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what if Evan followed Conner and stopped him from killing himself? then they got together…. (sorry i’m tree bros trash)

((Don’t worry I am too))

“Fuck this, I’m outta here.” Connor crumpled the paper into his pocket and ran out of the library. Evan stuffed his laptop in his backpack and dashed out after Connor.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Connor!” Evan yelled, running to the student parking lot to see Connor crying, leaning against the tree. “What are you doing?”

“What the fuck do you want, Hansen? You want more dirt on me to let people know I’m crazy? Well here’s the biggest piece of information I have–” he took out a pocket knife and held the blade to his arm. Evan’s eyes widened.

“Woah woah woah hey, wait!” He struggled, but managed to pull Connor’s arm away from the blade. Connor was weak, letting out wracking sobs.

“No one cares, no one would blink a fucking eye if I were gone.” Connor threw down the knife. “Everything’s always about Zoe. How perfect she is, how wonderful she is. Nothing I do ever matters.” He covered his face, falling down to the ground. Evan burned red from embarrassment.

“I didn’t–I don’t. I didn’t write the letter because you were in the library. I wrote the letter for therapy. They’re supposed to be little pep talks. Dear Evan Hansen, today’s gonna be a good day and here’s why. Zoe’s someone I look up to because she’s in jazz band and she’s pretty, yeah. But don’t think for a second that I wouldn’t be heartbroken if you were gone.” Evan said. The two were in Bio together and made snarky remarks about the teacher to each other. “B-before you say anything, I know how it feels to think that no one would care if you were gone.”

Connor sniffed. “You do?”

“How do you think I got this cast?” Evan stumbled over his words.

“You fell out of a tree, I got it. The saddest thing I’ve ever heard.” Connor winced at how snarky the comeback came out.

“No. I climbed a tree, a really, really tall tree.” Evan breathed in a laugh. “I looked down, and I let go. I wanted to die, but I have this six week reminder and scars all down my left side that I survived.”

“I-I’m sorry..” Connor said after a moment of silence. Evan shrugged, wiping away a tear.

“It’s in the past, I guess.” Evan whispered. “I don’t think you’re crazy.”

“You don’t?”

“Why would I? I’m the one taking medicine up the ass, and I fell out of a tree.” Evan laughed, making Connor chuckle. “I got some mad splinters though. Hey, if you can answer the door, we can order in a movie and a pizza, I don’t want you being alone tonight.”

“Oh you don’t have to–”

“I insist.” Evan grinned. “I can help you with your English, and we can watch something funny to keep your spirits up.”

Connor was already glad Evan helped make him decide to stay.

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Hey it's the Disney anon! Yeah I meant sort of live action BATB cause I love the Bucky fic you did😊 So if it's something you'd be happy to write for can I request a reader x gaston fic where they grew up together and she is in love with him but is convinced it isn't mutual & that he deserves better so doesn't tell him. Another guy asks her out & she accepts cause she thinks she should move on if gaston will never love her. But Gaston actually gets super jealous/possessive. Hope it's ok thanks❤

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: /

A/N: asdfghjkl, I’m so glad you send me this request, I literally grinned so hard when I got it! I don’t normally post two things a day, but I literally had the easiest time writing this. This prompt gave me so much inspiration that I just typed it in one go and I’m actually quite happy with how it turned out. I hope you like it as well and if you have any other gaston x reader request please send them my way. I LOVE writing for him and the reader. (added Gaston to my fandoms list)


“You’re staring again,” LeFou, who had seemingly snuck up on you, whispered.

You blinked a few times to break the spell you were under before and turned around, wanting to convince him that, no, you weren’t staring at Gaston like a fool in love. 

But the look he threw you was enough to know that it wouldn’t work on him.

“It’s not like I don’t understand. And I’m certainly not the one to judge you,” he winked at you and you had to laugh a little. “But what I don’t understand is why you don’t tell him. You’ve known each other for so long..”

“Oh LeFou. If only it were so easy. Look at him..-” he was currently chasing Belle again. “He doesn’t feel the same and I doubt he ever will. He needs a woman who cooks for him and plays the good wife. You and me both know that I’m not that kind of woman.”

“Neither is Belle! Which is why he fancies her! So what makes you different?”

“I’m a huntress, LeFou. Belle and me are completely the opposite of each other. If she’s his type then I’m most certainly not.”

“She’s beautiful. That’s why she’s his type. And do I need to remind you of your beauty?”

You sighed and turned around to face your friend, smiling a little, then hugging him.

In the meantime, Gaston gave up for today in chasing Belle and approached the two of you.

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What Are You Wearing?: ArchiexReader! Oneshot

heeeey my friends, sorry for the lack of writing recently. here’s a quick lil oneshot I threw together, which is kinda similar to the Goodnight Texts:ReggiexReader! that I did :) this was a request, so I hope its okay?! Also, really sorry that its so short! More Archie stuff coming soon (including smut)!


Summary: Archie can’t sleep so decides to text his girlfriend…

Warnings: Swearing, a little bit of smut. 

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Jily- she said fine, when?

James Potter was persistent. But this year he had practically given up. Lily was no longer getting the huge acts he would do to ask her out. Or the weird but cute pick up calls. He was nice and that was all he was.

She didn’t realize how much she missed his constant flirting until it was gone. Or so she thought.

James Potter was even more in love with Lily Evans than ever before if that was possible. But he also had matured and decided that it just wasn’t meant to be. He would be her friend, Prongs, but nothing more, nothing less. It killed him, it almost did everyday as he watched her in class or in the great hall or in the common room. His heart hurt and he felt like he was slowly dying watching the red headed girl he loved just be his friend. Friend.

It was Tuesday, they’re third class of the day when Lily had gotten the thing she didn’t think she was hoping for all semester long. A note. With perfect script that read Lily in blue ink, flown over to her in the shape of a butterfly.
She almost destroyed the paper trying to see what he had written.

*Evans, will you do me the honor of going out with me some time?*

She stared down at the note, her heart actually leaped in her chest. It was a small question, but finally she was going to say yes.

She scribbled in her chicken scratch *fine, when?* Trying to sound as disinterested as she could.
Unable to fold it into anything special she crumbled up the ball and threw it towards his head when the professor wasn’t looking.

James tried not to watch her as she read his note. This was the last time, he had sworn to himself as he sent the note. The last time he would ever try and get Lily Evans. If she shot him down this last time he would, now it was over. They were not meant to be Mr. and Mrs. potter or Lily and James but just Evans and Potter. Friends.
He distracted himself by watching Sirius try and read the contents of the textbook and stiffed chuckles at his creative swears.

“In the name that is all holy,” he muttered “and merlin’s left ballsack help me understand this bullshit.”

That’s when he the crumpled ball hit him against the head. He looked at Lily who was busy writing notes and looked down at the crumpled ball that sat neatly on his desk.
He was practically shaking. Terrified of what this little ball of paper held.

*Fine, when?*

He couldn’t believe this. He took of his glasses and cleaned them to make sure he read the words right. And after that gave it to Sirius to read who also gave him the ‘I can’t believe it’ look.

He looked back up to see Lily red in the face and holding her quill tightly in her fist.
He quickly wrote *Sunday?*
Trying his best to make a decent show of it, folded the paper into a small swan and sent it back her way.

*Sunday* it read. There was no Hogsmeade trip that weekend. She wondered what he was planning. Taking her quill she noted back, *And what exactly will we be doing on this particular Sunday?*
This time she did try to fold the paper into something, something that resembled a boat and let it sail threw the air.

James was surprised to see the little boat settle perfectly on his current notes. It was crumbled and a bit lopsided but still a cute as intended.
Reading her new note he scribbled in not so neat hand writing.
*I don’t know. I never thought I’d get this far.*
He quickly folded the now very crumpled piece of paper into a rose and made it land perfectly in her hair like a decoration.
He couldn’t help the grin he had when he saw her reach for the flower and pet it affectionately before opening it up.

But when he saw her cover her mouth with her hands to stifle her laughs he knew that he would never give up trying to hear that laugh.

Hemmings & a bottle of rum


Part 2

Luke hemmings smut 

Request- Hi can you do a luke smut request where ur the band song writer and one day you and luke get tipsy and they end up having it in Luke’s hotel room (Hope you like it)

Word count- 2,200+

You scrunched your eyebrows, utterly frustrated and scratched out the few lyrics you had written on the piece of paper for what felt like the thousandth time. You preferred to write from experience and emotion, but right now you felt as if you were blocked. You stood up from your chair, crumpling the paper and threw it, along with the pen across the room. You groaned loudly and in that little fit of yours you almost didn’t notice the 5sos boys along with John Feldman and Alex Gaskarth walk into the room.

“When you said you like to work alone, I didn’t know it included this” Michael laughed out causing everyone else to snicker and laugh as well. Your eyes immediately darted to Luke’s icy blue ones to see what he felt about your little tantrum. Thankfully, he wasn’t laughing but you could see the amusement in his eyes. You blushed a deep shade of red and just looked down at your feet in embarrassment.

“Have you got anything yet?” Ashton voiced what everyone was thinking. “Yeah” you muttered quietly and signalled with your eyes that it was the same piece of paper you threw across the room. Luke was quick to react and practically jogged to the paper before you could protest. “Hey, it’s a work in progress” you said softly, worried about his opinions on your first draft.

Luke’s eyes moved back and forth across the paper, reading the few scribbled lines intently. His eyes widened the slightest and you walked to him and snatched the paper out of his hand. “I know it’s not good, but I’ll get there” you said exasperated and at the same time Luke was shaking his head ready to contradict what you had just said. You held your hand up in front of his face saying, “Save it”

You walked out of the studio and went to sit on the couch in the corridor. “Was it that bad?” John questioned in disbelief because he never ever doubted your talent. “Quite the opposite really” Luke said in a raspy voice and the image of him running his hands through his blonde locks flashed in your mind.

