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Body Shots

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: On Dean’s birthday, you and Sam decide to throw your version of a party. Burgers, drinks, pie, the whole nine for your best friend. Sam goes to bed, leaving a very drunk Dean and a very drunk and very flirty you to yourselves.

Word Count: 2,028

Warnings: Drinking, very mild nudity, implied smut

A/N: This was written for @winchester-writes‘s Birthday Challenge! My alcohol of choice was Deanston scotch and my quote prompt was “Babe, I’m gonna need you to calm down a little bit, okay?” Both are bolded where they appear in the story! (this is totally a day late, and I’m so sorry!)

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Sam was out getting bacon cheeseburgers and something called ‘Super Mega Cheesy Fries,’ you were piling liquor bottles onto the table, and Dean was laid up in bed sleeping. Sam walked through the doors and threw the grease-soaked brown bag on the table beside the bottles.

“Set it up. Make it look good.” You instructed, then turned and walked down the hall to Dean’s room.

Popping the door open, you peeked your head in slowly and saw Dean’s side rising and falling with his calm breaths. You stepped to the bed, placing your hand on his shoulder and shaking him lightly. 

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The tea

idk where that post about casual magic is, but i wrote a little thing about it. 

Nursey walked out of the kitchen, hanging up his phone and slipping it into his back pocket. He was going crazy; he had about a million things to do and not very long to do them.

Nursey was at the haus during a strategic window of time time when Chowder, Ransom and Holster were all simultaneously in class for a few hours, minimizing intrusive noises and distractions. Nursey threw himself back on the couch with a huff. The only sounds to be heard were the furnace kicking on, Bitty’s occasional soft humming from the kitchen. Lardo was somewhere, probably in her bedroom. Dex was slouched on the couch opposite Nursey. His socked feet were propped on the coffee table in front of him, his elbow on the couch arm, head resting on his knuckles, reading a book. His sweater sleeves were pulled over his hands. It was cute.

Pulling his laptop toward him on the table, Nursey shifted his focus to his next task. He had two essays due tomorrow, only one of which was started. The one he hadn’t touched yet was a creative writing assignment. There was something repulsive about writing creatively when it was forced. He couldn’t make inspiration strike. The writing Nursey lived for was the writing when the premise came naturally, when he was compelled to write by the characters speaking in his mind and an itching in his fingertips. It was Nursey could imagine a cloud of words around his head, and all the right ones were in front of him, ready to be plucked out and put on the page.

The times Nursey had tried to start this assignment, it was nothing like that. It was as though he had to walk a mile to find each word. He’d done it before of course; he was an English major, and he had to write all the time, inspiration or no. He would just rather put off the assignment, leave more time for an idea to come to him.

Distractedly, Nursey opened a word document and took a sip of tea from the cup on the table. He wrote a sentence, then deleted it. He felt eyes on him. He turned.

Dex was staring at Nursey, his book closed around a finger to hold his place.

“Wuh,” Nursey asked.

“You were on the phone for like 40 minutes. How is that not cold?” Dex asked, nodding at the tea.

They both looked at the cup a moment, watching steam curl up from the liquid.

“I don’t know. It’s just a thing,” Nursey answered, shrugging. He typed something else into his computer. Closer, but something was still off.

“What kind of thing?”

“Like I can just –“ Nursey waved his hand at the mug. The steam followed his fingers.

“What does that even fucking mean, Nurse? What is this?” Dex mimicked Nursey’s hand movements, his shoulders practically touching his ears.

“I don’t know! But I’ve never had a cold cup of tea.”


“Yeah. Never ever.”


“I don’t know!”

Dex looked at him, an eyebrow raised. Nursey opened his eyes wide and pursed his lips, shaking his head minutely, looking exasperated. He was secretly happy for the excuse to put off writing.

“Wait here.” Dex got up. Nursey had no idea where Dex thought he would go. He waited there.

Dex came back with an ice cube. Without warning or ceremony, he dropped it into Nursey’s tea. Nursey took a sip. It was warm. He shrugged.

“What the fuck.”

“You don’t have anything like that?” Nursey asked Dex.

“Like what? Impossible?”

“You know. Like, improbable things that happen a lot to you? Like my mom is super terrible at taking care of plants, but she’s never had one die.”


“Or Ransom says that everyone in his labs have him focus their microscopes when they have trouble, because he never turns the knobs the wrong way.”

“When did you talk to Ransom about this?”

“I don’t know, man. Things come up. Or once Lardo told me she always looks at the clock when the minutes are a multiple of 10.”


Nursey finished the tea, cracked the knuckles of his thumbs, and wrote a paragraph. Three sentences. This time, he only deleted half of the last one.

“I guess I’m good at finding things.”

Nursey stopped typing and looked at Dex.

“Like – “ Dex’s ears were pink. “I’ll forget where I put something, but then as soon as I start looking for it I remember where it is.”

“Yeah, man. It’s all probability, I think. You know, like it’s super probable that you’ll remember where something is, but then the probability of you remembering where everything is when you need it your entire life is super small. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t happen.”

“Huh,” Dex said, to himself this time. Then, louder, “Like the probability of us being friends.” He smirked.

Nursey smiled back at him. “No. That was inevitable.”

A Fantastic Christmas Eve and Where to Find It (Newt x Reader)

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A/N: Happy Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays to all of my incredible followers! I am so incredibly grateful to all of you. This is just a little drabble for the holiday season. I hope you enjoy! I’m hoping to post a Christmas day writing tomorrow, so hopefully I get that out!

You were completely and utterly exhausted. Your adrenaline had run out yesterday, and the full impact of the events in New York were finally catching up with you. You sighed, threw off your coat, and flopped face-first onto the bed of your cabin. You couldn’t wait to get home, but you were not thrilled about spending more time aboard a ship. It was your least favorite mode of transportation, but unfortunately you and Newt didn’t have much of a choice when it came to Trans-Atlantic travel.

You heard a low chuckle before the bed dipped next to you, “Someone seems a bit tired.”

You mumbled out a response, and Newt laughed again. He began stroking your hair gently, “What was that, love?”

You huffed and turned your face to look at the sparkling blue eyes of the man you loved, “I said I don’t know how you aren’t more tired. I am absolutely knackered.”

“Well, my dear, I am utterly exhausted, but there is always more work to be done. Besides, did you forget what today was?”

You puzzled a bit before realization dawned on you, “It’s Christmas Eve, isn’t it?”

Newt smiled at you sweetly, “Yes it is.”

You shot up, covering your face with your hands, “I can’t believe I forgot! I am so sorry, love! Tomorrow is my absolute favorite day of the year. How could I have forgotten! We need to do something special, Newt. I’m sure I can-”

You were cut off by a gentle kiss. You blushed, smiling. Newt took your hand, saying, “Of course we will celebrate love. Besides, we already had a mini-celebration with Jacob and the Goldsteins, remember? They knew we would be on a ship when the day came and wanted to do something special.”

You smiled, thinking back to that day. It was just a small get-together, but it was filled with so much love and magic and happiness that it was one of the best celebrations you could remember having. Everyone shared stories and small presents, Queenie cooked an incredible meal, and Jacob made the most wonderful pastries. Even the creatures celebrated with you all, and you felt so incredibly lucky, “That was quite the lovely evening, but this is our first Christmas as a couple, Newt. I want it to be perfect.”

Newt pulled your back into his chest and wrapped his arms around you, kissing your head, “And it will be as long as I’m with you.”

“I love you, Newt.”

“I love you too, darling.”

You both just enjoyed each other’s presence for a few moments. You had never felt safer and more loved than in the quiet moments in Newt’s arms, and he felt the same way. You two understood each other in ways neither of you ever thought you would experience, and every second since your fateful meeting had been filled with love and understanding, even in the years you each refused to admit your feelings.

