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At Annie’s, after coming out to the crew...

Bitty: Wait, you guys all knew? How?

Shitty: Well, Jack’s crush on you was pretty obvious.

Jack: What

Holster: You were not subtle about it, bro.

Ransom: The looks, the coffee dates, the smiles-


Holster: OMG you can’t forget the pictures- His whole photography final was a shrine to Bitty!

Ransom: Kinda sad, but in a cute way?

Jack: …

Bitty: …He was obvious? I never noticed! What about my crush on Jack, did y’all see it coming miles away too?

(They all look at each other)

Shitty: …no? Not really? We all thought Jack was pining after you…

Ransom: We were preparing a Captain’s talk about not leading him on, he was having a hard enough time on the NHL…

Bitty: But- I was being SO obvious! I did all that too, the looks and the smiles and- and- and I was being super nice to Jack, feeding him pies and stuff!

Shitty: Bits, my dude. You do that with everybody.

Lardo: We were kinda surprised he managed to land you.

Ransom: You’re so out of his league.

Jack: They’re kinda right.

FIC REC DAY! 10/21/17

It’s fic rec Satur-YAY! Here are a list of some fics I’ve read this last week that I thought were awesome! Send me in any fics you have or read and I’ll check them out for next weeks fic rec :)

“Halloween Maze Race” by @make-me-imagine : I loved reading every little part of this. I thought Theo was perfect in here and how sweet he was with the reader, it was so cute! I liked the whole concept of this fic! 😌

“A Late Breakfast” by @spooked-bean : okay, this fic was everything. I loved reading it from beginning to end, it was so cute and so fluffy and just all around amazing! 🤗

“More Than This” by @honeymoonmuke : this was so freaking cute and just wow! I loved the whole storyline and just how fluffy everything was! Definitely a 10/10 would recommend and just 👏🏽👏🏽

“Warriors” by @susybird : so you guys already know how much I love Susy and how talented of a writer she is, but I got to proofread to read part two of this and it was amazing! I loved the whole gun scene and the fact that Astrid is more than just a bad ass agent but also she’s just like any other person going through some things also. You guys will love this series so far and if you haven’t read any of her other stories, I highly recommend it😇

“Cariño” by @golddaggers : wow wow wow, this was S T E A M Y and I N T E N S E! Also, Dylan speaking Spanish? Yes please😍 I loved this and the smut scene(s) were also very well written out and I feel like I need to go drink a glass of water or something but definitely a huge thumbs up!

“Imposter” by @fillthevoid-stilinski : even though this was short, I really really liked it! And I thought it was tied up pretty well at the end and the way she portrayed Stiles is so spot on. And the fact the reader dressed up like him, like who wouldn’t want to be him for Halloween? 😂 anyways, the fluff was there and the details she put in were done really well too😇

“Hold On” by once again @susybird : guys, I don’t I’ve ever cried so hard reading a fic before. This was such an outstanding fic and I cried like a little baby. I strongly recommend this fic because omg just..please go read it 🤗

“The Bluff” by @wittystiles : this was amazing, along with part one as well. I loved every single bit and it had so much detail, I could picture everything that was going on in my head. I cannot wait for the next part and if you haven’t read part one or two yet, please do because you will regret not starting this series😬

“Too Good at Goodbyes” by @sincerelystiles : this was so so good and the way she ended it makes me want to read more! Even though it was just a prologue, there was a lot of info and very mysterious but I loved it! Great job soph 😁

“The Preacher’s Daughter” by @minhosmeanhoe : Okay I’m such a bad friend because I had no idea Camile wrote this bc I read it such a long time ago but holy shit, hands down one of the best series I’ve ever read in my entire life, not even joking. She wrote this soo well and the smut scenes are just too much for my pure soul but I love it! Camile, this was amazing ☺️

“Sex Deprived” by @obrosey-af : So I decided to go back and read some old stuff and this one was definitely the top of my list to read. I mean, sexually frustrated Stiles? Yes please. Plus smut? Yes please times two! My BBF is such a talented writer and this fic was so fucking amazing, just like her so a definite recommend 😋

Kara reaction to you saying I love you

BM // Matthew:

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Daddy matt Kim Matthew would be a cute little squishy mess. He  would be kind of shocked for about a second, but when he let it sink in he would shower your face with kisses while repeating that he loves you as well.

