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Marks (C.H.)

A/N: Yes, this is a soulmate imagine. It’s probably and most likely not the best one you’ll ever read, but here is my attempt. I’ve done it in a sort of werewolf type of mating. This is actually based off an idea for a story I’ll eventually put up on my Wattpad once I’ve written more than thirty chapters. Also, I realize that the gif doesn’t really suit the story but I’ve been wanting to use this and IT IS NOT MINE.

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It’s all anyone ever talked about.

“Have you found your mate?”
“I’ve found my mate!”
“When will I find my mate?”
“Will I ever find my mate?”

Those were the things you heard on a daily basis.
Mates. Mates. Mates. Derived from the word Soulmate.
You could care less about it, but that doesn’t mean that you weren’t curious.
How can one stupid touch suddenly tell you who you’re destined to be with for all eternity?
The only cool thing about finding your mate - well, aside from the fact that you found your other half - is the cool mark you get permanently etched onto the skin on the inside of your left wrist.
Everyone’s Mark is different. That’s what makes it unique. The only way to get that mark was if you’ve had skin to skin contact with your mate. It’s as if your skin was a detector for your mate’s skin and you weren’t aware of it.
There wasn’t a certain age for when you found your mate. Some found theirs at a general age in time for marriage, others well into their old ages, and the youngest being little ten year olds where puberty starts to take its course. That didn’t mean that those who didn’t find their mate hadn’t already married and had kids with someone else that was mate less. Some actually preferred it that way so that they could actually get to know the person rather than just have an undeniable attraction towards someone that was basically a stranger.
It was always a concern whenever you met someone new, if that person was your soulmate. So many people were wary of handshakes and hugs while others desperately wanted to find their mate and jumped at the opportunity when introducing themselves.
You’re not really looking for your mate, nor will you ever. If you meet your mate then you meet your mate. If you don’t, hopefully someone will take pity on your soul.
Just kidding.
Well, mostly.

“Y/N,” your friend nudged you as you stood by your locker.
“What, Y/F/N?” You ask her, not looking away from your locker as you switched textbooks.
“Check out the new kid,” she muttered and judging from her tone of voice, he was hot.
You looked away from your locker and down the hallway where the new kid was hanging out with a few boys you fairly knew that go by the names of Luke, Ashton, and Michael.
She was right though.
He was fucking hot.
You looked at your friend. “You think he’s mated?”
She peered down at his wrists. “Don’t think so. If he was, he probably would have his mate around him, yeah?”
You nodded as you shut your locker. “True. Speaking of mates…” You faced your friend as you leaned against your locker. “When are you going to see if Michael is your mate or not?”
She shook her head. “Nope. Not gonna happen.”
“Why not?”
“You know how much I like him, Y/N. What if he isn’t my mate?”
“You two could always be one of the couples that marry mate less. I’d tell him before he does end up finding a mate.”
She sighed. “Maybe. Come on, we need to head to class.”
The two of you stalked off towards your next class but not before you snuck one last look at the new kid who looked up and locked eyes with you.

“Is anyone sitting here?” A voice asked.
You didn’t look up from your writing as you gestured for the person to take the seat. “Nope. Go right ahead.”
“Thanks.” the chair scraped against the floor as he sat down. “I’m Calum by the way.”
You frowned. You didn’t know of a Calum in this class. You looked up and you were taken aback by the sight of the new kid. “Oh, hi. Sorry, that was rude of me. I’m Y/N.”
He chuckled. “It’s fine.” He didn’t make a move to shake your hand which made you like him even more. “So…” he looked around the classroom. “What do we do in here?”
You gave him a look. “Learn,” you told him in an obvious tone.
He rolled his eyes. “Well, no shit.”
You shrugged. “You’re the one that asked.”
He smiled. “I like you already.”
You couldn’t help but blush - which is something you normally didn’t do around boys, only when you’re embarrassed.
The teacher walked in and started the class, saying that today we would be doing a partner activity then went on to explain the assignment.
Calum turned to you with a smirk on his face as he wiggled his eyebrows at you. “Partner?”
You shoved him with your shoulder. “You get to work with the awesomest person in the whole world. Don’t make me regret being partners with you.”
He laughed. “Who said that you’re the awesomest person in the whole world?”
“Me, duh.” You flipped your hair over your shoulder.
“You sure are something,” Calum said while smiling.
“I know. I’m a piece of art,” you smirk at him.
“Keep telling yourself that, Princess,” Calum told you as he looked at the board for the instructions for the assignment.
You don’t know why, but Calum calling you Princess made you feel things you haven’t felt before and you weren’t sure if you liked it or not.
Once the two of you finished, you continued to talk to each other and get to know the other a lot better as you waited for the class period to end.
You learned that he was originally from Australia and had transferred here because of his dad’s new job. He also had an older sister who was starting a singing career. As for himself, his passion was football, but if something else came along he wouldn’t exactly reject it. He also told you that he wasn’t Asian as many seem to mistaken him for one.
“You got lunch right now?” Calum asked you as the two of you packed up your things.
“Yup. You?” You asked him as you pulled on your bag and stood up.
He stood up as well. “Yeah. Mind if I join you?”
You smiled. “Not at all. My friend will eat with us as well, if that’s okay?”
He smiled in return. “Yeah, that’s cool.”
You two barely made it out the door when Calum was abruptly picked up.
“Whoa,” Calum yelled as he looked behind him to see who had picked him up.
You looked behind him and saw Michael’s face pop out as he placed Calum back down on the floor, Luke and Ashton standing right behind him.
“Hey, Y/N,” Luke nodded his head in greeting.
You knew of Luke, Ashton, and Michael - not well - but you had spoken to them a couple of times. “Hey, guys.”
“You guys headed to lunch?” Ashton asked.
Calum nodded. “Yeah. Y/N has the same lunch so I thought I would eat with her. Did you guys want to join?” He turned to look at you. “That is if it’s okay with you.”
You waved him off. “It’s totally chill. Y/F/N will eat with us too though.”
You watched Michael’s reaction change from excitement to one of shyness and nervousness.
Speak of the devil.
“Yo, Y/N! Why are you taking so long?” Your friend asked as she approached where the five of you were huddled in a circle.
You gave her a smirk. “Hey, Y/F/N. Calum, Luke, Ashton, and Michael are eating with us today.”
She froze then glared at you. “How lovely.”
You gave her an innocent smile back.
“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starving so let’s go eat,” Luke said and all of you followed him in the direction of the cafeteria.

