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Happy Star Wars everybody!

Prove It

Prompt: “After all this time?” “Always.”
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 920
Warnings: none
A/N:  This is my entry for @whispersandwhiskerburn‘s 750 follower celebration challenge, aka We’ve Got a Fic For That! I had to go with Harry Potter cause you guys know me lol. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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New Nurse Tips: Lovenox vs. Heparin for DVT Prophylaxis

Nursing school is hard. Anyone who’s been through it knows. Perhaps the general public might not fully understand, but maybe they do, since nursing is once again the most trusted profession in the United States. (Yay team!)

The amount of knowledge thrown at nursing students is so voluminous that many new grads walk away a little shell shocked and wondering if they learned anything at all. 

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In fact, I don’t know a single nurse who didn’t feel a little overwhelmed and nervous when they started caring for patients all by their lonesome. In the short time I’ve been a BSN, RN, I’ve already learned stuff, or in many cases, re-learned stuff, that if you’d asked me on the first day of nursing school, I would have just given you a blank stare.

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Yeah, pretty much exactly like that.

So! Anyway, long story short, as I embark on my second career as a nurse, I thought I might be able to pass along some of the practical knowledge I’ve gained to nursing students and new nurse grads, that may help them in their clinicals and/or roles as RNs.

Our first topic: Enoxaparin (Lovenox) vs. Heparin for DVT prophylaxis

I am an ICU nurse and pretty much every patient in our ICU will be on either Lovenox or Heparin for DVT prophylaxis. There are also SCD’s, but that’s a topic for another day; I’m trying to keep these posts relatively short.

If a patient has hepatic (liver) dysfunction, then most likely, they will not get Lovenox because it is metabolized in the liver. So, if the liver isn’t working, it may not clear the drug resulting in hepatotoxicity.

While Lovenox is metabolized in the liver, it’s primarily cleared through the kidneys. So, if the patient has kidney dysfunction, with no liver issues, they can still receive Lovenox, but at an adjusted dose.

TL;DR: Don’t give Lovenox to patients with liver problems.

Disclaimer: By no means is this a comprehensive analysis of enoxaparin and heparin for DVT prophylaxis. There are numerous other conditions in which cautious use of either would be warranted. The main point of these posts will be to hit the highlights. For example, in this case, if you get a patient on admission and you see they have a past medical history of liver dysfunction/failure, the first thing you should be thinking is, “be on the lookout for hepatotoxic medications.” You see what I’m getting at? I’m sure there are some nurses out there who have cared for patients who received Lovenox even though the patient has a liver dysfunction. That’s fine, but it’s the exception, not the rule.

Congratulations! If you made this far, send me a chat message and I’ll respond with a random fact about myself.

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What would the fell take and swap skelebros do when they find out how insecure their s/O if super ashamed of their stretch marks?

fell + swap, right? if ‘take’ is supposed to be ‘tale’, just send another request in + i’ll do them too!

fell papyrus

he’s ??? he thought they were scars and, to be honest, to have that many (and in vulnerable places like your stomach or chest) and still be standing was actually something he was proud of you for. you’ll probably get a long, confusing speech about scars being marks of honor and proof of survival in the end- which can technically still apply to your stretch marks

fell sans

also thought they were just old scars from wounds, and is surprised you’d feel ashamed of them? scars are scars- they all have them. he might show you a particularly gnarly one on his ribcage to compare, and continue to assure you that, really, they’re no big deal. if any more start showing up, though, it’ll be a serious conversation about you getting hurt (which will inevitably be about how increased muscle/fat = stretch marks)

swap papyrus

he’d shot up like a weed A Little Too Fast growing up, so he actually has the skeleton monster equivalent of stretch marks- thin healed-over ‘stretch cracks’ on his arms and calves. he gets it- he used to be pretty conscious of them all the time (and to be honest, with his baggy clothes, it seems like he’s still a little nervous), but he’s learned to come to terms with them- and, hey, who’s really for all of your stretch marks anyways? 

swap sans

he’d had to be around papyrus while he went through his I’m Hideous Don’t Look At My Marks! stage and is Damned if he’ll let you go through the same thing. he’ll make it a point to continuously talk about how super cool they look, and how they’re proof of your super cool human anatomy functioning in ways that are super confusing but beneficial (AND NOT THE LEAST SHAMEFUL!! NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST!!)