J.esph // Taehyeong:

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[Please ignore miss jiwoo] J.esph, like usual, would be a loud mess. He wouldn’t be as shocked as Matthew was, because you and him had this relationship where you guys would always joke and say that you loved each other. But when you said I love you, and he told him you were deadass. He would kiss you way hard and say I love you too 


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She would be the most cutest bunny ever omg. She would be so giggle and cute. She would also be blushing like crazy, because the love of her life said that they loved her back. It would be a magical moment for her


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Ignore my boy matt

She highkey thought you were joking. No, like serious she thought you were playing with her feelings once again. But once you said I love you seriously best believe she would hop on your dick/pussy Shower you with kisses and huggles and just so cute odjeiuwbdsjhcbdvjcv cbfeyufwegfuye

                             Request are open~


“ She had her hair up in ponytail, exposing a delicate neck. I wanted to bite it. Than lick it to make it better. Than suck on it…hard. Just so she would know how hungry I was. …I will bruise your lips, and scar your knees and love you too hard. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave, you will finally understand why storms are named after people. “

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Hi Shy anon here ><, Can i request a fluffy Wonwoo asking you out on a date?

Hi there, I really hope you enjoy this! We are trying to post more often these days but if we don’t please be patient we are working through all the requests! Requests are always open please feel free to send in your requests! Everything is welcomed! 

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Jeon Wonwoo, your childhood friend but also known as a member of a popular k-pop group called Seventeen. Everyone around you was envious of your close friendship with Wonwoo and they all want to be in your position, which you don’t blame them for because he is quite sweet and attractive at times. But because of this friendship, you have also gotten hurt and a few death threat simply because you didn’t want to give the crazy fangirls his number. Although you knew he wouldn’t be happy if he found out that you’ve been threatened but you want to do the least for him and protect his privacy being his childhood friend.

WW: Where are you?

Y/N: I’m at uni, whys that?

WW: I just came back from tour, do you want to meet?

Y/N: Um yeah sure, meet where though?

WW: I’ll come to uni and pick you up?

Y/N: Are you sure? We can meet somewhere if you want!

WW:Yeah I’m sure, I’ll come now so come straight after class okay? I’ve got something to tell you!

Y/N: Okay sure, is it something serious?

WW: In a way… I just need to get your opinion on it!

Y/N: Okie dok see you soon! Better have my present ready

WW: Never forgotten! Bye~

You read the last text and smiled to yourself, you were half worried and half excited since you haven’t seen him after he left for tour three months ago. “Lucky I dressed nicely today” You thought to yourself.

The lecture finished, as soon as it ended you rushed to the toilet to fix your hair, makeup and outfit, for some strange reason you wanted to impress Wonwoo today. And for some strange reason he felt a bit off today. Although you were worried but you didn’t want to think too much about it. After fixing yourself up, you ran down and saw Wonwoo’s car parked right up the front, he was leaning against the car waiting for you. You stopped and stared at him, he was looking exceptionally good today, he was wearing an oversized white shirt, ripped jeans, the way he dressed made your heart skip a beat. You held your hand against your chest trying to calm yourself down before approaching him.

“Hey! Long time no see!” You greet him with a big smile on your face. “Hi” Wonwoo replied looking shy. It was weird… they way Wonwoo acted. He usually greets you with either a big hug or a headlock, that was what you were use to but today he was SHY. You poked his arm and whispered “Can we get in the car now? Theres like 5 girls staring at you and it makes me feel uncomfortable” Wonwoo turned his head to see 5 girls looking in your direction and taking photos. He quickly walked you to passenger side to open the door for you. His action was so gentlemen, unlike the Wonwoo you remembered three months ago. He walked around the car and jumped in.

There were no conversation during the ride, he was so quiet and it was freaking you out inside, he usually be brags about his trip and tells you all the stupid things his members did during tour but today his eyes was focused on the road and he didn’t make any eye contact with you.

“Wonwoo, is something wrong?” You finally broke the silence. You waited a little while for him to respond. “Oh…no… um… I was just thinking” Wonwoo stuttered. “About what? You’ve been acting so weird and it’s freaking me out” You let out a sigh after confessing your feeling. “I’m sorry if I’m freaking you out…” He says as he parked the car next to a park. “Do you remember this place?” You looked out the car and instantly recognises the park. “Omg! This place~ I’ve missed this place so much, I still remember the times when you and me would play here, tag… hide and seek…and you even asked me to marry you here” The memories you shared with Wonwoo came flying back to your head. “Yeah, I remember too.” Wonwoo smiled at your excitement and said. “Why are we here?” you questioned him looking puzzled. “Well… I just thought it would be a nice place… a nice place for us… -sigh- Y/N, I know this might be very sudden, but will you be my girlfriend?” The words left Wonwoo’s mouth and hit you. You froze for a long time before questioning him “What? Are you kidding? Wait, are you serious?”

