i thought this was really sweet and emotional

Lams Fic Rec: Fluff

props to all the authors who provide this stuff. they’re the real heros. i’m just here to read all of it. feel free to recommend anything that you think deserves to be on this list. fics aren’t in any particular order.

laurens, i like you a lot, word count 5176, rated explicit

its got a teensy-weensy tiny bit of plot but I thought it was a really cute premise and it got sexy at the end (fake dating au? sort of)

Bold Strokes, word count 1777, rated teen

this!!! Im crying!! Alex thinks john is mad at him but really john just drew alex a bunch of times and feels guilty about it!!! My babies are too much!!

conifer, word count 1748, rated teen

historical lams, this one was so cute!! The emotions were very raw and you could tell how much they cared for each other (warning: gore for bandaging a wound)

And Now, word count 1578, rated teen

very sweet historical lams, complete with a john that needs reassurance and a love confession

visit philadelphia, word count 3575, rated general

wasn’t sure exactly where to categorize this. Historical lams, honestly the dialogue and just alex in general are golden in this one

sharing body heat in the passenger seat, word count 1626, rated teen

this one is very cute and popular! I wish it was longer!!

Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships, word count 607, rated general

I love this so much!! Its so cute and fluffy and it’s way too short (aka misunderstandings are my weakness)

take me home, word count 4492, rated teen

this one’s really cute, historical but I’m pretty sure its musical!verse, because a lot of the dialogue is modern. Anyway alex and john are in love and im in love with them being in love

The French Mistake, word count 3043, rated mature

a classic. Washington walks in on alex and john making out so they convince him that it is a customary French greeting, hilarity ensues. Includes Washington/lafayette


ideal type
jung joon hyung (남주혁 )

- is playful, teases me and has cute nicknames for me
- cute when jealous
- also cute when kiligon
- transparent about his emotions, will tell me how he really feels and is unafraid to show tears
- respects my feelings and is careful around other girls *bcs i am a jealous, petty person*
- sweet and thoughtful, takes care of me when i am sick
- is clingy, the right amount of clingy
- is proud to have me as his girl and shows me off in public *bcs oh my god cute*
- supports and cheers me on in my endeavors
- tells me i’m pretty when i feel like i’m not
- will try everything to cheer me up when i am sad *like acting silly, buying me food, saying encouraging words or just staying by my side*
- is still there for me even when i’m being stubborn, shows that he cares even when we’re mad at each other
- surprises me with his efforts, and just cutesy surprises in general *like buying me a hairpin or flowers that i like or food and taking me to the beach or amusement park and rides really tall rides even if he’s scared of them*
- takes candid pictures of me just because
- let’s me wear his sweaters, hehe
- someone i would be willing to give up my dreams for, yet i know he’d never ask that of me


Psych has been pretty important in my life, actually. I got into it because I’m into humor shows and my friend recommended it for that reason, but it’s really not just a humor show. It taught me a lot about  friendship and what it means to love unconditionally- Gus puts up with a lot from Shawn because he realizes how rare he is, and Shawn stays with Gus because Gus is one of the only constants in his life- a real, grounding presence in the midst of his lies and emotional barriers. I like that the show can switch from actiony and quippy to intimate and sweet so easily. I like that even in heartbreaking moments, it can be funny (like when Gus and Shawn thought they were about to die and they kept just joking around anyway) and it can be surprising in remarkable ways (like in the final episode, when Lassiter broke the goodbye disc before listening to it) 

This show has helped me face a lot of my fears; I was always awed by Shawns bluntness and unabashed silliness and his seeming inability to be insulted or put off his shenanigans. All the characters are very confident and unafraid to speak their minds: Carlton knows all about the Civil War and guns and WILL tell you about it, Juliet knows what she wants in life and won’t settle, Woody…is Woody. Unashamedly. That’s pretty rare to have. I took that confidence and have held it ever since. 

This is not an ordinary detective comedy. This is the show I sit down to watch after a bad day, only to find my day miraculously improved. This is the show where a guy can go from arguing about whether math is black, to assuring his best friend that he doesn’t blame him for getting them murdered. A gruff, condescending detective becomes gentler and learns to be less petty, and learns to love. A businesslike pharmacist realizes friendship and adventure are more important to him than a desk job.  A divorced dad moves on and fixes his relationship with his son. A fake psychic grows up a little bit.