You sighed before you pulled yourself away, getting to your feet. You turned back to Newt, and smiled at his adorable pouting face. You held our your hands, and he grabbed them gently. You pulled him up, reminding him, “Now it may be Christmas Eve, but there is still work to be done. The creatures need their mummy, dear.”

Newt broke out into a wide smile. “Yes! Let’s go into the case!” Suddenly you were the one being dragged behind him and he opened the case and descended quickly into it. You laughed, enjoying his excitement at seeing all of his creatures. But once the door to the small shed opened into this world, you stopped, gasping at the sight before you.

There was a gently snowfall surrounding you, but it didn’t touch the ground in the habitats that needed to stay warm and dry. There were lights stretched around every branch and rock and nest, and each creature had their own lovely Christmas sweater. In Frank’s old habitat sat a small table with an incredible smelling meal sitting on it along with a scraggly looking Christmas tree that was covered in homemade ornaments.

Tears slowly slid down your face, and Newt began to wipe them away and apologizing profusely, “I am so sorry, love. I know it’s not much. I don’t know what I was thinking. I wanted to try and make Christmas special for you. I’m sorry-”

“Newt, it’s incredible. I absolutely love it. I love all of it. I can’t believe you did this, all of this. No one has ever done something so amazing for me before. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you, but I love you so much.”

Newt smiled and pulled you in for a kiss, “You are worth much more than I could ever hope to give you, but I love you too, with all my heart. I did get a little help from Queenie just before we left. Now, why don’t we go enjoy a nice meal. Jacob and Tina helped feed the creatures earlier as well, so we have some time.”

“That sounds perfect, Mr. Scamander.”

You shared a lovely meal with the love of your life, and afterwards, the two of you went on a stroll through the habitats, wishing a very merry Christmas to the other loves in your lives. The night ended with a dance in the snow before falling asleep in each other’s arms, exhausted but so very happy, knowing that this was the Christmas you would remember for the rest of your lives.

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Have a wonderful, safe holiday season! Sending thoughts and love <3 

Always And Forever (Edward Nygma x Reader Smut)

Guys, never forget: you ARE beautiful. You ARE worth being loved. You ARE desirable. You are wonderful the way you are

I’m dedicating this to one of my dearest friends, @cnygma who is always writing little images for me to cheer me up. I am sorry, this story isn’t good enough to express my gratitude, but I still hope you’ll like and I hope I can make you and others loved with this piece.

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Oral (You receiving), Reader with massive self-doubts, Worried Edward, Ed showing you how much he loves and desires you

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As I am super hyped for Anti, I decided to write this little story!


Jack had always known Anti would try to kill him off, which is why October was no surprise to him. Anti was expecting Jack to fight, but he wasn’t expecting him to give up at the last second, to let him have full control. It threw a loop in his plan, frustrating him to no end. For Jack however, it let him escape with his life. With Anti being in control of the body, he was forced to act like Jack and it sickened him to always be smiling, always being positive and upbeat. While Anti was keeping up appearances, Jack was waiting. Waiting for the perfect moment to appear. Because if Anti could wait for a whole month, Jack could wait for a lifetime.

“Wapish! TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES, MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE AND WELCOME BACK TO DETENTION!” Anti wanted to snarl every time he did this intro. It was a constant reminder, a reminder of his failure. A reminder that Jack was still alive. He did it though, not out of joy (of course), but because the audience loved him and that love was necessary to keep him around. When Jack had first seen the game through his eyes, he had felt some sort of tingling. An excited buzz that electrified his senses and told him that it was time. It was time to reveal who really was in control. But he waited. Waited for one episode to throw Anti off. To let him lower his guard just a little more. But now, he was done waiting. He was ready to reveal Anti to the world.

Anti wanted to scream. His perfect mask was broken. He had let his guard down too much. There was no mistaking the green hues and the static of the glitch, it was there and it was taunting him to no end. He could already feel his hold on Jacks body weakening. People had noticed and were sending the community into a giant frenzy. “You can’t hold me forever!” Jack smirked, making him grip onto his desk even harder. He stared at the computer screen angrily, an uncontrollable hatred coursing through his veins. He would not lose. This body was his now. But no matter how hard he tried to deny it, he could feel Jack getting stronger.


All Started With a Song Part 4// Conor Maynard

Word Count- 426

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) here’s part 4! this is dedicated to mon. love you so much babe! (also sorry it so short. this one and the next one are rather short. the last few parts will be veryyy long. i promise!)


You woke up at 6 o’clock. You showered, ate, and even did a little yoga before getting ready. You had no idea what to wear so you settled on a simple light blue tank top with black high wasted skinny jeans. You threw on a black leather jacket as well. You also straightened your hair. You didn’t want to overdo it, but you wanted to look nice.

You message Conor, making sure he didn’t forget.

Hey Conor :) I’ll see you at 4, right?

He responded about ten minutes later with a simple,


And your heart sank. He didn’t seem very excited to be doing this with you.

It was currently noon, you still had 3 hours before you had to leave. With your mood suddenly ruined, you decided to invite the girls over.


“What do you think happened?” Alice asked, taking a handful of popcorn.

“I don’t know,” you sighed. “Like I get he’s famous. But he’s the one who asked me to do this, the least he could do is be excited.”

“Maybe he’s jealous.” Olivia offered.

“Of what? I have nothing he should be jealous of.”

“Wow that hurt.” Olivia said coldly.

“I didn’t mean it like that. But he has plenty of amazing friends. But no one could top mine.” You hugged them both. You saw your phone light up, it was 1:57.

“I better get going.” You stood up and grabbed your guitar.

“See ya later!”

“Good luck babe!’

You pulled up his address, and got into your car. This was going to be a long drive.

You got to his flat at 2:45 and realized you left way too early. So you sat there, waiting until at least 3:30.

It was currently 3:45 and you hadn’t moved. You were too nervous. What if he was secretly an ass?

No, he couldn’t be. It was Conor, he didn’t have a mean bone in his body.

So you turned the car off and got out. You grabbed your guitar and headed into the building. You took the elevator and patiently waited for the doors to open. Once they did, it took you a few minutes to find out where his flat actually was. The building was like a maze. But you did. And so you stood there, contemplating how to knock. You didn’t want to seem annoying or annoyed. So you decided two knocks was the right amount.

So you knocked, heart beating faster every second.

And then the door opened.

But it wasn’t Conor.

It was a girl.

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Can I have a reaction where you are the members' little sister, and you're late for school?

This was fun again hehe


“Wake up,” your brother’s soft, yet commanding voice interrupted your deep sleep.

“Ugh, five more minutes,” you moaned, turning into the pillow.

“No, no more minutes, school starts in ten and you still haven’t even brushed your teeth.”

“What?” you sat up immediately, eyes bulging out of your skull.

“Here,” Seokjin threw a pair of jeans and a hoodie at you, “Quickly get ready, I’ll pack your bag.”

“Thank you oppa!” you grabbed the clothes and ran into the bathroom, brushing your teeth, hair and putting on the clothes faster than you thought possible. When you went back into the living room, you saw him standing there with your backpack and a plate of food for your breakfast.

“Oh my gosh, oppa, you’re awesome!” you gushed and took the plate, checking the time.

“I’ll take you, the bus will be too late for you to get to school on time,” he grabbed your hand. “Let’s go.”

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“Egghead,” you heard someone yell but you ignored it, grabbing the pillow tighter around your ears.

“Idiot,” you ignored him again this time but when the something hard hit your head, you finally got up and threw the pillow back at him.

“What do you want?!”

“It’s not a matter of what I want, but do you want your high school diploma?”

“Seriously?” you groaned, scratching your head, “Oppa, it’s too early for me to put up with your weirdness, can’t you just wait a few-”

“School started 5 minutes ago, you should probably go now before they call attendance.”

