i throw my hand up in the air sometimes

Your bad driving caused you to not get hired.

(warning: long story)

Background: I work for a construction company that has many divisions but I work in the new construction section. I’ve been working at this company for about 5 years but actually worked along with my Dad who had 30+ years at the same company. Because of his long tenure in not only the field but with the company I got a lot of inside perks. I created a lot of very beneficial professional relationships through him. My dad recently became very sick (suffering from liver and throat cancer stage 4) and had to stop coming to work. My Dad and I were the only office guys in the department, so once he stepped away I became number 1 guy in the department, making all the decisions. This detail will come into play later.

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Movie Night - Bughead!College AU


Betty is sick of the substandard movies that are chosen to play at the makeshift college ‘drive in’ she decides she has had enough and on her mission to correct this injustice bumps into a beanie wearing student who is just as outraged.

Based on the following prompt:

You’re the only other one who voted for my favorite movie on movie night so do you just want to watch it in my room au

Author’s Note: I have been dying to do a college AU with these two and I came across this prompt and I couldn’t resist. This will basically just be a cute little two parter full of fluff. This is part one. Also I apologise to lovers of the film Twilight, it’s not my thing so it’s the movie I chose. The Lobster however is one of my favourite films and if you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend it (although I do feel like it needs a trigger warning for a certain scene). I was going to go with the classic Bughead film, Rebel Without a Cause but I have never seen it and would find it hard to have the two of them discussing it without seeing it myself.

As always sorry mobile users for the ‘Keep Reading’ cut.

Part One: The ‘Drive In’ Dilemma

“You have to be kidding me. Again! Everytime.” Betty threw the flyer that had been posted under her door in the wastepaper basket under her desk. Her roommate Veronica looked at her as if she had lost her mind, which wasn’t exactly a look she was unfamiliar with receiving.

Betty had braced herself for a year of pain when she first saw her roommate Veronica Lodge walk into their college dorm room with her pearls around her neck, designer dress and Louis Voitton suitcase. Not to mention the man who had arrived with her carrying another set of perfectly matched suitcases. He wore white gloves and was dressed in a uniform. The girl had servants for Christs Sake. But Betty being Betty had smiled politely and offered her first choice of the beds.

Veronica had not turned out to be anything like Betty had imagined. She was not stuck up, well she was, but not in an unkind way. She had been raised in privilege which had shaped her personality in some ways but she was still a good person, a kind person and the two of them had become fast friends.

“What did the piece of paper do to you?” Veronica asked as Betty only humphed in response sitting on her bed cross legged as Veronica continued to lay on her bed flipping through her magazine.

“The college drive in.” Betty spat out after she had tried to hold it in. She remembered her elation when she had first heard about the makeshift drive in that the student residences put on every month. Her older sister Polly had told her all about it t Betty’s eager ears. An old style projector, onto the side of the student hall, picnic blankets and cocktails in summer and everyone snuggled and cuddled together in warm blankets and hot toddies in winter. The idea of it had captured the imagination of the cinephile in her and she had bounded happily to her dorm room to let Veronica know. That was until she had received the slip of paper under their door the first time. You see they let the student population choose. And in Betty’s opinion they had no taste whatsoever.

“Who chooses Twilight?” She exclaimed throwing her hands in the air. “Twilight?” she repeated her face screwed up as she said the words.

“I chose Twilight.” Veronica admitted, casually looking up at Betty to see the plain horror on her face before returning to her magazine.

“It’s like I don’t even know you sometimes.” Betty said dramatically shaking her head.

“Come on Betty.” Veronica sat up on her bed, closing her magazine. “It’s not even about the movie. It’s about snuggling up to some college hottie with a multitude of blankets while sipping on mulled wine.”

“Maybe for you Veronica. But I take my cinema experience very seriously.” She glanced at the crumpled up piece of paper in her wastebasket and could feel her anger and frustration bubbling up again. She hopped up of her bed and stalked over to the basket pulling out the leaflet before smoothing it out. Veronica watched her cautiously.

“What are you doing B?” A hint of trepidation in her voice.