Wonwoo took your hand in his and placed it on his chest. “Y/N, I am very serious right now. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you in these three months, I finally realised that feeling I get whenever I’m with you is a sign of love, I’m so sorry I realised so late… I really hope you feel the same way about me” His heart was pounding hard against his chest and you can certainly feel it. You missed Wonwoo too, you didn’t expect this sudden confession but his words were real, you could tell by the way he looked at you. He must have thought about this for a long time as he isn’t someone to do things before thinking twice about it. “Wonwoo… I missed you too, I’ve been feeling the same recently. Whenever you come close to me… my heart skips a beat, even the thought of seeing you freaks me out. Of course i’ll be your girlfriend” Wonwoo’s eyes were mist, yours were too. “Omg Y/N!!! Thank you so much, I really love you, and I will make sure you are treated like a princess every single day” He reached to you and pulled you closer to him and kissed you, this was the first time you felt so safe and secure. You wrapped your arms around his neck and deepens the kiss.

Moments later, you pulled away and slapped Wonwoo “Yah, I totally forgot… we just started dating, how dare you kiss me this fast?” you joked with him and Wonwoo laughed before replying “We’ve spent enough time as childhood friends together, and we pretty much know everything about each other so why waste time? We can just skip those unless crap.” Wonwoo leaned in for another kiss which you grant him since you can never resist this man.

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you saying baku's laugh is loud and explosive.... MY HEART IM WEAK TO MY KNEES

I can’t imagine him openly and genuinely laughing in any other way, anon! He’s a boy that demands attention in everything he does haha

Anon said: Do you think if Tamaki ate enough butterflies he could turn himself into a fairy basically?

You mean if he could grow butterfly wings, right? I think he’d only need to eat one tbh!

Anon said: what do you think bout the delinquent kirishima theory

Hmmmmmmmmmmm I like how it’s written out and the general idea behind it isn’t too baseless, and given how everyone who’s got a past in bnha has a sad past one way or another I wouldn’t be too surprised if it were true, but whether or not I think it’s true I still can’t say… might be, might not, I’d prefer it if it weren’t but who knows!

Anon said: what are ur thoughts/beliefs on who the traitor might be? student or teacher? also, ur art is hella cute. u have blessed my life. bless ur soul. the way u draw kirishima and his stupid face is killin me slowly, too precious.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I guess I still haven’t changed my mind about it being Tsukauchi  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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good-enough-for-me said: What did @checkersandbalances​ do to make you like Stuart even more? ;)


WHAT DIDN’T SHE DO. omg. ahem. I first watched Queer as Folk UK in college and adored it, I’ve shouted “Vince is my favorite” from every hilltop (I’m dramatic that way) but I didn’t feel any need to do deep analysis and hadn’t thought about it too much since then.


And then I SOMEHOW drew checkersandbalances down the rabbit hole with me. We’d met as Sherlock fans, so I knew hard-core obsession (and long-winded meta!) was in our nature. But a funny thing happened: as much as I shouted about Vince, as loudly as I wanted to sympathize with every one of his bad choices, as much as my heart went to him…checkersandbalances felt the same way about Stuart.



Like, I hope you all have the life-changing experience of having a fellow friend/fan love another character in your favorite show as much as you love your fave in that show. Suddenly we started getting into fights about Stuart’s motivations; checkersandbalances was usually right. And suddenly Stuart moments that were mildly humorous to me became outright hilarious. And suddenly, inspired by about a trillion capslock texts, I started writing meta. So here’s a rundown of what I gained, complete with some links to the meta it inspired.


Stuart’s A Good Man:


Okay, so obviously I KNEW Stuart is a good person, or I’d never have shipped him with my baby AKA Vince (and I ship them SO HARD). But. Like. I sent checkersandbalances a LOT of texts early on that implied Stuart is incredibly selfish. Or rather, she’d be like, “Stuart’s got good intentions here” and I’d text back “YOU SURE??? PROVE IT” but probably more subtly because I knew she loved Stuart. Here’s the thing: she was right, every time. Some key moments when I underestimated Stuart:





I saw this through Vince’s eyes the first few viewings. I thought Stuart was saying rude things about Phil because Stuart likes bragging that much. Um. Nope. Wrong. Stuart is trying to distance himself and Vince from Phil as much as possible, to reassure himself that they’ll never die in the way Phil did. Turns out its a valid fear. Vince assumes Stuart’s story means he’d sleep with anyone besides Vince–but Stuart’s trying to show that he sets Vince apart. (Also, that time Stuart calls Vince good-looking? Not a joke.)




In episode 5, Vince goes on his first date with Cameron and comes back mad that Cameron didn’t try to sleep with him on date one. It’s how we get Stuart’s AMAZING line, “Vince, is it so hard to believe that someone fancies you?” (YES, YES IT IS STUART, WHICH IS WHY VINCE PICKS UP NONE OF YOUR SIGNALS IN SEASON TWO EVEN WHEN ONE OF YOUR SIGNALS IS INVITING VINCE TO A THREESOME, omg.) Vince picks up a meaningless (and awful!) shag rather than deal with his self-steem issues, and we see Stuart watching Vince, upset. This moment (and Stuart trying to convince Vince he’s good looking post-funeral last episode) is HUGE because it lays the groundwork for Vince’s bday in e7, where Stuart tries to manipulate Vince to leave him because he believes it will be better for Vince’s self-esteem. I don’t even remember what I thought the first time I watched the e5 scene, because it was so clearly wrong that I don’t even have space in my head for it now that I understand what is actually happening and how important it is.