Weeks have passed and you didn’t expect to grow as close as you had to Calum. However, you two still hadn’t made any skin to skin contact with each other.
You didn’t know why he didn’t want to, but for you, you were afraid that he wasn’t your mate. You could say that you had fallen for the Aussie too hard and way too fast for your liking.
“Y/N! Wait up!” Calum yelled from behind you.
You stopped to the side of the crowded hallway as you waited for him.
He ran up and stopped beside you. “Hi,” He gave you a silly grin.
You rolled your eyes, but a smile was on your lips. “Hey.”
“Did you do last night’s-” Calum didn’t finish his sentence as a boy from a younger year ran past him, making Calum bump into you.
Then you felt it.
You clutched your wrist as you locked eyes with Calum, him mimicking your actions.
It was a searing pain that made you flinch and squeeze you eyes shut, but an arm being wrapped around your waist made you open them.
Calum was giving you a lopsided smile, the best that he could because of the pain.
You two were oblivious to anything else around you as the pain soon dulled.
“Do you want to look?” He croaked out.
“I’m scared to,” you whispered.
“You have me,” he told you with a smile.
You took a deep breath then nodded.
Calum counted down from three and you both showed your wrists.
It was a sun and a moon.
You stared in awe as you saw that the sun on Calum’s was more prominent as it was on top of the faded crescent while yours was the exact opposite.
You looked up at him. “I was scared for nothing,” you let out a little laugh.
He gave you a confused look. “Huh?”
“I was falling for you this whole time and I was scared to see if you were my soulmate or not…but I guess I have my answer,” you explained to him.
He stared at you lovingly. “I knew it was you.”
You shoved him. “Sure you did.”
He laughed as he threw his arm over your shoulder as the two of you continued to walk down the hallway. “I wouldn’t have chanced it though, afraid that you would have a different soulmate,” he glanced back down at you, “but I’m glad that kid ran into me otherwise I would’ve never found out that you’re mine forever.”
You smirked. “Looks like you’re stuck with me, Hood.”
He smirked back at you. “So it would seem, future Mrs. Hood,“ he looked forward again and shrugged, “but I’m not complaining.”


I would like to talk about this part. At first when I watch it for the first time, I thought Wang so ran away because of all his brothers’ reaction.

But no.

The second time I watch it, I saw it in a different light. When he took of his mask, his siblings were looking at him with disgust/pity and no one dared to look at him again. It was a normal reaction to him, he was used to it. That’s how people treat him for most of his life. Just because of that scar, so many things happened. He was so used to the reaction that he felt like there’s nothing wrong with it, and if you look closely, he smiled a bit.

Until he saw Hae Soo, staring at him openly. Unlike his siblings, Hae Soo stared at him like the scar is no big deal. And that threw him off the grid. His small smile wiped off his face and that’s when he realised that someone is looking at him, staring at him without shame or disgust. To him, it was something new. He wasn’t used to this treatment because no one in Goryeo can accept a scar, especially on the face. Yet, she stared at him like he’s the most beautiful person on Earth. I think it breaks my heart to see that he felt weird and angry that someone showed him kindness, rather than being angry about the disgusted look people showed him. It just scares him a lot. That’s why he told her after that that he hate her eyes, because what else can he say? He have his ego to protect and he just couldn’t figure out this puzzle piece of a girl. She’s something else and he’s just speechless and angry as to why she’s different. Most of all, he doesn’t understand why she’s not afraid of him when everyone else is, she’s just different, and it confuses him so much to the point where he takes his anger out on Hae Soo.