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After V’s Route

actually I have A LOT to say after playing V’s route, but I’m so tired so let me just skip it.
I might want to write my thought in Chinese but I’m too tired to translate into English so… lolol

As soon as I finished V’s route, I immediately replay common route to find my sweetheart Yoosung ;___;
and of course he is willing to give me a lot of hourglasses…  JK.
I really miss his sweetness.

Every time I feel depressed I always want to hear his voice.

Thank you my cutie pie <3

Preferences: When You Die

Requested by @kalliequeenofhell. I’m really sorry this took like forever to do, and I hope you enjoy nevertheless :)

A/N: Our sweet King of Hell, Crowley, is in this one too :) Also, this is super angsty, just a warning.


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Dean knew hunting was dangerous. But, he never thought you’d leave him so early. It was a simple vampire case gone wrong; there were simply just too many of them. You had saved a five year old boy before being overpowered. By the time Dean could get to you, all you could do was squeeze his hand and choke out an “I love you” before going limp. He’d replay those words in his mind for as long as he lived.


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Sam had lost a lot of people in his life, but he wasn’t ready to lose you too. The day you met your fate, you, Dean, and Sam had been battling a witch. Dean had been knocked out, and you had been knocked down. As Sam was trying to help you up, you saw the witch take aim. Before she could hit Sammy, you had pushed him out of the way and taken the hit. Dean wakes and takes care of the witch as Sam leans over your trembling body. You tell him that you did this because you love him, and at that moment, Sam promises himself that your sacrifice and love will not be in vain.


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Cas had seen many brutal, heartbreaking things in his days as an angel, but nothing compares to when he sees your eyes glaze over in death. You had sustained a deep gash in your side from a werewolf, and Cas didn’t have enough grace to save you. Your last dying words were telling Cas you loved him and that you’d see him in heaven one day. All Cas could do was mourn and pray for that day to come soon.


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When news comes back to Crowley that you were killed on a hunt, he completely shuts down. He hardly spoke to anyone and refused to do anything. But, after about a month of this, Crowley’s emotion wall tumbles down. One of his demons found him screaming at nothing as he whimpered your name, begging you to come back to him.

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One of the things I love most about your posts is how you always make characters who are funny and at the same time really real. I'm really enjoying your new style of writing because it gets into their thoughts a bit more, and... yeah. Just wanted to let you know how brilliant you are!

Well first I wish to start this response by wiping the ugly crying tears that your kind, sweet message has caused, nonny. I am trying really to put more effort into this legacy and it’s so encouraging that you like it. I intend to continue with the weird characters because they’re sims and sims are weird little creatures with odd quirks and generally filled with silliness. 

This really brightening my night (cause it’s night :p). Thank you. ♥


Hey y’all this was a spur of the moment thing, hope you like it! I love Voltron and Bts so much so I thought it would be fun! 

Jin: Allura

Bossy, loud af, lowkey annoying but you love them anyway 

Yoongi: Keith 

Moody, can never really tell how they’re feeling 

Namjoon: Shiro 

an actual dad, definiton of protecc but also atacc

Hoseok: Hunk 

pure sunshine 

Jimin: Pidge 

smart, kinda judgmental 

Taehyung: Lance 

flirty, cute, tries hard 

Jungkook: Lotor 

sweet but evil, hate to love him but you do

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35 & 49 UF Papyrus and Grillby please and thank you

How is your character’s imagination? Daydreaming a lot? Worried most of the time? Living in memories?

Pyrus (uf!papyrus)

  • Pyrus has a very creative mind, so imagining things comes easy to him. But life in Underfell has taught him to stay sharp and focused when not in his own home. Otherwise he could be surprise attacked. 
  • So no daydreaming or getting lost in thought. Ever. But while alone in his room he likes to sit and ponder over what surface life could be like for him and Sans…

Does your character like candy? Do they get sugar rushes? What are they like when they get a rush?

Grillbz (ut!grillby)

  • It really depends on the candy I think. Anything sickly sweet he’ll avoid. But he does like sour candies quite a bit. They tickle his mouth. And no, flame elementals on the whole don’t really get sugar rushes. 
  • Their ‘bodies’ burn through foods/drinks faster. So if they DID manage to get a sugar rush it’d only last for a few seconds before the sugar was gone. Same with alcohol. Grillby could down a full keg of monster brew and barely come close to buzzed.

I drew them shortly after Jed’s release, haha. You can see how mad I, I mean THE LIL BOI was at first. I’d like to imagine that Baby William wouldn’t get angry so easily. He’s not an angry bab no no. But WHEN he gets mad. Ohoho beware, this lil sunshine can get very “uncomfortable” (he thought he had to share his beloved chainsaw toy, oh dear). He gets really puffy and red cheecks and turns into a sulky, angry lil floof. Elise is quite chill with him since she knows that he evtually calms down very soon so she rather enjoys his tantrums, haha. In such situations he usually calls after her anyways. They have a thing with random screaming. (”Mama” is also the only word he can say until now…)

tchernobog ha respondido a tu publicación “So, what do you think about the last episode of the show? Do you like…”

There was a ton of raritwi hugs and snuggles. I think you’re seeing things, apri :P

Sweet pure great Jesus, Tcherno, I just said I liked the little rarijack moments. I did see the other interactions as well, Raripie and Rarilight were the bigger ones (I honestly didnt see a lot of raridash like other people claim) But yeah, I guess I’m seeing things, like the moment AJ told Rarity she thought she became the brightest filly in Equestria

Or AJ staring at Rarity with a lovely gaze after reassuring her her mane was fine 

Or when AJ winked at Rarity twice

Im gonna always talk about the rarijack, I think we all know that by now xD If I dont mention other ships is because I dont really care and hence is not worth talking about it for me so pretty please dont make my posts about what they are not or I’ll have to fight you (ง'̀-‘́)ง

Real Talk

Where do I put like….a disclaimer so no one gets confused?

