i thought you guys were supposed to be graceful or good at jumping or something

Watch Me Babygirl [pt.3]

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Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: slight language

“Thanks for the ride Tae,” you said, giving his arm a squeeze before sliding out of the car.

You walked up your drive and unlocked the door, giving Taehyung a wave before you slipped inside. He always waited until you were in the house to drive away which never failed to make you smile. He was sweet, you had to admit.

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Camping Antics – ArchiexReader! Mini Fic - Part One.

hey guys, so this is going to be an ArchiexReader! mini fanfic, probably with two or three parts! This was a prompt sent in by @sweetvengeancee so hopefully it does it justice haha. Part one is basically setting up the storyline :) If you’d like to be added to the taglist, please hit me up, and also send me some feedback in my ask! :)

Summary: (Y/N) and the others go camping, which leads to Archie and (Y/N) sharing a tent for a night ;)

Warnings: THIS FIC WILL CONTAIN SMUT. There are hints of smut in this part, but please be warned, that the second part will definitely be smutty. Could I say smut any more? Yes, yes I could.


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The sky was an inky, midnight blue with tiny pin-pricks of bright white. The chill in the air was evident by the visible clouds of our breath that enveloped our faces. We sat around the small campfire that Betty had expertly lit, and the smell of toasted marshmallows wafted through the air.

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if by chance

soulmate au | college au

↝ pairing: mark tuan | reader

↝ genre: fluff + soft angst 

↝ word count: 8.825

author’s note: uh, so it turns out i’m a sucker for soulmate aus. thanks anon for requesting! hope this is as fluffy as you wanted!!

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Run Away With Me - Thomas

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Thomas/Reader

Word Count: 9,333

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Hair Pulling, Public Oral Sex, Public Sex, Unprotected Sex, Rock Wall Sex, Potential Spoilers from The Fever Code

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @dylan-trash-tbh I FINISHED YOUR THOMAS SIN IN ONE DAY. I hope you like it because I love you! 

On a side note, this is your ONLY WARNING. The first part of this is potentially spoilerish. It contains a bit of the happenings in the Fever Code. If you have not read the book and do not want to be slightly spoiled on this part, skip the italics at the beginning. The rest of the fic is centered around the second movie. 

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The Story Of A Girl Who Has A Crush On A Cute Cashier

“It’s okay, you can do this, talk to her. She’s just a girl. Just a gal. Like you. There’s nothing weird about this. She’s human, you’re human. Everything should be fine.” I whispered to myself until I noticed what I was doing and stopped. I approached the front desk and looked at the cute cashier.

I only gave her a glance but it was enough to see what I wanted to see. I saw her beautiful neon blue hair, her adorable freckles and her pink eyes. I saw the little chub to her cheeks and I saw the smirk on her face as she played a game on her phone while waiting for customers. I saw enough to know I was in love.

“Hello.” I said, and my voice cracked. I fucked up. I fucked up so bad. I put down my things on the counter and remained quiet.

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yoyos-on-the-wharf  asked:

"Do this for me and I’ll do anything you want.” Mari to Chat?

“Do this for me and I’ll do anything you want,” a sweet voice murmured.

Chat Noir blinked in surprise as his surroundings shifted around him. An akuma had just sent him flying past Ladybug and now…

Marinette looked at him, eyebrows raised in question. Wait. Marinette but not Marinette. Her hair was shorter, her face slender with small lines at the corners of her eyes. Older Marinette?

“Kitty?” she asked, concern marring her features. “Can you do it or do I need to ask Alya? She’s only free on Thursday this week.”


Marinette put a hand to his forehead, brushing his hair away and planting the back of her hand gently against the skin. “You don’t feel warm. Half of Hugo’s class is out sick with that stomach bug. I hope you didn’t get it from him. I’m tired of cleaning up vomit.”


She narrowed her eyes. “Drop your transformation, Adrien. You’re not going out tonight. I think you’re sick.”

“Adrien?! I’m not Adrien!” He stood too quickly, knocking a book off the coffee table. He suddenly looked around, realizing he had no idea where he was. This wasn’t Marinette’s room. He wasn’t even sure who this older woman was who looked disturbingly like Marinette. 

“Tikki!” Something red flashed in front of Chat Noir’s face and he swatted at it before recognizing it as a kwami. 

“Oh my, this isn’t good,” Tikki mused, flitting around him. “I don’t think this is our Chat, Marinette.”

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Originally posted by ttaetv

Description: Shower sex literally doesn’t work but this is fiction so hey, no one dies here. 

Warning: Porn with a plot??

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As Yuta opened his eyes, the room was still dark, his eyes having to adjust to the lack of light. Knowing full well it was way to early to actually be getting up, he blindly swept his hand over the cold sheets, in search of his phone that was usually tucked beneath his pillow, but more often than not, got moved around in his sleep. Finally finding it, nearly at the edge of the bed and at risk of falling off, Yuta switched it on, immediately wincing at the bright light assaulting his eyes. Blinking to return his vision, Yuta was more than pleased to see it was only 4AM, not even close to morning. Grinning to himself, he tossed his phone to the side and buried back in the covers, before the suddenly realization hit him and his eyes flashed open again. Where’s Y/N?
It didn’t occur to him that you’d slept over, and were now no longer in his bed, until now. Mind awake, Yuta flung the bedding off of him, and sprung out of bed, flicking the bedroom light on. Your phone and shoes were still in his room, you couldn’t be far. And with that, Yuta went on his ‘quest’ to find his missing lover. 
More times than he could count, he’d found you in the living room, quietly watching a show you were previously watching before bed. And you’d leave to watch in the other room, so you wouldn’t wake Yuta. Or he’s catch you sneaking secret hot chocolate at 2AM in his kitchen, trying your hardest to not make noise despite getting distracted, and always missing the countdown on the microwave. 
Though, when he checked both places, Yuta found you in neither. Now, he panicked. Knowing full well you had to still be in the apartment, he couldn’t help but scramble from room to room. even checking closets just in case, to find you. Yuta was on the verge of just calling the cops, for whatever reason, before he passed his old roommate’s door and heard the water running.
Of course, I’m an idiot. Yuta mentally smacked himself. Y/N’s showering, I’m actually an idiot, wow.
It completely slipped his mind, that after his roommate had moved out, leaving the apartment completely to Yuta, that he’d taken to using the other shower. When he moved in, his roommate already had the apartment, so of course he took the better room and bath. So without his old friend here, Yuta planned to move in to the bigger room. But then, he was too lazy to move everything, and decided to just use the better shower since he wasn’t planning on filling the spare room.
Pushing the door open, sure enough, he found your clothes laid out on the desk left in the spare room, and the bathroom door barely closed. 
“Y/N?” Yuta called, pausing as the door, not wanting to spook you by just slamming the door open and end up in the ER before morning. 
“Yeah?” You hummed back, continuing to enjoy the steam and heat built up in the warm shower, as opposed to the now cooler rooms thanks to autumn arriving. 
“You okay?” Yuta asked, pushing the door open and getting hit with the muggy air built up in the tiled room. “It’s 4am? What are you doing up so early?”
“I couldn’t sleep,” You shrugged, watching his silhouette through the class panel walking over to sit on the toilet as you showered. “It’s too cold, and you haven’t gotten the heat fixed, have you?”
He was quiet and you snickered at whatever excuse he was going to make for being lazy this time. 
“I was going to! I promise!” Yuta swore, his voice immediately got higher as he tried to lie and be innocent. 
“But?” You asked mockingly. Hearing the usually so put together, and confident man trip over himself at your accusation was too good. It’s one of the perks of being his, only you get to see him this way. 
“But-!” Yuta sighed, and gave up, slouching against the porcelain, “It was cold yesterday…I didn’t want to go out…”
“And now it’s cold inside.” You replied, rinsing your hair. “So, how are you going to fix this?”
“Why do I have to do it?” Yuta whined, sinking lower against his seat. “You basically live here too! And you work right down the street from the heating thing! Can’t I just give you money or something and you do it?”
“Yeah, you could.” You nodded to yourself, agreeing. “Why didn’t you think of that yesterday?”
“You know I was distracted.” Yuta scowled. 
“Mhmm, I’m sure you were. Distracted by what?”
“That fucking skirt you wore to dinner,” Yuta growled, “You know that one’s my favorite!”