“I’m going to complain.” Betty announced as she started putting on her flats. She looked at herself briefly in her wardrobe mirror before smoothing down her sweater and pulling her ponytail that little bit tighter. She gave herself a reassuring nod before spinning around to face the door, Veronica who was still eyeing her as if she had lost it. “I’m taking this to the RA and demanding that they put something of quality on that screen.” Veronica sighed as she picked up her magazine again.

“Well let me know how it all goes.” She said as she started to look through her magazine again.

“Oh I will.” Betty said determinedly as she left the room slamming the door behind her. Veronica rolled her eyes as she left. She pitied the poor person who was about to encounter Betty’s wrath.

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"Time of the Month"

Can you do one about you starting your period and Shawn not really understanding what’s going on so you have to explain to him and he gets all embarrassed 😂😂

This was hilarious for me to write 😂 anyway, sorry I haven’t been posting lately but I’ve received some rough news that I need to deal with so I’m trying to get through it. So this one is a little shorter but it’s cute! But, anyway, here’s another imagine ❤


Now ladies, we know we have at least a week of hell every month and sometimes we can experience different emotions, feelings and act differently too. For some of us, we experience headaches, cramps or even both.

But, if you’ve ever had a boyfriend who is oblivious to the signs, this is what I was living with right now.

Shawn and I had only been dating for a few months, every so far was going great. He finally had some time off to relax in the comfort of his own home and I joined him, not knowing how long we had before he had to travel somewhere else again.

So, due to the fact that it’s only been a few months, Shawn hasn’t figured out the signs of when it’s my “time of the month”.

I was laying down on the couch, resting my head on Shawn’s chest who was running his fingers through my hair. It was soothing, calming me down as he did so, but, was soon interrupted by a shot of pain erupting. I sat up quickly, placing a hand over my stomach.

‘Y/N, are you okay? What’s wrong?’ Shawn quizzed, his comforting hand placed on my back.

'It’s alright, Shawn, I’m fine.’ I reassured, feeling another shot of pain shoot through. I groaned a little, slightly scrunching up my face. He stood up, kneeling down in front of me.

'You’re obviously not? Where’s the pain? Is it on the left side? You could have appendicitis - oh my god, you’re going to die!’ He exclaimed, standing up, 'We gotta get you to the hospital before it bursts!’

I bit my lip, trying to hold back my chuckle, watching my boyfriend pacing back and forth frantically.

'Shawn, I’m alright.’ I gave a small smile, laying back on the couch.

'Y/N, you could have something wrong! What if you’re pregnant? Oh my god, you’re probably pregnant! Oh no, you’re dad’s gonna kill me, then my dad will kill me, then my mum will kill me…’ he rambled, running his fingers through his hair, ’…but we haven’t had sex, can that even happen?’


'Y/N please tell me you haven’t cheated on me,’


'I couldn’t handle that fact if you were-’

'Shawn, I’m on my period!’ I exclaimed, throwing my arms up in the air.

I watched his face turn bright red, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. He let out a nervous chuckle, sitting in front of me.

'I’m sorry about that - I didn’t know the signs.’ He blushed, running his hands over his face.

'Well, sometimes I can get headaches, cramps like I have now, have mood swings, always hungry…these are all normal things that go with my time of the month-’

'Okay, I get it,’ Shawn put his hand up, stopping me from telling him anymore.

I sat up, staring at his adorable face. I pecked his cheek, resting me chin on his shoulder. 'You’re cute, you know that, right?’ I smirked.

He raised an eyebrow at me, giving me a playful glare. 'That was so embarrassing,’ he mumbled, sighing.

I chuckled again, hugging him from behind. 'It’s alright, honey. Don’t be ashamed to ask though, because, the mood swings are yet to come.’

He stared down at me again, sighing. 'That’ll be a hoot and a half.’ He mumbled under his breath, kissing my temple.

'And because you’re my boyfriend, you’ll happily deal with it.’

Gotta love him, huh?

The Entertainer

I am the entertainer

And I know just where I stand

Another serenader

And another long haired band

Today I am your champion

I may have won your hearts

But I know the game, you’ll forget my name

And I won’t be here in another year
If I don’t stay on the charts

Catch up here

Songs mentioned in this chapter:
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
Gary Glitter - Do You Wanna Touch Me

Track 02 - Looks Like Rain

“He likes you.”