I loved the movie IT. I thought the kids were great characters, and think a couple of their ships are cute.

I like them in a sweet, kids with an innocent crush kind of way, and that’s it. They are literal children, after all.


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omg! I'Ve bEen Waiting~! A fluffy-fluff make-out session of reo with fem s/o pls! 💕 i fell in love with your akashi scenario 😍

You couldn’t help but laugh as Mibuchi kissed at your closed eyelids, his lips brushing gently over the thin skin. You keep feel his own lashes fluttering over your face, giving you little butterfly kisses here and there. He was smiling, that much you could tell by the way his mouth curved against you. Each kiss came away with an over exaggerated sound, little ‘mwah’s and ‘smooch’es leaving his lips.

“You know,” he said, pausing mid affection to give a moment to thought. “Doing this is so sweet, but I know something sweeter.”

Placing his lips over yours, Mibuchi gave you a kiss that already had you feeling a little breathless in the very first moments. You could almost feel him chuckling to your reaction, his head tilting just a bit as he tilted your chin to gain better access. When his tongue brushed over your lips, smooth and delicate, you easily opened up to give him the room he desired.

“Mmm,” he purred, pulling away with a little bit of a pop. “That. That is so much sweeter.”

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Hansol came out as Asexual right? So correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't that mean that he's okay with dating but he doesn't want to have sex? Because from my knowledge that's what it means......

I mean, he stated “I thought about this, and I’m asexual. I don’t like anyone. I only like myself.” “I just like my friends and family.”

Idk if that means he isn’t willing to date in the future but he seems to enjoy being independent at the moment and doesn’t seem to want a relationship (opinion).

Either way he’s a sweet man and I’ll be happy with whatever he does with himself.

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So I saw your drawing of your OCs with pokemon and had the thought that Shiloh would 100% be the type of person to accidentally befriend all the legendary pokemon. Like there's a hurt and lost mew? He gently patches em up and gives the little guy the best berries. Celebi is sick and dirty? Give the little one a gentle warm bath in purified water and some sweet poffins. It gets to the point that one day Charon comes home from shopping to find Lugia just laying outside the house, head in a window

this is so Right im yelling

Samhain Poem

This is a poem I wrote last Halloween. Originally I had submitted it for a poetry contest, but it was a bust. So now I thought I’d share it with you because it always gets me in a spooky mood! I hope you enjoy! 

Soft, chilling breezes fall over the town,

Smells of pumpkin, cinnamon, and sweets all around.

Leaves change color and ride on the wind,

It’s like we’re awoken from deep, deep within.

Jack-o-lanterns glow, a flame from inside,

Children dressed up, witches on a broom ride.

The candles will burn as the sun leaves to set,

The thinning veil rising where spirits don’t fret.

The bone-chilling feeling of Samhain beginning,

The witches start lurking, ancestors’ bells ringing.

The darkness consumes every being in sight,

That’s when magic happens, in the dark of the night.

Black cats, bats, and ghosts come searching for souls,

Costumes and parties confuse all the ghouls.

Orange, red, black, and brown everywhere,

People are waiting to give a good scare.

Witches chime all for one, one for all,

“Oh spirits come greet us,” the cauldron’s smoke tall.

As skeletons dance under the bright moon,

Covens of witches and humans join too.

As Halloween night comes to a halt,

Supernatural creatures go back to their vault.

When the sun starts to rise and the darkness fades,

A new morning begins, crisp and hoorayed.

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Because of how much darker Percy's personality is in the Madness of Hera AU, will he eventually resort to something akin to bloodbending (so like, controlling a person by controlling the water in their body)? It's just a random thought that I had while reading. (Btw your stories are amazing how are you so good)

If that were going to happen why would I ruin it by telling you, silly! (Thank you so much that’s super sweet of you 😊)

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*hums backstreet boys all day*

I thought you were amazing before!! Now you’ve just won my heart with backstreet boys!! Btw you are an AMAZING writer and by far one of my top 10 favorites!!

ksjdhfkjsdhfksjdhf *faints* That is such a huge compliment, one that I cannot handle omg! THANK YOU!!!! 💖💖💖 So many HAPPY TEARS right now!!


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so uhhh ive been slipping slightly back into parappa and like

i thought abt sunny funny and how shes kinda just the sweet soft uwu love interest and i wanted her to go someplace more interesting and then my hands proceeded to vomit this monstrosity on the screen

i thought of sunny following in her dad’s footsteps and being a good lady with a real tough streak in her adult years which would make for a lot of fun scenarios and honestly it would be funny if sunny saved parappa from some horrible situation after he tried so hard to be a hero for her