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Taeyang | Smut | Completed

Requested by this anon

Warnings: Age Gap mention, Princess!Kink, Virgin Reader, Rich!AU, Blowjob, Oral and Mild Angst

A/N: Please take into account that this one-shot is being told from the point of view of Taeyang, it is not 3rd Person. Also, I decided to do my take on the “real” Taeyang. Most people say he’s the romantic or that he is a “sweetheart”, but his best friend is G-Dragon so… Also, think of Taeyang as an unreliable narrator. It’s from his POV, so of COURSE certain topics are romanticized/rationalized.

I had always wanted you.

It was sick, but the sad truth.

Honestly, it was almost laughable how much I’d wanted you.

The worst part was that you had no clue at all. You, a gorgeous, intelligent woman, had no idea that your favorite man wanted to fuck you senseless, turn you over and fuck you again.

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Welcome Home


(A/N): Thank you for sending in a request! I really hope that you like it, but if you don’t, you know where to find the refund policy :)

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Member & Group: Ji Yong (G Dragon), BigBang

Type: Smut

Warning(s): Explicit sexual content, strong language, not-really-public-but-people-are-near sex

  A cliché movie flickered on the television screen in front of you, the light form the screen illuminating your bored features. You had been sleeping on the couch in the BigBang dorm for the past few days, waiting for the moment when your boyfriend would come through the idle front door. There was no way in Hell that you were going to sleep in his bed if he wasn’t there beside you. No, that would only add to the yearning you felt for him in your heart, the scent of him—vanilla, orchids, and the smallest hint of his oriental and woodsy cologne—that covered the pillows and sheets, the watch that he’d left on the nightstand, they were only a couple of the things that drove you almost to the point of insanity. The only thing that you’d touched in that room was one of his recently worn shirts, which hung to just above the middle of your thighs at that moment, covering your panties by just a few inches. 

  You heard heavy breathing come from the speakers, and your attention turned to the film that was showing once again. The two main characters were engaged in a heated moment, nearing the bed with every second that ticked past. Shifting uncomfortably atop the cushion you sat on, you tried to ignore the arousal that began to stir in your lower stomach. God, you wished he was here. He would have helped you. He was what you needed—right there, in that very moment, he was all you wanted in the world. 

  Just as you were about to bring your hand down to satisfy yourself regretfully, the entry door’s latch began to click. You sprung up, afraid it was a burglar, and sprinted to hide around the wall which stood in between the entrance and the main hallway. The door started to swing open, and you peeked your head around the corner. Your eyes almost fell out of your head, your heart about to burst from your chest in happiness. 

  “Oppa!” You nearly screamed, running to him and jumping to wrap your legs around his waist, your arms latching behind his head. You joyfully buried your face into the crook of his neck, inhaling his cologne and kissing the smooth skin beneath your lips softly. Ji stumbled slightly from the force of your hug, chuckling at your childish actions. 

  “(Y/N). (Y/N), I missed you so much, so so damn much.” He set you down gently onto your feet, getting a good look at you for the first time in several months. He smirked as he took in you attire, “Is that my shirt?”

 You nodded shyly, pulling the shirt down to cover more skin. Jiyong just gave you an approving look before cupping your face in his hands and capturing your lips in his. Becoming oblivious to all that surrounded you, your desire still coiled within you, you pulled your fingers through his hair and moved your mouth with his in a heated passion. 

  “Hey, did I hear (Y/N)—Oh, well hello there. Could you get a room or something?” The shameless maknae, Seungri, quipped. You pulled away, hiding your now flushed face in your boyfriend’s chest. Seungri then began to look you up and down hungrily, paying the most attention to your bare legs.

  “Yah, dongsaeng!” Seungri snapped his eyes to Jiyong’s angered ones, looking a bit scared. “Shut up, and keep your eyes off of my girlfriend.”

  The other members soon piled into the dorm as well, all going about their own business after saying greeting you excitedly. You helped the leader bring in his bags, bringing them to his room and sitting down on the familiar, large bed. 

  “So, how was Japan?” You questioned once Ji sat on the bed beside you, his thigh touching yours as he leaned into you. He pressed his lips against your jawline, peppering kisses up and down your throat.