Pairing: Kuro/Mahiru
Fandom: Servamp
Rating: N / SFW

Notes: short smutty one shot that I might edit and put into a longer fanfiction. Been struggling to write lately so I thought I’d write a little thing and it ended up being this. I hope you like it! I miss KuroMahi a lot; it’s a shame the tag rarely updates! Under a read more for obvious reasons!

He falls on the bed at an angle. The pillow corner presses into the side of his head, but he can’t bring himself to care. Not when Kuro drapes his slender body over him, intertwining their fingers upon the cheap bed sheet. Nor can he help the rise in red on his cheeks or the sunshine in his smile that lures Kuro’s lips to his own.

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Arrow Girl and Spider-Boy (Finale)

Request by: anon

Prompt: “Hi Can you do one with Tom Holland in which the reader is the newest Avenger cast member on the set and they are both the same age? And all the older cast member totally ships Tom Holland and the reader together, much to her embarrassment. The reader is really shy and she doesn’t think Tom would like her and keeps denying her feelings. She thinks his type might be Zendaya, but he likes the reader? Maybe the cast members set them up together somewhere to make them confess. Thank you!!!!”

Interest: Tom Holland


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It’s been two years since the premiere of Captain America: Civil War, and there had yet to be a day since filming for the movie began that you weren’t teased for being in love with your boyfriend.

Elizabeth still tugged on strands of your hair, making kissy faces and shaping a heart between her hands when she was a distance from you and Tom, and Scarlett had become the bane of your existence when she taunted you of your boyfriend’s abs. It was true, you enjoyed looking at your boyfriend when he was shirtless and grinning at you for mostly no particular reason, specifically to stick your tongue out at Scarlett when he wasn’t looking.

“The wedding cards are going to say Arrow Girl and Spider-Boy,” Sebastian says, his feet up over your lap. You’d given up on knocking them down, and instead had melted into Tom’s side, enjoying the warmth of his body in the shade of a great oak tree.

You roll your eyes at Sebastian.

“I’ll only get married when you do, Seb,” you reply, and Chris sighs.

“Sorry Tom, it’s going to be a while,” he says.

“Hey!” Sebastian snaps, and hits Chris’ arm with the back of his hand. “I can get a girl and get married before you do.”

“Or you two could just marry each other,” Tom suggests, hand resting on your stomach.

“Evansstan,” you chuckle, and Sebastian snorts.

“Not that again,” Star Spangled Man With A Plan groans as you, Tom, and Sebastian all laugh. Sebastian claps Chris on the back, and kisses his cheek, only to get pushed off.

“Hey shore bums!” Liz calls from the lake. Earlier in the week, you and some of the Marvel cast had rented cabins on the shore of a lake in the backwoods of a small town, isolating yourselves from the world. So far, it’s been working.

“Hey mermaid lady!” you shout back.

“Get down here! Scar just found a fish!”

“Yeah, there’s plenty of them!” Tom calls.

“Like the one we ate last night,” Sebastian mutters, holding his stomach. “I’m never letting Downey cook for me again.”

Chris chuckles. “He’s still bitter about you killing his parents.”

Sebastian throws his hands up into the air, going along with it. “I don’t know why though! That was sixteen years ago!”

Tom chuckles and goes to stand, which starts a chain reaction to spurring yourself, Evans, and Stan into rising as well.

“Might as well go in,” Tom says, fingers grabbing the hem of your shirt and you laugh.

“Easy tiger,” you joke.  