“He does not.”

“Yes, he does.”

“Likes me. What are we, twelve?”

Halo scoffed. “Then why do you think he keeps coming over with Mitch?”

“For the free beer and pot.”

“Gimme a break, would you? He likes you.”

“He hasn’t even tried to kiss me, Halo!”

“Have you tried to kiss him?”


“Why the fuck not?”

I stopped drying off the plate I was holding and gave her a dirty look.

“He sleeps on the couch.”

“So what? Go out there sometime and show him what’s he’s missing.”

I scowled, threw the dish towel on the counter, and walked out of the kitchen.

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Wait For Me: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader // Part Two

Request:  Could you please write a fanfic about remus being a mess bc of the full moon (totally nervous/moody before and injured/tired after) and the reader being worried and comforting him? lots of fluff but kinda in sad way.

A/N: Okay, so, I might have gone just a bit over board with this one…

This is part two, and the final part of Wait For Me. I apologize for taking so long to get this up. It was supposed to go up, like, five-ish days ago but it was written so half-assed that I didn’t want to put it up. I still don’t think it’s my greatest work, it could totally be written better but I feel like this was the best I could do right now. (I’ve been writing this part for over a week, help me.)

Enjoy! ♥

Word Count: 2700 (Yeah…I know.)

Warnings: Fluff, Angst

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anonymous asked:

Maybe rfa reacting to Mc talking to herself?? Like late at night? If that's doable ^^

Hello there! Thank you for the request! You did not deserve to wait this long though >.<


  • He would find you in the kitchen late at night getting a snack
  • You were talking to yourself about what would taste better on ice cream as you look in the cabinet
  • He rested on the wall and watched you
  • Than you asked yourself whether baking soda or baking powder reacted with vinegar
  • “What the hell is vinegar made out of?”
  • He snickered and blew his cover
  • “Hey you’re up. You want some ice cream?” you asked.
  • He smiled and walked over. “Sounds good.”
  • Not wanting to make you feel self-conscious he didn’t mention about you talking to yourself
  • He thought it was really cute how random and honest your thoughts were
  • “Hey,” you asked passing the chocolate syrup.
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Do you know what vinegar is made of?”
  • He started to chuckle again.
  • “What?” you asked confused.
  • “Geez, I love you so much,” the smile stuck as he pecked you on the lips.
  • “That doesn’t explain any of my questions!”


  • He was getting ready for bed when he heard you say something from the bathroom.
  • “Babe?” he called. “Were you talking to me?”
  • No response but he could still hear your voice.
  • He walked over to the closed bathroom door and listened for any queue that you were on the phone or calling him.
  • “—there’s the grocery store after work. We’re talking fruit, we’re talking veggies, and mama needs some proteins.”
  • What the hell? He smirked. Was she talking about her shopping list?
  • “Oh god, I wonder if that cashier guy is there. He always stares at my chest.”
  • What?! This is the first he heard about that.
  • At this point Zen was eavesdropping but he couldn’t stop now.
  • “But if I go to the other one it’s like fifteen minutes more and Lord knows I ain’t got time for that.”
  • The sink turned on for a few seconds.
  • “I wonder if Zen’s in bed yet…”
  • The door opened to reveal Zen pressed up against it.
  • “What are you doing?”
  • He straightened up. “I thought you called me but I guess you were on the phone?”
  • “Oh , I was just talking to myself.”
  • “You do that too?” Zen asked.
  • “So you don’t think it’s weird?” You asked. 
  • “No way,” he smiled. “I thought you would think it was unattractive so I tried to hide it.”
  • You had to smile back. “I’ve caught you doing it a few times and thought it was so great. Your especially handsome when you model in the mirror and talk to yourself,” you giggled at the memory.
  • His happiness overflowed as he hugged you tight and swung you around. Placing kisses all over your face as you laughed.