  “It was okay. It would have been better if you were there, though.” Jiyong hummed, pulling his face up to yours. He took your chin between his thumb and forefinger, asking quietly, “Did you obey my rule while I was away?”

  You went still, remembering how you had almost broken that very rule right before he walked into the dorm. You’re not allowed to touch yourself without him.

  “Um, well, I-I…” You looked down at your lap, studying your hands with a newfound interest.

  “Yes or no, baby girl.” He said sternly, inspecting your eyes carefully. Anxiousness filled your being, your fingers beginning to tremble as you gradually brought your eyes up to his.

  “Technically, no. I mean, I was going to, but then you came home.” You told him quietly, looking at his mouth with lust trapped within your irises. As you watched his mouth curl up on one side, he spoke huskily.

  “Well, normally that would call for punishment. But, I thought about breaking it a few times myself, so I guess that would be a bit hypocritical.” You grinned slyly at him, bringing your hand down to stroke his clothed, flaccid length.

  “Did you think of me often, oppa?” The words flowed from your mouth in a sugar-sweet tone. Jiyong groaned quietly, pulling you to straddle his lap and leaning back on his elbows.

  “Show me how much you missed me, baby.” He commanded, watching you with dark eyes that were filled with a combination of want and interest. 

  You followed the demand easily, grinding on his clothed penis slowly at first, gradually building up speed as he got increasingly harder beneath your clothed heat. Eventually, there was too much clothing for your liking, so stood up and quickly took off his pants for him. He was left in his underwear after he stripped himself of his t-shirt, looking at you expectantly. 

  “Well, aren’t you going to take that off now?” He droned, standing up in front of you and attempting to pull the fabric that covered your chest and torso over your head. You stopped him half way, feeling shy all of the sudden.

  “I’m not wearing a bra, oppa.” You informed him, pushing his hands away.

  “Even better.” Ji grinned widely down at you, successfully taking his shirt off of you faster than you could protest. He groaned at the sight of your naked breasts, his hands coming up to gently squeeze them, taking one nipple between his teeth briefly before moving to the next one. You would have felt flustered had it not felt so good, making you gasp and grip onto his shoulders. 

  Jiyong used one of his hands to rub you through your panties, his thumb rubbing around your clit steadily. You moaned as one of his fingers pushed the cloth away and entered you, brushing your bundle of nerves. His digit formed a hook-like shape, flexing in and out of you as he began to grind his member into your thigh to gain friction. He kept this up until you were extremely wet, wet enough for him to insert another finger and begin pumping furiously. He purposefully let his short nails lightly scrape against your walls to draw a string of whimpers from your lips as he sucked at the sweet spot on you neck. 

   “Jiyong!” You hissed out, arching your back into him as he added a third finger, feeling you clench around him. He began to stimulate you further by using his other hand to toy with your breasts. It wasn’t long until heat flooded your body as you came around his slim fingers with a shudder. Jiyong brought his wet fingers up to his mouth, sucking them clean while looking you directly into the eyes. His gaze warmed you and sent shivers down your spine at the same time, a paradox of sensations which you had grown accustomed to throughout your relationship with this edgy man.

 “I missed the feel of you, the look of you, the taste of you while I was gone, baby girl. But I’m here now, and I’m going to ravish you.” A dangerous glint made a profound sparkle in his eyes as he stalked towards you like an animal would its prey. Jiyong didn’t waste another second before he had ripped off your panties and pushed you down onto the bed while sitting on his knees in front of you. He pushed your legs apart, holding your knees to keep them separated as he began to trail open mouthed kisses along the inside of your right thigh. He stopped his actions right before he got to where you needed him the most, but then repeated his actions on your left leg.

 “Oppa, please, don’t tease.” You panted, throwing your head back in anticipation as he finally put his mouth to work on your core. Hi tongue began to dart in and out of you, tasting every inch of you that he could reach with the muscle. Usually, you would have been giving him head by this time, but it seemed that all he wanted to do was please you. Ji began to blow gently on your opening before sucking at your clitoris and letting his tongue circle the pleasurable spot. Hi fingers massaged your sides and thighs as you came for a second time. He drank you up again, kissing his way from your stomach, up through the valley of your breasts, over your collarbones and along your neck until he reached you mouth, where he came to a stop. 