You walked back in, deciding you were being too immature and sat on one of the chairs. All of you decided to work on some sounds instead of lyrics as none of them wanted to get on your bad side. Seeing Alex sitting and brainstorming with Luke already you headed over to Ashton who was ready at his drums. He played a few simple beats and the both of you started working together in incorporating new ones.

Little did you know Luke was shooting daggers at his fellow bandmate in jealousy as he could see you getting closer and closer to him. The vein in his forehead was almost popping and in sudden force one of the strings of his guitar broke causing everyone, including you to look up at him. Your eyes locked with his and his features softened visibly.

Sensing the tense atmosphere increasingly today, Calum suggested that we meet tomorrow and continue then. You headed back to the hotel and time passed as you went to the bar with the boys. Luke was missing today though so you passed having a drink, missing your drinking buddy.

Throughout the night there was no appearance of Luke and that caused your curiosity to sky rocket. When it was getting late everyone decided to head back to their rooms while you went to Luke’s. Before you knew it, your hand was raised ready to knock at the door of the blonde boy’s room. You took a deep calming breath and knocked loudly. After hearing feet shuffle at the other side of the door, it opened revealing Luke in a pair of loose sweat pants and a muscle tee.

You took a step inside without waiting for his invitation and saw his room in a mess. You laughed to yourself and turned to look at the boy who was scratching the back of his head. “I didn’t want house keeping in here, touching all my things” Luke answered the question that was at the tip of your tongue. You saw his guitar lying on the king sized bed and commented, “I guess I’m not the only one who likes to work alone”

He walked over to the bed and sat down, placing his guitar on his lap. “I was actually trying some chords to match with the lyrics you wrote today” before you could protest, he continued “they were pretty amazing, Y/N” you shook your head in denial and sat on the chair in front of his bed. “Can I hear it?” you questioned and he instantly nodded.

He started strumming the guitar and sung out the lyrics from today afternoon. You were taken aback by the fact he had added some more of his own lines and how raw and emotional it sounded. “Woah, it does sound pretty good” you said shyly.

Wanting to eliminate the awkwardness in the room you changed the topic. “I missed my drinking buddy today” you said while sighing and walked up to the mini bar in the room. You bent down and pulled out the bottle of old monk. “You know they totally rip you off Y/N. Plus I really don’t like rum” Luke said making a face of disgust. “That’s what you get for ditching me today” you said, sticking out your tongue childishly. You opened the dark liquor bottle and poured a substantial quantity into two separate glasses. You picked up one and handed it to Luke who smelled it and made a gagging noise. Laughing at his silliness, you picked up the packet of cadbury twirls lying on the table. “We can use these as chasers” Luke seemed to love that idea and gulped down the dark liquid, immediately regretting it but opening the wrapper of the chocolate and eating it, just as quickly.

“You’re such a child” you giggled, sipping it first and then taking it like a shot. When you felt your throat burn you knew that this was a bad idea.

An empty bottle of rum and 30 cadbury twirls later, you were lying on the bed whilst Luke was bouncing on it like it was a trampoline. “Luuuuukeee, stop” you moaned and you could feel your head spin. He was on a sugar rush and you were annoyed. After exhausting himself completely, Luke sat down on the bed with his legs crossed staring at you with scrunched eyes. “What the hell are you doing Hemmings?” you asked amused and sat up in front of him.

“I’m just thinking” he said, sighing dramatically. “Bout what?” He grinned and said, “You.”

With the sudden change of mood you said, “What you did today was really amazing, with the song and all.” He shook his head and just looked at you blankly. “They were your lyrics, Y/N. I mean you are pretty amazing” he said, his cheeks held a slight tinge of pink now. “Y/N……” He stretched out like a little kid. “Yes, Luuuuu” you said while giggling. “You’re so cute, I could eat you up” he said. His bright smile slowly transitioned into a smirk and then into an evil tight lipped smile. You looked at him skeptically and the next thing you knew Luke was tickling your sides. You were screeching and laughing at the same time. Your back was on the soft mattress and he was relentless with his tickle-torture.

“Stop Lu, please!” you cried out and he slowed down a bit before stopping. You tucked your bottom lip beneath your teeth and looked into his ocean blue eyes. The ones you were drowning in and the ones you didn’t want to be saved from. You saw his eyes flicker from your own to your pink lips. You were panting in anticipation and he lowered his head ever so slightly.

Lifting your head up from the mattress, his lips were on yours and without wasting any more time his tongue was in your mouth. Although it felt magical, you both were really drunk and it was sloppy to say the least. His hands roamed your body before settling at your t-shirt and yanking it off, not a moment later. He dropped his head down to your neck and started nipping and sucking at the skin there. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he pushed his hips down grinding into you. He rotated his hips and created as much friction as he could, causing you to let out a moan.

Having never really done this with clothes on, you were soaking with the new set of sensations. He kissed you once again with force and you loved the aggression radiating off of him. You tugged at his muscle tee and in a second it was discarded, somewhere on the floor. You flipped over so that he was on the bottom and you were excited to be in control. Lowering your head down, you started sucking on the flesh just above his collarbones, causing him to let out an involuntary moan.

Luke snaked his hand around your back and un-clasped your bra, adding to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. His hands grasped both your breasts and roughly massaged them. “I fucking love these” he breathed out and began pinching and twisting your nipples. You sat up with your legs on either side of his waist and continued grinding on him, whilst he was playing with your tits.

“You’re such a fucking tease, Y/N”
“Then why don’t you do something about it?” you pushed further.

This seemed to ignite a fire in Luke as in a span of ten seconds your jeans and panties were gone. He grabbed your thighs roughly and kneaded them and you knew there would be bruises there tomorrow. “Sit on my face” he commanded and you didn’t need to be told twice. Your dripping core was above his face and he licked his lips before locking his arms around your thighs and pulling you down so your centre was on his mouth.

He licked a stripe and you shuddered in pleasure. His tongue thrusted in your entrance repeatedly. “Fuck! Luke” you yelled out and this egged him on as he started nibbling softly on your clit and rolling it around like a cherry in his mouth. He then stuck his tongue out so it was flat and moved your hips, effectively causing you to grind on his face. “I’m so close” you said in between moans and he sped up his actions causing you to come undone on his face.

You moved downwards so you were back to you original position, just above his dick. He flipped you over and slammed you down on the bed. “Face down, ass up baby” you whined at the nick name and complied. Your face was against the mattress and your once tied hair was now a complete mess. He took himself in his hands and rubbed it around your core, spreading the juices. “Fuck me, Luke” you whimpered and he pushed himself slowly into you. He closed his eyes at the heavenly feeling of your walls clenched, tight and warm, around him. He placed his hands softly on your waist and you were a bit shocked that he had suddenly become gentle but that didn’t last long as his grip tighten and he pounded into you. With each thrust your body moved forward and backward, in a rhythm.

Luke pulled you upwards and you let out a low mewl. One of his hands went to your breast, playing with them again while the other stayed on your waist. He moved his face minutely so that his lips were near your ear and he nibbled on your ear lobe. “You’re such a dirty girl, aren’t you Y/N? Letting me have my way with you” The pleasure increased with this and you replied. “Harder. Fuck me harder” you screamed out, your darkest fantasy coming to life.

He nearly growled and moved his hips faster. You almost lost balance but wrapped one arm around the back of his neck. Your head fell back on his shoulder and you let out a little moan with each thrust. “I’m so close, baby girl” you nodded and he knew you were almost there. “Come for me Y/N” he said, almost yelling. You whined out his name and he let himself go to causing your highs to occur at the same time. Your vision blanked and you allowed yourself to crash down on the bed with Luke falling on top of you.

Heavy breathing was the only thing heard in the room as Luke reached down and pulled up a thin sheet to cover the both of you. Your eyes began to flutter shut as Luke left a soft kiss on your lips and you fell into a deep sleep, too intoxicated by Hemmings and a bottle of rum to utter a word.

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#277: "I'm Your Husband, It's My Job...”


I love when I receive random requests like this, I think getting prompts are sometimes a whole lot easier than when it’s something very complicated. As I’ve mentioned many times before I accept request on the only condition that the preferences are simple and not something way out of order.

Requested: Yes //  Find my Masterlist here


“… To always keep you safe. You know that.” You blinked twice out of reaction and held closer onto the door handle. You knew if you looked over your shoulder there was no way you could leave as it was. “It’s just one night, Luke. Nothing is going to happen to me you know that.” You sighed softly and let go to look over at his half nervous expression. “I’m aware. That’s not what I’m worried about it’s more the fact that I can’t come pick you up.” He wasn’t afraid to show how he was feeling, he cared for you more than anything else. “Luke…” You sighed softly and placed your hands on top of your cheeks. “If I have to I will call you and speak for every single second I’m out and not able to be in your reach. Don’t worry. I will be fine.” 


“… To help you out when you need it the most. That’s why I’m standing here despite you telling me to leave.” The floor was in a mess there wasn’t any organization what so ever. You didn’t know what was what and the frustration was clear on your face. Calum was leaning against the open door frame with his arms crossed and his eyebrows furrowed. “But this isn’t your problem. It’s mine. I was supposed to finish this ages ago and I waited until last minute.” You frowned and quietly continued to work. “I don’t care.” He laughed quietly by your stubbornness and took a seat on the carpet next to you. “Tell me what to do and let’s get this over with.” He placed a hand on top of yours just to show that little support he had in him no matter what the task was about. 