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Seventeen Hip Hop Unit Reaction: “Falling For Their Friend With Benefits...”

Anon: Hi! Can i request a hip hop unit reaction to having feelings to their friends with benefits who are also their best friends? Thank you ^^ x

HEY! Here you go! Hope you like it! Sorry it took so long! ^.^ Luna <3 Also, kinda smutty I guess (well not really but I don’t know what to say other than it mentions sex…)

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! gifs are mine!!*


“Hey, Y/N,” Coups whispered as you laid across the bottom of the bed. He was too busy staring at the line of your back that he forgot what he was going to say. You were wearing nothing but his shirt, and was struck. 

“Hmm?” you asked turning to look at him.  “Why are you staring at me like that?!” You threw the closest thing at him. That was the moment he remembered you were his best friend before anything else. 

“I can’t do this anymore,” he suddenly blurted, unable to look at you as the laugh left your lips. 

You sat up, staring at him with your head slightly cocked. An eyebrow raised. Your eyes sparkling at him teasingly. “What can’t you do Seungcheol?”

His heart was in his mouth as the words finally left, “I can’t pretend I don’t have feelings for you anymore. I mean you were my best friend. Now, this…I mean what is this! It hurts Y/N, it hurts because I’m scared I’m going to hurt you like every other guy…”

You sighed, brushing your hair ever so slightly from your face. “I know. We should have stopped before it got this far…” 

Your words stilled him as you jumped off the bed. But then, he could feel his heartbeat in his mouth as you walked over to him. “I mean, we should have stopped when I fell for you too.”

He quickly grabbed your hips, a smile creasing every part of his face as he threw you onto the bed beside him. Your squeal made him laugh as he leaned over you. Brushing his hand down your face. “And you didn’t tell me why!? I promise I’m not going to hurt you…”

“I know. Now, are we going to…” His mouth was on yours without a second ask. 


Wonwoo was hiding from you. He couldn’t face you. It had been the wrong decision at the wrong time. He was hurt and came to you. Then, little did he know his relationship with his best friend would become something far more complicated. 

Except you knew where to find him. “Hey! Why aren’t you answering my calls?” you asked as you burst through his door. “I thought we were supposed to meet up?”

Wonwoo couldn’t talk. He wanted to tell you that this ‘friends with benefits’ scenario wasn’t going to work anymore. But, he didn’t want you to leave without knowing how he felt. The words just wouldn’t come out.

“What is it the silent treatment now?” you laughed taking off your jumper and throwing it onto the chair. “What aren’t you telling me?”

He raised his eyebrows at you. A small smile forming on his lips as you hurried over to him. Your eyes wild with the teasing gaze you settled on him. “Look, you were my best friend before all of this. I know when you’re upset. Now, spill!”

You sat cross legged on the sofa staring at him with a stubborn look he knew would never budge unless he told you the truth. “You and I have been friends for years Y/N…” he started but the look you gave him spoke wonders. He could almost hear you saying, “Just get to the point.”

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship by meaningless sex. I mean - well. It…meant something to me…” Wonwoo’s cheeks flushed red at his words. He couldn’t look up, he didn’t dare breathe as he left those words out in the open. 

Then you were kneeling in front of him. Turning his face to look at you. “It was never meaningless to me Wonwoo…” you finally confessed, burying your face in your palms. “I just didn’t think you’d ever want to be with someone like me…”

He dropped to his knees holding you in his arms, and for once it felt right. Not forced. “Only issue was Y/N, the one I wanted to be with was right here. I was just too blind to see it.”

“That’s why you need glasses,” you teased nudging him playfully.


“We have rules for a reason Mingyu. We can see other people, we don’t fall for each other, and no kissing.” 

Mingyu had agreed to your terms. Mostly because he thought it would be fun. Except, he was never one to brag about it. If anything he was unsure as to how his best friend had ended up in his bed like this. Before it was different, cute. Now it was right, and yet so wrong.

In the middle of the night he had heard you get up. Mingyu was surprised you had even agreed to stay the night. But, when you didn’t come back he left in search of you. “Y/N?” he whispered quietly hoping nobody would wake at the sound of his voice. 

He found you in the shower room. Fully clothed, just sitting on the floor with the water pouring all over you. He didn’t even hesitate. Instead he dropped beside you and  wrapped an arm around your shoulder, a sigh forming on his lips. 

“Agh, its cold,” he said reaching up and changing the temperature. “What’s wrong Y/N? Did I do something?”

Mingyu hadn’t seen the tears until you glanced over at him with red eyes. “I messed it up Mingyu. Messed me and you up…I mean, why are we doing this…I’m not even seeing anyone else…I mean I didn’t even follow my own fucking rules.”

“I’m not seeing anyone else either,” Mingyu said resting his chin on your shoulder as he spoke. “I thought this was what you wanted. Rule number two Y/N, we don’t fall for each other.”

“I broke the second rule,” you whispered ever so slightly turning to look at him. It was then for the first time in a long while he saw how much you meant what you had said.

“Then let me break the third,” he breathed turning your face to his and placing his lips on yours. 

He pulled away first, a smile gracing every part of his face as you mumbled gently, “What’s the point of us making rules? We never were any good at them.”


“This is the last time,” you had said a week before. And now, because of the way he had looked at you from across room you were back. Hansol knew exactly how to make you swoon, and never hesitated to show you.

“I’ve heard you say that before,” Hansol sniggered bumping into you purposely as you tried to fix your hair. “You look beautiful Y/N. Stop worrying.”

He hadn’t meant for those words to come out. Ever since you two had started this whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing he had stopped calling you beautiful. And, Hansol knew you’d call him out on it instantly. 

“Beautiful eh? Look you don’t have to sweet talk me for round two,” you teased, and he felt the confidence exude from you. That was all he wanted you to feel. Confident because of him. Loved because of him.

“Just forget I said that…” he stammered quickly brushing his hair from his face as he buttoned up his shirt. 

“You’re such a dork Hansol,” you laughed throwing him that look that made his knees buckle. “So, when you taking me on a date?”

He stopped mid button as his eyes darted everywhere but at you. “What?”

“Stop playing games. I know you like me.” As he stared wide eyed around the room you took the initiative to start buttoning his shirt for him. “I mean, I wouldn’t have agreed to this unless I liked you too.”