  “May I?” He inquired, knowing that you were intuitive enough to catch on to what exactly he wanted to do. 

  “God, yes. Please, just do it already.” You begged him, totally forgetting that the members were all in the dorm and that they could probably hear the erotic sounds that drifted from the room. That was all Jiyong needed to hear. 

  He threw his underwear from his body, slamming into you. He let all the pent up sexual frustration from tour leak into his violent thrusts, watching your body bounce as the sound of skin slapping against skin resonated in the bedroom. He adjusted his angle several times, each more fulfilling that the last as he pounded into you relentlessly. Jiyong reveled in each moan that escaped your parted lips as you writhed uncontrollably beneath him. Every breathy shout of his name egged him on. You began to meet his thrusts by raising your hips, and then it was his turn to moan your name. 

  You wanted the pleasure to last forever, but then you came for a third time, going still on the bed as exhaustion crept into your limbs and mind. Jiyong began to pump slower as he felt himself twitch, coming inside of you and hoping that you were still on the pill. When he finally pulled out after coming down from his intense, long awaited climax, he collapsed beside you. Knowing that you felt exposed but over heated at the same time, your loving boyfriend pulled a thin sheet over you both as he kissed your cheeks, nose, forehead and lips softly.

  You had almost fallen asleep when you heard the members whispering outside you and Ji’s bedroom door.

  “Damn, maybe I should get a girlfriend.” That was unmistakably Daesung.

  “Hey, maybe now he won’t be so mad anymore. He was grumpy on tour!” Okay, that was definitely Seungri complaining—the adorably annoying panda.

  “We really need to soundproof these walls somehow. I know that they haven’t seen each other in a while, but holy shit were they loud. I’m almost one hundred percent sure that the other attendants of the apartments in this building are now traumatized.” Wow, Youngbae was an absolutely dreadful whisperer. 

  “Guys, why are you just standing at Ji—Oh, you guys are perverts.” Well, at least Seunghyun was a bit respectful.

  Apparently, the hushed commentary was preventing Jiyong from resting as well, because he didn’t sound all that happy when he shouted, “Hey, you byuntaes suck at being quiet. Get the fuck out of here, would you?”

What Are Friends For? (Seungri ft. G-Dragon)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hey, can I request a scenario where youre GD best friend and hes the only one that knows about your crush on Seungri but you and GD get into a fight and he accidentally shouts it in front of everyone? (Seungri included) please?

(This seems so much longer than I normally write lol..)

You spent a decent portion of your childhood with none other than Jiyong. You two grew up together, went to school together, and even graduated high school together. You two knew the deepest and oddest secrets and things about the other, such as crushes, the others sex life, and well what the other looked like naked. Nothing seemed to bug you about the other. He introduced you to his group mates after they debuted making sure they knew his best friend. You mainly tried to stay out of the light of fame but being friends with such a successful group was hard sometimes but not often. You were rumored to be dating more than one member throughout the years but none of them were true.

Jiyong happened to know a little something about your crush on a certain maknae, Lee Seunghyun aka Seungri. And often times teased you around him. Dropping hints that no one seemed to realize but you who and what he was talking about. The boys often pulled you aside and asked what he was going on about. Often times you played it off very well knowing exactly what to say or do to drop the topic. But today was different.

Everything you seemed to do anger Jiyong to the point he would roll his eyes and walk away. Even after getting back from a dinner with the boys and went to his place to hang out, he was being rude it seemed towards you. “Ji what did I do?” you asked him catching his arm quickly “I don’t know why you dress like that? You’re going to give yourself the wrong kind of attention” he told you in a quiet tone not even looking at your outfit. When you glanced down you saw you black dress and heels. The dress wasn’t too long but it wasn’t too short, it didn’t hug you like many other girls dress’s you guys normally were around, and it may have been lacy but you saw the rest of dress through it. When you looked back up you saw he wasn’t there. 

You clutched your clutch tightly in your hand as you were starting to get mad when someone tapped your shoulder. You had a guess it was one of the boys seeing as how they were the only other people around.  Turning you saw Seungri there “noona are you alright? You look upset?” he asked you. You gave him a small smile “Seungri don’t worry about me okay” you told him as you looked around for Jiyong. “Are you sure hyung looked a bit angry at you” he spoke in an unsure tone as he glanced over at Jiyong who was standing a distance away from the two of you, fingers gliding over the screen of his phone.