“… To sit here and watch you do everything I love.” He was having a smirk growing on your face especially by the reaction you were having. “Really? Do we still live in the 50′s?” You asked with wide eyes and threw the washing cloth towards his direction, hitting him square in the face. He laughed quietly and removed the cloth to stand up from his chair and look at you apologizing. “You know I’m only kidding. I’d help you out in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for the fact I’m so bad I can’t even boil water properly.” He wrapped his arms around you and leaned his head on the top of your shoulder. You couldn’t fake it out and stay mad at him for that long because just the way he was looking at you was enough to forgive him for everything ever possible. 


“…To do this without you complaining. I know you’re still trying to maintain independent but just let me do this for you.” Ashton was having that expression on his face that told he wasn’t up for arguing. The weather was cold enough as it was and there was no reason or you to stand out here for longer than necessary. “So you’re gonna take this and don’t worry about me freezing. I will manage.” You looked up at him a little speechless about his words, watching him shrug off the jacket and threw it over your shoulders. You had been the one to say you didn’t need it that he should just keep it until you got home. “Besides,” He smiled softly when he could feel you had stopped shaking from being cold, “You look brilliant in it.” 

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Hi sweet! Drarry, 20? :D

CAPI. Why do you leave the best prompts that somehow end up with me wanting to write novellas? This is so much longer than a mini-fic, I’m sorry! Also, I kinda want to continue this, damn you (I love you) <33333

This one is rated NC-17! Explicit sexual content ahoy!

Draco growled and threw his broomstick on the ground. He couldn’t believe it happened again. He was a brilliant Seeker—why could he never manage to catch the Snitch before Potter? They’d been neck and neck, as usual, but Potter was just a little quicker, just a little better.

“Whoa, Malfoy, it was just a friendly game. It wasn’t even official, since we can’t play for our house teams anymore. Don’t take it so hard,” Potter said when he landed next to him, still holding the golden ball in his hand.

The delicate wings were furling around Potter’s fingers like they were caressing them lovingly, like it had returned to an old lover. Draco’s lip curled in disgust. He sneered at Potter and spun away from him, stomping towards the locker room.

“Bollocks, Potter. Every game is a chance to prove yourself the better player,” Draco spat over his shoulder. “Something I’m sure you’ve always taken advantage of. You’ve never played a friendly game in your life, I’d bet.”

“Jesus, Malfoy,” Potter said, sounding exasperated. He jogged to catch up to Draco as he strode away from the pitch.

Draco slammed the door to the locker room open when he reached it, relishing the way it clattered against the tiled wall. In the late summer heat, it always felt sweltering in there. The atmosphere charms always went wonky and made everything smell faintly of moldy shin guards. Leather was definitely not meant to smell that way.

Potter followed in after him, making Draco pull up short. “This is the Slytherin locker room, you blind tosser.”

“Calm down,” Potter said, holding up his palms. “It’s a closer walk to yours than to mine. Can’t I just shower here? I’m supposed to meet up with Luna and Neville for lunch, so I figured I would use yours so I could meet them in time.”

“Shower in—are you off your bloody Hippogriff? No, go shower in your own team locker room!” Draco panicked at the thought of Potter in the same room as him—naked and wet—and nearly spiraled into madness.

“Relax, for Merlin’s sake. You haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before, you shirty prat. Look, I’ll use the one on the end, and you can use the one all the way down the row. Sound fair?” Potter asked, already pulling off his kit.

Draco didn’t squeak at that. Nope. Not at all.

He clutched his robes tighter around himself, just for something to hold onto, and skirted the wall of lockers to avoid crossing paths with Potter, who was still stripping. He was down to just his tight Quidditch trousers now. Merlin, they looked like they were painted on to his meaty thighs. Draco’s mouth flooded with saliva at the sight of him—sweaty and shirtless, a dark dusting of chest hair curling across his pecs and leading in a trail down to the button on his trousers—and, Salazar’s knickers, Draco could vividly picture where that trail led.

He caught himself staring and whirled around, coughing weakly to clear his throat. He could hear Potter shucking his shin guards and toeing off his boots. Fuck, he thought, not good, not good, need to get in the shower before he sees that I’m hard. Draco was on the verge of a monumental panic. Potter couldn’t know. He could never find out how he felt. It was one thing to be on vaguely…civil terms with him, but it was completely another to be pining after him when he was never going to go for Draco. Not after what they’d both been through. Not after everything.

He knew what he wanted could never happen. It would only exist in his imagination when he was curled up in bed at night, his bed hangings firmly spelled shut and silenced so that no one could hear him crying out Potter’s name as he spilled over his hand.

Merlin’s saggy balls, he was a fucking mess. Well, like that was even news.

Draco snorted to himself as he edged his way along the wall to the shower furthest from the one Potter was going to use. He could silently admit to himself how excited he was at the prospect of being naked in the same room as Potter, with Potter only being a row of shower stalls away from him. It was a scenario right out of his favourite rotation of wank fantasies. Too bad this one wouldn’t go like those always went. This shower wouldn’t end with Potter fucking him against the wall, or vice versa—he wasn’t picky. But no matter, because this was just going to be a shower between lads who occasionally play Seeker’s games while they work putting their destroyed school back together again.

Potter coughed, catching his attention. Draco froze, afraid to turn around, because surely Potter must be nude by now. His breathing sped up at the thought, his mind racing with vivid ideas of what Potter must look like without a stitch on. He’d put on so much muscle working on the castle over the summer, filling out with broad shoulders and strong biceps. He wasn’t bulky, still a perfectly lithe Seeker’s build, but he no longer looked like the half-starved young boy he was just four months ago.

“You must be narked off if you won’t even answer me. It was just a game Malfoy, we play them all the time. Merlin, if it’ll make you happy, I’ll throw the next one and let you win. Alright?” Potter was so fucking earnest and bloody noble. Draco hated him.

No he didn’t. God, he was such a mess.

“I didn’t hear you,” Draco said acidly. He slowly began to remove his robes at the edge of his shower stall, taking care to meticulously fold them, even though the House Elves would launder them as soon as he put them back in his dormitory.

“I asked if you wanted to join us for lunch. Luna and Neville and me,” Potter said.

Draco was silent as he unlaced his boots. Finally, he answered, “No, thank you.”

“Alright, suit yourself. I just figured you’d rather not be on your own again for lunch,” Potter said easily, like he invited him for lunch every day, like they were mates. “It’s not like you haven’t been around them before. You work together with Luna all the time, and you’ve helped Nev restore the Potion’s ingredients stock for Pomfrey.”

“I said no, Potter,” Draco said wearily. He didn’t want to be around Potter’s friends.

Being around Lovegood was hard enough, she was always twittering on about something or other—how to find someone to talk to about everything, for the most part. She was bloody exhausting. He liked when they fed the Thestrals, though. They didn’t seem to judge him like other volunteers did.

It wasn’t even like he was sentenced to help; he just decided it was what he needed to do after the Wizengamot cleared his name. With Potter’s helpful testimony, of course. Bloody Pensieves. As if Draco wanted his failures to be on record at the Ministry for everyone to see.

Draco sighed and turned on the shower. He could hear Potter’s running, too. The tiled room was beginning to fill with steam.

Draco stepped in after casting a furtive glance around to make sure Potter wasn’t looking at him naked and let the warm water cascade over him, washing away the grime from the day and the sweat from flying. He hummed under his breath and let the water push his hair into his face when he tipped his head down.

After a moment Draco blinked the water droplets from his eyes and pushed his hair back, tilting his head to listen.

Potter was fucking singing in the shower.

His heart lurched and he had to put a hand against the wall to steady himself. He was a damn goner. He put his other hand over his heart, like he was a bloody maiden from one of Pansy’s harlequin novels feeling faint.

Draco grumbled under his breath and turned his face back into the spray to tune Potter out.

He could barely resist ignoring his erection any longer, letting his long fingers skate over his wet skin and through the damp patch of curls surrounding it before he gripped it loosely.

He could be quiet. He would get away with this.


When Harry rinsed the last of the shampoo and soap suds from his body he turned off the shower and stepped out, shaking his head like a dog to throw off the water droplets clinging to his hair. He hesitated when he could still hear Malfoy’s shower going.

Part of him was desperate to go peek, but he knew that wouldn’t be right. Malfoy probably took his wand into the shower and would hex him for it.

“I’m off then, Malfoy. See you later,” he called over the rush of water.

He paused and waited for an answer, frowning when he didn’t get one. He didn’t want to leave Malfoy alone in the showers, though, so he inched closer to his shower. He wrapped a towel around himself, using a second one to scrub at his hair. He was sure it would be standing on end no matter what when he was done with it.

Harry froze when he was close enough to hear the rhythmic sound of skin on skin, squelching and smacking under the sound of the water. Oh.

He bit his lip, flushing hot in a way that had nothing to do with coming out of the shower. Malfoy was wanking! A rush of excitement ran through Harry at the thought of him touching himself while Harry was none the wiser taking a shower down the row of stalls from him. His prick twitched under his towel.

Maybe Malfoy had a bit of Gryffindor in him after all, Harry mused.

He desperately wanted to peek, to see what Malfoy would look like tugging on his cock, his skin rosy pink from the heat of the shower and arousal. Harry bit down hard on his tongue to contain the sound that threatened to fight its way out of his throat at the thought. His cock was swelling quickly under his towel, tenting it obscenely. Harry put a palm over himself in an effort to try to hide it, and it made him want to snort because he was being ridiculous.

Malfoy made a sound then, barely loud enough to be heard over the rush of the shower, but Harry caught it. He swayed closer, pressing his back flat against the partition separating them, his ears listening carefully for any sound Malfoy made.

“Potter,” Malfoy muttered.