Hansol hadn’t said anything for a whole three minutes. “Look. If you don’t say something soon the offer is off the table!” you grumbled dropping back onto the bed with a ‘humph’. 

“I didn’t know I was so…” You shrieked loudly as he grabbed your hands pulling you to him. “What are you…?”

He planted his lips on yours quickly, shutting you up instantly. But, his smile still tingled on your mouth. “I’m taking you on a real date Y/N. As a couple, not this stupid ‘friends with benefits’ bullshit, or best friends, but as you and I.”

“Ehh, I don’t feel like it…” you teased, quickly wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him deeply.  


You guys really seemed to like my last fanfic about dance teacher Betty so without further ado…. here’s part two!

“Ow shit!” Jughead yelped, popping his bruised thumb into his mouth for the fifth time today. Surely this was some kind of medieval torture mechanism? how the hell was he supposed to operate power tools when the most beautiful woman he had ever seen was currently spinning and stretching in the tightest piece of black fabric he had ever seen?

He hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off of Betty since the moment he walked in, she was something to see, sheer white skirt barely grazing her mid thigh, pink shoes with satin ribbons and of course his new favorite piece of wardrobe, the leotard. She had clearly just gotten out of the shower, her hair still damp and framing her face in the best way possible. He took notice of the fact that she wore no makeup, her glowy skin and long lashes were all just a part of her absolutely natural beauty. Betty had all but leapt on him when he came in carrying his toolbox.

“It’s just us today! I’m going to be working on a few new routines for my advanced class. I really can’t thank you enough. All of the prints and supplies are right over there! You really are a life saver.”

That’s what brought him here, bleeding thumbs and glazed eyes, unfortunately for Jughead he apparently wasn’t being as discreet as he originally thought. Betty’s eyes fluttered his direction and caught his stormy grey eyes boring into her, when she began making her way over to him, that gorgeous smile on her lips, Jugheads heart nearly stopped, gripping the hammer in his hand he dropped his eyes.

“How’s it going?” The ballerinas soft voice carried to his ears.

Jughead glanced back up
“Pretty easy stuff, nothing too crazy.”

Betty nodded, maybe he was going crazy but he could’ve sworn her eyes drifted to his flannel covered arms, well grown muscles constricted the plaid fabric. He was speaking before he even knew what he was saying

“Hey what’s up with your shoes? They’re all blocked out?”

Betty giggled
“These are pointe shoes, they have wood on the toes, it forces me to stand on my tippytoes.” With a practiced grace the gorgeous blonde in front of him rose on her toes, lifting one leg up to the air, she laughed at the boy in front of her and his wide eyes

“Doesn’t that.. I don’t know.. hurt?” His nose was scrunched and his eyes were full of concern.

Betty leaned forward, pressing on the bar and stretched her toes, she bent over and began unpacking the shoes.
“Well it doesn’t feel great but hard work pays off. I wouldn’t have this studio if I didn’t wear these babies.”

Jughead nodded, watching as Betty slid down the wall and took her place beside him, arms brushing.
“I get that, I’m working on my second novel, it’s taking a bit of time but.. I think it’s gonna be a great one.”

Suddenly a tiny hand was clutching his
“You’re an author?! Oh that’s amazing. You’ll have to let me read it when it’s all done okay?”

A scarlet blush reddened his cheeks
“Yeah sure, definitely.”

Suddenly something flipped in Betty’s eyes, something dangerously mischievous, she popped up and extended a hand
“In exchange… ill teach you how to dance.”

Jugheads nearly spit the water he had sipped out.
“Oh no, oh no no no . I am totally fine, don’t worry about me, I am good”

Betty giggled and tugged at his hand
“Come on, you never know when you might need to sweep a lady off of her feet.”

Before he knew it he was tumbling into the tiny dancers arms, her hands coming up to clutch his as she pressed her body into his. About halfway through learning a very choppy rendition of the waltz Jugheads forehead bumped Betty’s, when he went to pull away Betty’s fingers threaded through his dark waves keeping him in place.

“Betty” he whispered.

He swallowed thickly, his fingers digging into her waist

“Jughead” she answered.

That was all it took, soon his lips were pressed against hers, hands fisted into her damp blonde hair, her hands slapped against the mirror with A satisfying clap, hiking her leg against his waist she bit down on his neck, the deep groan he emitted had Betty nearly falling to pieces.

“I’ve wanted to do this since the moment I saw you spinning around in that damn tutu.” He growled.

“Ballerina kink?” She teased massaging his scalp with sinfully talented fingers.

Burying his face into her neck, Betty could feel his smile.

“No. just a Betty Cooper kink.” His lips found hers again.

“Juggie since when do you dance?”

The familiar little voice had Jughead nearly dropping Betty to the ground before he caught her clutching her by the waist and spinning them both around, coming face to face with about six eight year old including his sister.

“Jellybean?! What are you doing here?!”

Betty jumped away from Jughead
“ we were just dancing! I’m teaching your brother how to dance!”

Jellybean and the rest of the little girls all giggled
“Good luck Miss.Betty, Jughead here is a slow learner.”

Jughead stuck his tongue out, rubbing the back of his neck as the girls all scattered and ran to Betty begging her to show them some new dance that they had apparently been itching to see performed.

Betty caught Jugheads eyes over the herd of children, with a shy smile she led them away and he headed back to his word, goofy grin still a permanent feature on his face.

Maybe ballet was life.

Good Things Don’t Last Forever -- Jason Todd x Reader, Platonic!Roy Harper x Reader

First off, I’m not sorry for what you’re about to read. It is arguably one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. Secondly, this part got a little away from me. I didn’t mean for it to be so long, but here we are! Thirdly, I do not write smut. I just don’t. I’ll read it every once in a while, but I do not write it. This part is borderline lime, but not smut.

Now with all of that out of the way, enjoy my dears! And try not to hate me!!

Tagging @lovingmytelevision, @posiey, @miraisnotavailable, @soepicsokim, @epickimmie, @themortallife

WARNING! Fluff ahead! And slight lime? Also, angst. There is angst. Prepare your hearts loves!! Might be some adult themes too.

Part One   Part Two   Part Three   Part Four

Word Count: 1369

“He’s treating you right, right?”

You rolled your eyes in annoyance. “Yes Roy, Jason is a perfect gentleman when we’re together.”

“I never thought I’d hear you say ‘Jason’ and ‘perfect gentleman’ in the same sentence.”

A soft chuckle escaped your lips at his words.

Roy had been the first person you’d called after Jason dropped you off a few weeks ago. He was over the moon that the two of you had worked things out. Once he saw the lovely…ahem…gift that Jason left on you, he’d jumped into over protective big brother mode. It didn’t matter that you two weren’t blood related, you and Roy had been through thick and thin together and he wasn’t about to let a guy mistreat you. Especially not your soulmate.

“When is Jade supposed to be here?”

“Soon, I hope.” Roy glanced at his watch in thought. “She seemed pretty reluctant to come, but she finally agreed.”

“What did you have to promise her?”

A deep blush crossed Roy’s cheeks. “Things.”

“Right…I’m not gonna ask for you to elaborate.”

He shot you a grateful look.

