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Benny x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Are you filming Ethan or (Y/N)?” Rory asked as Benny lost track of what he was doing as he stared at you.

“Ethan… why would I film (Y/N)?” Benny scoffed.

“Because you’re in love with her, well you’re obsessed with her.” Rory retorted, rolling his eyes as he sighed.

“I am not I just think she’s cute that’s all.” Benny shook his head, almost dropping the camera as you waved at him.

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Naughty Girl

Prompt: Despite Groff’s insistence, you did not have a crush on Pippa and she definitely didn’t have a crush on you.

Warning: Femslash and just a bit of teasing, but other than that… It’s innocent ;)

A/N: Day 2 of the @hamwriters write-a-thon. Another first for me since I have never written for Pippa or femslash. Cheers, hope you guys enjoy.

“Y/N, will you help me?”

Pippa’s soft voice calling your name made you jolt up from your seat on the floor where you were doing your routine stretches before the show. “Y-Yes, what can I help you with?” you stammer, your gaze flickering to her shapely legs.

She was sitting on the ground, legs stretched out to a ‘v’ shape, and when she reached out to you, you realize what she needed help with. You plop down to the ground, mimicking her pose, and for good measure, wipe your sweaty palms along your leggings before grabbing her hands. You pull her towards you, gulping when you see her muscles flex and relax.

After a few reps of stretching, she gives you a sweet smile that puts a goofy grin on your face.

“Thank you, Y/N. You don’t need it, but break a leg tonight!” she calls over her shoulder as she exited the room.

You sigh, watching her lithe form. From the corner of your eye, you see Groff saunter next to you.

“Shut up,” you grumble as he helps you up to your feet.

“I wasn’t going to say anything,” he hums.

You roll your eyes. “I know you too well to know what you’re thinking.”

No matter how much you tried to persuade Groff that you simply admired the talented Pippa and was constantly impressed by her kindness, he was convinced that your feelings for her were beyond platonic. As a matter-of-fact, he had a theory that she didn’t have innocent feelings towards you either.

Ever since you joined the ensemble as the new “Bullet” you were swept up in the chaotic world of the entertainment business. You somehow managed to balance performing every day of the week, meeting fans you didn’t know you have, and squeezing in smaller gigs for extra pocket money. Luckily, Groff offered you a temporary place to stay until you had your bearings together. As a struggling dancer in New York, you never had time to date, especially now when your career was only beginning.

The more pressing issue was that you’ve never dated a woman, either. You were an open-minded person, love is love, after all, but having feelings for a woman was new territory for you. It was different, scary, but above all, exciting.

You run a hand down your face at your thoughts. But it’s not like you liked Pippa. You just thought she was beautiful, caring, kind, and put together - qualities that you admired in a person. She was a great friend.

“Oooh, care to share your thoughts?” Groff teases, “those expressions on your face while you had your little internal monologue seemed like they were juicy.”

“Just be quiet and get ready for the show will you?” you groan, pushing him away from you.

He laughs but decides to let the subject go.

Relieved, you continued to stretch and prepare for the show.

“Want to share a cab with me tonight?” Pippa asks as she exited the stage during intermission.

After the show, a few of the cast and crew were going out for drinks at a bar that recently opened to relieve some of the stress from the week. “You’re coming?” you asked, surprised.

“I don’t know, I kind of want to let loose tonight,” she giggles, biting her bottom lip, “don’t you ever get an urge to do something crazy?”

You glance at her lips, red and lush, heart pounding heavily. You shake your head and look away, focusing on making it to Groff’s dressing room without making a fool of yourself. “I guess,” you reply nonchalantly.

“Perfect! So meet me after the show in my dressing room tonight, alright?” she claps her hands and then squeezes your arm before heading over to Jasmine, who called her over to look at something on her phone.

You inwardly groan, ignoring the lingering warmth of her touch on the spot where she touched you, and deciding to forgo Groff’s dressing room entirely. You made a beeline to the stairs that led for the rooftop, hoping that the fresh air would help soothe your unsettled mind.

Pippa was sin wrapped in leather.

You couldn’t take your eyes off her. Her black leather pants were practically painted on her long legs and the leather corset accentuated her small waist. To top it off, her lips were painted red, a promise of a wild night.

“Ready?” she grins, grabbing your hand and tugging you towards the exit. She rolled her eyes and laughed at the catcalls from the staff and crew. “Sorry I took so long; my pants weren’t cooperating. Did everyone go on ahead?”

Your face heats up, hoping she didn’t see your lingering gaze on her hips. “Yeah, Groff said he already has a table covered for us.”

“Perfect,” she smiles, leading you to the yellow cab that waited on the street.

You climb in first, your breath catching when she slides in next to you. Her legs were pressed against yours and she was so close that you could smell her perfume. A tingle went down your spine.

You let out a shaky breath, sending prayers to the skies above that you were going to make it out of this cab alive.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Normal Pippa was an angel.

A real-life angel that listened to your problems, complimented how cute you looked even when you didn’t have make-up on, and gave soup to Groff to give to you when you were stuck at home with a fever.

But tipsy Pippa?

Boy, she was something else.

You give a panicked look over your shoulder at Groff as she dragged you to the dancefloor, but he merely threw his head back and laughed. Before you got lost in the crowd, you swore that he made sure everyone got a good look at the two of you leaving to dance.

Pippa stops and faces you, her face flushed pink and a playful smile on her lips. She grabs your hand and lifts it in the air as she swayed her hips. “Come on, I know you can dance,” she yells, encouraging you to move.

You stay rooted to the spot, blood rushing to your head as you watched her move.

The enticing beat of ‘Naughty Girl’ by Beyoncé rung through the air and her smile turns sultry. She turns, back facing you, and guides your hand so it rests on her exposed hipbone. She grinds against you, the movement so sexy that your hand tightens on her skin.

“Pippa,” you groan when her body brushes against yours again.

She doesn’t seem to hear you and continues to dance. She presses your hand harder against her, while her other hand moved up to cup your neck.

“C’mon Y/N,” she purrs, “let it loose.”

In your mind, you hear something break.

The dam that held back the attraction you felt for Pippa reached its limit. It broke and poured over you in waves, enveloping you, and pushing you to yank her closer to your body. You moved with her, the dance so seductive, so fucking sweet, that you felt your body thrum in pleasure.

Oh fuck yes,” Pippa swore.

Your hands reached for her hips, helping her move against you, your grip so tight that you thought you’d break her. She didn’t mind, in fact, it encouraged her to be bolder, keeping hands in her hair as she danced erotically against you.

You stare at her, entranced. The creamy expanse of her neck was revealed, begging to be paid attention to. If you just angled your head right…

The feathery touch of your lips against her soft skin made the dam that was already broken crumble into dust.

Not missing a beat, Pippa spins on her heel and tugs you down for a kiss. She tilts your head, tongue searching for yours. You moan against her lips, your body on fire at the contact.

She draws back, chuckling when you lean forward to try to keep the kiss going. “I’ve been waiting for you to finally get the hint that I like you.”

You smile, her confession making you feel warm. “I think I’ve been trying to ignore it the whole time,” you say, “this is just so new and sudden, but fuck, it feels so right.”

A smile slowly spreads across Pippa’s face. “Let’s get out of here and make up for lost time,” she hums, “then we can talk about it.”

You accept her hand and she leads you toward the exit, anticipation burning in your veins.

You closed the door to your apartment as quietly as you could the next morning. It was 8 o’clock, and Groff, a heavy sleeper, usually slept in on Sundays. You wanted to be extra careful with not waking him.

Your knees buckle when you see him sitting on a barstool in the kitchen, facing the entrance of the apartment.

He sees your disheveled hair, clothes that were definitely not yours, and the satisfied glow. He jumps up from his seat, beaming.

“Finally!” he yells, “I knew Pippa, the little spitfire, had something planned in her head of hers when she said she wanted to come out last night!”

You groan, knowing that you weren’t going to hear the end of it.

“Here,” Groff grins, reaching behind him to hand you a homemade cake that read:


“Are you fucking kidding me?” you spat, glaring at him.

“Or you could swing both ways, I don’t care. I’ll still love you.”

You let out a hysterical laugh. “You’re insane. I’m moving out.”

“With Pippa? Is it already that serious? Was it that good last night?” he prods, putting the cake back on the counter when you refused to take it.

