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  • -the new Uchiha family is approaching Konoha, Kakashi and Naruto are waiting for them at the gates-
  • Sakura: I can see them! Look! (starts waving) They even got us balloons!
  • Sasuke: (gently rocking Sarada) Balloons?
  • Sakura: Yeah! It looks like there's something written on them. Maybe "Welcome, baby Sarada"? So thoughtful! What do the balloons say, Sasuke-kun, can you see?
  • Sasuke: (activates Sharingan) ...I'm not sure they bought the kind of balloons you'd like, Sakura...
  • text on the balloons: *Congrats on the sex!!*

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I feel kinda awkward to ask, but could you perhaps draw a Kizana x Megami pic? :00 As a ship or as friends, whatever you'd like!!

A Secret Between Friends

Sure, and don’t feel awkward ! I love doing requests ~ 

Hope you like it ! I would tag the other one who requested this but they’re anon so hey I hope you see this too.

Also, Megami with glasses cause I thought it’d look cute he he

Please do NOT repost without my permission !

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Thoughts on which characters you'd like to see return in the films? I'm still waiting on Red Skull and Betty Ross

I know a lot of people didn’t like the Mandarin twist in ‘Iron Man 3′ and I’m glad they retconned it in the ‘All Hail The King’ one-shot by revealing that the real Mandarin exists, but having said that, I thought Ben Kingsley’s performance as Trevor Slattery was hysterical and I’d love to see him return in the future, even if just for a scene or two!

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I had this idea last night. It's the 1800's and Arthur is a serial killer, one night he sees Francis walking home alone. He goes to attack but when he sees him up close, Arthur falls in love and he can't bring himself to hurt him so he runs off. The two continue to see each other at that street each night and soon Francis falls in love too. They then become a killer couple. I just thought it was a cool idea and wondered if you'd draw it. I really like your art.


Game of Thrones AU – Margaery & Sansa live happily ever after at Highgarden….

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Did you know Krypto was in early scripts of Supergirl??? The cast said that at Comic Con during their Doug the Pug interview ("they said he was always off screen"). I just thought you'd appreciate that little nugget of information since you like Krypto a lot. Also, LOVE YOUR ART!! It's always keeps me positive and uplifting when I see it.

Oh gosh.

Originally posted by anjathefabunicorn

I do appreciate your sharing that, thank you! :D I welcome any and all Krypto-related news/info. Love that super pup. 

(And aw, thank you! Really glad you like it!)

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Oh oh, for 10 Years On, please write a fic exploring how Sam felt when he and Matt were rescued and he found out what happened between the seperation & rescue, and how he feels when Shiro shows back up 10 years later and Sam finally sees the damage the Arena did and none of it has healed even though he and Matt have had a decade to move on from their big shared alien abduction trauma? :D (PS I'm loving & kudosing all your AO3 stuff and thought you'd like to know that re: hair, mused =/= mussed.)

(Aghhh I know, I’m the worst at that mistake and I never ever catch it.  One of these days I’ll remember.  But thank you so much!!  And thank you for the delicious prompt.)

For those who missed it, a sequel to this fic

It had been nearly three years since Sam Holt had seen his wife and daughter.

There was no way for him to know that for sure, of course.  There were the nearly exactly six months it had taken to get to Kerberos, but after that it had been the Galra ships and then the mining planet, and he knew those day cycles didn’t match up perfectly, or even very well, to Earth’s.  Then they’d been tapped by the Rebellion and spirited away to yet another planet.  By then, Sam and Matt were both well used to the mining planet’s day cycle, and so now it was impossible to tell how it would have felt against Earth.

Still, it had been about 853 cycles since they’d been captured, and 184 on the Daedalus.

Nearly three years, give or take.

Nearly three years since Sam had left home, buoyed on the excitement of discovering something new and exciting about the creation of their very solar system, of the universe itself.  Accompanied by his son and Takashi, he’d gone with the kernel of hope of learning about how life was created and supported in the universe.  One step closer to his life’s work, to First Contact.

At this point, it didn’t even feel ironic anymore.  It felt like they’d been asking for it.

Three years of struggle and heartbreak, of losing Matt and then Takashi, losing his freedom, slowly losing hope.  Of holding onto his son as tight as he could, lest he be taken away yet again.  A year of being a different kind of prisoner, the kept technicians for a rebellion Sam supported in theory but not in brutal action.  Of thinking ‘today is at least not worse than yesterday’, and that being enough.

But something had changed, not too long ago.

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I really liked the way you answered the recent hanzo ask! Could you maybe use the same prompt for reaper? (SFW if you'd like) thank you!