You bit your lip as you walked over to him taking his phone from his hand “what’s your problem?” you asked each other as your voices raised. “You have been a jerk all day oppa what is wrong?” you confronted as he glared at you “you’re just really annoying today Y/N” he told you as your jaw dropped. You two could feel the eyes of the others on you. “I haven’t done anything” you mumbled as you turned around forgetting his phone was still in your hands, he looked at you with anger in his eyes. “Give me my phone” he hissed out making you turn around as he ripped it from your hands making you drop your bag.

You rolled your eyes as you bent down to pick it up “ah the first things your eyes have done other than stare at Seungri. It seems” he calls out making you freeze. When you looked back up you could feel the eyes of the others on just you now “wh-at?” you stuttered out in embarrassment turning to look him right in the eyes. “I get you really really like him but come on. Quit making it so obvious” he spoke making you nervous. Not even looking at the others you quickly rushed off down the hallway of the towards one of many bedrooms in his home where you sat yourself down on the bed and looked away. Soon a knock hit the frame of the door way you turned to see Seungri there giving you a small smile. “Hey” he spoke quietly walking into the room “hi” you spoke looking away from him. When you felt more weight on the bed you felt your heart start pounding. 

You two sat quietly for what seemed like hours but in reality was seconds “how long have you liked me noona?” he asks as a blush came to his cheeks. “A few years” you told him still not able to look at him. “I’ve like you since Ji introduced you to me. If that makes you feel any better” he told you you. You turned your head to look at him “Seungri that’s nearly 9 years” you told him as your face got warmer at the thought of a teenage Seungri having a crush on you. Seungri let out a little laugh wondering why he waited so long to say that to you “I know I know but I was thinking that you and Jiyong were going to become something more than friends. I mean you seem to be one of the things he always brings up in a conversation” he told you as you laughed at the thought of you and Jiyong. 

“I know way to much about him to find him attractive anymore. He’s become the face graffiti-ed onto the friendzone wall” you joked making him laugh. “I guess that’s good then for me right? I guess I broke the through said wall right?” he asked looking you into the eyes. You let out a weird laugh realizing how close the two of you were but wasn’t denying it. He was right. “Lucky me then” he told you taking your hands lightly into his.

When you two walked back out you both had smiles on your faces and before you could even sit with the others you were pulled off to the kitchen, the loud sounds of you nearly falling out of your heels filled the air. When you stopped you saw Jiyong standing there with a smile “how did it go?” he asked excited. The looked of confusion filled you as you looked at him “maybe I should explain that I really haven’t been mad at you. I just had the best plan ever” he spoke. “You mean embarrassing me to the extreme and making me seem like a fool for my wardrobe choices-” “it’s a lovely dress hon-” “Jiyong!” the conversation was loud enough for the other boys to lurk outside the kitchen to listen to the banter between the two of you.

You and Jiyong looked at each other for a moment before you hugged him “thank you” you spoke as he smiled hugging you back. “I’ll do anything for my best friend. Even if it’s embarrassing you to admit your feelings” he spoke feeling your knuckle dig hard into his spine making him cry out.

“That is no way to treat Cupid Y/N!” “if you were Cupid I would have murdered you with your own arrows years ago”

“Is that what years of friendship is like? When do we hit that level with her?” Youngbae asked as they made their ways back to the couch. “They’ve been friends since what age 5? So maybe around year 23 of friendship with us” Daesung spoke doing math in his head. “Actually we were acting like this in our teens as well” you spoke as you guys sat down. You taking a seat beside Seungri who put his arm behind your head. “Once you see each other naked more than once is a good start” Jiyong joked. “So we’re almost really really best friends then Y/N?” Daesung spoke making you all begin talking about weird times you had with each other over the years.

It was a night filled of laughs, happy tears, and romance for you and the boys. But one you guys would remember for a lifetime. 