“Groff,” you whine, laughing as you playfully shoved him away.

“Oh my god, it was that good!” he gasps, “tell me all about it.”

You ignore him and start heading to your room.

“Don’t you dare! I’ve been rooting for you two since I noticed you couldn’t keep your eyes off of her legs the first time she wore a dress to the theater.”

You pause in front of your room. “Three months ago? Two weeks after I started?”

Groff smiles. “Yes,” he answers, “and she may or may not have interrogated me about you once she found out you were living with me. I’m glad it turned out wonderfully. You look happy.”

You give him a soft smile. “I am. We’re going on a date tomorrow night.”

“Should I wait for you to come home? Or are you going to have a repeat performance of last night?”

You slam the door in his face.

sugajpg-deactivated20170619  asked:

first kiss + taehyung (bc i'm very soft today)

What would happen if I kissed you?

Genre: fluff | model!tae | artist!kook (i’m trash)

Pairing: taekook (happy Pride month)

Words: 2k (this is why i can’t do drabbles)


First kisses are never like one expects them to be, and they never come unexpectedly—unless they are stolen. There is an electricity that wafts in the air, one that resembles the tension clouding the skies before a storm, but no one would be able to say whether it is a good thing or not. It is a haze, formed by a nebulose of nerves and childish fears and silly hopes.

Will he like the taste of my lips?

Does my breath smell?

Is it his first time too?

Some people remember their first kiss as a series of questions, a flood of interrogatives that inundated their minds right before the moment took place, when they felt like their hearts were about to implode at the sensation of tender lips working so naively over their own. Others would only remember the scene as in a movie, something they witnessed from afar and that faded away with time, blurred by the resplendent patina of memories. They will edit out all the details that could have tainted that moment they want to cherish forever. Those are the ones who want the story, more than the memory, and they need to feel the romanticism of a kiss under a moonlit sky, or in the park where they met their soulmate, not near the trashcans at the end of their street and with a boy they will forget in a couple of years.

Jungkook knew all that. He too had grown watching movies in which a first kiss was nothing less than a major event in life. In those films, the characters always closed their eyes before they kissed the other, smiling sweetly all through it. They were never clumsy, or unconfident. They never hit each other’s heads in the process, or laughed at the weird sensation.

He couldn’t say he had not tried in the past, but he doubted one could consider an innocent peck in kindergarten a ‘first kiss.’

And yet, when he finally gave away his first kiss—although rather reluctantly at first—he could promise and swear that his mind was blissfully blank, and that there was absolutely no detail he would have chosen to erase.

Who would have said being kissed by him could feel so perfect?

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“Best Friends” (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: I was going to write this request: “Could you write something with the reader cheating on her boyfriend with Peter? (bc I love drama and suffering)” and I wanted to change the cheating part a bit. Then I realized I wrote something entirely different, idk what this is now.

Warnings: Abusive relationship

Word Count: 1,207

A/N: This needs a part 2 but only if you request it, if you don’t like it then it’s okay :D

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Drizzle outside was filling the small apartment with cold. Y/N tightened her sweater more, she was freezing. The coffee cup on her hands was not helping. She sighed and watched outside, noisy cars running down the streets, people trying to escape from the rain. She checked her watch, only to be disappointed, it was happening again. It was already 11 p.m. in the evening. It was not late but her boyfriend was surely late again.

She pulled her earphones off, music still playing in the background, Afraid by The Neighbourhood. She headed towards to the kitchen, feeling her bare feet freezing. Just when she opened the fridge she heard noises coming from the hall. She stride to the front door and the scene was not very cheerful. “Where were you again?” she sighed while grabbing her boyfriend’s arms who was barely able to walk anymore. “Just shut up for a while, will you? My head feels like it’s blowing right now…” he mumbled and leaned on Y/N, since he was not able to carry his own weight. Y/N shut her eyes, trying to control her tears. She was not going to show her weakness to him.

Her boyfriend was not like this only two months ago. He cared about her more than anything; they moved in together to a new house, they were even going to get engaged until a life changing event happened. They lost all their money and while trying to get back to their normal life, they became weaker. Now, it was too hard to call the thing between them love, everything was gone.

Y/N threw him to the old couch and he groaned: “Be careful!”

“I don’t have to take care of you! Stop complaining!” Y/N yelled, no longer holding her tears. The boy looked at her in disgust and murmured: “Then leave,” knowing that she had no place to go.

Y/N shook her head, still sobbing. “Go to hell!” She yelled one last time and ran to the hall. She grabbed her coat and shut the door.

The cold breeze of New York City hitting her face, she was trying to concentrate on where to go. Her family lived in another city, all her friends were gone for college to somewhere else, and no one had chosen to live there except her. Or she thought so.

She pulled out her phone to check her contacts and she found someone. She thought for a second whether or not to call the person but when she remembered she had nowhere else to go, she clicked the call button. She bit her lips nervously while the phone was ringing.

“Hello Y/N!”

She let out a sigh when Peter answered her call, she was smiling now. “Hi Peter? How’s it going?”

“Fine. H-How are you? I was actually surprised when I saw you calling me; we hadn’t talked in like months?” Peter asked anxiously, he was clearly smiling like a dork.

“Well… I-I’m really sorry for that but you know, I wasn’t-“

“It’s not your fault, you were going to get engaged and we- Never mind, I could have called you too.”

“Right…” Y/N started biting her lips once again, the embarrassment she was feeling sent warm vibes through her body.

“So… What’s going on?” Peter asked to change the topic, he was feeling extremely awkward.

“Look… Peter, I need to ask you a favor…”

“Sure. Anything you want.”

“I-I need a place to stay for a while. I will completely understand if you wouldn’t feel comfortable with-

“Are you kidding me? Of course you can stay in my place as long as you want, let me text you the address,” he chuckled excitingly causing Y/N to giggle, now she was feeling warm once again, not because of embarrassment, because of how Peter made her feel as if they were in high school once again.

“Thank you Peter,” was all she could manage to say in that moment. They hung up and Y/N headed to Peter’s new apartment.

Before knocking on his door, Y/N stood there for a while, thinking about the history they had together. They had been best friends for years until they started dating at freshman year. Everything was perfect between them, they knew every little detail about each other, and trust was not an issue. Until that one day they broke up over a stupid thing and never got back to each other. They were no longer best friends; Y/N had someone else.

She shook her head, thinking of what she was doing right now, it was stupid. He didn’t deserve Peter. She pulled out her wallet, trying to find some money for a motel to stay for a night, she only had five dollars. She whispered: “Nice,” and without thinking, she knocked on the door.

When the door was open, she felt her heart skipping a beat. However, it was normal. She was seeing her first love after months. Peter was the same as she left. His soft brown hair messy as always, hardly visible bags under his eyes (being both Spiderman and Peter Parker was not easy), wearing the same red sweater he used to wear nearly every day at school. Most importantly, he was still Peter Parker. He was kind and he was offering his house to someone who has left him.

“Wow… You look… different.

“Yeah people say that I have changed a lot… But you look the same Peter,” she chuckled quietly, not knowing what to do.

“And you also look extremely cold. Come on! Get inside!” Peter moved to let Y/N in and shut the door.

“So how’s the bug boy doing?” Y/N teased Peter. They were sitting in the living room, a cup of tea in Y/N’s hands and she was wrapped in a blanket.

“Hey! I thought we were both okay with calling me Spiderman in junior year!” Peter chuckled. All of these didn’t seem real. He was extremely anxious and ecstatic at the same time. After all he was still in love with her. They stayed in silence for a while after Y/N broke it. “Peter… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything I have done and I’m sorry for still wanting things from you. You didn’t even have you pick that phone up in the first place. I can’t believe I-“ Y/N gasped and shut her eyes: “Thank you,” she whispered, remembering what had happened back at her apartment, back at high school with Peter.

“Hey, hey just relax. It’s obvious that something bad had happened to you. Don’t go hard on yourself, it’s not time for us to argue. After all, we are still best friends.” Y/N shook her head an opened her eyes, a single tear falling down on her cheek.

Peter got up and sat down beside her. Although he felt his cheeks burning, he threw his arms around her and placed his chin on top of her head. “I know you don’t have to tell me anything but for the old times sake, can you please let me know what happened. I can’t stand seeing you like this Y/N-“

Without letting Peter finish his sentence, the door was knocked harshly, making both of their hearts race.

