i thought you guys were peasants

Do You?

by: mldgrl
Rated: PG-13
Happy Hanella Sunday everyone

Time seemed to be moving unbearably slow for Stella.  Alone in the guest house, ready and waiting, she paced in front of the bed, unconsciously smoothing down the front of her dress every so often.  She didn’t know what was taking so long.  She could tell by the shadows in the room and the way the light hit the windows at the back of the main house that the sun had begun to set and that meant that Fish should have been here by now to collect her.

Finally, there was a series of fast raps at the door and she hurried to open it.  Fish stood grinning in a white polo shirt and khaki pants, holding a small Tiffany gift bag up near his face with his other hand behind his back.

“For the bride,” Fish said, presenting the Tiffany bag to Stella.  “As per instructions from the groom, read the card first.”

Stella slipped a card out from inside the bag and opened it up.  The card itself was plain white with her name written in gold calligraphy across the front.  Hank’s clipped and crisp handwriting was on the inside.

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Dating Poly! Jihan would include

I was told to smack my “binu anon” in the feels so here you are kitten


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- like dear lord, save your soul

-you’re trying to kill me aren’t you

-Jeonghan would pamper the shit out of the both of you

-he would come home from grocery shopping with 87 stuffed animals because he thought they were cute ‘just like my prince and princess’

-let’s be real, he would give you guys matching nicknames

-prince and princess, beautiful and handsome, babyboy and babygirl, damsel and peasant if he’s feeling sassy

-he loves you both so much

-he probably started the relationship with you but felt like something was missing

-when you confessed to having liked Joshua as well, he got the bright idea to ask him into the relationship

-Jisoo was probably really apprehensive because he treasured both of you, as his best friend and his best friend’s significant other

-but he said he was really down to try if you both were serious

-Jeonghan kissed him

-and said something snarky probably

-like “I wouldn’t have asked if we weren’t pabo”

-Jeonghan would love cuddling with you guys

-even though he’s not big on skinship and pda, in the comfort of your own home, his hands are probably all over you

-take that how you may

-Joshua probably loves teaching you guys how to play the guitar

-he loves teaching the people he loves something he loves

-wowow so much love to be loved

-he probably cooks on days you feel bad

-he’ll cook and sing and you and Jeonghan would just be sitting behind him with so much love on your faces

-he loves playing with your fingers absentmindedly

-because both of your hands are so different

-like Jeonghan has long, slender fingers that are probably rough and calloused

-my mind is in an impure place kill me

-and your fingers are probably much shorter and chubbier

-mine are so that’s what I’m running off of oops

-fights are rare

-really rare

-but both you and Jeonghan are stubborn so Jisoo usually has to be the mediator

-fights don’t last that long either

-cuddles happen every night

-on the couch in the bed



-Jisoo would back hug you and Jeonghan would back hug Jisoo

-it would be like a backhug chain aw.

-sex would be great let’s be real

-have you seen them dance? Enough said.

-I’m unholy sorry

-poly! Jihan would be so precious I’m in love save me

Princess? PART 3 (Peter Parker x Reader


Request: Part 3 for Princess?

Warnings: None (if you find one please tell me)

Word Count: 1,696

A/N: FIRST OF ALL thanks for 400 followers???!! I couldn’t even imagine a single person would like my imagines but wow 400? I’m really glad for each and every follower of mine :) SECONDLY I just really enjoyed writing this miniseries, I may write fanfictions maybe in the future?


Peter stared at Y/N for a while, still trying to acknowledge what had Y/N just told him. Of course he got excited, Y/N was charming and the things she said made Peter feel actually special. After a few seconds, without even thinking, he leaned on her and kissed her quickly. Y/N didn’t understand what was going on and when she finally realized, she quickly pushed him: “Peter! I-I… Never mind, I need to leave now I guess.” She got up and headed back to the stairs which led to the restaurant. Peter ran after her while whispering: “I’m such a stupid person. What the hell was I even thinking!”

“Y/N wait, please!” he shouted desperately but Y/N had already left.

“That’s not a reason to skip the school young lady! For two weeks! I can’t believe you did this!” Tony shouted at Y/N, who was nearly crying.