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Can I get a reaction to the reader teasing Big Bang in public? (^.^) Sorry not sorry. -trashy anon

Reaction to teasing Big Bang in public

G Dragon: “Jagi I really wouldn’t play that game with me unless you’re ready to lose”

T.O.P: “You really don’t want to see that side of me come out in front of your friends do you? Now keep your hands to yourself kitten, before daddy comes out to play”

Taeyang: “Not here please baby. You know I can’t control myself around you and I’d hate for the media to see my girlfriend the way I’m craving to see you right now..”

Daesung: “Wh-what are you doing? I thought we were going to leave this all in the bedroom this morning jagiya”

Seungri: Again already? I thought I taught you your lesson. I guess we’ll have to have another go at it, but I promise you that this time, it won’t be as nice for you..”

Obstacles (GD): Part 3

GD: When he cheats (part 3)…
requested by bandsexual182, wolfgirl1021, anonymous, kristababes88

Word Count: 1515

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (END)

With a long yawn you stretched, twirling around once in your office chair as you finally finished the assignment from your boss. After the unexpected visit from Jiyong last night, you weren’t able to sleep as the twinge of pain in your heart bothered you. You couldn’t possibly understand why you were still hurting. 

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Distraction - G-DragonxYou - Drabble


You look up from your computer screen to see Jiyong standing at the doorway, in ripped jeans and a simple black t-shirt, looking at you with a pout.

“What’s wrong?” You ask him but can’t help but smile at how cute he looked. He didn’t say a word but simply held out his arms waiting for a hug. You laugh softly as you placed your laptop aside and pushed yourself off the bed towards him.

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Morning showers

-YG Family chat room-

Seungri: such a good morning today ^^

Tablo: what’re you so happy about?

Seungri: can’t I have a good morning hyung?

Jiyong: no

Youngbae: definitely not

Daesung: what did you do this time

Bom: why do you have to act suspicious so early in the morning

Seungri: noona T.T

CL: great morning today ^^

Dara: um..

Tablo: I guess some people just have good mornings

Mithra: this is the third day in a row they BOTH have good mornings though

Jiyong: .. Seungri why aren’t you home

Seungri: I AM HOME

Jiyong: Ya are yelling at me right now?!!

Seungri: no hyung T.T

Dara: Chaerin where did you go so early? Wait did you even come home? :(

Daesung: well, well, well where could Seungri and Chaerin be

Jiyong: why aren’t you opening the door I thought you were home

Seungri: uh-I-I’m in the shower

Jiyong: what’s your passcode

CL: no

Tablo: WHAT

Daesung: WHAT

Jiyong: What do you mean no?!!!

Bom: Chaerin get your butt home right now!

CL: I meant no I didn’t go home

Daesung: I felt like I couldn’t breathe for about 2mins

Jiyong: I almost broke his door down

CL: what are you guys talking about

Dara: we thought you were with Seungri >.<

CL: why would I be with him

Seungri: what do you mean him? I’m your oppa!

CL: hahahhaa

Bom: okay we can breathe now they’re definitely not together

Seungri: hyong you’re not even outside my door T.T

Daesung: he’s with TOP hyung now

Seungri: oh o-okay ^^

Tukutz: for some reason whenever he says something it sounds suspicious

Bom: yes that’s what I’m saying

Dara: we’re waiting for you Chaerin

CL: let my hair dry a bit unnie it’s cold outside

Bobby: wasn’t Seungri hyung just taking a shower too?

Mino: yeah ^_~ hehe

Daesung: so they are together?!!

Youngbae: Ya Seungri you’re going to get it this time

Seungri: I did nothing!!!

TOP: tsk how can you lie to us like this

Hanbin: Chaerin noona just beat up Mino and Bobby hyungs hahaha

Dara: oh she’s at YG?

Hayi: yeah she was at the gym

Seungyoon: did you record it

Hanbin: of course

Mithra: send it to the chat ^^

I’ll Be Here (Taeyang ft.G-Drangon)

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Type: Fluff/Angst

Request: The reader and Jiyong are togheter for about 2 years and she gets pregnant but doesnt tell him , causing a fight and a break up. And taeyang offers to help her trought pregnancy and confess his love for her when the baby girl is born? Thanks if u do!

Note: hope you don’t mind that GD stays in the picture!

