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I wish you would write a fic where... Aaron is the one figuring out that Rebecca has ben lying (about how much is up to you)

I hope this is what you were thinking…

Whatever Made You What You Are – I Blame You

Her evil words had twisted inside Aaron all the way back to the Mill, and the wound of Robert’s betrayal was reopened, fresh and bleeding.

Aaron knew she was wrong about them. Knew that the only person Robert had ever been true with was him. Yet, still her words picked him apart, slipping under his skin. They pulled on threads of doubt, that had been woven back when he was the one sneaking around with someone else’s husband.

Fate, karma, or just dumb luck, whatever had brought him here, wouldn’t be changed. Robert had got Aaron through some of the darkest times of his life and every step taken had been supported and surrounded with love.

And still her words itched and tingled.

He tried to shake them off with each step closer to home and each step away from the horror that was her presence.

He knew one thing without a doubt. Rebecca was a liar. She might not realise it, but she was definitely lying to Aaron and if she wasn’t aware, then she was lying to herself as well.

Because she could swear it till she ran out of sound to utter the words, but she wanted Robert and she wanted Aaron out of the way. Of this he had no doubt.

Resolve strengthened his will, one thing in this mess was clearer than it ever had been. Robert Sugden loved him and Aaron would not question it again.

Every step, a tattoo of facts that swirled inside his head – Robert saying he didn’t remember what happened, Robert passing out, Rebecca being so sure that her baby was Robert’s even when she’d been letting Ross chase and catch her all around the village.

He needed more fact and less fiction, the only problem was he wasn’t going to get it from her and he feared that Robert didn’t actually know.

Slamming into the Mill, Aaron found Robert sitting on the couch, his head in his hands. He looked up at the fury of sound Aaron made with his arrival.

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so i wrote this for @capseycartwright and word on the dash is that she’s had some sort of day of birth?????????????? like celebrations and stuff?????????? and what better way to celebrate that than with a homage to the part of her that is bisexual and proud of it. so, without further adieu, i bring you: sugden bisexual adventures and protectiveness :)))


sacred trust
(vic, robert, past vic/adam, aaron/robert)

They’re at Bar West. 

Robert’s still not particularly fond of the place, but he’s warming to it. It’s the nearest gay bar, though it’s almost a gay pub, and Robert’s definitely not willing to go into Leeds or Manchester for more of nightlife that he’s not overly comfortably with. 

“Counselling helps with that,” Aaron had told him, dryly, when Robert had mentioned it. 

That’s for Wednesdays, though, when Robert’s stuck in a too-small room with someone far more invested in his history than he is. He wants to be well, though, so he goes. 

Still. Bar West. Discomfort. 

To be fair to himself, most of Robert’s discomfort comes from the fact that there’s a couple of women standing at the bar, one either side of Victoria, and they’re flirting

As much as Robert likes to pretend that she is sometimes, Vic’s not innocent. There’s been Aaron (Robert is definitely not going there), Daz, Adam and he’s fairly sure there have been others, but he’s never had the inclination - or the want - to ask. She knows what flirting looks like, obviously, but either she’s being deliberately coy, or she’s unused to this particular brand of attention. 

Robert’s still trying to get his around it. 

“I’m bisexual,” Vic says, cheeks red and eyes downcast. 

A myriad of emotions run through Robert lightning fast, a torrent of pain and fear and love. Before, when he was the asshole some people still assume he is, he’d have scoffed at her, made a joke, probably hurt her. Thankfully, he’s trying and instead of vitriol, he curls a hand around her elbow, squeezing gently. 

“Hey,” he says, lifting her chin with his free hand. “I love ya, you know that?”

Vic nods, eyes wet, but she leans into his touch. 

Robert tugs her in for a hug, rests his chin on his head. His heart hurts, the press of not good enough filling his chest like a curse. He’s not going to be that person; he’s not going to be responsible for Vic feeling like she’s not worth the best in life. It’s easy to think, maybe hard to do, but Robert bears the scars of what hatred and ignorance can do. 

Vic wipes at her face. “You’re not mad?”

“Why?” Robert ask, genuinely bewildered. 

“I thought you’d -” Vic pauses, pulls away from Robert a little. “I was worried you’d think I was copying ya. I’m not.”

“I know,” Robert says immediately, and he does. “Vic, I’m the last person who’s gonna hate ya for this.”


Robert looks up from his drink, eyebrows raised. There’s a good-looking guy stood at the table, cocktail in hand, and a smile that Robert recognises all too well. “Alright?”

“Is this seat taken?” The guy rests his free hand on the back of Vic’s chair, eyebrows raised. 

“My sister,” Robert says, because he’s still an asshole, and he wants to watch the way the guy’s smile gets wider. Robert’s wedding ring is hidden from view and he runs his thumb over it.

The guy nods, though he doesn’t make a move either way. “You new around here?”

“Been here a couple of times,” Robert says nonchalantly, shrugging one shoulder. He lets his eyes run over some of the patrons, lingering a little on Vic - who’s finally looking startled at the attention she’s receiving - before resting on the guy’s face. 

“See anything you like?”

Robert wants to laugh. As far as chat up lines go, it’s not the worst he’s heard, but it could use some work. “I did.”

The guy catches the tense, a flicker of a frown, before he considers whether that means he’s getting lucky or not. “So?”

“Not here,” Robert explains, putting the guy out of his misery. “I met a guy at home. Married him n’all.”

It only takes a second to sink in, and the guy’s expression flits between frustration and resignation. “See ya around.”

Robert doesn’t even bother to acknowledge the parting words. His face hurts with how much he’s grinning, the thought of Aaron back home, probably fighting Liv into bed, watching stupid reruns of Top Gear while pretending he’s not waiting for Robert to get home. 

The Mill’s quiet, so Robert makes en effort not to slam the door; sometimes it means that Aaron’s napping, taking a few before Liv comes down for dinner. Dumping his bag in the hallway, Robert toes of his shoes and peers around the door. 

Aaron’s sitting at the table, but he’s not alone. Vic’s there too, both of them with their backs to him. Robert doesn’t know what makes him stop and listen, but he leans against the wall, shoulder and hip to the solid surface. 

“-worried about him.”

Vic’s nodding, tapping her fingers on the table. “He didn’t really talk about it with me. Just said he was proud of me.”

“He probably is,” Aaron says, his voice warm. Robert’s heart lurches. They’re talking about him. It would usually piss him off, can’t help it, but he knows it’s because he’s not used to people doing it and it not being a bad thing. Aaron sighs. “I don’t exactly help.”

Robert frowns, doesn’t know where they’re going, until Vic says, “why?”

Aaron sits back in his chair, thumb catching the rim of his mug. “I didn’t understand it. Said some things I wish I hadn’t.”

Immediately, Robert knows what he’s talking about; they’ve had the conversation plenty of times, usually when Aaron’s drunk and apologetic, and no matter how many, “it’s fine”’s Robert gives him, Aaron’ll still do it. 

“He seems alright now?” Vic offers. 

Robert wants to laugh; he’s spent most of his adult life pretending to be something he’s not - if he didn’t want Vic to know he was struggling, she wouldn’t know. 

Aaron knows him, though. “He’s good at hiding it, Vic. He used to hate himself. I’ve met homophobes before, but this was different. He was so angry.”

“He was trying to hurt ya,” Vic says, because she gets him too. 

“No.” Aaron’s tone is firm, and it surprises both Vic and Robert. 

Robert’s almost positive he doesn’t want to hear what comes next, but he can’t make his feet work, can’t open his mouth to announce his presence. 

“Robert has good reason to hate that part of himself,” Aaron says, and Robert closes his eyes, drops his head back against the wall. It hurts to hear, hurts to acknowledge but Robert’s self-aware now, more so than he really wants to be, but he knows Aaron’s right. 

“Will he hate me?” Vic says, after a lengthy pause. 

“No,” Robert says, at the same time as Aaron. 

Both Vic and Aaron shove away from the table, surprised and startled, but Robert stands a little straighter, meets their eyes. 

“I don’t hate ya,” Robert says again, firmer. 

Finally extracting herself from the two women, Vic carries over fresh drinks to the table, a flush high on her face. 

“Having fun?” Robert asks. 

Vic gives him a look, but her blush doesn’t fade. 

“It’s alright you know,” Robert adds, leaning his arms on the table. “You can flirt.”

“I know.” Vic nods, almost to herself, and gives him a bright smile. “It’s nice.”

Robert snorts, takes a long gulp of his drink. “Just nice?”