“What?!” you jumped out of bed, grabbing the first pair of clothes and throwing your hoodie off.

“Yah!” Yoongi yelled at you, “Can you wait till I’m out of the room first!”

“I have a crop top underneath,” you muttered and then looked at him again, “Can you drive me there, pretty pretty please?”

“No, of course not,” he told you, like it was obvious, like the mere thought of him taking you to school was laughable.

“I’ll do your chores for the rest of the week!” you pleaded and he shook his head.

“Okay, I’ll do your chores for the rest of the month!”

“That’s more like it.”

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Honestly I feel like you would never be late to school if this boy was your brother.

“Rise and shine sunshine!” you were woken up when you heard your brother’s voice fill the room.

You moaned, opening one eye to see him standing at the door, holding a tray of food.

“Breakfast in bed?” you perked, sitting up in bed.

“Yeah, yeah,” he rolled his eyes, chuckling, “Only because you’re late today.”

“Wow I should be late every day,” you laughed, taking the tray and placing it on your legs.

“You better not,” he wiggled his finger at you, “You have twenty minutes before school starts, so if you get changed after you eat, and I drop you at school, you will be there just in time. Get eating.”

“Thank you oppa!” you beamed, thankful you had a brother like him.

“Mmm, you better be thankful,” he winked at you, and walked out. “Ten minutes! I’m leaving in ten minutes!”

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“DID I NOT TELL YOU,” a loud voice boomed into your room, “THAT IF YOU WANT TO GET TO SCHOOL BY 8:30, YOU NEED TO LEAVE AT APPROXIMATELY 8:15.”

“What now,” you whined, rolling onto your side.


“Joon, what’s your problem!” you yelled back and he strode up to you, turning you on your side.

“It’s later!”

“Okay, okay, I got it, I’ll get up now,” you tried to push him away but he just stayed put.

“You’re already half an hour ready for school, you better hurry up.”

“What? Half an hour?!” you jumped out of bed, running for your phone to check the time. “YAH!” you turned around to see him gone.

He had said it was half an hour past the time school started but you still had an hour left.

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It took a while for you to realise that weird sensation you were feeling at your waist wasn’t a dream but in fact something inflicting you externally. It also took you a while to lift one of your heavy eyelids to see the source of that feeling.

But when you did, you saw your brother, sitting on your bed, ticking the daylights out of you.

And that’s when you burst out laughing, and squirming like a fish out of water.

“Yah! Stop it you!”

“I’ve been calling Y/N, Y/N, Y/N for ages now and you didn’t wake up, this was the only way.”

“Leave me alooooone,” you punched his stomach.

“Ouch!” he grabbed the part you had punched, squeezing it like he had just been shot there.

“Ugh, weak little boy,” you scoffed, closing your eyes into your pillow.

“Is this what I get for saving you from mom?” he asked and you chuckled.

“Saving me why?” you said, tiredly.

“Saving you from the hiding mom’s gonna give you when she finds out you’re late to school. That wouldn’t do well on your perfect attendance record.”

“Late? Really?” now you finally got up and looked over at your nightstand; the clock was blinking 8:00, you had to be at school in fifteen minutes.

“Oppa, thank you so so so so much!” you threw the blanket off yourself and shuffled off the bed.

“What else am I here for?” he watched as you ran into the bathroom with a new set of clothes and came out changed, and ready for school.

“Really! Thank you!” you headed out the door but rushed back inside, up to him and kissed his cheek, “Thanks Minnie!”

“I told you not to call me that!” his voice trailed after you as you were out the door, laughing.

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“What are you doing?” you asked, not needing to open your eyes to the new weight that was added to the weight next to you on the bed, recognising the scent right away.

“Ahh so warm,” the voice whispered and you sighed, finally mustering enough energy to open your eyes, to stare into the eyes of your brother, lying on the pillow next to you.

He smiled at you before closing his eyes and snuggling into the pillow.

“Oppa,” you started, “you know this isn’t your bed, right?”

“So warm,” he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you in close, rocking you slightly.

“What are you doiiiiiing,” you whined, but let him sway you nonetheless.

“Oh right,” he sat up all of a sudden, letting go of you, “I have been told to tell you to ‘Hurry up and get your butt in the bathroom and ready for school’ and I am to drive you because you’re already late.”

“I’m late? No, my alarm still hasn’t-” you looked at your phone to see that you had hit the snooze button 10 times already, obliviously.

Sighing, you got out of bed, “I’ll be five minutes Taetae.”

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“Y/N?” a voice called you and you grunted as a reply.

“You know I love you right?” the voice, who you recognised to be your brother’s, asked.

You rolled onto your side, What is he going on about this early in the morning?

That was when you found yourself gasping for air, sitting up straight away, feeling chills run down your spine, through your veins… and down your shirt.

Looking down, you saw that your whole body was drenched, and so was your bed.

“What did you do that for?!” you yelled, snapping your head up at Jungkook, who looked like he was trying not to laugh but felt sorry for you all the same.

“You’re late,” he said, starting to shuffle backwards, “And you weren’t waking up.”

“So you throw a bucket of ice water on me?!”

“Well, it was sure to work so…” that was the last thing he said before running out of the room.

That made you jump out of the bed and chase after him, and when you saw him, you hopping on his back, making sure the water from your body got into every part of his back.

“That’s cold!” he remarked and you snorted.

“Oh is it? I wouldn’t know.”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry! Just hurry up and shower, I’ll take you to school as my apology.”

“Buy me my coffee too,” you negotiated and he shook his head.

“Just driving you to school.”

You squeezed his neck tighter, feeling the water drip off your head and around his neck.

“OKAY! That’s cold! I’ll buy you coffee!”

You got off his back, “Thanks oppa,” you saluted him and started to your bedroom, but turned around.

“What?” you saw his nervous expression and smirked. “What do you want? You’re scaring me.”

“Just wanted to give my brother a hug, because I’m just so thankful.”

“No! That’s fine!” but he had no time to run away because you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him into a bear hug.


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Baby- Negan (JDM)


omg I love the writing here! may I request one where the reader is Negan’s wife and in labor with their first child? Negan is ordering the doctor around and being nervous. Maybe the reader even jokes he needs to go out and bash some walkers with Lucille to calm himself.

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 Having a baby myself this was very east to write and relate to so thank you for requesting it <3

Also threw in a little supernatural thing in there (As Jeffrey plays daddy John ;))

You woke up suddenly when you felt the baby starting to kick. You groaned slightly and sat up, then rubbed your stomach, hoping he or she would stop.

Negan woke up, and wrapped an arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer to him. “Baby awake?” He asked, pressing his head to yours.

“And they want to work out.” You added, rubbing your stomach.

He chuckled and gently pushed you back onto the bed so you were laying. Then, he propped himself on his elbow and ran his hand over your enlarged stomach. Then, he leaned towards you belly and started whispering. “Your mom needs her sleep, little guy.”

“Or girl.” You added, since you and Negan had no way to know the sex of the baby.

“Or girl.” He said, throwing you a pointed look. “And we love you, but you gotta stop.” You laughed as Negan continued talking to your baby, and ran your hands through his messy short hair. “Did they listen to me?” he asked, looking up at you.

“Nope.” You said as the baby kicked again. “They’re just like their daddy.“

He grinned and left your stomach, then pressed his lips to yours as his hand remained on your belly.


“NEGAN!” your voice echoes through the grey halls of camp. A hard contraction ran through you.

Then you started to feel wet. You looked at the sink, wondering when you’d splashed yourself, only to learn that it wasn’t water from the sink. It was water from your vagina. 

“Are you okay?” He asked, running to your side.

He almost slipped on the water that had pooled underneath you, and it took him only a minute to realize what was happening. “Oh my god. You’re in labor.” He said, barely louder than a whisper. Then a huge smile came over his face and he pressed a kiss to your cheek.