Harry’s heart skipped a beat. He thought that Malfoy knew he was there. He couldn’t decide whether that was a good thing or not. But a moment later, Malfoy said something else that made his heart beat wildly, made all of his blood rush south to his cock.

“Like that, Potter, yes,” Malfoy moaned faintly. “Please. Please touch me.”

Oh my god, Harry thought as arousal crashed through him. Malfoy wasn’t just wanking in the shower. He was wanking while he thought about Harry. He choked back a groan of his own and pressed the heel of his palm harder against his prick.

Harry could hear the sound of Malfoy’s hand speeding up and he held his breath. How close was Malfoy? Was Harry going to get to hear him come?

Oh fuck, he thought, he’s going to fucking kill me if he catches me listening.

Harry’s mind whirled with thoughts. He wished he had his Invisibility Cloak there with him so he could hide. He chewed on his lip and decided to risk a wandless Accio to Summon his wand. It zipped to his hand, the wood smacking mutedly against his palm. Harry hastily cast a Disillusionment Charm on himself and held his breath as he listened to Malfoy wank.

He was talking again, and getting louder—perhaps because he thought Harry really had left when he said he would. Harry closed his eyes and loosened his towel so he could palm his dick, hissing through his teeth quietly as he played with his sensitive foreskin.

“Oh, fuck, Potter. Need you. Want to fuck you,” Malfoy begged.

Harry’s breath left him in a rush before he remembered that he was supposed to be quiet. He covered his mouth with his free hand, wand and all. He tried to keep his breathing even

“Want you so much,” Malfoy whined. “So close.”

Harry needed to see him. He would surely die if he couldn’t see what Malfoy looked like at that exact moment. He gathered all the courage he could muster and peeked around the corner of the shower stall.

Christ, Malfoy was a beautiful sight. The water was streaming over him, running down his body in rivulets and leaving drops of water dotting his body. His chest and face were just as flushed as Harry pictured he would be, all pink and warm—he had to grip the base of his cock to keep from coming at that alone. His eyes drifted lower and watched in aroused awe as he saw Malfoy’s hand flying over his cock. The tip was swollen and ruddy, glistening with water and pre-come. Malfoy’s face—God, his face. He looked amazing, his expression scrunched up in ecstasy as he touched himself with Harry’s name on his lips, begging the imaginary him to touch him.

Harry wanted him more than he had wanted anything in his life in that moment.

He blinked, startled, when Malfoy cried out sharply, his whole body arching as he came up on his toes. With one final stroke he came, murmuring his name and painting the tiles with ropes of come that streaked down the wall in sticky globs until it mingled in the swirl of water and suds on the floor. Malfoy keened as he worked his hand slowly over his spent cock, milking all of his come out until he slumped and staggered, catching himself on the wall. He was panting, his chest heaving with each ragged breath. Harry was going to die or blow his load right there and give himself away.

It took every bit of his willpower, but he dragged himself away from the perfect picture Malfoy made while he was still distracted and hazy from his orgasm. He waited, hiding in the stall next to Malfoy’s, until he was dressed and gone, touching himself with the lightest of strokes to keep himself on the edge.

When Malfoy left, Harry wasted no time fucking his fist with little finesse, focused on coming with the memory of Malfoy fresh in his mind. He let his wand clatter to the ground. Harry whined as he fucked his fist dry, the friction almost too rough for him, but he didn’t care—all he could think of was the things Malfoy had uttered that he wasn’t supposed to hear. The secrets he was unknowingly confessing to Harry. His toes curled as he tipped over the edge, his cock throbbing as he shot his come against the opposite wall, just on the other side of where Malfoy had spilled his. Harry groaned under his breath and rocked his hips, pushing his cock into his hand as his own come stuck to his fingers and coated his pulsing dick.

When he was spent he sagged back against the wall, panting and staring up at the ceiling. Now that he knew, he’d never look at Malfoy the same.

Harry licked his lips and cast a hasty Cleaning Charm, not bothering with another shower. He was going to be late to meet Luna and Neville for lunch.

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Requests (combined): May I request a Castiel one shot where it’s just fluff? Like, Castiel and reader have just woken up from a great night and it’s all just pillow talk and fluff and small kisses? Thank you in advance if you do it! ~requested by an anon. AND If you’re still doing requests, could you do a Casxreader post-coital (wouldn’t hate you if you threw some during-coital in there too) ball of fluff? Lots of giggles and smiles and enough fluff to make build-a-bear look empty. ~requested by @fight-the-faeries

A/N: I seem to be getting back into my writing groove after the finale hit a little to hard. I didn’t think I’d be able to write Cas this soon. But here he is!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Oral (male receiving), fluffy fluff

Word Count: 1.3k

Originally posted by spnfeed

Memories of last night flooded your mind as you began to wake up. You could feel that you were still safe and sound in Castiel’s arms with your head resting against his bare chest.

You felt safe next to Cas, you knew that he’d never let anything harm you. You knew that he’d be with you, always.

You could tell that he was still asleep just by the rhythm of his breathing. It’d taken him awhile after his grace was stolen, but he now slept peacefully. You readjusted yourself in his arms as you laid there, taking in his sweet, natural musk. The aroma of last night’s activities still lingering on his skin.

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anonymous asked:

Hello ^-^ May I request some angst imagines for Soldier, McCree, and Genji where they call on holovid to their S/O who is currently away on a mission because they miss them. They talk for a minute (cue mushy talk) and then their S/O gets shot by an enemy? Whether they live or die is up to you. ouo

A/N: Decided to only do Genji and Soldier since they were a little long, and I figured I could make things a little more angsty if I threw in a couple of everyone’s favorite Talon members. These are kind of sad, but hey, isn’t that the point of writing angst? Besides, there’s some weird sense of pride when you write something like this. There’s some blood mentions in the story, though I try not to go into gruesome detail.

Soldier 76:

76 let out a long groan as he slumped further into his chair. The amount of intelligence that Overwatch brought in was staggering, and he had foolishly volunteered to help sort through it. Even when he was Strike-Commander, he never much cared for paperwork, it was an unfortunate part of the job. He could feel his eyes glazing over as he stared at the pile of papers that covered his desk. He’d earned a quick break, if only to refresh his mind before jumping back into his work. The metallic visor detached with a satisfying click, 76 cracked a small smile as the warm air of his office caressed his skin.

The visor was certainly a useful tool, and did wonders for hiding who he once was from prying eyes, but it wasn’t designed with comfort in mind. 76 reached into his pocket, withdrawing a small rectangular device. The screen flashed to life with a touch of his finger, the simplistic UI leaving each icon plainly visible. His hand lingered above the icon for a video call, inwardly debating on whether or not to get in touch. You’d been sent on a mission, and personal calls back to base weren’t exactly frequent when in combat. There was the odd call between active duty, but the responsibilities one had in the field took priority over phoning home.

76 shook his head, knowing that he shouldn’t even consider calling, distractions could be fatal in this line of work. Sighing gently, he decided against his better instincts, tapping the icon to initiate a video call. The device rang for several seconds, before the screen flashed again, your face appearing before him.

“Hey you. Miss me already?” You joked, smiling warmly at the grizzled man on the other side of the screen. A splash of redness tinted 76′s cheeks, though an untrained eye would have difficulty spotting it.

“Just checking in, making sure everything’s going smoothly.” He spoke stoically, his gruff tone as even as ever.

“Things are looking good, I’d say we’ll be able to wrap up within a few days tops. Talon’s been unusually quiet, not that I’m complaining.” You relaxed your posture, slumping against a nearby wall.

“Glad to hear it. I take it that intel was off?”

“Seems that way. I’m honestly rather happy that we didn’t run into him.”

“Me too, but don’t let your guard down.” You smiled at each other. 76 was never terribly emotional, but he let you know that he cared in his own way. Subtle shifts in his tone or posture, the occasional praise, even a kiss now and again.

“I never do. When I get back, what do you say we-” A rattle from down the hall drew your attention away from your partner. “Hold on a second.” 76 nodded, his face wearing its usual stern expression. You disappeared from the device’s view, a roughly textured wall the only image 76 could see. A yelp peaked his attention, the screen still showing the wall you once laid against.

“Y/N? Are you okay? Answer me!” He could feel the fear rising in his throat as he awaited a reply. The silence was deafening, until the device was raised into the air by an unseen hand. The screen shifted from the wall, to focusing on your battered body held by a single clawed gauntlet.

“Hello Jack…” The anguished voice was all too familiar to 76, the venom lacing his old friend’s words was palpable, even through the call. “I see you’ve taken interest in someone a little… younger…” 76 winced as he watched Reaper’s hand tighten further around your throat, small traces of blood leaking over the ends of his claws.

“Let them go Reyes!” 76 roared, nearly snapping the device between his hands. Reaper’s grip continued to grow tighter, the blood covering his claws beginning to drip towards the ground. “Let them go goddammit!”

“I told you, I will get my revenge.” The expressionless mask stared into his very soul, thin black mist flowing from the openings. He could feel tears begin to roll down his cheeks as he watched you struggle, the iron grip of the reaper was inescapable.

“Jack… I love you…” You coughed out between ragged breaths, your throat felt as though it was going to burst into flames. The pressure Reaper exerted was unimaginable, his force overwhelming your senses.

“I love you so much…” He croaked. “I’m so sorry…”

“How touching.” Reaper sneered, tightening his grip around your neck, snapping it as though it were a twig. It took every ounce of self control 76 had to not cry out in anguish, he could at the very least deny Reaper the satisfaction of watching him break. Reaper discarded your body, placing the device on the ground to leave your corpse in perfect view of the camera. “I’ll be seeing you soon, Jack.”