“Stop fishing,” Vic says, peering back over his shoulder. The two women are still at the bar, both of them occasionally giving Vic a nod and a smile. 

“Going home with anyone?” 

Vic throws a napkin at his face, and as Robert bats it away, laughing, she draws her legs up on the chair, feet tucked under her thighs. “I didn’t think it would be like this.”

“Like what?” Robert asks, sobering a little. 

“Happy?” Vic shrugs, but there’s a smile on her face. “I thought I’d be scared and that it would be hard, but everyone here is so accepting.”

Not everyone is, Robert thinks, but doesn’t say. 

Vic’s still talking, eyes roaming the bar. Robert’s not hearing the words though, stuck on the sight of how happy Vic looks, the ease with which she’s taken to Bar West. Unlike Robert, she’s outwardly proud of her sexual discovery. 

It makes Robert want to protect that part of her, to never let anyone take the happiness from her. 

He knows what the opposite looks like, has felt the wrath of ignorance and disappointment, and he doesn’t want that for Vic. 

“I’m proud of ya,” Robert says, not for the first time. 

“I know.” Vic’s smile is worth every unwanted come-on, every guy who thinks the wedding ring on Robert’s finger is worth nothing. 

“I’m sorry,” Aaron says. 

Vic’s gone, embarrassed and apprehensive. Robert’s gonna have to text her later, apologise, but right now he’s sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the tea stain on his dresser. 

“Hey,” Aaron says gently, wrapping an arm around Robert’s neck, resting his chin on Robert’s shoulder. “Alright?”

“Yeah,” Robert says, surprised to discover he means it. Turning his face, he presses a kiss to Aaron’s cheek. “I don’t hate that part of myself.”

“Robert,” Aaron starts, but Robert pulls back, takes his hand. 

“I did,” Robert allows, watches the flicker of confusion on Aaron’s face. “A year ago I’d have told ya that I did, that I wished I was anything but bisexual.” 

Aaron’s face shifts, eyes wet, and Robert squeezes his hand. 

“Not now,” Robert tells him, presses their foreheads together. “Not now with you and Liv and counselling.”

I could never hate the part of me that gave me you

Robert can’t say it, it just isn’t him, but he hopes Aaron knows it anyway. 

“I love ya,” Aaron says, fingers on the back of Robert’s neck, drawing him in for a kiss. 

“I love you,” Robert echoes, curling around Aaron, resting his face in the crook of Aaron’s neck. 

“Same time next week?” Vic asks, hopefully, though there’s a resignation to her expression. 

It’s habit to want to say no. He always does to Aaron, but this is different; this is his little sister, and Robert’s trying to be a better person. Besides, it’s hilarious as fuck to brush of guys who think they have a shot. 

As if Robert would ever pick anyone else when he has Aaron to go home to. 

“Alright,” he says, tugging his phone out of his back pocket to text Aaron. “But you’re buying again.”

Vic scowls, slaps his arm, but as they tumble into a nearby taxi, she’s happy and proud, a combination Robert’s determined to keep for her. 

“Maybe Aaron’ll come,” Robert adds, because he can’t help himself. 

“And make me a third wheel?” Vic wrinkles her nose. “No thanks. Sugdens only.”

“Technically-,” Robert starts, laughing as Vic wallops him on the thigh. “I’m kidding. “Alright,” he acquiesces again. “Next week.”

“Good,” Vic says, looking out of the window. 

Robert scrolls through his messages (four from Aaron - variations of derogatory remarks about cars that amount to I miss you and this show sucks, six from Liv - all emojis, and one from Chas - all emojis) and replies distractedly. He can’t stop looking over at Vic, at the shadows flickering over her face. 

Sometimes he wonders what their dad would have done or said, whether he would have hurt her. The thought of it makes Robert sick and mad in equal measure. Resting his head against the headrest, he flicks Vic on the thigh, grins when she thumps him, smiling at him through the window. 

Vic won’t ever have reason to hate this part of herself, Robert thinks, determined. 

They’ll have to get through him first. 

11 July 2017 - This is so ridiculously long. This is what happens with a robron heavy hour long episode. It obviously gets super depressing at the end if you make it that far. You don’t have to read past the #TriggerWarning if you don’t want to. Let me know if any of you make it to the end of this nonsense. I hope some of it is funny. 

[Outside the Shop with Robert, Aaron, Cain and Victoria]

ROBERT: We do have a kitchen at home you know? Remember that set they built us that we never use unless it’s for angsty scenes?

AARON: Yeah, but do we have a toaster yet? Nevermind. Didn’t really fancy seeing you though after our Plot fight yesterday. It’s the height of #PeakAngstWeek so I’m just going to be in a totally justifiably bad mood all day today, yeah?

ROBERT: Is this really how it’s gonna be?

AARON: No, this is how you…well the Plot really…but anyway…have made it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to work.

ROBERT: Well, it’s a good thing we conveniently work in the same place then. - side note, isn’t it great our jobs are semi important to the Plot today so it looks like we actually do them -

AARON: I never should have let Jimmy move the Haulage firm into the portacabin. I would have saved myself so much trouble.

ROBERT: Will you just let me explain what I think the Plot is trying to do one more time Aaron?

AARON: You don’t need to try and explain anything. I’m done with all the discourse. I just don’t like it. End of.

*Cain appears*

CAIN: Want me to batter him for you?

AARON: Have you even been briefed on our latest Plot Point?

CAIN: No, I just like hitting Sugden here and since you two got together properly, I haven’t had a chance to do it in a while. Let me know. Besides, I just needed to show that I remember you exist so that when I show up later to help you out, it’s a little less forced.

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Follower milestone

As a special thanks for hitting 400 followers, I’m going to be posting some audio clips of the boys starting next week (along with character asks) but I thought it might be fun to see who you’d all like to hear first.

A) Rocco - Andrew Love

B) Caspian - Sungwon Cho

C) Rowan - Chris Patton

D) Ignatius - Brandon McInis

E) Lux - Vic Mignogna

Just FYI I will be sharing some from all of our boys in due time, but the first choice is yours! Voting closes Sunday night, midnight EST (though if I find any extra votes in on Monday I’m not gonna be that picky, hehe). You can vote via comment here or in the askbox.

Thank you all as always for your support of Akash and my boys! I’m sincerely touched.

- Souha

  • Ross: How'd you do it, eh? Treat people like dirt and still come out smelling like... what is that? Is that perfume?
  • Robert: I thought Rebecca was gonna tell you to stay off my case?
  • Ross: Yeah, she did. Although why she cares about you is beyond me.
  • Robert: So?
  • Ross: So it turns out I feel sorry for her more than I need to see you fall on your backside. Besides, you'll stitch yourself up sooner or later, the way you pimp yourself about. (leaves)
  • Aaron: (approaching) Oi, I though you were getting them in?
  • Robert: Yeah, yeah, I am, yeah.
  • Vic: Hey Robert, you gonna wear your little superman cape for your housewarming tomorrow?
  • Aaron: You can pull that look off, can't you?
  • Robert: Erm... about the housewarming... do you really wanna do all that? All that fuss?
  • Aaron: Oh, come on, it's only a cape, Robert, don't be a baby.
  • Robert: No, no, I don't mean about that. It's just erm... I'd rather spend the first night after we've moved in, just the two of us. Give us a chance to talk.
  • Aaron: About?
  • Robert: I dunno. Erm... it's a big deal getting our own place and it feels important that we should be taking it seriously.
  • Aaron: Are you sure you're not confusing 'serious' with 'boring'?
  • Robert: I mean it, Aaron. You know there's been times in the past when erm... I could have said something and... I didn't cos... I dunno, maybe I took us for granted.
  • Aaron: Fine, yeah. We'll stay in and talk if it means that much to you.
  • Robert: It does, yeah.

okay/not okay

summary: vic comes out to robert as bi (inspired by a conversation with @dingleautomotives​ and some posts by @rocketdocket​ )

read on ao3

The coffee table is laid for what looks like a children’s tea party. It’s draped with a floral table cloth that pools around it on the floor, and atop sits a blue china teapot and a pair of delicate looking cups. There’s far too much food than either of them can eat. There’s an assortment of sandwiches (cut into bite-size triangles), scones (both the cheese and fruit variety) and chocolate cupcakes with carefully swirled, baby pink buttercream icing. When Robert follows Vic into the sitting room, it feels like he’s stepped back fifteen years, to when his younger sister would bug him relentlessly until he sipped from the empty cup she shoved into his hands.