Unfortunately, I do remember my first impression of this scene. The s1e8 “Good Enough for Me” scene is probably my favorite scene EVER, and I knew that Stuart was demonstrating his love for Vince by naming all the Doctor Who actors. But I thought,for sure, that Stuart believed Vince’s world was too small for Stuart’s goals. He tries to run off to London at the end of the show, after all!  When Vince is like “please get lunch with me again” and Stuart turns him down with that conflicted look, I thought that was a SURE sign Stuart was trying to discourage Vince’s romantic attraction because Stuart couldn’t return it. But, um. NOPE. Please enjoy/feel your heart break at this original script excerpt:



“IF IT GOES ANY FURTHER, HE’LL PULL VINCE TO HIS SIDE,” the script says, and Stuart thinks this BEFORE he tells Vince that Vince doesn’t fit in his world. So OF COURSE Stuart still wants to include Vince–he just thinks that if he doesn’t distance himself from Vince now, Vince will never find his self-esteem and flourish on his own. (As if Stuart would EVER be upset that Vince follows him around, blatantly in love. Stuart doesn’t want Vince to lie to people and say they’re dating (see: s2 wedding episode) but boy does he sure enjoy kissing and slow-dancing with Vince about 5 seconds later in that same scene.)




Like, obviously I spotted Stuart’s breakdown during his fight with Vince (Adian Gillen, way to be the Best Actor Ever, damn) but I had failed to appreciate a whole bunch of moments where Stuart is struggling so much in s2 with his feelings around Vince, and how to stay friends/something more with Vince. There are a lot (here are more) but I’d like to take this particular opportunity to remind you that Stuart hoped Vince would join him on a balcony at a wedding in the evening while a romantic song played in the background. (Also, that the music that plays, encapsulating Stuart’s emotions, is a love song about how madly in love with someone the singer is, even though it’s a difficult feeling. And that right after the song ends Stuart asks Vince to slow-dance with him for the first time ever; WHAT A GREAT SEQUENCE.)




If his utter enchantment with Vince’s Doctor Who obsession isn’t enough (it’s enough! it’s so good!!), please recall in s2 when he welcomes the police into his apartment and goes through his  cabinet of, like, every issue of Attitude and Gay magazine ever published to pull out some magazines for his coffee table. Like, I get that he was performing his sexuality to make him seem more innocent to the police, or whatever. That doesn’t negate the fact that he has a perfectly curated cabinet of every issue of attitude and gay magazine he’s ever received. You know he started that collection the moment they started publishing Gay Times in 1984, right? It’s my headcanon that Stuart is an expert on queer history, he cares about this stuff SO MUCH, and no one can convince me otherwise.



Stuart’s Unintentionally Hilarious


Once you understand that Stuart’s motivations come from a good, flawed, even awkward place (because he’s in an emotional place of rapid growth around his relationship with Vince) the experience of being a Stuart fan becomes a lot of more fun. Because, um, those who don’t yet grasp his emotions kinda think he’s like Satan? (Not my language!) And that’s delightful in part because Stuart would love being seen as all-powerful SO. MUCH.


tl;dr: I loved this show a lot, but @checkersandbalances made me love it 1000x more because now I better understand her fave, Stuart Alan Jones.

[even more QAF UK meta]

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For a clayxtony prompt, I LIVE for protective! Tony so maybe something where someone is giving Clay a hard time so Tony handles it?

I love the idea of protective!tony too omg


Clay Jenson was strange. This wasn’t exactly anything new to anyone that knew him but it depended what you defined strange as. Most people in the school defined him as strange due to his social awkwardness and ability to say some really deep shit at totally random times. His parents called him strange during few conversation but the hint of fondness was enough to excuse the “accusation”. Tony thought Clay was strange in a way that made his stomach churn and heart beat faster. Clay was strange to him as was every feeling the aforementioned boy sent Tony’s way (without completely knowing of course).

So when Clay did one of his trademark “strange” things like write down the pros and cons of every Star Wars movie or like when he only watched movies if he had popcorn, Tony just watched him do it (and of course grinned at the total adorable actions of the one and only Clay Jenson). Until Clay began acting a little stranger than usual.