“I’m so sorry…” He whimpered, his hands trailing the screen as he stared at your remains. His heart ached as he sobbed uncontrollably, apologizing over and over again. “I’m so sorry…”


Genji stretched his arms high into the air as he pushed himself to his feet. Meditation certainly was relaxing, but his joints always felt a little stiff after an extended session. Normally he’d be able to fill some time in the day training with you, or at least relaxing near you. Since you were away on a mission, his day was rather open unless he wanted to spend every waking hour working on his form. A metallic sigh escaped his helmet, Genji found himself rather bored when he wasn’t able to spend time with you. Sure, Zenyatta was more than happy to spend time alongside his pupil, but he was hardly the life of the party. Anything outside of meditation or inward reflection was an alien concept to the enlightened Omnic.

If he was going to relax, he was at least going to do it somewhere with a view. Genji deftly scaled the walls of Watchpoint Gibraltar, making his way to the highest point of the Overwatch base. A small rooftop presented an exceptional view of the bay below, and interruptions this far off the beaten path were extremely rare. Genji had discovered the space during his original tenure with Overwatch before its collapse. Having somewhere to be alone was comforting when he was still adjusting to his cybernetic body. Though once he joined the reformed Overwatch and met you, the rooftop took on a different function.

Instead of somewhere Genji could retreat from the world, it became a space where he could share some quality time with you. A pair of bean bag chairs had been dragged up here by the youngest Shimada, and you were rather insistent that a small rug be placed between them. The metallic rooftop was far from inviting before you each cleaned it up a little, it was almost cozy now. Finding joy in the simpler things was something Genji used to be incapable of doing, but it was almost second nature when he was with you. Being able to take in such a gorgeous view alongside an equally as gorgeous partner was something he wouldn’t trade for the world.

Genji smiled as he settled into the green chair, withdrawing a communications device from his waist. You were away on a mission, sure, but you each tried to make time to talk to one another when you were apart. The device sprung to life as his fingers deftly tapped away at it, quickly opening a video call to your device. It rang for an instant, before your face appeared on the screen.

“I was just about to call you.” You laughed, smiling warmly at Genji.

“Sorry, I’m just a little too fast for you.” Genji chuckled, opening his helmet to reveal his rugged face. Scars from his mortal injuries at his brother’s hands lined his face, though you were adamant that they made him look sexy. “I thought you might miss this view.” Genji spun the device so that the camera faced the shining bay, the waves gently crashing against the rocks below.

“That is a nice view, but I think I prefer the one of you even more.” You playfully flirted, earning a smirk from Genji as he flipped the device back towards himself.

“I can’t blame you, green definitely looks good on me.” He joked, laughing alongside you. “I trust that everything is going smoothly?”

“Nothing I can’t handle, I learned from the best, after all.”

“That you did, but you’re not a cyborg ninja.”

“I like to think I’m pretty close.”

“I can agree with that.” You both laughed again, the relaxing dynamic between the two of you always did wonders when one of you was out in the field. It was hard to be stressed out about a mission when you were joking around together.

“Oh! That reminds me, I was-” A gunshot cut off your speech, a hole now present in your forehead. Genji felt his blood run cold as he watched you sit there wordlessly, your posture slumping backwards slowly, bracing itself against the wall. He was speechless as your eyes stared blankly into space, unblinking as blood began to trickle from the wound in your forehead. Genji stared in disbelief at what he had just witnessed, his love so callously taken from him, so suddenly ripped away. He didn’t know if he’d even processed the fact that you had died, or if he was simply too blinded by rage to feel anything.

The clack of high heels against tile were picked up by the microphone, Genji immediately recognized the sound. A blue arm reached down, pushing your body out of view, a large splatter of blood left on the wall where you once sat.

Adieu.” A thick French accent spoke, seeming to relish in the kill. “Life is so fleeting, isn’t it, Mr. Shimada?” The device was picked up by your assassin, the smooth face of Widowmaker appearing on the screen. “You should’ve joined us when you had the chance, a pity they had to be dragged into this.”

“I am going to kill you.” Genji coldly spoke, his eyes piercing through the device. The rage within him was almost uncontrollable, needing every piece of Zenyatta’s advice to stop himself from tearing the device in two.

“I am terrified, truly.” Widowmaker scoffed, discarding the device to the ground, the sound of her heels fading away. Genji shook as he stared at the screen, hurling it in the bay below. With or without Overwatch’s help, he was going to make sure Widowmaker’s last moments were spent in agonizing pain. He would be sure to recover your body, but mourning would have to wait until he avenged you.

You Literally Just Threw Up!

A/N: So I seriously felt nauseous while writing this because god I hate getting sick, I have an actual fear, so yeah… 

@colormemeow This was the best Idea I had for your request but I wasn’t sure because i kind of described the sickness part a little too much! Sorry about that, I may rewrite it later..

Request/Prompt: Requests open? If not you can totally ignore me! Can I request an imagine with either Damian or Jason (you can decide) where he takes care of the reader well they’re sick (or on there period, if you’re okay with that) Requested by @colormemeow

Summary: Jason takes care of you when you suddenly catch the flu (I am so bad at summaries, oml sorry)

Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning(s): Puke…? 

Word Count: 500+

Note: Seriously, If you don’t like anything to do with vomit, I suggest you scroll past this NOW. I even felt sick while writing it… oops…

Tags: @solis200213 @colormemeow @wynterrobin @crazyfangirl1810@just-a-girl-maybe (I think thats it? if i forgot to tag you I’m sorry!!)

When your stomach first began to hurt you it was during the movie you, Jason and his brothers were watching. You didn’t think much of it and kept watching the movie ignoring the pain in your stomach. However, you kept feeling something come up to your throat and it felt hot and uncomfortable through the last few minutes of the movie, as if it was burning the inside of your throat.

When the movie ended you immediately went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge before making your way to Jason’s room. You slipped on one of his shirts and went to bed, occasionally sipping at your water before closing your eyes once again.

“Y/N? You okay?” You heard Jason whisper to you, which felt as if he was yelling, your head beginning to have a high amount of pain.

You groan lowly, rolling around under the sheets with a hand on your forehead, “Yeah, I’m just not feel all that well,” You said quietly, slowly sitting up to take another sip of water. In that moment your eyes widen, you felt hot and broke into a cold sweat as you rushed to the bathroom in the hallway. Jason had ran after you, stopping at the door seeing you sitting in front of the toilet with your head nearly in the bowl as your dinner came up in chunks.

Jason gently pulled your hair back as you kept vomiting, his brothers checked to see what had happened and immediately offered to help but Jason ended up shaking his head and closing the door. You gripped onto the bowl, puke dripping from your mouth and your throat burned, coughing a few times to make sure everything was out before pulling back. You had to plug your nose from smelling the horrid stench you just hacked up, knowing that alone could trigger the sickness again.

Jason grabbed a face cloth and quickly wetted it under the sink, pulling your hand away and gently wiping down your face, handing you a hair tie so you could pull your hair back. He sat next to you and gently rubbed your back, not saying anything knowing your head must’ve been pounding

“I think I’m good…” you said after a little while of complete silence, moving to stand up from where you sat, but Jason gripped your hand, “You literally just threw up! Be careful, I’ll bring a bucket to the room and a cold cloth,” He spoke in an almost whisper, slowly standing up with you, guiding you back to his room and tucking you into bed.

Jason left for a moment, coming back with a bucket and a cloth just like her said. He sat on the edge of the bed and placed the bucket on the floor, gently laying the cold, wet cloth on your forehead.

“Tell me if you feel like you’re going to get sick, okay?” He gently rubbed your hand as he crawled to the other side of you and simple sitting up against the pillow, making you smile just a touch.


"I'm Cold"

Request/Summary: the reader is cold and decides to ask her boyfriend for help. (No smut, I write fluffity fluff fluff)

Note: Just a little drabble. The picture has nothing to do with the story. Sorry I haven’t been to active, life is getting stressful.

“I’m cold.” You announced to your boyfriend across the room.

“Here.” Was all he said as he threw a blanket at you, hardly glancing up from his enormous book.

You sat for a few minutes waiting for warmth that didn’t come.

“I’m still cold.” You said in a complaining manner, hoping he would get the hint that you wanted to cuddle.

He swiftly got the wand in his pocket out and flicked it toward the fireplace across from you, which immediately held a large fire.

Once again you waited a few moments.

“It’s still cold, darling.” You said amazed at how he wasn’t getting a hint.

“Godrick, you sound like a child sometimes, darling.” He said mocking the way you had used the last word.

“You can be so thick sometimes!” You said finally getting annoyed.

“As can you, dear.” He drew out the last word to make it sound as if he were trying to provoke you.

“Severus Snape get over her and cuddle with your girlfriend!” You commanded.

A hint of a smirk drew at the top of the man’s lips. He sighed as if your request was asking too much of him. He then swiftly closed the book and walked over to you.

You smiled and lifted the blanket out of the way and motioned for him to sit.

“And if I don’t?” He asked enjoying getting a rise out of you.

“And if you don’t, I will be forced to bring up your interesting dancing habits that you have when you clean the house at the next Malfoy dinner party.” You smiled triumphantly as Severus glared at you.

Originally posted by gifreaction

“You wouldn’t.” He scowled.

“Oh honey I would. I can hear them all asking you for a show.” You giggled.

Snape huffed and sat down beside you.

“I win.” You boasted and kissed his cheek.

“I beg to differ. If you chose to let my dancing secret slip, I could tell them how you like to sing in the shower. They’d love to hear you sing.” He smiled a wicked smile as your eyes widened.

“You wouldn’t.” You mocked his voice from earlier.

He nodded “I think I would.”

You sat for a moment and cuddled closer to his warm figure.

“Why then, if you won, are you sitting here cuddling with me?” You asked hoping for a semi romantic answer.