‘This is a lot,’ Robert says, tugging off his coat and throwing it onto the sofa, only for Vic to tut and pick it up again.

‘I’m celebrating!’ She says, grinning.

‘Celebrating what? You just said you wanted me over here for a brew.’

‘This is a brew. Just with a few extras. Now sit down while I put the kettle on.’

Robert sits down on the sofa, settling back into the sagging cushions. Vic shakes her head.

‘Not there,’ she says, pointing at the floor next to the coffee table. ‘There!’

‘I’m not sitting on the floor; I’ll have a numb arse in five minutes.’

Vic picked up one of the throw pillows and chucked it down on the floor.

‘There,’ she said. ‘Make yourself comfortable.’

Robert rolled his eyes but did as he was told, slipping from the sofa to the carpet and moving the pillow into place. He sat silently while Vic made the tea, returning only momentarily to fetch the teapot.

‘Are we expecting any more guests?’ Robert asked when she returned. ‘It’s just that you’ve made enough food to feed a gaggle of starving orphans.

‘Oh, shut up,’ Vic said, putting the teapot down and sitting cross-legged at the coffee table to the left of Robert so she was only half facing him.  Her hair was up, wound into a milkmaid braid. It was weird seeing her blonde again after Robert had just gotten used to her as a brunette. She’d bleached it a few days after she broke it off with Adam. He hadn’t said anything, he wasn’t going to say anything, but then she’d invited him round for some kind to experience some kind of weird regression back into childhood.

‘Is this about Adam?’ He asked.

‘Is what about him?’ Vic replied, her voice remarkably steady considering how distraught she’d been a couple of weeks ago. Or how distraught Diane had said she’d been. Robert had been too wound up in his own problems with Aaron to think to ask whether Vic was okay. He hated himself for it, but he’d checked in a couple of days later to check on her, and she’d sworn she was fine. Robert wasn’t in the habit of doubting her.

‘This,’ he said, gesturing to the spread in front of them. ‘Is this your way of coping? Producing an excessive amount of baked goods?’

Vic laughed. ‘Yes, Robert. Baking is how I cope with the failure of my marriage. There are worse addictions, don’t you think?’

Robert shrugged, absent-mindedly pouring himself some tea. It came out looking like discoloured pond water. He took the lid off to give the teabags a stir, but discovered that Vic had made the tea using loose leaves. She really was going all out. ‘You’re okay, right?’

‘I’m fine, and besides,’ Vic shot her brother a grin, ‘it’s like I said; I’m celebrating.’

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capseycartwright  asked:

hey siri imagine vic buying robert a ridiculous bi pride flag tshirt because she's really proud of him and how he's accepted his sexuality and she wants him to be proud of himself too 😌


excuse me lorna how dare you

i feel attacked right now

(robert, vic :))))

Robert gives Vic the eye as he takes the package. “It’s not my birthday.”

“I know,” Vic says, looking smug. Her smile is the wrong side of mischievous and it’s obvious that whatever is in the package he’s not going to like. “Open it.”

Robert sighs, tearing into the paper. They’re sat on the sofa, her at one end, him at the other, and there’s a box of pizza between them. They’re having one of their Sugden Saturdays while Aaron and Adam are out on the lash, and Vic’s on holiday with Bernice and Gabby. It’s nice, Robert thinks, actually spending time with his sister. 

Peeling off the paper, he sees a purple, blue and pink monstrosity that, once he shakes it out, is actually a t-shirt. “Vic.”

“It’s a bisexual flag,” Vic says, clapping her hands, like Robert doesn’t know that. 

“I can see that,” Robert says, dryly. “Why do I have it?”

Vic’s expression shifts from gleeful to serious in a second and Robert holds his breath, waits for her to say, “I’m proud of you.”

“Shut up.”

“No,” Vic snaps, because she knows him. Maybe not as well as Aaron, but she’s his sister, always been his favourite for obvious reasons, but mostly because she’s the best of them all. “I’m proud of you. For accepting who are you and not - not fighting it.”

Robert snorts. “Did enough of that,” he mutters, running his fingers over the shoulder. “I’ll probably never wear it.”

Vic’s silent for a beat, then she wraps a hand around his wrist, not even caring that her blouse is gonna have tomato stains on it. “I’m proud of you and you should be too.”

The words are on the tip of his tongue. It would be so easy to say dad wouldn’t be, but they’re having a good day, and Robert is proud of himself. 

Still not enough to wear the t-shirt, though. “I’m not wearing it.”

Vic laughs, eyes soft as she punches him in the arm. “I spent a lot of money on that!”

“Shame,” Robert says with a grin, slipping the t-shirt back into the torn paper. “Maybe if I’m really drunk.”

Expression thoughtful, Vic sits back. There’s tomato smushed to her stomach and her hair’s falling out of the braid Robert did not a half hour ago, but she doesn’t care. Robert wonders how he got so lucky to have a sister like here. 

“Thank you,” he says, sincerely. 

“You’re welcome.” She swipes a slice of pizza and waves it halfheartedly at the TV. “So what we watching?”

Robert shrugs, slides back against the arm of the sofa. “Didn’t plan on watching anything. Was just gonna talk.”

He doesn’t know why he says it. They never talk. 

Vic looks just as surprised, but she nods, looking pleased, and yeah, they probably should have done this a long time ago.

16 June 2017

[The Cafe with Victoria, Rebecca and a lurking Adam]

VICTORIA: Thanks for paying for this nondescript food item on my plate. (Writer’s Notes: Okay I don’t know what it is and it kind of looks like Toast but Toast is reserved for Aaron, so there.)

REBECCA: No problem. It’s my treat since you’re forcing me to stay here.

VICTORIA: Yeah, I know my house sucks and it’s not the mansion you’re used to.

REBECCA: It’s not just a house, it’s a home. #UnearnedSentimentality

VICTORIA: Well, you can stay as long as the Plot wants!

REBECCA: Sure you’re up to hosting the mother of the antichrist? - yes I did just refer to the baby I think I love as the antichrist. Just trying to resonate with the fans that call my baby Spawn of Satan -

VICTORIA: Well I’m the antichrist’s auntie so… (Fandom: And we’re pretty anti you right now Vic. Look we can do wordplay too!)

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Some of y'all same people thought it was no big deal though when Val does it y'all say Jenna did and still does offensive stuff but that’s not on Val who spends so much time with her, his friend clearly commented the n word on a post for Maks wedding, Vic nearly said it herself and has actually said it on occasion before yet none of that is on Val those are his friends that he’s always with but none of that seems to be on him I’m usually quiet on this but come on the hypocrisy I’m seeing right now is crazy like y'all hate tom okay but don’t claim Harrison wrong doing is on him when Val is doing the same but it’s excused cause you like him more.

anonymous asked:

Dear Kazu, thanks for your wonderful AU!!! It is sooo awesome, i'm just dying. I have a question. Did Maccachin protect little babies or pregnant Yuuri and didn't allow Victor/Yurio/Phichit/Minami to touch them?

Thanks so much for liking it! :’D And aww, that’s an adorable thought….unfortunately though, Makkachin is a very, VERY old dog especially for a large dog at the time of canon, and Yuuri’s pregnant the first time round 3 years after that…I haven’t wanted to think too much about when the elderly fluff passes away, but it happens >.<; But no one wanted the kids to grow up without pets so new dogs are a thing ^ ^;

(pst am still taking name suggestions for new dogs + cats lol)


Will You Be My Fake Boyfriend? (Vic Fuentes - Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 1,661


Some guy had been following you for a few blocks now and you were starting to get a little creeped out. In front of you stood four guys laughing and joking with each other then you got an idea to throw the creep off you. Three of the guys headed into a restaurant the while one wearing a black beanie scrolled through his mobile. You approach him and tap him cautiously on the shoulder; he turns to face you with a confused look on your face.

‘Can I help you?’

You nod your head quickly.

‘Play along.’

You attach your lips to his and feel his body stiffen then relax after a couple of seconds. You pull back and he smiles.

‘Now I don’t mind a pretty girl coming up and kissing me on the street but I’d like to know why.’

You motion over your shoulder to where the creepy guy leans against a nearby lamppost.

‘That guy has been following me for a few blocks. He keeps wolf whistling and saying inappropriate things and it’s scaring me. I tried to tell him I was meeting my boyfriend but he didn’t believe me, then I saw you and your friends and thought maybe you could fake be my boyfriend until he leaves me alone.’

The guy follows your motion and his lips turn into a scowl before he looks back at you and takes your hand in his and squeezes it. You feel safe around this guy despite not even knowing his name.