“You’re in labor!” He exclaimed. “That’s…. Oh my God. You’re in labor!” He repeated, running a hand through his hair.

“Yes and this baby needs to come out.” You say yelling in pain again.

“Yes…Dwight!” he shouted suddenly panicked. The follower rushed in and almost slipped where Negan had. “Get Clint, he used to be a doctor”

“Sir he wasn’t a midife-“

“NOW!” He bellowed and scooped you up in his arms to rush you to the medical wing.

Once in the room there was already a bed cleaned and dressed for you needs. “Okay y/n how far apart are the contractions?”

“About 3 minutes apart…” you groan through gritted teeth.

Negan was holding your hand. “Is that good? Does that mean anything?”

“Yes that means the baby is ready to come, looks like you’re labour is going to be quick Y/n” he smiled at you reassuringly. “Can you spread your legs please, I have to check how dilated you are.”

“Hey, no. I’m not having you look at my wife’s private part.”

“He can look where ever he want’s I just want this baby out.” You grow gripping onto his leather jacket. He looked at you worried and you managed a smile. “Go bash some sculls with Lucille baby, might calm you down.”

“Ohh no, I’m not leaving you for a second.” He held your hand tightly.


After pushing, screams and pure agony you were holding a small baby boy in your arms.

Luckily nothing had gone wrong with you or the baby during the pregnancy so everything was well.  

“What should we name him?” you ask looking up at Negan who was filled with pure joy.

You had decided you’d name the girl and he’s name the boy so this was all up to him. “Dean?” he suggested.



I have no idea how this got to be so long, it started as some little thing and then five hand cramps later this was born.

please excuse any grammer mistakes, this was just some random writing i decided to share. I was just really in the mood for some deaged Steve and Bucky with awkward Tony. also lots of Tony love.

Okay, some things came to light when Loki decides to create some mischief. It was a routine mission and when things were wrapping up, Loki popped up behind the two supersoldiers that were standing together and threw a green ball of energy at them before taking off. Tony had see it happen and took of toward the green fog that surrounded Steve and Bucky.

“Steve! Bucky! Are you guys okay!?” When he landed the fog was finally clearing. What he saw shocked him, two toddler versions of Steve and Bucky sat in a pile of their battle gear.

*Later on*

“Their memory is scattered, they remember very little of their adult lives but seem to recognize all of us. But for the most part they are the two year old sitting in front of us” Steve was more and completely healthy unlike his former pre-serum self. While Bucky was sporting a fully working miniature mechanical left arm, star and all.

The whole team was standing there with them. Natasha whispering to Bucky in Russian while Steve was attempting to braid Thor’s hair.

“I’m going to need more coffee if were going to be fixing this.” Tony made to leave when he heard a ruckus going on behind him.

“’Ony! Where going ‘Ony?” Steve asked as he attempted to get down. Tony went to respond when a weight crashed into his legs. Looking down, blue gray eyes stared up at him.

“Tony stay.” Bucky commanded. By this time Steve had gotten down and joined his miniature friend by attaching himself to the engineer’s other leg.

“Yea ‘Ony, wha’ Buck say.”

“Uh, i was just going to the kitchen.” He replied caustiously. Unsure what to do with his mini teammates. 

“We go too.” Bucky said with Steve nodding along (they had finished the checkup and all the test they needed to do already) he agreed. With a little difficulty, since both refused to let go of his legs, they made their way to the kitchen with the team trialing behind. 

Tony had spotted a clock on the way in and realized it was almost dinner time. “Is anyone hungry, we could order pizzas… kids can eat pizza right?”

“Yeah, that’ll be fine.” Sam said swooping Steve into his arms while Natasha helped Bucky up onto a seat at the table. “Just make sure they don’t eat to much and we’ll worry about healthier choices tomorrow.” Same took a moment to look Steve over, wrapped up in one of his adult-self’s t-shirts, “and maybe some clothes too.”

“Yay! Shopping!” Clint hoot and hollered while making a scene.

Two hours later….

“No Clin’, pu’ down. Wan’ ‘Ony. I wuvs ‘Ony mos’!”

“I wuvs Tony too!”

Said engineer wasn’t sure how  it came to this, everyone was gathered in the common room enjoying kids movies and pizza. After the two tots finished eating they quickly became bored with the movie so Bruce brought out some paper from the lab and Clint sacrificed a pack of crayons. How it went from Clint sitting on the groudnd with the two nuggets to Steve, Clint and Bucky fighting over who their favorite person was, Tony will never know. 

Especially about how the two mini avengers had decided HE was their favorite.

Tony was brought back into focus when Steve climbed into his lap. (guess he finally managed to get away from Clint) “Wuv you ‘Ony.” Steve said very seriously as he held his face with his little hands. 

“Um, thanks bud.” Metal fingers grabbed at the color of his bad tee. Working his face free of little hands he looked at little Bucky Barnes.

“I wuv you too.” Perplexed by these two he just shook his head and hummer in agreement. Clint, the jackass decided to open his mouth to voice his opinion on that.

“Well if you love him so much you should just kiss him already.” Of course, Clint was just joking and while most of his teammates laughed at the dejected archer, the two tiny heroes lent forward and planted big wet kisses on each cheek.

“We wuv you Tony.”

“We wuv you ‘Ony.” they said in unison. He couldn’t help it, a shy smile swept over his face. His childhood heroes, although in child form, were being so nice to him. Don’t get him wrong, he was baffled, but it was, nice.

“Well as cute as this has been, it’s late and I think we need to get these two to bed.” Sam, the only adult  with common sense, spoke up. “Come on Stark, I’ll help you.” Helping both kids off the couch, like earlier they each attached themselves to one of Tony’s legs before heading to the billionaire’s floor.

“Wait, why are they staying on my floor?”

“I have a feeling if we tried to put them somewhere else they’d throw a fit. As is sensing what that meant for them, both mini soldiers clung harder to Tony. Before Tony could freak out over the idea of being left alone on his floor with two kids, Same spoke up.

“Relax Stark, you have two guest rooms right? Will put them in one and I’ll stay in the other one.”

“Thanks Sam.”

“No problem Tony, come on let’s put them to bed.” The next ten minutes went by fairly easy until it was time to say goodnight. The boys were tucked in and a night light (the bathroom light) was left on but when Tony made for the door he was stopped by two young voices.

“Wait ‘Ony.”

“We want night-night kisses.”

“Yea ‘Ony nigh-nigh kiss.”

“Umm…” confused, Tony looked to Sam for guidance.

“ Go ahead, just kiss them on the head and wish them a good night.” Nervous, Tony went back to the boys. Carefully he kissed Bucky’s forehead and then Steve’s.

“Goodnight guys.” Both boys smiled up at him and wished him a good night.

Tony made a quick retreat to his bedroom where he stripped down to his undershirt and boxers. It had been a long, strange day and he just wanted to get some sleep for once.

It couldn’t have been more than twenty minutes later when he heard his door open and two sets of feet patter into the room. To tired to do anything he just laid there until he felt the bed dip on both sides as two little bodies climbed into bed with him. When he into bed earlier he had landed on his stomach with his arms tucked under his pillow. He felt both scoot over until they were pressed up against his sides before settling down. Too tired from the days activities Tony decided to let it slide, they weren’t bothering anyone and they were keeping him warm.

The next morning when Sam woke up he asked JARVIS where the kids were.

“It would seem the young Captain and Sergeant snuck into Sir’s room last night.”

“This, I have to see.” Creeping out of his room Same made his way down the hall and peeked his head in the room.

“JARVIS take a picture please.” 

“Already done, Mr. Wilson. Would you like an emailed copy?”

“That’s perfect, thanks JARVIS.” Smiling, Same backed out of the room.