Twenty minutes later and you found yourself in an upscale restaurant with Jason sitting on your right and Jade and Roy across from you. You could tell Jade felt uncomfortable in this setting. She kept fidgeting and glancing around the room, no doubt mapping out possible exits should she need one. The ninja wore a beautiful green dress that showed plenty of skin and left little to the imagination. This also meant it was difficult for her to carry multiple weapons with her. You knew she had at least one weapon on her. She didn’t go anywhere without something sharp and pointy.

Roy and Jason were dressed similarly in nice suits and ties. While Roy had you to help him with his hair, Jason had opted to not ask Alfred to do his. It was still as shaggy and unkempt as ever. Just the way you liked it.

You wore a (F/C) halter dress that tied around your neck in an elegant bow. It hugged your body in all the right places and you knew it was driving Jason crazy. His hand was laying high on your thigh under the table. Your (H/C) hair was up in a beautiful half up, half down style with the bits that were down curled and cascading down your back. Enough of your hair was pulled back that your neck was exposed, another thing driving Jason insane. You knew he wanted to kiss your neck and leave his mark there, but given the current company and location he refrained.

“You’re being awfully restrained tonight.” You whispered to the dark-haired male teasingly.

He growled low in his throat. “You’re gonna pay for this later.”

“I’ll hold you to that.”

The dinner went a lot better than any of you were expecting. No one was rude or tried to start anything and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Jade had a genuine smile on her face; a sight that pleasantly surprised you. You knew this whole evening was outside her comfort zone, but she was trying for Roy. You could respect that.

After Roy and Jason had a small argument over who would pay the bill, the four of you made your way out of the restaurant. They all waited for the valet to bring their respective cars around and made small talk.

“You’re good for him.” Jade suddenly whispered in your ear.

“You think so?” You glanced briefly at the two men who were playful shoving one another. “I’m just glad that he’s happy. I’m glad that we’re happy. For once in my life, I feel like things are going right.”

Jade nodded in understanding. “I get that. Just remember (Y/N), good things don’t last forever. Especially in our line of work.”

You opened your mouth to respond when the valet brought Jason’s, or in this case Bruce’s, car to where you all stood. The man got out of the car and went back to his post. You gave Jade a small smile and pecked Roy on the cheek before letting Jason pull you away. He opened the passenger door and helped you into the car. Once both of you were in your seats and had your seatbelts on, Jason pulled away from the curb and turned to head toward your apartment.

“Any other plans for tonight?”

Jason scowled playfuly at you. “You know damn well what we’re doing tonight.”

“Oh, I know.” You let a catlike smirk grace your red lips. “Just reminding you.”

He snorted at your snarky remark. Taking his right hand off the wheel, Jason placed it on your thigh and squeezed it. You felt a shiver run down your spine at the contact. The desire and attraction was palpable between the two of you. How you’d both managed to keep it together all through dinner was astonishing.

Jason whipped into the extra parking spot of yours outside the apartment complex. He cut the engine off and then attacked your lips without warning. You moaned in delight against his lips as you let your hands knot themselves in his hair. The hand that had previously been on your thigh moved further and Jason slipped it under the slit in you dress. Another moan slipped from you as his hand inched up further and further.

The shrill sound of sirens broke the atmosphere that had settled around you two.

You pulled away from Jason and glanced outside the car. “Do you think you should…?”

“They’ll call if I’m needed.”

As if on cue, Jason’s phone rang incesently in the cup holder. You both groaned in irritation at the timing of it all.

“Every damn time…” Jason growled in anger as he moved away from you and answered the damn thing. “Yeah? Fine, I’ll be there in ten.”

You adjusted your hair from its disheveled state and made sure your dress hadn’t ridden up during your make out session with Jason. “I should go. Don’t want you getting in trouble with the big man.”

“I’m sorry (Y/N). This isn’t how I wanted this evening to end.”

“I know.” You gave him a rueful smile. “but we knew that this would happen. Call me when you get done.”

Jason sighed heavily before nodding. He leaned over and placed a sweet kiss to your slightly bruised lips. You savored the familiar taste of him then let yourself pull away first. You bid him goodbye and slipped out of the car. Jason stayed in the parking lot until he saw you enter the lobby of your building. He put the car in drive and sped out of the parking lot.

You took your time getting to your apartment. Fishing out your keys, you found the correct one and unlocked your door.

It was dark as you stepped into your apartment. You flicked on the nearest light as you made your way through the hallway. Slipping out of your heels, you reached up and took the barrette out of your hair allowing it to fall loosely behind you. You ran a tired hand gently over your face completely ignoring the fact that you were wearing makeup.

“I would’ve expected the soulmate of a vigilante to be more aware of their surroundings.”

You whipped your head around to search for the owner of the voice that had just spoken to you. A heavy object made contact with the back of your head. Pain radiated through your head. You stumbled forward clutching your throbbing head. Your vision became clouded with black dots as you tried to focus on the intruder.

“Hm…” The voice spoke up again. “You’re tougher than I thought. No matter, I’ll finish my objective.”

“W-Who…? What are you…?”

A loud bang cut through the air and an agonizing pain filled your gut. You gasped for air as your body collapsed to the floor. Shakily, you placed a hand to your stomach. Your fingers met a wet substance that your rapidly fading consciousness registered as blood.

As your eyes slid shut, your mind wandered back to the words that Jade said to you earlier that evening.

Good things don’t last forever.

Eight Medals | Jungkook, You

Kinda want to do a part two to this idk tell me what you guys think!

Originally posted by nochuie

When you turn around, I’ll always be here. Cheering you on

“Okay, that’s all for today’s practice,” Coach Kim addressed his hockey team with his hands on his hips. “We’ll meet here again tomorrow, the same time, but Jungkook,” he turned to him, “remember you have to do twenty full laps for those five goals you missed on Saturday.”

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Ice Ice Baby chapter 1: Baby Makes Two

It’s finally here! I’m so happy to finally get to share this with all of you. I won’t spoil anything right now, notes will come with the next chapter. 

This fic will actually have a posting schedule. Crazy, right? I’ll update once a week on Sunday.

Summary: Juvia has started a journey that she’s always wanted. A journey to become a mother. But can she really do it by herself? What will she do when an unexpected blizzard changes everything? 

You can read all chapters: HERE!

“Congratulations, you’re pregnant.”


The kind elderly doctor smiled, “Your test results came back positive. You’re going to be a mom.”

Her heart pounded a little more, her lips quivered as she held back a smile, “Juvia is so happy.”

25-year-old Juvia Lockser truly had never been more pleased with her life. One thing she had always wanted since childhood was to have a baby. Although, one part of the equation wasn’t right…

“I’m glad,” her doctor handed her a few pamphlets, “I’ll schedule an appointment when you’re a little farther along. Will the father be joining you?”

“Um,” Juvia hesitated, she lowered the pamphlet on vitamins to her lap, this was the part of the equation she wasn’t happy with, “I will ask. But… he may not be as happy as Juvia.”

“I see, well don’t push him. It takes men a little longer to accept an unplanned pregnancy then women. If you do need any help, we do have a full support staff.”

“Juvia appreciates it,” the blue haired mother-to-be listened closely as her doctor discussed other things she could do to stay healthy for her little one.