“You don’t-you…” Y/N couldn’t talk anymore, she started to cry out of nowhere which made Tony calm down a bit. “You don’t understand dad, I’m changing. I need to change therefore I need time. Please, just help me be alone for a while. Is school that important for you? Important than me?” She tried to explain while still sobbing. Tony came closer to her, frowning: “Who even told you to change? You are perfect just the way you are sweetheart,” he said calmly while hugging her tightly. Y/N couldn’t talk for a while, crying. Tony was trying to calm her down and after a few minutes she finally managed to stop crying. She lifted her head up to face Tony, who unwrapped his arms from her waist: “I was glad that person helped me to change dad.” Tony nodded. “Take your time. Nothing is more important than you,” he said calmly. Y/N smiled and left his dad’s lab.

It had been two weeks since she left everything. Her boyfriend firstly, then her fake friends and lastly school, to clear her mind. She also hadn’t been talking to Peter for two weeks now. She wasn’t mad at him, she was glad to have him though she knew Peter was avoiding her because he was embarrassed. Since she was trying to clear up her mind, she didn’t find time to talk to Peter too. She knew eventually they both needed to talk since they were both Avengers and kept seeing each other on the tower and meetings. And they didn’t need to wait anymore to talk, thanks to Tony Stark.

“Man, you seriously have a problem with your watch I think. You realize that it’s literally 7 a.m. right now right?” Sam asked angrily to Tony. “Calm down. I make early morning meetings since we go to missions through the whole day birdman you realize that right?” Tony fought back and everyone groaned, obviously to the nickname Tony just used, “birdman”. Peter was anxiously watching his hands like it was the first time he realized he had hands. Y/N was staring at him, wondering when will they were going to finally talk.

“I realized, none of us are properly training in these days so I decided to train today and I made pairings.” Tony explained. “Tony, we are not in the middle school or something, why did you make pairings?” Natasha asked, while everyone was mumbling that they agreed. “Why does everyone in this team always disagreeing me? Anyways, I don’t care just work with the person I give you. I will train with Banner, Nat and Clint will train together, Captain and Birdman, Spiderboy and Y/N, Barnes and Wanda.” Everyone nodded and headed to the training room except two people, Y/N and Peter.

Peter’s eyes were wide open when he heard who he was paired up with. However, Y/N was calm, in fact happy that she was finally going to talk to the only person who she wanted to be friends with. She quickly got up and walked towards Peter, who was frozen, staring at the plain wall. When she was finally standing in front of him, she waved her hand: “Earth to Peter, you need to get up immediately or my dad will be pretty angry wondering where the hell we are when we are supposed to training,” she said smiling. Peter got up without saying anything. He closed his eyes and stared to talk: “Look Y/N-“

Y/N cut his sentence off: “You don’t have to be sorry, stop avoiding me. I actually enjoyed talking to you, so what you made a single mistake! I’m not mad at all but I will be if you don’t talk to me anymore.” Y/N crossed her arms, raising her eyebrow. Peter’s eyes were wide open once again, shocked that Y/N wasn’t upset about the thing he did: “I-I’m really glad that it’s all good between us… Now, shall we?” He smiled weakly and they both headed to the training room.

Training room was like a battlefield. Everyone was basically trying to kill each other but Y/N and Peter weren’t really surprised that everyone was this harsh. They changed their clothes and got ready to fight each other. Y/N threw Peter the first punch, which Peter successfully avoided, while kicking her in the knee. “So, Peter-“ Y/N started to talk while avoiding Peter’s punches and kicking him in his tummy. “I was wondering, maybe we could get to know each other more?” Y/N offered. Peter was clearly blushing and he acted like he wasn’t able to respond because of their fight. He threw punches continuously which were really easy for Y/N to avoid. She raised her eyebrow: “Quoting you, ‘Umm rude much?’ Are you going to answer me or not?” She chuckled and kicked Peter onto the ground. Without letting him get up she held his arms and pinned them on the floor: “I’m not letting you go until you tell me what’s going on? What did I do to you?” She asked anxiously. Peter tried to kick her, but she was too strong. “I-I… I was embarrassed okay? I thought you liked me because of the thing you said… It made me feel special Y/N, for the first time in my life. But of course, I was too stupid to recognize I am the peasant and you are the princess. I had no chance, never will. I get it, I’m the loser guy and you are the popular girl, seriously, no big deal.” he said, panting. Y/N didn’t say anything, she had a plain gaze, she was just staring into Peter’s eyes. She closed her eyes, shook her head and let Peter to get up. Now, she was sitting on the floor, Peter was confused, he sat down next to her. “I thought you were different Peter.” She stared at him in disappointment. Peter regretted every word he said: “Y/N, hey, I didn’t-“

“I thought, I had finally found someone who understood me. Who thought I wasn’t perfect, I had flaws, I wasn’t a fucking princess and that was okay. You know, I was actually feeling something about you Peter!” She shook her head and got up quickly, not listening a single word Peter said after her.