I decided to go SFW for this one :)

FROM: Hanzo with a really shy s/o who’s nervous to initiate physical contact but one night she surprises him by inviting him to stay the night, which leads to their first time together? Bonus if Hanzo is gentle and loving and just being sweet about it in general. (I can see him getting emotional during sex.)

The first time Gabriel saw you he knew he was going to spend the rest of his life with you.  It wasn’t a conscious thought, but an inevitability.  He knew there was something between you just as well as he knew how his lungs inhaled air, how the wind rustled the leaves overhead and made them fall around you.  But he also knew he had to be careful with you; you were slow to meet his gaze, keeping yourself at least two feet away during your dates.  He’d taken his time getting to know you first before going for a first kiss; you’d accepted, hesitantly, and it left you both breathless.

After that it was mostly him to be the one to reach for your hand, to lean in for a kiss, to give casual caresses of the cheek.  He relished the times you were the first to move, but he knew it was difficult for you.  It could be difficult for him, too.  What if he pushed too hard?  How much could you handle before pushing him away for good.

“Mi amor,” Gabriel said, his voice low.  He looked at you as your head rested on his arm.  For a moment he thought you were making the decision to move closer to him, taking advantage of the low lighting in the movie theatre.  But when he saw your eyes closed, eyelashes gently brushing your cheek he realized you’d fallen asleep.  He smiled to himself, the sounds of explosions and shouting from the movie not enough to wake you up.  He couldn’t hear it himself, too distracted by your sleeping form.

You rarely slept around him–after all, you’d yet to spend the night together.  He leaned his head down and pressed his lips to the top of your head, moving his free hand to hold yours.  You inhaled deeply through your nose and wiggled closer to him, lifting your head so it rested nearly on his neck.  Gabriel could feel his face heat up, quickly looking around at the near empty theatre for prying eyes.  Nothing, nobody gave you two a single thought with the large screen in front of them.

For the next hour Gabriel watched you rather than the movie.  There was no worry in your face; you didn’t furrow your brow in confusion, didn’t bite your lip as you decided what to do.  Your hands were loose in your lap, but when he gripped your fingers you gripped back.  It made his heart skip a beat knowing that you were his, despite your worries.

When the credits finished rolling he decided it was time to wake you.  Gently brushing his knuckles against your face he whispered, “Wake up, carino.  The movie is finished.”  He chuckled.

Your eyes slowly opened as you straightened.  When you took your hand from his to rub your eyes he felt a wave of cold rush over him.  “What?”

“You fell asleep,” Gabriel told you.

“Eh?”  You blinked at the empty theatre, the black movie screen, and the few employees that had begun to clean the aisles.  “Oh, crud, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry, I know work has been tiring for you.”  Gabriel stood, offering you his hand.  You took it with more ease than normal, but he didn't’ stop to question it.  During your walk home he noticed you were quiet; you gave responses to his statements, but they were less than normal.  And when he reached the door to your apartment, despite spending the evening together, he couldn’t let go of your hand.  Then again…neither did you.

“Do you want to come up?” you asked.  Your eyes were on his chest, scanning over his coat again and again to keep yourself from meeting his stare.  “For coffee?  I don’t really feel like going to sleep yet.”

Gabriel watched you bite the inside of your cheek, felt the way your fingers rubbed against his hand.  Your face was darkening beneath the bright fluorescent lights, your blush flowering across your neck and cheeks.  Your scratched at the back of your head.

“I would love that,” he answered, “but are you sure you want…coffee?”  He arched his brows at you.

You glanced up.  “Yes.”

Gabriel smiled, wide and bright.  There was no doubt in your answer, not even a bit of hesitation.  He lifted his hand and cupped your cheek, pulling you to meet his lips.  When you let go of his hand to loop your arms around his neck he knew you were ready.  His hands found your waist as you pushed onto your toes, pushing your tongue to meet his.  He forgot you were still outside until someone cleared their throat behind him.  You gave a small gasp as you planted your heels on the ground, each of you turning to see your elderly neighbour with a smile.  

“You’re blocking the door, kids,” she said.  Her smile turned to a knowing grin.  

“Ah, my apologies,” Gabriel said quickly.  He looked to you.  “Why don’t we go inside for that coffee?”

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Hey, I'm not being arsey or argumentative or anything, I just wondered if you'd explain why Cal is racist? Is it just that he doesn't like the reds?

You’re nothing arsey at all! I’d love to try to answer this question. To be honest though, I thought about not answering this, simply because the comment I made on that post was sort of uncalled for. I was referring to the anti stuff that I have been seeing about Cal, and one of his biggest flaws which is that he doesn’t exactly treat all reds as equals to silvers. He acts as if silvers are better than reds and most of the people in the fandom have sort of come up with “bloodist” as the term for this. And as much as I agree that he perhaps isn’t the best ally, I think that he is certainly trying to fix this part of himself. I do believe that he meant what he said in his speech to the Silvers in Kings Cage, and I believe that he really does want to try to see reds and silvers as equals. A lot of people who are against him though, say that he obviously only cares about Mare, and that he believes all other reds do not matter. To that point, I would just like to say that he did work with all the New Bloods at the Notch, and he did go out and try to help them. He risked his life to save them. 