About an hour later, Juvia stepped out into the late winter day, finally finished inside the medical building. The weather was warming up nicely in late March. And it wasn’t the sun shining that made her want to skip. How she couldn’t wait to hold that precious little life in her arms!

Sliding into her car, she leaned back fully against the seat, “A baby for Juvia.”

A smile would not leave her face no matter how hard she tried. She thought of tiny clothes and bows and trucks and diapers and birthdays and hugs and slobbery kisses. What a wonderful adventure she was starting.

The smile dimmed when she started her car. There was just one problem she saw… would her boyfriend be just as happy as she?

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Welcome Home

PAIRING- reader x steve rogers


WARNING: Smut (obvs) UNPROTECTED SEX (keep it safe in real life kids seriously, don’t be a fool wrap your tool) ORAL SEX and swearing! 

Request from Anon- Since I love your Imagines, I thought I could request something to you :) Maybe some Steve smut where you’ve been dating for a while and Steve just came home after a two-month Long Mission and you both have missed each other like crazy. So as soon as he enters your shared Apartment wearing his uniform, you both practically devour each other and have passionate sex in Different places, like the shower and finally end up in the bed where you then spend the rest of the night cuddling? :) I LOVE UU

Oh boy was this fun!!! I hope you guys enjoy ! x

GIF NOT MINE (but this is the suit I imagined, bby looks damn fine! )

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“He’ll be home soon (Y/N) don’t worry about it” You tried not to glare at the archer sitting across from you.

“It was supposed to be an quick mission Clint, simple gather information then leave. It’s been two months” You complained, Clint gave you a look. You didn’t mean to act like a whiny needy girlfriend. But you missed Steve and you weren’t going to apologies for missing someone you loved and cared about.

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Take A Chance

A Sam Wilson x Reader Request Fic

Based off this ask. Hope you like it, nonnie!

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader  |  Word Count: 1820
Warnings: None, complete fluff!

It had started out innocent enough. Sam Wilson had wandered into a tiny coffee shop set back from the main streets of New York with the intention of buying a coffee and a sweet bun while he checked out the shop across the street. It had been rumored to be a front for guns run by Hydra, a small antique shop which had recently gone from being a mom and pop run place to one owned by a conglomerate.

What he hadn’t expected to find was an angel standing behind the counter serving the best coffee he’d ever been fortunate enough to have pass his lips. (Y/N), with the glorious hair, beautiful eyes, and a smile which could light up the room.

Man, she was pretty.

By the end of the week, she’d known his name, his order, and had captured his heart. Even though they’d taken down the antique store, revealing who he really was, he’d continued to return to the coffee shop every day, just to watch her face light up.

Striding through the door, Sam smirked to see her standing behind the counter. “Hey, gorgeous.”

She looked up, smiled brightly, and made her way toward the coffee pot. “Sam! You keep coming back, I’m gonna owe you shares in my business.”

Leaning on the counter, he watched her work, all graceful hands, no wasted movement. The apron wrapped around her waist was purple over a pretty blue dress, while flat silver shoes protected her feet.

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Dancing On My Own: Part 2

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader / Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Drinking

Part One

Word Count: 1144

Summary: Bucky Barnes never imagined himself falling in love with anyone, especially his best friend’s girl. He hadn’t planned on Steve building up the sudden courage to ask you out on a casual date. Of course his plans were shot to hell when Steve decided to surprise everyone and propose to you on your birthday. Had he missed his shot, or would he be willing to risk both of his closest friendships in hopes of winning your heart?

Author’s Notes: As angsty as this story is going to be (and trust me – there is going to be heavy loads of angst) there is a certain sweetness between the Bucky and reader that I love.

I love hearing from all of you! 

Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/removed.

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Originally posted by gossipgirlfanblog

Bucky had been paralyzed with fear as he watched you adjust from the shock of Steve’s surprise to shaking your head yes as Steve slid the ring on your finger. Once he was able to move again he meandered his way back to the bar. As a friend he wanted to be happy for you both – to congratulate you even, but he just couldn’t bring himself to fake it. You found him still at the bar an hour later after you quietly slipped away from Steve’s side to let him fend for himself with the last of the well-wishers.

The sound of your voice caused Bucky to jump slightly as you slid into the chair beside him. As he turned to look at you, you couldn’t help but notice that his smile didn’t quite reach his bloodshot eyes. “Buck, what have you been drinking?” you asked as you grabbed his glass to take a sniff. The smell of the amber liquid actually took your breath away.

“Thor’s secret stash,” he replied with a wink. He paused awkwardly as his smile slipped slightly. “So I guess congratulations are in order?” he asked. You had an odd feeling that Bucky was less than thrilled with the new developments of your relationship with Steve. You smiled tightly at his loaded question. You still weren’t sure what had compelled you to shake your head ‘yes’ to Steve. You loved him, sure, but you didn’t feel that butterfly feeling that you always thought you would when you saw him go down on one knee.

“I suppose so,” you tried to respond casually but it seemed too forced. Bucky immediately picked up on your tone.

“What is it?” he asked as he narrowed his eyes.

“It’s nothing,” you assured him. It felt more like you were trying to assure yourself than Bucky when you responded. You just couldn’t shake the feeling of panic that had enveloped you since you had said yes.

“It’s obviously something,” Bucky remarked with a shrug as he brought his glass to his lips. It was next to impossible to lie to Bucky, but that didn’t mean you had to tell him the truth – you reasoned with yourself that you were obviously just emotional and tired.

“So you and Nat?” you trailed off in silence – waiting for Bucky to respond.

Bucky stiffened suddenly – his eyebrows arching in question before realization spread across his face. “I don’t know,” he shrugged as he answered gruffly. You could tell he was in one of his moods so it would be impossible to get a straight answer from him.

You felt a pang of jealousy again – which you tried to quell to no avail. Why the hell were you concerned with Bucky’s love life after just getting engaged to the man of your dreams? “Buck, just be careful,” you warned as you squeezed his hand.

He half-laughed as he cocked his head sideways. “I think I’ll manage doll,” he replied before downing the rest of his glass. “You’re deflecting though,” he added with a grin.

“Deflecting what?” You asked as the bartender placed a drink in front of you. You swirled the amber liquid in the glass as you looked down. You knew you couldn’t bullshit Bucky, and he was certainly on to you.

“Are you happy?” he whispered softly next to you. The change in his voice made you look up into his eyes. You couldn’t help but notice that they seemed remarkably sad. The sight made your breath catch in your throat causing you to swallow hard.

“Are you?” you asked in return – forgetting about your own worries for a moment as you studied your friend’s face.

“You can’t answer a question with another question,” Bucky snorted as he looked at you. “Are you… happy?” he asked as he slid his hand over yours – the warmth of his presence immediately enveloping it.

You didn’t know why you couldn’t answer the question directly. Maybe it had something to do with the amount of champagne you had drank earlier, the endless congratulations from the partygoers, or maybe it was the look on your best friend’s face that uncomfortably squeezed at your heart. Regardless of what it was – you couldn’t bring yourself to say yes. “Steve’s a great guy. I’m lucky,” you responded with a tightlipped smile. Bucky didn’t seem convinced but had the good grace to drop the subject.

“Well I’m happy if you’re happy,” he responded with a smile. “Hey – how about a dance, birthday girl?” he asked with a sly grin.