“Easy spider,” Sebastian corrects you, and you give him a side look as he chuckles and pushes Chris down to the sandy shore.

When the your two friends are far enough away, he kisses you, lips soft and familiar as he places his hands on the curve of your waist.

You smile into the touch, and pull away, pecking his lips again.

“Plenty of time for that later,” you wink.

“Cheeky,” he replies, smiling as you both pull your shirts off. He ties the strings on your bathing suit tighter as you wiggle out of your shorts, and you turn around, wrapping your arms around his waist.

“I love you,” you say to him, and he smiles so widely that it makes your heart race.

“I love you too,” he responds and kisses you again.

“PDA!” A loud and group shout comes from the lake and you and Tom break away from each other, laughing.

“Where’s the public?” Tom yells, taking your hand and pulling you down towards the dock where Hayley and Mackie are sitting with his wife and Hiddleston.

“Right here!” Downey replies as he begins to run.

“Tom!” you yelp, realizing what he’s planning on doing. “Tom, no!”

He grabs you by the waist as you try to take Hayley Atwell’s attempt to rescue, but your fate is sealed when your boyfriend picks you up and leaps from the end of the dock, plunging you both into the lake.

“Tom!” you come up spluttering, laughing and fixing your top. The people around you are laughing too, and Hayley says her apologies for not trying harder, but you can tell she’s not sorry at all.

“I love you,” he sing-songs, flipping the water out of his hair.

“Yeah, I’m sure you do, Web-Head,” you chuckle, splashing him.



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Do you know why I might be having so much bad luck recently? I usually don't put so much thought into having bad luck, I just brush it off and think of the good things, but recently so many bad things have happened out of my control, like losing money or getting physically hurt, I can't even begin to explain, and I honestly don't understand why everything is happening at once. Really don't mean to be whiny, I just thought maybe it could have something to do with the stars. Love your blog btw!

Love that you love my blog. It’s just a really bad time for Caps, as the year comes to an end, the long term block experienced by many Capricorns is intensifying. This could manifest in a lot of ‘unlucky’ dealings. All we can do is try our best to get through until mid January when it will start to ease. It might be best to air on the side of caution right now. Try to avoid things like speeding/parking fines, pay your bills on time, if your out make sure you have someone to call just in case etc.

Alright, so it’s been recently brought to my attention by someone that will not be named (not @paststory) that I have completely neglected my OT3 Adventures series… which I never intended to do!! I love that series TuT

It just stops after Kiri and Denki’s wedding and I’m like… oh, yeahhhh… I got completely side tracked OTL

Soooo I’m opening this for discussion here to see if you guys have anything you would like to see happen in that series? Thoughts?

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Here's an old dead subject that might not be so fun to answer but, honest thoughts on Tom Preston? I'm sure you've come across his antics before.

I wish not to speak ill of the guy, he’s probably had it pretty rough already.
So let’s just say that he works as an example for some artists like myself. Take it as you will.

That reminds me, let’s have a little contest.
I’ll call it… The Blue Bear Hunt!

What the hell?
You know Tom Preston’s bear persona from his “So you’re a cartoonist?” comics, the blue one.
I’ve hidden that same bear in one of my drawings. I want you to find him.

What do I get from it?
The first one to send the title of the drawing and placement where the bear is, you get an one (1) free commission. Please send it in my ask box, or direct message. Needless to say Anons are not qualified for the prize.
Don’t despair if you’re not fast enough. Depending on how many of you find it, there might be consolation prizes. (Sketches)

C’mon man, give us a hint, you have like 600 drawings in your blog!
It’s from November 2016, not too far…

I’ll let you know when we have a winner.
With that being said…
Happy hunting!