So…good show or great show? I’ve heard it both ways.

tbh honestly one of the things that hit me hardest in all of op is that moment in marineford where ace is watching his crew and family fighting and dying all around him and he bows his head and starts sobbing but he’s so mad at himself because they’re tears of joy 

because even though the people he cares about most are getting hurt he’s just so floored that they’d be willing to go that far for him and he’s never really thought he was worth anything so he can’t help but be happy that oh my god, they do care, they do love me, they think i’m worth saving 

like what a complex and sad yet sweet emotion idk


i just watched “That Will Be All” and it was really good! although i do have questions but most of them are just because I havent seen the first 3 or 4 episodes before it because they havent been released yet. But this episode included singing with Yellow Diamond and the Blue/Yellow pearls and it was really sweet and it shows that Yellow Diamond really does have some type of emotion. We finally get to see the jasper-looking amethysts and they are all so different colored and adorable. We see a ruby that looks like our amethyst also and not like every other ruby we have seen. You thought all jaspers were big and brawl?? lol nope u wrong. we got skinny over here and I LOVE HER. she even has a belly gem. Holly Blue was the gem watching the amethysts or whatever and she got roasted by pearl, rip. Fusion between Ruby and Sapphire is always a wonderful sight, they also held hands. Crystal gems fight holly blue. And we see the outside of homeworld or just a piece of homeworld and its really pretty. Blue Diamond is also revealed for the first time(?). this all happened in 11 minutes


“It’s just that he reminds me of an inexperienced young idealist who thought he could save everything and everyone, but realized he was mistaken.”  - Magi chp. 295

Edit inspired by one of Ohtaka sensei’s backstage pictures. 

This quote by Sinbad in Magi chapter 295 really stood out to me. There are so many emotions packed into it and it clearly shows the divide between the caring, sweet, young adventurer that we know in SnB, and the jaded, precarious, devious man he has become. ;__; It’s times like this that I feel so bad for him and what he has suffered through in the past, even though we are not absolutely sure of what all that entailed. 

This makes me super worried for the future of Sinbad no Bouken. This traumatic episode will come soon enough… but I don’t think I’ll ever be ready… T^T

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i hate the fact that something will go horribly wrong at that party,jug deserves nice things. but, on the other hand we'll get some good emotional scenes with him and betty

as sweet and thoughtful as betty is, a party wasn’t a good idea. jughead’s an introvert. i’m thinking maybe she originally planned it as a small party with just their group, but it gets out of hand. it’s sad that he’s likely going to storm out, but i’m also really excited. it sounds like it’s going to be a very emotional episode for them, and having their first fight is going to cement them as a couple. the fact that they work through it and don’t just give up. it shows that they really want to be together and they aren’t just using each other for comfort from their family problems. plus, brian co-wrote the episode and he’s the writer that likes the most bughead tweets on twitter, so i’m expecting great things 


These are some of the amazing Halloween birthday gifts I got in the mail! Thank you so much, I cried a lot (in a good way). 

Thank you so much to everyone who reads our comic and supports us, through Patreon or visiting us at cons or coming to livestreams and sends us kind messages, it means so much!

It’s been a rough year, but these really sweet and thoughtful presents really gave me a much needed emotional boost.  Thank you <3

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I really like this blog! :D Could I please request headcanons of the main three having a pro fighter s/o? Only she's so sweet and quiet all the time that they have a hard time imagining her actually hurting anyone until they go see her fight for the first time and witness her showing all the raw emotion she usually suppresses. They also have to watch her get beat up, something they probably weren't prepared for. Cue the angst.


-Is actually pretty amazed

-Who thought that someone sweet could actually beat someone up

-Cheer for s/o very loudly

-Comforts them as good as he can when they loose


-Is somewhat scared

-Not scared of s/o, but scared for the people ho piss them off

-Always gets panicky during s/o’s matches because he’s scared for them

-Actually cries when s/o loses


-So cool!