It was nearly 1 a.m. and Y/N was on the roof of the tower, she didn’t actually feel sad. She didn’t feel anything at all. She was just staring up at the stars and humming a song.

“Pleasee don’t go. Most nights I hardly sleep when I’m alone.” Now Peter was humming with her. He sat down beside her. She looked at him with a blank face.  Then he had an idea. He pulled his iPod and earphones out of his pockets. He gave one to Y/N and put the other on his ear. He searched for the song Y/N was humming before and he played it immediately from the start. Before the lyrics started he offered her his hand and asked: “Can I at least have one dance?” She stared at his hand and looked up at his face, she didn’t say anything but nodded. They both got up, Peter put both of hands on her waist and Y/N wrapped her arms around his neck, they were both staring each other’s eyes although it was really dark for them to see each other. The song’s lyrics finally started, they both sang them softly,

“Nobody ever knows

Nobody ever sees

I left my soul

Back then, no I’m too weak

Most nights I pray for you to come home

Praying to the lord

Praying for my soul”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean a word I said back there, except the parts about you making me feel special,” Peter whispered, song still filling both of their ears. Y/N had a single tear on her cheek but Peter didn’t notice. She whispered: “Less talk, just enjoy the moment, please,” she said weakly, nearly crying.

They were both silent, now they were just dancing to the lyrics:

“Now please don’t go

Most nights I hardly sleep when I’m alone

Now please don’t go, oh no

I think of you whenever I’m alone

So please don’t go

Cause I don’t ever wanna know

Don’t ever wanna see things change

Cause when I’m living on my own

I wanna take it back and start again”

Song was nearly finished, they were still dancing slowly. Y/N wasn’t crying anymore, in fact, she was having the happiest moments of her life. Finally, someone was actually caring about her and letting her have a single moment that she would actually enjoy.

On the other hand, Peter was in tears. When the song finished, he whispered: “Please don’t leave me,” he whispered, crying softly. They stopped dancing.  Peter pulled his hands off Y/N’s waist because she didn’t answer him. Y/N immediately grabbed them and put them back to her waist: “Wait, don’t pull away…Not yet,” she whispered. “Are you going to say something?” Peter asked shyly after waiting too long for Y/N to answer.

“No,” she said simply. Peter sighed and he attempted to leave Y/N once again but before he could move Y/N mumbled something,

“Actions speak louder than words.” And finally, their lips met each other softly.

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Guys I thought you were making a new punkxpastel masterlist a long time ago, did you make the fourth? No pressure btw ik you work your asses off for us peasants 💙

We don’t have a fourth masterlist but we just recently posted a third pastelxpunk masterlist a month ago and you can check it out here

- Tori

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FUTURE SCHOOL MODE AU. Naegi and the 77th class escaped Hope's Peak. They all work at the Future Foundation. At an annual reunion, Naegi asks why everyone gave him their underwear while trapped. Cue arguing over who is the best friend. Cue Fluff.

A/N This was bound to happen at some point. You can’t just keep hoarding undies without consequences. Naegi should’ve known better.

I might turn this into a full length fic one day. Maybe. Who knows?

Hinata version

Friendship Underwear Post-School Mode AU

There are questions better left unasked.

“Hey, I never did question it when it happened but… what’s up with everyone giving me their underwear?”

And Naegi just had to ask one of those questions.

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?” The whole room erupted in chaos.

Followed by the great war of who Naegi’s best friend truly is.

“Wait, so I wasn’t the only one who gave you one?” Leon was the first to jump in the fray. “Not cool, man. But we’re still best buds, right?”

“Like hell you are!” Mondo interrupted with a shout. “This guy’s already promised to be my best bud, not yours so back off!”

