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Special Places

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 3017

Warnings: Smut. One NSFW gif

Anon asked “Can you do a Bucky Smut fic where the reader just moved back to town and is reunited with Bucky after not seeing each other for a long time and they’re old best friends and always had feelings for each other they just never acted on them because they were scared. Sorry is that doesn’t make sense!! You’re literally the only author that makes the best smut stories ever because you use gifs with them😂🙈”

A/N: This was fun to write considering a had a similar thing happen…apart from the sex part. Let me know if you want to be tagged here.

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I never thought you guys would ask me for this x/////x) welp, here’s it! NaJ!Blueprint!

As I said it before, He’s a shy student that always sits in the corner of the classroom and doesn’t talk until someone ask him something. He likes to write and often goes to the library to get away from the drama– xD

And, of course, he has a crush on the Poetry teacher eue)

NaJ belongs to @coolca4t8 (Hope you like it ov-)

Prince Jason Todd falling in love with a "Commoner"

•The people knew very little about Jason.

•He never went to high society social events or paraded around the public like what his brothers had to do.

•He was however, the commander for the regiment.

•You only saw him when the regiment was out fighting or training.

•He was as a mystery.

•Not that many high class suitors were into him because #1 you could barely meet him anywhere or #2 he was very tight lipped.

•Jason said little to none and mostly lived with his soldiers rather than his castle.

•So when a very attractive man was roaming around your village with the regiment you and basically everyone had no idea that he was a prince.

•You hunted a lot in the deep woods.

•With a bow and arrow you became very well known throughout the state for your skills.

•You heard twigs cracking and immediately fired an arrow to the noise.

•The noise however was a man with a stream of scared curses.

•You quickly ran to the man and apologized profusely.

•"I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to shoot you I thought you-“
•"It’s fine really, You’re skills are amazing… almost as good as mine.”
•"Oh really?“

•You began to talk to the man who said his name was Jay.

•He proposed a competition on who could shoot better.

•And he lost.

•"I let you win Y/N”

•After a couple of talks together in the woods he begins to fall for you.

•Unlike his brothers, his prince status doesn’t get in the way.

•But as the relationship between you two start to get serious he thinks a lot on how to tell it to you.

•Jay does the most cheesiest pick up lines to get you to laugh.

•"Y'know you had my heart when you shot that first arrow.”
•"Yes, my arrow was dangerously close to your heart when I shot it.“

•When you two kiss he feels like the happiest guy alive.

•But then remembers he’s hiding apart of himself from you.

•He feels like you deserve better and distances himself from you.

•You not taking any of Jay’s shit, go out looking for him after days of ignoring you.

•Spotting him next to a tree sitting glumly you join him.

•"What’s been going on?”
•"That’s the worst lie you ever told.”
•"It’s just… the kiss, I- We.“

•You thought he wasn’t into you no more.

•"No no! Y/N, I loved that kiss it made me feel so happy… it’s just, I’m the pri-.”


•A young man riding a horse storms up to Jason.

•It was prince Tim.

•"Why did you storm off at dinner! You didn’t even tell us about that Y/N… oh… hello.”

•Everything clicked, Jay was Prince Jason.

•Jason groaned while covering his face.

•"Thanks Tim, I was trying to explain that to Y/N right now.“

•"Oh well… glad I can be of service.. er… see you back at the castle.”

•Jason gave you a questioning look whether you’d accept him or not.

•You merely shrugged.

•"You’re a commander and a prince, that’s pretty hot. Think that your nobles would accept me?“

•"They absolutely would… even if they didn’t I wouldn’t care.”

•It took a very long time for Jason to bring you to the castle.

•He wasn’t much of a glamor person himself.

•Everyone was jealous of Tim because he saw what you looked like before anyone else.

•Prince Dick practically loves you and casually questions when the wedding date will be.

•According to Dick, you two aren’t allowed to be married unless he is present.

•You and Jason spend most of the days together in a small cottage in the nature.

•The boys love to visit to get away from their princely duties, much to Jason’s dismay.

•But what is for certain.

•Jason loves you too much.

Eyes on Me

Summary: You like Bucky, and Bucky likes you. Thing is, he hasn’t told you yet. Seeing as how you won’t be getting a confession any time soon, you focus your attention elsewhere.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 7469

Warnings: Jealous!Bucky, swearing

A/N: I’m basing this idea on the “signals” I got from this guy in my grade 11 year that I was too scared to act on. I enjoy High School!AUs.

It all started last year in grade nine. You had your scheduled mailed to you a month before, you had purchased your uniform in advance, and you even knew a few friends from your elementary school attending your high school as well. Your locker was on the first floor in the science wing, your teachers were all impeccably nice, and you were on your best behaviour. You made two friends, and went home smiling, and said for the first time ever that you loved school. Everything went surprisingly smooth, except for one fine detail.

Bucky Barnes.

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I’m not sure if this has been pointed out before. But can we just talk about this small moment, right here? We all remember this iconic hug, how could we forget? But let’s pay attention to Guy because it looks like he’s trying to pull away?? Like he’s probably thinking, “okay good hug, now we have to go up on stage”. He probably thought the hug was gonna be brief, but when he tries to pull away, he can’t. It looks like Thomas tightens his hold and pulls Guy back towards him, and then Guy gives him that reassuring, comforting pat on the back. You guys, it might just be me, but what I’m seeing here is that the hug went on longer because Thomas wouldn’t let go of Guy until they absolutely had to go up on stage.

I’m So Sorry Part Two

The ending of I’m So Sorry. Glad everyone enjoyed the first part so much!

I’m So Sorry Part One


“It’s okay, Jay.”

The words had barely left her mouth before Y/n’s eyes fluttered closed. Jensen tried shaking her again, but nothing was waking her up. Her head lolled gently to the side and Jensen had never felt such fear before in his life. Sudden there was a loud commotion behind them and when Jensen turned back he saw the paramedics finally bursting onto the set.

“About damn time,” Jensen hissed, exchanging looks with an equally terrified Jared. What happened next was a bit of a blur to him. The paramedics crowded around her and in no time, were lifting her into the ambulance, and before he knew it he was left standing on the back lot with Jared, watching as the ambulance and Y/n in it drove off.