-Always goes to their matches (but with his ‘best disguise’)

-Feels embarrassed if s/o finds out

-Is horrified watching s/o get beaten up and doesn’t even care about hiding the fact that he comes to watch their matches, he just goes to s/o and checks if they’re hurt badly

New Year’s Eve 1979- Kitty and Hyde

Season 8, Episode 22: That ‘70s Finale

Even though the series finale doesn’t give us of Jackie and Hyde, I really like how we see some really sweet moments between Hyde and the other important woman in Hyde’s life, Kitty.

Earlier in the episode we see Hyde buying Red Packer tickets to help get him to stay in Place because he knows Kitty has has second thoughts about moving. We even see Kitty giving him a big, long hug.

And then during Kitty’s emotional speech she calls Hyde “my second son” and tells him how much she adores him. This is probably one of the sweetest parts in the episode, the smile that Hyde gives at hearing this is the cutest. Even if it’s kinda hidden by the mustache.

Also gotta love the fact that it’s Kitty who is the one to tell Hyde he needs to shave that 40 year-old male prostitute mustache off.

But the moment between Hyde and Kitty in this episode that is really cute and makes their mother-son relationship feel even more real is this moment here following the last Foot in the Ass of the decade…

They clink their drinks together in a toast! It’s a little moment but a really sweet little moment.

This is also the last shot of the series that we see of Red and Kitty.

Posted for @stevenjburkhart

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I'm not sure if you've read this one yet, but I rediscovered "Emotional Warmth" by Rymdunge and thought you might like it. It's a short but really nice fluffy story. Happy weekend!

Hi! I’ve never heard of it but I just read it and you’re right, it’s so sweet and amusing. Thanks so much for the rec and have a lovely weekend! Emotional Warmth

Summary: Arthur has a lot to learn about modern society, but in this particular case, things worked out pretty well.

Okay, so I just thought of a Legend wedding and got really emotional for a bit.

It’s not a big wedding/small wedding but just imagine: Eden being Day’s best man, and Tess being the maid of honor. 

However, June’s sad because neither her father or Metias is there to walk her down the isle, but Aden being a great friend does it “to make up for what his father started” and June was honestly in tears when this convo went down. 

And gosh it’s such a sweet ceremony between two lovebirds who’ve been separated for like ten years and have spent the past year or two trying to remember. Every second is absolutely gut-wrenching love and emotional because of the intimacy that has grown over the past years of reunion that the other can’t possibly keep themselves from smiling or staring. Sometimes they catch  themselves and each other spacing off because they’re so wrapped up in each other. 

Finally, when they are announced as Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Altan Wing, they share a deep, sweet kiss that has June in tears because she’s been waiting so long for this, and Day seeing her this way is in tears too because he finally remembers clearly. 

And then they go have one bangin’ awesome afterparty, and all I can think about is their first dance being to this rendition of “Cant’ Help Falling In Love” because I’m positive that June would been into oldies because that’s what Metias would’ve listened to if he could because I know their parent’s would’ve (I’m not okay). And they can’t help but stare into each other’s eyes the entire time. 

Finally, it’s the mother/son-father/daughter dance and the two are like “shoot we’re orphans,” but nah, Tess comes in and she dances with day and Eden goes up to June and dances with her and I’m rambling because it’s the sweetest thing. Of course, Aden has his turn after politely asking Eden. And of course, Day and June dance away some more. 

But then there’s the toasts and stories. 

Eden would absolutely have the best speech. It’d be full of puns and he’d definitely keep it upbeat. “Yeah, I saw it coming, even if I couldn’t physically see it at the time, I saw it!” and “You know I had a really good bonding session with june in that hospital wing the night of the attack. You could say we had a nice gurney that day.”

And Tess would retell their entire life story (minus the killer your brother/parent/sibling thing. “I remember the first time we met June, it was during a Skitz fight. Day was observing from above, and I was in the crowd making bets. Somehow, I got pushed into the ring, but June took place and absolutely DEMOLISHED Kaede. Course, she did get stabbed in the side, but then we never would have met. And even despite you getting in the way of mine and Day’s life together… I’m glad you did.”

And then Aden would slyly be picking on Day in the entire speech. “Yeah, I mean life was great until that msifit came in and ruined my love life, but without him, I guess the military would still be in power, so I guess I owe him.”

And then for June and Day, their toasts would be absolutely full of tears. June would be reflective of everything that happened because she remembers it the most: “Growing up, I always worked hard to beat the mysterious legend Day… Never did I think that one day he’d become my best friend and show me the truth. Tracking him down and entering that skitz fight was both the worst and best thing I’ve ever done. The road to get here wasn’t easy… But it was definitely worth it.’