“Calm down, bro.” Ishimaru patted him on the back as he laughed cheerfully. “Naegi and I have already formed a wonderful bond but we are willing to share!”

“Um… I also gave you mine so that has to count for something.” Chihiro timidly added.

“Wow, Naegi. Never figured you to be the player type.” Asahina said with a whistle. “We’re still up for donuts, right?”

“This is quite unexpected.” Sakura remarked. “Nevertheless, my opinion of you hasn’t changed and thus, you may continue to keep the token of our friendship.”

“What’s this? Even girls have been giving out their most prized possessions to you! Master Naegi, my comrade in arms, please teach me of your ways!” Yamada pleaded before he was abruptly shoved aside.

“Shut up, pig.” Celes harshly ordered and then turned to Naegi and smiled threateningly. “I believe that my servant has already pledged his allegiance.”

“Hmph, pathetic.” Togami scoffed. “Look at you squabling about over this peasant. Who by the way is already property of the Togami conglomerate.”

“Wait if you’re buddy-buddies with everyone here, does that mean that as your best buddy I get a share in whatever you get?” Hagakure asked as he then clapped his hands and pleaded. “Naegicchi, you gotta help out your best guy!”

“Y-You said we were friends!” Fukawa pointed at him accusingly. “Was it all just a lie? Y-Y-You cheater!”

“Guys, stop ganging up on Naegi. We all know that I’m his favorite, right?” Sayaka winked at him.

“I thought I was the only one…” Mukuro softly murmured. “I really meant it, ya know? When I gave you mine.”

“No word in the human language can describe the disappointment I feel right now.” Kirigiri commented. “However, I will forgive you should you declare that our bond is the strongest.”

And thus, the war on who Naegi’s best friend is raged on.

“So? What do you have to say for yourself?” They finally asked him after minutes, almost an hour, of fruitless arguments. They’ve been fighting over him this whole time and they weren’t getting anywhere so it was time for the guy in question to answer it once and for all.

Except Naegi wasn’t even in the room anymore.

He started this war and he bailed out on them.

“After him!” They ran out and hounded him.

Somewhere, very very far away, Naegi wondered if he could peacefully end this war. After all, they were ALL his precious friends. He didn’t want them fighting with each other and especially not over him. There has to be a way to pacify everyone without showing any biases.

Maybe if he just gave away 14 pairs of his own boxers then they’d be happy with that answer.

Friend: I ask the first peasant to open the door.

DM: The peasant *rolls dice* is shot through the head and is dead.

Friend: Well shit. Okay I ask the second peasant to open the door.

DM: roll persuasion.

Friend: *rolls 1* Fuck!

DM (speaking as the peasant): Yeah I just saw that guy die. It was kind of a traumatic moment for me. I’m good. You do it!

Friend: I try to convince him my fingers are broken, so I can’t open it.

DM: roll deception.

Friend: *rolls 7*

DM: *rolls 20* He can clearly see your hands are completely fine. He just glares, and is now a little distrusting of you.

Friend: fine! Then I try to throw him at the door.

DM: roll strength.

Friend: *rolls 4*

DM: *rolls 19* okay well the peasant thought that you were just giving him a hug, he returns it hesitantly, but senses that there was ill intent.

Friend: fuck it, fine! I open the door.

DM: The door opens easily, with little noise or squeaks. No traps are activated and you can leave the room.

Friend: God Dammit!

Time Strangers (1/5)

AN:  The season finale redo!  Cover made by the GLORIOUS Midstorm!!!  Thank you so much, Mid!

“You okay?” 

Emma Swan snapped out of her reverie.  Neal was looking at her cautiously, his eyes flicking between her and her new baby brother.  She cleared her throat. 

“Yup,” She said firmly, pushing aside the painful memories of her foster home.

“You sure?” Neal repeated, crossing his arms. “Because…you know.”  He nodded towards the baby.  Emma sighed.  There had been so much guilt from her parents—guilt that they were having a new baby, guilt for feeling joy and excitement, so much guilt they treated Emma delicately, as if afraid she would explode.  And honestly, the whole experience made Emma the slightest bit grateful that she had missed the majority of the pregnancy.  Seeing David and Mary Margaret holding their tiny little newborn brought up painful memories, memories of her finally finding an adoptive family—until her adopted parents got pregnant and sent her back to foster care again. 

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