Jiyong was breathing heavy after he yelled. You sat there playing with the bottom of your top “why wouldn’t you tell me?” he says in a stern voice. You sat there for a moment thinking it through “I don’t know” you say as let out a shout of frustration “you never think of anyone but yourself you know?” he tells you. “How was I thinking about myself? I was thinking about the baby” you yelled “well you thought really hard about the dad didn’t you? ‘Oh Jiyong doesn’t need to find out about the baby, even after 2 years I still can’t trust him’” he mocks your voice. “I was thinking about your career” you told him truthfully, it wouldn’t look good that he got his girlfriend pregnant. “Yeah well maybe you should have thought about the man behind the career, the man who thought you would love him enough to tell him that you were pregnant with his baby and knew about it for the past two of the three months you’ve been carrying said child. But I guess we all make mistakes” with that he gives you a look as he grabbed his jacket and walks out.

You let him go for a day, he had a right to be mad. You didn’t tell him that you were pregnant, it was something that you guys had talked about even before you were together. He loved children and that’s what he wanted to happen very soon in his life time once he found the one who he wanted to spend his life with. You blamed it on the media multiple times in your head in the beginning which changed to thinking that if he found out he would say that he wasn’t ready or something, and then it just turned into wanting to hide it as long as you could. 

Within a course of a 2 hour fight you managed to break up and you feared raising your child alone but Jiyong had confirmed that he wasn’t letting that happened. He still wanted to be a dad to his child other than that he couldn’t look at you without feeling hurt knowing he had to move past his feelings so the two of you could remain in the same room. Even though you could never be truly alone for the next 6 months, you felt so alone when you had no one to help you though it all emotionally until your doorbell rung one day.

When you opened the door you were greeted by Youngbae who was giving you a smile as he leaned against the door frame. “Hi” you said awkwardly “hey so um I brought you something” he stay holding up a bag of fast food. At first the smell hit you it was pleasant before a strong urge filled to vomit took it’s place as you quickly ran to the bathroom. Youngbae panicked and quickly threw the food on the ground and took off after you. You felt horrible hunched over a toilet throwing up the contents of your stomach as you felt a hand quickly rest on your back in a soothing manner. Once you were done you looked up at him after wiping your mouth “I’m sorry” you told him in a hoarse voice. He gave you a smile as he stroked your teary face “it’s fine, I know you can’t help it” he whispers as he helps you up “come on lets brush your teeth” he says.

It didn’t take long for Youngbae to make an impact in your life, not that he didn’t before hand but now it was something much more meaningful in the long run. He pretty much was protective of you and the baby even if it was his best friends child. Jiyong had let the world know about his future child, to be more exact his future daughter. Making sure that even though the two of you weren’t together that no one talked bad about either of you, you both even began choosing names. Jiyong could stand in a room with you now but he couldn’t see you as anything more than someone who was carrying his baby which hurt you on the inside slightly know how quickly he got over you. But Youngbae made sure you had a shoulder to cry on no matter if it was a real cry or a hormone induced one.

Youngbae had become the one telling Jiyong about the process of his own baby which caused jealousy “Kayo kicked again this morning-” but he was cut off on his telling to the others about the baby by Jiyong “what do you mean again? When did she start kicking?” Jiyong asked. “Oh um I think she started kicking last week. When I was putting together the crib for Kayo she called me in-” “wait you’re building MY daughter crib now as well” Jiyong asked as the all members of BIGBANG could feel the thickness in the air grow.

Youngbae gave him a look of confusion “Jiyong I don’t want you being mad at me. You literally bought a crib that wasn’t built, did you think Y/N would be able to build it in the state she’s in? She’s been having trouble standing up alone-” “how am I supposed to know that when she doesn’t tell me anything? I’ve been finding things out from you and the doctors at appointments” Jiyong almost shouts. Youngbae pats his friends shoulder “I can talk to her then about it. I was going to go finish putting the crib together today” he tell him.

Ever since Youngbae told you about it, Jiyong had been texting you daily about the Kayo and how you were doing with her that day. And as your due date got closer Jiyong had even began setting up things in his own apartment for Kayo making sure she had everything when she came over. But began to panic when he found out he was going to be out of the country when you were about a month away from having her but you promised him that he had nothing to worry about mainly because he wasn’t going to be away for very long. 

