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Yesterday I DM'ed for the 3rd time (and the first without my family hah) And I thoroughly enjoyed it. I ended up making a lot of stuff up on the spot and from what I could tell my players enjoyed it a lot as well. However, I was wondering if there's any 'at the table' resources you'd recommend so there are less awkward 'what do we do?' type Moments. You seem very well versed in homebrewing and that's the direction I lean as well so I thought you may have something v useful to say. Ty!

So I reached out for a little more context with this, and this is the question:

“What do I do when my players deviate wildly from the adventure I have written?”

Example: The DM prepares a dungeon, fills it with all kinds of interesting stuff so that it should last the whole session, and the players get in and out in twenty minutes, or ignore the dungeon completely and wander off in another direction.

Example: The DM lays out a handful of adventure hooks (clear prompts for adventure), but the players say no to everything and flounder around the inn/town/city, unsure of what to do…or outright bored because nothing is getting their attention.


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One of the most appealing things about fantasy roleplaying games is the range of freedom of expression and choice that they allow. Players can do almost anything they want, and are only restricted by the limited constraints of the rules, and the flexible constraints of the Dungeon Master’s plans and patience.

This level of player freedom of choice can be tough to accommodate for Dungeon Masters though. When players ignore or avoid the adventures or quests you’ve made, and instead pursue something you haven’t prepared or planned for, it can be hard to deal with. 

Here’s my advice. It works for me, maybe it’ll work for you:

1) Be upfront with your players. People sometimes forget that as a Dungeon Master you can just straight up speak to your players as yourself, and tell them what’s up. If they’re avoiding all the things you prepared, or are ignoring the adventure you’ve written, you can (and sometimes should) straight up tell them “Hey, this is the adventure I prepared today…if you don’t play it, there’s not going to be much of a game this session”.

You’re not a dancing monkey there to cater to your players’ whims and fancies. You’re literally facilitating the game they’re playing. If they don’t want to play what you prepared…then they don’t play!

That might seem harsh, but you need to be clear with your players that session prep takes time and effort, and that you can’t be expected to have a world of infinite possibilities for them to dick around in all the time. Be polite but upfront with them about that. If they want to play D&D with you, they should be able to respect that.

That being said…

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2) Invest in random tables and generators. It’s always good to have a back up plan…or better yet, the ability to randomly generate a bunch of back up plans. As a Dungeon Master it’s a good practice to have a collection of random tables for things like NPC names, motivations, adventure hooks, conflicts, villains, and events. If players ignore a bunch of your adventure, you can randomly generate some additional adventure content for them to engage with.

If you haven’t heard of it, I strongly recommend buying a copy of Vornheim: The Complete City Kit. You can read more about it HERE. This book is great for city and town play (which is often where waffling on adventure hooks takes place), but its tables and ideas are usable in a variety of places and situations. 

It also has three easy to use adventures written in it that you can pull out and use with very little prep. It’s well worth the $20 or so for a physical copy.


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3) Make sure there are consequences for both action and inaction. Players skip over important stuff all the time, and often screw up the DM’s carefully laid out plans without even meaning to. 

That’s okay. 


“That’s okay”.

The universe provides. Screw ups like these can often be opportunities in disguise. 

Whenever your players take a major plot action…or ignore a major plot action, there should be an appropriate reaction from the world:

  • Players killed your main villain really easily, and they were important to the plot. Well, who did that villain answer to? Will their superiors or villainous friends want revenge? What will they do to get back at the player characters…or their loved ones?
  • Players ignored the important macguffin item that a bunch of the campaign revolves around. Okay, who retrieves it instead? Rival adventurers? Evil mercenaries? Other villains? Now this item is in the hands of the enemy, and they’re using it to fuck up things the PC’s care about.
  • Players won’t do the adventure I had planned. Well, then the bad guys win. Whatever bad things were going on there continue to happen and get worse…and now it’s the players problem. They didn’t act, so now the world is worse…and maybe the players need to fix it.

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4) Use active, not passive, adventure hooks. This method of play needs to be handled carefully and used sparingly, but avoid adventure hooks that require players to react to other people’s problems. Instead, have things happen directly to the players’ characters.

Players are often more inclined to help themselves than they are NPC’s. For example:

Passive. An NPC tells the PC’s that people are going missing in town. Bandits are kidnapping random people. “Please, won’t you help us get our people back?”

Active. Bandits ambush the PC’s and try to kidnap one of them in particular! If any of the bandits are subdued and questioned, they explain who they’re working for, why they’re kidnapping people, and maybe where they’re keeping those kidnapped people.

The latter impacts the PC’s directly, and is more likely to garner their interest. 

I hope that helps a bit. Thanks for the question! 

Happy gaming!

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TT! I know on the internet you are androgynous, which like, good job dude, you are hot feminine and hot masculine and wow. Anyway, I was wondering if you ever had to come out with gender or if you identify as Cis-gender?

