i thought u were a bro!

  • albus: i cant live without you
  • albus: youre my happiness
  • scorpius: i asked out your cousin
  • albus:
  • scorpius:
  • albus:
  • scorpius:
  • albus: smilin thru the pain

dave: were you gonna grab it by the top
john: no
john: yes
dave: ive been on youtube before bro… maybe try something like………. original

LOL everyone put on your background preath goggles

#WHERE’S WALDO: ISI Photos edition ©

1.Baby preath having a baby moment:


3. Idk about Tobs, but standing behind Chris would be distracting AF:

4. About to be the #LITTEST background preath high five:

5. Background preath smiling/standing next to each other is my aesthetic:

6. This isn’t really background preath but look how f*cking adorable they are:

7. #yellow vs blue:

8. Celebrating like #awkward girlfriends:

9. **That intense mid-celebration preath hand-holding???:

***(hint below is an opposite angle):

10. The Preath/Krashlyn team photo! (#PRASHLYN…..#kreath?):

11. Visiting the white house like #awkward girlfriends part 2:

12. Ok Christen calm down:

13. Descending into the preath dumpster like:

14. Team Preath knockin em’ down:

15. Everyone: *wearing shoes* Tobin: but y tho……. :

A Marvelous Mess

This comic is preeetty out there. I suppose now you have an understanding as to how bizarre my train of thought can be when I arrive at a concept such as “Captain America + The Falcon = Captain Falcon”. 

The scenario here is a reference to the show Steven Universe, if you were feeling a bit lost. (Do I need to explain what Steven Universe is on Tumblr, of all places?)

mbti types as “mbti types as” posts
  • ENFP: mbti types as different spellings of the word “Bro.”
  • INFP: mbti types as pictures of kittens
  • ENFJ: mbti types as smokin hawt celebrities at the beach
  • INFJ: mbti types as “mbti types as” posts (yes that’s right. If you thought this post couldn’t get any worse…..u were wrong)
  • ENTP: mbti types as unpopular opinions
  • INTP: mbti types as weird pictures of bill nye
  • ENTJ: mbti types as disappointed fathers in khakis 
  • INTJ: mbti types as sarcastic comebacks
  • ESFP: mbti types as elaborate hand gestures
  • ISFP: mbti types as boy bands
  • ESTP: mbti types as CAPITALIZED WORDS!!!1!!!1!
  • ISTP: mbti types as awesome roller coasters
  • ESFJ: mbti types as shit my friend just sent me
  • ISFJ: mbti types as awkward ways to ask someone to prom
  • ESTJ: mbti types as terrible get rich quick ideas 
  • ISTJ: mbti types as ridiculously outdated laws

up until now i honestly still cannot believe that seventeen has already finished their debut era or even debuted like these were the dorky children on seventeen tv that would do lots of weird things and play sports inside the practice room and break light bulbs and play the pulling game and kiss each other and remove their leg hairs with duct tape and refuse to wake up for school and lots more of weird moments but look at them now―they’ve entered the idol world, created an album, debuted, successfully finished their promotions like it’s just hard to believe, man. but then again it’s been like three years but seriously i can’t be the only one who think this.

anonymous asked:

wow, i'm so confused about that video cory is shoving robin down in the couch and just presses his leg in between robins leg?? like I never do that to my hetero bro dudes? :// is that a thing you do when you are bros?? because I thought they were like really cool hetero bros with each other but this seems a bit gay u know??

do u ever look at all your friends and think, “yes, if I were the protagonist in a super mecha anime, and the Big Bad with the completely overpowered mech had almost beaten me in the final battle, and I needed to think of all my friends to get a sudden power-up, recover from fatal wounds, and punch the boss’s ass into space with the power of friendship, it would be these guys I thought of, for sure”

The many different ways people go about thinking about the Smash DLC charcter they want

The “They really should have been in it at the get go” 

The “They deserve Smash’s publicity”

The “They were in an older Smash and should come back”

The “I want to fight a specific existing fighter with this character”

The “I’ve always thought this character should be in Smash since forever”

The “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if this character were in Smash?”

The “I just really, really like this character, okay guys?”

