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hi my name is iqra 🌟 :) i've just finished reading the grisha trilogy and i thought it was amazing! usually i find that with most trilogies, after the first book, get really bad but not this one. could you recommend any other books i could read?? :)

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yesssss for sure!! the logical first suggestion is the six of crows duology; they’re by the same author and set in the same universe!! so there’s the magic and all that cool stuff, they’re literally just going on a heist and it’s so so so good!

another rec i have is the rest of us just live here, which is a lot more normal, but it almost parodies a lot of ya books? it also has magical stuff!! (jared is great omg)

then there’s huntress (though i recommend everything by malinda lo honestly), which is also basically a fairy tale universe - a warrior and a wizard go on a quest! to make it super basic ahah, but it’s so good!

i also have a bunch of book recs here, and my goodreads account has a lot of ratings and even a few reviews ahaha

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anon confessions? my fav. anywaaaay i met you yearsyears ago like katsumi-chan years ago around the time of the rea/wye race contest thing. i always thought you were super cool and i've always kinda wanted to be friends with you? iDK. but i remember u sending me this really simple yet really wild game, while encouraging me to watch human centipede 2. its been so wild watching u improve all these years and idk i'm rlly excited to see where u go from here like goddang diggity dang dang