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Thanks all you cuties!

How best to repay all of your love with more schmoop???? I’m super tired after travelling all day but you all made me so happy with all the reblogs, likes and your amazing tags as well. I read them all, I really do. You’re all amazing I love you.



Prompt: “Your home is a wreck… you could’ve at least cleaned the bathroom.” “Had I known I was going to have guests at three o’clock in the morning, I’m sure I would’ve.” with Dean
Tags: @iwantthedean @emissary-from-hale @kbrand0 @d-s-winchester @daydreamingintheimpala (it won’t let me tag you :( ) @ashleymalfoy (Let me know if any of you do/do not want to get tagged! I’m trying to build my tag team!)

Warnings: blood, mention of bar fight.

Authors note: This is really short but I’m hella tired and I have class in the morning but I wanted to get something out tonight! I changed the prompt a little but I promise you’ll like it!

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Coffee and Roses | Idol!AU | Pt. 1

Summary: He left you for the idol industry. Yet, you still joined the same industry hoping to never see him again.
Word Count: 1,518
Genre: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ honestly who knows
Member: Jisoo Joshua Hong
TW: none i can think of. tell me if you need anything tagged!

Pt.: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | soon™

A/N: mahoushoujo!au was a flop so here’s the second au i had in mind. idk im super tired this isn’t my best. gets v dialogue heavy by the end, sry

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>since im tired and kinda out of character and owe u all some posts, i also just wanna say, if u got any questions about things u can always feel free to ask
>i try my best to answer any n all questions/concerns u may have
>unfortunately i can’t answer alllll asks tho because i get quite a lot n sometimes it’s just hard for me to come up with a good enough response for them


Martin Freeman as John Watson, as photographed by Ian Derry. Graphite and white Conté Pastel on Toned Grey Paper. 

My fave part is the shirt, I think. I like his hair a lot too, wich is not something I get to say often :-)

I feel like that Ian Derry Photoshoot for EW is the best one out there. The moods and lighting were fantastic. I’m probably not done with that shoot, tbh, so i hope you’re not tired of it. I will probaly have it in the Society6 shop as well soon. Whould you like that? 

I know I’m repeating myself, but I do thank you for looking, for all the comments and tags and all. I read all of them. thank you.

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kind of late with the celebration but !!!!!!!!!!! wawawa i reached 6k!!!

thank you sooo much guys for being the best followers, for all of your supports, messages, and nice stuff you put on tags!! i appreciate them all!!!

Blog’s new direction?

I’m not sure if I want to RP anymore. Arting about Kat and making comics is still awesome but I wouldn’t get into my muse’s skin just like before. I’m tired of pretending being a rp blog and see a lot of others compete in giving the best portrayal of one muse. My first aim was to draw Katarina in different situations in order to give a personal storyline. But on tumblr, things take too much importance for no reason.

I still want to draw but without pretending I’m some kind of RP blog. Maybe I’ll rename it, idk. “A sneaky red head” is a name I like and that does not necessary aim to the rp idea. I’ll probably keep on doing my event comics and other cute things. But if you have to send ask, you still can. I like drawing interactions with other characters or just answering to questions concerning my point of view but I won’t write back, just be warned.

Maybe I let the convention stuff overwhelm me and just did not paid enough attention to RP, but there were a lot of things and people coming to disapoint me on that matter. Now I just wanna make things simple -and colored.