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@wierdogal – part of the Filipino-American History Month display at the library. There were a couple of other shelves full of things too, but I thought the glare on the glass was going to show up in the pix, so I just took the one. Surprisingly, it didn’t!  Made me think of you right away. :)

Iconic™ Kaz Brekker Moments

-’Kaz was just glad he used the damn door.”

-“You can put him in a coffeepot for all I care.”

-”Even worse, if I fail, I don’t get paid.”

-”You might actually have had to uncurl that lip and treat me with something closer to respect.”

-Ripping Oomen’s eyeball out and shoving his handkerchief in the socket.

-”I’ll just hire Matthias’ ghost to kick your ghost’s ass.”

-”Hold the book up so we don’t have to look at your ugly face.” (Kaz, be nice to Jesper)

-Nina: “And I can tell you’ve never given enough thought to your haircut.”

Kaz: *runs a self-conscious hand through his hair*

(only Nina. Only Nina can make Kaz in to a seventeen year old, concerned about his haircut)

-”Jacob fucking Hertzoon”

-Talking tree jokes??????

-Matthias: “We go from aspirant to novice drüskelle in the ceremony at the sacred ash.”

Kaz: “Where the tree talks to you.”

-Kaz: “The Dregs need a better initiation (I’m over here wondering what the Dregs’ initiation is)”

Matthias: This is only one part of Hringkälla.”

Kaz: “Yes, I know, then the tree tells you the secret handshake.”

-”Of course you don’t [like speculation]. You like things you can see. Like piles of snow and benevolent tree gods.”

-Or you were dead wrong about Matthias and you’re going to pay for all those talking tree jokes

-’They blew up the lab. I definitely did not tell them to blow up the lab.’

Call Boy Johnny (Johnny x Reader)

Rating: M 


P.S. Yes, I’m the same blog as the original Call Boy Yuta smut. I changed my url from @chokemewithjaehyunschoker to @caliboyjaeffrey ! Hope no one get’s confused lol

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You woke up slowly, the sheets and blankets kicked off in your sleep and tangled in your legs. You felt content as you looked over at your alarm clock, the time being in the late afternoon.  Sleeping in was your passion, you’d stayed up super late the previous night anyway, not too bothered that half the day was gone. You gazed out the one big window in your bedroom, the one that looked out at the bustling city. Snow had fallen last night, dusting over the streets and cars like powdered sugar on pancakes. It didn’t really feel like your birthday, but it wasn’t so bad to wake up on a day as pretty as this one.

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Claim Your Prize - Smut

Originally posted by stilinski-jpeg

Author: @dumbass-stilinski and @ninja-stiles
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Void!Stiles/Reader
Words: 2,154
AN: HI here is a collab I did with the lovely @ninja-stiles! We did some research into the game Go and it’s actually pretty interesting. Fun fact you can download a free version for your phone and play around with it. It’s a bit like chess, tbh. Anyway, enjoy the filth, we both felt like we needed some Void in our lives.

You sighed, lining up the white and black stones at either end of the board. There was a light breeze blowing in through the doors that you had propped open that led out to the back porch. You were hoping he’d show up, setting up the game you knew he liked as an open invitation. Sure, you knew he was dangerous, but that’s what made it so exciting. You leaned forwards, your elbows on your knees, and moved the first stone. Leaning over, you moved a black stone next to your first piece, biting your bottom lip between your teeth as you contemplated your next move.

“You know that game is meant to be played with two people.”

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Claim Your Prize

Pairing: Void Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles and @dumbass-stilinski

Words: 2154

Warnings: Oral (both receiving and giving), fingering, rough fucking

Author’s Note: This is a collab I did with Steff and I’ve gotta say, the way she writes, I can’t even. omg. So we did void because void is life, so I hope you guys enjoy this smutty fic.

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Oh good. You have your coffee already.
Yeah? What of it? And what the hell are doing here?
I thought I kicked you out of here yesterday?
You did. You did. And you just seem like the kind of guy
who takes news better after he’s had his morning coffee.

You ever heard of getting to the point?
How about we step into your office, Bones?
Hey! It’s my office. You don’t get to invite us in…
So come on—let’s go—talk—in my office…

                     Dammit Jim. Get your feet off my desk.
                     So detective, you know how I am allegedly really
                     handy with computers?