  • She woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but found that you weren’t in bed.
  • But she could hear your voice clearly and followed the sound.
  • She found you sitting at the kitchen table staring at your laptop and…talking to it?
  • “Look, it’s not you. You’re great and you’ve been with me since the beginning.”
  • Was she Skyping with someone?
  • She continued to talk but Jaehee didn’t hear a voice talk back.
  • “I mean do you think I want you to die? No! I don’t! But it’s the only thing that would make sense.”
  • What was going on?
  • Jaehee stepped closer. “Hey, is everything ok?”
  • You put a hand over your heart. “You scared me.”
  • “I was just making sure everything was ok since you weren’t in bed.”
  • “Yeah, sorry. I just woke up and had this sudden inspiration to write.”
  • Oh, you were talking about the new book you were writing.
  • “So the dying part?” she inquired.
  • You sighed. “My main characters best friend Lin. It only makes sense to have him sacrifice himself for his friend for the plot but I can’t seem to let him go so easily.”
  • Jaehee didn’t quite understand but patted you on the shoulder. “I’m sure everything will be ok.”
  • It was the best she had.
  • You nodded. “I’ll take a break for tonight. Thanks baby.”
  • Jaehee had never seen someone talk aloud like that so passionately to themselves, or an imaginary character at that.
  • She decided maybe it was something writers did and maybe it was best not to interrupt them.


  • He finished work late in his study and headed to bed.
  • Only to find that you were also up late and talking to yourself?
  • “And what was her response?”
  • You put a hand on your hip and waved your other hand around, imitating someone you knew with a high pitch voice.
  • Oh sweetheart, the clocks ticking. You better get married so your mother can have grandchildren, poor dear.
  • You threw a pillow on the bed. “Cry me a river and drown in it you old hag.”
  • You paused. “Damn, I should have told her that too.”
  • “Agreed,” Jumin commented.
  • You turned around. “You and Elizabeth have got to stop walking so lightly. It’s not good for my heart.”
  • He smirked. “Do you often talk to yourself?”
  • You weren’t expecting that. “Well yeah, most people do.”
  • “Really?”
  • “Wait, have you never talked to yourself out loud?”
  • “No, it seemed odd when I could just organize my thoughts.”
  • “People talk out loud to do that too. Sometimes it’s easier to think when you hear the words leave your mouth. Plus if it’s too quiet it helps to talk out loud or do your own private comedy show to express how you’re feeling.”
  • He seemed thoughtful about it. “That seems rational.”
  • “Give it a try once in a while. Let’s practice, even though I’m here, just blurt out whatever you’re thinking to yourself.”
  • Jumin thought about what he had been thinking but the pause got him scolded. 
  • “Eh! Just talk out what you’re thinking.”
  • “Ok, well I was thinking that this was a strange way of expression…”
  • “Aha?” you said expectantly.
  • “But you are very sexy when you get riled up.”
  • “Oh…well than,” you swallowed.
  • He got closer. “The way you get flustered when I merely compliment you gets me excited.”
  • “I think that’s enough practice,” you say not being able take his unwavering gaze and honesty.
  • His hands wrapped around your waist to keep you close. “I think I prefer to share my thoughts out loud with you rather then myself.”
  • You tilted your chin up, “Is that so?”
  • “Mhm,” he hummed as he closed in for a passionate kiss.


  • He checked on you every once in a while through the security camera.
  • He tried to distance himself but all he did was wonder what you were up to.
  • How you were feeling…
  • At that thought he checked the camera and saw your hands being thrown in the air dramatically.
  • He tuned in and turned up the volume to make sure everything was ok.
  • “Can’t I at least get an answer to my questions,” you say putting away groceries.
  • “Honestly why do I have to like him. Sometimes I want to throw this phone right out the window.”
  • The bread was tossed onto the counter.
  • Saeyoung waited anxiously for the who. Was it him? Had she listened to him and found someone else?
  • “If you think you’re all that and a bag of Honey Buddah chips, 707, you got another thing coming!”
  • He smirked.
  • There was some sort of relief knowing that MC hadn’t changed their mind after all.
  • “You let me in, you kick me out. Let me in, kick me out. In, out, in, out.”
  • Yeah MC was still mad at him for sure.
  • You paused holding a bag of chips. “But I’ll be damned if I’ll give up. You hear that Mr. Acts-like-he-has no-feelings!  Challenge accepted!”
  • He chuckled and sat back in his chair. Even when MC talked to themselves it was honest.
  • Maybe that’s why he caught himself telling them feelings he thought he had locked up long ago.
  • It’s not like he could stop MC from fighting.
  • Plus he did like a challenge after all.
  • It was a question of whether he would come to regret it or not.