‘I’ll be the best fake boyfriend you’ve ever had…err…

‘y/n, my name is y/n.’

He smirks before kissing you again taking you by surprise, though it was a nice surprise.

‘I’m Vic. Now how about you join me and my band mates for a bite to eat?’

You shake your head and bite the inside of your mouth.

‘I couldn’t intrude Vic.’

He scoffs and waves you off before wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

‘Please what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t take my girl out? Come on they don’t bite.’

Before you can protest Vic opens the restaurant door and the two of you enter. The place is relatively empty and you feel three sets of eyes on you from a nearby booth and you tense up.

‘Relax y/n.’

‘Who’s the lovely lady we saw you lock lips with outside Vic?’

You don’t know any of their names so you have no clue who asked the question. Vic slides into the booth and I you follow him.

‘This is y/n. Now y/n the idiot opposite us with the funny hair is Jaime, sitting next to him is Tony but we all call him turtle and this is Mike my brother.’

All the guys mutter a hello before they turn their attention to Vic. You drown out their twenty questions and scan the restaurant and nearly curse seeing the creepy guy sitting at the bar ordering a drink. He really couldn’t take no for an answer.

‘Err Vic I think we have a problem. Look who’s sitting at the bar.’

You tug on Vic’s sleeve and point at the bar, something flashes behind Vic’s eyes and both you and Mike have to stop him from getting up.

‘Woah chill Vic. Who’s the guy?’

Vic clenched his fist on the table before facing his brother.

‘That’s the creep who’s been stalking y/n.’

‘He really is dedicated. Normally they’d give up by now and find someone else. Do you know him y/n?’

You shake your head at Jaime’s question.

‘No, I haven’t really been here long enough to know anyone. I’m visiting an old friend who moved out here after college.’

‘Wait a second y/n. You told him you were meeting your boyfriend right?’

You nod at Tony confused at where he was going.

‘Yeah why?’

Tony shrugs his shoulders.

‘You and Vic aren’t exactly coming across as boyfriend and girlfriend material. Anyone from a mile off could see that there’s something fake going on between you. Maybe if you made your ‘fake’ relationship look more real the guy would take a hint.’

You and Vic look at each other when Jaime snaps his fingers together.

‘Vic put your arm back around her shoulder and y/n get closer to Vic…’

‘Maybe rest your head on his shoulder…’

‘Are you guys enjoying this?’

Mike, Jaime and Tony all nod their heads in sync grinning like mad men at Vic’s question.

‘I’ve always wanted to tell my big brother how to act around girls, plus this just made our night ten times more fun.’

Mike reached over and pinched Vic’s cheek which got him a playful slap back. The two of you do as they say and in the corner of your eye you notice the creep looking uncomfortable. Was this plan really working?

‘Whisper things in her ear Vic and y/n smile and laugh as if he’s said something funny, which is rare may I just add.’

Vic shot Tony the middle finger who raised his hands in mock surrender.


The guys continued giving y/n and I advice on how to actually look like a couple and I found myself becoming more and more relaxed around this girl I hardly knew. I didn’t want to imagine what would have happened to her if she hadn’t seen us, what would that creep have done to her? Just the mere thought of anyone laying a finger on her made my blood boil.

‘Err hello earth to Vic…your staring went from lovely to darn right creepy.’

y/n snapped her fingers in front of my face and I shook my head not realising that I’d zoned out. y/n high-fived Mike across the table and I felt my cheeks redden, how long had I been staring at her?

We ordered food and drinks and as the night went on if anyone saw y/n and I then they’d assume we were a couple. She laughed at my dumb jokes and we learnt a lot about each other. It was also nice to see the guys warming up to her, after my last girlfriend they weren’t happy to see me around girls in case they used me again. But they all seemed pretty taken with y/n.

‘Guys I think he finally took the hint.’

Both y/n and I glance over at the bar and notice the creepy guy leaving; a wave of relief washes over y/n’s face as the rest of the guys high-five each other. I should have been happy but I knew this would be the end of us, yes y/n wanted a fake boyfriend and now the creep was gone why would she need me around. I really wanted to see her again after tonight but once she walked out of that door she’d be out of my life.

‘Shoot it’s my friend I really should take this, I messaged her earlier and she didn’t respond and now she’s freaking out.’

y/n removes herself from my arm and heads outside to answer her phone.

‘I never thought I’d say this so soon Vic but y/n is alright. She seems genuine and I don’t think any of us have seen you this happy since the breakup.’

Mike slaps me on the back and Tony and Jaime nod in agreement.

‘Plus we like her which must be a good sign.’

‘What are you going to do now Vic? I mean the creep has gone so there’s no need to continue your ‘fake’ relationship anymore. Unless you like her.’

Why did Tony have to be the voice of reason? I’d known y/n less than three hours but I knew there was a connection between us and from her blushing and little gestures I knew y/n saw and felt the connection to.

‘What do I do guys?’

‘Go out there and kiss her, then tell her that you like her and ask her out on a real date.’

Jaime was right; I couldn’t just let y/n walk out of my life for good. I decided to take his advice and slid out of the booth. Behind me I heard Mike speak to Jaime.

‘You spurt out that romantic crap and yet you can’t get yourself a chic.’

I grinned as I made my way towards the door. When I pushed it open y/n was just finishing her phone call.

‘Oh hi Vic, I was just going to come back in and say thank you for everything. My best friend wants me back because she’s freaking out. It was nice meeting you and the rest of the guys; I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long time. Thank you for being the best fake boyfriend Vic…’

I cut her off midsentence by crashing my lips against hers, she jolted slightly before relaxing into the kiss. I now knew the feelings were mutual.

‘What was that for Vic?’

I shuffled on the spot before locking eyes with her.

‘I don’t want to just be your fake boyfriend y/n. I’m not going to ask you to be my real girlfriend right now, but I’d like to take you on a real date because I like you and think there’s a connection between us.’

y/n blushed madly before smiling.

‘I’m so glad you just said that Vic. I didn’t want to say anything in case I misread the signs. I’d love to go on a real date with you, but now I have to get home.’

‘Let me walk you back, the guys can pick me up from your friends address. I don’t want you walking alone especially if that creep is lurking somewhere.’

y/n wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pecked me on the lips before pulling back.

‘Thank you Vic. I’m so glad I forced myself on you and made you be my fake boyfriend.’

I couldn’t help but laugh; this would be a story to tell the children one day. 

aintnobodyfresherthanmygays  asked:

(1/2) I really want this fic and I don't know who to ask... Robert and Aaron break up after the reveal, and they're both a mess, Robert's lay on Vic's kitchen floor and won't get up, and Aaron's working 24/7 and not talking or sleeping. Their loved ones don't know what to do to help, but they know that no one knows Robert and Aaron like they know each other. So Cain goes to Robert, and he tells Cain to take Aaron to beat up a car with a baseball bat to get the anger out.

(2/2) Bernice goes to Aaron about Robert refusing to eat and he tells her to make banana bread- he can never say no to that. Aaron asks Belle to play Robert his favourite music so he’s not lay in silence lost in his thoughts. Robert asks Vic to sit with Aaron until he falls asleep because he knows Aaron hates sleeping alone. They look after each other through other people, because even though Aaron won’t let Robert near him right now, the only people that can get them through this is each other.

i feel like this has both ruined me 4 life and also left me with a desperate need it’s perfect
It was called the Hating Tree.

The tree was old, twisted, grey thing in the middle of the forest. Its leaves had left it for good many years ago, so the branches laid bare, reaching skywards like jagged hands. The damn thing, honestly, probably wasn’t even alive anymore. The bark of the tree fell off in pieces, and where it hadn’t already come off, there was carvings. Countless carvings, letters all over the trunk. H.R, K.P, N.M.M, D.R, the list goes on. There didn’t seem barely a place for any more carvings.

The tree was terrifying against the midday sun, the shadow it cast was long and dark. I was only seven years old at the time, but I already knew this tree was a terrible thing.

Derek told me the thing was called the hating tree as we sat on a nearby stump. The tree was about a mile into the forest that surrounded our suburban neighborhood, in a clearing. There were four of us that summer day by the tree. There was myself, our friend Derek with messy sand blond hair and a missing tooth, Victor with his stark black hair and sharp eyes, and Harry, bald and portly. Harry clutched to his chest a power rangers action figure, his favorite toy that he owned. Harry and Victor stood by the tree and muttered about something between each other, occasionally Harry would get animated and Derek and I could hear Harry’s protests to Victor’s idea. Derek leaned back and drank his warm soda.