And Day would just absolutely be in shambles by the time he has to go: “I’ve never exactly had it easy. Even with June, my life was never easy until after the war… but it was certainly brighter. I called myself Day because every day that you have on their earth counts, and June is the night to my day. She’s bright life the stars and just as beautiful, if not more, than the sun. I never completely recovered all my memories, but i do have some glimpses of what it was like before my brain fell apart. I remember the days in the cell where you’d secretly give me water. I remember the time I carried you into the Colonies. I even remember the time I lay on the hard ground with you reassuring me I’d be alright. And in that hospital, the day I woke up, you were the first to greet me… But i had no idea who you were. And you let me believe that because you didn’t want to give me any more heartbreak. Now we’re back here because I’m positive that our reunion wasn’t just a hoax my Tess. It was fate.”

And there’s more, but I’m getting too emotional but so would they and I just really want them to be happy

Other non-spoilery early ME:A impressions now that my trial’s run out:

I’m like, 98% certain that Dr. Harry Carlyle is the same guy who voiced Primarch Victus and I missed every single thing he said trying to pinpoint where I recognized that voice from.

So far it looks like I’m gonna have to eat my words about Cora and I have never been happier to be wrong, I actually really like her so far. Way more complex and with a greater depth of character and emotion than I thought they’d give to her. Liam is still pretty much what I’d expected, he’s really sweet and endearing if a little trigger happy, I have a feeling I’m gonna like him a lot more once I see him interacting with more of the crew since “The Power of Friendship” seems to be his shtick.

The actual crew of the Tempest is pretty “meh” so far, honestly. I have a feeling I’m gonna like Gil the best just because he has the strongest personality, he seems like he’ll be fun to talk to. Suvi seems nice but her VA is… not… that good. And Kallo seems like a sweetie, very friendly, but for some reason the pilot is the only character I’m hung up on not-replacing so I can’t get past that mental block of “he’s no Jeff Moreau ://” which I admit is really unfair to Kallo but this is about MY impressions and that’s my impression.

Just met Vetra and Peebee but so far I really like Vetra, I can’t really go into why without spoiling anything but she’s like turian Lando Calrisian. And yes, Lando, not Han, because she actually does what she says she can and is responsible for people other than herself. I love Han but he is a fuckup. Lando is a much more flattering comparison for smooth talkin space smugglers. 

ALSO, mild teeny tiny spoiler but she’s friends with Kesh and that is how I know we’re going to be friends because I literally burst into tears with how much I immediately loved Kesh so I imagine Vetra will appreciate that i like her friends.

 I’m still a little wary over Peebee just because so much of her character reads like a manic pixie dreamgirl who’s quirky to appeal to men who like that type of character and not just restless and full of wanderlust and thrillseeking as her own personal character traits/flaws. I want to like her but I am Concerned. But like, I’d literally JUST met her when my time ran out so I really hope I turn out to be wrong.

All in all I’m enjoying it so far tho, and I’m sitting here waiting desperately for it to be time to play the actual game already because I know I was like, at most thirty minutes away from meeting Drack and I’M READY TO MEET ALL MY SPACE FRIENDS.

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Even numbers for S&C Jessix? :D

2. Who is the big spoon/ Who is the little spoon? Jesse is generally the big spoon, being so much bigger, but he is not above being held by Kix.

4. Who wakes the other one up with kisses? Could honestly go either way, but I feel Jesse wakes up before Kix more often than not, even if only by a few minutes.

6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/ Who would have them in the middle of the day? Kix in the middle of the night for sure. 

8. Who sleeps in their underwear (or naked)/ Who sleeps in their pajamas? Naked, both of them. Boxers just get in the way. Unless Anomaly is spending the night,then they’ll wear their boxers. 

10. Who likes sweet/ Who likes sour? Jesse likes to say “You’re all the sweet I need, Kixystix.” Because he can. But he won’t say no to candy either.