                     Allegedly my ass…
                     Well I might have hypothetically hacked your email.
                     I mean it wasn’t hard with a password like that

                    Jim you’ve got five seconds before I ‘hypothetically’
                     shove my foot up your–
                    AS I WAS SAYING. Getting to the point like you said.

I know you actually want my help you are just
too stubborn to admit it. Am I close?

 ….Five. Four. Three.
I will take that as a ‘yes’. Good because
I sent your captain, posing as you of course,
an email request for your new CI.

Jim. I don’t have a new CI.
See that’s where you’re wrong.
You’re looking at him.

Oh, really?

                    He fell for this? Pike actually believed it was me?
                    I made sure not to use any big words in the email.
                   Remember what I said about my foot?
                   Easy, easy I am just kidding, Bones.
                   —Hey where are you going?

                  To go ask Pike if he wants to go to a ballgame with me—
                  where do you think I’m going? Going to tell him you hacked
                  my computer and that I didn’t request a damn thing.
                  Okay and while you do that I will go tell everyone your password is–
                  Alright! Alright. Fine but you do what I say and no funny business.
                  You know I was half-kidding. I didn’t think that would work.
                  You’re getting awfully embarrassed over a name.

                  Maybe I am just private, you ever think of that?
                 What I think is that this is definitely a topic to revisit another day.

AU McKirk: The Detective & Repeat Offender 2/?

Amelia (Part 2 of 3)


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: Meet Melissa.

Note: (I’m not sure what time it is for you guys but I need to go to class so I’m posting this early-ish? Sorry yo)

So..?? You guys have been crazy wonderful and supportive about part one and I’m stupid emotional about it?? I was low key terrified to post it bc I hadn’t posted any writing in so long but y’all are incredible and I don’t deserve you holy wow.

Anyway, here’s PART TWO uh oh here we go. I think it goes without saying that this wouldn’t exist without Taryn’s help but also like THIS WOULDN’T EXIST WITHOUT TARYN’S HELP.

enjoy the trash!

Word Count: about 12k whatever (I promise part 3 is less obnoxious)

Late nights working at the bar usually left you exhausted beyond belief, barely able to make it to your bed before you collapsed and passed out until the incessant buzzing of your alarm woke you up just a few hours later. You hated your job. You hated the low-cut uniform and the creepy men you had to serve with a smile. You hated the late hours and the shitty pay.

You hated it, and so you were trying to consistently sleep off the grimy film that shifts at the bar always left on your skin.

This night, however, was different. On this night, you barged back into your apartment after your shift ended at two in the morning with your mind already racing and fingers itching for a pen to start writing things down. You pulled out a crumpled wad of napkins that you’d started jotting ideas, facts and figures onto throughout the night and started transcribing them in more detail into a notebook on your desk– a notebook you hadn’t touched since the last time you had started planning a gallery display.

You stayed up all night, doing research and thinking through logistics and never tiring as you worked towards something for the first time in two years.

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13 Going on 30 (Part 8)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead.

Word Count: 1,730.

A/N: Tags weren’t working again so if you got another notif saying that I tagged you, well that’s why. Anyways here’s part 8! Words can’t even express how things are going to turn out. Hope you guys enjoy and I’m always happy to hear your feedback :D

13 Going on 30 (Masterlist)

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Faith | 1

Originally posted by kimdaily

Chapters: [1] [2]

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Word Count: 3,280

Genre: Smut, fluff, will probably be some angst, but will always end up with a happy ending because that’s just how I roll.  

Notes: It’s a little-known fact that both of my brothers are hardcore rappers. Like, they have mix tapes and go to rap battles and have fans lol. I was attending one of their battles today to show support when this idea came to me. 

You were a good sister.

You weren’t going to leave before your brother even got to the stage.

You MIGHT get kicked out before then though, you thought to yourself, glaring as another random hand smacked your ass as they walked past you. 

You decided it was time to find a seat, preferably against a wall, and scanned the venue. The place was absolutely packed; the smell of weed, sweat, and God knows what else overpowering your senses. This was one of the biggest rap battles in the area, and yet they always booked places that were way too small to hold it in. Finally, you spotted a small booth in the very back, somehow free of people, and you make your way through the clouds of smoke and wandering hands. You crumble into the seat with a sigh of contentment. Perhaps your poor ass won’t bruise now.

