, wearing only sleep pants that hang low below his pregnant belly, and he can’t get the damned brand new jar of decaf coffee open. But he has a neighbor, and he’s too tired to think that waking someone else up at this hour might not be the best (or politest) of ideas.

Ssshhh! (or the voice in my head will have to shout) by  mirrorkill | 20.2K

Things in Beacon Hills are always weird, but Deputy Derek Hale is pretty damn sure he’s getting the brunt of this week’s insanity. There’s a serial killer in town getting their kicks by posing people weirdly and maybe the local coven is to blame. His mom’s setting up his sister with his new boss’s cute son. There’s some guy talking in his head. Oh, and his heat kicks in, four months too early. Also: he’s pretty sure cell phones are the worst thing on the planet.

This is Derek Hale’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. All he wants is to enjoy his new apartment in peace. But you can’t always get what you want. And if he tries real hard, will the voice in his head help him get what he needs?

The Curve of Your Clavicle by  WhoNatural | 6.2K

Derek isn’t an uptight person - seriously, for an alpha, he’s downright laid-back - but something about Stilinski makes him want to bare his teeth and grasp him by the scruff and bite.

No, not bite. That would be incredibly inappropriate, of course - and Derek plus the legal department are aware of that. Anyway, the point is, Stilinski needs to be kept in line.

Or, wherein Derek’s office rival might be the same person keeping him sane at night when the loneliness hits.

Alpha and Omega by  XX0Jessie0XX | 58.5K

High School AU: Derek is the head Lacrosse player at Beacon Hills High School and Stiles is an Omega that no one really knows. Stiles had been talking to someone online and wished they would meet up in real life but he knows it won’t ever happen. He could only wish.

You Smell Like Mine by  bleep0bleep, marguerite_26 | 13.4K

People talk about the alpha instinct, an alpha’s head being swayed by a nice-smelling omega, or the desire to drop everything and show off. Derek’s never felt any of that. He’s just not that kind of alpha.

Then he meets Stiles.

So I hit 4k followers, I’m so grateful that anyone follows me let alone 4k people so thank you all! Since this is another milestone for me I thought I’d do a little follow forever to show my appreciation to some of my faves on here and to shoutout some amazing blogs that keep my dash oh so lovely. ^.^ (mutuals are all bolded):

special mentions to my all time faves:

  • @rootsameens: One of my favorite people EVER. I don’t know what I’d do without this one. We talk everyday and I kid you not, every. single. day. If we don’t talk, something is wrong. I’ve never connected with someone so fast and easily like it still blows me. Anyways, Kelly > everyone. Facts only.
  • @evocatiio: Oh my gosh, where do I start with Sarah??? Probably my other half tbh, what don’t we agree on? We’re such dumbasses always talking to each other through tags and then get right on twitter and talk there too like…. we’re special lmfao. I wouldn’t trade you for the world, my fave always. Shaw Elitists till we die!!1

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Do you know any fics where jungkook accidentally hurts tae's feelings

yep! you might find more if you look through our misunderstandings tag too

Untitled by JemKay/galaxyfxn - Jungkook thinks Taehyung is cheating on him with someone else after Taehyung comes home after a really tiring day of work

Get Me Out Of My Mind (Get You Out Of Those Clothes) by taekookmusings - Taehyung never thought he’d fall in love with his roommate. Then again, he never thought his roommate would have been a literal gift from god either

cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you) by wowoashley - taehyung always has bad ideas. and jeongguk thinks this might be the best.

and for you, i’d paint the stars gold by karesama - Taehyung lived in a world of vibrancy. Everything was bright and cheerful, optimistic to the end. He’d never known any different. And Taehyung was golden, inside and out. (aka college au featuring artist!taehyung and notsoartist!jeongguk.)

let me know by wowoashley - taehyung never wears a shirt

House of Cards by Montana2163 - They were inside a house made of cards, and Taehyung could see their collapse.

Circular Hearts by eclairdeluxe - In which Jeongguk suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome, Taehyung thinks he’s more than done with his shit, and then they kiss (read: bang) and make up.

Here Fishy Fishy by Kavbj - Taehyung’s a real fish out of water (no like, for real) and Jungkook just saved him from drowning

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I’m tired of being summed up as the “ect…” in mental illness posts. I’m glad we get mental illness posts, but god, I wish there was more recognition for lesser known or less supported mental illnesses.