“I was cold.” Was all he said.

“You enjoy cuddling, don’t you Severus?” You asked, already knowing the answer.

He closed his eyes and ignored your question. His arm wrapped tightly around your waist and you adjusted so that your head was now on his chest.

“I enjoy being warm.” He said his other arm now rested on your shoulder.

“I do love you Severus.” You said as you looked up to his relaxed face.

He didn’t respond, he hardly ever did when you told him those few words, however there was a content smile on his face every time you told him and the small actions he would do every day to put a smile on your face was enough for you to know he loved you too.

You Okay?Part 2.

Plot: Y/n taking Justin to hospital.

Part One

“Y/n if you keep staring at me, we won’t make it to the hospital in one piece.” Justin chuckled looking at worried Y/n’s face.

Y/n completely ignored his comment. “Are you feeling okay? Do you need to puke again? I mean we have like, five minutes till we get to the hospital.” Y/n said, checking on Justin.

“Babe, I am okay, I will make it to the hospital. They will probably say it’s because of stress.”

Y/n nod her head and the rest of the ride was silent.

Minutes later they were in front of the hospital and Y/n helped Justin out of the car.

Justin stopped for a moment, taking a deep breath, waiting for stomach to decide whether he will throw up again, or not.

Once he was sure he won’t puke again, Y/n and Justin pursued into hospital. The lobby was empty, the whole hospital looked like it fell asleep.

Just as they were about to sit down, the doors of Justin’s doctor opened, and elderly man greeted them with a smile.

“C’mon in Mr. Bieber and Miss Y/L/N.” Dr.Grayson said and led them into his ordination.

There was only one chair next to doctors table, and Y/n made Justin sit down, while she stood behind him, placing her hands on his shoulders.

She could feel his shoulders were tensed, which lead to a conclusion that he was in a lot of pain, lot more that he was going to admit.

“What seems to be the problem, Mr Bieber?”

“I came home from studio early, because I had this bad headache and stomach ache. And when I came inside, I just felt dizzy, that’s when Y/n took me out, to catch some fresh air. About two hours later I threw up, and then we went to sleep, and half an hour ago it woke me up again, and I threw up again, this time almost nothing but water, since I threw everything out before.” Y/n griped his shoulders a little bit.

Doctor nodded, writing something down. “When you felt dizzy, did you feel like you’re going to pass out, or were you just feeling dizzy?”

Justin took a deep breath. “I didn’t feel like I was going to lose my conscience, no.”

Doctor nodded once again. “Could you please lay down on that bed? I would love to check you up.”

Y/n moved her hands away from his shoulder, Justin stood up and laid on the bed on the other side of the room.

Doctor placed his hands on Justin’s stomach, pressing hardly. “This hurts?”

“Little bit, yeah.” Both Y/n and the doctor could see the pain on Justin’s face.

Doctor continued to touch Justin’s stomach, asking the same question. He then listen to his heart.

“You have food poisoning and you will stay in hospital tonight, you will receive infusion, because your stomach can’t stand any kind of food due to being irritated from throwing up.”

Doctor looked in Y/n’s direction and continued. “I think you should go home and bring him his pyjamas and just the most important things, because tomorrow we will run a few tests, just to be sure it isn’t anything else, so it’s Tuesday, right? Yeah, by Thursday he should be good to go home, if everything goes alright.”

Y/n nodded and looked over at Justin. She knew he wasn’t happy with the idea of staying in hospital, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Do you want me to bring anything else besides some clothes and your bathroom stuff?”

Justin shook his head, Y/n nod and walked over to him, giving him a quick kiss before she left the room.

She quickly walked out of the hospital and drove off to their shared home. Once she was in front of the house, she rushed towards their room.

She walked into his clothes and grabbed his black backpack. She turned around to the shelf where he had his pants and she grabbed the black ones and the grey ones that had written “purpose tour” on their side.

She took one long sleeved shirt, one short sleeved and one hoodie. She put a pair of slippers in his bag, and few socks.

She was about to leave when she remembered, the underwear. She took three pairs of white Calvin’s, and one undershirt.

She walked into the bathroom and took his toothbrush and toothpaste. She took one hair brush and his favourite deodorant, and one towel. She closed the backpack and placed in on her shoulders.

She stepped into their room and looked around. His phone was on his nightstand, she grabbed it, putting it in her pocket, next to hers, looking where his earphones were.

She opened his drawers but they weren’t there, she knew she can’t go back without them. She looked around the room, but they were nowhere to be found.

She went downstairs, looking in the hallway, kitchen, and gym. Turns out they were in theirs living room, under the coffee table.

She quickly picked them up and rushed into her car, driving as fast as she was allowed, to the hospital.

Once she reached the hospital, at the counter she asked the lady, in which room did they place Justin. Soon she was escorted towards the room 108, on the second floor.

She opened the door, and she saw three beds, two on her left side, and one, Justin’s on her left side. She walked over to Justin’s, placing the backpack next to his bed, sitting down next to his bed.

Once Justin heard the movement, he opened his eyes and smiled to Y/n. “Hey” she whispered.

“Hey.” Justin whispered back.

Y/n placed Justin’s phone and earphones on the stand next to his bed.

“Do you want to change your pants, or go brush your teeth?” Y/n whispered, trying to be as quiet as she could, not wanting to wake up other patients.

Justin shook his head. He looked very tired. Y/n took his hand into hers. “Go to sleep, I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“You can go home. Get some proper rest.”

Y/n shook her head and placed a kiss on his forehead. “No, now go to sleep. You need to rest.”

“Fine, but then rather lay next to me. I don’t want you to sleep in a sitting position.” Justin said and moved to the other side of the bed.

Y/n knew there was no point in arguing, at this time of the night, so she laid next to him. Justin placed his head on Y/n’s chest listening to her heart beats, his hand still in hers.

Justin could feel his eyelids becoming heavier and heavier, and soon he was out.

Since you nicely asked, here you have a part two.

Also i want to thank everybody that takes their time and read my imagines. It means the world to me that somebody actually likes them. And even if you read them but dont like them, still thanks. 

Thank you and I love you a lot. 

I Don’t Cheat (Sami Zayn) - the reader and Sami are play fighting and it leads to some steamy bedroom playing instead

  • For lolabradbury; “Your Sami fic gave me so many feelings! Could you write another Sami fic with some dorky play wrestling/fighting where it gets heated?”

a/n: this request flooded my soul with happiness so I hope it does yours too. also, i’m so sorry it took so frickin long lmao - enjoy

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WARNINGS: language/smut/Daddy!kink

I glanced behind me as I ran, laughing the whole time. Sami wasn’t following me yet so I had time to hide. I leaped over the coffee table, nearly knocking a glass of water over in the process. Squatting in the coverage of the couch, I held my breath and waited for sounds that told me Sami was close.

No sounds came but the deep scream from the other side of me did. Sami looked down at me and laughed as I screamed back at him in fear. He held out a hand for me and I begrudgingly took it. He in turn grabbed my arm swiftly and put me in a headlock.

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kentvparsin  asked:

oops i can't decide so here's 2 in case u wanna write a lot of things OR just like. pick ur preference!! 😘 1) patater + 9; 2) parswoops + 47!!

I’m gonna do patater first but i will write parswoops at some point!!

9. meeting online au

When Kent got the notification, he almost yelled and threw his phone across the room. But, Kent was a rational adult, so he calmly picked up his phone and saw that Alexei Mashkov followed his cats instagram. Kent was fine, he wasn’t freaking out that his crush ever since he freaking entered the NHL followed his cat on Instagram, but he also commented on a video of Kit and him. “very cute )))” Kent is allowed to freak out a little, so he does what every normal and calm adult does and calls Jeff. 

As soon as Swoops picked up, Kent started yelling. “Fucking Mashkov followed Kit’s Instagram! And then he commented on a video of me and Kit and said VERY CUTE with a bunch of weird smiles! What does that mean!” Swoops sighed, he was one of the only people who knew about Kent’s crush on Alexei so a phone call like this happens like every week. 

“It probably means he thinks the video is cute, Parse.” Swoops sighed again, “Listen, I’ll come over and we can have this conversation in person. So don’t start hyperventilating until I get there, okay?” Kent mumbled an agreement and hung up the phone. Kent plopped down on his bed, Swoops has a key so he doesn’t feel the need to get up and let him in.

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Only Us (Part Four)

Originally posted by lauraharrier

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 2170

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 

“Not your best Y/N.” Mrs. Linden passed me placing my recent algebra test on my desk. I turned it over revealing my score. I groaned internally as I read it. D-, I hated algebra. “See me after class.” She added before carrying on giving the rest of the students their tests. I cowered furrowing my eyes at the paper as the end of class drew closer. The bell rang out signaling the end of the class. I stood up as I grabbing my test walking to the front of the room. The rest of the class slowly made their way out of the classroom. “Y/N.” Mrs. Linden nodded sitting at her desk. “I had asked you if you would attend tutoring lessons. And obviously you haven’t taken me up on that offer.”

“I don’t really have time—”

“School is very important Y/N. You need it to get further in life.” She responded. I opened my mouth to reply before she started again. “That is why I am giving you no choice. Ned has agreed to tutor you—I believe he talked to you already.”

“Yeah he did.” I responded.

“Good.” Mrs. Linden smiled and stood up. “Meet him in the library. He should be expecting you.”


“This is the only option Y/N Y/L/N. You will fail unless you start getting better and it seems like you aren’t putting forth any effort. So this is your only option.”

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My Impression Of You (Part 2)

A/N: Here it finally is, the second part to my Archie imagine! You can find the first one here: x. Thanks so much for giving me all the feedback! I am not sure if I am finished with this yet, so it would be amazing if you could tell me once more what you think about it and if you have any suggestions for it. Enjoy! xo

Plot: You are feeling weird about what happened between Archie and you as he approaches you to talk about it and makes you an offer that requests from you to prove yourself.