“Bucky you hate dancing!”

“Not with you,” he replied with a grin as he hopped off the barstool and offered you his hand. You took it without hesitation and he led you to the dance floor. He brought you close to him wrapping one of his hands around yours and resting the other on the small of your back. You could tell that he had had quite a bit to drink by how comfortable he was. He looked down at you with a grin before he whispered, “You look beautiful tonight.” There was a reverence in his voice that made you blush as you rested your head on his chest.

“Buck?” you asked quietly.


“Will you promise me something?”

“Anything doll,” he whispered. His heart raced at your question and he prayed silently that you couldn’t hear it.

“Promise me you’ll always be here?” you asked as you lifted your head to look up at him.

He smiled at this – a real smile – where the corner of his eyes crinkled. Those were always your favorite. “I promise, doll,” he whispered as he planted a kiss on your forehead. You hugged him tightly in response. Bucky was always the one that kept you grounded and you worried that your engagement would somehow push him away.

“Mind if I cut in?” Steve asked. Bucky’s grasp on you tightened before he smiled and let you go. You watched over Steve’s shoulder as Bucky made his way back to the bar to sit next to Nat.

“What was that about?” Steve whispered in your ear, causing you to snap out of your internal monologue.

“He was just congratulating me,” you answered with a smile as you looked up at your fiancée.

“Are you happy?” Steve whispered into your ear as he held your body tightly to his.

“The happiest,” you whispered back before planting a chaste kiss on his lips.

“I know that look, Barnes,” Nat warned as she eyed Bucky suspiciously.

“What look?” he asked playfully – trying in vain to shake Nat’s suspicion.

“That look you get when you’re about to do something incredibly stupid. What are you thinking?” she asked hesitantly – afraid of the answer.

“I’m thinking I’m going to steal my best friend’s girl,” Bucky answered with a grimace as he drained the rest of his glass.

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Hello! I'm so glad you're writing Jonerys fic. My request is a scenario where Dany is jealous because she hears Jon speaking admiringly/fondly about Lyanna Mormont to Jorah... sort of a companion piece to your jealous Jon fic haha


“She is not a force to be reckoned with,” Jon smiled proudly before re-reading the raven that had come for him.

“I’m sure Lady Mormont would be proud to hear,” Davos said, accepting the letter back from his king.

“Please tell her,” Jon answered, glad that Davos was more than efficient in reading and writing now.

“Will do, my king,” Davos clenched the note in his maimed hand before turning to leave. Only barely managing to avoid Jorah as the newcomer stepped into the hall for dinner.

Jon was surprised when Jorah decided to sit with him but he said nothing to display the thought. They hadn’t exchanged many words but Jon found the man to be little like his lord father. The king of the North was disappointed by this small fact. He had thought he would have more in common with the man but it seemed the only thing between them was the dragon queen.

Until now.

“Did I hear you right when you said Lady Mormont?”

- - -

Laughter filled the hall as Daenerys entered, deciding to eat dinner among her people rather than in her sitting room. She thought it would be good for morale after the loss of the Reach. Maybe also for her spirits as well, she was still bitter about the loss of another ally. The coin of Highgarden was supposed to pay for her armies’ every need.

Her eyes quickly found a different mood in the hall. While her mind raged and fumed, she found nothing but smiles and good humor all around. It was a shock to her system. It seemed their morale didn’t need any boosting from the jolly and glee that was already spread across the room. Dothraki and northern men were mixed in a competition of arm wrestling while others placed wagers on the side. It seemed northern men could be loud as Dothraki when excited.

“An arm of ice this man has!” The Dothraki glared at the northern man with the ‘arm of ice’ while his fellow mates clapped him on the back and money was quickly exchanged from hand to hand.

“And we shall shatter that arm!” laughed a particular tall Dothraki as more wine was poured all around.

She rolled her eyes as she passed. Gambling held little of her interest. It was the table filled with Jon, Jorah, Tyrion, and Davos that caught her eye. She neared, wondering what the group of them had in common when she heard them.

“She’d be disappointed to hear this but she is becoming a bit of a beauty.”

Daenerys froze at the words. There was no mistaking that voice. It was Jon Snow, the king of the North and her personal ‘guest’. She hated how her stomach churned at his words. She suddenly felt uncomfortable in her own hall when only moments ago, she had been ready to join them.

“A pretty lass for sure.”

Of course, women were what they all had in common… She didn’t want to hear this but also hated as something in her was intrigued. Who were they speaking of? Her feet became melded to the stone floors as she waited and listened.

Was it selfish of her to hope it was her? No, that was ridiculous. Jon Snow was nothing but a nuisance to her at this point. She didn’t need to be hopeful for a few scraps of compliments from him. Men would happily fall over themselves for a chance in her bed. What did she need of some curly haired northerner?

“Aye, and fearsome as well.”

Yet something in her still secretly hoped.

“Wish I could have known her,” Jorah smiled, maybe even beaming with some pride that his cousin could strike fear in such men as Jon and Davos.

With those words, Daenerys knew it wasn’t about her and some anger welled up in her for Jorah to want for another woman when he had always been so steadfast. Though, it felt like redirected anger since she had never been jealous of Jorah. No, he could do as he wished but Jon…

She should have known better. No matter how uncomfortable Jon Snow seemed around the opposite sex, he was still a man. A man that had somehow broken his vows from the Night’s Watch. Probably for some pretty lady from the north.

She huffed in annoyance of it all.

“Your grace!”

Jon looked up at her and Daenerys was crossed to see he didn’t even look ashamed of his philandering talk. She could maybe hold some respect for him if he were to at least blush at being caught!

Instead, he brazenly looked up at her in the most innocent fashion. Damn, his puppy eyes! Now she could see how misleading they were.

Daenerys felt her blood simmer as she looked away from him, deciding she was definitely angry with him. It didn’t matter that he looked wounded by her response to him. Good. Let him be hurt.

She was going to need this anger now to sit through this dinner without giving away too much. Though, she secretly entertained the idea of supper by her private fire now. It seemed morale was at an all time high without her and found it hard to reason why she should stay.

“Please take my seat, my queen,” Jorah jumped up for her and her stomach churned at his place on the bench. The seat exactly to the right of Jon. No, this wasn’t what she wanted but she could see with all their expecting eyes on her, it was getting out of her control. “I will fix you a plate myself.”

Unable to forget her manners, Daenerys smiled at her once again trusted sword before he went about his task. Though, she was still forming a plan of retreat as he secured her a plate of her favorites.

“Please, your grace,” Tyrion finally broke in, his forever analyzing eyes inspecting her and her unease. He must have found his answers because he abruptly smiled at her, almost too kind in its shape. “We were only just talking about Jorah’s cousin.” He then purposefully turned to Jon. “Eleven did you say she was?”

“Just barely,” Jon answered softly, his eyes not leaving Daenerys’ direction.

“Eleven?” Daenerys’ asked in surprise and the tension in her body released like slipping into a hot bath. While she was willing to assume the worst before, she could never think of Jon as a pedophile. There was no way a girl barely past ten would be an object of his affection. 

Not with the way he now looked at her…

Suddenly the seat open at his side looked pleasantly inviting and she gracefully slipped into it without a word of protest. “Tell me more of this girl.”