Tony tended to kick into over protective mode when it came to Clay, everything that happened and such was enough to occupy at least half of Tony’s worries. They had been healing however, never forgotten the events of Hannah but they were like scars now, not tugging at the skin every single minute. But when Clay started acting different, those scars tended to sting a little and Tony just sort of lost himself a bit in the pain.


“I’m fine, honestly,” Clay mumbled, head leaning against the car window as he inhaled deeply (his heart fluttering at the smell of Tony’s car.) Tony shuffled in his seat, hand sliding round his wheel as he glanced over to the boy sitting in his passengers seat. Clay had been quiet all day, not answering most of Tony’s texts until they started to get desperate. Tony tried to tell himself it was because Clay was at college now, he was busy but he actually knew when Clay was free during the day.

Which led to Clay walking out of college to go get coffee and seeing a familiar (and favourite) car waiting for him out front. There was no greeting when Clay slipped into the passengers side, he just silently accepted the fact that Tony was going to start losing his shit (he knew that when he didn’t answer his texts).

“So how are you recovering from the fight?” Tony looked over at him, his voice casual. Clay furrowed his eyebrows, looking confused yet slightly scared as he shifted in his seat.

“What fight?” Tony sighed and pulled into his driveway, having already decided he wasn’t going to let Clay go home tonight. He switched the engine off but kept his hands on the wheel, knuckles tightening then releasing.

“Well the fight we’ve clearly had. I must have done something bad for you to ignore me.”

There was a pause before Clay groaned, opening the car door and heading up to Tonys front door. The shorter boy caught up with him after a few moments, pulling out his keys and sticking them in the lock.

“Family not home?” Tony shook his head, flipping a switch for the light and chucking his shoes to one side. Clay watched him as he slid his leather jacket off, the action always enough to send a slight jolt through him. He slipped off his shoes and kicked them over so they were next to the other boys boots then went and sat on the sofa, head leaning back into the soft fabric.

The sofa dipped next to him as Tony took a seat, keeping a slight distance between them as he tried to assess the tension and exactly what was causing it.

“Clay, I’m really trying not to go into that annoying, over protective thing I do but you’re really making me want to lose my shit right now.” Clay let out a chuckle next to him, shuffling over slightly to lean against his boyfriends side. The other boy let out a sigh at this, turning his head and burying his nose onto fluffy hair.

“It’s nothing. Just some kids at college being assholes, nothing different from the usual.” Clay tried to keep his voice casual but he had been almost desperate to tell Tony, however much he feared the reaction. And he was completely correct to fear the reaction because his boyfriend tensed immediately, fists clenching on his thighs.

“Please don’t make a big thing of this,” Clay whined, “it’s nothing, seriously. They’ve done nothing to hurt me,” he held up his hands as if to prove it. Tony leaned away from him, his eyes darkened as he frowned at Clay.

“You know I can take care of them. I don’t care if it’s your college, I can sort it out for you because you know I won’t put up with it Clay-” Tony was cut off by a soft pair of lips on his, shy as always but warm. He hated the fact that the warmth in his stomach started to fade away as he brought a hand up to Clays face, the other boys hands gripping onto the front of his jumper.

He lived for the moments Clay would initiate something, like it was evidence that Tony wasn’t still that pining kid that wouldn’t leave him alone, that Clay genuinely liked him back. He could feel the boy getting more desperate, and his cheek warming up underneath his hand indicated he was beginning to blush.

Tony brought his other hand up to Clays face and began to gently push the other boy down until he was laying on the cushions, his legs bending up onto the sofa. Tony settled himself between Clays ridiculously long legs, trailing one hand down to his chin to tilt his head back as he broke the kiss and nipped at Clays neck. Clay whimpered, gripping onto Tonys arms and Tony could feel himself losing it, drowning in Clay and totally loving it until Clay let out a shout.

A fully pained shout.

Tony shot backwards from Clay as though he had burned him, terrified that he had lost himself a little too much. Clay immediately sat up and reached for him, reassuring and soft as he gripped onto Tony’s hands.

“Show me your arm Clay.” Clay averted his eyes to his arm, the last place Tony touched up until he shouted out in pain. “Clay don’t make me ask again.” Clay sighed as he held out his arm to Tony who wrapped one hand around his wrist gently and used the other to roll Clays sleeve up his arm.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.”

Clay gulped as Tony got up from the sofa and stormed over to his shoes, yanking them on angrily as he fumbled for his keys. “No Tony don’t, it’s nothing, it doesn’t even hurt!”

“Who are they Clay? Who fucking touched you like that?” Tony was yanking on his jacket, leather groaning at the harsh actions and Clay panicked, throwing himself in front of the door.

“Just not today please? I just want to stay here with you and I’ll tell you everything I swear. Just please don’t kill anyone today, I really don’t need it.” Clay looked at him pleadingly as Tony could feel himself deflate ever so slightly. “Please?”