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Momma’s Boy Part 2

Prompt: A witch turns Liam into a toddler causing the reader and Scott to take care of him. (Requested)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) , Scott McCall x Reader

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illyriantremors  asked:

Hey love! This isn't a fic request, first off, but I was re-reading MAF the other day and had to LOL because it's mentioned that Cass used to fight guys in his camp for the clothes off their back and I couldn't help but think, "Well what if that was how he trains Nesta? It would certainly get her to try her hardest not to lose." I thought you might get a kick out of the idea, haha. xx

Oh my god @illyriantremors this was here for literally months I am sorry darling ❤

“Put your guard up, sweetheart.” Cassian says, his voice booming in the hall.

Nesta does as she’s told, but he can see her back going straighter and the slightly darkened look in her eyes.

Always so against taking orders, his Nesta.

“Put the thumb out of your fist, love. Yes, like that.” he can’t help but feel the spark of pride in his chest every time his mate learns something new, every time her body moves quickly away from one of his attacks-if one can call them that, with the crushing fear of hurting her he always has-, the light reflecting on her fighting leathers making it hard for him to think of something that isn’t her warm skin underneath; but he manages.


Nesta stumbles again, still not accustomed to her new fae strength and height and Cassian takes the opportunity to pin her on the ground.

“I win.” he says, a grin spreading on his lips.

Nesta just lowers her eyebrows in response “That’s because you are an old General. You should be used to it, so stop grinning like a child.” she says, and he pouts for a moment, making her roll her eyes but he can just see the edge of a smile on her lips.

“Let’s make a bet, sweetheart.”

Nesta looks him right in the eyes at that and he’s still surprised at how that icy blue can rob him of his breath.

She doesn’t ask, just arches one delicate golden eyebrow.

“You lose a fight, you lose one article of clothing. Simple as it sounds.”

He waits, scanning her face for some signs, trying to understand if he stepped a line, but a predatory smile spreads on Nesta’s lips.

“Is the rule valid for you too, Commander?” she asks, her voice a low purr in his ears that make his arms shake.

He nods, more helpless than he would like to be and understanding that given that utter power that Nesta Archeron has on him, this wasn’t a brilliant idea, but maybe, just maybe, the memory of stealing clothes always leaves him cold and he wants to replace that cold with something warm and kind and Nesta.

Cassian isn’t prepared when Nesta moves, hitting his shoulder and nearly making him fall on his ass - he can’t help but notice how little strength she uses, as if she is scared of hurting him, but he does notice the flutter in his stomach at the knowledge.

It’s a matter of seconds and they are both on their feet again and the moment Nesta tries to aim a fist to his face Cassian takes her wrists and makes her twist around, her back against his chest, his hand around her throat.

“Well,” he says, peppering kisses on her jaw “I think someone has to pay up.”

Nesta arches even more into him, making his head a blank space, but she moves only to remove one of her boots.

He laughs, holds her gainst him “You’ll be the death of me.” he whispers so only she will hear it, his lips on the shell of her ear.

She’s in front of him in a blink, and he fought too many wars, so he knows that her already precarious balance will suffer from the absence of her boot, but she holds herself like a queen, not giving away any signs of discomfort.

She attacks first, again, trying to aim for his left leg with a kick but he moves away, making her stumble, but she regains her balance more quickly that he thought and grabs him by the front of his fighting leathers, using the movement to place her feet behind his ankle and using his own weight to make him fall, just like he taught her.

He smiles as his eyes welcome the ceiling and a very happy Nesta comes into view.

“Pay up.” she says, and he looks her straight in the eyes as he unbuckles the upper part of his leathers and he sees as her eyes go dark, her lips slightly parted and his blood starts racing.

He moves up so that their lips are only inches apart and his mind screams her name, screams it so loud it echoes in the space between his heart and ribs.

He kisses her because he can’t resist her and they both know it, and when Nesta cups his face he whispers “Home,” he whispers “cabin,” he whispers “mine.”