12. Who is smol/ Who is tol? Jesse is definitely bigger than Kix. Neither of them are upset about it either.

14. Who kills the spiders? Jesse tells Kix to please take them outside now. thank you very much. Kix rolls his eyes, but does it anyway 

16. Who is scared of thunderstorms? Neither of them. They love to watch/listen to them together.

18. Who is a cat person/ Who is a dog person? They both like both, but I feel like Kix leans a bit more towards cats and Jesse dogs, but they are content with either really.

20. Who is dominant/ Who is submissive? Kix has a dominant streak a mile wide, but sometimes he just needs Jesse to take care of him.

22. Who goes all out for Valentine’s Day? Jesse, the sap. But he’ll do something for just the two of them. They don’t waste their time going out, they spend the night or entire weekend in.

24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener? Jesse could listen to Kix talk all day, be it about work in the clinic, some new procedure, or the newest songs/mixes he’s got for the club.

26. Who likes to eat healthy/ Who loves junk food? Kix makes sure they both eat pretty well, but they both are not above indulging every now and then. Jesse more than Kix though “I’m a big boy, I need more calories Kixystix.” winks

28. Who is the book worm? They both like to read, but different things. Jesse will be reading mysteries, scifi, fantasy, thrillers, while Kix generally is reading scientific journals/articles and such. Though he loves to have Jesse tell him about whatever new book he’s found.

30. Who likes long walks on the beach? Both of them oh my god. ?Sunscreen Jesse.

32. Who likes to have really long (deep) conversation? Both of them, they could talk for hours. 

34. Who would wear “if lost return to…” t-shirt/ Who would wear “I am…” t-shirt? Oh god Jesse absolutely has the “If lost return to Kixystix” Kix wearing the “I’m Kixystix” Fives got them for them.

36. Who is the social media addict? Neither of them really? Jesse has an instagram, but they are mostly of Kix and of wherever they are. So many with Kix and sunsets omg.

38. Who likes to star gaze? Neither of them are huge into it, but both of them love to sit out for meteor showers. 

40. Who is the fun parent/ Who is the responsible parent? Kix can be such a motherhen. He doesn’t really mean to, he just worries. Jesse will back up Kix, but will also be the one to sneak cookies to you behind Kix’s back Kix always knows anyway.

42. Who is the neat freak? Kix. Jesse isn’t a slob, but do you know what kind of microbes live in wet towels

44. Who is active/ Who is lazy? Neither of them is lazy. Kix is always doing something. And Jesse works out a lot, but they definitely like to lay together on the couch and relax together when they get the chance.

46. Who has the longer food order? They order sooo much food. Jesse, can pack a lot away, and both of them love leftovers.

48. Who loses stuff? Kix, mostly because he knows he put this away now where did it go? only to find he put it away in a different spot.

50. Who is the hopeless romantic? Jesse. Oh my god. And he tailors everything specifically to Kix.


Bill took a deep breath and couldn’t really believe what he saw in the mirror. He loosened and re-tied his bow-tie again, he lost count how often he had been doing this, watching his fingers move slowly in a numb lull of his own thoughts. He never thought he’d make it this far, he never thought he’d be here doing this of all things. Him, Bill cipher, the eye of providence and all knowing starter of the long forgotten Weirdmaggedon.

Was about to get married. To a human. In a human body.

He didn’t feel real, which was funny because he knows what “real” and “reality” is; Fake, a lie. But he’s spent so much time, irrelevant time, at least until he met her. Spent it with her, laughing with her. Everything became relevant and precious and just too little when he was with her. He didn’t feel real, the sounds around him were fuzzy and muffled and his eyes, all two of them were unfocused and blurry. She always had a way of making him feel, and not just anything simple either but strong, confusing, explainable things even for him which was amazing, he thought that and said that a lot when around her.

Her. He loved her, couldn’t get away from her even if he tried. Even if he wanted to. He’d never want to.

The door behind him opened but he didn’t know, he had been in front of that wall length mirror for twenty minutes now, his soon-to-be-brother-in-law had been counting. there was a hand on his shoulder, soft, gentle, his head turned to look down at the brunette with a blank stare. His voice was muffled and Bill blinked in confusion but Dipper kept speaking softly until his voice became crystal clear.

“Are you okay?” He was whispering, as if anything else would startle the demon and honestly he was correct in the notion. His hand was removed from the shoulder and held firmly between two heated hands as they stared, a bit awkwardly at one another.