At some point last night the two super soldiers returned to their normal size. So now a full sized Bucky was curled up, spooning Stark, who was laying on his side with his face buried under Steve’s chin. Tony’s head was using Steve’s left arm as a pillow while Steve’s other arm was wrapped around him and his hand was caressing Bucky’s metal shoulder. Bucky had both arms wrapped around Tony’s middle and his face snuggles between his shoulder blades. Somehow in their sleep Bucky’s metal hand tangled with Tony’s left hand and all of their legs wrapped up together.

All three men slept wrapped around each other feeling warm and safe.

War of Love (Lafayette x Reader) Part 4

Words: 2574

Tags: @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @fandomsinabookshelf @pearltheartist

Warnings: Drunk, nakedness, poorly translated French

A/N: I decided to combine two chapters into one because I felt like 900+ words was too little for a chapter? Idk :P (IGNORE THE BOLD IT’S JUST ME COMMENTING ON MY OWN WRITING)

Part One Part Two Part Three

They all cheered, and threw more and more drinks at you. Soon, your vision was blurred and you could barely stare at any of them straight. You blinked slowly, your eyes widening. Mulligan was resting his face on the table, barely moving. You pushed him, and he shot up, looking around quickly. Hamilton laughed at your antics, and stood up.

“I may not live to see our glory!” He started, staring at all of you. Lafayette, Mulligan, and Laurens joined in on his song.

“I may not live to see our glory!” They said.

“But I will gladly join the fight!” Hamilton yelled, standing on the bench.

“But I will gladly join the fight!”

“And when our children tell our story…” Hamilton’s eyes were glassed over, as if he was actually looking into his future. He looked at Laurens, a sad look appearing on his face. The other three didn’t seem to take notice of this.

“And when our children tell our story…”

“They’ll tell the story of tonight!” He yelled, knocking their cups together. They all looked at you, beckoning you to come over. You walked (more like stumbled) towards them, holding your cup high in the air. Lafayette pulled you close to him, raising his glass at the lads.

“Let’s have another round tonight!” Mulligan announced, his arms wrapping around your waist.

“Let’s have another round tonight!” Lafayette repeated, his grip on your neck tightening. You coughed, and he loosened his hold, apologizing to you with his eyes. You smiled.

“Let’s have another round tonight…” Hamilton smiled warmly at his friends, then at you. Laurens wrapped his arm around Hamilton, and raised his glass up high. You all followed his lead, and you looked up at Lafayette. He was smiling at his friends, and looked down at you, beaming. You could tell what he said earlier was true.

They all had the fighting spirit in them, ready to die for this new country that was being formed. You longed for a moment where you would feel as unwavering as them. Hopefully, that chance will come soon.

“Raise a glass to freedom. Something they can never take away! No matter what they tell you…” Laurens smiled at you all softly, “Raise a glass to the five of us!” You took this opportunity to join in.

“Tomorrow there’ll be more us!” You yelled, snorting.

They all laughed, and the drunken song slowly faded away, leaving you all chuckling and giggling with one another. All of you decided that it was time to go back to the tent, or else you’ll be passed out on the floor of this bar. You five stumbled through the roads, singing and poking fun at each other. Lafayette walked next to you, pointing at all the buildings and sights to see. You couldn’t help but feel at peace with these guys around you, and you were happier than you’ve ever been. Once you all made it back, Mulligan hit the sack.

Right when Mulligan hit the bed, he passed out, and no one could wake him. The last four of us sat in the middle, telling stories. As they talked about their friends and family back at home, you looked down. Hamilton caught onto your mood, and questioned you.

“What about you, Wash? Anyone at home waiting for you?” You looked down at your hands, and nodded.

“My friend, Sally. She’s hoping that I come back safe. I can’t help but miss her.” Hamilton smiled, and it seemed sad than anything else. You looked at Lafayette, and it seemed like a strange look crossed his face. But once he noticed you staring at him, his signature grin appeared, and patted you on your shoulder. Laurens hooted, winking at you.

“That’s your woman, huh? No need to be shy about it, Wash!” Hamilton’s nickname seemed to stick, and you were kind of happy about that. It finally felt like you belonged somewhere. You shook your head quickly at them, dismissing his statement.

“Oh no! She’s my best friend, well, the only friend I’ve ever had. I just hope that she’ll be okay while I’m gone.” You thought of Thomas, and shivered. He had to be in France by now. Lafayette touched your arm, and your face warmed.

“Why are you so worried? Is she somewhere unsafe?” Hamilton asked, and you hesitated to answer. Slaves were a hard topic to bring up in any gathering, and you didn’t know how these men felt about them. But as you looked at their anxious faces, you felt a surge of courage.

“Sally is a slave. I promised her that after this war, I will come back for her. No matter what it takes.” Laurens grinned happily, slamming his hand on the table.

“That’s the spirit! None of us will be free until those in bondage have the same rights as you and me. I plan to sally in on a stallion with the first black battalion!” You smiled at Lauren’s aspiration, then looked at the other two men. Hamilton touched Lauren’s shoulder, and nodded at his small announcement. Lafayette gazed at you.

“Wash, I hope that you save Sally from the shackles that she is under. I will priez (pray) for her well-being.” Lafayette put his hand over his heart, and made a silent promise to you. You couldn’t help but tear up at all of their encouragement, and you stood up.

“Thank you. Not many will think the same as I about slaves.” Laurens walked over to you, and patted my arm.

“Then you’ve entered the best platoon around, Wash. But for now, I think we should hit the sack…” He yawned, walked over to the bed next to Hamilton’s and falling down onto it. Hamilton whispered goodnight, and did the same.

Lafayette walked to his bed, the one next to yours, and sighed, leaning back.

“Have a good night, Washington.”

“Goodnight, Lafayette.” You pulled myself under the covers, and closed your eyes.

This wasn’t as bad of an idea as you thought.

You woke up to a body hitting you, and gasped, widening your eyes and your hands turned into fists, ready to attack whomever it was. You blinked, staring into the face of Mulligan. He laughed, pulling you off the mattress.

“Rise and shine, Washington! Time to scrub those teeth and practice shooting.” You groaned, stretching.

“Why did you have to wake me up like that?” You complained, cracking my knuckles. You heard a voice whispering in French, and turned to see Lafayette waking up. He curls were all over the place, pointing in different directions out of his ponytail. He looked at you two, and smiled, saying good morning in French. Even with his clothes and hair disheveled, he was still as handsome as ever.

I wouldn’t mind seeing that face every morning, you thought.

You quickly pushed that image out of your mind. What are you thinking, Y/N? He’s your friend, your fellow comrade. Not some eligible bachelor. Mulligan saw you standing still there, and pulled you along with him. You followed him to the waterhole, your mind filled with Lafayette. There, you saw what you never thought you would see until you was married.

Dozens of naked men swarmed the lake, covered in soap. You cringed, and turned around quickly. You’ve ruined your virtue, your innocent mind is now corrupted. You closed your eyes, silently crying to yourself. Mulligan stared at you strangely, and chuckled.

“I know, it takes some getting used to,” Hell yea it does. “But there’s a pond over there for the shy men, hidden in some foliage. You could use that if you want.” Mulligan began stripping, and you turned away from him. When you looked in the opposite direction, you saw Laurens.

Showing every inch of his body. You blushed quickly, and closed your eyes. You marched to the pond Mulligan was talking about. In the distance you heard Laurens call your name, but you ignored him, not wanting to see him in the nude any longer.

The pond he was talking about was empty, and you quickly took off your clothes, and scrubbed as fast as you could. Taking less than one minute, you washed every part of your body. You heard footsteps approaching, and you pulled your shirt and pants on hurriedly, before the person approached.