The Affair - Chapter 10

Summary: Negan brings the OC (reader) to one of his team’s baseball games so she can watch him coach the team. Afterwards, he decides to fulfill one of his fantasies with her.

Characters: Negan & Reader (OC)

Warnings: Swearing, Smut & Small amounts of fluff–kinda

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10224827/chapters/26639187

Tags: @jasoncrouse @ronweaselz @hiddlesdowneyjr @ali-pennell @melodicdolls @namelesslosers @deepsouth @shanaatjelove11@warriorqueen1991 @caitydestroys @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy@jaylaelizabethw @prettyepiic @negans-dirty-girl @mamaredd123 @jdmsgal @alyisdead @memphisgirl1977 @negans-network @freaktesque @cannedpicklenumber1 @karaokke @hughxjackman @jaylaelizabethw @jmackie1983 @jenniegs @amy-2496 @daddy-kink-confirmed @jdmfanfiction@jml509 @nijiru @xnegansgirlx @dontblink94  @crzcorgi  @deadlymistress24  @babyblues915 @fxcking-negan @keithmoonmoon @fvshvncvnt  @ask-kakashihatake @esmerhya @carrter5  @that-darn-kid @yellatthetopofyourlungs @wolfgirl1074 @ryangoslingstanktop @myheart4ever47 @telltheking-cassetoi @xabeautifultragedyx @omgalittlebitofeverything @collette04 @themightyblur @mochiartemisa @aquamarine7474 @multireality @mochiartemisa @aquamarine7474 @snow-leopardfetishist @kawaiispacepriincess @katt-zombie23 *As always, please let me know if you want to be added to the tags or if you want to be taken off! – I kind of merged my tags to make things easier for me here, if you want to be taken off certain stories, please let me know!*

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Student Council Prez [8]

Episode 7 - Episode 8 - Episode 9 
Words: 5.3k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

Some people suffer from cold feet and hands, deriving from a wide array of reasons. One reason may include poor blood circulation and doctors encourage these people to frequently exercise in order to encourage the flow. When you have cold hands and feet, it may be uncomfortable and you might even have to wear mittens or socks. It is rather inconvenient.

Jimin however is not one of these people.

Yet as he sits straight on the sofa, his father’s eyes scrutinizing him, Jimin’s hands are clammy and very cold.

“Is there something wrong?” He asks in a hushed whisper.

His mother smiles reassuringly. “Well, me and your father were discussing recently and we were thinking…”

“It was time you got engaged.”

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No Filter

Request:  Drinking with Dean and the reader can’t help but stare unabashedly at his mouth.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 1364

Warnings:  drinking, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), fingering

Author’s Notes: Requested and beta’d by @bringmesomepie56

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Word Count: About 2400

Warnings: Swearing, FLUFF, some kid being a dick- harassment

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader decides the three of them need a break and takes the boys to a baseball game after a hunt. But the reader is in for a surprise when what she thought was going to be only a fun night with her two favorite boys, turns out to be more than she expects. The man she has loved for years decides he’s gathered the courage to tell her how he feels about her.

A/N: For @bkwrm523 ‘s 30 prompts challenge, I had a lot of fun writing this and was secretly glad that the deadline was March because it takes me absolutely forever to get a fic out. Anyways, my prompt was “I need more excuses to eat cheese”, not gonna lie, this one was a little daunting because I had no idea what to do with it! (I did change it a bit to nacho cheese so I hope that’s okay) Hope you enjoy!

“I need more excuses to eat nacho cheese,” You turned to see Dean shoveling a handful of chips into his mouth. “This stuff is like liquid gold.” He said, bits of food falling from his cheeks onto his New York Mets shirt you had bought a few minutes ago. You laughed.

Dean seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the Mets game you had convinced them to attend so far. The boys definitely deserved a break, the werewolf pack the three of you had followed to the big Apple had proved to be difficult.  Truth was, you weren’t some huge fan of baseball, but upon remembering a few games spent in the summer sun of the past, you decided it would be fun. The smell of hotdogs and the roaring of the crowd was exciting as a kid, even if you didn’t know what was going on in the game, it was still time well spent with your family.