I got some new turtlenecks the other day and i thought you gu(a)ys might like to see this Locally Grown Soft Boy (me) 💙 he/him

Ohhh my god,, what a soft pretty boy im love you 😍

          7x07 “sing me a song” screencaps. since it went down so well the last time, I thought I might as well hand out some more screencaps. and this time, there are so many characters, there’s a little for everyone.

aaron // @jcstafriend
amber // @imstaying
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dwight // 
eugene // @dibsisdibs
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jesus // @nextwcrld // @jcsus // @lczarus
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everyone is welcomed to these! even if you’re not tagged. feel free to take them, just like the post so I know I’m at least helping people ;33

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Also since Hasbro had been pushing Bee as their big-ticket character for a while now, I don't think they're going to kill him kill him. He might die but he'll be fine.

thats what i thought too, because i was like “well if there IS a bumblebee spinoff coming out, it wouldnt do him any good to be dead”

but also, im still going to cry if bee does get killed, regardless of if he comes back or not

did you see my boy’s optics when he was being lined up for the execution??



a couple of russian traditions/superstitions that make your life better
  • sitting down in slience for a minute before you go on a journey - supposed to help you remember if you forgot anything
  • it’s bad luck to talk about future success; don’t get your hopes up before the thing actually happens
  • accidentally breaking a glass/plate/bowl is considered good luck - i mean, cmon, now you won’t be so sad about breaking your fav mug!
  • don’t cut your hair on your birthday/wedding day/any holiday - it started off as a rlly superstitious thing but it’s a good advice because the haircut might turn out wrong and you’ll have to be in public looking like that
  • if you’re visiting someone’s house, bring a gift. it’s the thought that counts, really, even a box of chocolates or a plushie for a kid in the house will do, but giving gifts should be more of a common thing
  • if you find yoursef sitting/standing between two people with the same first name, it’s good luck, so make a wish

so I have started doing my gift shopping and as I do every year wonder if it’s time to stop giving people books as gifts

but idk, while at a certain point it can start to feel boring, I guess, I feel like I need to stop thinking about giving people books as giving them necessarily a thing, it’s more like…idk, “I thought about you and what you might like and this is a book you might enjoy that I don’t think you would pick up otherwise.”

like, the gift is almost in the recommendation and the fact that you thought about a person and connected them with a book that you hope they will enjoy. 

it really is kind of “the thought that counts” I guess

Whenever i feel overwhelmed and like everything is shit (this usually happens at night) i look up at the stars and i just stare up at them and take in all of their beauty and it just reminds me that no matter what happens tomorrow or the next day or even right now, the stars will always shine every night without a doubt and the moon will always sit prettily in the sky every night, everything will be okay eventually and everything will work out. It might not be how you thought or what you wanted, but it will be okay ✨


Philip felt like garbage in the most literal sense. He had grown so used to being thrown away, he almost didn’t feel the ache of it anymore. The weight on his chest, the shaking in his limbs, the dizzy disbelief of betrayal; the stomach dropping to his toes feeling of being untethered, unwanted.


He was tossed aside by his father before he was much more than an idea (No one’s gonna know about this, because you’re not going to tell). Thrown aside by his mother in favor of needles and spoons, and the thrill of chasing oblivion (Can you help me get some drugs… I thought because of your mom… If you liked me too, you’d help me). Thrown away by a rotating cast of boyfriends and drug dealers that came in and out of his mom’s life, sneered at, or worse, leered at and then dismissed as an inconvenience (Why are you talking to me here, someone might see… Stop stalking me!).

He was thrown away like something spoiled by faceless strangers who he let touch him tenderly to keep food in the fridge and heat in the vents, even as he’d shoved the shame of it down low (I’m not gay like you… No one wants me to be that guy). He’d bounced briefly through foster homes and group homes during his mom’s various short lived stints in rehab, half-hearted efforts at getting clean. None of the other kids or foster parents ever took much interest in him or bothered to feign sadness at his leaving (Get out of here. Go!).

He knew when he got to Gabe and Helen that it was inevitable; eventually they’d throw him away, too. Though he certainly didn’t imagine it coming on the coattails of a triple homicide and the heartbreak of his secret-something painting him as a liar, an addict like his mother. Untrustworthy, unlovable, unwanted. Trash.