And so they stayed at Tony’s house and Clay explained how the assholes at his college had grabbed onto him a little harsh, causing the subtle bruise on his arm of a handprint. And Tony sat and listens, seething as he struggled not to punch something and drive over to the little fuckers house and teach them to not touch what didn’t belong to them.

And later that night, as he could feel soft breaths on his chest and fingers dancing across his stomach there was a whisper from Clay which put his plans into place.

“You can go after them if you like. It might help actually.”


The kid was quite thin, gangly almost but muscular, brown hair gelled into an exotic style. He wore tatty trainers and a shirt with a hole in but clearly loved himself enough to think he could manhandle Clay. Tony watched as the kid walked out of school with a group of boys, leaning back against the metal chain fence as he waited for the boy to catch up to him. Just as he reached the school gates Tony grabbed him easily by his collar and slammed him against the metal, sound rippling throughout the court. All eyes diverted to the scene as Tony smirked at the fearful expression.

“You know Clay Jenson?” The boy just nodded rapidly, squirming against the fence. “Well I’ve got a little suggestion for you concerning your future interactions with him.” He placed his face closer to the boys and laughed a little. “If you touch him, look at him, or so much as breath near him I will fucking kill you. Cool?”

The boy nodded and Tony let him go, turning on his heel just as the boy breathed out “told you he was a faggot.” And with that he spun back round and punched him straight across his jawline before bringing his knee and driving it straight into his stomach. He let the boy drop to the ground before walking away, smiling at everyone who was watching.

And yeah Clay Jenson was strange, but if you bothered him for it, his boyfriend would probably kill you.


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 3/9 scenes ~ a dance with dragons, epilogue

“I thought the crossbow fitting. You shared so much with Lord Tywin, why not that? Your niece will think the Tyrells had you murdered, mayhaps with the connivance of the Imp. The Tyrells will suspect her. Someone somewhere will find a way to blame the Dornishmen. Doubt, division, and mistrust will eat the very ground beneath your boy king, whilst Aegon raises his banner above Storm’s End and the lords of the realm gather round him.”




“My father and Lin got along famously” - Tenzin

I friendship Aang and Lin way more than I romantic-ship anything in the avatar series. Way too much considering its absolute lack of screentime. And I love it more as the show goes on and we learn more about their respective families. I’ve also had a lot of Beifong feels lately, with the show focusing so much on them and all (they’re all so awesome omg). So I thought I might write some of this stuff down.

So this post is basically a lot of rambling. Like headcanons mixed with interpretation.

Beifong family trash (version 2.1: three main ladies)