“Can you at least act like an adult?” Sam chuckled on your other side, shifting in his seat to get a better view of his brother who had currently brought his shirt up to his face, licking the cheese that had made it may down the Mets logo. “Dude what else do you want me to do? I am not wasting perfectly good cheese!”

You threw back your head as you laughed once again and Dean smacked the bill of your backward baseball cap causing it to fly into your lap. “Hey shut up! You’re the one who dropped her ice cream on her seat and then ate what was salvageable!”

“But I didn’t lick it off the chair! And an ice cream here is like five bucks, I would’ve eaten it even if it fell on the ground.”

Dean was the one laughing now and Sam muttered something next to you about how many people use these seats, about how many germs you had ingested.

It was currently the top of the third inning, still pretty early in the game, and you could tell the boys were already enjoying themselves. This was such as great idea. The best part of the game wasn’t just the atmosphere of excitement but the fact you got to see the boys smile and have fun. You were sick of their ‘all work, no play’ attitude.

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How to Get Over of Your Fear from Public Speaking



Last night while I was scrolling through instagram, I saw @emmastudies post wherein she mentioned that public speaking is one of her fears. And a lot of people also commented that it is one of their fears as well.

I’m going to be honest with you guys. I don’t really have a fear of speaking in public because I really like talking and my sharing thoughts to others (idk if that makes sense haha) I may not fear it but you still get jitters when it comes to your mind.

Some advice that I can give to you is NOT TO OVERTHINK ABOUT SPEAKING IN PUBLIC. If you overthink, you mess up. You mess up, you might embarrass yourself in front of the people you are talking to.

And before speaking always breathe in and then breath out. Breathing exercises work for me when the nerves start kicking in. 

During your ‘talk’/speech, it’s ok to make a few mistakes. If you’re allowed to use flashcards, use them. It will help you know the things you are supposed to say instead of looking the screen if you’re doing a power point presentation. You should also smile to your audience (i was once questioned for smiling too much during a defense haha) I realized if I smile throughout the presentation, I’ll feel good.

Some of my friends (college students actually) said that it’s not really that nerve-wrecking. The fear is the first thing that attacks us instead of the determination. But once you’re there talking, you’ll feel fine ;)

seventeen as things my friends have said in our first semester of college
  • scoups: stop chugging the fireball you've already thrown up twice.
  • jeonghan: the dining hall food tastes like ass and i will not eat it anymore. i'm boycotting it. all of my money is going to chick-fil-a, i don't even care.
  • joshua: i was a good kid once. smart. productive.
  • jun: i love hoodie alley! -it's hoodie allen- hood allen!
  • hoshi: slap the bag! slap the bag! fuck, not that hard, it's spilling everywhere!
  • wonwoo: we sat at the drive through, staring out the car windshield, silent, because we thought they had called the cops on us because it was taking forever and the car smelled like straight up dank. turns out, he was just making us fresh fries.
  • woozi: please stop swinging the bowl of queso around, you're going to spill it in my drink and i'm paying an entire dollar for it.
  • seokmin: *directed at the Waffle House waitress* and i /did/ puke in your bathroom, by the way, but these eggs are really good and you're definitely getting a big tip, also do you by chance sell ibuprofen here because i think i might be dying.
  • minygyu: -why did you throw the blunt out the window?!- i thought it was a cigarette butt okay fuck!
  • minghao: yeah i have to read enrique iglesias for GEP. -you mean enrique's journey?- whatever, same thing.
  • seungkwan: i need cute underwear. he's asking for booty pics and i can't find my fucking cute underwear.
  • vernon: i'm learning. i'm engaging my brain. dude, i'm /intellectual/.
  • dino: is there an american flag on the ceiling? -no, but i see the weed has kicked in.
Stuck In Paradise (FEDA Day 7)

I unfortunately couldn’t post for a few days because of technical difficulties. This one is a bit longer than most of my oneshots, 1772 word count. Simon and Baz get stuck together for Spring Break, hope you enjoy! @snowbaz-feda


Spring holidays were never Simon’s favorite but they’d never been that bad either. Agatha would have him over for the week and they would usually have a fancy brunch with pastel table settings on Easter Day. Overall it was too short and a tad boring.

But now that Agatha had broken up with Simon he was stuck spending the week in Watford. Baz had left two days ago, which he’d thought would make him happy. Now Simon was wishing he had someone to yell at, it would be better than staring at a wall all day until he fell asleep. 