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

After that, you didn’t have contact to Archie for five days. Well, at least not really. He now usually waved at you in the hallway and seemed to notice you more often but you didn’t talk to each other. In your case, you had a good reason for avoiding it because you felt a little bit ashamed about everything you had thrown at his head. It had been really personal and kinda rude and you just couldn’t recall why you ever felt authorized to talk to him like that. It was astounding that he didn’t shoot you glares instead of little smiles, he would definitely had reason to do so. You had to give him credit for that.

Maybe that was why you were so surprised when he suddenly stood next to your table at lunch. You usually ate alone. You enjoyed the silence, read a book or listened to some music. But now he put his tray down, grinned at you and you suddenly didn’t feel relaxed at all anymore.

“Is it okay if I join you?”, he asked friendly. You couldn’t find any trace of antipathy or reproach in his voice that would have been a sign of a possible uncomfortable encounter, so you nodded slowly. You had totally forgotten the sandwich you just wanted to take a bite off. Instead, you were focused on the way he sunk down opposite of you, grabbed his apple and looked at you with those warm brown eyes.

“You know, I thought about what you said last Friday”, he broke to you, tossing the apple from one hand to the other.

You swallowed hard. Great. That was exactly what you had dreaded.

“Is that so? And to what conclusion have you come?”, you retorted, trying to keep your voice as carefree and calm as possible.

“That you are right.” Well, you didn’t expect that. “I really depend on others too much. And it won’t get me any closer to what I want if I don’t manage to trust in myself a little bit more.”

You watched him for a moment as he shrugged, looked down at his tray and threw a fry into his mouth instead of biting into the apple. While you never really thought much about Archie Andrews, he suddenly seemed quite extraordinary to you. Usually, nobody ever took much interest in your advice.

“Okay. And what are you planning to do about it now?”, you questioned, leaning in a little with an amused smile on your lips. He glanced up to you through his thick eyelashes and returned it cheekily.

“Well, first of all I’m gonna stop to always run for help. Then I will continue writing songs, putting a little more confidence into it. I think I’m even gonna write one about you and I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing.”

“About me?”, you laughed. “and what would that be about?”

“About this mysterious silent girl that gets me better than many of my friends, although she never did more than watch me in the hallways and simply listen. And that has a passion that is worth sharing, which she sadly never does.” He winked at you but you still had the feeling that he meant what he was saying. You felt your cheeks getting a little hot and quickly lowered your head and finally took a bite of your sandwich to hide it.

“I’m looking forward to the show.”

Why had you been scared to talk to him again? This was easy. Wonderfully easy.

“What about you?”, Archie inquired after you both ate in silence for a few minutes.

“What do you mean?”

“I am just hoping that what I said was also a little helpful and not just…offensive. I heard you spoke with Betty yesterday.”

He observed you attentively, trying to look indifferent but he totally failed. It was obvious that he hoped for a positive answer and that it was important to him. You couldn’t keep back a smirk.

“Yes, she approached me. And I kinda get the feeling that you had something to do with it”, you accused him playfully.

“No idea what you’re talking about”, Archie objected. You didn’t believe him a word.

“Well, she was nice. No surprise there. She asked me about the play and promised to come.”

“That’s good, right?”

“If she actually comes, yes. I refuse to believe that until one of you actually shows up”, you laughed.

“I’m a little bit disappointed that you’re still thinking so low of me”, he said, not without shooting you a lopsided grin, though.

You held back a sigh, opened your bottle of water and slowly took a sip. The problem was that you were not thinking low of him. Not anymore. You just didn’t want to get your hopes up. But he didn’t have to know that, it would only have heightened his ego.

“By the way: I examined your tree and it was good work. I think I can actually use it”, you changed the subject into less risky fields.

“What an honour! Does that mean that I will be allowed to work on something that’s not supposed to stand in the background next?”

“Maybe. We’ll see what I come up with.”

It seemed like he really planned to return for another session. Only days ago you would’ve been annoyed by that prospect, now you were taken by a feeling of pleasant anticipation. You were starting to understand why so many people liked him. He really was a sweetheart, despite of his flaws. And he even looked happy about your snarky comment that others would’ve found mean or inappropriate.

As the ball rang, you were a little shocked that it was already that late. You had been so focused on Archie that you didn’t even eat half of your sandwich and time flew by. Again.

“I should go. Coach will kill me if I come too late to practice”, Archie told you apologetically and got up from his bench, grabbing the tray. “But I wanted to ask you something. I know it’s not really your thing but it would be the perfect occasion to work on yourself. Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Reggie, Jughead and me will meet at the beach at the sea tomorrow evening to have a little bonfire party. It would be great if you would come.”

For a moment you were dumbfounded about the request that came out of the blue. Then you realized that you had to give an answer. Archie was looking down at you expectantly but you didn’t know what to say. This was a whole new situation for you. You didn’t receive many invitations.

“Ehm…are you sure the others are okay with that?”, you asked uncertain and a little nervous.

“Course. I promise you, it will be fun.”

“Will you bring your guitar?”


“Then I’ll think about it.”

He shot you a last quick smile before he turned around and walked away. You followed his red shock of hair for a while, then turned your head and suddenly noticed that a lot of people in the yard were shooting you glances. Wow, that was new too. What happened to your invisibility? Maybe it naturally evaporated when you hung with Archie Andrews.

You decided to go, although you felt a little uneasy about it. Not because of Archie, Betty, Jughead or Kevin, they were cool and you knew them since forever.  But you never really met Veronica Lodge, muss less talked to her and Reggie was one of the popular kids that thought their social status in school was very important. However, Archie had asked so nicely and you didn’t have the heart to disappoint him. Also, he was quite right about you being a little antisocial and maybe it was time to change that.

So you climbed into your mom’s car and drove to the beach, making up pieces of conversations in your head that would never happen in real life anyway, but it was kinda soothing. As you arrived at the parking lot, you were relieved to discover that there really were only a few cars and it hadn’t turned into a huge party. If that would’ve been the case, you definitely would’ve run.

You killed the engine, waited for a second and took a deep breath, then you slowly left your car behind and headed to the beach, trying to ignore all your stupid doubts. The beautiful view in front of you helped a bit. The sky was dipped in the different shades of orange caused by the sinking sun, making the sea underneath look like a flaming ocean. The beach was perfectly empty except for a small bonfire, trunks around it to sit upon and the people you were supposed to meet.

Archie discovered you as soon as you approached them with a shy smile on your lips. At first his eyebrows shot up and he was not quite able to hide his surprise about you really showing up, then he beamed at you and immediately came over to greet you. His surprise seemed pleasant, though, so you didn’t mind at all.

“You came!”, he exclaimed happily. You got calmer the second he stood in front of you and wondered why that was the case. When did that happen? When did you start to feel good when Archie Andrews was happy to see you?

“Of course. When you’re working so hard on yourself because I couldn’t shut up, I can at least return the effort”, you said.

“I’m glad you do”, Archie answered sincerely, his brown eyes glimmering in the dim light of the sunset. “I’ll get you something to drink. What do you want? Coke?”

You nodded, grinning to yourself because he was so eager to make you feel comfortable. Archie hurried to grab a can from the ice chest and even opened it for you, the little gentleman. Other people needed alcohol to get relaxed but caffeine worked just fine for you.

“Let’s get to the serious business of life, Archie”, you demanded, looking up at him a little bit too sternly. “Did you keep your promise and bring your guitar?”

“I did, but the song about you isn’t ready yet, I am not satisfied with some of the lyrics. I don’t think I got your sassy persona right”, he teased you with a bright grin.

“Sassy?”, you retorted. “I like to think of it as charmingly shrewd.”

“Well, if that makes you happy.”

You punched him in his shoulder, making him laugh and seemingly not feel any pain at all. He had a really nice laugh. It suited him much better than the constant brooding expression he had worn so often the last few weeks.

“Archie! Can you come over, please?! Reggie is killing the music!”, Jughead suddenly interrupted your little interchange, impatiently waving at him from the stereo that he and Reggie were obviously fighting over.

Archie sighed and rolled his eyes at you. “Typical. Can I leave you alone for a sec?”

“Of course, I’m a big girl”, you claimed more confident than you felt.

You looked after him walking over there, thinking to yourself how good he looked in those jeans before you pulled yourself together and scanned the beach for somewhere to go without making it look awkward or like you didn’t belong. Betty was occupied, she had a serious conversation with Kevin down by the water. So you just sat down on one of the trunks, nipped on your coke and stared into the dancing flames.

“Can I sit here?”, an unfamiliar voice ripped you out of your contemplations. You looked up and discovered Veronica Lodge standing next to you, her lips graced with a sweet smile and beautiful and perfectly dressed as always. You quickly reminded yourself that she was a friend of Archie’s and therefore couldn’t be that bad and definitely didn’t deserve a negative answer.


“You’re Y/N, right? The props department girl?”, she carried on, sinking down next to you and looking at you expectantly.

You couldn’t hold back a smirk. “Is that what they call me?”

“Naw, that’s just how Archie introduced you to us. I’m Veronica, by the way.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Right, the new girl syndrome. I wonder how long it will be until that one wears off.”

“In a town like Riverdale? Forever.”

She laughed softly at your words and you decided that Veronica wasn’t too bad for a rich girl. You had expected a second Cheryl Blossom but she didn’t seem to be one. Thank God.