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yourthedivinezero I hope you like this :)

Celebrity Crush (Vic Fuentes - Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 2,138


You’d just wrapped the season finale of the popular TV drama you were on and finally you could get back to your place and put your feet up and relax. You grab your laptop and see that Pierce the Veil has a new interview up, you didn’t like to admit it but they were one of your favourite bands. Most of your friends and fans didn’t like them but after a long day of filming you liked to put their music on and just let loose, a few crazy dance parties had taken place but no one would ever know.

It was a standard twenty questions interview with the whole band, you kind of zoned out until the final question because you already knew these facts about each member. Not in a stalker way but in a fangirl way which is completely different.

‘Question twenty, who is your celebrity crush?’

The four guys shuffled on the sofa before Mike poked Vic.

‘Well we know who Vic’s going to say. This boy is head over heels in love with this actress.’

‘Shut up Mike.’

Vic swatted his brother across the back of the head making the interviewer laugh and quirk an eyebrow at the camera.

‘Who’s the lucky lady Vic?’

‘Err…no one…’

He blushed which was the cutest thing in existence. Tony squeezed his cheeks before turning to the interviewer.

‘Vic has a little crush on y/n y/l/n from that hospital drama show.’

‘Yeah he has watched like every episode and keeps telling us how pretty she is.’

Jaime decided to get in on the embarrassing Vic action while all I could do was stare at the laptop screen with wide eyes. I was Vic’s celebrity crush, of all the women he could choose he’d picked me and even thought I was pretty.

‘God guys you’re so embarrassing.’

Vic got up and walked off camera, they were filming in their tour bus so he most likely went to the bunks. The rest of the band burst into fits of laughter while the interviewer cleared their throat and grinned.

‘Well that was interesting. Did you guys know that y/n is a huge fan of Pierce the Veil?’

Mike, Tony and Jaime stopped laughing and looked at each other seriously before they started whispering to each other and smirking. You couldn’t believe the interviewer had told them you liked their band.

Switching the interview off you log into YouNow and get ready for your weekly live stream. You send a tweet telling your followers to start asking questions before last minute primping of your hair and makeup before pressing broadcast.


I was mad that the guys would embarrass me like that. Yes I had a small thing for y/n but I didn’t want people knowing because I liked that it was my own little thing. There was something different about y/n, she was an unknown who got cast as the lead and even though the show had been going for four years and she’d got many awards she still stayed humble and friendly. She came across as someone who didn’t like to rub their achievements in other people’s faces, fame hadn’t changed her and I admired her for that.

It also helped that she was attractive, and even though the show was on in the US she actually came from England so had an accent which was an added bonus. I’d watched all her interviews and award speeches and I couldn’t get the way her y/e/c eyes twinkled as if she couldn’t believe her success. That was the same for me and the rest of the band, except hers was on a much larger scale.

I sat in my bunk scrolling through twitter when I saw that she’s tweeted.

@y/twitter/n: Live stream in five all you beautiful people so get those questions in x

I never once missed one of her live streams because honestly they were funny to watch, y/n had little habits she did such as chewing her lip when she was deep in thought or twirling loose strands of hair around her finger as she grinned at the viewers comments. She also wore glasses which she never wore in any other interviews because she stated once that she’d been told to wear contacts at interviews because not everyone liked people who wore glasses.

I pulled out my laptop and logged into YouNow before joining her stream that already had over 6,000 viewers in less than twenty minutes and it rose by the second. She was wearing her large hipster glasses which swamped her face but made her look cute as a button.

‘Okay so viewer AcornPrincess, love that name by the way asks can we play fuck, marry, kill? And you know what I say, hell to the yeah so send me some names in.’

Requests started flooding in and there were some good ones. However a certain band in the comments caught my attention and obviously y/n’s because her face lit up and she let out a little excited squeal.

‘Fuck, marry, kiss, cliff the members of Pierce the Veil…oh you guys know me so well…’

Maybe y/n was a fan of our music, to know that she could be listening to us got me a little excited because it meant she knew who I was. Then again I probably wasn’t her favourite member; most girls picked Tony or Mike.

‘This one’s tough…since if you push someone off a cliff there’s a small chance they’ll live then I’m pushing Jaime off the cliff because its better than outright killing him…err…I’d have to fuck Tony because turtle is well turtle and I think if the offer came any girls way they wouldn’t say no…Which leaves me with the Fuentes brothers…’

She smiled and stroked her chin, she had kiss and marry left. She then clapped her hands together and leaned closer to the screen.

‘I’m going to kiss Mike because I want to and because I don’t know why but I’d love to marry Vic…because he seems like such a genuine guy and that voice damm it does things to me…also if I fucked Mike and married Vic that would make for one hell of an awkward wedding speech…’

She chuckled and ran a hand through her hair. I was a little gobsmacked that she’d chosen to marry me over Mike, she thought I was genuine and loved my voice. A mischievous thought crossed my mind when she mentioned it did things to her, maybe one day I could cheekily ask her. But until that day came I’d have to settle for watching her through a screen.


You wrap up your live stream just before midnight and were about to call it a night when you got three Twitter DM’s which caught your attention when you saw who had sent them. Mike, Tony and Jaime from Pierce the Veil had messaged you. Your little fangirl heart fluttered though you were a little upset that you didn’t have a message from Vic. You opened Mike’s first.

@ptvmike: We know you like our band and to cut to the chase my brother Vic has a crush on you and me and the guys came up with a plan so hear us out okay?

@Tony_Turtle: Saw the live stream and I wouldn’t say no to you…Mike just hit me and told me to get to the point of this message y/n…we’ll be in LA for Warped in three days and we were wondering if you’d like to come?

@ptvjaime: We’re going to surprise Vic and now we know that you like him back things can happen between the two of you if you get my drift…also is there water at the bottom of this cliff?

You cover your mouth to hide your laughter from Jaime’s last question. So Pierce the Veil wanted you to go to Warped to surprise Vic because they knew you liked him and vice versa. You chewed your lip as you thought it over, this could be your only chance to meet the band and especially Vic. Who knows maybe you might hit it off.

@y/Twitter/n: @ptvjaime yes there is water at the bottom of the cliff…

@y/Twitter/n: @Tony_Turtle I would love to come to Warped…

@y/Twitter/n: @ptvmike how is this going to go down?

You spent the next hour discussing in detail with the guys how you were going to surprise Vic. By the end of the hour all three guys had your number and you had your instructions to do on the day. You were both nervous but excited about what could possibly happen.



We were in LA setting up for our slot and I noticed the other three kept checking their phones and whenever I asked what they were doing they’d ignore me and change the subject. For the last three days they’d been odd around me, last time they were like this they pranked me.

‘You ready for the show brother?’

Mike slapped me on the back and I nodded. In all honesty I couldn’t get y/n out of my head. She lived in LA and I was pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to attend Warped without being spotted by fans. This could have been my one chance to meet her.

‘Let’s go losers!’

Jaime screamed loudly as he ran past Mike and was followed shortly by Tony who was shaking his head at Jaime’s childishness. Jaime ran onto the stage and the kids went crazy, I put on a smile and ran out after him only wanting to see one face in the crowd.

Halfway through our set I noticed Tony and Jaime shooting looks towards the wing but I didn’t question them until they kept looking and exchanged smirks between each other. For a split second I turned my head and I had to control my breathing as my eyes landed on y/n standing in the wings. She was here but how? She sang along and I found my eyes locking with hers before she blushed and looked away. Did she have the same feelings has I had.

Once the set was up I was the last one to leave the stage. Mike, Jaime and Tony had swamped y/n in a large group hug and she looked quite startled and mouthed ‘help’ at me. I threw my head back and laughed.

‘Guys I think you’re squeezing her to death.’

They let go and then it dawned on me, why were they being so friendly around y/n? They’d never met her before.

‘Ah my big brother is speechless. Come on guys let’s leave them to ‘talk’.’

Mike ushered Tony and Jaime away both of them muttering about how they wanted to watch.

This left the two of us standing awkwardly facing each other, y/n chewed her lip so I took the first step.

‘I don’t mean to sound rude but how do you know the rest of the band? And how did you get in here without being swamped by fans?’

She laughs and runs her hand through her y/h/c hair which glistens in the sunlight.

‘It’s a long story. I saw your interview about me being your crush and I guess your brother and the others saw the live stream because they messaged me on Twitter setting all this up. I meant what I said on the live stream if you were watching it Vic.’