So, shout out to all the people living with mental illnesses that never get recognized or are told that their symptoms aren’t valid because people haven’t ever heard of it. Y’all are the best and I love all of you. <3

Hey I made an album!

More specifically, I wrote a bunch of songs for the Dungeons & Dragons game I DM, and put all the ones for the most recent arc together in a nice tidy package, alongside a couple of bonus tracks that didn’t quite make the cut to be used in game.

The album is pay-what-you-want, I mostly was looking to make it easily accessible to my players (and anyone else who is interested), but if you want to kick a few $$$ my way, I won’t complain! Follow your heart~

Tagging my lovely lovely players, @unitedstatesofsteamerica, @goldcoppersteel, @lucretiamerces, and @spinnerprincess (who gets an extra shout out for whipping up some cover art for me bc I was too tired and lazy to make it myself), enjoy the tunes!

I found a ritual on Tumblr.

I don’t leave my house that much. My social anxiety doesn’t allow me to. For that reason, I spend a lot of time on Tumblr, posting original stories and reblogging whatever catches my attention. Most nights I stay up into the early hours of the morning, spiralling into the darkest depths of the creepy shit people post. Conspiracy theories, paranormal experiences, gruesome stories – you name it, I’ll read it. It’s kind of like 4chan without the child pornography.

The other night I was doing my thing at around 3am – the time people refer to as “dead time”, when spirits and demons and all that freaky shit are at their strongest. I rarely sleep before 4, but even when I get tired I wait until after the dead hour is over. The idea of something watching me while my eyes are closed makes it impossible for me to fall asleep.

On that particular night I was scrolling the paranormal side of Tumblr, in the tag containing games and rituals designed to bring out ghosts and ghouls. Normally I avoided that particular tag, but tonight my curiosity got the best of me. I didn’t believe I could make a spirit appear just by chanting a few words, but it still freaked me out. I stumbled across one particular post about a game that caused a man to appear in a mirror, who would answer any questions you had about the future. This freaked me the fuck out – I hate looking in mirrors even during the day, and this ritual had to be performed at night – during the dead hour. Call me boring, but that doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time.

Two days later, I got a call. My mother had lost her job, and she couldn’t afford to keep hiring nurses to take care of my sick father and pay their mortgage at the same time. She tried to make it sound like it wasn’t a big deal because she didn’t want to worry me, but I could tell even over the phone that she didn’t know what she was going to do. I offered to send her part of my paycheck every week – I work as a freelance writer at home – but she wouldn’t hear of it. She told me she’d figure something out.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. The ritual that was meant to tell me my future sprang to mind. It wouldn’t help the situation, but I couldn’t bear to wonder what the future would hold for my parents. I still didn’t fully believe that the ritual would actually work, but it was worth a try, right?

I pulled up my Tumblr page where I had reblogged the post, and started to read the instructions again. A large candle, any colour, and a mirror in a room with no windows, or windows that can be covered. Sounded easy enough, it meant I could do it tonight. I kept reading.

“Cover all windows so the room is pitch black. Place the candle behind you on the floor and sit in front of the mirror. You should just barely be able to see your own reflection.”

There were a couple more instructions that I’m not going to post here in case anyone is stupid enough to try it. It’s a pretty simple but very specific ritual – one wrong step means it won’t work at all. I bookmarked the page so I could refer back to it tonight, right before I started. I gathered up some blankets to cover the windows and my large candle, and went about my day.

2am rolled around – time to start preparing. I put up the blankets, tucking them in at the sides so no light from the street lamps outside peeped through. I read through the instructions again, making sure I was ready to go. And that’s when I saw it.

Right at the bottom of the page was a warning. I was positive it hadn’t been there earlier – I had read and reread the post multiple times. The post had been edited.

“Warning: do NOT play this game under any circumstances. If you end the ritual before the man says goodbye and disappears, he’ll be able to use the mirror as a portal into our world and follow you around until you lose your mind and kill yourself – or until he decides to kill you himself.”

Well, shit. I grappled with that for a few minutes – the catch was a game changer and I wasn’t sure if it was worth it anymore. But then again, it was for my parents’ sake. It was too late to back out now. I decided to keep going. I wasn’t going to end the ritual prematurely – I’d be extra careful to do everything properly. Everything would be fine.