“You know, Archiekins also told us that you are doing quite amazing things in that department. He said you’re really talented. He’s crazily excited to take us all to the play. To be honest, he’s so enthusiastic that it’s almost annoying”, she joked, probably simply to make conversation. For you, though, it was so much more than that. Nobody ever talked about your work passionately to others except for yourself. You felt a weird knot in your stomach that you couldn’t quite figure out until you realized that what she had said meant a lot to you.

“He really did?”, you mumbled. You turned your head and looked for him. He was still standing next to Jughead and Reggie, not really listening to them while they were having a heated discussion. Your eyes met and he winked at you, his lips forming that lop-sided grin once again. Almost momentarily you felt a little warmer and quickly returned to Veronica.

“Yeah, he did”, she assured you, also looking at him but with a little, contemplating frown. “I actually think he changed a bit. I don’t exactly know why, but he seems a little freer, less worried. Maybe he’s finally growing up.”

She laughed again and you chimed in, although a part of you in the back of your head wondered if she was right and if your unintentional influence could really be responsible for that. It was a good feeling.

At some point, the boys understood that they would never find a tune Jughead and Reggie both liked and Archie fetched his guitar from the car. You all sat around the fire while it was getting darker around you and he began to play. You never heard him play in such an intimate situation and it hit you hard how beautiful it was. You observed him and there was no trace of self-doubt to be found in his features. He looked like he was soaked into another world, his own little world that couldn’t be disturbed by anything or anyone. The music carried you away and you let it, just enjoying the moment and that he shared it with you. Yes, now you understood what he meant with sharing the passion.

All this made you feel genuinely sorry when you had to go. Archie brought you to your car, which you were thankful for for two reasons: because it would have been creepy to go there alone and because you didn’t really want to separate. As you arrived at your mom’s Toyota, you turned around and shot him a little smile.

“Thanks for inviting me, Archie. This was great”, you said and you really meant it.

“Yeah? You enjoyed it?”, he asked nevertheless to make sure that you weren’t just saying that to make him feel good.

“I did. You know, I think we are good team, making each other see beyond our own noses. Who would’ve guessed?”

“Yeah, who would’ve?”, he mumbled. For a moment you simply looked at each other and you felt yourself becoming a bit nervous until he stepped closer and hugged you tightly. “I’m glad I decided to do some extra credit.”

You chuckled but at the same time enjoyed how close he was. Man, he really smelled good beneath the smoke of the bonfire. And he was a good hugger. It was one that made you feel all warm and protected. Okay, it was definitely time to get away and to drive off. You didn’t tell him to be confident for himself only to suddenly wish you could be the one who made him feel confident. No, that was all messed up. And still, your heart jumped a bit as he said his goodbyes by mentioning that he’d see you tomorrow.

Newt taking care of his drunk partner

can i request how newt will react and handle a drunk reader ? tysmmm

Originally posted by hardyness

He’d chuckle at your antics before his concern kicked in

He’d bundle you up in his coat and take you home

Carrying you if he must

He’d reply every drunken ‘I love you’ with a peck to your nose and an ‘I love you to, you little pest’

His face would flush bright red, with every compliment you threw at him.

He’d place a gentle kiss to your forehead, as he put you to bed, a glass of water and a hangover tonic, on your bedside table.

Helga help you if you’re drunk together


Have a great day and be safe

I’m panning to write an imagine to go with these

Drink responsibly not everybody is a newt

That Skirt

Mick Davies x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: smut, a little bit of fluff and angst. Maybe some language? Oh, and mild violence.

A/N: This is an Anon request that I got a while go. Now that I’m (basically) caught up with Season 12, I was able to write it. I hope it’s okay. Enjoy.

Request- “Hi :) can you write a Mick x Reader oneshot? She’s Winchester’s little sister. She’s secretly dating Mick and some day brothers catch them having sex. Thank you :*”

You threw your FBI blazer jacket onto the plush, white sheets of the hotel bed. A hotel bed. Not a motel. Not another room that your brothers had crammed you all into, complete with mystery stains on the wall. It was a proper hotel, with room service and a pool. All courtesy of Mick Davies and the seemingly well off British Men of Letters.

Mick had even gotten a separate room for you, leaving your brothers next door. Not that the arrangement wasn’t beneficial to Mick as well. With you alone, he could pay as many little visits as he wanted.

A knock on the door made you jump as you unbuttoned the blouse button just above your bra. You left it open, not caring how you looked for the snobby, pushy room service. You weren’t much of a tipper to begin with, but these maggots were downright rude.

You opened the door to a pair of stunning silver eyes. “Mick,” you whispered, grabbing his arm and pulling him into your room before softly closing the door. You prayed the walls of three star hotels were thicker than motel walls. “What the hell were you doing just standing outside my door? You should have texted me a warning like you usually do.”

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Anonymous (Kaneki Ken x Reader)

Another one shot haha! Hope you like it…If you have any requests feel free to drop an ask! <3

Summary:  A couple of weeks after you started working at Anteiku you seemed to find little notes in your bag whenever you left work. Filled with curiosity you decide to investigate.(Pre-Aorigi)


‘You’re really beautiful.’

It had started just like that.

After more than three weeks of working at the Ghoul friendly coffee shop, you noticed little notes appearing inside your purse. At first you didn’t take it to mind, thinking that maybe someone is school had dropped it in, or one of your guy friends wanted to tease you.

Still, when you started at it for a little while longer, you noted that you couldn’t recognise the writing style, so it couldn’t have been one of your friends. At least, not someone you knew.

But you dismissed this and threw the note into the trash, forgetting about it all together.

‘I receive so much joy just being able to see a smile in your eyes.’

This note made you ponder a bit as you stared at it frowning. Today at school you kept your bag close, not letting anyone even near it, since you realized that your trash started to pile up from these little messages you received every day.

You re-read the words, feeling a tingle, light as a feather, tickle your heart and your lips unconsciously twitched up into a smile. Even if it was a bit odd, it was still pleasant to know someone thought about you so much.

From the handwriting you finally deducted it was a guy, and certainly none from school since you made sure to check each and every boys work in class today. None of them matched the anonymous fellow that had his eyes on you, and you even frowned when you looked at one of your friend’s classwork.

“Shinji-Kun, your kanji is really ugly” You remember commenting as you examined his paper. The said boy blushed, yelling at you to piss off which you, after a bit more teasing, did.
‘Life is so unpredictable. Changes always come along, in big or small ways. I don’t know what happened that this sudden change has turned my world upside down. I don’t know exactly what it is, it just hit me, but there is something really special about you.’

Sometimes these notes were longer than just a sentence, sometimes they were a page;

‘Inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm. I find that you’re on my mind more often than any other thought. Sometimes I bring you there purposely just to make my day brighter. But more often, you surprise me and find your own ways into my thoughts. There are even times when I awaken; I realize that you’ve been a part of my dreams. Then during the day, when my imagination is free to run, it takes me into your arms and allows me to linger there knowing there’s nothing I’d rather do. I know my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of my heart because whenever they wander, they always take me to you…’

As strange as it would seem, you found a lone head of a daffodil[1] attached to the last note you received. This time you found it in your coats pocket when you left work, since you didn’t bring your bag to Anteiku anymore.

Not to say it wasn’t strange to receive such messages, especially since you didn’t know who this mystery person was. But, you were 100% sure it was someone from Anteiku.

“Hmm, let’s see…” You scratched your (color) head, closing your eyes in thought “Yoshimura?” You shivered at the though, sticking your tongue out in disgust “No, no” You shook your head, shoving the old man into the back of your brain “Uh…Nishiki?” You stared at the words scribbled neatly on the white paper “Nahh~” you shook your head again “No way is Nishiki that romantic.” You snickered, after a moment focusing again “Maybe Renji?” Again, you shook your head “Doesn’t even talk to me…But maybe…? Nah…”

You laid in your bed, the note with a colourful daffodil hovering above your head in your hands. You frowned.

“Enji?” You asked the paper, as if expecting it to reply. It of course didn’t “No no, he’s not that romantic either…Well, sweet romantic, anyway…”

As if something ticking in you, you halted up with a gasp, your heart beating erratic and butterflies exploding all over your chest. With a tint of pink on your cheeks, your hues softened when you gazed at the letters again.

“Kaneki…Ken…?” You asked quietly.

The next day as soon as you were out of school you rushed to Anteiku, leaving Touka behind as she ran after you, yelling “What’s the hurry for?!”

You barged into the coffee shop, the bell ringing loudly from your energetic entrance. Everyone stopped working to look at you, Nishiki commenting on how noisy you were, but you simply ignored him, brushing the raindrops away from your messy (color) hair.

Your eyes travelled around the room, and seeing Kaneki Ken standing in the corner made your heart skip a beat. You noted that he was looking at you, but once your gaze met he quickly looked away and went back to his work.

You herd Touka walk behind you, grumbling. You released your hold on the front door, it almost smacking her in the face as you made your way to your secret admirer.

“Uhm, Kaneki Ken?” You called him softly, standing just a few feet away from him.

He stiffened when you said his name, slowly and nervously turning to you.

“Yes, (Name)-Chan?” He asked with a timid smile.

“Well…” You murmured, feeling your energy go down the drain as your cheeks heated up. You quickly opened your school bag, searching in it for something, making his heart beat nervously as he thought you were about to give him one of the many notes he left for you.

To his horror, you did.

Extending your slender arm, you motioned for him to take the little pink paper you held in your hand. Uneasily, he reached out and wrapped his fingers around your palm, leaving it there for a second before he took the message out of your hand.

You blushed furiously, muttering something incomprehensible and almost fuming from the sparks his touch sent through your body.

Quickly scurrying away, you left him alone with the note.  

Satisfied with your reaction, Kaneki gulped as he looked at the little piece of paper before slowly opening it.

‘I think about you too.’

Was the only thing scribbled in your neat handwriting.