(( OOC: I’m not a huge fan of the labels/identity movement, both with gender and sexuality. I tend to feel that it’s detracting from the core issues of the gender equality movement. So no, I’ve never “come out” as anything. I just enjoy dressing in the clothes I like to wear, acting the way I want to act, doing what I want to do… and letting people come to their own conclusions. )) 

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Me and my sister have made a game out of the I'm Tyler thing. Basically, you can say IIIIIIIM TYLER for as long as you want but as soon as you stutter, you lose. List of shit Tyler does based on this game: benchpresses Mark and Ethan, saves lives with his thighs, fists goats, murders 17 people, cries because he murdered 17 people, fought Darkiplier in the Arby's parking lot (and so much more lmao). Sorry for length, just thought you'd enjoy lol

dude the iiiii’m tyler joke has literally become one of my favorite sayings/jokes in the mark community like i love it so much

i’m also laughing really hard at the fighting dark in an arby’s parking lot one, i have no idea why 😂

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63, 62, and 45 with whoever you'd prefer!

i thought 45 would go well with burrens, so here you go!! enjoy!

Word Count: 513

Warnings: bullying

“He doesn’t say anything original, you know? He must be really dumb,” Alex said, glaring over at his enemy, Aaron Burr, who was sitting alone in the cafeteria.

“Maybe he’s shy,” John shrugged, taking a bite of his sandwich.

“No, I think he’s just a kiss-ass,” Hercules laughed. “He wants to get on everyone’s good side so he never says what he’s actually thinking.”

“And that’s dumb!” Alex laughed.

Lafayette shrugged. “Maybe it is smart to shut up. You make a lot of enemies, Alexander.”

“All the greatest thinkers have enemies, Gil,” Alex said. “Because they’re not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.”

As his friends continued to bash Aaron, John glanced back at him, still sitting alone, reading a book. John noticed tears in his eyes.

“Guys, I think he can hear you,” John said, turning back to his table.

“So what? He should learn to speak up!” Alex said loudly. Laf and Herc laughed along, and John gave an awkward chuckle, still glancing over his shoulder at Aaron.

Last period, John stayed behind after class to talk to his History teacher about changing his essay topic. Once he left class, the halls were empty. As he walked to his locker, he passed by the boys’ bathroom and heard crying coming from inside.

After a moment of deliberation, John opened the door slowly. “Hello?” he called in.

He heard sniffing as whoever was crying tried to stifle his tears. John walked in and found Aaron sitting on the ground knees curled to his chest, wiping vigorously at his eyes.

“Go away, Laurens,” Aaron said, burying his face in his arms.

John ran over and sat down next to him. “Why are you crying?”

Aaron looked up at him in disbelief. “Are you really asking me that?”

Guilt welled up in him. “I’m so sorry for everything…” he said softly, bringing his own knees up to his chest.

“Well… you didn’t say anything mean.”

“No, but I didn’t stop my friends, either. That’s kind of worse,” John said regretfully. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m used to it… used to people not liking me.”

“Maybe if you spoke up more…?” John suggested.

“Speaking my opinion has never been… encouraged… at home,” Aaron said carefully, and John’s heart broke for the boy. He wrapped an arm around him and let Aaron lean his head against his shoulder, feeling the tears soak his shirt.

Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy,” John said. “But… I don’t believe it.”

Aaron looked up at the freckled boy’s face and felt his heart begin to pound.

“What are you doing right now?” John asked.

“I was going to go home…” Aaron said softly.

“How about we go out for some ice cream?” John asked with a smile that made Aaron’s breath hitch. “I’d like to get to know you better.” John stood up and offered his hand.

“I’d like that too,” Aaron said, and allowed John to pull him to his feet. Neither let go of the other’s hand as they left the school.

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Keaton, i am definitely going to sing my children sufjan songs as lullabies and tell them mythology stories and abridged Shakespeare before bed and Idk what you'll do with this information but I wanted to share bc you give me dad vibes. Like, have you ever thought about stuff you'd do with your kids bc I do A Lot

this wasn’t something i previously gave too much thought, but now that you’ve brought this up i’m probably going to think about it a lot more haha.

i know for certain that we’re gonna do lots of baking, like cookies and from-scrap pancake batter. i am also going to be that parent who reads greek myths and arthurian legends and grimms fairytales to them, because those were all what i enjoyed reading as a kid. taking them hiking and teaching them about flowers and trees, visiting history museums, playing sports with them out in the yard would all be good hands-on things to do with my future children.

also please promise me that when you do abridged shakespeare you’ll give every character a unique silly voice and you’ll get increasingly more melodramatic as the play goes on. what a fun bedtime activity

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i scrolled through pride of britain's twitter to see if they said which paintings he was bidding on, and in the picture they published, the paintings from the kid are an anchor, a house that to me looks a lot like the home emoji, and a flamingo. it just made me chuckle. and i thought you'd enjoy the flamingo. ☺️



Rumours are circulating about Far Cry 4 plot details which apparently were accidentally leaked on Ubisoft’s website (before being taken down)~!

the plotline shown was as follows:

Far Cry 4 delivers an unparalleled next-gen experience in an entirely new and massive open world.