“Hey, if you need some soa-” Laurens poked his head in, stopping in mid-sentence. “Oh, you already finished? That was fast.” HELLA FAST, IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF! ;) ;)

“Yea, I didn’t want to waste any time. We need to start practicing as soon as possible.” You gave him a nervous laugh, and it quickly went away once you imagined his bare body again. Hamilton, Mulligan, and Lafayette appeared next to him as you gathered your dirty clothes off the ground. They grew silent as they stared at you, and you looked at them, confused. “Is there anything wrong?” Hamilton coughed, his face getting red.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you looked, well-”

“You look like a girl, Wash,” Mulligan interrupted, staring me down, “I mean, your face is pretty. How old are you?” You looked at them, and they all seemed to think the same thing. Lafayette stared at you, blush appearing on his cheeks as well. You laughed at them anxiously, your dirty clothes wrapped in a ball in your hands.

“I don’t know if I should feel insulted or not. I’m eighteen, almost turning nineteen in few months.”

“I feel like I should cover my eyes and apologize…” Mulligan mumbled, walking away.

He was shaking his head, seeming to question himself. Laurens took your clothes from your hand, and walked to the laundry tent. You looked at Hamilton, and he followed him, not looking your way again. Lafayette was the only one who stayed behind. He straightened up, fixing his hair.

After a couple of seconds, he spoke. “We should go to the training field now. I’ll teach you the basics. The others will come and help in a few.” He led the way, his hands folded behind his back. You watched him walk, and decided to ask him about it.

“Can I ask you something, Laf?” You shorted his name, and he smiled, looking at you.


“Where’s your family from?” He looked confused, gazing at you.

“My father was a colonel and my mother was the fille (daughter) of King Louis XV horse guard. Pourquoi demandez-vous? (Why do you ask?)” You smiled, looking at the men around you.

“You walk like you’re from a royal family. Especially with your hands behind your back. Seems like an interesting walk for a private in the army.” A few men passed by, noticing Lafayette walking next to you. They saluted him, and he nodded, continuing to walk by. You looked back at the fellow soldiers, and then at Lafayette. “Why did they salute you?”

“Because of my position, Washington.” You raised my eyebrow.

“But you’re a private.”

“No, I am a major general in the continental army.” You stared at him, stunned. He was a major general, and he was stuck in a battalion with the four of us privates. You put your hand to your head, and began to salute Lafayette. He took your hand from your forehead, laughing. “No need.”

“But why don’t the boys salute you?” You wouldn’t have even guessed that Lafayette was a general with how the guys treated him. But now that you noticed, he did walk with pride and elegance, reminding you of General Washington. He chuckled.

“Because they are my amis, and it would be strange for them to constantly salute me every time I entered the tent. Vous êtes mon ami aussi, (You’re my friend too) so you don’t have to do it either.” You smiled at the word friend, but a small part of you ached. You don’t know what it was for, and it consistently happened when Lafayette was around. He watched your reaction, glancing ever so often at you. You put ass your effort into a small grin, and let him lead the way.


Every day you all practiced, and after, you drank. You didn’t know if it was healthy for all of you to drink so often, and when you questioned Mulligan about it, he shook it off, saying it was all fun. Lafayette and you grew closer, and soon, you two stayed up all night talking about France and Virginia and your lives outside this camp. Hamilton and Laurens complained about the whispering all the time, but you two ignored them. It was getting harder and harder to lie to them, and you knew you needed to tell them the truth soon. But General Washington announced that our platoon was to be sent to Brandywine. All of you were anticipating the battle, and you decided to tell your friends after the battle was finished. As you were getting prepared to leave, Laurens walked over to you, patting you on the shoulder.

“This is your first battle, right?” You nodded, adjusting your weapon holster. The rest were already in their uniforms, ready to fight. You made sure to get one that was loose fitting, to not show your chest. Laurens smiled.

“Don’t worry, all four of us will be right next to you, so if you need any help, just yell out to us.” Laurens shook your hand, then messed up your hair. Hamilton walked over, fixing your hair.

“It’s going to be brutal. Legs and arms torn off, broken necks and people being stabbed. Just make sure you’re not one of them. I need someone to help me button my shirt.” He joked, and you hit him lightly on the arm. You couldn’t help but think of the dead bodies that you will soon see, and shivered.

“James, since this is your first bataille (battle), I’ll stay next to you. Je vous protégerai, ne m'inquiète pas (I will protect you, do not worry).” He touched the top of your head, giving you a warm smile. You nodded.

“Thank you, I’ll make sure to do the same.” Mulligan snorted, laying on his bed. His shoes were on his covers, and you wiggled my nose, looking at the dirty sheets. Your hands hand the urge to run over and clean it, but you ignored the feeling.

“If you covered my ass, then I’ll be dead in less than five minutes.” Lafayette hit him on the arm, hard, and he groaned, rubbing the spot. You rolled your eyes, and was interrupted by a loud horn. All of your friends stood up quickly, grabbing their muskets and running to the field.

You five lined up next to each other, the boys and yourself in the third or fourth row. Lafayette’s promise to stay next to you was true, and he stared ahead, holding his musket tightly. You glanced at the others around you, and saw that they all put on serious faces.

Your heart was pounding in your chest, but you didn’t shake this time. You told yourself that everything was going to be fine, and that no one was going to die. You knew it was a hopeless statement, but it made me feel better nonetheless. Washington was in the front, on a steed. He raised his gun high, and pointed forward. He gave you all the signal to fire, and you all ran towards the British.

One class a group of boys were hanging it on one of their mate saying he had never ejaculated. So prove them wrong he went into the toilets, did his business and returned with a tissue full of his little boys. Once it was accepted by the group he then tore it up and threw it around the room like confetti

Title: Sugar Sugar

Pairing: 6yr old Junhao

Genre: fluff horendous levels of fluff

Summary: Five year old Minghao and Junhui have a system, one which involves Minghao evading having to eat his vegetables and gain a best-friend

To say that Minghao dislikes vegetables would be a gross understatement; he absolutely abhors eating anything green. He doesn’t believe it when his mom says carrots will help his eyesight—he can see like twenty blocks away—or that eating them will make him grow big and strong like his dad. So he doesn’t understand why his mom always packs vegetables for his lunch when she makes him suffer with the stupid green things for dinner.

Minghao survived just fine last year in second grade eating snacks and sticky jelly sandwiches so he doesn’t understand why this year it has to be different.

“Is your mom a veterinarian,” Mingyu asks, mouth drawn in disgust as he peers into Minghao’s lunch box.

Jihoon sighs from across their brightly orange coloured lunch table “It’s vegetarian.

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i drag you out of hell, the hell you threw yourself into to save your little brother. your soul is a beacon; the brightest thing i’ve ever seen - brighter than the sunrise above the clouds as night blossoms into day. brighter than a collapsing star as it lights up the blackness of space. but it means nothing - for you put it all to shame. you stand, blade in hand, dripping with blood that isn’t yours. blinking, i grip you tight, and your reddened skin traces my hand - a handprint tinted pink. lightning strikes. you awake in a pine box, screaming silently, calling for a brother who thought lost you, and forgetting an angel who just found you.

forgetful, so forgetful.

for @castielnovacs 💖

Seriously? I just made that!-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#5 Prompt:#97

Word Count: 609

Warnings: None

A/n: Just a quick and cute, (very) short little writing for Isaac. I hope you like it :) little side note about my life, my aunt is super pissed off at me now because I threw up all over her car this morning…oops.


Coming Soon


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Worried about nothing

Requested: yes this genius did. (hope it’s okay)

Words: 1734

A/N: ok so this gave me major feels and I was smiling all way though the writing. It’s so cute! but it was hard making them not similar, so sorry if they are a little alike. (I don’t know what happened with the Beyoncé references. It just kinda happened there, sorry.) Please request shit too ;)


Stupid ass periods. You always knew when it was coming because it gave you nausea the day before. But this morning you threw up. You didn’t want to wake Ashton up on a free day, so you hurried to the bathroom. The dinner from last night came out as you were kneeling down. Fortunately you didn’t miss the toilet, so you saw that as a win.