Sinners ~ Envy

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles

Rating: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut (Eventually)

Word Count: 2625

A/N: This is the start of an 8 part series by @smutandahalf and myself, based off of the concept of the 7 Deadly Sins. It’s going to be a little bit of a slow burn for the first couple chapters and then we will decimate you with so. much. smut. Someone suggested we should get together and kill you all, so you can thank whoever that anon was lol. Hope y’all enjoy! 

Originally posted by itsagirlthingbae

From the moment I met Stiles Stilinski, I’ve made it my mission to shut him up any way possible. The boy likes to talk and argue about anything and everything. The days that I render him unable to form words is a small victory in my book. He’s smart…smarter than anyone I’ve ever met. Besides myself of course. The fact that I can hold my own in debates against him may cause a little bit of tension in the pack every now and then, but it’s so god damn entertaining to see him lose his shit and fumble over his words. Stiles is a man of words. When words are at a complete loss to him, it’s the most gratifying thing in the world, especially if you are the one making his brain overload so much that all he can do is stare at you with his mouth agape.

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critical role aesthetics >> pike trickfoot {1/?}

sometimes i feel like throwing my hands up in the air / sometimes i feel like saying “lord I just don’t care”/ but you’ve got the love i need to see me through / when food is gone you are my daily meal / when friends are gone i know my saviour’s love is real 

A New Beginning (Chapter 4)

A/N: Thank you all for the amazing feedback I have gotten on previous chapters! I always love and encourage reviews because it shows me what you like and don’t, what works and what doesn’t. Oddly they also seem to motivate me to get this out to you faster.

Disclaimer: None of it’s mine.

Chapter 4: A Boy and his Dad

“Henry, get up my boy!” Henry was awoken by a whispering voice on Saturday morning. He looked over at his window and saw that it was still dark out.

“Hook? What are you doing it’s only…4:30? Go back to bed!” Henry said trying to roll back over and return to sleep.

“Nah! You and me are going on an adventure today! Now get up before we miss it!” Killian pulled the covers off him and threw them on the floor.


“Shhh! We don’t want to wake your mother! Get dressed and meet me outside in fifteen minutes.” Killian walked out of the room and Henry groaned getting out of bed to get dressed to head outside.

“Hook, it’s five o'clock in the morning! What couldn’t possibly wait until I don’t know…the sun was up?”

“That’s the point! We need to be out on the deck of the Jolly Roger when the sun is coming up!”

“Does Mom know what’s going on?”

“Nah, this is just between us. We should be back before she ever knows we’re gone. I turned her alarm off so she probably won’t wake up until around nine or so.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi Dr! UK future vetling here - I applied for vet med and was rejected, but recently I was emailed by a uni that had previously rejected me and were now giving me an offer. While of course I was extremely happy about this, I'm now under an awful lot of pressure to get the grades I need (no resitting during a gap year as I thought I could do before), particularly in chemistry which is my weaker subject. Do you have any advice on dealing with high expectations and pressure to succeed? (QT to come)

Not any useful advice. That pressure isn’t going away, you’re going to be under that pressure to succeed for the rest of your schooling, and then your career. I still have high pressure to succeed, and high expectations from myself and family, and I don’t think that will change until I retire.

Sometimes it is too much, and and I have to throw my hands up in the air and walk away for a while. But I always come back to it.

Treat yourself with as much kindness and understanding as you would treat somebody else.

Feel whatever you’re going to feel. Do the thing anyway.

TalesFromYourServer: Flagging customers isn't fun, but sometimes...