“Jay, Jay, JAY,” Jensen snapped out of it and turned to his friend. Jared nodded to the parking lot. “Let’s go, Cliff said he’ll drive us down to the hospital. I want to be there and I know you do to.”

Jensen numbly nodded, he was still in shock. Not only did Y/n, one of his best friends, just suffer a major injury, but it was his fault. How did he not realize it wasn’t a prop? And better yet, which asshole, who has about to lose his job, gave Jensen the wrong knife?

Jared looked up from his phone, as his whole chair shook from Jensen’s constant fidgeting. The older man was still clearly beating himself up over what happened. Jared sent one more text to Gen before closing his phone.


“I’m gonna kill that friggin prop man,” Jensen steamed.

Jared sighed, he knew Jensen well enough to know that he was really just mad at himself. “I know Jensen, and that guy is as good as fired. What I’m more worried about at the moment is Y/n and you.”

“Me?” Jensen scoffed, “I’m fine, but I’m worried about Y/n too. There was a lot of blood Jared.”

Jared gulped and nodded at his friend, “I know man. I can’t stop seeing it.”
“Me either,” Jensen looked down at his still stained red hands. “I can’t believe I did this to her.”

“Jensen, c’mon. You had no idea and Y/n knows you’d never intentionally hurt her.”

“It doesn’t matter. I still did. Jared, I stabbed Y/n.” Jensen’s voice rose as he continued to grow in hysteria. “I stabbed Y/n. She’s in here because of me. Jared, this is all my fault.”

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So I heard the familiar sounds of The Clone Wars playing from the other room, and I went in to find the Kid Sister watching an episode intently on her phone. She is now officially on episode three, and she told me, “It’s okay. I like Anakin’s padawan the most.”

(I KNEW she would. I told her that Ahsoka is the same age she is, and she said, “Wow, you remembered my age this time? Last time we talked you thought I was 12,” and I smiled at her because I’m a total shit like that)

OH, and while I was in there I also showed her the post I made about her watching the show, and you guys should have seen the look on her fucking face. I was like, “Look, Kid, there’s almost 200 notes on a post and it’s all about people being excited that you’re gonna watch the show. You better start writing fanfic soon!! Don’t let your fans down!!!” and she almost had a stroke.

She then gave me a tired, semi-annoyed look that I swear she got directly from our Mom through annoyed-look osmosis or something, and then told me to get out of her room, but I really think I’m winning her over. She was definitely smiling a little.

(@gallusrostromegalus, I told her you said you’d draw her fanart when she starts publishing, and she turned the brightest red I think I’ve ever seen her turn. Thank you.)

Whitlock X Lia - Fixing Whitlock’s Automail

Book / Manga / Anime: The Crown & The Flame, Fullmetal Alchemist

Dedicated to: Anonymous

Notes: First things first, IF you guys wanna share this art to any other social medias platform, please please please notified me as well as give the credits to me. Cuz it’s not easy to draw this, man. It puts a lot of hardwork, time and effort in creating this. Please, I don’t want your money, just credit would be enough. Second, thanks anon for requesting this TCATF x FMA crossover. Hooo boy, I’m not really good in drawing mecha stuff, but I think I did a pretty great job in this. I hope you like it, anon! I’d love to know who’s the anon requesting this. Cuz I’d love to know what’s his/her thought on this. I think that’s all I wanna say.. Toodaloo, guys.

Pierced (Mature (?))

This one is for my Queen Child of Memes @mama0strich a.k.a @dolan-twin-trash 

I really hope you like it! 

Seated, you waited nervously, awaiting your turn at the Tattoo Parlour. Excited and anxious all at once, you couldn’t quite stay still, bouncing your legs and drumming your fingers on your thighs, you kept breaking out into excited smiles. 

You had always been an ardent fan of body art. You had quite a few tattoos and your ears and belly button were already pierced but lately that familiar itch to get some more art done to your body, had returned. Giving in to your more impulsive side, you had quickly booked an appointment before you could change your mind.

You grinned as your phone lit up. Ethan’s name popped up on the screen and the devil inside you crowed with joy as you read his text.

‘Just tell me what the surprise is! You know I hate waiting.’

Smiling mischievously, you slid your phone into the pocket of your jeans just as you heard your name being called.

Standing, you took a deep breath before you walked over to the guy who had called for you. Smiling at him, you sat down on the plush leather chair.

Pulling on his rubber gloves, the man expertly walked you through the procedure, outlining the do’s and don’t’s once the piercing was done and how to look after the piercing to avoid infection and healing. 

You listened to him intently, not wanting to slip out on any important detail. After all, the body part or parts you were getting pierced would not do well to get infected.

Soon though, it was time.

Being incredibly professional, you did not feel embarrassed or shy in the least when he asked you to take your top off and unhook your bra. Clinically taking in and marking the areas where he would need to push the needle through, the man got to work.

Besides flinching at the pinch and furtive pain that shot through you once the needle pushed through the sensitive skin, you held your own. Soon, it was time for the second needle and within minutes, the piercings were complete. 

Holding up a small mirror, the man gestured at you to have a look and you finally got to take in the new additions.

Although your nipples were red and somewhat swollen, the piercings shone in the light and seeing them in the mirror made you feel incredibly confident and sexy. You were extremely glad you had gone through with this decision. 

Slipping your shirt back on as carefully as you could, you stuffed the bra in your purse as you made your way to the counter to pay for the piercings. You couldn’t wait to show your boyfriend, Ethan. Although this was a gift to yourself, it was a sweet treat for him too! 

To say that you both were adventurous in the sheets, was putting it lightly and you could barely hold it together as you headed back home. You had been teasing Ethan for more than a week now about the surprise and you had patiently pushed him to the point where he was close to combusting with curiosity. 

Biting your lip, you worked yourself up with anticipation, letting your imagination run wild with ideas about all the things Ethan would do to you once he saw the piercings. You couldn’t get home soon enough, thoughts of Ethan assaulting you all the way back home.

‘Honey, I’m home!’ you yelled before bursting out into giggles at your clichéd entrance.

Within minutes, Ethan was standing in front of you, an eyebrow raised.

‘So?’ he said as he tried to hug you.