Arguments {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, 56 and 2 with pan please?

“Y/n, you’re being unreasonable!”

“Oh I’M the one being unreasonable?! I’m not the one who practically THREW that poor boy into a tree! All because he was wondering if I wanted help with my archery!”

“All he was doing was looking for an excuse to touch you! Why are you so stupid and naive not to see that?!” He raised his hands in exaggeration, being overly-dramatic to the situation.

With the last comment, you scoffed. You were not gonna be made a fool in front of everyone else as they watched your little scene. Sure, the names hurt, but Pan was just being immature as usual whenever you two have a fight.

The lost boys around the two of you mentally and physically rolled their eyes, for this argument with literally the fifth on that SAME week. It’s starting to just be an everyday thing for them to listen to, to where they were sure one of these days one of you will say the wrong thing and actually stop talking to each other altogether. 

But, that day wouldn’t come today or any other day. Everyone on the island knew you and Pan were madly in love with one another, that no matter how many fights you had, you or him would always crawl right back. Which is exactly why everyone decided to just watch that exact plan play out. 

“I hate you!” Pan spat, his eyes turning a darker shade than his regular eye color. “I hate how every time I protect what’s mine, I’M the one who’s wrong!”

“You love me! And that’s what you can’t stand! That you are actually obsessed with someone other than yourself for once! And you know what? Maybe I have had it with your possessive behavior! I can’t eat too close to a lost boy, I can’t hang with a lost boy by myself! I’m done, Peter! I’m officially done!”

You shoved him in the chest for the final effect, turning away from the shocked boy and heading in the other direction, away from the camp and into the forest. Pan stood there for a moment, watching as you walked further away from him. James, one of the lost boys, was standing next to Felix, holding up three fingers while Felix counted down.


Once Felix said the final number, Pan rushed over to you in a heartbeat and grabbed your forearm firmly, but as gently as he could, turning you back around to face him.

“What!” You went to scream, but was silenced by the feel of Pan’s lips on yours; silencing and clearing the thoughts that were racing through your mind mere seconds ago. 

Melting into the kiss, you had your hands rested on his waist while his were holding the sides of your face, deepening the kiss. Whistling and claps were heard from behind the two of you, as the lost boys cheered at their obvious prediction.

“You’ll always come crawling back, won’t you Pan?” Another lost boy, snickered, making him pull away from the kiss and glare darkly at the boy.

“Um, did I ask you? No? So shut up.” 

...and Always

Alright part to of “Forever…” is here! I couldn’t help myself, I’m so sorry. Here goes. 

Words: 1344

Triggers: Character Death


“Alright here ya go. All the boxes are in the house, now you just have to unpack,” Aaron told me, dropping the keys into my hands. “Good luck.”

“Thanks for everything Aaron!” I called as he got into his car and drove away. I waved and then walked up and unlocked my new front door.

All of the sudden I was picked up bridal style.

“Thomas! What are you doing?” I shrieked as I heard his deep laugh.

“We’re moving into our new home so I have to carry my future wife across the threshold!”


You and Thomas had met two years after you moved to Spain. You had come back for the summer and had decided to move to Paris in the fall. You wanted to start as a world history major, so all of the traveling was good for you.

You two first meet here in the states, just briefly before you moved. Then you bumped into each other again in Paris.

You became friends, started dating, and then the two of you were engaged to be married in November after you return home.

Everything had gotten easier in your life. There was still some pain in your heart after leaving, but meeting Thomas had eased your heart.

Now the two of you were getting your new start. You were getting married in three months and you had never been happier.


“Excuse me is anyone here? I have an appointment with a tailor for a wedding dress?” you called into the seemingly empty stores.

“Yes just a minute!” you heard a voice call. Heavy footsteps came running down the stairs.


“Hello Hercules,” you said as you turned to him.

“Oh my gosh. You’re back,” he told you. He had a sad look on his face. “How are you?”

“I’m good. I’m great actually. How are you?” you asked him genuinely wanting know.

“I’m good. It’s really great to see you. I just want to say, before you stop me, that I’m really sorry about everything that happened. I know that we really hurt you. I guess I didn’t see it coming until it was too late. And then you were gone. Could you ever forgive me?”

He looked like he was going to cry. You felt like you were. You nodded.

“Of course Herc the Merc.” He laughed at the old nickname and wrapped you in a hug.

“Thank you so much Y/N. It means a lot. I’ve missed you. I know everyone else has too. Would you like to see them?”

You broke from the hug.

“Yeah that sounds… really nice. Can you get away?” you asked. He nodded and whipped out his phone and texted everyone.

“Alright let’s get you ready. Today we are tailoring… a wedding dress?” He exclaimed, fairly shocked. You blushed.

“Uh yes. I am getting married.”

“To whom?”


“JEFFERSON! YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED TO JEFFERSON?” Alexander shouted. You flinched.

You told your entire story to Hercules as he was taking your measurements. He told you how Alexander and Thomas didn’t get along, so you were expecting this. You had all made up, hugs passed around, tears being shed.

“Yes Alexander I am. I don’t know why this is such a big deal to you,” you stated calmly. You accepted congratulations from John and the sisters.

Alex sat back down with a pout, grumbling a slight sorry.

“Congratulations Y/N. May I share some news as well?” Lafayette asked.

“Thank you Laf. And yes go right ahead,” you told him smiling. You didn’t have any feeling for him anymore, so you were hoping that he had moved on to someone who wasn’t Jo.

“Well since you announced your engagement, I’m going to announce mine. I asked Adrienne to marry me. She said yes,” He told you. Everyone started cheering and a huge grin broke out on your face.

You gave him a big hug.

“Congrats Laf! I’m so happy for you!”

Everyone passed around their congratulations and warm wishes. Alexander was still fuming in the corner, but Eliza got him to sit up at least.

Your heart felt warmer than ever. You had your friends back, even though there was still a bit of tension in the air, and a wonderful man to wake up next to for the rest of your life.


“I’m glad that you made up with everyone my sweet. Although I did meet that Alexander Hamilton guy. He isn’t my type,” Thomas told you. You laughed and kissed him on his check.

“Well don’t worry about him. Now what did James say about being your best man?” You asked him with a giant grin on your face.

“He said yes.”

You squealed. “Oh that’s so great! Dolley said yes to becoming my maid of honor as well!”

Thomas smiled and pulled you into a giant hug, giving you a warm kiss on the lips.

“I love you so much Thomas.”

“I love you too my angel. Always.”

“Forever and always,” you replied.

You paused.

“Can we invite Hercules and the others to the wedding?”



Everything was going nicely. Hercules had tailored you a beautiful wedding dress and everyone decided that they would come to your wedding.

Eliza was forcing Alexander to show up.

When you were finally able to meet Adrienne she was one of the nicest people that you had ever meet. The two of you stayed up for hours talking, and she was also going to be one of your bridesmaids.

“Adrienne I have to confess to you that I was once in love with Laf, before I moved to Spain. I just thought that you should know, just in case this changes something about our friendship,” you told her as the two of you were having lunch together.

“I suspected. I know that Lafayette was once in love with you too. But I know that neither of you have feelings for the other anymore. I can see the way that you look at Thomas, like he’s the only one in the room. He looks at you the same way,” she told you, giving you one of her best smiles.

“Yeah. I can see that in the way that Lafayette looks at you.”

The two of you smiled, and continued chatting. After a while you left to go meet the boys in the park. You threw away all of your trash and walked out of the small coffee shop.

You started to cross the street, lost in your thoughts about everything that had just happened and will be happening.

You heard Adrienne scream.


Then darkness.

“Today we are here to honor the memory of Miss Y/N who was killed three days ago in a hit and run. We have two men here who would like to say something in her memory. Mr. Jefferson would you like to start?”

The entire audience was silent except for the soft sounds of crying. Thomas wiped his tears away and walked up to the podium.

“Y/N was the love of my life. I loved her more than anything in the entire world. We went through a lot of problems together, and I will never forget her, never move on. She was one of the nicest people and sacrificed a lot for others. But she was also one of the strongest. She went through a lot of stuff but she fought through it. She was my rock and I’m always going to love her. Always.”

“Mr. Lafayette?”

Tears were falling even faster now.