I waited anxiously in the dark until 3am. It was time to start. I lit my candle, my hands trembling, and then sat cross-legged in front of the mirror. I cleared my throat, placed my hand against the mirror, silently grateful there was no blood sacrifice or something, and started to chant. It was just a stupid little rhyme, but the words made my skin crawl and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. My reflection was pale in the dim light from the candle behind me.

The candle flickered, making a wave of fear pass over me. I stopped chanting and waited. Slowly a form began to take shape in the mirror – the form of a man in a black suit, over my shoulder. He came into focus and I could see his dark hair, his black eyes, his blank expression.

Shit, I thought. No backing out now.

He began to speak, asking me what I wanted to know. “I-I want to know about my parents. If they’ll be alright. Financially,” I stuttered, my hand shaking against the glass. “Please.”

The man regarded me through the mirror and I resisted the urge to turn around, to see if he was really behind me. I could feel that the air in the room had gotten colder, and I thought I could feel cold breath on the back of my neck. Shit.

“Your father is unwell.”


“Your mother unemployed.”

I just nodded.

“You are concerned for them, with good reason. Within the next week, your father will pass away. Your mother will be taken ill, and then she, too, will die.”

I gaped at him in shock. “But- no. That can’t- no!”

He looked at me solemnly. “I trust you did not call me here only to accuse me of lying.”

“No, I- That can’t happen. No!”

I scrambled to my feet. The man’s image flickered, his eyes turning bright red. “Do not question me.”

I turned away quickly, knocking over the candle. The flame went out and I panicked, running to the door to turn on the overhead light. I was trembling all over, my mind racing, wishing I had never started this stupid ritual. I looked over at the mirror, but the man was gone.

So here I am, three days later. I haven’t slept since I performed the ritual, wondering if the man is going to kill me or if my parents will die or if I imagined everything. I haven’t left the house, I’ve just been huddled in my office and trying to find answers. There’s nothing online about this ritual except for that one Tumblr post, so this is my last hope. I have four days left to figure this out before the week is up – can anyone help me?


Prompt: “Your home is a wreck… you could’ve at least cleaned the bathroom.” “Had I known I was going to have guests at three o’clock in the morning, I’m sure I would’ve.” with Dean
Tags: @iwantthedean @emissary-from-hale @kbrand0 @d-s-winchester @daydreamingintheimpala (it won’t let me tag you :( ) @ashleymalfoy (Let me know if any of you do/do not want to get tagged! I’m trying to build my tag team!)

Warnings: blood, mention of bar fight.

Authors note: This is really short but I’m hella tired and I have class in the morning but I wanted to get something out tonight! I changed the prompt a little but I promise you’ll like it!

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Martin Freeman as John Watson, as photographed by Ian Derry. Graphite and white Conté Pastel on Toned Grey Paper. 

My fave part is the shirt, I think. I like his hair a lot too, wich is not something I get to say often :-)

I feel like that Ian Derry Photoshoot for EW is the best one out there. The moods and lighting were fantastic. I’m probably not done with that shoot, tbh, so i hope you’re not tired of it. I will probaly have it in the Society6 shop as well soon. Whould you like that? 

I know I’m repeating myself, but I do thank you for looking, for all the comments and tags and all. I read all of them. thank you.

my art tag

I want to make a joke about how moffat was an asshole who didn’t put most of the classic doctors in the 50th, and then acted that out on camera in the 5 doctors reboot but I’m exhausted and sick does anyone have one

Cameron Dallas Smut

• Happy first day of Cameron Dallas week! I know this is getting posted late but I don’t think ya’ll care anyway, lol. This scenario was suggested by a lovely anon. ❤️