Bill remembers when Dipper first heard about their relationship. It was ugly, scared her away and made her cry, he was so angry. That had been when she had just turned eighteen, which was about five years ago now. Five years, he had been with her for five years. Time really does fly by like the humans say, especially when you make one the center of your universe. He picked up a lot of terms and sayings from them, hasn’t he?

Especially from her. Wow, he loved her, that’s why he’s here today, in this body today. She doesn’t know about his body yet, he’s nervous, what if she doesn’t find him attractive? Civil, he knows, but he can’t deny these things, he gave up a long time ago. Dipper has grown so oddly fond of him, it’s almost scary. Of course they still argue and disagree on many things but he’s been able to just ‘hang out’ with him plenty of times now as if they were good friends. Here Dipper is, attempting to comfort him. Dipper patted down Bill’s suit, black and yellow like Mabel had requested. Dipper was wearing the same colors only reversed so there was less gold and more black on him.

“Bill, I’m not losing you right now, am i? Because i swear to god if you’re having cold feet right now of all times…” The threat was empty and Bill wanted to scoff at the 'God’ part but he stayed blank and instead patted down the fluffy hair on the man’s head. He shook his own softly, still getting used to simple motor functions coming so naturally to him. The door opened again and her father was standing in the door way, all broad and intimidation with soft eyes and a weary expression.

“We’re all set to go, Bill.” His gruff voice always reminded Bill of the Stan’s and he could even hear it slightly in Dipper’s own tone. Bill nodded toward the man, he’s been very kind toward him, her mother as well. He can’t believe he was ever nervous to meet them at first, their just as dorky and goofy as their children.

The three men started to walk out, gliding effortlessly down the carpeted hall to the incredibly large ceremony room at the end.

He remembers first meeting her, all the way back when she was twelve. He remembers first hearing her laugh, her smile, those braces and sweaters, that fiery excitement and expendable energy. Nothing really changed, she still had slightly crooked teeth which he loved, she kept many of her old sweaters, her smile, laugh and personality only grew stronger, age didn’t hold her down nor did adulthood. She was perfect, one in sextillion stars, a Shooting Star, his incredible star.

He loved her, and he hated love but she made him feel it, she made him understand it and want nothing but it, but her. She did so much for him; She made him feel the passing of time, breathe air, smell flowers, touch silk, braid hair, cry in happiness or sadness, laugh uncontrollably for all the right reasons, get angry over nothing at all, feel protective, hold her close, never want to let go, enjoy a single moment, cuddle for hours, talk for days, sleep peacefully, hold hands for no reason, kiss not for lust but pure affection, everything. She made him feel and do everything with her, for her, by her side.

When she stepped through, that’s all he knew for the next few moments. It was her, just her, that hair, the dress, the smile, the perfectly applied make-up, the strawberry and cotton candy scent, the enchanting voice that spoke everything he wanted to hear. He almost forgot to reply and continue the ceremony but it all came down to finally saying it, being here doing something that he never, ever once even assumed would be something he would be doing, let alone be so monumentally important to him, physically and emotionally.

“Do you take Mabel Pines as your lawfully wedded wife?”

He loved Her. No doubt about it.

“Of course i do.”

I just watched Corpse Bride so....

I don’t have the skills to either write or draw this, but a Voltron Corpse Bride AU.

Right, so what i was thinking was:

  •  Keith as Victor. They are similarly socially awkward, and idk, I just really think he’d work well in that role?
  • Shiro as victoria - You’ll see.
  • Lance as Emily. I really think Lance suits this role, he’s really playful and well humoured like Emily, although like her he has a lot of negative emotions underneath. (Plus you know he’d make jokes about maggots)
  • Hunk as the BFF Maggot and Pidge as Black widow (except more snarky)
  • Allura as the skeleton who does the sweet ass musical number telling the tale
  • Alfor as Elder Gutknecht maybe?
  • Coran as the cook definitely 
  • I’m not 100% sure about who Barkis would be, I mean Zarkon would be the obvious thought but… idk yet

Okay so anyway, plot wise:

  • Shiro and Keith’s families have basically been arranging this marriage since Keith was born, but the two of them never knew until much later on and were basically childhood friends.
  • Story goes on, and Keith accidentally marries Lance, who flirts really badly and takes him to the world of the dead.
  • Being them, they bicker with each other more than run away like in the film.
  • Now at this point it could go one of two ways depending on what you ship:
  • Klance:
  • Keith and lance get to know each other better, they start to fall in love.
  • Keith agrees to go through with the ceremony, but when they go upstairs,  they find out about Shiro and _______, Lance realising that it is the person who killed him.
  • They save Shiro, who while is upset to see Keith go, is happy for him and Lance, along with the promise that they would try to visit with that haunting spell thing I guess. Keith and Lance live happily ever after in death.
  • Sheith version:
  • Being in the land of the dead makes Keith realise how much he loves Shiro
  • The plot mainly follows the main plot of the movie itself, with Lance telling Keith to marry Shiro etc etc…
  • (Sorry, I don’t have much for this version, I’m not a humongous Sheith shipper myself, but I know it could work well for either ship and i thought that it could be a good alternate version)

If you have any more ideas for this AU, please tell me, I’d love to know 

recklessyouthinme  asked:

All evens for the OTP questions for Jessica Jesus and Michael Gray pls and thank

2. Who is the big spoon/ Who is the little spoon?

Usually Michael is the big spoon and Jessica the little spoon.

4. Who wakes the other one up with kisses?

Most likely Jessica! She’s prone to early morning displays of affection.

6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/ Who would have them in the middle of the day? 

I think it would be Michael during the night and Jessica during the day.

8. Who sleeps in their underwear (or naked)/ Who sleeps in their pyjamas?

Oh I think they both wear pyjamas!

10. Who likes sweet/ Who likes sour?

Michael is a fan of sweet stuff and while Jessica doesn’t mind it, she’s also a massive fan of sour things.

12. Who is smol/ Who is tol?

Funnily enough, neither to both. There’s only an inch or two difference in their heights, something that Isaiah takes great pleasure in pointing out.

14. Who kills the spiders?

Jessica, usually with a shoe.

16. Who is scared of thunderstorms?

Probably Michael. Jessica is a deep sleeper so if it was during the night, it wouldn’t bother her.

18. Who is a cat person/ Who is a dog person?

Jessica adores cats, and Michael doesn’t mind one way or the other.

20. Who is dominant/ Who is submissive?

Michael is definitely the dominant one, and Jessica is 100% okay with that ;)

22. Who goes all out for Valentine’s Day?

Michael. He really enjoys treating Jessica.

24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener? 

Jessica is the talker, Michael is the listener. Although neither of them are super chatty people.

26. Who likes to eat healthy/ Who loves junk food?

Jessica is most definitely the healthy eater of the two of them.

28. Who is the book worm?

They both like to read, but in this instance I would say probably Michael.

30. Who likes long walks on the beach?

There are really no beaches near them, but I would say Jessica.

32. Who likes to have really long (deep) conversation?

Michael for sure.

34. Who would wear “if lost return to…” t-shirt/ Who would wear “I am…” t-shirt?

Jessica would wear “if lost return to” and Michael would wear “I am”.

36. Who is the social media addict?

Well neither as it’s the 1920s! But if it was modern day, definitely Jessica.

38. Who likes to star gaze?

Again, Jessica. But Michael would secretly love it too.

40. Who is the fun parent/ Who is the responsible parent?

Jessica would be the fun parent, and Michael the responsible parent.

42. Who is the neat freak?

Jessica, she’s so used to organising her home after all.

44. Who is active/ Who is lazy?

They’re both pretty active, but I’d say Jessica is maybe a little more active, just because of all the dancing.

46. Who has the longer food order?


48. Who loses stuff?

It would be Michael and it’d be something important and work-related and Jessica would just raise her eyebrows and pick it up from some really obvious place he hadn’t looked.

50. Who is the hopeless romantic?

Jessica, definitely.

Thanks for asking! <3

anonymous asked:

Have you seen the promo? Oh God, I'm not ready! They're going to fight a lot! 😢😢

I did ! 😀 I am stoked!

I mean, I have always believed in a sweet, emotional Omelia reconciliation but I never really thought we’d get to that point without there being a fight first.

A few days ago I said Owen would most likely lose his patience at some point and go like “are you in this or not?” and that is probably what Amelia needs to blurt out something and from there explain everything to him.

Things are getting worse before they get better.