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BTS replaced you. - pt.END

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“You guys have no idea how hurt she is that you basically threw her to the curb and left her like that.” I looked at all seven of the men who stood before me after Y/N had ran to her room and closed the door behind her.

“Why are you interfering? What did you say to her to get her to hate us like this?” Jungkook stood before me, squaring up as if he was ready to throw a punch. But I took a step back.

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Some Ken thoughts:

  1. All we know about his life before Bart is that he was a hacker thief for hire. Which isn’t to say that he isn’t a good person, but his priorities are different than what you’d generally expect out of a good guy.
  2. He’s fully bought into ‘the interconnectedness of the universe.’ He tells Friedkin that he can’t keep these people locked up because they need to be out in the world doing their thing. Plus he’s read stuff about them that we don’t know. It’s possible he’s prioritizing Dirk because, well, Dirk is special to the universe in a way others aren’t.
  3. He doesn’t know Farah and Todd. All he knows is that Farah managed to somehow hurt Bart, and Todd was around Dirk. Yes “Dirk Gently is the priority” was callous, but again, Ken is totally convinced of this whole holistic thing.
  4. Bart is probably his first priority. Bart found Dirk, maybe Dirk can find Bart. 
  5. Ken is damn smart. For all we know he’s calculating how to best handle the whole situation. Maybe Priest is less likely to hurt innocents if he isn’t told to not kill innocents. Maybe Friedkin will give him more access if he makes good suggestions like “whats going on with the police?” Maybe Ken thinks he can help with whatever is going down in this town, even if it means using Blackwing.

All in all, yes maybe he’ll be Riggins 2.0, or maybe he’s got something else he’s planning. Whatever happens, I’m excited to see (tho I hope he stays good).

Y'all I’m so upset, I just watched the latest ep of tangled and why tf they gotta do that to Varian. My boy is like 12 and all he wanted was for his dad to love him. He doesn’t deserve this

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I need to know if you think a straight guy and a straight girl can just be friends. My question is if you both think each other are cool and fun enough to be close friends what's gonna stop romantic feelings from happening? I don't think it's possible. What are your thoughts?

yeah I think they can just be friends I have plenty of guy friends I would never want to date. I think I’ve felt like… on some level at least a tiny bit attracted to all of my guy friends because when you have good chemistry with someone it’s easy to see them as more attractive. but the attraction just isn’t strong enough to want to be romantic. 

Okay, after Mark’s new video, “Thank You,” and a lot of sobbing, I’ve come to a conclusion tonight and I’m stealing some quotes from Jack in his Beginner’s Guide playthrough.

At the very end he [Jack] says, “They are… huge inspirations to me… It’s like, you need those people to look up to, because if you don’t have those to look up to, like…Where do you go? What happens then? Like, that’s why I look to you guys so much. You guys keep me strong every single day. If I didn’t have you here, I’d fall apart.”

And that’s exactly how it is with @markiplier @therealjacksepticeye and @crankgameplays for me. I love all three of them so much and they’re all part of why I’m still here. They’ve all saved my life and I owe them so much for it.


Ok so here’s the story of how I came out to one of my friend in the most awkward way ever.

So last week-end we went out with a couple of friends to celebrate my 22nd birthday. And this friend of mine just kept trying to set me up with her boyfriend’s friend. And at first I just try to avoid the guy. Then I wanted to explain my friend’s friend that I was into girl and ask her to tell my friend to stop (thought since I didn’t really know her, I could take the risk of her judging me). But then I think « ok this is ridiculous, I’m just gonna tell my friend the truth » and after half an hour thinking how am I gonna do this and after seeing her trying again to push the guy towards me, I just grabbed her and pushed her to the bathroom saying « I need to talk to you ».

And so once we’re in the bathroom I tell her « please stop trying to set me up with him ». And I’m hella nervous. And she’s like « calm down, I was just trying to be nice to him, he’s a good guy etc… » And that’s when heart racing me who has had a couple of vodka before just forget all the speeches she had rehearsed in the last 30min and randomly blurt out « Look, if I was to like him, he’d have to have bigger breast ». And I’m not sure if she understood right away but then I shyly added « I like girls ».