“Holy shit, Y/N! “ He yelled as he stormed down beside you. “What’s wrong? “

“Oh you know… just puking. “ You answered sarcastically sitting back, getting comfortable on the cold bathroom floor. Ashton looked concerned and his green eyes showed affection towards you. His hair was messy from just waking up.

“You’re not going to work today! “ He exclaimed. He knew you were tired of not being able to be with him for the day. You looked at him with wide eyes and a small grin.

“Yes I am. It’s just… girl stuff. “ You said, not knowing if you should say that it was your period causing you pain.

“You’re having your period now? “ He asked without hesitation. Ashton wasn’t the one to hold back. You nodded slightly. But if you took some pills, you knew it would be better in a half hour. But Ashton insisted on you staying home. His arms were wrapped around your shoulder, as you both sat on the bathroom floor, leaning against the bathtub. The smell from vomit, sweat and sleep filled the room, but neither of you noticed. Ashton was coming up with arguments for you to stay home. But you just shook your head at everything he said.

“You’re sick. You’re not going to work. “ He said. “Do it for me.” His green eyes were filled with comfort. You knew he wasn’t just worried about you, but he actually wanted you to stay home with him. He just saw a chance to make you stay.

“Ashton, there is no reason for me skip school. “ You murmured as he caressed your shoulder. He kissed your temple and whispered, “Do it for me”. You sighed. He already had you.

“Fine. “ You muffled. “But be careful with convincing me to do bad things. At some point I might write an album about you and call it Strawberry Juice. “ He laughed that adorable schoolgirl giggle at your reference to Beyoncé and kissed your forehead.

“I love you. “

“Love you too. “


You texted Calum, saying that you went home early due to fever. And boy, was that a bad idea. He responded immediately, asking you to bring anything home from work. You said no, since you didn’t want to eat at all. He responded that he was coming home from work early and you freaked out. He wasn’t supposed to leave the studio just because of you. You wouldn’t allow him, and you teaxted him saying that. But he ignored you.

You were lying in bed, trying to sleep when you heard the door smacking and Calum coming in. You heard his rushed steps towards the bedroom and him opening the door. You looked up at him, seeing him with a white plastic bag.

“I’m good. “ You murmured under the duvet. Calums big brown eyes were bigger than normal showing concerning. “Just a day off, so I can get better. “

“I bought you cookies though. If you want to lay and eat them all day. “ He walked towards the bed, standing beside it.

“Why did you leave the studio? “ You turned around in the bed, so you were facing him. His big body was shadowing down on you.

“You’re sick. “

“I’m fine!

“No, you’re sick! “ He raised his voice, just to make the statement. “You’re pale, your eyes are puffed, snot is running down your nose and you don’t look normal. “

“Maybe it’s just because I’m not wearing makeup. “ You joked, even though you knew Calum wouldn’t like that comment. He hated when you would tear yourself down. Calum looked at you with bitchface, before laying down beside you. He pulled you close to his body, so you could feel his warm breath hitting your neck.

“I’m sick. You shouldn’t be near. “ You cried out, trying to push him away.

“I thought you were ‘fine’” Calum said and even though you couldn’t see his face, you knew he had that corky smirk smeared over his face.

“I am. “ You whispered. “You shouldn’t have come home from work. “

“Bitch, you’re not fine. “ Calum yelled, making you flinch.

“Jeez, Beyoncé-Calum is back, huh? “ You smiled and touched your ear to make it clear he was being too loud.

“Beyoncé-Calum is here to protect my baby. “ he said, kissing your neck and jawline. You smiled and fell asleep in seconds. Having loved one around calmed you down.


All of a sudden, you were on your ass. It went real fast. You haven’t really tried skate boarding before, but Michael and Luke really wanted to go try this skate park. They weren’t pros either, but they knew how to keep the balance. Luke came storming towards you as the sun made you squint your eyes, making you lift your hand to cover the sun.

“Oh my god, are you okay? “ The skateboard was five meters away from you now. “I should not have let you try this without you holding my hands. “ Because that’s how it started. Luke would held your hands as you slowly moved forward. At some point you actually thought you were getting better. But apparently you weren’t.

“I’m okay. “ You said, putting your hand down as Michaels shadow was hovering over you. “Can you break your ass though? Cause I think that you just happened? “ You asked getting up, even though your butt still was hurting. You really wanted to learn how to skateboard. You ran towards your board, ready to do better the next time.

“Where do you think you’re going? “ Luke yelled from behind you, making you look behind you. He was standing with a confused look smeared over his face.

“To get my board. “ You grinned, because it was too obvious.

“No. “ You stopped up, turned around on your heel and looked at him with raised eyebrows. “You hurt yourself. You’re not skateboarding anymore. “ Luke walked towards you, but you simply picked up the board and stood up, making him run. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Michael standing there laughing his ass off because of Luke being so protective.

“I’m a grown woman! “ You yelled with a grin, showing that it wasn’t serious. You and Luke were almost the same height at this point. Luke rolled his eyes at you and put his hands around your waist.

“Stop quoting Beyoncé. “ He smiled as he lifted you down from the skateboard. He pulled you closer and kissed you, making your lips linger when he pulled away. “We should go home. You’re way too clumsy to skateboard. “

He kissed your forehead and held your hand. You noticed he grabbed a little tighter than usual.


It wasn’t a big deal. You were clumsy and things like that happened all the time to you. Once you broke your leg, because you fell over a chair. The last couple of years you actually thought it was getting better: you were getting less clumsy. Until you were to jump down from the kitchen counter. You got your ankle twisted and you screamed out for help. Michael had seen you lying on the floor and carried you out to the car, driving you to the doctor. He looked so worried about your little accident, but you were relieved that you had only sprained it. But you thought he would have stopped carrying you everywhere when you got the crutches. He would carry you from the car to your house, bride style, making you giggle when he stepped inside the doorframe. He would place you on the couch without your crutches, so you were alone without the ability to get up. When he came in the door, he didn’t say anything, only bit his lip, concentrating in placing the correct pillow under the left foot.

“Michael. It’s the right foot. “ You smiled as he looked up at you with concerned eyes and a real smile.

“Oh. “ he mumbled placing the pillow under the right food. He then sat at the floor, the closest to your face and turned on the tv. There was a movie playing that you both just kinda watched and made fun of the crappy productions. After half an hour, he said something serious. “Want something to eat, angel? “

“Yeah, actually. Do we have pizza from yesterday? “ You nodded and sat up in the couch, because you had to pee. So when Michael went into the kitchen, you saw an opportunity to go to the bathroom. You grabbed your crutches and hurried to bathroom. You really wanted to be with Michael as much as possible and… you wanted to see the ending to the crappy movie. So when you were done, you humped fast back to the living room where Michael stood with wide eyes and open mouth.

“The fuck? Where were you? “ he asked, rushing towards you grapping your waist.

“Peeing. It’s what some humans do. “ You said, tilting your head. “Maybe not Beyoncé. But you know, she’s immortal. “  Michael didn’t even smile at your weird comment, which he usually would do. He just lifted you up, making you drop your crutches. He laid you down on the couch very carefully.

“You can’t move. “ He said with a small smile, but his eyes meant it. “I don’t want you getting hurt. “ He dropped to his knees, so his face was only inches from yours.

“Honey, it’s only a sprained ankle. “ You grinned, but he was dead serious. His grey, gorgeous eyes looked upset as if he didn’t understand how you could take it so calmly.