“Y/N was my best friend. I hate to say that there was a time that we stopped being best friends, because I ended up pushing her to the side. I regret everything about that year, and I wish that I could go back and make it all better. Because if I didn’t push her away that year, maybe she wouldn’t have left and we wouldn’t be sitting here today. Y/N you will always be my best friend. Always.”


“Yeah, forever and always.”

Guess Who → 5SOS Smut

Pairing: All of the boys x Reader

Request: Yes

“So, how about truth or dare.” Calum asked and downed his cup. “Truth or dare or more like ‘do something naughty or tell me who you’re into’.” I replied. “Oh c'mon don’t be a buzzkill (Y/N) it’s gonna be fun!” Ashton said and slung his arm around my shoulders. “I have a better idea.” Michael smirked, “how about guess who?” he asked and wiggled his eyebrows.

All the boys agreed and I looked at them confused because I didn’t know how to play that game. “What’s that?” I asked. “It’s easy. We’re gonna blindfold you and you have to guess who of us is kissing you.” Luke explained with a huge smile on his face.

“Kiss me?” I asked shocked. “We could do something else as well.” Calum smirked. “You gotta be kidding me? I might be drunk but not that drunk.” This idea was insane. We are all best friends and that would be just weird.

“C'mon (Y/N)! That would be so much fun.” Luke begged. “Why don’t we blindfold you then huh? I think it would be funny if they would make out with you.” I snapped.

“Maybe next time. C'mon. You’re not gonna regret it.” Ashton smiled and placed his hand on my thigh. I sighed and nodded after all. This couldn’t turn out too bad and if it’s just a little making out session I couldn’t complain.

Ashton removed his bandana and put it around my eyes. “Can you see?” He asked. “No.” I honestly replied and took a deep breath. I suddenly became really nervous about this game. “Don’t worry (Y/N). You’re gonna love it.” Michael said in a raspy voice and stroked over my cheek.

“Alright. Now sit down on the floor and relax.” Calum instructed. I did as I was told, I awkwardly rose from the couch and sat down on the floor. The relaxing part was a little bit more difficult. I felt my heartbeat increase when I heard the boys whisper about something I couldn’t understand.

“Are you ready?” Ashton asked. I nodded and bit my lip. I couldn’t see anything so I tried to keep my focus on the hearing, it was very hard to concentrate and listen to my surroundings, all I heard was my blood pumping through my ears.

A few seconds later I felt a pair of hands on my cheeks and shortly after, soft lips on mine. I was shocked for a moment but kissed back right away. I didn’t know who it was at first but when I placed my hand on the boys neck and ran my hand through his hair, I realized it was Ashton. But the kiss felt so good I didn’t want it to stop. Our lips collided again and again, and all of a sudden he pulled away from me. “Guess who?” Luke asked from a small distance. “Ashton.” I replied breathlessly. “Good guess babe.” He said and I could literally hear his smirk. “Okay. Next one.” He said.

A pair of hands now ran over my thighs, stopping right at my lady parts. I wanted to say something but cut myself off when I felt one of them sucking on my neck, right on my sweet spot. I bit my lip to keep myself from moaning. He sucked harshly and kissed it afterwards to ease the pain a little. He softly pushed me down and hovered over me without braking the contact between his lips and my neck once. His hand moved from my upper thigh up to my belly all the way to my breasts. A quiet moan escaped my mouth when he squeezed them slightly. I had an idea now who it might me, I opened my mouth to speak but my words were stuck in my throat. “Guess who.” Ashton asked and the boy who was on top of me quickly stopped and got off me. I sighed at the loss of contact and tried to focus again. “Michael. I think.” I guessed. “Awh man! What gave me away? It was the boob grab wasn’t it?” I laughed and nodded. “It was.”

“Damn it. The next one is gonna be harder though. Literally.” I heard Ashton laugh from across the room. There was a short silence before someone hovered over me again, pressing me down to the ground. His boner poked my thighs and I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. He pressed his lips onto mine and kissed me passionately. We made out for a couple of minutes before he started kissing down my neck. His hand moved under my skirt and his index finger pressed against the fabric of my wet panties. “M-more” I begged. I knew this was a bad idea but the heat between my legs told me otherwise. I wanted more contact. “So impatient.” I heard someone say but I couldn’t quite make out who of them it was. The boy over me started rubbing over my panties, before he slowly stripped them down my legs. I immediately spread my legs to allow him access to my heated core. He started rubbing slowly over my clit and Michael asked from a distance, “Guess who.” I wanted to speak but all that came out of my mouth were moans. “I- I..” he started rubbing faster and I lost my focus again. I couldn’t think of a name. “Who is it (Y/N)?” Michael asked again and the boy who was working his magic on me stopped his movements at once, leaving me unsatisfied. “I, I’m not sure. I think it’s Luke.” I answered. “Right guess.” He laughed. “You’re really good.”

“It’s my turn to finish the job then.” Calum said proudly. For a moment I felt and heard nothing. I started getting really impatient but before I could say something I felt two fingers slamming inside me. I threw my head back and let out a loud moan. “Oh god.” I arched my back grabbed a fistful of Calum’s hair. His fingers moved in a quick pace and I was overwhelmed by the feeling. “You want more?” He asked. I nodded eagerly and bucked my hips. I let out a loud moan when Calum licked over my slit and started sucking harshly on my clit. “Fuck. Just like that.” I moaned and tugged on his hair, pressing him closer to me. He quickened up his pace, his fingers thrusted hard and fast in and out of me and his tongue swirled around my clit quickly. I felt a familiar knot building up in my stomach. “I’m c-close” I stuttered. He curled his fingers and hit my g-spot over and over again. It didn’t took a long time before my orgasm washed over me hard. Calum continued swirling his tongue around my sensitive clit and rode out my orgasm. “Fuck.” I moaned when he moved away from me.

I breathed heavily, removed the blindfold and noticed some prominent boners. “Well I guess it’s my turn now huh?”

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// Electric Chapel | Lady Gaga / Powerful (feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley) | Major Lazer / Lost Boy | Troye Sivan / Rolling Girl | Mawarine Shuu / Instant Crush | Daft Punk / For Your Entertainment | Adam Lambert / Robot Love | Klaypex ft. GRÉTA / クノイチでも恋がしたい (A Female Ninja but I want to Love!) | Dari & Kuralinu / Between Two Points (feat. Swan) | The Glitch Mob / Robot Boy | Linkin Park / Casual Affairs | Panic! At the Disco / Honeybee | Steam Powered Giraffe / Asymmetry | Kagamine Len [Giga-P] / Aphelion | Scandroid / Losin My Soul | Mystery Skulls / Zephyr | Madeon //

A Genyatta fanmix, made with the help of some rad Anons who threw some music suggestions my way.

Surprises in Small Packages (2/2)

Dean x Pregnant!Reader (Requested)

Imagine being pregnant and trying to find a way to tell Dean, your boyfriend.

Warnings: lightlanguage

Word count: 1,264

A/N: This was a request by @deansquirreljerkwinchester . Hope you enjoy! Requests are open!

Read Part One Here

 "Dean, I’m more then capable of carrying a glass of water to the table,“ this is what you’d been dealing with since you’d told him you were pregnant about a month ago.

   A week later Sam decided to do some redecorating in the Bunker, books, tables, and chairs were spread out across the floor. Of course, nurse Dean had to make a big deal about it.

  "Okay, step here. No no no! Here,” he was guiding you around the maze mess that Sam had made.

  "What the hell are you doing man?“ you couldn’t agree more with Sam’s question.

  "Uh-making sure she doesn’t bump into anything because somebody decided to remodel the entire freaking bunker,” his hand was in front of your stomach as he guided you around.

  "I’m carrying a baby, not a bomb,“ both you and Sam laughed at the statement you’d made. "and besides, my stomach isn’t even that big yet and when it is I’m pretty sure I’ll know when I’m about to run into something.”

  "But what if you can’t see past the bump? I read online once you get far along you won’t be able to see your toes,“ wow-he was overprotective but this was crazy. He might as well have wrapped you in bubble wrap and given you a crash helmet.

  "Okay, sweetheart. No more googling about pregnancies. I’m only five months, and trust me I’ve been doing my research,” you placed a hand on his cheek and continued walking without his help.