I suppose that my problem with the whole argument is that people who make it continually cry that in a realistic world, Cal is a terrible ally. I want to raise the point that if you want to be extremely realistic about this whole situation, then you should also take into consideration that realistically he was born and raised to believe certain people were below him. Even in our very real world, prejudice and racism are spread by example. Children see their parents and grandparents (people that society has dictated they should respect and listen to) treating people in a horrible way. They then take that information, process it, and say alright, well that’s the way I need to act. I think it’s extremely unrealistic that antis forget this and just assume that changing your prejudices is like flicking a light switch on or off. It most certainly is not, especially when you were born and raised under those thoughts. Those beliefs become a part of your very foundation, and they’re hard to just ignore. It certainly is possible to change your perception of things, and it is possible to change your thoughts, but it takes a lot of work to change something as deeply rooted as a belief. In my opinion, this is also where his belief that he should be king comes from. Imagine if your entire life you were told that you had to do something when you got older, that you have been born for that purpose. You would probably grow up believing that that right was yours, and that it defines who you are. Without the crown, Cal probably thinks he is nothing, which is never a nice place to be no matter who you are. Being vulnerable is not always easy, and the crown is something that acts as armor, it acts as a part of who Cal is. So I’m very sorry if I believe that it’s obvious that he would still want that crown. I’m not saying he should have it, but it certainly cant be ignored that he’s always been under the impression that he has to have it, that having it is the only way to solve problems. In a summary, it is very hard to break out of our up bringing. 

I think it’s just a little unfair that people are screaming foul about this whole thing too, when other characters in the series have prejudice as well. No one is crying foul about Evangeline, who literally threw a glass on the ground and made a Red servant clean it up just so that she could piss off Mare and Farley. I see no one crying for social justice about that, or for her other actions. And I believe the reason for this is because she is a woman, so she is sacred and no one can touch her. I, in my honest opinion, think that if Cal was a female character, everyone would be supporting his efforts and saying that he is trying and doing a great job doing so. Everyone lets the female characters slide, but the males are always ripped apart and over analyzed. I’m not saying that men should be “protected at all costs” but I am saying that these characters are equal in all respects. Both the males and the females have prejudice, the reds and the silvers both have flaws. They are all human in their own respects, I’m simply saying we should take that fact into consideration.

Anyway, my rant is done. Sorry to take so long to answer your question, I hope I was able to answer it for you. (: 

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Hiya, Tomblr Twin. I thought we should team up to torture everyone again, so here's a question: What's film role you'd love to see Tom in, and why and how?

Because I like to torture everyone Because you’ve asked so nicely.

I’d love to see him in some kind of Romantic Comedy. Not a cheesy one, but maybe something like “Love Actually” was. Something typically British with a great cast. I kind of want to see him playing a “normal” guy. No god, not living in the 1920s or 40s, not someone who’s living in a dark mansion… just him without make-up, but like someone living next door.

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Or a comedy with lots of dark humour. Maybe with a plot like The Whole Nine Yards or Mickey Blue Eyes. I think he’d be great in that kind of comedy that is subtle and where the lead character thinks the situation is anything but humorous. I also want him to be sarcastic. Sarcastic and sassy.

Originally posted by spindle-berry

And, of course, Tom as a dad. Maybe a Londoner who lost his wife and has to raise his child alone. Or him being a workaholic and suddenly there’s a kid. I know that’s been done, but look:

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

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I ALSO want him in a musical. I don’t even care which one and in which role. Just sing and dance. Okay, maybe Professor Higgings in My Fair Lady.

Apart from him going on stage again… I guess that was it? At this point I’d be happy about anything, though.

And now it‘s your turn, @devikafernando (and everyne else who wants to add something).

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!!!!!! ooh ooh ooh for the punch out fusions, would you do glass joe and von kaiser, or if you'd rather not, someone else fusing w/ the French Bread Man? (you don't have to draw either, i just thought i'd suggest - i love all your fusions so far btw, your art is always so cute and dynamic 💖💖💖)

i actually really liked making this because they’re both in my favorites of the boxers

and thank you so much for the really nice words! the french bread man wants to thank you as well in a poor quality gif!

