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“What took you so long, I just sent you for a carton of milk?”

“Bumped into your ol’ man on the way.”

“Oh great, what did he do, harrass you like usual?”


 “I swear I’m gonna CHOP him good one of these days!”

“Lets make him a grandpa, should suffice.”



 “Wait. Soul…..did you just…?”

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I can't hear In the Hall of the Mountain King anymore without associating it with you, and I thought you'd appreciate knowing that.

it’s one of my favorite classical pieces and it’s so comedically satisfying when paired w videos esp with the way it expresses lingering mischief and then the eventual full on collapse of an empire i’m such a fan 10/10

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hey, i'm the girl who has red moments without using a strap-on. You'd really write one? I'd be so grateful but i know you're swamped. How about one paragraph, just about one of them saying it and the other being like 'that's okay'? I'm sorry, i know you're really busy. Thank you so much for that kind and thoughtful answer!!

You’re worth more than a paragraph my darling, though I deeply appreciate your sensitivity to my swamped-ness ;) <3 <3 <3

Alex moans into their kiss and grinds her hips up into Maggie’s, drawing her down closer, closer, closer, because all their clothes may be on and they may just be on the couch making out, but Maggie is straddling her and she’s kissing her neck, now, and Alex has never quite been this turned on.

She grabs at Maggie’s belt loops and pulls her closer.

“Color?” she rasps, because Maggie’s always asking for hers, and it’s a habit Alex has picked up.

“Green, fuck, Al,” Maggie’s whining, and Alex tosses her head back farther because god does this feel amazing.

Maggie’s hands slip under Alex’s shirt and her skin is so warm and the way she hisses at Maggie’s touch, the way she tosses her head back, all of it is pure ecstasy, and Alex comes back up, not for air, but for more kisses, and Maggie obliges, because she could kiss this woman forever.

Except, she can’t, because Alex’s fingers are pulling harder at Maggie’s belt loops, now, and Maggie loves it, loves Alex, but doesn’t want more than kissing, more than touching, right now, and she freezes slightly, and Alex imitates her.

“Color?” Alex asks, her voice calmer this time, and Maggie swallows.

“Yellow, red, uh… is orange a thing?” she rambles, and Alex laughs softly because Maggie is smiling awkwardly into her shoulder, and she cuddles Maggie closer into her.

“I got you, babe. It’s all good. Orange can be a thing. But are you okay, did I hurt you, did I – “

“No, no, Alex, you’re perfect, I just… I just needed to stop.”

Alex stops questioning and she smiles softly in relief and she kisses Maggie’s forehead, her hair, her cheeks, her nose.

“You still in the mood to cuddle?” Alex wants to know.

Maggie shifts off of her so she’s laying with her head in Alex’s lap instead of straddling her, and Alex pulls a blanket down on top of her.

“Yes please.”

Alex bends down and hovers above her face questioningly, and Maggie smiles as she leans up to kiss her lips softly.

“Perfect,” Alex whispers as she switches on Netflix and strokes Maggie’s hair, and as Maggie settles back into her lap, she smiles to herself, because she’s never felt quite this wrapped up, quite this cared for, quite this… loved.

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so the music society at my uni is called CUMS (cambridge university musical society) and one of the wind (or possibly brass?) ensembles has the slogan "we blow for CUMS". i thought you'd appreciate this.

sometimes acronyms aren’t a good idea


Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade
Word Count: 1351
AO3: [x]
Summary:  It only takes a handful of minutes under the rays of the sun to turn Mycroft into an alarming shade of red, or, as he has found out more recently—and with increasing frequency—one of Gregory’s well-placed, cheeky comments.

day 21: Are dragon-trainers, or otherwise live in a world alongside dragons

As this is part of a series, I recommend reading at least the first one for this to make more sense. This is based off @platypushko‘s fanart that she so kindly drew for the first work of this series :’D

“Where are you taking me?” Mycroft gasps, doubled over as he struggles to catch his breath.

Although Mycroft enjoys going out with his dragon, even in his small form, Gregory sets a brutally fast pace.

You’ll see. Just a bit more.

Gregory circles around Mycroft, wings flapping lazily to provide a welcoming, cool breeze until the young prince has recovered enough to stand upright once more.

Come on! And to think you’re supposed to be the young one here.

“You have wings,” accuses Mycroft.

And you have legs that work perfectly fine. Perfectly fine legs.