  Another month passed by like nothing and your paranoid boyfriend only got worse. Sure it was cute, but your hormonal mind didn’t think so.

 "Don’t eat that!“ he grabbed a bag of potato chips from your hands.

  "I swear if you grab another thing I’m trying to eat out of my hands, I’ll shoot you. Now hand it over,” his eyes got wide in surprise, but reluctantly, he handed back your bag of chips. Rather quickly.

  "I’d just like to point out that I hid all the guns from you,“ this remark earned him a death glare. "I’m just going to go wash Baby,” he ran out as you threw a water bottle at him, hitting him in the back of his head.

  Seven months down, only two more to go. The doctor say you were having a baby girl, you thought Dean the paranoid freak would be upset but he was beyond happy.

  "I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, as long as they’re healthy,“ the sweet moments the two of you shared like this made up for some of the other crazy behavior he’d been having.

  Only a week after that, after only one week of a little peace. Your boyfriend lost it.

  "Dean, just get in the damn bed please,” he was standing by the door, throwing another crazy fit.

  "I’m not sleeping in the same bed with you, and you know why,“ he couldn’t be more serious, which only pissed you off more. Hormones and such.

 "Thinking you’re going to pop my belly is the most ridiculous and stupid thing I’ve ever heard!”

 "No it’s not!“ the two of you had been arguing for the past thirty minutes. "I read online-

  "Didn’t I tell you to stop googling shit?” you raised an eyebrow and crossed your arms.

  "Maybe,“ he paused. "Or maybe you didn’t. You know I read online that when women are pregnant they tend to think they did or said things they actually didn’t,” okay, enough was enough.

  You jumped out of bed as fast as you could, which wasn’t fast, and started chasing after him. Picking up random things and throwing them at him as you ran.

  "Woah!“ Sam had stopped you from your high speed chase around the Bunker halls. "You know you shouldn’t be running like that right? Especially while throwing things,” he took the hardcover book from your hands slowly, making sure you wouldn’t hit him upside the head with it.

  "I’m getting real tired of people telling me what I can and can’t do,“

  "I’m sure you are. Come on, let’s get you some tea and I’ll put on a Disney movie for you,” he’d been the one actually taking care of you since Dean practically refused to touch you in anyway.

“Thanks Sammy. Since someone is incapable of acting like a normal human being!” you shouted the last words loudly in the direction Dean had ran.

  Eight months along now. The bunker was being baby proofed today. Corners were being covered up, electrical sockets too. As usual you were sitting down at the table, not helping. But you weren’t really complaining anymore. The baby had been pushing and kicking a lot the past few weeks and you really didn’t feel up to par with arguing with Dean. Or doing anything for that matter. So you just let him take over.

  "No, don’t move that there. What if when she’s crawling around she reaches up and grabs it?“ you bossed everybody around seeing as you couldn’t, more like wouldn’t get up and help.

  "Now who’s being paranoid?” he loved flipping the tables on you. Quickly you placed a hand on your right side, stiffening your body and letting out a deep breath as you did so. “You okay?” but you didn’t answer.

  "Come here,“

  "No Y/N, I already told you I don’t want to hurt you if I touch you,”

  "Just shut up and come here Winchester,“ reluctantly he placed a hand on the spot you set it. You watched his face light up as your daughter kicked into his touch.

  "That’s cool,” you laughed as he spoke, both of you couldn’t wait to meet her.

  A month later and it was almost your due date. About three days to be exact. Surprisingly, Dean was more concerned with making sure he had a plan for when it was time, then watching your every move. He practiced almost constantly at what he was going to do when your water broke. Sam was supposed to grab the suitcase, Cas was supposed to go start the car, and Dean would grab your jacket and make sure you got to the car safely.

  "Okay, let’s practice again,“ you heard him boss around the two other boys as you were in the kitchen getting a glass of water. They didn’t bother arguing with him, there was no use. You listened as they went over the routine, when a sharp pain went through your stomach. Grasping the sides of your belly you looked down to see water everywhere.

  "Uh-Dean?” he peaked his head around the corner to your call.

  "I’ll clean up the water you spilled in a minute, just go sit down,“ but you didn’t say anything. Really? God you could strangle him. It took him a few seconds to realize what had happened. "Water?” he just looked at you and you gave him a nervous nod.

Quickly he ran to you, holding his hands out in panic.

  "Okay, okay. Should we go to the hospital,“ he didn’t just ask you that did he?

  "No, I thought it would be a good idea to get some crisco and give birth right here. Yes! Take me to the hospital!” he ran to away from you. “Where the hell are you going?!”

  "To get your jacket!“

  "I couldn’t give a damn less about the jacket! Just take me to the hospital!”

  "Right, okay,“ so much for being prepared and having a plan, but by that time tomorrow you’d both be parents to a beautiful baby girl.

all i gave you is gone

(gifs are mine)

part 2/? (part one here)

warnings: none

summary: the reader and Robbie find themselves in an alternate land, in which they have taken over the bodies of their alter egos.

After Robbie had helped calm you down a little bit, the two of you went and followed the path that Felix had clearly made for the two of you. You were still following it, and neither of you had any clue where it would lead you.

“Are you sure we can trust that Felix guy?” you asked Robbie wearily. “We don’t even know where we are and that guy could be a murderer or something. I don’t want to hang out with murderers.”

“We’re on some island that we don’t know our way around, so we need all the help and guidance we can get. He clearly knows who we are, so we obviously we aren’t who we think we are,” Robbie paused, but continued to trudge down the pathway of dirt. “Apparently I know who he is too, or this Peter guy does, anyway. Besides, I don’t think this situation could get any worse.”

“Isn’t that sketchy to you?”

Robbie turned around with an eyebrow raised at you. “Isn’t it sketchy that we fell through the cafeteria doors and ended up here?”

“Touché. But don’t you think we should tell them that we aren’t from here? We aren’t gonna understand anything that they’re talking about.”

“I think that it’s best we play along,” he proposed. “I doubt that my burst of knowledge back there was my last. Same for you. Whoever we are… we might know more than we care to think.”

The two of you turned and continue to follow the path once again. You were nervous about the situation and the thought of being away from home scared you. Were you ever going to see your parents again? Did you leave without saying goodbye to any of your friends? What about your fish, Rainbow? Would anybody remember to feed him, or was he going to die because of your absence? These were all the things running through your mind in the midst of all of this.

Robbie, on the other hand, seemed a little… too comfortable. If you didn’t know any better, you would have said that he looked as if he knew where he was going. Every once in awhile he would stop looking at the line Felix had tracked through the dirt and simply lead us himself. That would last for around 15 seconds, and then he would go back to desperately looking at the ground for the tracks.

Suddenly, you bumped into him. He had stopped and was looking around like he felt something.

“You look like a squirrel sniffing for food.”

Robbie almost cracked a smile. “I can sense people. They’re close.”

“The sixth sense much?” you joked.

“Not dead people,” he retorted. “Living, breathing people. I can smell fire. They’re probably having a campfire. I think that’s where our path is leading to.”

“Felix mentioned something about a camp, didn’t he?”

“Exactly. I think we’re safe here.”

Felix had not lied to you. Within a minute of more walking, you saw a clearing and a fire through some trees. Around ten boys were surrounding the fire. They were cracking jokes, laughing, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Felix was nowhere to be seen.

You and Robbie decided to step through and act as casual as you could. The boys heard your footsteps and the second they laid eyes on both of you, they all fell silent and looked at their feet.

“Are we interrupting something?” Robbie asked them.

One of the boys, who didn’t look up to speak, replied, “No, sorry.”

“Hold on, I’m confused,” Robbie started. “None of you did anything wrong. Go back to enjoying yourselves, I have.. other business to attend to.”

The boys looked confused, but still complied and continued to do whatever it was they were doing before you guys came along.

“What was that all about?” you whispered.

He frowned, “they looked scared of me.”

When you looked up at him, he had a sad look on his face. You knew that he was sensitive to that stuff. Being as though he was not the best as making friends, you didn’t want to imagine what he was feeling when those young boys looked at him with fear in their eyes. 

Who was this Peter Pan guy? More importantly, what had he done to make those boys afraid of him?

“Y/N, come and sit with us!” one of the older boys yelled out to you, patting the empty spot next to him on the log that he sat on.