Hidden in the majestic Himalayas lies Kyrat, a country steeped in tradition and violence. You are Ajay Ghale. Travelling to Kyrat to fulfil your mother’s dying wish, you find yourself caught up in a civil war to overthrow the oppressive regime of dictator Pagan Min.

Explore and navigate this vast open world, where danger and unpredictability lurk around every corner. Here, every decision counts, and every second is a story. Welcome to Kyrat.

There’s hints that the protagonist may be Indian and the guy on the cover (and presumably the antaognist) isn’t white ~~

[like i ALWAYS say guys, bring a pinch of salt.. but i personally do believe this has a lot of weight considering it was from ubi’s website but who knows ;)]

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Curious about something and I thought maybe you'd have some insight: I've noticed that there seem to be a lot of lesbians on tumblr who enjoy m/m slash. I'm a heterosexual woman and I enjoy it, but as a general rule I'm not personally attracted to the actors/ characters (i.e. I wouldn't fantasize about myself with them, but for unknown reasons, it's hot to fantasize about them together). Is there something similar going on with lesbians who like it? Or is the appeal for them something else?

Oh friend, this is one of the Great Recurring Questions. Many explanations have developed over the years; you can find one of the first in the landmark essay “Normal Female Interest in Men Bonking,” and I collated a long and wonderful Tumblr discussion about it, “On Enjoying Queer Erotica,” a while back. Nowadays many people say that women write m/m sex because of internalized misogyny. I don’t buy that argument completely; I think there are other things going on. But there’s another long Tumblr thread here which articulates that point of view, and the damage internalized misogyny can do in fandom, and includes some very useful remarks from a couple of self-identified lesbians.

I’ve put together a “Very Select Bibliography on Slash,” which gives more scholarly background on the issue. I’d also recommend saathi1013’s marvelous meta page, which talks about similar issues in fandom more generally. Thanks for the question, and I hope this helps!

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I came across your blog and followed it because of a Laxana piece I found, which comes to be my OTP. X) Just wanted to drop by and say how beautiful it looked! Was also wondering if you'd mind me requesting for another pair, maybe? Minecchus! It's a crack ship of mine between Bacchus and Minerva (because of the myth gods names lol), and thought the result could be wonderful. X) I hope my idea is nice enough for consideration? Thanks a lot! Have a wonderful day too!

I like your logic! XD

Thank you so much! ^.^- Enjoy!

Tips on Keeping Your Life Together

I just wanted to point out;
1) You don’t need a Mac to be a straight A student (I understand it is the most popular brand, tumblr is full of it; but don’t waste your money on something like that if you’re short on it)
There’s always better laptops to buy at half the price!
2) Sometimes you can’t find the strength to make your bed right after you wake up, and that’s okay, as long as you at least let natural light come in. Try making it again in one hour, maybe it’ll be simpler.
3) Forcing yourself to do everything you’ve so meticulously prepared on a list that’s 20 bullets long (from lunch breaks to free time, exercising and pomodoros) almost always leads to some sort of mental disorder. The stress to do everything (right) adds up and you start worrying over everything or even giving up all.
The Key is to /want/ to do it. So instead of working with “i have to do all of this today or i won’t succeed in life”, try saying “it’s okay if i don’t finish this all, as long as i do as much as i can and i enjoy the most of it”.
4) Breaks are good. Breaks help you keep up with your sanity. What is not good, however, is the never-ending cicle of “i’ll do that tomorrow; i did a lot today already”. There’s a balance to be found.

Thank you for reading and please tell me if you’d want more pieces of my mind^^

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Hi! Your fics rock! And I like your head-canons for Pharmercy and Ana. Could you give your opinions as to how Pharah would feel knowing her mom lives? Also, would you consider writing something for Pharmercy but them being a Valkyrie and Anubis? Since you know, Mercy and Pharah do have these skins. I trust you'd so something epic, just like your Fangrai based on greek myth. I would like to read any head-canons you may have, just so I can imagine more. Peace out! Kudos, matey! :)

Ahhhhh thank you so much! UwU

Never fails to make me smile when someone tells me how they enjoy my writing—so thank you for reading and taking the time to let me know.

Okaaay…I have a lot of thoughts on Pharah/Ana’s relationship and the apparent bitterness and alternative view Pharah seems to have of Ana versus the other old Overwatch members (see: how Pharah responds to Solider 76 or Mercy when they bring up Ana to her), and I think Ana’s reveal as a champ and the whole letter she wrote to Pharah really helps shed some light on this.

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