  1. What I got from the show is that Lin tried hard to be the mom in Toph’s place (making sure she went to school, didn’t end up in bad company and just generally watching out for her). Su would resent that at the time: dismiss it as a need for control and attack on her freedom or arrogance on Lin’s part. But later, when she grew-up and realized how much Lin did for her, it would be part of why she was so intent on wanting her back into her life.
  2. Basically, Lin took upon herself the responsibility of looking after Su and essentially being her mother without having none of the power. And the person with the real authority, Toph, undermined her efforts by simply not caring (about Lin’s attempt to restrain Su - ofc she cared about her daughters).
  3. I think Lin was just giving too much of herself in this relationship, but not getting much back. She obviously loved Su very much and wanted the best for her: “You have so much potential” and “What are you doing hanging out with these losers”. Lin despite everything truly thought Su could become great and stood above her current company. That’s recognition. In response Su mocks her and her life-choices. She aggressively and scornfully rejects Lin’s attempt to look out for her, and she also outright refuses to see her as “a real cop” and to give her the respect her status demands (it all comes to a head after she’s caught with the triad ofc - Lin’s authority as an agent of justice is brushed aside like it’s no big deal). Su basically indirectly called Lin a failure - not even a real cop, has no life (Well that’s what she says, I think she's a lot harsher than she means to be and that part of it is just self-defense/defense of her own lifestyle).
  4. Then there’s her relationship with Toph. Toph seems like the kind of mother who would treat her kid as a friend, in a sort of “I respect you but you respect me too, and I’m in charge” deal (cool mom but also clearly the boss if needs be). I think since she was busy a lot and valued independence so much, Lin grew up mostly having to take care of herself, and was treated more like an adult than a child. So when Su came along, Lin naturally took charge of her too. The way I see it, Toph and her would be really close during that period as kind of the two adults in the house and share responsibilities, with Lin being more or less unchallenging. And at first, I imagine the fact that their family was atypical would bring them closer more than anything else.
  5. We know the girls had a bit of a hero-worship going on toward their mother (who wouldn’t, it’s mf Toph Beifong!), and competed for her attention. And like, it’s not that I think Toph is unable to give praise, or that she never did (heck she was praising Aang all the time). But it does seem like her praise would have to be earned, and might also have been lost in her easy sarcasm and own self-aggrandizing. I can imagine Toph being like “Yeah of course you can do this you’re my daughter” instead of just “Wow you can do this you’re amazing”. I don’t think she would have been much more generous with her daughters than she was with Korra (In the contrary really like “my girls never really picked up metalbending all that well” right).
  6. So I think there’s a point where Lin and Toph’s personalities would begin to clash. They have very different worldviews, personalities and values, and Lin inherited her mother’s stubbornness if nothing else. I think there would come a time when she would start to see her flaws with regards to her parenting method towards Su (see point 2. - she really didn’t seem impressed with her in ep 3.06), and also w/ her constant boasting. That and she’d start feeling seriously undervalued by her family for all she’s done. So it would be a mix between frustration building-up on one hand but also really wanting recognition from her on the other.
  7. Then there’s the whole Su affair. Toph basically punched right through both Lin’s moral compass and her feelings with this one, by taking Su’s side over hers and not arresting her (also completely ignoring the fact Su assaulted her as a police officer). We don’t know what happened exactly with the cover-up but it must have been nasty business and Lin was involved against her will, right at the start of her career.
  8. Then Toph gave-up her position as chief of police. Over something Su did. It’s funny because that way, she also cut out a great percentage of the time she must have used to spend with Lin, like a whole dimension of their relationship, as chief and officer. The part of their life that they shared but Su didn’t. And it’s funny because the reason Lin wanted to be a cop in the first place was to follow in her mother’s footstep, to earn her respect but also I think to be more like her. When you think about it, the cop-part of Toph (protector of the city, the bad guy’s nightmare) must have been the part of Toph that she really looked-up to, the one that most aligned with her own personality (it’s also an attainable objective - not as far-away, unreachable and suffocating as her world savior reputation might have seemed for her first-born child). I just think Lin would have been super-proud of her mother’s job. Well, and then Toph botched it by poisoning both of their careers with corruption right before resigning.
  9. IIRC, the show doesn’t actually say if Lin and Toph kept in touch or not? It’s definitely implied they didn’t stay close.
  10. It’s interesting how things turned out. Su implied Lin didn’t have much of a social life outside of her job, so this means she really stayed within Toph’s circles both family/friends wise and professional. Add to that the fact that she was responsible and did her best to share the responsibilities, and you’d think her relationship with Toph would have been more of a partnership both at work and at home, while Suyin as the rebel and the baby of the family couldn’t have been part of this shared culture. Usually with this set-up, the parent would have a closer relationship with the kid that shares their passion and follow in their footstep, kinda like Aang with Tenzin. But when Su talked about how they competed for Toph’s attention, she doesn’t seem to feel like she had been at a disadvantage. Lin clearly states that despite what she hoped her becoming a cop didn’t make her mother happy.