You eyed at Robbie and shrugged, waiting to see if he was going to let you go over with him. You quickly reminded him that he was the one who told you that you both needed to play along, and this was a way for you to do that. Eventually, he agreed and you walked over to the other boys with a smile on your face.

All the boys looked up at you with urgent looks on their faces. You had no idea what they were doing, but it looked like they were waiting for you to say something.

“So?” the boy with the curly dark brown prompted. “Did he hurt you?”

You shot him a confused look. “Did who hurt me?”

The young one who spoke to Robbie earlier said, “Pan.”

“You mean the boy standing alone over there?” you questioned, still feeling bad for abandoning him in a situation like this. “Of course not, why would he?”

“Did you hit your head or something? He’s a villain.

You had to bite your tongue to hold back your laughter. A guy with a face like that, a villain? Not a chance. But it would make sense if he was one, considering how this group of boys looked at him earlier. And they were worried that he hurt you. That pointed all signs to: yes, he is a villain.

But that wasn’t Peter Pan standing over there by that tree. That was Robbie Kay; he was the shy and quirky boy you had grown up with. That boy standing over there wasn’t a villain; he was your best friend. He might have been in the body of a villain, and maybe you were in the body of a lost, young girl. But neither of you would ever let that change anything.

“He’s no villain. He’s my best friend,” you blurted out.

All the boys fell silent in front of you. You never meant to say that. You never meant to break character. You also never expected for the boys to start laughing hysterically only moments later.

“That’s the best joke I’ve heard in years,” the older one piped out in the midst of his laughter. 

“Yeah, he hates your guts, Y/N!”

“Shut it, Baelfire! He doesn’t hate me that much,” you spat back at him - but it felt like it rolled off your tongue too easily. You began to worry and thought back on what Robbie had said about this earlier.

He was right. And this wasn’t good.

When you looked over at him again, you saw him chatting away with Felix. Thankfully, he still had that same look of confusion on his face - the same one from when you both first stood up on that beach earlier. 

How long had it been since then? Time seemed to just fade away as soon as you came here.

“Y/N, get over here,” Robbie called out to you in a commanding tone.

You stood up and walked over to him and Felix. In Robbie’s hands, he held a wooden crossbow. Then, he held it out to you and you gladly took it from his hands. 

“What’s this for?” you asked the two of them.

“Target practice.”

Your eyes widened at his words. “Target what?”

He cracked a smile and pointed over at the tree on the opposite side of the camp. On it was a painted on bullseye target. 

“No way you’re expecting me to hit that, Rob-” you stopped yourself. “I mean… Pan. There’s no way I can hit that target, Pan.”

“Sure you can!” he encouraged. “Trust yourself. Go on, shoot!”

You looked down at the crossbow and back up at Robbie for reassurance. When your eyes met, he nodded. The look of sympathy he held in his eyes when he looked at you was enough to tell you that it would be okay. Robbie wasn’t Pan, and he was no villain. He was just playing the part.

Instead of arguing, you faced the target. You brought the crossbow up to eye level to help you aim the arrow properly. All throughout gym and any camp that you went to as a child, you always avoided archery. Although this wasn’t technically the same type of item that you were holding, it was similar. It still scared you the same amount as archery did, because you knew if you messed up, someone would get hurt.

“Listen, I don’t know if I can do-”

You completely forgot that you held your finger over the notch to launch the arrow as you turned around to face Robbie. So right when you faced him, the arrow began to fly directly towards his chest. You watched as his face suddenly filled with panic, just as yours did. You squeezed your eyes shut to avoid seeing what you didn’t want to see. You both knew that there was no avoiding what was about to happen.

That was the case. Right up until you opened your eyes again and saw him holding the arrow right above his chest.

As all the boys bursted into cheers, you threw the empty crossbow on the ground and ran over to Robbie. He dropped the arrow and instantly embraced you in a hug.

“Holy shit,” you said to no one in particular.

“How the hell did I do that?” Robbie whispered into your ear.

You shrugged. “Must be a Pan thing? I got a burst of knowledge earlier too. My mind is telling me that I apparently know the names of all of your - or Pan’s - lost boys.”

The two of you pulled back from each other and looked around to see everyone giving you weird looks - again.

“Well you two certainly have gotten closer,” Felix stated.

“Yeah,” Robbie pondered, his eyes still locked on you. “Something like that.”

Alphabet Questions

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A- age: 18

B- birthplace: UAE

C- current time: 5:27 pm

D- Drink you last drank: Water

E- easiest person to talk to: myself. Lol, jk, @sayurinomoe x

F- favorite song: Michi - To You All / LP - Lost on You / Therapy - All Time Low

G- grossest memory: in preschool, a boy threw up right behind me

H- horror yes or no? Nah

I- in love? Not at the moment

J- jealous of people? Sometimes

K- killed someone? Nah

L- love at first sight or should I walk past you again? Loool, smooth. But no, thanks.

M- middle name: Rita

N- number of siblings: two

O- one wish? A successful future

P- person you last called? Dad

Q- question you’re always asked: “wait –what?! I thought you were 21!“

R- reason to smile: the KakaSaku fandom, my friends, fanfics, books

S- song you last sang: Sunburn - Ed Sheeran

T- time you woke up: 11:30am

U- underwear color: pink

V- vacation: Osaka - Japan PLEASE

W- worst habit: overthinking/Worrying

X- x-rays: my kidney, knee and neck

Y- your favourite food: white sauce pasta, fries, pizza, MOZZARELLA STICKS

Z- zodiac sign: Taurus

Tagging: @denilmo and @meliss-cake x

Lee Min-ho grateful for “Boys Over Flowers”

Lee Min-ho showed appreciation for the KBS 2TV drama “Boys over Flowers” for restoring his confidence.

Lee Min-ho looked back on his past works in an interview with News Cookie. He is now on the top of Hallyu but it wasn’t easy. He debuted in 2006 with “Secret Campus” and continued to star in “Mackerel Run”, “Our School E.T” and more but didn’t get any attention. He then appeared in “Boys over Flowers” which created a syndrome.

Lee Min-ho said, “I was afraid of going to work when I was making "Secret Campus”. Everything was intense and scary to me. I was always rigid even while making “Boys over Flowers” because I just couldn’t afford to relax. I maintained intensity until I was sure I had achieved something".

“Boys over Flowers” was his turning point. “I had lost much confidence by then but the drama helped me recover. I was able to become a better man thanks to it”.

“That drama also threw me out into the world. I was very poor and the drama changed all that. I am grateful for "Boys over Flowers”“.

"Gangnam Blues” is director Yoo Ha’s third street series. Two men fight over rights to property during the 70s when the land of Kangnam went through development.

Reaction: VIXX To You With Children

I hope you like it Anon! - Admin O

N: You were babysitting your nephew when he decided to come over for a visit. “Sorry Hakyeon, I didn’t know you would be coming over.” He chuckled. “It’s fine, just go on with what you were doing.” He sat on the couch, worried if it would be okay for him to join you and his nephew. It didn’t seem like you needed him though. You played freely with your nephew, causing him to laugh and jump around in happiness. You looked exhausted, but you never gave up with your nephew wanted to play another game. Finally N jumped in to give you a break. “Y/N, rest a little, I’ll help with the rascal.” You kissed his cheek. “Thank you,” He smiled to himself, no thank you for assuring me that you would be a perfect mother.

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Leo: You grabbed his hand and led him to the front of the orphanage. “Come on, it will be fun.” He sighed. “I don’t want to today.” You gave him some aegyo and he shrugged. “Please TAekwoon, I promised I would bring you along.” He nodded. “Fine, but don’t ever do something like that again.” You skipped, pulling him along. “But I thought you like children.” “I do, but not this many in one place.” You pursed your lips. “I see, you’ll just have to deal with it.” You dragged him into the orphanage and began immediately playing with the children. You had forgotten that Leo was even there until a little girl asked why the older man kept staring at you. You looked over to Leo who hid a smile as he went back to playing with the children. “He’s a special boy,” You said going back to playing with the children. He glanced at you again, his heart beating faster. You were incredible with them, and it made him understand just how caring and nurturing you were. He picked a perfect girlfriend.