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  • Jumin posted a picture.
  • Zen: Woah!!! Who's that beauty?!
  • Yoosung: She's pretty!
  • Saeyoung: Nah Yoosung, your ass is better than her's!
  • Yoosung: S-Shut up!
  • Saeran: ...Isn't that Jahee?
  • Zen: Eh?
  • Yoosung: ...
  • Saeyoung: Lolol, you guys didn't know? It's so obvious!
  • Jahee: Mr. Han, please don't post pictures of me without my permission.
  • Jumin: I thought you'd appreciate it, Zen swooned for a moment after all.
  • Jahee: ...
  • Yoosung: Wait, how'd you guys know? Saeran? Saeyoung?
  • Saeyoung: Well...
  • Saeran: A woman can change her looks.
  • Saeyoung: But she can't hide her boob size.
  • Saeran: Yeah...
  • Jahee has left the chatroom.
  • Yoosung: I am disturbed.
  • Saeyoung: Don't worry Yoosung!! If we all posted a picture of our dicks, I can tell which one is your right away!!
  • Yoosung: That is more disturbing...
  • Everyone: I wonder what goes on in Adelaide's head when she's fighting?
  • Inside Adelaide's head: somEBODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD IS GONNA ROLL ME
  • [Aggressively listens to Bach]
  • Shit... did I leave the stove on?
  • No... I turned it off, the cookies are fine.
  • If Justin cock-blocks me and DogNut one more time, I swear to god I'll kill him.
  • [Darth Vader voice] you don't know the power of the dark side
august advice for the signs
  • aries: adventure fills your veins more so now than ever. open yourself up to your emotions, but keep one hand on the wheel. indulgence and gluttony walk a fine line.
  • taurus: there's something beautiful in the way you fall a little bit in love with every person you meet, but you can't keep giving pieces of yourself to every broken person who comes along. you and I know catharsis is your middle name.
  • gemini: its finally your time, and rightly so. it takes a big person to shoulder so much negativity with a smile on your face. don't bother asking for the respect you deserve, demand it.
  • cancer: you may be feeling this abstract dissatisfaction; you've been dealt a shit hand, but you're thriving in spite of that. even the fiercest of protectors have to ask for help from time to time.
  • leo: don't let your foundation be shaken; times of change call for rallying the troops. birthday cake tastes best with friends.
  • virgo: you find comfort and support from your circle, and though it may seem as if they're more distant from you now, you're still on their mind. reach back out to them. you're overdue for some tlc.
  • libra: you are a foster home for the broken and a familiar landmark for the lost. it can be dissociating to be so much for someone else, however. fall in love with all of your favorite things again, rediscover your center.
  • scorpio: letting those close to you know what you're thinking isn't a weakness. there is beauty in complexity, and bravery in vulnerability. it suits you.
  • sagittarius: revelry is a natural human emotion, but you must hold yourself accountable. a bucking horse makes few friends.
  • capricorn: your endeavors are not in vain. you may be feeling under appreciated, but the truth is you're just eight steps ahead of the rest of us. give us the chance to catch up. or dont. you'd know best either way.
  • aquarius: I think its time you sat down with your thoughts. throw away the one's that do you no good, save what builds you up, and make room for all that is in store for you. its exhilarating.
  • pisces: do not weep over the cobwebs and skeletons of your past, they are not your home now. who you were yesterday has no power over what you do today.
It's fucking story time, chilluns (thought you'd appreciate this)

I’m an aro trans bisexual from a mostly GOP family. My cousin (a liberal with fundamentalist Xtian cishet parents) is aro cishet. We’re both fairly open about our identities. Thankfully, she understands that she’s cishet, not lgbt, and that she’s privileged. When I came out, I was compared to a serial killer and had to threaten my family to get them to stay away from me. I was close friends with one of my cousins for about fourteen years, and I lost that because of her homophobia.

But when my aro cousin told our family she was aro, they basically just shrugged and went back to what they were doing and didn’t treat her differently at all. In fact, they were relieved to know for sure that she was just a cishet aro, that she didn’t like girls, that she was cis.

If het aros aren’t straight, why did the same group of people with mostly similar political and religious beliefs react so differently to a bi aro than to a het one?


“I worked at KFC and I also worked at a video/DVD hiring chain called Video Ezy. I was fired from both but Video Ezy was, uh, I used to tap on the benches being the drummer and I used to get free DVDs. So I went in one day and I went up to the counter and I’m like “Hi, can I have these please?” and she’s like “Yeah that’ll be $7,” and I said “I thought I got them for free?” and she says “You don’t work here anymore.” - Ashton & the video shop story

Interviewer: A lot of people have asked me to ask you what is the go with Troyler and was it real and did it actually happen?