Knowing how sensitive your nipples were at the moment, you brushed his arms away, instead backing him to the couch.

Pushing him down on it, you straddled him, placing one leg on each side of his hips.

‘Close your eyes,’ you said.

Without asking why, Ethan closed his eyes shut, a smile playing on his lips.

You gently pulled off your top and scooted further until your breasts softly grazed against Ethan’s chest.

Eyes fluttering open, Ethan took a second or two to register your naked torso before his eyed widened, finally noticing the silver glinting from your breasts.

‘You got your nipples pierced,’ he spoke, his voice devoid of emotion.

‘Uh hm’ you said taking in the lack of enthusiasm on his part.

His hands that were previously placed gently on your sides, now dug in as he muttered, his eyes never looking away from your breasts, ‘Who did them? Was it a guy?’

Taken aback by the tone of his voice, you simply nodded.

The nails dug deeper as he took in your response.

‘So, not only did a guy see you naked but he also got to touch you while he pierced you,’ Ethan replied, his eyes still on your breasts, his voice laced with anger and jealousy.

Although it wasn’t a question, you felt like you needed to justify yourself.

‘It was nothing like that! He was incredibly professional and I doubt he even looked at them. He does this for a living. It’s his job to look at boobs and stick needles in them. You’re over-’

Before you could continue with your little explanation, Ethan finally looked up at you, his eyes silencing you.

Clenching his jaw, he brushed his hand against the side of your breast, making you shiver. 

‘No one gets to see you naked, excepting me. The thought of another man’s eyes on you…’ Ethan trailed off, his jaw stiff as he spoke.

Not trusting yourself to speak, you simply stared at him, helpless at the unexpected change of events. Keeping his eyes focused on yours, he bent down and blew on your nipples, making you arch instinctively, before pulling back and staring at you, grimly.

‘I thought you’d like them,’ you whispered, unable to hide how upset you were starting to feel.

Your whimper like voice finally broke through the jealousy that Ethan was radiating.

‘I do, baby. You have no idea how much I do. It’s just…you’re mine. The very thought of some other guy looking at you, putting his hands on you, it gets me so angry.’ Ethan replied as he exhaled heavily, shaking his head as though trying to shake off unwanted thoughts.

Cupping his face, you pecked his lips, relief flooding you when he kissed you back.

Taking his hands, you placed them carefully on each side of your breasts. His calloused hands were gentle as they cupped your tender breasts, the roughness of his palms setting your skin on fire as they did.

‘I am yours. No one gets to touch me the way you do. Only you.’ you said softly, your words gently brushing away the last of Ethan’s jealousy and anger.

Looking down at the piercings, Ethan admitted grudgingly, ‘I do love these new additions a lot,’ before looking back at you, a smile spreading across his face, your favourite on him.

Sighing in relief, you smiled back, starting to relax in his arms.

Leaning in, Ethan kissed you, being careful about not brushing against your breasts as your lips hungrily met his.

Breaking away, breathless, you placed your forehead against his.

Knowing full well how to toy with him and trick him into thinking he was in control, you said with fake disappointment, ‘I’m glad you like them baby. I just wish they didn’t put a kink in the bedroom department.’

Without giving any hints or indication, Ethan stood up, taking you by surprise, a squeal escaping your lips, as he held you against him while you wrapped your legs around his waist. 

‘Leave that to me, baby girl. I have some ideas I want to try.’

Saying that, he turned and swiftly carried you to the bedroom, silencing the laugh that had escaped your lips in reply, his hands making quick work of his and your clothes on the way.

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This show keeps getting better and better in terms of its plots, locations, casting, writters and all its season 2 crew members which are just stunning, creative and so inspiring. Shadowhunters really has a special place in my heart. It made me cry, laugh and so much more. This fandom is just an amazing community that I’m really proud to be part of. You guys are so passionate, thoughtful, lively and devoted that it really made me realize what it’s like to be part of something bigger and to be fully alive.

THANK YOU GUYS, bless all of you!! (except those who spread negativity that clearly leads nowhere.)

PS: be prepared for 2x18 ‘cause this is gonna be epic ! ! ! Still convinced that the “after” is not a flashback. I leave you to that, just think about it. If you’re like me, you have plenty of time to kill before it’s Monday.

… Guys, I can’t believe it! I always thought I’d never reach such a big milestone, I can’t count how many times I thought I’m just blogging in a void, but you kept me going. I just wish everyone had that amazing support I have now, because seriously, from all my heart I can say that you’re the best followers I could ever wish for. You always make me feel like I belong, like my internet corner can brighten someone’s day. Thank you both to the new and old followers, basically to everyone who isn’t a p-blog (I try to block them but who knows). My follower gift (that I’ll hopefully release soon) is pretty small, it’s just some poses, but a gentle reminder that you’re always free to ask me for any of my sims if you need them! Even if I won’t upload them publicly (in most cases I will, but there are quite a few that I find too precious), I’ll be happy to make you a sim based on them or send them over privately.

It’s Broken, Our Love

A/N: this is the angsty one shot i’ve been talking about! basically, this takes place in phase 4, after you and murdoc broke up at the start of phase 3 when his actions started to get too much and, quite frankly, he started to scare you a bit. i thought this up when i was listening to broken by gorillaz–i think it sets the scene really well and, in this universe, was probably what inspired murdoc to write that song in the first place. anyway, i hope you enjoy! 

The day that you had ended your relationship with Murdoc Niccals seemed like some sort of fever dream by now. It had been so many years ago, you had stopped keeping track, but you estimated that it was about eight years ago since you walked out of his life, and had never heard from him personally again. Sure, you heard him on the radio a few times, but that was about it. Since then, you knew that he’d had some sort of misadventure that involved an isolated island in the middle of nowhere, and recently you had been seeing more of him on posters, in magazines, on TV and radio, promoting his new album with the rest of the band. You tried your very best not to look up on what he was doing these days, as the sheer memory of him caused a pain in your heart and a heaviness on your chest. You sort of just wanted to forget that he existed–that your relationship ever happened at all. Sure, the few years you spent together was good while it lasted, but that just made the pain all the more unbearable.