Little did she know that I was watching the live stream as I did every Friday night if I wasn’t busy.

‘I want to know exactly what my voice does to you y/n.’

She smirks and takes a step forwards.

‘Why don’t you swoon me then kiss me Vic to find out?’

I close the gap between us and next thing I know my lips crash down on hers and she doesn’t flinch before kissing me back. After a couple of minutes we both pull back and lean our foreheads on each others. y/n pouts.

‘Why Vic you were suppose to swoon me with your voice before kissing me.’

I shrugged my shoulders.

‘You didn’t seem to mind y/n. Besides I’ll have plenty of time to find out the effect my voice has on you but I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time. And I only have one question to ask you.’

She tilts her head to the side.

‘Ask away Vic.’

‘Will you go on a date with me?’

She lets out a little squeal before throwing her arms around my shoulders and pulling me in for another kiss, yes we were giving the crew and a couple of other bands a show but in the moment neither of us cared.

‘Of course I’ll go on a date with you Vic.’

Football Lessons - C.H. (Part 2)

Alright…I promise next part will have some smut and be better than the first two parts….

Read Part 1 HERE


“Fuck!” Calum yelled throwing his shirt to the side in annoyance. It was the fourth day of his training session with y/n as she was teaching him a specific type of cross that either ended up with him literally kicking himself or having the ball move 2 feet into the air instead of ten. “I’m never going to get this.”

“Calum, you’re trying to learn a rabona in a week. Ronaldo didn’t learn it in a night, let alone two. You got the roulette down in 2, which took me a week of nonstop practice to get that. Just calm down. It’s not an easy task. Make sure you’re hitting it like you’re actually going to strike the ball.” Calum looked towards her sitting on the bench, nodding slightly before running back to the other side of the field to try again. He knew he shouldn’t be out here for too much longer, one of the last two games were tomorrow and he should really be resting up with an ice bath or in Epsom salt. He started up his run again before cutting the ball back, turning his body, and striking the ball behind himself lifting it into the air towards her. “Yes!”

“Jesus…fuck yeah!” He yelled breathing heavily as he made his way back towards her, a huge smile plastered on his face. “Did you see that?”

“Yes, yes I did,” she giggled as she stood up from the bench, crutches supporting her as he quickly started to change his shoes and throw on a clean shirt. “Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She didn’t have to wait for him considering he only lived a block away from the school.

“Wait,” he said stopping her before she could start hobbling away. “You hungry?” A small smile made its way to her lips as she nodded, Calum making his way towards her as they headed towards her car. “Want anything special?”

“Just a burger,” she responded as he stole her keys from her, hopping into the driver’s seat while she made her way to the passenger side. They drove across town to a small burger dive that he claimed was the best spot in town, right near the beach. “I really don’t care where we are, Calum.”

“Come on, I can’t take you to a crappy burger shop for a first date. That would just suck.”

“Oh, so this is a date?” She questioned with a snarky tone to her voice as they sat in a booth waiting for someone to take their order.

“Only if you’d like it to be, because I know I do,” he responded resting his arms on the table, muscles showing considering he was only wearing a cutoff.

“I do,” she giggled back causing him to smile as a girl walked over to take their order. “Can I get a bacon burger with sweet potato fries please.”

“Make that two please with two waters and a large chocolate shake.” She nodded, stalking off leaving the two to talk, waiting for their dinner.

“So, how long until your knee is healed and you get off those crutches?” Calum asked picking at his nails.

“I have to go in for surgery next Thursday morning. And a month after that I’ll start PT for about six months so…it’ll be a process,” she responded as he nodded his head before looking back to her.

“So you’ll miss the last game next Friday?”

“I’ll be at your playoff games. I just can’t really go out the day after surgery. I don’t know how much pain I’ll be in and everything, you know?”

“That makes sense,” he responded sipping at his water.

The dinner went by quickly, both of them giggling every few minutes from the messes on their face as they ate. Y/n drove Calum back to his house after the dinner, ending abruptly in a quick kiss on the cheek before the promise of seeing each other after the game tomorrow. When she entered her house, she was met with a confused look from her mom who didn’t seem too happy.

“You missed dinner.”

“Shit. I’m sorry. I forgot to call. I went to dinner with a friend.”

“A friend?” She questioned, a smirk falling on her face as she sat on the couch. “A boy friend? Wait, that boy you’ve been helping to train?”

“Yeah, that boy,” y/n responded sitting on the couch next to her young, single mother who’s hair was up in a messy bun, sharing almost the same exact facial features as her daughter except for the different eye color and nose, as well as hair color.

“Well, then, you’re forgiven. I’ve glad you’ve made a friend, y/n. I know this has been a difficult few weeks, adjusting and having to give up football, but everything happens for a reason, hon. But, your uncle called. He’ll be here the day after your surgery to spend time with you and he’s staying for a week. He’s bringing Brooklyn as well.” Y/n nodded her head at the name of her cousin slipping past her mom’s mouth. Her mom was 4 years younger than David, making her 37, having only been 20 when she had y/n, the father only making it to his daughter’s fifth birthday before deciding he wasn’t ready to have a family. It’s what pushed y/n to strive to be the best she could in anything to prove to her father she didn’t need him. She spent all her time with football, and if she wasn’t practicing, her nose was in a school book making sure she kept her grades up. She never had any strong relationships, usually being a shy kid and not liking to open up to new people.

“Sounds good, mum,” she responded as her mom stood up. That’s when y/n took in her mother’s appearance. “Got a date there, hot stuff?”

“Actually, yes…with a friend from work,” her mom responded laughing slightly. “Just a quick trip for ice cream.”

“Mm. Sure. Just make sure to wrap it up, mum.”


“Just looking out!” She responded heading down the hall to her room.


The next week flew by quickly, the boys winning their 2nd to last game by two, with a quick celebration in Ashton’s back yard; a few of the boys from the team (and Michael), as well as a few other friends, y/n included.

It was the morning of her surgery y/n’s nerves off the walls as she sat in the passenger of her mom’s bulky SUV at 5am for a 6:30 surgery. Both girls, sporting messy buns on the top of their heads, looked tired as hell as they listened to soft rock to keep them awake the entire drive into Sydney. Y/n’s phone started to ring catching her off guard, answering it without looking at the caller ID.

“Hello?” she asked sleepily.

“Good morning, beautiful. I just wanted to say good luck with your surgery today and that, if you’re up for it, I can come over tomorrow after the game for a movie night or something,” Calum said into the phone groggily, obviously just waking up now, even though he didn’t have to be at school until 8:00, having no early morning session considering the final game before the playoffs was the next day.

“Oh…thanks Cal. I appreciate it. And I’d really like that actually. My uncle’s going to be in town with my cousin to visit, just a heads up,” she responded not giving names.

“Alright. But, I’ll let you go so I can get another hour of sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He hung up abruptly after that bringing a smile to her face as her mom continued the drive.

“Was that the boy friend?”

“Yes, if your implying that he’s a boy that’s a friend, mum.”

“That’s what I’m implying, hon. Boy, friend, soon to be boyfriend,” she said laughing causing her daughter to roll her eyes.


Y/n woke up the next day,not remembering much after the anesthesia, her knee wrapped up kindly in gauze, the ace bandage next to her bed waiting for it to be wrapped back onto the injury, the feeling of the swelling in her knee foreign to her. The clock across the room read 13:47, the game started in thirteen minutes and she had already slept through breakfast and lunch. Pushing herself up from the bed, grabbing her crutches in the process heading to the living room where she heard laughing coming face to face with Brooklyn Beckham as he attempted to exit the kitchen.

“Well good morning sunshine,” he said sidestepping so y/n could enter the kitchen, her uncle rising from the table to give his niece a quick hug before returning to his seat next to his sister. “How’s the knee, cuzzo?”

“Sore. It doesn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would. I’m still really tired, though,” y/n responded to Brooklyn’s question as her mom placed a sandwich in front of her.

“I’m just glad you’re alright. Vic and the younger kids send their love. Now, who’s this boyfriend your mother’s been telling me about?”

“How about we talk about B’s girlfriend, year?” she tried to change the subject not really knowing what to say about her situation with Calum. Ever since the night when they went to dinner, he would kiss her in school and openly flirt with her, yet there were never any talks about what they were. She just assumed she should be off the market.

“We already talked about Chlo while you were asleep. Your turn,” Brooklyn teased causing her to roll her eyes as David rested his head in his hands on the table. “Let’s hear about your little friend.”