“She had Jon quivering in his boots for the sake of 62 men,” Davos chortled into his drink before Daenerys smirked at Jon to happily seeing him now blushing as a teased maid under her eyes.

That’s better.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

PLEASE leave a comment and some hearts! and here’s part three! i hope you guy continue to enjoy this! i know i’m loving writing it all! i come on to see all the great gifs and discussions for jonerys and it so easily inspires me to keep writing! the prompts have been ABSOLUTELY amazing so far. honestly the best gas for this jonerys fire!!! haha

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

ALSO,  i would like to offer up my keyboard and writing utensils to the cause of JONERYS! i’d love to do some more writing for this beautiful ship! please send me prompts/ideas if you have any! this ship needs more FANFICS! i’m both book and show FRIENDLY! seeing as how i’m caught up on both. lol

i’d also love to just CHAT about these two. im absolutely OBSESSED with them right now! i keep checking the tags constantly! haha. my one big got friend is a j***a shipper, which I don’t mind but jonerys has my heart right now. haha

Jesus Christ, That’s a Pretty Face

Summary: Phil is a famous indie-rock singer who never shows his face on stage and Dan is a massive fan who unknowingly meets his favorite artist at the library.
Word Count: 5538
Warnings: none except for cussing
A/N: Hello lovelies! I woke up to the wonderful news that gay marriage has been legalized in all fifty states! I’m seriously gonna cry i swear. Anyways, here’s a little thing I wrote that I’m quite proud of so I hope you guys like it as well! Special thanks to my beta, whalefairyfandom12 who helped me develop the plot and kept telling me that I was doing great. Ilysm (’:
Jesus Christ - Brand New


“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING OUT TO SEE ME TONIGHT, LONDON!” Phil screamed into the microphone, his ears nearly bursting with the chanting of the crowd before him: thousands of listeners (he refused to call them his fans) cheering for him and the rest of his indie rock band, Runaway Sky. The fact that this many people came to see them always made a warm feeling erupt in his chest.

See, Phil wasn’t the typical famous person that most people looked up to. He saw himself as an average guy who just happened to have a nice voice. He didn’t have beautiful hair like David Beckham or rock hard abs like Chris Evans. He was just Phil, a twenty-two year old with a black fringe who had a liking for skinny jeans and always wore a mask on stage.

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anonymous asked:

hello, do you mind me asking what happened with sleepy hollow? I only watched the first season lol

not at all! okay so first off, congratulations on escaping the train wreck early. second, there was a shitload of bs happening behind the scenes, 99% of which we are still in the dark about. the rest is under a cut bc damn.

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percabeth soulmate au

AN: hey guys first post thought i’d jump right in with a fic cause i’ve been reading soulmate aus non stop and i wanted to try. this was so fun and if anybody has something they want me to write let me know

prompt: somewhere on your body is your soulmate’s full name.

Percy had never truly been able to hide it. Sure, it was easy enough when it was cold, just throw on like 20 layers, problem solved. Summer, however, presented its own issues. Usually, he could get away with long sleeves, pushed up to his elbows. It was his thing, he found it comfortable. His tiny little apartment he shared with his mom and Paul didn’t have air conditioning, though, so wearing long sleeves some days felt like living in the ninth circle of hell. Swimming teams often required nothing but a speedo, which made it difficult for anyone to hide unless your soulmark was in quite an unfortunate place.

   It wasn’t something he really wanted to hide either; he just always had, finding it easier when nobody asked questions. Do you know your soulmate? A question that truly haunted him. No, no he didn’t. He wished he did, he’d give anything, but he didn’t. He knew many people who waltzed around, soulmark loud and proud on their shoulder, wrist, behind their ear. For most people, that worked out. His cousin Jason had ordered a coffee at a little cafe down the street from their high school just last week, and the cute barista had written his full name, while he had only given his first. She’d seen the soulmark and recognized her name written in glossy gold on the back of his hand.

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anonymous asked:

Sonamy boom how sonic found out that he liked amy or vice versa

(x) Preview image made by Fennec! Please support her! (I love how self-aware Sonic is in this comic where he looks at his heart he just made and is like ‘crap’ lol XD)


“Sonic! A word with the bird?” Soar quickly had charmed his way into stopping Sonic’s morning run, who rolled his eyes and folded his arms; groaning.

“Mr. Hedgehog, rumors have flown up to my part of the sky and stated that you’ve been running since before the dawn of time! What do you have to say?” He almost jabbed Sonic with the mic, and he had to lunge down to dodge it.

“Hey!” He glared.

“Well said.” Soar pulled the mic back, and then turned to the camera, “Now, for the juicy gossip.” he bounced his eyebrows, as Sonic looked confused.

“W-wait a minute, I thought you just talked about rumors? Why are we going into-OFFPH!”

“Zip it, I haven’t questioned you with intimidating camera lights yet.” Soar shoved his mouth shut before then putting an arm around him and in a flashy manner, raising his head up.

“Ladies and Gentlefolks watching, it’s time for Dropping an Ease!”

Suddenly, Sonic was whisked into a chair, “Hey!” and immediately strapped down from his arms, legs, and braced to the chair.

The chair then squeakily was adjusted to move up with some pump-mechanics and a strobe light flared down on him.

“Wrong light!” someone called, and the light that was blinding Sonic suddenly changed to an interrogation light.

“Better! Roll with it!” the same voice cued and then a hand whipped to a point for Soar to come back on.

He swerved in, happy as ever, before starting up his question again, pulling out a card. “Oh, there’s the lights! Haha! Now then, Sonic…”

“I-I-I don’t think I signed up for this.” Sonic fidgetted.

“Who is…” the man narrowed his eyes, leaning closer to the chair.

“No…no… no!” Sonic kept swishing his head around, before Soar slammed a hand down on its side, stopping Sonic from struggling.

“You’re… Crush!”

“I don’t have one!” Sonic shouted out.

“Don’t lie to me! Lie to them!” Soar then pulled him out of the chair when the locks came automatically off and pulled him up to the camera.

“Honestly! I’m way too cool to have a crush!” Sonic’s face was partly smashed into the camera, as Soar pulled him away, giving him a funny look.

“Really? That’s so… Boring.” he flung Sonic over his shoulder, a humorously blank expression on his face, and Soar looking disappointed.

“Well, that was lame. Sorry, folks! But I guess that means his heart is still up for grabs! Any takers?”

The twins at home squee’d and tapped their feet on the ground.

Dave rolled his eyes, apparently having peeked into his mom’s room to see what she was watching.

Amy.. held her blanket closer to her side, and looked down.

The next day, Sonic was recounting the odd experience, but Amy seemed a bit bitter and was countering everything with sarcasm and ridicule.

“Woah! I’m sorry, but… when did this turn into pick-on-Sonic day!?”

“Last Thursday, but I forgot.” Amy glared back.

“Woah, you two need to chill out.” Tails put up his hands and stepped in-between their odd bickering, before then looking to Sonic with an arrogant glee in his eyes, “I mean. Pfft. We can’t all have love interests.” he gloated, clearly having a crush already.

Sonic groaned again and stomped off.

Once he was gone, shaking his head and growling in anger, she softened up and gripped her heart.