“I don’t want you getting hurt. “ He repeated. You cupped his face and kissed him, letting your lips moving over his. You pulled away looking him in the eye, with a slight smirk.

“I won’t. “

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The slight difference in Gideon’s face after the two very contradicting statements Jude threw at him, made me a little giddy.

Rays of Hope [part 1????]

aaaaa so I made a thingie for @craziiwolf​‘s Kageyama Blindness au, mostly because I was hit with inspiration at 10:00 last night, but also because I really like this au- it’s just really unique in my opinion, and gives you a different perspective on the characters. Like I said,  I threw this together at 10 pm (that’s the best time for writing though, isn’t it?), so hopefully it’s not as bad as I think!! Anyways, enjoy <3

Chapters/ Parts: 1 [maybe??]

Word/ Page Count:  1672 words, 5 pages

Notes: they’ll be at the end (; if I put them here at the beginning everything would be given away, ahaha 

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What’s Smut? (Azura x Niles)

“My sweet Takumi, how I wish I could taste your tasty lips.” Leo said as he cupped Takumi’s chin in his hands. His perfume was intoxicating and Leo was beginning to lose control.

“Oh but you can Leo, or should I say… my love.” Takumi’s breathed hotly. He couldn’t contain himself anymore. He threw himself on Leo, thrusting his tongue into the other man’s mouth and-

“What are you writing there, sweetie?”


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Pairing: Reader x Steve
Word Count: 1,398
Warnings: Mental and verbal abuse, bad overprotective (?)
Request:  hey! I love your writing and was wondering if you could write one with Steve being overprotective over the reader which leads to her leaving and just idk the rest is up to you! Lots of angst please :’)
A/N: The little story about chlamydia that I threw in there was actually something that my best friend did when she was about 6 or 7 so have fun laughing at my best friend,  I sure know I did when she told me that story. Also sorry that this veered toward abuse, wasn’t my intent but overprotective and mental/verbal abuse goes hand and hand. Requests are open.

When you first met Steve Rogers you were over the moon excited. Your grandfather, Dum Dum Dugan, had always spoken so highly of Steve that you could only imagine how amazing he was, but since he was assumed dead you never dreamed of having the chance to meet him in person. A few years after your grandfather passed Steve was found, but still you didn’t think you’d actually meet him. You did however, it happened one afternoon when you were walking to your apartment from a small pizzeria next door. When you got to your door you noticed the vacant apartment across from yours had its door opened and it didn’t look vacant anymore. You took it upon yourself you to meet your newest neighbor, so you knocked on the doorway and when nobody responded you turned to go into your apartment. Although, when you turned around you noticed a man carrying a stack of boxes up the staircase.

“You must be the new neighbor, need some help with those boxes?” you ask the pizza in your hands momentarily forgotten.

“I’ve got these, give me a second,” he said, a deep voice protruding from behind the stack of boxes. You moved from the doorway to allow the man entrance to his apartment. Once he set the boxes down and turned around you nearly fainted.

“Oh my god,” you gasped covering your mouth with your free hand. Steve looked a slight bit deflated at your response, presumably because he thought you were simply another fangirl. He wasn’t wrong. “You have no idea how great it is to meet you, my grandfather always told me amazing stories of you when I was growing up. He would’ve been ecstatic to have gotten to see you again,” you said, feeling as if you were on cloud nine. Once you saw a look of confusion sweep across his face you realized you hadn’t introduced yourself. “The name’s (Y/n) Dugan,” you say smiling at your grandfather’s memory.

“You’re Dum’s grandkid?” Steve asked and you nodded. “Wow,” he mumbled to himself.

“I have pizza if you want to join me and you could tell me embarrassing stories about my grandpa, believe me, it would definitely be revenge on how many he’s told me of you,” you offer, lifting the box of pizza you were carrying.

“I’d like that,” he said, giving a half smile.

From then on you and Steve had gotten very close, and eventually he asked you out, leading to your relationship. No matter what he had always seemed to be one step ahead of you in your relationship, when you were only friends he acted like a boyfriend, he would get very protective of you when you went out to a bar for drinks or tried to take him to a club, which you originally found endearing, but it only got worse when you started dating. He insisted on knowing your precise location every moment of the day, you originally wrote this off as him being worried that Hydra would try to take you so you ignored it. If you were texting someone he wanted to know who, at first when you responded with no one because it truly was nobody of importance he would accept that but as you dated longer he became pushier and even insisted on knowing your phone’s passcode so he could get in. You eventually met his team but god forbid you talk to anyone on it besides Natasha or Wanda because he would get super jealous and say the guys liked you and, even though you knew they were only being friendly, you originally assumed he knew what he was talking about because he had known the guys much longer than you and probably knew their ticks. Although you stopped believing him when it became a regular thing for him to assume any guy you talked to liked you, and on the off chance thy did he would not let you live it down, and treats it like it was your fault. These were only a few of the signs to a much bigger problem that had developed over the year and 3 months that you had been dating him.

“Stevie can I talk to you?” you asked meekly, scared of how he would respond because of how unpredictable his emotions had been as of late.

“Sure honey, what’s on your mind?” he asked softly and you almost felt safe. Don’t be fooled, there were good times in your relationship and those are what had kept you clinging to hope for so long, but it was time to face the music. He wasn’t always the Steve that bought you flowers or told you how much he loved and valued you or the Steve that took you to the carnival, won you the biggest teddy bear he could then kissed you on the Ferris Wheel, or even the Steve from that first night you met him who laughed uncontrollably at your story of when you thought getting chlamydia meant getting pregnant so you told your moms to nail person congratulations when you overheard her tell your mom she thought she had it. Sure you had some great times where you genuinely believed he loved you, but there were also times you had wished they had never unfrozen him.

“You’ve been really on edge lately, are you okay?” you asked, hoping you can resolve the problem without having to go to extremes. This comment seemed to have changed his mood and you suddenly regretted saying anything at all.

“What, are you saying you think something is wrong with me? Well, I’m just fine (Y/n), no thanks to you,” he replied the harshness in his tone cutting like knives in a fist fight. The force behind his words and the way he said them made you feel like his mood was your fault for a second but you knew this to be otherwise because you had been nothing short of the perfect girlfriend recently. So you knew he was only blaming you because he felt it easiest.

“You always do this Steve; everything is always my fault no matter what. Ultron could come back online and destroy the world and you would somehow find a way to blame it on me and I am tired of it,” you say angrily, feeling your heart pumping faster.

“I do not (Y/n)! “ Steve yelled and you could’ve sworn you saw a glass shake from the force. Normally you would’ve cowered in fear but today you were feeling bold.

“Yes, you do Steve. That’s not the only thing you do either, I can’t talk to guys, ever or you’ll just keep telling me how every single guy I have ever spoken to or will speak to has a crush on me. I have tried so hard to overlook how overprotective you are but I just can’t anymore,” you say angrily.

“I’m protective over the things that belong to me, ca-“he started but you cut him off.

“Steven Grant Rogers, did you just refer to me as you property? I am nobody’s property. I am a living, breathing, human being who belongs to herself and nobody else. I was trying to make you aware of a problem and you just turned it back around on me. I am done, Steve. This relationship is venomous so I’m chopping the head off, and believe me when I say, two heads won’t grow back this time. My grandfather would be disgusted if he knew you turned out like this. I am breaking up with you Steven. Goodbye,” you said as you grabbed your keys and left his apartment, tears streaming down your face as you ran out of your building.

You had planned on moving to a new apartment but when you finally left your best friend’s house to go get some clothes you found Steve’s apartment empty, and now, six months later, somebody has finally moved into the apartment across the hall. He is tall, very well built and has longish brown hair. “Hey there neighbor, I’m (Y/n) Dugan, I live across the hall. Welcome to the building.”


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summary michael gets a bit hot and bothered by your victory dance.

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