The “hahahaha, it’d be awesome if this character was in a fighting game”


The “TV/Movie/Anime Character that has no chance of getting in and wouldn’t make sense and you guys all know who I am talking about”

The “lol, SHreK”

if you punch bts
  • jungkook: cry about it. forever. never stopping. how could u hurt a 5 year old
  • jimin: "bruh wtf i thought we were homies like bros 4 life broseph. yooo wtf"
  • jin: not even a punch. you'll die. end of story
  • namjoon: hes weak af ill fight him with you
  • taehyung: will look at you shocked. will probably cry like jungkook but isnt a pussy like jungkook so he'll take it like a man
  • yoongi: will full out fist fight you. you thought this fucker was lazy but hahahah nope. you're dead buddy. 0% chance of surviving his ass. good luck
Quick recap of Nintendo Direct

Recap of today’s Nintendo direct:

(I’m skipping a lot of things, only including things I thought were interesting)

1. Mewtwo and Lucas are unlockable in Smash Bros. 4 via DLC.
2. Mario Kart 8 now has 200cc mode and another DLC pack on its way (feat. animal crossing characters and stages, and also Dry Bowser).
3. New Fire Emblem game
4. Lots of cool new indie games and crossover RPGs
5. Xenoblade Chronicles game for New 3DS
6. Free-to-Play Pokemon game coming to 3DS
7. Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS games are available on eShop via Wii U soon (HYPE!!!).
8. Lots more Amiibo stuff’s coming out with cross-game compatability and new figures, as well as re-releases (like Marth)

More Nintendo Direct stuff available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6fY6CUEYgw

[2:38:22 PM] masterblazer: dave and karkat are totally those ones who will be hanging out in the kitchen and theres like a bowl of fruit on the table and kk grabs a banana and he’s like “check it out. its my dick” and then dave reaches into the fridge and pulls out a long ass cucumber and he’s like “ok but yr no match for me”
[2:38:40 PM] ♋: omg
[2:38:42 PM] ♋: canon
[2:39:13 PM] masterblazer: then they make it a game where the grab the weirdest, vaguely cylindrical items and make it a dick
[2:39:21 PM] ♋: i honestly thought u were gnna say dave got the banana then karkat just fuckign bends down and bites the end off.
[2:39:21 PM] ♋: OMG YES
[2:39:26 PM] ♋: ive played that before.
[2:41:23 PM] masterblazer: bro same. like literally anything thats sorta long and cylindrical. the mini hand held vacuum cleaner. a chopstick. the mayor
[2:42:34 PM] ♋: the mayor would like stick his arms out to be longer like “ye?” and daves like, thank u mayor
[2:42:41 PM] ♋: karkats like CURSES…THEIR IN KAHOOTS…
[2:42:57 PM] masterblazer: OMG

The School Trees
  • Ivan: hey bartleby
  • Barletby:
  • Ivan: bartleby
  • Bartleby: I s2g ivan if this is just like last time
  • Ivan: no no no bro I swear its just a question
  • Bartleby:
  • Ivan: bro
  • Bartleby: what do you want
  • Ivan: okay so the other trees were wondering so like are you like half blind
  • Bartleby: bRo I said
  • Ivan: so you can't see the future or the past
  • Kevin: I think its the past he can't see
  • Blossom: I thought it was his future
  • Torrence: lol no one can see barts future
  • Bartleby: at least I'm not the most hated school here
  • Torrence: bro storm lives matter dude
  • Ivan: so are you like the balance tree or something
  • Blossom: why would there be a balance tree if there's no balance school
  • Ivan: HA OMG blossom u bad girl u made arthur cry
  • Blossom: at least it takes more of an effort to make him cry rather than torrence
  • Torrence: hey its not my fault I have chronical depression
  • Blossom: that's even worse than the second myth tree
  • Bartleby: OMG just because I have one eye doesn't mean I'm a myth tree
  • Ivan: yeah that sucks since ur gonna die anyway
  • Bartleby: its just a cold bro relax
  • Ivan: yeah I thought I was gonna retire since you only have an eye, bartlebEYE
  • Kevin: geez bart relax
  • Bernie: yeah bro u should settle down and get a girlfriend yo
  • Bartleby: you don't even have a girlfriend
  • Bernie: have you seen that tree in dragonspyre ashley? Bro she is sizzling hot, just burning up yo
  • Ivan: no ones gonna date a one eyed tree tho
  • Kevin: are- are arthur and torrence still crying
  • Blossom: u better believe it baby ;)