You found yourself in an old, shabby pub that you and Murdoc used to occupy quite frequently. It was one of his favourites–just somewhere that he could relax in when he didn’t feel like being bombarded by fans. You weren’t all too sure on why you had decided to pay it a visit after so many years, but you almost felt compelled to as you were walking past it on your trip to London. It would be rude not to, right? After all, you used to be one of the regulars at this pub. One drink couldn’t hurt, and you were almost certain you wouldn’t bump into Murdoc there, so there was no reason why you shouldn’t. As minutes ticked by like hours while you were sipping your drink, you felt yourself beginning to regret entering the pub at all. It just wasn’t any fun by yourself, and the reminder of Murdoc was starting to get overwhelming.

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anonymous asked:

I wonder how many different theories there are about Spiderman in the MCU. What do people think he looks, how many different fail videos are there of him, and in response how many people have joined the "Spidey Protection Sqad." Who founded it? How many make posts about him are on Facebook/Tumblr/Etc saying "Shoutout to Spidey for saving me life today, lowkey worried about how small you are in real life dude." How many callout posts are there for his villains?!

I regularly think about how superheroes are perceived online, especially this kid. Peter going from crytipd, to ‘that spider guy from youtube’, to an established superhero/borderline Avenger. In-universe, people don’t actually know much him. The kids at Midtown all thought Spider-Man was 30, and possibly horrifically scarred. There would be so many posts about people being saved by this kid and being like, ‘he…… is like a foot shorter than me and when my grandma thanked him and called him handsome, he got so flustered he started stuttering and bowed wtf?’ 

Not to mention all the inevitable compilations of Spider-Man getting thrown into rivers/shrieking as he’s thrown over several streets/tripping off a building/ect. How long until it’s common knowledge that Spider-Man is a small goober who can catch buses but is also regularly on national TV in just his underpants

My Questions as a Writer

Hi guys! Running this blog has helped me a lot with both generating ideas and expanding my knowledge. I’m not an expert on writing or a published author, and I definitely don’t have years and years of experience. It’s a learning process. I thought I’d share with you my own questions I have about the writing world.

1. How does song writing work in general? Is there a template?

2. When do you know if you’re done editing? Do authors ever feel like their story is perfect or do they settle for good enough?

3. What is the step by step road to publication like for someone who can’t afford an agent/ has to do everything themself at least in the beginning?

4. What are the main differences between script writing and novel writing? (Besides the obvious template difference) What does script writing exclude the novel writing includes? What does script writing have that novel writing doesn’t?

5. How short is too short for a YA fic?

6. Do writing summer camps exist? I’d be in love with that.

7. Are there any writing genres that have very few stories? Mary Shelley basically created gothic fiction. Are there other undiscovered genres out there?

8. Despite hours of searching on multiple occasions, I’ve never found an ideal writing contest. Anyone know of a writing contest with little no entry fee, range that can go up to 10k words, and doesn’t want a story that teaches some lesson? Just a good old adventure story.

9. Any good online programs out there for planning/ outlining books?

10. Any platforms to share writing on that are known for helping aspiring writers get published?

11. How does getting a (good) beta reader work? Do you pay them?

12. Single space or double space drafts?

Anyway, that’s what I can think of for right now. If anyone has answers or suggestions, pitch in! It would be greatly appreciated.


When I read the pilot, which I thought was great, I really wanted to play Bellamy. He was cool and I like playing the bad guy. Bellamy has an edge and that’s what drew me to the script. As the series progressed, they’ve allowed me to explore his psyche. I can get really involved in the character, which is exactly what you want in a job, a character that’s stimulating, and Bellamy definitely does that for me.

Not My Type

Pairing:  Peggy Schuyler x reader
Word Count: 1,131ish
T/W: Fluff
A/N: For Anon’s request: “The reader is walking around New York when she’s keeps getting cat called and one creep like starts to follow her, trying to talk to her, then he tries to touch her when Peggy comes out of no where and yells “FUCK OFF CREEP!” He gets scared and runs off and Peggy walks the reader home glairing and sassing guys who cat call them and once they reach the readers house Peggy asks her on a date!!!” PS: I don’t live in NYC, so forgive me if you do and something seems off.

New York is so beautiful in fall, you thought to yourself. The trees were turning colours and leaves dusted the ground. The soft sunset glow made the skyscrapers shine with the reds and yellows. The temperature was a bit chilly, but you had you scarf and cute jacket. You eyed the beautiful scenery around you, still amazed that you had actually made it to New York. Fairly new to the city, you still had a few things to learn, and learning how to deal with being cat-called was one of them. 

“Hey good looking,” a guy called out, “what’s your rush?”

“Oh, no, sorry I’m in a hurry,” you managed to get away from that one.

Each time you were so unsure how to respond or if you should even respond at all. You weren’t used to it, but you tried to ignore it and push it to the back of your mind, but it happened everyday. Sometimes you wondered if having a girlfriend of boyfriend would help ward them away, but alas…you didn’t have one. It wasn’t very fun to walk home alone especially when you got easily distracted by the scenery, so all the cat calling took you by surprise. 

Today you felt really weird. A few blocks back some guy had made a really derogatory comments towards you and your skinny jeans. You thought nothing of it, until you looked back, after hearing a car horn and saw him following you. You turned your head forward and started thinking about what you should do. Take the long way home and maybe lose him? No, that could buy him more time to do something to you. Do you confront it? No, that just wouldn’t work. You panicked inside as you walked along. He had started coming closer as you were about the walk past an ally. His hand reached out for your wrist. 

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Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in



A/N: So this chapter a bit shorter than usual and I apologize for that, but in a way this is kind of a filler chapter? like sorta. Anyways, here you guys go :)

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

AGAIN, remember if you’d like me to continue this series, just leave a little comment or an ask letting me know. I will NOT continue the series if no one wants me to.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Based off of: The 100 03x03 and 03x04

Warnings: spoilers?

Tag’s List: @super-river-walker - @deathofthethrones - @dontstopxx - @chebz - @isabellaskyliner - @jeppthatsme - @sarita-villa - @jedibookmasterofnorta
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“Kane’s trying to teach me a lesson.”