He barely remembers making the phone call to his social worker. It was a preemptive strike; remove himself before he had to hear Gabe or Helen say that they thought it was time for him to go. Even with Gabe’s attempted defense ringing in his ears, the sympathetic look on his face, Philip knows he’s all alone, on the edge of being tossed away again.

All he can see is the look on Lukas’ face as he so easily dropped lie after lie about him. The casual sneer and the way he wouldn’t look Philip in the eye. And, worse than that, the raw panic when Bo mentioned calling social services; it was almost enough to convince Philip that Lukas cared about him.


Helen was a whole other layer of hurt. He had thought they were making progress. The parenting CD in her car, and her initial belief in the gun and in Philip’s edited account of that night, the bonding over takeout and dancing… He had thought that maybe he had found a family here. Gabe was so eager to be his father, reaching out and offering advice and support unconditionally,  and Philip had been reaching back as best he could. He’d opened up as much as years of practice  holding all his doors and windows shut allowed him to.

And here he was, packing up his meager belongings, forcing himself to take the few sweatshirts and jeans that Gabe and Helen had bought him, for fear of being cold or without resources to get replacements at the next place he landed. He couldn’t quite bring himself to keep the boots, even though he needed them badly. They felt too much like a gift from people he no longer knew.

He dragged himself out the front door, trying not to look fondly at the place he’d almost started calling home, his eyes tracing the table where they ate together, the couch where they had tried to watch movies but ended up laughing and tearing them apart together instead, the front porch where- where so much had happened.

He pretends not to notice Helen and Gabe arguing in the barn as he climbs into the back of the truck, eyes carefully fixed on the back of the headrest. He clenches his jaw and his fists tightly, lets his blunt nails scrape harshly against his palms and tries not to think.

He closes his eyes with force, willing away the wave of nauseous panic. I should have taken the boots, he thinks. I should’ve just run. I should have just told the whole truth. I shouldn’t have said a word and maybe they’d still want me here. He gasps around a sob, pushes it down and squeezes his eyes shut tighter. Digs his fists into his thighs and tries not to cry.

He tries not to think about the steel bands squeezing around his heart, the bitter fear in his chest, the painful clenching in his belly, the echo of hurt as  yet another almost slips through his fingers. Almost a family, almost a home, almost good enough. Almost, but not.

He forcibly shoves aside thoughts of Lukas, though they flood him anyway. Lukas’ lips on his own, soft and searching and almost desperate. Lukas’ fingertips tracing over his skin, bumping lightly over the curve of his hip and along the ridges of his spine. Lukas’ breath warm and sweet on his neck, whispering past his ear with a rush of nonsense that sounded like declarations of intent. Lukas’ hair in between Philip’s fingers, his skin pale and glowing in the low light, calling out for Philip’s lips and hands. Lukas’ smile, and how it changed his whole face.

Lukas’ laugh, bright and unexpected, like nothing Philip had ever heard before, and something he hadn’t heard enough of; could never hear enough of, and now, wouldn’t.

He can’t not think about Lukas’ kisses, and how they felt like promises; like a Someday it’ll be you and me. How Lukas would cradle his face, long fingers splayed and teasing at his neck, his thumb tracing at Philip’s lower lip reverently, a look of near awe on his face and his eyes open and vulnerable, locked on Philip’s own. Philip tries to pretend it didn’t make him feel treasured, like he mattered. Like he was enough.

It almost works.

He tries not to think about the weight behind his navel, the low, ebbing pain that started when Lukas Waldenbeck came into his life, and was made both better and worse only in his presence. He pretends that there isn’t a phantom feeling in his heart where Lukas’ attention used to be. He tries to forget about the way it felt to lie with him in the field behind his house and talk about nothing in particular. About the feel of being pressed up against Lukas’ back, and how the muscles in his stomach would jump and flex under Philip’s arms where they wrapped around him as they sliced through the wind on his motorcycle.