“How can someone NOT have a love interest?!” Amy complained at her group meeting, as the other members looked to each other, and awkwardly back at her. “I mean.. when you spend enough time with a totally cute girl you tend to fall for her, right!? Am I missing something? Could it be her hair? Her cooking? When you literally go out and see a guy-flick WHILE complimenting his manly musk- how can you not get brownie points for that? HOW CAN HE NOT HAVE A CRUSH!?!?”

The rest of the members saw her outburst, and out of fear, nodded and scooted back, all trying to reassure her standpoint or agree in some way to her while they muttered in fright.

Walking home, Sonic dashed right by her, and she mumbled something under her breath about him being a ‘fly-by’ kinda guy, before he came back, seeing her with a smile.

“Oh, hey, Amy, how are ya? Alone? Tonight? Dark night? So am I! haha..?” He suddenly chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

“Yeah. Real chilly.” she hunched forward, sighing. “Sonic… can I ask you something.. personal?”

“Personal? Why Personal? Why do we need to be personal?” he fidgetted, rubbing his arm and looking away, trying to keep up his smile. “Ehem, but on the off chance it’s something cool, what did you have in mind?”

She sighed again, “What.. do we have in common?”

That stopped him real quick, as he looked up to the stars. “W-well..”

“I mean, we both love fighting robots… I guess.” she tilted her head, “And you like to eat and I like making things to eat, so we get along there too..” she gestured a hand out. “I just can’t seem to remember anymore…” she lightly scuffed her hand against a piece of wild wheat, letting the little particles fall where they may as she then dusted her hand off.

Sonic began to reminisce, it was a night like this one too… when he found out…

Amy acting silly and over-the-top, ranting on about the movie they just saw.

“I can’t wait to someday take down a whole evil army!”

“Yeah!” Sonic jumped up, “And I can save a princess!”

“Pfft, please.” she flapped her hand out, “I’m the one saving lazy princesses! You and go and uh… slay a dragon or… something.” she happily balanced on a pole before Sonic spoke up again.

“Hey,… I could save anyone I wanted too! That’s it! A dragon princess!”

“Lame.” Amy did a unique flip, which caught Sonic’s attention. “Woah…” he stared, “Hey, that’s actually kinda cool. And I should know, I’m the epitome of cool~” he flashed his best ‘cool-guy’ finger guns and smile.

She stared a moment before her red cheeks turned away and giggled, sitting down on the horizontal pole. “I guess I just like to be athletic.”

“And that’s totally cool!” Sonic jumped and grabbed the pole, lifting himself up by his arms, showing off. “Hey, Amy. Me and Tails were thinking… you.. you could be pretty cool if you were a hero, ya know.”

She gave him an odd look, “What do you mean? Could?” she teased, lifting her head before ducking it and seeming to blush again, but he didn’t notice, looking up at the night sky.

“I mean.. the first time I met you, you stormed through our door and demanded to be apart of our gang, right?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, you made it! You took down Eggman’s robots and even out swung Knuckles! It could be fun, you know? Even if you are a girl…” he looked away, growing strangely shy.

He didn’t seem to mean coming off any particular way, but Amy puffed up her childish cheeks and went to get him.

“And what is that suppose to- ah..aHHH!!!” she lost her balance! Falling fast before Sonic impulsively moved and grabbed her hand.

“Hang on!”

He tried to pull her up, as she watched with amazed eyes before their fingers slipped.



He dashed down in a quick spin-ball like way, ratcheting off of trees and a building nearby to then grab her in his arms.


The two stared in wide-eyed enchantment at one another…

Sonic’s heart was racing, but he figured it was from all the excitement of the daring rescue.

He had never been this close to a girl before…

Amy stumbled out of his arms, growing increasingly more embarrassed. “T-there! You saved a girl! Way to go!” she seemed to aggressively speak the words out, but Sonic took it literally.

As she adjusted her dress and patted her flaming cheeks, he looked at his hands, and then smiled gleefully up at her.

“I did!”

She turned around.

“I totally just saved your life! Ha! You must think I’m the coolest dude around now!”

She couldn’t help it. She turned with a gentle smile, “You were cool without the heroics… Sonic.”

He paused a moment, watching her expression and feeling something stir once again to be closer to her again.

She batted her eyes away, a cute touch, before closing her eyes and tilting her head in a way that made her hair sway with the gesture.

“I always thought of you as my hero.”

Then, something odd and strange happened to him.

He pouted, feeling embarrassed as his face brightened and he angrily wagged his arms about.

“BUT THAT’S NOT FAIR!” he hollered, “I’m supposed to be cooler than that!”

What he never admitted, was that the heat that seemed to come from anger… was from being so touched by such a strong, graceful girl considering him her hero before he officially saved her.

Sonic shook his head from this thoughts, “I always thought we had saving people in common.” he smiled gently, not expecting her to catch on to his inside-reference.

“Hehe, yeah… We’ve always loved saving the world.” She smiled then, turning back to him.

She put her hands behind her back, “You know, we’ve saved it so many times!”

“It’s been fun.” his voice lowered, his eyes lingering on her younger self, the image in his mind.. the feeling of holding her again..

“Yeah, well… I guess it never gets old, huh?” she turned to look back at the stars, not even noticing him staring sweetly to her.

He tilted his head, “No.” he tenderly closed his eyes and looked down. “I guess not.”

He forgot the world for a second…

He’d rather save her again…

If ever she got into trouble again, she was too careful these days…

Too good at saving others and herself.

She suddenly saw something and went over to get it, before tripping and Sonic opening his eyes, almost too late to notice.

Could it be..?

His heart raced, he wondered if fate had heard him before Amy caught herself and balanced her landing with a beautiful roll and poise.

“Ta-dah! haha! No girls’ complete unless she can catch herself, huh Sonic?” she cheekily smiled behind to him, grinning wildly and hoping to make him feel impressed.

However… from his point-of-view… it was cruel. Oh so mockingly cutely..

His hand was still inches from reaching out for her…

He withdrew it back and folded his arms, turning grumpy.

“Yeah,.. swell.” he pouted. “Call me old fashion… but I liked it when heroes saved princesses…” he muttered out.

Amy blushed and looked away. “Y-yeah… I guess that’s just you.”

He frowned harder.

“But…” she giggled and kicked the ground, “Nowadays… girls need a new kind of hero..” she skipped on, and in curiosity, Sonic followed after her.

“Like what?” Sonic stated, rounding to her side. “What kind of hero do girls want?”

“Not want.” Amy stated, winking at him and turning, “Need.”

He pursued, “Y-yeah, but you didn’t answer me!”

“So persistent~ Why are you trying to find out what girls need in a man, Sonic?”

“You said hero.”

“Fine. I’ll tell you.” she put her hands on her hips and spun around. “Girls need a hero who saves them from the things that aren’t attacking them on the outside.”

He paused, not understanding.

“…A princess…” she touched her heart, looking suddenly sorrowful as she peered down at it. “Needs someone who will save her tears…”

She walked on, and Sonic found himself falling in love all over again… 

Sonic then deeply believed that it was an inexcusable sin to make girls cry.

“Oh no…” he shuttered. “I think I did lie.. But not to them.” she was already out of earshot.

“…But to her.”

He didn’t want to save princesses.

He wanted to save the one girl that saw him as a hero… before he ever was one.