“He’s trying to teach us both a lesson.” You scoffed, raising an eyebrow Bellamy’s way. Turning around, he looked at you and you shook your head, moving around the help Raven. Though as you turned, you didn’t miss the way Gina gazed at you, but you chose to ignore it. Hefting a bag off the back of the rover, you grunted, dropping it on the ground.

“Did I ever tell you guys about that time I saved Sinclair’s ass on the Ark?” Raven asked, a bright smile on her lips as she too helped unload bags. “Please don’t.” Octavia groaned and you let a smile slip, laughing at Octavia’s reaction.

“You mean the time he went rogue on a space walk?” Gina asked. Turning, you shut the back of the rover, walking in step with Raven and Gina as you patiently waited for Raven to answer. “That depends on your definition of going rogue.” Raven shrugged, you chuckled lightly.

“Really?” You asked, turning your head towards Raven.

“I just hopped on a robotic arm and aimed it at the solar array.” Though some of her words made absolute no sense to you, you still laughed along with her joke. It was these moment you enjoyed the most, moments you’d never experienced up on the Ark and certainly not when you’d first landed on earth. It was a new thing, being able to be yourself and relax. Even if you were incredibly nervous about entering the place where thousands had died, where Maya had died along with her father and all those who helped you, you enjoyed the peacefulness. “The whole time I was out there, the control room thought I was just fixing a loose wire.”

Looking over at Gina, you raised your eyebrow, knowing she was thinking the same thing; “that is in fact the definition of ‘going rogue’,” Gina reminded. “You dangled yourself within inches of an electrified array that could’ve killed you.”

“Only time I ever saw Sinclair lose his Comms.”

“So how long were you benched?” Gina asked and you found your attention drifting elsewhere. Looking around, you remembered the distinct build of Mount Weather, and even at first if it seemed like walking into this place wasn’t going to bother you. Actually seeing it now… it most definitely did. 

“Benched? I got the job in record time. What can I say? Sinclair thinks I can do no wrong.”

Walking around the corner, you heard the distinct noise of chatter. Your stomach tightened at the sight of the place where all those had died that day, instead replaced with your own people, chatting and laughing as if no wrong had been committed here. Walking up a bit, you stopped beside Bellamy; “looks like nothing’s changed, eh?” Though your comment could’ve been perceived as a joke, your expression was one of disappointment. 

“Welcome!” Pike suddenly announced, your gaze falling on him. He was quick to get up from his seat and make his was over to you five. “Come. Join us.”

“Someones made themselves at home.” Raven uttered sarcastically. With response you shook your head, trying to stay calm so you didn’t burst out. 

“There must be thirty of them in here.”

“Thirty-six.” Pike corrected, a bright proud smile on his lips. “But the more the merrier.” Bellamy stepped forward, offering Pike a handshake to which he took. Rolling your eyes, you bit your lip. This was ridiculous. They really had no care. Even if all those who’d done you wrong when in this mountain died, along with them innocents had died. Children. Babies. Parents. Some people who may have not even know what Cage and all them had been doing. And here your people were, sitting in the room they died, laughing

“Thirsty-six?” Octavia repeated, “wow. The Grounders are gonna think we moved in.”

“Well…” Pike started off, “there was no room at the inn.”

“And this is your option?”

“O-” Bellamy interrupted, glaring back at his sister. Octavia scoffed, nodding before turning towards you. Handing off her bags in your hands, you accepted them, nodding her way. “I’m out of here.”

Pike chuckled; “spirited.”

You raised an eyebrow, dropping the bags on the ground so you could cross your arms over your chest; “she also happens to be right.” You drawled, smiling shortly and forcibly his way. “Not to mention hundreds of people, innocent people, died just where you’re standing now.” 

“Y/N.” Bellamy interrupted you, much like his sister. Though, the only difference was you weren’t his sister, and he definitely did not have the right to talk to you like that. So taking a deep breath, you walked forward, stopping just beside the two. Looking up at Bellamy you shook your head; “didn’t you help murder them?” You questioned, knowing that would hurt him. Part of you felt bad, before this was something you would’ve never thought of saying to him. But part of you was so angry for everything that had happened with him the past three months, you didn’t care.

“I won’t pretend like it didn’t happen.” 

“Y/N, wait.” Bellamy called after you but you were already walking through the cafeteria, walking past everyone. 

“I don’t remember Y/N being that… um-”

“Angry?” Bellamy offered, looking after the direction you’d gone. Sighing, he shook his head; “she isn’t. Well wasn’t. I-I deserve it.”

“Listen up, okay.” Bellamy called as soon as you walked in. Surprisingly you found everyone there before you, so picking up the speed in your step, you were quick to reach them. Bellamy wouldn’t have called all of you if it wasn’t important. “If we want to get to Polis before the attack, we have to move.”

“Attack?” You questioned, pausing Bellamy.

“Do we have confirmation on that?” Sinclair asked, and you nodded. It made sense, as this was so abrupt and out of the blue, you questioned if this was really a code red or more just a fear.

“We radioed, but no answer.” Bellamy shrugged and your eyes fell on the newcomer, she didn’t seemed recognizable. And she was obviously a grounder with the face paint but it seemed Bellamy held no hostility towards her, which regarding his record with grounders was a bit odd. The only one he was himself around now was Lincoln, and that was months of trust. But this girl seemed to already have it.

“They may already be dead for all we know,” Pike interrupted, shaking his head. “And if they are we need to be ready to respond.”

“Don’t make this about the missiles.”

“This is about survival.” Pike stated, no room for argument in his tone. Crossing your arms, you bit your lip. This really could go either way and both sides were right, no matter how much you didn’t like to agree. If this was bigger and there had been an attack you did need to respond, but if it happened to just be a mix up and this grounder girl was lying… well everything that needed to be done was just slowed down for a day.

“We don’t have the numbers, but the missiles in this mountain. Even the playing field, and you know i’m right.”

“Even if I did agree with you,” Sinclair responded. “We still don’t have the launch codes.”

“No,” Raven cut in, gaining everyones attention. “But we have me.” Sinclair walked towards Raven, shaking his head at her jokes. Before you knew it they were walking off in the direction of the launch pad and Pike had grabbed ahold of the grounder, hauling her off. Turning your head, you froze when you saw Gina only a few inches away from Bellamy, her hands around him. You paused, unsure of yourself before turning. 