  • MONK #1: hey does the pope wear a long red dress for praying or for hiding that he's getting gay blowjobs?
  • MONK #2: blowjobs
  • MONK #1: right and does he pray at all or--
  • MONK #2: mainly hide his gay actor identity from the staff at the vatican and fall in love? haha yeah
  • MONK #1: okay
  • so he's not very religious?
  • MONK #2: oh like,
  • he's kind of an atheist but into his jewish identity
  • like reform jewish, that whole vibe
  • MONK #1: hahha this is so embarrassing
  • MONK #2: what?
  • MONK #1: i like totally thought he was catholic
  • just like a totally uncalled for assumption on my part
  • MONK #2: hahaha yeah ok i can totally see why you'd think that
  • but he's jewish for sure

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Is it okay to maybe tag you in posts we think are funny or you'd like?? Sometimes I'll see a post and be like "oh my god they'd love this" but idk if its okay for me to tag you in it. I was just wondering!

yes U___U anyone can feel free to tag me in anything that reminds them of me/anything they think i would like

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Skeleton brothers finding out their S/O is pregnant? Any universes you want to do, but I'd love for Swap to be one of them <3 Also if you'd do it while they're still underground? Thanks! :D ~Mysti Anon

[ Haha, yes of course! <3 I love writing out these scenes! :D Hope you like it :) ]

Swap! Sans: At first, he never even really thought about the possibility - most likely because it never really came to him. So, when he makes his way home from his job - finally being part of the royal guard, of course! - well, first of all not seeing you in the lounge is a bit surprising. You’re always in the lounge when he comes home! “(S.O)?” he calls out in the house, and is glad when he hears your response from upstairs, at least. Perhaps you were just in the bathroom. He closes the door behind him and makes his way up, knocking on the door. “I’m home,” he says cheerfully, even though it was obvious - it’s just something he likes to say. “Welcome back,” you say, and he smiles and makes his way over to both of your room to change a bit, unaware of what’s going on. Once you make your way out of the bathroom, looking surprised and yet tearing up, Blueberry’s expression changes to worry. “(S.O)? Is everything alright??” he asks quickly, making his way forward. When you smile and look up at him, nodding your head and telling him that you’re pregnant, with his child, he’s going to join you. No, he’ll burst into tears and gently hug you while telling you how happy he is and that he’s going to take extra special care of you from now on. Most likely he calls his brother and spurs him the great news as well, and he can barely even speak probably because oh gosh he’s just so happy you can see it on his face like you can see the sun in the sky.

Swap! Paps: High chance when you two ‘got it on’, he knew about the possibility, and he never really forgot about it, he sort of just didn’t think about it too much. He wasn’t exactly intently waiting for the day you’d tell him, or at least, he was and it just wasn’t that obvious. Because when he arrives home, slightly tired from a long day or just because he’s never really used that much energy in his life, and you shuffle up to him and tell him the news, he’s ecstatic. It takes him a bit as he’s kind of just… staring ahead at you, but after the process, well, Carrot’s never felt so much energy in his life. He rushes forward and pulls you into a gentle hug, and he doesn’t need to tell you how happy he is because he’s grinning from ear to ear – but of course he does anyway. And most of all, he’s just glad that’s it you. He’s knows the two of you are going to make the best parents. He just knows it.

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thought you'd like to know that there's a stranger things article that mentions netflix is producted tlc. and tlc is now listed on the wikipedia page for netflix programs.

Oooo I did not see that! Thanks! I’m going to wait for a confirmation from a trusted source before I get too excited. The wiki linked to the Stranger Things article and that linked to nothing. I couldn’t find anything talking about it anywhere else. I would love for it to be true though. I’m liking how A Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out on Netflix and I think they could make The Lunar Chronicles really good. 🤞🏼 Fingers crossed

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Hello, I love everything you're doing here!! This is such a neat concept. I was wondering if it was alright to make pokesonas using your designs here, as long as we credit you for the original design? I was considering using Unseeleon specifically... I love that little critter.

Hey, thanks a lot! It’s awesome that you like Unseeleon so much. I’m totally fine if you use my designs for Pokesonas, as long as you credit me properly for the design, as you said, as well as linking to the original design (in your initial post). I’d also love to see the finished product, but if it’s too personal to you, etc., then don’t worry about it :)

Thank you for asking me! (If anyone else has a question like this, you’re welcome to ask me off anon and I’d answer you privately).

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We spent 4 long, happy years together. We were young and in love at one point. Crazy, stupid, but so in love. The type of gooey shit you see in movies. You'd sing to me in the car, and i'd giggle as you'd try to kiss me. You had an awful voice, but you we're definitely my favourite singer. You lost your virginity to me on the night of your 16th birthday, in the back seat of your moms car. I was your first and we both thought I would be the last... We haven't spoken in 8 months.

i understand that pain honey. i feel like that’s where me and my person are heading and i’m terrified because i can’t see a life without him in it. he will always be my person. but you just gotta tread on, take care of yourself and know that it gets easier