Flagging customers isn’t fun. Sometimes you luck out and they don’t try to get a drink. Most of the time they do, and will inevitably try to put up a fight. But once in a blue moon, this happens…

Young guy comes staggering up to my bar, eyes droopy, hair a mess, shirt hanging off his shoulder.

Guy: “Heyaaa there. Can I.. um… hahaha it’s my birthdaaaaaay!” Throws both hands in the air

Me: “Happy birthday.”

Guy: “Can I burp get a whiskey neat, and a Jameson, and….. a neat.”

Me: “No sorry. You’re drunk.”

Guy: Stares momentarily while swaying back and forth, then suddenly stands up straight “I understand completely. Thank you much burp ma'am.”

He salutes me, smiles, and walks back to his table of friends.

And I salute you, drunk guy with manners. Happy birthday.

By: DopeYeti

Florence + The Machine Starter Sentences!

“If you could only see the beast you made of me.”

“Until I wrap myself inside your arms I cannot rest.”

“I was in the darkness, so darkness I became.”

“No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight.”

“And you can’t hold me down ‘cause I belong to the hurricane.”

“No walls can keep me protected.”

“Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air.”

“When food is gone you are my daily need.”

“This is a gift, it comes with a price.”

“I must become a lion hearted girl ready for a fight.”

“I heard your voice as clear as day.”

“And the only solution was to stand and fight.”

“I like to keep some things to myself.”

“And I’ve been a fool and I have been blind.”

“Time goes quicker between the two of us.”

“Oh my love don’t forsake me.”

“You are the morning when it’s clear.”

“You’re in my head and you’re in my heart.”

“I’m gonna raise the stakes.”

“I’ll be dead before the day is done.”

“How quickly their glamour fades.”

“But I know you’ll have to drown me before we can breath easy.”

“Your heart is the only place I call home.”

“And we’ll never be afraid again.”

“When we come for you, we’ll be dressed up all in blue.”

“Don’t care whether I live or die.”

“I don’t want your future, I don’t need your past.”

isnotaband-isanidea  asked:

*breaks a window* * runs to you* * hugs you* THIS FAMILY AU IS THE BEST THING EVER OMG AHHHHHH You art style is sooo pretty!!! Do you have any faces/anatomy tutorial? Also: is there time for then to be lovey doveys since the kids arrived?

*hugs you back* 8D Thank you!! Bless The Voltron Family \o/ And sadly no, I don’t have any tutorials but thank you!!! <3 I try hard to make them pretty! :D I LEGIT JUST CHOKED ON THE REQUEST :)) At first I thought you were asking for the sexy times, so I’m going to answer this with that in mind lmao

You’d think Keith and Shiro are too busy with their work and their children they wouldn’t have time to get all lovey-dovey and have their sexy times, but HEY–they manage just fine! 

The kids got used to their lovey dovey times at home.

Shiro: *looks at Keith longingly at the breakfast table* 
Keith: *blinks* What? Something on my face?
Shiro: I love you.
Keith: Awwww, and I love you, too.
Shiro: *leans in for a kiss* *actually deepens the kiss*
Keith: *returns the kiss and slowly pulls Shiro closer*
Pidge: Whoops, that’s my cue to leave. *holds her bowl of cereal and mug of hot chocolate milk* 

They don’t lock their bedroom door at night so the kids can just enter if ever they need their daddies if they had a bad dream, but. You see, they actually DO lock it sometimes. Not everyday, obviously but probably once in a few months. Or at least try to lock it. ;D

Pidge: *frowns* What do you mean we can’t go to your bedroom tonight? 
Hunk: What if I get a nightmare? :(
Lance: What if there’s a boogeyman under my bed?!
Pidge: What if I wake up and have a question about Pluto?
Keith: *worried to death* *turns to Shiro* *pouts*
Shiro: Keith… no. 
Keith: *frowns* We can’t tonight, Shiro. 
Shiro: Why not? 
Keith: OUR KIDS MIGHT NEED US!! *throws hands in the air* We’d be terrible daddies if we don’t cater to their needs!
Shiro: What about our needs? :(
Keith: *gives him a kiss on the cheek* Next time, Champ. I promise.

So the next time wherein they actually have it scheduled and the kids are away at camp, Shiro came home.