“His name’s Calum, he’s on the football team, and I cussed him out the first day I met him. And we aren’t dating,” she said adding in that last bit of information.

“But your face is turning pink. You like him. When do we get to meet him?”

“You don’t, Brooklyn,” she muttered taking a bite of her sandwich. “You get to meet Harper’s boyfriend when she gets one. I’m not Harper.”

“As your surrogate brother, I volunteer to make sure that he is good enough to date you.” He threw his arm over her shoulder smiling causing her to roll her eyes once again.

“Fuck off, Beckham.”


Y/n sat on her couch waiting for Calum to respond to her multiple texts as Brooklyn threw in a movie pulling a box of pizza on his lap. Their parents had gone out for a few drinks to catch up in Sydney, about thirty minutes away from her house.

“So, where’s lover boy? It’s pushing ten thirty,” Brooklyn asked biting into a slice of pizza. She shrugged her shoulders slightly checking her phone once again sighing before deciding to look at her snapchat, seeing an update from the Hood boy himself.

“WE FUCKING WON! WE’RE HOLDING THE TOURNEY!” He yelled into the camera clearly intoxicate before pressing his lips to the female next to him hearing Luke yell in the background “FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY!”

“What the hell was that?” Brooklyn laughed as y/n chucked her phone at her cousin, pulling the pillow into her lap.

“The boy friend,” she muttered back.

Connection Twenty Three

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Two. Three Four.  Five. Six. Seven. Eight.  Nine.  Ten.  Eleven.  Twelve.  Thirteen.  Fourteen.  Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen.  Eighteen.  Nineteen.  Twenty.   Twenty One.   Twenty Two.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word Count: 4178

A/N: ***possible spoilers with the new episode of Sherlock.*** A few lines borrowed from The Lying Detective in BOLD at the end of this part. If you haven’t seen the most recent episode, the last part of this chapter will be a spoiler. 

Your name: submit What is this?

It was on the plane to London that you got your first solid lead. You were reading the newspaper when Vic sat down after her third walkabout of the plane. You chalked it up to habit but didn’t discourage it either.

“Whatcha reading?” Her Irish accent was completely gone once she stepped into the airport and it still sounded weird.

You threw a glance at her as you replied. “Some big shot hunter. I’ll never understand men who think it’s a sport to hunt animals with high-powered weapons.”

She looked closer at the picture and scoffed, “that sonofabitch doesn’t stick to animals. He’s got some balls going public.” She skimmed some of the article, “he published a book? Jesus, he’s got someone with power backing him to show his face like that.”

You studied her. “Why?”

“Because that grade A asshat is a sniper for hire. Animals are not his only game. We were on him for a while after he got dismissed from this semi-secret group of the British military, the first Bangalore Pioneers. He was up to some nasty shit but they didn’t have any evidence to charge. That’s kind of the whole problem with secret groups. He went underground and lost his tails, no easy feat considering the two agents that were following him. Last time we had eyes on him, I should’ve taken the shot but Mycroft was insistent.”


Her brow furrowed then she cursed under her breath, “his power issues are fucking legendary.” She stabbed the picture of the man smiling above the dead lion. “He was the sniper watching John that day at St. Bart’s.”

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If You Were A Movie {Kellic Oneshot}

Let’s start off my new blog with a bang.



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Vic Fuentes- Can you come over? (Request)

(To the requester: Happy late birthday ((again)) ^~^ I’m sorry this took so long. I hope you like it)

(Summary: You have a bad day at school and Vic comes over to watch movies and eat snacks. When you get ready for bed ~stuff~ happens but it’s slow and gentle because it’s your first time ((also I used the name Lyss for the requester)) Enjoy. Again, sorry it took so long)

(Just a little note: I know the summary says slow and gentle. I’m sorry. I tried my best to make it as soft as possible, but I don’t think I did a very good job at it because I don’t really have any personal experience with “soft” stuff so I’m sorry if it’s not as gentle as you might want it to be. I’m only writing off of what I personally think is gentle and my experience. Again, I apologize)

You walked into your house and slammed the front door behind you. You threw your backpack down and let out a frustrated groan that developed into a whimper. You didn’t care if you were being loud. Nobody else was home anyways.

School had been crap all day. At least it was Friday. You had been feeling a little depressed and you needed the weekend to recharge. Your boyfriend, Vic, didn’t go to school that day so not seeing him only made things worse.

You decided to call him. You took out your phone, walked into the living room, and collapsed on the couch as the phone rang.

He picked up. “Hey, babe.”

“Hey…” you replied quietly.

“What’s wrong? Bad day?”

You scoffed. “More like a bad week. School’s just been horrible…can you come over? I’m going to have the house to myself this weekend and I really don’t want to be alone…”

“Yeah, of course, Lyss. I’ll be there soon.”

You hung up and laid there on the couch. Your eyes got a little heavier as you waited for Vic to come over. What was taking him so long? He didn’t live that far away and it wasn’t like he was busy with school work. He didn’t even go that day.

Just as you were about to drift off to sleep, you heard a knock on the door. You stood up and stumbled to the front door. As you opened it, you rubbed your eyes and squinted from the sunlight. You saw Vic’s figure standing in front of you and he smiled.

“Were you taking a nap or something?”

“Yeah, I guess you can say that.”

Vic walked in and you noticed that he had his backpack on and had bags in his hand.

“I hope you don’t mind” he explained. “I stopped by the store and got some things I thought would make you feel better.”

You led him into the living room and he set the bags on the coffee table. You then both sat down on the couch next to each other.

“Also, my parents think I’m staying the night at a friend’s house, so…you won’t have to spend tonight alone…uh, that’s why I have my backpack. I have my clothes and toothbrush and stuff in it” Vic said a little awkwardly. It was cute though. His cheeks were getting more and more red.

You smiled and blushed as well. Vic was so sweet for not wanting you to be lonely, and plus, it was adorable when he was shy.

You turned to the bags on the table and Vic started to take the things out.

“I got you your favorite candies and sodas and I also bought some of the movies you’ve been dying to see. I was thinking we could watch them to get your mind off of school.”

Vic mentioned school and you remembered what you wanted to ask him. “Oh, yeah, I forgot to ask. Why weren’t you at school today, you jerk?” You playfully punched his arm. “You left me alone in that hell hole.”

“Come on, I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.”

“It was! Math was so boring without you there to pass notes to and I didn’t have a lab partner in science so I had to do the whole experiment by myself.”

Vic laughed softly and wrapped his arms around you.

“I’m sorry, babe” he said through his chuckles before kissing your cheek.

(A little bit later)

The evening went on and eventually the sun began to set completely. You and Vic ate candy while cuddling together and watching the movies he bought. It started getting late and the movie you were watching was almost over. You let out a cute little yawn, making Vic smile.

“You tired?” he asked before drinking the last of his soda.

“Yeah…a little bit…you wanna go lay down to go to sleep?” you asked innocently.

“Yeah…let me just change first.”

Vic grabbed his backpack and went to the bathroom to change his clothes. You headed off to your bedroom and put on your cute tank top and shorts. Just as you finished adjusting your shirt, Vic walked in wearing a T-shirt with the sleeves cut off and some basketball shorts. He set down his bag next to your bed and then made his way over to you. He wrapped his arms around your waist.

“You’re so beautiful” he said as he leaned down to kiss your forehead.

You led him to the bed and you both laid down. Vic pulled you into his arms and you rested your head on his chest.

“I love you” you said sweetly.

“I love you too, Lyss.”

You smiled and gave Vic a kiss. When you pulled away, Vic looked into your eyes in a way he never did before. He went in for another kiss. This time it was longer.

The two of you repositioned yourselves so Vic was hovering over you. You continued to make out.

Your arms wrapped around Vic’s neck and his body was positioned in between your legs. He started kissing your neck and you felt his hand start to slide up your shirt.

You pushed his hand away a little and Vic stopped.

“What’s wrong?” he asked with concern.

You had never done anything like that with Vic before. Hell, you had never done anything like that with anyone before. The most you had ever done with Vic was make out so it kinda freaked you out a bit when things started to go a little farther.

“I-…I’m sorry” you managed to get out. “I just got a little nervous, I guess.”

Vic let out a small sigh, relieved that it was just nervousness, not rejection. He smiled in an effort to comfort you.

“It’s okay, Lyss. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

You looked down so you wouldn’t have to look Vic in the eyes when you said what you told him next.

You spoke quietly. “But…I do want to” you said shyly. “It’s just that…I’ve never done…that…before and I’m kinda scared…”

Vic gently grabbed your chin with his index finger and his thumb and moved your face upward so you met his gaze.