Youngbae was more cautious than you though because he had a strange feeling in him to the point that he asked if he could stay over with you for awhile. About two weeks into his staying over his hunch became even more correct as you two were sitting on the couch. He glanced over as you shifted yourself once more on the couch “are you okay?” he asks “Kayo won’t calm down” you say rubbing your stomach. He laid his hand onto your’s as you both stroked your stomach feeling her calm down enough to let you get comfortable.

Only to be jolted by a sudden sensation in your lower region “are you alright?” he asks sitting up quickly. “I don’t know” you say as he helped you off the couch “the couch is wet” he says as his heart rate picked up “I think my water broke” you told him. He quickly looked you in the eyes before pulling out his phone “I’ll call Jiyong and grab the bags okay. You go get in the car” he tells you as you nod slightly as he began running around the apartment for everything.

You stayed pretty calm throughout the day seeing as how fast Youngbae had gotten you there. You experienced small pains during the day but you really began to feel them later on that night. Youngbae had held your hand through most of the day and sure as hell didn’t let it go as you clamped your’s tightly around his. When the doctors finally told you it was time, you glanced over at Youngbae as fear was clear in your eyes “don’t worry I’ll be here for you” he tells you as everything seemed to speed up and slow down all at the same time. 

Youngbae remained as calm as he could as you were busy bringing life to the world. He kept whispering sweet words as you told him you couldn’t do it anymore and just about anything negative that came out of your mouth. Only to give you a big smile when the doctors finally announced that she was finally here. “I told you that you could do it” he whispered as he kissed your now sweaty hair. You gave him a tired smile as he looked you in the eyes “I love you” he spoke “what?” you asked unsure if your ears were tricking you or not. “I love you” he repeated as a nurse came back in carrying a bundled baby. 

You smiled as Kayo was laid into your arms before looking up to Youngbae, you glanced down at Youngbae’s lips as he quickly took the signal and leaned down. It was only brief as your lips touched before he pulled back smiling largely. After a bit of quiet watching of the newborn you finally spoke “would you like to hold her?” you asked him. “I won’t hold her til Jiyong does. Her father should be the first man to hold her” he whispers. 

Death wish

-YG Family chat room-

Seungri: hyoooong can I borrow your car ^^

Jiyong: NO

Seungri: oops

Jiyong: what do you mean oops?!!!?

Seungri: I thought you were going to say yes…

Mithra: oh this is going to be good

Daesung: I’m preparing the funeral

Youngbae: he’s been gone a day and Seungri is already in trouble

Jiyong: what did you do??!!!!

CL: he messaged you in here so we’d know his cause of death hahah

Seungri: look hyong listen

Jiyong: how did you even get my keys

Seungri: listen hyong listen to me


Seungri: ok so I was trying to impress someone

Daesung: that’s unimportant, we guessed as much

Jiyong: wtf it better not smell like alcohol

Seungri: well hyong that’s not the problem

Jiyong: there’s more than one problem??????!!!!

Seungri: hyong listen, listen first

Youngbae: when’s the service

Daesung: if he crashed it I’d say like a day

CL: if he scratched it 2-3 days

Mithra: this kinda backfired on him no ones on his side hahaha

Seungri: ok so we went to her house and I SWEAR I didn’t know she had a boyfriend

Jiyong: ….

Seungri: so he gets home right and he’s really mad I guess it was their anniversary or something

Daesung: tsk tsk

CL: oh my god

Seungri: anyway he starts yelling and i just wanted to get outta there so I grabbed my jacket and left them to argue

Jiyong: so what’s the problem

Seungri: well I had some drinks with her so I took a cab home and today when I went to get your car I noticed I grabbed the wrong jacket sooo he has your car keys now


Seungri: hyong listen, listen ok

Seungri: it was my fav jacket so I’m really upset too

Jiyong: you’re going to get them back right now

Seungri: I’m actually going to be outta town for awhile getting on the plane right now, can’t talk, bye

CL: Ji is so mad he can’t even see straight

Youngbae: oh yeah you guys are in Paris

Daesung: ok hyung we did what you asked ^__~

Jiyong: Good. I’ll be there in a day.