Shiro: Keith, can we… can we not tonight? *hugs*
Keith: Did something happen?*hugs back*
Shiro: I’m just so tired today. It’s been so busy at the hospital I almost forgot to eat lunch if you haven’t called to check up on me.
Keith: That’s alright. You need your rest.
Shiro: *groans* How can you just agree so quickly?
Keith: What? *looks at him in disbelief* You’re tired, Shiro. 
Shiro: But we’ve been postponing this dinner date for like 6 months now and I had to cancel the last minute because of some emergency! *frowns* and the kids are actually away and we get the house all to ourselves. It’s the perfect setting. I’m sorry for being upset. *pouts*
Keith: *laughs* You’re just too tired, and besides, that doesn’t mean we can’t snuggle in bed? I mean, we don’t actually even have to do it. We’re married and we have all the time for that. We have kids that make us happy and tbh that’s actually more than enough for me?
Shiro: *smiles* I am seriously so happy that you said “yes” to me.
Keith: You sap. *punches him softly*

So they actually don’t even try anymore. They’re too busy or too tired so they just end up talking at night while cuddling like some friggin old married couple.

Shiro: It’s 2am.
Keith: And? 
Shiro: The kids are asleep. Pretty sure they are sleeping soundly. 
Keith: So?
Shiro: It’s a Sunday tomorrow.
Keith: Yes it is.
Shiro: And we drank coffee before going to bed because you had to work on your manuscript and I had to study so we don’t feel sleepy.
Keith: *nods* I don’t see where you are going with this?
Shiro: *frowns* OH CMONNNNNN KEITH *nuzzles*
Keith: *laughs* I’m just playing with ya. You can go and lock the door.
Shiro: *beams*

So Shiro quickly got up and headed to the door when he sees a little Hunk hugging his Mr Cuddles who just arrived by the door.

Hunk: *looks up* *teary-eyed* Daddy Shiro…
Shiro: *groans* OH, COME OOONNNNNN
Keith: *laughs hysterically* Come here, Hunk.
Hunk: *walks towards the bed and snuggles his Daddy Keith*
Shiro: Un-friggin-believable. *rans his finger through his hair*
Keith: Guess we’ll have to postpone again for the 7th time. *winks*
Shiro: *drops on the bed and nuzzles Keith* WHYYYYYYYY
Hunk: What’s wrong with Daddy Shiro?
Keith: *cuddles Hunk* Don’t mind him. He’s a bit frustrated for a year now.

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes

Danny counts down the last few weeks in a haze of incomplete college coursework, shirked chores, and frantically jerking upright in bed after yet another nightmare of exploding restaurants, jerky future selves, and timelines that no longer existed.

He knows that he’ll never turn into Dan. Ever. He swore it, promised himself and his friends.

But he was making sure that there was never a reason for it to come to that, either.

He, Sam, and Tucker avoid the Nasty Burger for months, just in case a vat of sauce gets too hot from sheer dumb negligence.

None of them even have to say anything. But they all had one eye on the date, waiting for the date of Dan’s disappearance to come and go and leave them in the clear.

Danny isn’t going to breathe easily until he was sure that nothing happens to mess up anything in this time stream.

It is hard enough looking in the mirror and seeing how chiseled his jaw line is becoming. How muscular ghost fighting has made him. How deep his voice has become over the years. His hair he’s kept as short as it has always been. No letting it grow out, and always getting it trimmed whenever the ends began twisting into fiery wisps in ghost form.

He looks more and more like Dan every day but is determined not to let that fate come to pass.

The night of that fateful anniversary, then, is spent at Fenton Works, all of his loved ones around him, showing their support by sitting shoulder to shoulder as they watch Ghost Busters. Danny smiles around the room at his parents fighting over popcorn, Jazz mouthing along to the lines she’d memorized decades ago, and his two best friends, nudging him whenever he anxiously glances at the clock.

Less than an hour left in the day. It’s already technically past the time when Dan would have showed up to destroy Amity Park and everything he held dear, but Danny isn’t taking any chances. He wants the second hand to pass midnight before he stops worrying.

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