You made your decision and bit down the jealousy you felt. You were the one who turned down Bellamy, not the other way around. And even if you hadn’t, maybe things wouldn’t have worked out, they certainly weren’t now.

“Hey,” Bellamy called, gaining your attention before you walked around the corner. Pausing, you held onto the wall, turning your head. Gina was right in front of you, softly placing her hand on your shoulder before walking past you. You nodded softly at her, still unused to the kindness she was giving you. After all the silence and awkward disappearances anytime she’s been around, you would’ve figured she’d want nothing to do with you. But, it seemed she really was too kind for her own good. 

Turning your gaze to Bellamy, you pushed down your nerves and nodded; “yeah?”

“Aren’t you coming?” He asked, pointing in the direction he needed to go. Bellamy asked it as if it was obvious and you guessed, it had been. Anytime he had gone out of the wall or on a mission, you’d been the first to sign up and join him. Some of it was because you hated being kept inside all the time and liked the adventure. But it was mainly because that meant you could keep an eye on Bellamy, keep him out of trouble because he had no one else to do it. Even if Gina wasn’t going with him, he had someone else now. Bellamy didn’t need you.

“No…” You finally replied, drawling. 

Bellamy turned his head in a movement of shock; “you’re never one to turn down a mission.”

“You don’t need me.”

“Is this really how it’s gonna be between us?” Bellamy asked, referring to all previous times there had been tension between the two of you, in the last few days. The snubs, the glares and the remarks. You knew what he meant. You just didn’t know how to answer.

“You don’t need me anymore.” You repeated, turning back to your destination. “I’ll see you when you get back.”

“Gina, are you okay?”

“What’s wrong?” You asked, running into the launch room. Raven’s attention immediately turned to you and you could tell by the expression on her face something was really wrong. Walking in more, you raised an eyebrow; “Raven? What’s wrong?”

“Gina.” She rushed, panicking. “Somethings wrong with Gina.” Your head shook repeatedly, fast movements trying to understand. “I don’t understand. Where is she? I’ll go to her.” Raven nodded and you turned towards the door, ready to make your way out before the radio beeping caught your attention.

“Raven, we’ve got a problem.” Gina’s raspy voice echo over the radio, and you paused, turning your head back towards Raven. She looked up at you, and she knew you wanted to stay, wait to see what’s happening. “A grounder set off a self-destruction sequence. He has the codes on his arm, you have to catch him.” Just as Gina finished explaining, a figure ran past you, slightly knocking you back. You wasted no time looking back at the others and picked up the speed in your feet to catch the man. 

You were only a few steps behind him, and while your heart was racing you didn’t stop. Instead only picked up the speed, going as fast as you possibly could. You faintly heard footsteps behind you and figured it to be Raven and Sinclair. You paid no mind, your eyes only on whichever direction the grounder was taking.

“How much time, Gina?” Raven yelled. 

“Forty-five seconds Raven.” Hearing the small limited amount of time you had, you pushed yourself further. Soon the grounder led himself outside and watching his movements closely, you jumped on his back. While you considered yourself an okay fighter this man was much stronger than you and managed to fling you off his back. Your head hit the back of the ground dazing you for a moment when Sinclair showed up.

Panting, you pushed yourself upwards, knowing this was no time to delay. Shoving the grounder off Sinclair, you pushed Sinclair away; “help Raven!” You screamed, blocking a punch from the grounder. You didn’t need one of your best engineers getting hurt, so it was best you did this on your own.

You managed to land a punch on his stomach and then the side of his head, but he retaliated only stronger and shoved you to the ground. Groaning at the impact you kicked at his feet but he was quick to grab your ankles, hauling you towards him. Letting out a scream, you placed your hands above you, stopping the knife from piercing your throat only inches away. Breathing heavily, you bit your lip and shoved with all the strength you had.

Just before it seemed you’d lose, a gunshot echoed and the grounder above you slumped. Looking over to your right, you saw Sinclair and Raven, a gun in Raven’s hands as smoke floated on top. Panting, you nodded their way, crawling up. “Get the numbers on his arm!” Raven ordered and you were quick to obey, crawling over to the man. Grabbing ahold of his arm, you pulled his sleeve back, revealing the code. 

“Gina, Gina. We got the code.” You looked over at Raven, waiting to hear Gina’s voice but nothing came. Still you waited and nothing, this could only mean… Eyes widening, you began pushing yourself up. “Gina?”

“I’ll go in.” You declared, marching towards the Mount Weather door.

“No, Y/N!” Sinclair called, grabbing your ankle. 

“We can’t just let them die!” Raven bellowed, crawling up herself. 

Then an explosion echoed and suddenly an invisible force hit your chest, knocking you back. You screamed, the blow taking everything from you as you slammed against the ground. You were knocked a good distance away from the door, and smacked against the ground. Your chest burned and you found it hard to breathe. As you blinked, your vision blurry, you tried to find your surroundings but only felt sweat pour down your face and your body ache. Your vision blurred and you suddenly found it much harder to stay awake.


Taking a deep breath, you slowly raised your hand, knocking on it. Your presence was immediately known when your father looked up from the table, his face softening when he saw it was only you. Nervously, you wrung your hands together, unsure of how to start. “May I- may I come in?” 

“You know you don’t have to ask,” your father replied, beckoning you in. “What’s the matter?” 

It still felt completely weird to come to your father for these kind of things. When you were upset, you mainly bottled it up inside because your father had never been an option, and after your mom dying, no one had. And even if Marcus had made it clear time and time again that he was now willing to be the father he should’ve been a long time ago, it didn’t make it any less odd. 

Nonetheless, you walked into the room, shutting the door behind you. Just as you were about to open your mouth, the corner of your eye caught a jacket laying on the table. From the many times you’ve seen him wear it these past few months, it wasn’t hard to tell it was Bellamy’s jacket. Walking up to the table, your hands found the jacket, fingering the material before turning to your father. “Bellamy?”

“Resigned.” Was all your father said.

Biting your lip, your brows furrowed. Obviously you found this strange as the position Bellamy now held, or did hold, was something he’d been working hard for for a while now. To give it up like that, made you worry. “But we’re not here to talk about Bellamy, Y/N. How’s your chest?”