“Lyss, it’s okay. There’s nothing to be scared of” Vic reassured you. “If you don’t like it, we can stop.”

You nodded your head and pressed your lips against Vic’s. You guys started to make out again, but this time Vic was a lot more gentle and soft.

You felt one of Vic’s hands lightly run down your side to your hip. You wrapped your arms around his neck again, Pulling his body closer to yours.

Vic tugged a little at the bottom of your tank top. You sat up and slipped it off. Once it was off, your arms covered your torso.

Vic kept his eyes above your neck, sensing that you were insecure. He took his shirt off too so you were more comfortable. He then took his shorts off so he was only in his boxers.

You felt a lot more confident with your body since you weren’t the only one being exposed. You moved your hands away from your torso and slid your shorts off.

Vic’s eyes traveled up and down your body and he smiled.

“You’re so beautiful” he said before he started kissing you again.

Vic reached behind your back and unhooked your bra. After it was off, he lowered his boxers and you did the same with your panties as he reached into his backpack for a condom.

He put it on and you laid down on your back. Vic hovered over you and positioned himself between your legs. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a quick nod to let him know it was okay to keep going.

Vic moved his body forward and you dug your nails into his skin. He pulled away and you let out a little whimper.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No.” You shook your head. “Keep going.”

Vic moved his body forward again, being sure to be very gentle, afraid of hurting you.

You could sense that he was afraid, so in an attempt to make him more comfortable, you pulled him in closer for a kiss, encouraging him to rock his hips at a more moderate pace.

You moaned into Vic’s mouth as you felt his hand slide down your side to your hip. Your hand reached up and grabbed a fist full of his hair, intensifying the kiss. Vic’s tongue took its time exploring your mouth while his hand reached down and he started making soft circles around your clit.

You pulled away and bit your lip. “Fuck…Vic..” you moaned quietly.

Vic’s lips met your neck and started kissing, immediately finding your sweet spot. Your moans got louder as Vic continued leaving marks and hickeys on your skin. His thrusts got faster and you heard him start to moan under his breath.

“Ugh, fuck…Lyss”

Hearing him moan your name gave you butterflies (in a good way of course).

Vic moved his hips faster yet sloppier and you felt yourself start to reach your high. Your arm’s grip around his neck tightened, pulling him closer as you moaned out breathlessly. Vic gave a few more thrusts and eventually slowed to a stop to catch his breath.

He breathed heavily and looked down at you and smiled. He pulled out and awkwardly got up, grabbed his boxers, and started heading off to the bathroom to take the condom off. You giggled a little. His awkwardness was still adorable.

When he was out of the room, you put on your bra and panties and laid back down in bed. Vic came back in, only wearing his boxers, and walked back to the bed. He laid down next to you and pulled the covers over the both of your bodies.

He pulled you closer to him and gave you a kiss on the forehead.

“I love you, Vic” you said quietly.

“I love you too” you heard Vic respond before you fell asleep in his arms.


Hola there friends. So this is a Kellic fic I wrote at like 3 am a few nights ago. And it’s obviously a joke, but read if you want. 

Kellin sat on his bed, crying because Valentines day was tomorrow and he didn’t have a date yet. He stared intensely at a picture of him and his best friend, Vic. Except he didn’t want to be just friends with his Taco. He desperately wished that Vic would ask him out for Valentines.

Vic sat in his car that was parked outside of the local flower shop. He wanted to go in and get flowers for his best friend, and crush, Kellin. But Vic was worried that Kellin didn’t like him in the same way. Right then his phone rang. It was Kellin’s roommate, Justin.
“Yo there home dizzle,” Vic answered. “What’s da stitch?”
“Hey hey Manfred Mann. So um, Kellin was like ‘yo bro, don’t tell Vic but ya know, I kinda gots a thang for the Mexican chicken wang (aka Vic)’. And I was like sure dawg I won’t tell Vic, but like now he’s crying over you, and you know, he won’t fucking stop. And like I know you like him cuz your lil brosif totally told me and like…I think you should totally ask him ouuuut dudde.”
Then he hung up and got out of his car.
So there was Vic standing in the line to pay for the 12 roses he decided to give Kellin when he asked him out when he saw a sign above his head that read, “Why be you when you can be cheesy you”. And Vic saw this as a sign. He put one of the roses back and picked out a fake rose that looked nothing like the rest.
He payed for the flowers and left the shop. It was 7:00 pm and he hadn’t eaten dinner so he decided to get some food at the convenience store before he went to Kellin’s.

Kellin heard the door bell ring and he yelled at Justin to answer it. A large bang was made as he fell back, face first onto his bed. He wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone. He felt a pressure on his ankles. Looking up he saw Justin grabbing his legs and pulling him off his bed.
“Get up you crusty turd and go see who’s at the doorzzle.”
Kellin screamed in his girly high pitched voice.
He heard a voice come from outside of his room.
A very familiar voice.
The very same voice that belonged to his Taco bean!
“Vic!” he cried out.
It was at this moment that Justin left the room.
Kellin tried to hug Vic but he was stopped. And he was very hurt.
'Why don’t he wanna be huggin me? I’m perfect and adorable.’ Kellin thought to himself.
“Kellin,” Vic started, “I um…I wanted to know if um…youzzle wanna go out like on a date or sumthin. I don’t know like if you totally don’t want to I mean that’s cool. Like no homo bro. It’s good. I’ll just leave.”
“No, Vic. Stay. I would lv to go on a datle w/u.”
“Wait. Really?” Vic was very confused even though Justin told him Kellin really liked him.
“What the hell do you think, fucko? Of courszle.”
They embrace each other and kiss for the first time. While they are doing this, Kellin realizes that Vic is holding something in his left hand. They separate.
“What you be holdin there, Viccy?” He asks.
“Oh, ya. I almost forgot,” Vic almost forgot the flowers. “I gotchu some fluers. I’ll luv u til de last 1 goes ded, Kelly.”
“Oh my goshh, Vic! That’s so kawaii ^__^! But wait. Fluers dun’t last very long. R u sayin you only luv me fur like 2 weiks???!”
“Nonononoonnoonononoonononnoonononononononoononononononnoononononoonnoononoononononononononoonononononoononononononoonononononoononoononononoonoonononoonononoononononoononononoonononononononononononoononononoononononononononononoonononononononononoonononoononononooonononoononononononoononononononoonononononoonnoonononnoo, Kelly. You see one of de fluers is a fak so it wun’t evr ded!<3”
“AHHHHH that’s tooo swet, Vic. I lov you sososoooo much!!”
“Also, I brought snacks,” and Vic holds ups bag of Doritos and turns his head to the side and smiles, as if he’s looking at a camera.

2 years later
Kellin and Vic were living a very normal and loving life. But to Kellin, Vic seemed to be slipping away. Yet he knew that as long as the rose didn’t die, neither would Vic’s love for him. They kept the rose in a vase near the fireplace as a symbol of their love.
It was cold one night so Kellin decided to turn on the fire as they cuddled together. They started to fall asleep in each other’s arms.
However, Vic left a stack of papers right beside it. And they were awfully close to the flames.
Vic woke up a few hours later to the sound of the fire alarm going off. He looked up to see massive flames growing all around him and Kellin.
“Kellllllllllllbellllllllllll!! Wak up ders a fuirr!!!!!” He tried to grab his boyfriend, but Kellin just smacked him in the face.
“Just lik 5 MOR MINITS,” he demanded.
“Ahh fuk dis,” Vic started gathering the things he wanted to save and pulled out some rope.
Kellin started to wake up and realized what was happening, “AHH sshit BRO Y DINT U DO NOTHIN??!!”
He tried to get up but he couldn’t. He looked down and saw that he was tied to the couch and couldn’t get up. Vic started leaving out the front door trying to make a quick getaway.
“Whateru doin??” Kellin cried out, “y r u levin me here. I thought u luved me, Taco?”
Vic gestured up to the rose in the vase, or what was left of it. It took Kellin a moment but finally understood. The rose was dying, and so was Vic’s love for him. It was melting in the fire, unfortunately, this was very similar to what was happening with Kellin at the same moment.
Kellin screamed out in anguish as the flames engulfed his writhing body.
Vic had ran halfway down the street before he went back for one last thing. He came back just in time to see the destruction of Kellin’s body. But before he left he grabbed the Gucci purse that belonged to his now deceased boyfriend and opened it up to find bags of cheese supreme Doritos.