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Oh hello, I want to buy a tablet and I never had one before. So may I ask for cheap and begginer tablet recommendations?

If this is your first time getting a tablet and havnt done digital art yet i suggest getting a small tablet, because u never know if ud like it or not❤

(_´ω`), i still use my beginners tablet 

This is my tablet, ita wacom intous small, and that how big it is compared to an A4 paper,  when i first got it i thought it was very small, but it does the job well

ive had it for almost 2 years and i havnt had many problems with it (´∀`)♡ Except for the pressure that dies every now and then, but its easy to fix 

It works really well and the pressure sensitivity is great❤ It was 110$ i definitely recommend it for starters, (do note the cable is very short and that could be a problem) 

❤ this is my friends tablet

She has a wacom intous photo pen and touch, and that how big it is on an A4 paper, she says its a great tabler and the only problem shes had was the driver installation but its easy to fix 

Its her first tablet  (wich costs 160$ )and she definitely recommends it for starters ❤❤

I haven’t had experience with another brand out side of wacom, so i suggest u do some research before u buy a nother branded tablet (´∀`)♡ 

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Nothing specific but can I just get a handful of Chris headcanons? Like whatever ones you'd want to share.

Okay let’s fucking do this

  • Chris doesn’t know who his dad is. His parents never married and whether or not his father even knows he exists is up for debate
  • Chris nearly had a helper as a kid because the teachers thought he wasn’t developing enough socially with the other kids. He struggled talking to other kids and liked to be alone a lot, but he eventually caught up on his own
  • Chris is a lightweight, and passes out pretty fast at parties
  • He’s hella Bi but it took him a bit to figure it out. At first he was like “wtf why am i thinking about guys in that way,” then it just became a normal thing.
  • He’s the most pretentious asshole ever. He’s the kinda guy that would sneer if he told you that you had an Apple product or like Star Trek more than Star Wars. You know, like every pretentious nerd.
  • He’s a giant atheist and loves letting you know it. Like you know those people who make everything about their religions, he’s that but for his religion of literally nothing
  • His mom and Jess’s dad started dating when they were young and eventually got married. Chris had to move in with Jess and they’ve hated each other ever since.
  • He’s double jointed
  • He’s also a giant pothead, though nowhere near as bad as Josh and Ashley.

Namjoon stealing ur fries. U whine for them back and he agrees, but only if u kiss him.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: I lo-
  • Anyone around me: yes, you love Daisy Johnson, we know, you love Daisy Johnson so much, she's the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Daisy Johnson, we KNOW, you love Daisy Johnson you fucking love Daisy Johnson ok we know, we get it YOU LOVE DAISY JOHNSON. WE GET IT.
Grand Theft Auto

Pairing: Pietro x Reader
Plot: Pietro involves you in his plan to take Tony’s favorite car for a joyride and things get heated
Warnings: Smut, Pietro behind the wheel of a car, cursing
Notes: Wow look at this fancy new format I’ve got here. I’m so sorry I posted three things and then disappeared, I have depression and ADHD and wasn’t motivated to write at all, but I made myself write something so here it is!

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do u ever have that one celebrity person or whatever that u dont know how ur obsession started but u just find urself down a rabbit hole of their stuff like wow how am i 245 weeks deep in their best friends moms sisters instagram or like every single thing they do ur just amazed by and u think they look good all the time like they could be wearing a trash bag and ud still be attracted to them bc theyre just that great 

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imm on mobile and ur title says ivlis and the pic at the top of your blog loaded and i thOUGHT it was ivlIS grabbing onto wadanohara instead of redkichi and it was 2am in the morning an i screamed "W H Y IS I VLIS AT THE BOTTOM OF TH E SEA" and laughed for 5 mins before i realised it was redkichi and i thought ud like to know this bc i almost died

fucking amazing

Okay I’m not the biggest Ashley fan, as many know, but if you look here, the poor girl is actually HANGING from her wrists. I thought before that she was standing on something but no, she’s hanging. And assuming she’s 100+ pounds that can cause some serious physical damage like ruining her shoulders and breaking her wrists. Obviously neither of those happened but it would’ve been realistic if it did, and that’s horrible.

OOOOH I FINALLY CAN UPLOAD THIS and Im so scrared of the credits, I hope I don’t forget someone xD

lets start!

Error, Fresh, Geno - © @loverofpiggies DUDE I srsly love all of your AU’s so much, even your new comic, which is not related to Undertale but man, I already LOVE it, also I yeah … all dem sweet abomination of yours aaaah <33

Mono!Sans - © @pc-doodle aaah what can I say about this sweetheart??? I just love Mono!Sans … if he wouldn’t be that sad and dramatic I would pet him .. but I won’t because I know I can’t, I shouldn’t and I would be a asshole xD

Underdarkness!Sans - © @zznightmaregirlzz / @zheyzhey04 dunno which account I should mention … so I just mention both lol xD however I really enjoy your AU and I enjoy you ;3; also UD Sans is so much fun to draw all dem cutie teeth pffff

Demi!Sans - © @crossoverdude honestly I mainly added him, because I adore his design and because I had some space XD also you seem like a pretty cool person, so I thought it would be a small little nice gift ;v;

Underfell!Sans - © the guy who designed all the underfell characters - I don’t know his name and I have only seen his blog once, before it got closed and man THANK YOU SO MUCH I love Underfell to bits … just … AGH xD

the sans nobody knows - © @lordstarscreamy YES I designed this Sans XD I made him just for fun, because I NEEDED THIS OK ;;

Undertale Sans … welp not much to say I guess just the good ol’ Sans

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hey! :0 idk if u do promos but i just thought ud like to know i made a blog called mlpride and ppl can send in their lgbt headcanons and i'll make icons and post them!!

@mlpride i love your url!!!

- mod sweetie <3

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UH im shy as hell but i think ur super neat !!!! weve been mutuals for a few months and when i see u on my dash i just kinda go '!!!' and i thought ud like to know ★彡

!!!! aahh thank you!!

Please imagine asexual!Chris.

Now imagine asexual!Chris not knowing what asexuality is. Imagine Chris thinking that there’s something wrong with him. Imagine him not saying anything because he’s seen one of Josh’s breakdowns and doesn’t feel like he deserves to complain to his best friend about this.

Now think of Chris going through his teen years wondering what he’s missing. Imagine him listening to the rest of his friends talk about girls or guys and how hot they are and him laughingly blowing off all of Josh’s attempts to hook him up with people because he’s not interested in sleeping with them.

Imagine Chris finally sleeping with some girl to see if maybe that will “fix” him, and how worried he is when he doesn’t feel any different the next day. Imagine him sleeping with some guy for the same reason, with the same result. Imagine him not going after his crush because he’s not sexually attracted to them so he obviously doesn’t really like them.

Imagine Chris being really scared because he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him, even though nothing is.