“Better.” You smiled lightly.


Scrunching your nose, you tried to stop yourself from tearing up. This was pathetic really. All the crying you do now a days. You needed to be stronger than this, wiser and crying about every wrong thing that happened wasn’t happening. “Hey,” you heard your father whisper and then Marcus’s hands were on your shoulders, directing your attention his way.

“Every time something goes right, something always goes wrong.” Looking down at your hands, you tried to blank out the noise of the explosion. If you had just been quicker, caught the grounder a moment sooner than maybe everyone would be alive right now. Gina would be alive and Bellamy wouldn’t of resigned. “I’m sick of everyone dying.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“This time it was. I had him, but I let him slip through my fingers.” Your voice cracked slightly as you realized all those that had died when you could’ve done something. Finn… Maya… Gina.. All of them died on your watch. Your mother.

You jumped slightly when arms wrapped around your figure, but soon relaxed when you remembered it was only your father. Letting your strength slip, you sobbed against his chest, squeezing him tighter for support. 

Bellamy heard your soft cries from behind the door, faltering in his step. He knew it was you. No one else would go to Kane for that purpose and he knew of the guilt you felt even if you hadn’t really told him. Clenching his fist, his lip snarled as he thought of the blame you were putting on yourself. It wasn’t your fault. Not you. It would never be your fault and here you were crying because you thought you were a murderer.

Taking a deep breath, Bellamy turned away from the door, nodding to himself.

“Who will speak for Gina Martin?”

It was undoubtedly Bellamy who stood up, walking to the front of the crowd with a book in his hands. Though no one could really see you, you’d gone to the memorial. It wouldn’t of been right if you hadn’t. But you also didn’t want to really make your presence known, so you opted for standing in the back, hoping somewhere in his mind Bellamy knew you were here. Supporting him.

“Gina was real.” Bellamy started, his voice cracking slightly. “She always saw the light. Even here. She deserved better.” That concluded Bellamy’s speech as he walked over to the memorial stand and placed down the book in his hands. 

A door opening pulled your attention away from Bellamy and standing up straighter, you saw a group of guards walk in, Lincoln following. Though instead of walking to the rest, he trailed across the crowd. Deciding to finally make your presence known, you stepped away from the shadows, walking over to Lincoln. “Hey, everything okay?”

“Fine.” Lincoln replied shortly, his gaze falling on you. Staring at the bruise on your cheek that had consumed from your battle with the grounder, he faltered. “And you?” 

Your hand shot up to your cheek, holding it. “Yeah,” you laughed lightly. “Yeah, just a little bruise.”

“You gave a grounder one of our radioes?!” 

Pulling your attention away from Lincoln, you looked over at Pike with a curious look. He was obviously angry or at least shocked, but for whatever reason you didn’t understand. You’d been in contact with the grounders for a long time now, Indra having a radio was old news. And besides, you were standing in front of a grounder right now, in your peoples guard uniform. It seemed odd of Pike to react like that. But then again, Pike didn’t like the grounders, that was no secret.

“Sir, are we under attack?”

Murmurs followed the guards question, everyone standing up in alarm. You shot a look at Lincoln, confused but he only shook his head. 

“No, we are not under attack.” Kane was quick to answer, “the Commander sent a peacekeeping force to ensure that we can defend against any further attacks from Ice Nation.”

“Peacekeeping force?” Pike spat, “even you can’t be that naive, Marcus.”

“Watch your tone, your talking to the next chancellor.” Abby reminded, before turning to the rest of the crowd. “We’re all grieving. This has been hard on all of us, but we can’t let our anger drive policy.”

“Anger is our policy.” Pike reinforced, raising his voice. Murmurs of agreement echoed and you turned your gaze to the ground, suddenly weary of how this was going to turn out. Stepping forward slightly, you grabbed ahold of your gun. “Now if they’re here to defend us, like you say, then tell them to go home. We can defend ourselves.”



This wasn’t good. Your heart beat sped up, the last thing any of you needed was to retaliate against the grounders. Especially when things were finally working out in a truths.

“You,” a man spat, pointing your way. At first you were confused, until you turned and found Lincoln. “You don’t belong here.”

“He’s one of them.”


“Hey,” you yelled, raising your hands. “He’s one of us!” 

“Y/N-” A rock flew in the air, hitting Lincoln in the head. Turning your glare to the men and women in front of you, you braced yourself. Mocks of people who didn’t agree with your fathers ways came at you, as guards, Bellamy and yourself created a line blocking Lincoln from the angry mob.

“Arrest him!”

Raising your hand, you punched the man in front of you, trying to get him away. He grabbed ahold of your wrist, pulling on it and you let out a groan. Kicking out your foot, you knocked him to the ground just as a whistle blew. “Hey!”

“We do not attack our own!” Pike yelled, silencing everyone. “Fighting each other only makes us weak. The enemy is not in this camp. The enemy is out there!” 

Turning around, your attention flew to Lincoln. “Lincoln, are you okay?” You walked up to him, trying to help him but he gently shoved your hands away.

“Lincoln, you need to go to medical.” You heard Abby say behind you and you turned to her, nodding. “Please, Lincoln. Let me help.” You pleaded softly, worried for your friend. 

“I’m fine.”

“You need to step aside right now.”

“What are the guns for?” Harper asked, and you took a deep breath bracing yourself. You haven’t gone against Bellamy like this since when you first hit the ground.

“There’s an army out there.” Bellamy reminded, his voice blank. “We need to hit them before they hit us.”

“That army was sent to protect us.” Biting your lip, you gripped your gun harder. This was becoming more and more difficult by the minute and even if you knew you were doing the right thing, you felt like you were betraying Bellamy.

“Do we have a problem?” Pike asked, and you glared at him. Stepping out from behind Lincoln, you made your presence known to Bellamy and for a split second you could see his expression change before it hardened once again.

“No,” Bellamy answered. “I have always done whats best for us. I need you to trust that i’m doing that now.” Bellamy’s eyes flickered to Monroe, nodding her way. “Monroe.” Taking a steady breath, you watched from the corner of her eye as she backed off.