Originally posted by h5sh

Ken: You picked up the crying child. “It’s fine, we’ll find your mommy.” You brushed the child’s cheeks, looking to Ken for help. He gave you a reassuring smile. “Let’s take him to security, I’m sure they can find his mother.” You nodded, following Ken’s lead. The security guards insisted on keeping the boy, but you didn’t want to leave his side not knowing that his mother had returned. So you asked Ken to stay with you while you kept the boy company. Ken agreed, warmed by your actions. You knelt down in front of the crying boy, again brushing the tears from his face. “Should we get a snack?” You asked, and the boy stopped crying. “Mhm,” You picked the boy up again, and took him to the food court. “What do you want?” “That,” You bought him everything he wanted, even if you knew he wouldn’t eat it. Ken laughed, watching you and the child. “You are going to spoil our children aren’t you?” Ken hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but when he caught you eye, he couldn’t help it. You blushed. “So you’re thinking about our children?” He sighed. “Well, it’s hard not to when you seem to be a perfect mother.”

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Ravi: You pat the child’s head, saying goodbye. You were still only a tutor, but you hoped one day to be a teacher. Ravi waited for you by the car, you waved to him, but stopped when something heavy caught your leg. You looked down to see the little girl you were tutoring. She smiled up at you, and you knelt down so you could look her in the face. “What is it?” You smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear. The little girl handed you a card. “Happy Birthday Miss Y/N!” The little girl hugged you, and you couldn’t help but smile, hugging her back. “Thank You, when did you have time to make this?” You poked her nose. “You’re just too sweet you know that.” You looked down at the card. “And very artistic, this card is beautiful, it’s the best birthday present ever!” Ravi laughed, watching you interact with the small girl. When you walked over he tucked your hair behind your ear. “I hope we have a girl.” You hadn’t caught the full sentence, so you asked Ravi to repeat it. He simply shrugged. “I don’t know, let’s go.”

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Hongbin: He sat on the bench, waiting for you to return. You said you were only going to the restroom, but time kept ticking and he was getting nervous. He started to look for you and found you standing in front of a tossing game. Hongbin tapped your shoulder, and you jumped. “Hongbin, I’m sorry.” He smiled. “What happened here?” He looked down at the two little girls who were standing next to you. “They wanted to win a doll, but they couldn’t, so I wanted to help.” You sighed. “But I’m not too good either.” He was suddenly very proud of you and happy to see you interacting with children so sweetly. “Let me help.”

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Hyuk: You shrugged off the idea, not wanting anything to do with his cousins. You didn’t like children, and you could only put up with them for so long, and Hyuk knew it. “Please Y/N, I don’t want to baby sit alone.” You gave in when he started performing aegyo and giving you cute kisses. When you arrived at his sister’s house, you suddenly became nervous. “I don’t want to Hyuk.” He dragged you from the car and into the house. Once introductions were done and settled, it was just you, him, and his nephew. Hyuk did his best to keep his nephew occupied so that you didn’t have to do much, but even Hyuk got tired. He went to the restroom and left you alone with the little boy. “Do you want to play with me?” He held out a video game controller, and you figured it couldn’t hurt. The two of you began playing, and you immediately knew you were better than the boy, but you didn’t want to make him feel bad, so you lost on purpose. The boy became really happy, and you realized that it wasn’t such a hard thing to take care of children. This went on for a while, and you lost track of time. Hyuk came up behind the two of you and told his nephew it was time for bed. His nephew threw a fit and said “I don’’t want to go to bed without Y/N.” You were surprised, but Hyuk simply laughed. “Fine, she will tuck you in and read you a bedtime story.” “Hyuk!” “Go get ready for bed quickly, we will be up in a moment.” The boy ran up the stairs with glee. You sighed, cursing Hyuk beneath your breath. “Why,” He laughed. “I want to confirm something,” That you really are amazing with children.

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The better kisser (a Bad boy! Luke Hemmings imagine)

mrshemmings26 :Hello!Can u do one where luke is the bad boy at school and he kinda hates me but at a party we are at a game of truth or dare and stuff happens between him and I?