He was about to start throwing spitballs on Baz’s bed when he heard the sound of footsteps coming from the stairwell to their room. Simon sat up, excited for the commotion, and waited to greet his visitor.

Baz walked in, looking pissed off as he carried all his luggage into the room. Simon frowned. Even though Baz was better than nothing, he still had been hoping for someone like Penny. 

“Why are you back so early?” He asked.

Baz threw his bags down.

“Why do you think that’s any of your business?”

Simon sighed.

“So we’re right back to normal?”

Baz glanced at him, eyebrows raised.

“Oh, did you expect us to take a break from our being sworn enemies to go on a holiday retreat? Maybe we could go camping in the Wavering Wood or swimming with the merwolves.” 

Simon rolled his eyes.

“Ha-ha, you’re so clever. I just meant, maybe we could take it a little easier since we’re the only two on campus.”

Baz shook his head and turned back to putting his things away.

“The Mage is here too isn’t he? Why don’t you spend the afternoon with him?”

Simon groaned and fell back on his bed.

“No, he’s not actually. Not even Ebb is here. She left yesterday to visit her family. I’ve been so bored,” He said.

“I don’t think that’s really my problem Snow,” Baz replied.

Simon rolled onto his stomach to watch Baz pack the rest of his things. He wasn’t in uniform. Instead he was wearing jeans and a V-neck t-shirt. Simon couldn’t stop staring at his jeans. It was too weird, Baz in such casual clothing. In fact, what was weirder was that he looked good in them, like it was natural. But, Simon reasoned, everything was natural for Baz, the tosser. 

“C’mon, it’s not like you have anything better to do,” Simon said.

Baz turned to stare at him in disbelief.

“Are you seriously suggesting we spend time together?”

Simon shrugged.

“Sure, just for the week anyways. There’s nobody else to hang out with.”

Simon stood and walked over to their bedroom door and opened it. Slouching against the wall, he glanced back over at Baz. Carelessly, he gestured to the open doorway.

“Besides, “ Simon said, playfully, “It might be illuminating.” 

Baz glared at him for a moment, his shoulders rigid. Finally he sighed and grabbed a jacket. With an angry grunt he pushed his way out of the room. Simon followed behind him excitedly.

“Fine,” Baz muttered, “But we’re playing football. If I have to spend time with you I might as well kick your ass on the field.”


Things were getting dangerous. It was day two of spending time with Snow and already Baz was imagining ridiculous scenarios. When they played football he imagined tackling Snow to the ground and making it on the Pitch. When they snuck into the kitchen he thought about licking the butter off the corner of Snow’s mouth (which was truly disturbing but nevertheless enticing).  It was worse now, while they sat and ate lunch on the Great Lawn together, like a picnic date out of some movie.

“This is weird,” Baz mumbled.

“What? Us getting along?” Snow asked.

Baz thought back on all his useless fantasies.

“If that’s what you want to call it,” Baz said.

Snow snorted and lay back on the grass behind them

“You’re so set on being enemies that you can’t even let yourself enjoy a nice afternoon.”

Baz lay back too, wishing he could relax into Snow but settling for laying inches away from him.

“You make it sound so easy, forgetting about everything. We’re enemies for a reason Snow.”

“Are we really though?” Snow asked, “Enemies, I mean.”

Baz laughed.

“Um, yes? I’ve tried to kill you at least once before.”

Snow turned and Baz felt his heart run rampant.

“No you didn’t. You tried to destroy me, not exactly the same thing.”

Baz turned and wished he could close the distance between them, mere inches of grass separated their lips.

“Isn’t it though? I guess it might be worse,” Baz said.

“Maybe,” Snow agreed softly.

“And it doesn’t matter?” Baz asked, with a tiny glimmer of hope in his chest.

Snow studied his face for a moment and then turned away.

“Of course it matters. But it doesn’t mean that we have to hate each other or that we can’t…move forward.”

“Hm,” Baz said.

So then, it mattered. But not in a way that meant Baz would always be the villain. He could try, if he wanted to. He could give Snow’s suggestion a chance.