“Sorry, Lincoln.” Turning you shook your head at her, and she only offered an apologetic look. “Sorry Y/N.”

Turning back to Bellamy, you found his eyes on your own and you faltered for a moment. But you knew what he was going to do, and it wasn’t good nor would it benefit anyone. For the first time in a long time you didn’t trust that Bellamy was making the right decision, and rather the opposite. “Y/N, trust me.”

“This is the first time I don’t trust you.”

“You too, Lincoln.” Pike started, stepping forward. “You wanna prove your one of us, let us pass.”

“You think you’re right,” you started, shaking your head in disappointment. “But you’re wrong. Bellamy, don’t do this.”

“I’m not moving.” Lincoln said.

The boy from before, who’d thrown the rock at Lincoln stepped forward, gun raised threateningly. Hesitating, you tightened your grip on your gun, raising it slightly as the man walked forward. “Get out of the way, grounder.” Jumping, Lincoln grabbed the edge of the gun and yanked it back, smacking the boy in the head. In one fast movement, Lincoln had the boy in his hands and a knife against his throat.

The crowd in front of you raised their guns, and you were quick to follow suit. Watching for anyone headed both yours and Lincoln’s way. 

“Guns down!” Bellamy ordered, “guns down!”

“Do what he says now.”

Everyone listened, lowering their gun but you kept yours up. What Lincoln did only made them more hostile towards him, and you weren’t going to let him get hurt. The boy in his arms struggled, but you paid no mind to it. 

“So much for the good grounder.”

“Quiet Hannah.”

“Whose people are you defending here, Lincoln?” Pike asked, and you stepped forward, shaking your head. “Our people.” You spat, “he’s defending our people.”

“Lincoln put the knife down.” Bellamy started, his gaze falling on your gun. “Y/N, put your gun down. We don’t want anyone to get hurt here.”

“Can’t let you start a war.” Lincoln revolted.

“We’re already at war.”

“You can’t stop this.” Bellamy shook his head, slowly stepping towards you. You shook your head, pleading for him with your eyes to just stop this. You really couldn’t believe that Bellamy thought this was the right thing to do. Start a war with the grounders. 

Just as Bellamy neared you, the P.A. dinged on, signalling all personal to report to the main gate. Shaking your head at Bellamy, you looked up at him, “please.” You begged. “Don’t do this.” Octavia stormed by you, falling next to Lincoln as she stared at her brother in bewilderment.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

Main personal walked through the crowd, your father in the middle. Lowering your gun slightly, you backed off. It was good that Marcus had arrived, he would be able to handle this situation much better than just you or Lincoln could. Farm station, upon Pike’s command, dropped their guns on the ground as Marcus stepped in front of the crowd.

“Lincoln, it’s okay. Let him go.” Marcus ordered, “Y/N, lower your gun. It’s fine now.” You immediately obeyed your father’s command, dropping your gun to your side where it usually rested. Lincoln followed suit, letting the boy go, as he scrambled back to the rest.

Abby appeared and you let out a breath of relief. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“What you didn’t have the guts to do.”

Watching your father carefully, you found him make his way over to Bellamy. “Did you arm these people?” Bellamy said nothing, only slowly nodded his head. You sighed, knowing that this wouldn’t end well. Your mind was still baffled that Bellamy would do this, it was like he was a completely different person.

“Guards, take them to lock-up now.” The guards scrambled around, locking all those who had committed the treachery in handcuffs. Pike and Bellamy also fell in that category and when Bellamy’s gaze fell on you, you only looked to the ground in shame, unsure of what to do. “Everybody, back to your quarters. It’s over.”

“Nothing is over.” Pike yelled as the guards dragged him, effectively stopping their movements. “We are surrounded by warriors who want us dead-”

“That’s enough!”

“No.” Pike shook his head; “it isn’t. Not even close. Why don’t you show us all, what you let the grounders do to you yesterday? Or how they beat up your daughter?” Gazes fell on you and your father, specifically you found Bellamy’s on you. And self-consciously, your hand found the bruise on your cheek, covering it from view.

“Come on Kane. I think that the people who are about to vote for you have a right to know.”

Looking back at you, you waited for your father to comply. Though when he did, you certainly didn’t expect to find a burnt symbol on his arm. Your hand flew to your mouth in shock, not expecting such a wound to be there. “It’s the mark of the Commanders coalition.” Marcus explained, nodding at you. Slowly, you let your hand fall, nodding back. “It means, we are the thirteenth clan.”

“No, it’s what farmers used to do to their life stock.”

“Right before the slaughterhouse.” Screams of agreement echoed and you shook your head, this was bad. Everything was going wrong. And when things went wrong someone payed the price for it.

“Pike for chancellor!” Your mouth opened in shock, turning around in the direction of the voice. They couldn’t be serious.

“Sir, you should be on the ballot tomorrow.”

“That’s enough,” Abby interrupted, stepping forward. “Take him away.”

“Pike!” Bellamy chanted and your gaze fell on him. Eyes wide, your head jutted backwards in surprised. What was he doing? “Pike! Pike!” Everyone followed him, chanting Pike’s name and you shook your head. 

“You can’t be serious.”

(A lot of people have been liking that last piece of that little emotional storyline, not sure if that means they enjoyed it, or are happy it’s over? Either way, time to bury it under lots of other content amirite?

Part of me is really curious what all you guys thought/felt about this little saga but most of me doesn’t actually want to know… Some mysteries are better left unsolved, maybe. Since regardless of how you guys feel I already made all the decisions! I guess just like any other plot thread written by anyone in history, I can only hope you guys are picking up what I’m putting down.

Still, the response wasn’t really what I expected! But that’s not a bad thing. In my fandom experience a little inkling of romance is enough to get people riled up, for better or worse, I thought this would be kind of a bomb drop. I always get worried when romance, in any capacity, enters into something that it will overtake the other themes, so I’m glad people didn’t freak out!

Like I said, the saga is over for now, so I’m glad people aren’t too curious for their own good… There is a stopper in place. Like if there were questions pouring in, I would be happy you guys were interested, but I wouldn’t answer them either! So I like that you guys are giving it space. But I did want to put it out there, at least, in a way. And I’m glad I did. Even if I can’t actually tell whether people were more amused than not. @u@;;