He tries extra hard to forget the way it felt to have Lukas behind him as they sat on his idling bike and he tried to teach him to ride the thing, and how it felt monumental that Lukas would share that with him.

He willfully ignores the sharp pain in his stomach at the thought of helping Lukas with that awful video. The guilt over humiliating Rose eclipsed only by the heartbreak of watching the scene unfold, and the feel of Lukas’ gaze on him as he hid behind the tree, almost like he had needed to be sure Philip was watching. He can almost forget the whole thing if he squeezes his eyes shut hard enough.

He almost forgets about the way Lukas listened to him, and how Lukas needed him, and how Lukas saved him. How he started making small spaces in his life that Philip could fit into. How he held him so close, but so gently, as if Philip were precious. How he held his hand and kissed him as he had dragged Philip all over the city, asking inane questions just to make him laugh. How he looked so pleased with himself when he gave Philip the camera, having spent money he said he didn’t have on a gift.

Between the camera, which he can practically feel weighing down his bag where it presses against his leg, and the boots from Helen and Gabe, he thinks this is probably the first time in as long as he can remember that anyone has bought him something. The thought settles like a lead blanket over his heart, and he has to swallow down the heavy ball of grief in his throat.

What he can’t quite forget, what hurts the most, is how in spite of everything- all these sleights and stabs, all these little joys that will turn to painful reminders of another time he wasn’t enough as the weeks and months pass by,- is that Lukas filled in all the broken places inside him.

All the parts of himself that he had felt crack and chip away with every new dismissal and demotion felt made new again whenever Lukas looked at him like he mattered. Whenever Lukas’ smile went all the way to his eyes, and he laughed and tackled Philip to the ground. Everytime he pinned him in place with a look, or his hands, and ever so carefully brought their lips together, it flooded through Philip’s veins in a giddy rush and made its way into all the aching places inside him. If he bites his lip hard enough to taste copper, he can will away the images flashing behind his squeezed shut eyelids.


He opens his eyes and blinks rapidly, trying to clear away the ghosts. Trying to find the calm he has tried so hard to perfect (I was chill for my mom, I can be chill for you) and finding that it has momentarily escaped him. He’s not surprised that apparently he can’t even be bothered to try to save himself this last painful almost.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Gabe moving toward the car. He has the boots in his hand, and Philip tries again to ignore the overwhelming wave of disappointed anger. He tries not to let it hurt that Gabe and Helen aren’t fighting for him. He had thought, maybe that that had been the argument they were having in the barn, but the presence of the boots tells him that he was wrong. Gabe looks guilty and apologetic, and Philip takes a deep breath, tries to find a word of absolution for his almost dad, and then there’s the unmistakable rumble of a motorcycle, and Philip instead takes a moment to resent the flutter of hope that starts in his stomach and moves through his body until it dances along his fingertips.

He hates himself a little as the feeling intensifies as the sound grows louder and nearer.

And then, Lukas is there. Standing in front of Helen holding out the gun like an offering, and Philip can feel Lukas’ eyes on him just like he always can. He tries not to look, and he convinces himself that it’s all still over. That this is a fever dream. That it’s still all crashing down around him.

He manages not to look, not to watch, not to hope.


When he finally allows himself to look, he finds Lukas looking right back at him, remorse and earnest something in his eyes, and Philip tries to tell himself he hasn’t already halfway forgiven him.

He even almost believes it.

Sven and I were playing in bed when I had this long and painful contraction, I almost choked on you know what. We’ve been in hospital since 3am and it was so embarrassing to answer the midwife questions, she wanted to know what caused the contractions. Who cares about what, is the baby coming or not?! It seems like it’s going to take a while, I might even be induced into labour if it doesn’t happen naturally. I’m waiting for the obstetrician visit, Sven left to take the girls to school and he’ll also stop by his office before heading back.It seems like sven and I are getting a early christmas present, we went through so much struggle, heartbreak and pain to finally make it here!