Baz was following close behind Simon, howling with laughter. Simon ignored him and stormed back towards their room. His shoes squelched uncomfortably as he walked and he felt a shiver crawl up his back from the wind.

“I can’t believe you did that,” Baz gasped out.

“I am not talking to you,” Simon snapped.

“You actually ran, I mean ran, into the moat. And all because I told you there was a wasp on your shoulder.”

Simon growled.

“I don’t like them and you shouldn’t have messed with me like that.”

“Snow, you do realize there are real, live merwolves in the moat right? And you ran to them, willingly, to escape a wasp of all things.”

Simon stomped up the stairs to their room and ignored the sound of Baz’s laughter. In truth, it was pretty funny. But Simon was embarrassed and didn’t want it to show.

When they got in the room Simon began to take off his wet clothes. As he kicked off his pants, he noticed Baz was eyeing him with an expression that screamed what do you think you’re doing, you git?? It took him a moment to figure out why Baz was so uncomfortable. Then he remembered that they usually didn’t change in front of each other, out of some kind of fear of being vulnerable to one another. Simon was surprised to realize he no longer felt that fear.

“I think, given certain events from today, it’s safe for us to change in front of one another. After all, you already know my true weakness,” Simon said, attempting to cut through the tension.

“I’ll keep wasps in mind,” Baz muttered, avoiding Simon’s gaze.

Simon picked up his wet clothes and threw them in the bathtub then he grabbed his clean clothes. He was about to ask Baz if it was okay to take a shower when he realized that he still wouldn’t look at him. 

“What’s wrong?” Simon asked.

Baz shook his head.

“Nothing. I just…”

Simon waited.
“I think I’ll get us food, while you clean up.”

Baz stood and left the room.

Simon walked back into the bathroom slowly, his thoughts in a jumble. Sometimes Baz got awkward like that, especially when Simon stood just a little too close to him. He used to think it was because Baz hated him. Now though, he wasn’t so sure.


Baz waited impatiently for Snow to come out of the shower. Images from earlier kept playing through his head and spinning out of control. He just wanted to go back to the easy dynamic of the earlier part of the day and forget Snow’s almost naked body. As if he could forget. Baz groaned internally at the thought of spending the rest of break pretending he was satisfied with just being friends.

Snow walked out of the bathroom wearing pants but no shirt. When he saw Baz he smiled widely. Baz wondered if it was possible for his heart to physically jump from his chest.

“You’re the best,” Snow said.

Baz watched as Snow stuffed his face with food. 

“Hardly,” Baz murmured.

Snow sucked on his thumbs after he scarfed down the rest of his meal. Baz had allowed Snow to watch him eat but under the condition that Snow didn’t ask why Baz covered his mouth. It seemed like he might ask though, with the way he was looking at his mouth.

“Baz, how do you feel about me?”

Baz looked away.

“You’re surprisingly tolerable.”

Snow pushed forward a bit, putting his hands on either side of Baz’s thighs. He looked up in surprise and found that once again Snow’s eyes were focused on his mouth. Was this happening? Probably not. But Merlin, did he want it to be happening. 

“Just tolerable?”

“Well,” Baz conceded, “Maybe more than tolerable…”

Snow smiled briefly and then he was pressing his lips against Baz’s. He felt himself sigh against Simon, surrendered to the feel of the kiss. He wasn’t really sure what to do with his mouth, or where to put his tongue, but he felt happier than he’d ever remembered feeling before. Snow opened his mouth and waited, waited to see if Baz would allow him to deepen the kiss. He opened his mouth carefully, not sure if he was even doing it right. But then Snow was kissing him deep and Baz let his brain shut off and just kissed him back. 

Dizzily, Baz broke the kiss and stared at Snow. There was warmth in his eyes and blood in his cheeks.

“You want this…with me?” Baz asked.

“Yes,” Snow said.

“But after everything else are you sure that you can-“

Snow leaned forward and kissed Baz’s cheek. The gesture was somehow more intimate than the kissing had been, more personal than anything Snow could have said.

“Kiss me,” Snow whispered.

And so he did. 

After an hour or so of kissing they eventually tired out and rested in each other’s arms. 

“Does this mean we’re going out?” Baz asked.

“Yes,” Snow said.