Masterlist l~l Work in progress

Entering your room, you placed your bag near the door and shrugged your jacket off your shoulders, quickly throwing it on the office chair.  Eyeing the bed, you headed towards it and opening your arms you fell on top of it, embracing the comfortable cushions and the soft blanket.
Grabbing a pillow, you brought it underneath your head and pulled the covers over your chilled body. Your eyes closed slowly, your breathing slowed down and your tired body fell into a deep slumber.
Two hours later, your eyelids fluttered open and your hand dipped into your back pocket to retrieve a vibrating phone. Squinting your eyes at the screen, you saw the name ‘Ann’ printed boldly in the middle and you swiped right.
“Yello?” You mumbled, your voice groggy from sleep after you pressed the phone to your ear. The other hand was massaging your refreshed orbs, taking the crust that had formed in the process.
“Hey, Y/N. What are you up to?” Ann asked, her cheerful tone bringing a small smile on your face.
“Nothing much. Was taking a nap. But it’s a good thing that you woke me up, or else I would have probably slept till tomorrow.” You paused, yawning loudly and Ann laughed. “I have to get started on that English assignment too.” You continued and threw the covers off, an icy shiver traveling thru your body, making your skin prickle.
“Oh, come on, Y/N! It’s Friday! Are you really going to spend your entire weekend doing homework? Again?”  Ann said disapprovingly and you chuckled, flipping yourself on your stomach and propping your head on your hand, the elbows pressing into the fluffy pillow.
“Well, it’s not like I have anything better to do!” You responded, faking indignation and your legs started swinging back and forth.
“And that’s why I called. You surely heard that there will be a party tonight. And Max and I were wondering if you wouldn’t like to tag along?” Ann asked hopefully and you could practically see her big doe eyes widening even more.
“Be the third well again, huh…” You laughed out loud and the tan girl at the other end giggled.
“So, is it at Luke’s house? Because you know I am not ‘allowed’ at Luke’s parties.”  You said dryly, remembering the time when Luke threw you out of his house right when you were dancing with a boy in your year, saying, and you quote, that ‘teacher’s pets should stick to homework and kissing the teacher’s ass.”
“No! No, no, no.  It’s at Calum’s place. “Ann quickly added, the incident flashing before her eyes as well.  You snickered, shaking your head and rubbing your face lightly.
“How is that any better?” You asked sarcasm laced into your voice and bitterness radiating from your scrunched up nose and heavy frown.
“It is. Calum doesn’t hate you. Plus, Michael is going to be there.”  Ann said, putting an accent on the second name and smiling wickedly, a knowing glint sparkling in her eyes.
“Pfff, girl, you know I don’t like Michael anymore.” You chuckled and you were glad Ann wasn’t there to see the red blush staining your cheeks. Although you really were over Michael, you couldn’t help but blush when somebody brought up your previous infatuation with the boy, which you knew from first grade.
“Ahaa, tell that to whoever believes you.” Ann teased, and you pouted, clicking your tongue a few times.
“So, you coming?” The girl asked one last time and your frown turned into a smile.
“Pick me up at 9.” You answered, making kissing sounds into the phone, before hanging up. Staring a few moments at your school bag, you contemplated if you should get some tasks out of your way before starting to get ready.
But seeing that you had 3 hours to get ready, and you felt like dolling up today, you shook your head and called your dad to inform him about the party. The conversation was brief and after you said your goodbyes, you quickly jumped into the shower, to freshen up and shave.
With only a towel covering your body, you paced in front of your wardrobe, sprinkling water drops on the hardwood floor. Flickering hangers to the side, you finally decided on a red dress that you just bought, and after you laid it on your bed, you proceeded into drying and styling your hair and putting on makeup the best you could.
Careful not to ruin your make-up or stain your garment, you dressed up. Looking in the mirror, you smirked at the modern symmetrical cuts covering your upper chest and the ones baring your waist, as you smoothed the flaring skirt.
A honk was heard outside and you jumped a little, before snapping your head towards the window. Grabbing a purse, a leather jacket and putting on your black pumps, you trotted out of your house and got into the back seat of an old Nissan, greeting the pair of lovers in front.
Ann turned around in her seat, and ignoring Max’s bickering about safety, she complimented you on the outfit chosen, gushing about the hair and perfectly done make-up. You laughed and observed the sleek jeans and her silky shirt, returning the compliments wholeheartedly.
The drive wasn’t long since the Hood family lived rather close to you. But as expected, the near vicinity of the house was filled with cars, so Max had to drop you off in front of the house while he went to look for a parking spot.
The music was booming, making the windows tremble and light was oozing from each crevice of the house, except a few rooms upstairs that were probably ‘occupied’. Teenagers and half empty beer cans were littering the front lawn, and the cobbled path to the building was stained with alcohol and soda.
Entering the house, you immediately spotted Mali Koa’s tall frame, leaning against a wall near the stairs with a red cup cradled in one of her hand, carefully observing the teenagers around her.
Patting Ann’s shoulder, you pointed a finger towards the tan woman, and Ann nodded, understanding that you wanted to go and talk with your senior and friend. She shoved her thumb towards the kitchen, signaling that she will be there, and you gave her an ok, before moving on to Mali.
Approaching the young woman, you saw her eyes lighting up when they fell on you. Placing her cup on a nearby piece of furniture, she opened her arms and embraced you tightly, asking you how things were going and letting her coal like eyes skim over your body.
You smiled and leaned closer, bringing your face closer to hers and beginning a conversation that you would have preferred to be unfolding in a more quiet environment.
Not even 10 minutes into your conversation, Calum appeared, followed closely by Michael, and threw his arm over his sister’s shoulder. Mali threw her little brother a disapproving stare and shook her head in a scolding manner, annoyed that she got interrupted right when she was relating a funny story about one of her professors.
“Hey, Y/N. Glad to see you could come!” Calum shouted, his voice covering the music briefly, before getting lost in the ocean of sound.
“Yea, I figured I need a break.” You said, not struggling at all to be made heard by the two boys. You didn’t knew if Calum understood you or not, but he nodded and his arm dropped from his sister’s shoulder.
“Good, good. Well, have fun. And I’ll make sure Luke won’t see you.” Calum shouted, only mouthing the last part, but reading his lips, you understood and furrowed your brows in annoyance. Opening your mouth to say that you would gladly leave if not welcomed, Michael quickly interrupted you by inching closer and sneaking his arms around your bare waist.
“Don’t mind them.” Michael whispered into your ear and a deep red blotched your foundation covered skin, making it radiate heat.
“Hey, want to dance?” Michael’s hand detached from your waist, but his hand grabbed yours and pulled you slightly towards the living room. You shrugged, throwing Mali a questioning look and the tan woman nodded enthusiastically, fluttering her hand towards the dancing area.
Throwing Michael a toothy grin, you allowed him to drag you in the middle of a group of intoxicated grinding teenagers and his arms came round your waist, making you move with him.
You continuously talked about different subjects, Michael making funny faces and joking about the teachers and you felt a pang of nostalgia hit you, remembering how close you guys were before he befriended Luke.
“Hey, Y/N?” Michael asked, his eyes fixed on a point above your head.
“Yea?” You responded, your head raising slightly to look at him better and his green orbs settled on your face, a smug smirk adorning his face.
“Don’t be shocked.” He suddenly said, before lowering his head down, stopping mere millimeters away from your lips. Your eyes widened and you wanted to back off, but Mike quickly whispered you not to.
“Bite your lips.” He ordered and after he saw your lip being sucked between two rows of teeth, he did the same.
A few seconds passed and Michael straightened his back, looking at the exact same spot from before and let out a sardonic crackle. Turning around, you saw Luke pinned on the stairs, his lean body decorated by the famous leather jacket, with tattoos peeking from the collar of his shirt and hands clutching the wooden rail tightly.
Your eyes connected with his baby blue ones and even from this distance you were able to notice the anger swirling around, darkening them intensely. His orbs fell on your cherry lips and he clenched his jaw, chewing the gums, before turning around briskly, stepping down the stairs and fleeing the house through the front door.
“What’s with him?” you asked Michael, who just shrugged his shoulders, a silly grin still stretched across his face. Biting your lip in confusion, you gazed at the front door once more, before shrugging your shoulders and heading towards the kitchen in hope to find Ann.
But neither Ann nor Max could be found in the kitchen. Sighing, you poured some coke into a red cup, and getting your phone out, you texted your friend, telling her that you were heading home.
Sipping from your drink three more times, you placed it on the counter and exited through the back door. The garden was kept in darkness in order to stop people from ruining Joy’s precious flower beds, but people, mostly couples still ventured outside, hoping to find a  bit of privacy.
Illuminating your path with your phone, you walked carefully till you reached the side of the garden, where the green grass was divided from the cemented pavement by a small picket fence. Throwing a leg over it, you managed to get on the paved side that was lighted by street lamps.
Taking a few steps forward, a cold voice stopped you dead in your tracks. You clenched your purse, your ears perked up and your eyes skimmed the surrounding area, struggling to see in the darkness.
“Leaving so soon? And here I thought you were having fun.” A puff of smoke came from the shadows of a solitary tree and Luke stepped forward into the light, holding a cigarette limply in his hand.
“Yes…I’m feeling tired.” You said, taking in the shadows elongating on his sculptured face and the awkward position he kept his cigarette in.
Luke took the cig to his lips and inhaled the smoke deep into his lungs one more time, before crouching down to squish the bud on the cold pavement. He looked up from his position, and you had to admit you liked seeing Luke down at your feet.
“Well, if you wouldn’t mind, I have places to be.” You snickered, and continued walking.
“Like Michael’s bed, for example?”  Luke’s voice boomed from behind and you whipped your head towards him, widening your eyes.
The blonde stood now tall and proud, his lips fixed in a thigh line and his eyes blazing with something different than anger, but akin to it. Your breath came in short, heavy puffs and your heart pounded in your chest, almost as if it wanted to get away from your body and finally, you  understood why Luke was so feared and respected in your school.
You stayed silent, and obviously, that wasn’t the response Luke was waiting for.  He scoffed and seeing him inching closer, you backed away. But the boy was faster than you and he easily caught up, his hand shooting out and grabbing your wrist.
“Answer me! Are you… are you heading over at Michael’s?” Luke licked his lower lip, his pink tongue bumping the piercing and making it glister in the poorly illuminated street.
“So what if I am?” You asked smugly, a smile twisting your lips upwards in defiance. “It’s none of your business anyw-…”  you couldn’t continue, because Luke’s lips crashed onto yours.
Your immediate reaction was to pull away, but the blonde’s hand cupped your cheek, holding you in place. His lips mashed against yours, and although you remained impassive at first, the softness of his lips contrasted by the hard piercing made you lose yourself in the feeling.
The reaction was slow are first, but Luke was stubborn, and sensing just the slight movement he increased his fervor.  You moaned when Luke dragged his teeth over your lower hip, and the blonde smiled triumphal, not breaking the kiss.
Furrowing your eyebrows and not liking the advantage he had, you began to move your lips sensuously, slowing down the kiss at a pace you felt comfortable with. Snaking your hands in Luke’s hair, you pulled harshly and when he gasped, your tongue traced his lower lip, earning an immediate moan.
His hands slipped on your bare hips, and his touch, so different than Michael’s, burned your skin, making a shiver shake your body from head to toe. He brought you closer to his body, your chest pressing deliciously to his and his thumbs rubbed small circles on your skin.
His pink muscle darted out of his mouth and caressed your lips, hoping that you would open up to him. And you did. Your tongues met in a battle for dominance that you won, only because you tugged Luke’s hair again. Licking his piercing, you taunted him, asking him to come and play again, and he gladly accepted.
Your tongues met again, twisting together and rubbing each other. Moans escaped from both of you, but you no longer cared.  You felt intoxicated by the feeling of Luke’s lips on yours, of his fingers digging into your flesh, of your body, pressed tightly against his and unconsciously, you realized that you might actually like him.
“I-it is my business…because, because… I’m the one who likes you! “ Luke said, finally breaking the kiss. his hair sticking out and his lips glisten and red. He licked his lips, a nervous habit that you remarked and he quickly let you go,  trying to regain his composure.
“And I’m a way better kisser that Michael” He said finally, stepping away and with one last glance he disappeared into the shadows, leaving you speechless.
Shaking your head, you laughed and looked after him a few seconds, before continuing your trip home. Now this was definitely not another boring Friday night.

Ok, this is not exactly a truth or dare game, but I have seen that idea in some other fanfics and I thought that I should change it up a little. So here is jealous, bad boy Luke and a mischievous Michael. I hope you liked it, review are always welcomed and I hope you are having a great day/night!