Aang and Lin friendshipping nonsense

  1. Aang is the Avatar. I just love the idea that the most important person and greatest bender in the world thought she was great. We know Aang is generous with his praise, so I think he would let her know, and he might be the one person who’s more acclaimed worldwide and in Republic City than Toph. So for Lin who’s grown-up in her shadow and found herself lacking by comparison, who was so hungry for her praise, I just think it must have meant a lotI like to think that she got this validation not just from an adult but from this adult.
  2. Aang, like Toph, can also be a bit of a show-off from times to times, but he displays his confidence in a much more subdued way that I don’t think would suffocate her at all. It’s usually all in a fun spirit and engaging, and he’d mean it as encouragement to love and value herself.
  3. I think Lin, like Tenzin, would have been the kind of serious child who prefers the company of adults rather than kids their age. And I don’t think Aang would look down on children. He’s always been able to interact with different people on their own level. I’m sure there would be some light-heartedness and easy affection to their interaction but also a good dose of maturity, and Lin would have enjoyed (and needed) both. Anyway, we do know from the show Lin found him sweet, which is cute.
  4. For both of them, it would be a relationship free of the baggage they carry with their other family members (his children/her mother and sister). While of course I do think Aang loved his kids very much and vice-versa, and I’m sure they had lots of good times and cheesy moments, etc…, they were just put in an extremely difficult situation to navigate on several levels - as the sole survivor of genocide and his heirs, as the Avatar and his children, as a worldwide celebrated war hero and his legacy. Their relationship seems to have been so full with a lot of complex feelings and misunderstandings, sometimes kinda strained in Kya’s case or too intense in Tenzin’s. So I think he would have really appreciated being able to just have a nice time with a kid/teenager/young adult/whatever that was close to him, but not so close as to share all of his issues.
  5. Time wouldn’t really matter in this situation, since there were no expectations to fill to begin with, and you can be incredibly close with someone you see very little - not even once a year, speaking from experience (and I think they must have seen each other pretty regularly actually).
  6. I really wonder how being fatherless really affected Lin (like Su sure believes it was really significant but what about Lin?). I don’t think she was necessarily out looking for surrogates (perhaps she was idk), but I do think she felt it anyway because Toph was always so busy and relaxed in her parenting and she had to step up and be an adult. I think basically it would make her appreciate the other adults in her life more, Katara, Aang and Sokka if he was there (it is implied he went back to the Southern Water Tribe at some point after the Yakone affair?). (I actually have loads of Katara/Sokka/Lin headcanons too) (I have headcanons about basically everyone with everyone I swear)
  7. Aang would have loved Lin not just because she was Toph’s daughter, but for herself also. She shares a lot of good qualities with Katara, after all: the sense of responsibility, maturity, and capacity for hard-work (new generation airbender’s white knight basically), and I feel like Aang would admire those even more because they came so hard to him.
  8. I think it’d make sense for Lin to have spent a lot of time on Air Temple Island her whole life up until the Linzin break-up. When she was little because her mother was busy a lot of the time, it was a safe place to stay and she had a friend the same age as herself there, and when she grew-up because her boyfriend lived there. These folk were basically family twice over, through the Kataang and Toph friendship and through her own relation with Tenzin.
  9. People pointed out how airbend-y Lin’s bending can be sometime. She probably trained with Tenzin and Aang from time to time (she’s his most likely sparing partner anyway).
  10. So there’s plenty of ground there for a relationship to flourish, particularly since they were both so close to Tenzin. Like he was essentially her father-in-law?
  11. I feel like Lin, as a cop and later as chief of police, and as someone with a strong sense of duty who also had a hard time balancing her personal life with her obligations, would have been able to understand and sympathize with him a lot better than Kya or Bumi ever could. Basically I think there was plenty of mutual respect here from the start, and even more so after she grew-up. Particularly as I imagine they must have worked together from time to time due to their respective jobs in Republic City (or just interacted with each other in a work-related domain).

(not really ordered despite the numbers bcs that cloud of ideas in my head makes a lot of sense to me but usually doesn’t want to translate to written form with any sort of coherence, sorry I try)

(My favorite thing about all of this is just how much more bitter it makes the Linzin break-up for Lin)

(Edited ‘cause I forgot to add point 9)

not-enough-kaneki  asked:

So I have very strong belief that many artists draw faces with a resemblance to themselves. Like I tend to draw noses in a way that sorta resemble mine, and a lot of female chars end up with curves because (I mean, yes plz) I'm kinda curvy. I happened to notice that you kinda do that, too. Drawing character to resemble yourself, I mean. It's a subconscious thing, I think. But a lot of your drawings have smiles like yours. I thought that was really cool, and kinda adorable.

I??? Omg??? This is literally so sweet and like one of the best things I’ve ever received I’m smiling so hard friend and like tearing UP YOU’RE SO SWEET AWWWWW(*´∀`*) ❤❤❤❤❤❤

anonymous asked:

Okay, this is going to be a bit longer so this is just part 1/?? but honestly, this was too funny not to share. So, at the moment I'm taking a course at uni which focuses on body language and microexpressions. We're using mostly Paul Ekman's studies and methods, just in case someone wants to look that shit up, because it's super interesting. Anyway, our tutor is an ex-profiler whose job used to be to watch suspects during interrogations and figure out if they were lying or (1)

if their body language gave away their emotions/motivations etc. Sometimes, as like a sort of warm up, he makes us bring clips of mostly politicians or celebrities during interviews and then wants us to examine their reactions to some questions, or their general body language during an interview, which is tons of fun, by the way, because most of them are terrible liars. (2)

so i saw my opportunity and brought the clip of Danielle and the awful Freddie/Louis/Briana interview, because from a body language expert’s perspective, it’s hilarious. So we played it and then my coach just laughed and said “Oh my, who’s that poor young lady?” And we spent like thirty minutes discussing her behaviour and how WRONG it is. Like nothing adds up. (3)

My coach said that her answers were probably prepared and carefully chosen in advance, yet she still struggled and repeated her words. She’s so clearly uncomfortable and doesn’t believe her own words, she’s actually shaking her head sometimes and it’s so SO funny because she tries way too hard to come off as natural. So yeah, that happened the other day during my summer course. Just wanted to share because I thought it was funny. Have a nice day xxxxx

that’s sooo funny omg. and that class sounds like a lot of fun :o

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Hi! I love your blog so much, i spent ages going through it aha xD can you please do a reaction where bts are like in an interview or filming something and their gf (you) keeps sending them naughty pictures/texts? Thank you! <3


Yoooo, hi there! Thank you so much for reading our stuff, I love you ;-; <3 Here is the reaction~ I’m sorry if it took too long >,<

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