“Bet we make for the best spring holidays gossip?” Baz asked.

“Oh,” Simon replied, “We’ll make for the best gossip for the entire year.”

He smiled. 

Baz knew that even though holidays were ending in a day or so that he could face the rest of term. In fact, he was pretty sure he could face anything.

pure luck

This is for one of the best people on this site @royalsymphony who requested this “A proposal soolangelo style”

Also dedicated to @bookmaniac849 who is a wonderful human being, who always says the nicest things that warms my heart straight to the core


Hope you guys like it 

Ari xxx

Will prayed to the gods that Nico didn’t notice how nervous he was.

His hands were slick with sweat and his leg wouldn’t stop bouncing as they waited for their dinner. The little box in his pocket felt like it weighed a thousand pounds.

After seven years together, Will was going to propose to Nico. 

The pair have been through hell and back together, and they survived everything that the gods threw at them. Will couldn’t imagine spending his life with someone else. 

Nioc looked stunning tonight. Well, he looked stunning every single second of every day, but today all of Will’s focus was on his boyfriend. 

HIs hair was hastily styled; dark strands curled around his forhead, framing his defined cheekbones. His skin, which has returned to its natural olive color, glowed. His deep choclate eyes flickered with happiness and adortion. 

A smooth smile decorated Nico’s features. “So, what’s the occasion?”

Will shrugged. “Nothing. I just wanted to get out. You know, have something else other than your Italian cooking.”

Nico held a hand to his chest dramatically. “My cooking is fucking delicious. I bet it’s even better than this resturant’s.” 

“Say it any louder, and we might get kicked out.” Will said, desperately trying to hold in his laugh. 

“Let them try to kick the Ghost King out.” A deadly glint sparkled in Nico’s eyes.

“Gods, you are so cocky.” Will rolled his eyes, while sneakily wiping his hands on his pants. 

The smirk on his boyfriend’s face told Will exactly of the innuendo Nico just thought of.

“Oh my gods, you are horrible. I can’t take you anywhere!” Will put his face in his hands, to try hiding his blush. 

Nico’s melodious laugh was the only reply he got. 

The waiter approached and quickly took their orders. 

“Now, seriously, what’s the occasion?” Nico asked again, sipping his drink carefully. 

“I told you. Nothing. Just wanted to take my boyfriend out.”, Will said, hoping his lie was well hidden in his words. 

“You are a dork, do you know that, Will Solace?” Nico said, the blush on his cheeks deepening. 

The waiter came with their food and the bantering continued. 

As the pair was half way through their meal, Will knew it was time. He had to do this before all the courage he plucked was gone. 

He grabbed a hold of Nioc’s hands, which caught the attention of the other. Their eyes met.

“Nico, I love you. I remember how when we were fifteen, both young and stupid, pining endlessly for each other. Now, I see us, and it was so worth it. All I went through, all the shit and everything, led me to this moment with you. Where we’re both happy and in love. Yeah, we argue, but I’d rather argue with you than be with anybody else. Nico di Angelo you are the absolute love of my life and you are my soulamte and I’m so lucky to have found you.”

Will got out of his chair, took out the box out of his pocket, and got down on one knee. 

“So, what do you say?”, Will opened the black velvet box to uncover a simple, but beautiful ring. “Will you marry me?”

Nico’s hands were covering his mouth. Shock painted his features. Tears were threatening to rain down his cheeks. 

He uncovered his mouth, and under was a smile that was overwhelming with unspoken emotions. “In all my life, I never thought I would see you down on one knee.”

Will, who was holding down tears of his own, gently smiled up at Nico. “My knees kind of hurt from kneeling. This carpet isn’t exactly the comfiest. So…”

“Yeah, I’ll marry you.”

“Oh, thank the gods.”, Will muttered, while pulling his fiancé into a passionate kiss. 


He got to call this beautiful, wonderful, breathtaking, unbelievable man his fiancé. 

Damn, Will Solace was a lucky man indeed. 



disclaimer: some of their dialogue at the end the “i never htought i would see you down on one knee” was based on a scene from one of my fav movies Leap Year


Hope you guys liked it

The people who leave comments on the stuff I write are the sweetest people I love you guys so sosososososososososososo much. You can’t even imagine. 

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