Tyler: Well Troye is one of my best friends from youtube. He is, if people don’t know him, he is a-he’s from South Africa but he lives in Perth. So he’s an Australian youtuber who I’ve been watching for years. We are good friends. He is an actor, a singer, a songwriter, a youtuber, a very talented person. Um, and I would say we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. I think we support each other so much and to have somebody that you are that close with in a career where it’s very solitary-just you and a camera-is a good thing because sometimes it can kinda feel like it’s just you doing your thing all the time, and so to have people who kinda get what you’re going through a lot, is important and Troye is definitely one of those people for me. Um.. and so a lot of people interpret our friendship in a lot of ways, um, but he is somebody that is super important to me and I think will always be.

Interviewer: Okay, good, perfect. So, I’m sure I will get tweeted if I don’t ask you this, so there was no romantic connection?

*Long pause*

Tyler: Was that a question?

Interviewer: That was a question, yeah. There has been no romantic connection between you and Mr. Sivan?

Tyler: Mr. Sivan and I are not together. We are simply platonic friends. Uh, and a lot of people see the two of us and wish that we were. I think it’s one of those things where we appreciate each other just as much as people want us to, and they are more than welcome to interpret that however they want, but no, we are not together.

- Tyler Oakley on The Andrew and Troy Show

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Why is no one talking about the guy making faces in the background last episode? (scottie-mccutie /post/91149997835/stiles-stilinski-face-appreciation-post) Sorry can't put a link. But he's in the top right corner and the center. In the one he's looking right at the camera. He's so funny look at him. I'm sorry it's the middle of the night and I thought you'd get a good laugh. I'm going to sleep sleep now.

Um yes, hello!! He’s such a cutie pie. And is he making kissy faces at Stiles?? 


This guy is Jun’s (tray-wielding badass nurse from the hospital) younger brother. He’s best friends with the pony-tailed cutie who I decided was Native American but has the last name Rodriguez (first name still undecided). This pouty-faced babe I will call Kevin, who unlike Jun eschewed his Korean name in middle school (Kevin doesn’t quite have a strong of a stomach and is kind of shy about getting people to pronounce it correctly. Plus, he just likes Kevin, okay.) Kevin gets teased all the time by his grandma for being so tan, but Kevin loves his lacrosse and doesn’t care. 

Kevin is afraid he’s not even going to make the bench at this point because Liam’s goal-making skills is seriously making him worry (hence the pout).

Kevin is also incredibly bisexual and proud, and makes kissy faces at the back of Stiles’ head constantly whenever Stiles makes these ambiguously flirty statements at other dudes and hopes one day Stiles will have his huge sexuality revelation SO HE CAN SHOW HIM ALL THE WAYS. 

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Omg Ally my friend said this today and I thought you'd appreciate it. (Talking about the world not understanding health, environment, ethics, ect) "Being vegan is like being the one person in a group project who actually read the assignment, and the rest of the group members are just doing what they want. But whenever you try to teach them the right way they just tell you that they've got this and then keep doing it wrong"


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Quick q's (Ps. Sorry if these have been asked a million times before) When is the filming schedule exactly? Is there pre-production time for rehearsals? If Ep 36 ended with Reading Week coming up (which is in late Feb), when exaclty does the Christmas special happen? Was Laura planning to go home for Reading Week but not for Christmas? - Also, does this mean that the gang has known each other for something like 6 months altogether? (Sorry for the length, thought you'd appreciate a respite)

1. They’re filming the 16-19 with rehearsal days before it.  

2. I think you’re on a different school schedule than the one we’ve put Carmilla and co on. Reading week would have been sometime at the beginning of December. 

3. The Christmas Special happens Christmas, 2014.

4. Laura was planning on going home for reading week, but then shit got real with the Anglerfish in the basement and then the campus was basically dissolving into chaos so they ran into the mountains. And her phone couldn’t place calls to call her dad.

5. Yeah about six months is about right. :)

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So I'd thought you'd appreciate this. I started and got really into your comic last summer and when I went back to school, I got one of my sorority sisters into it as well. Now whenever we see each other we start freaking out about what is currently happening to the characters. The issue is we tend to do this in the common room. Which results in ppl hearing "OMG I can't believe her Dad showed up with a gun". Now we are required to start out our conversations by shouting "THIS IS ABOUT A COMIC."

fffffffffftttthaha ha ha ha ha

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Hey! Great blog! I thought you'd appreciate this video! From one Jurassic Park fan to another! Jurassic Park: High Heels Edition (Parody) Look for it on YouTube. :)

I would pay to watch the entire film like this.

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Hi Leigh, just wondering if you've heard of the website Rejected Princesses? It's about amazing woman and girls throughout history and the present - and not all of them princesses, some are just badasses. It has warriors, scientist, even young girls making technological breakthroughs. It's great, and I thought you'd appreciate it. Also, Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom are FREAKING AMAZING!

That sounds incredible! And I think the author/creator was just on one of my favorite podcasts.