“Babe, stop.” I said to (y/n) while grabbing her hand and removing it from my crotch. When I began to style my hair again, she attempted to slip her hand into my jeans, making me turn around while holding her wrists. “(Y/N), I have a photo shoot with Bryant in ten minutes. He’s literally waiting for me downstairs so we can go to the abandoned skatepark and take some pictures.” I explained to her slowly, so she would hopefully listen to me. For some reason, she’s been horny allll day, but I’ve been busy all day, so we couldn’t have sex. I’ve been editing my new video, cleaning up around the house, and I just got out the shower because now I’m gonna go do a photo shoot. “Ten minutes is enough time, please baby, I’m so fucking horny.” She whimpered, then bit her lip while attempting to slip her hand in my jeans, which I finally let her do. I wasn’t gonna fight this anymore. When she noticed I was finally giving in, she dropped to her knees and pulled my jeans and boxer briefs down. She wrapped her dainty hand around my semi hard dick and began to fist it up and down, getting it rock hard. “Cameron!” I heard Bryant call out from behind my bedroom door, making (y/n) stop her hand movements. “I’ll be out in ten minutes, my hair isn’t going right!” I lied, then when it was silent for a few seconds, I grabbed onto (y/n)’s arms, lifting her up, then turned her around so she was bent over the sink. Since she was wearing skirt, I simply lifted her skirt up and pushed her lacy panties to the side, which were SOAKED, and placed the head of my dick against her entrance. “This has to be quick baby girl, and be quiet.” I said to her, then slammed into her, making her moan loudly and grab onto the sides of the counter for support. I wasn’t gonna fuck her hard and fast just to get us off, I was gonna make sure it was good, even though we only had ten minutes. I slowly thrust in and out of her, and I could feel how greedy her pussy was for me. She was clenching so tight around me, making me groan. “Faster baby,” (y/n) moaned while pushing her ass towards me, wanting more. I suddenly slapped her right ass cheek, making her yelp in surprise, then began to sooth where I slapped her by rubbing it. “Cameronnnn, please more,” she whimpered, making me pick up my pace and slip my hand underneath her skirt and panties and began to rub her clit. “God you feel so good baby girl,” I moaned while adjusting my angle so I could watch myself enter her, which seemed to be a benefit for the both of us since her moans got louder and higher pitched. “Right there, oh god don’t stop you’re gonna make me come,” she moaned while gripping the counter even harder, making her knuckles white. I continued to hit her g spot and she suddenly pushed me away and squirted on the floor, my shoes, and my jeans. Holy shit. She has never squirted before. “Uh shit,” she moaned, and her thighs were shaking, and she was letting little whimpers out as tremors of her orgasm ran through her body. I began to jack off to the sound of her whimpers and while remembering her amazing orgasm, then squirted my come all over her skirt and shirt. “Ugh fuck,” I groaned ass i tugged my dick, getting every drop out of me. “I can’t believe you made me squirt.” (Y/N) said as she lay her head on the counter with her eyes closed. “Yeah me too, now my clothes for the photo shoot are soaked and I’m pretty sure Bryant knows what we were doing up here.” I said with a smirk as I took off all my clothes since I had to put some dry ones on. “Sorry baby,” she said quietly, and I could tell how tired that orgasm had made her. I made her get off the counter and made her take off all her clothes and I covered her up on the bed with the comforter so she could sleep. Once I was dressed in some dry clothes and I went to walk out the door, I heard (y/n)’s quiet voice. “When you get back, we’re fucking again and I’m gonna pay you back with a great blowjob baby.”

• I hope ya’ll enjoyed this! It’s not my best work but it’s almost nine and I’m just really tired for some reason. Tomorrow an outfit imagine will be posted so whoever reblogs this with a scenario or sends it my ask box will be tagged in it tomorrow. I’m also about to put the new poll in my bio for next week. ❤️

kind of late with the celebration but !!!!!!!!!!! wawawa i reached 6k!!!

thank you sooo much guys for being the best followers, for all of your supports, messages, and nice stuff you put on tags!! i appreciate them all!!!

Okay. Let’s get this straight. I really have NO IDEA WHY I HAVE SO MANY FOLLOWERS? It’s only been 3 months for this blog, and already, 500 followers. That’s crazy. Like, what? I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am for everyone who promotes me and reblogs my things. I don’t tag any of my asks so YOU GUYS are the only reason I have so many followers. Thank you SO much.

I remember when I first started this blog. I wasn’t even planning on getting more than about 50 followers, maybe even if that much. But 500? I hope that I haven’t tired you guys out with all of my crap heh. For everyone who likes my posts or reblogs my post, this is my thanks to you. I’ll continue to do my best as an ask blog, updating as much as I can!

tl;dr : I love you all. Thank you for all the support and feedback. This would never be possible without you guys! *smooch*