And turned out she was extremely supportive. She wasn’t shocked that I’m a lesbian, just shocked that we’ve known each other for four years and I never said I was. Didn’t had time to explain I hadn’t really realized it before bc we were interrupted by her friend who wanted to know « what secrets we were keeping ». But my friend promised me not to tell anyone one even though she thinks I should come out.

Anyway, that was all awkward and kept me up all night that night from being stressed about the fact that someone knew my secret but it’s nice to have someone IRL that knows the truth.

I need a big favor

Hey, guys. The day before fall break, my sociolinguistics professor decided to drop a project on us in which we have to get 10 people to take a survey on dialects. I would really appreciate it if a few of you took a couple minutes out of your time to do this.

You must be American to take the survey, though.

Here’s the link

I’ll post when (and if lol) I get enough responses <3 If there are any issues with the link or survey, let me know

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I saw u were ranting and thought maybe u were sad (but I didn't read it I'm sorry) so I came to offer hugs if u take them from random people. And for what it's worth...I love ur stuff it's awe inspiring and beautiful and I love absolutely all of it. Thankies for being an inspiration for at least me. Okies that's all I hope u feel better <3

You don’t need to be sorry for not reading it! The rant was more about me getting worked up over ppl romanticising abuse in fanfiction and then applying my thoughts on that to my Marvin than my own sad stuff btw.

But thank you, so much! You’re so sweet and this means so, so much!! I’ve been having a pretty great night actually, but you just made it even more wonderful, thank you <3 I’ll try to remember this the next time I feel down

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I just wanted to let you guys know that I just started a course at the university of Glasgow in Scotland and the staff and students here are amazing when it comes to trans issues. We just finished the section on gender this week and the lecturers were so inclusive and respectful. It almost feels like the whole uni has a trans* agenda that they are trying to pass which is amazing lol. I just thought that people needed to hear some good news with everything thats happening. Take care - Will.

Thanks Will!! -Matt

Are you sure that she is just a friend, Adrien?

because in this shit video we can see that she is not

Sorry, I got in the Adrienette mood and I had to do this.

Beware with season 2 spoilers!


2018 Student Planner Printable Pack

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Up until now, I didn’t know what it was like to look at someone and be like “fuck I never want to lose you.” I never knew what it was like to look at someone and get the same feeling as hearing coffee brew early in the morning. I never knew what it was like to look at someone and get the same peaceful feeling as when the sun sets. Or when I hear the waves crash into the rocks. Or when I look at teddy bears. Or that one time i finally got to swim with sharks. Or when im singing along to my music on blast. Or when I see elephants or koalas or panda anything fluffy (you know my obsession) Or when the pizza delivery guy comes. You make me happy and that’s a feeling I never really knew. To be able to look at you and say, “fucking shit you make me so happy.”
—  10 : 21 PM

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oh god thank you so much for those redraws, your Gladstone actually looks like Gladstone- also, can I ask why you designed him with that little extra mark/break in his left eyebrow? it looks cool, like an invisible scar! just wondered if there was something more to it

oh shucks, thanks buddy I am so glad you like it (also thanks everyone those tags are sustaining my mortal soul) as for the eyebrow- kind of amazed you picked up on that but yeah! I thought it’d be neat if he had a tiny bit of scar tissue that broke up the eyebrow, but which could just pass as a normal trait

honestly partly it’s because I wanted a little asymmetry to break up the heavy eyebrow/eyeliner combo (I did consider giving him an eyebrow piercing but went for this instead), but with the whole super-unlucky-birthday thing that came from Sign of the Triple Distelfink I kind of liked the idea that there was some physical evidence that Gladstone had been unlucky at some point; especially something plainly visible and yet something that nobody but Gladstone himself would even notice. Where better to put that than on his face?

I don’t comprehend, understand, what my problem is

My mask goes on, everything gone, why deal with this

I hide behind words, smiles, plastered on fake faces

My lies so quick, so true, just going through the paces

I cry alone, unbothered, no need to trouble anyone else

My own thoughts, screams, echoes in a withered shell

I don’t want to be apart of it anymore

My sanity, myself can’t take it anymore

I need to take off the mask

My mask needs to come off