i thought this was hysterical


Hysterical. I thought this was an Onion article at first. Which is a bummer because if it were, I’d have renewed my subscription. 

I’m not sure whether to laugh at the absurdity of the irresponsible journalism, or shake my head at the heaping mounds of cognitive dissonance that helped get this article published. 

Why talk to literally any POC or women who work in animation about diversity, when you can just ask 7 WHITE GUYS?

Full Article Here: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/animation-roundtable-seth-rogen-6-more-avoiding-ethnic-stereotypes-creating-ugly-cute-princ

I read Howl’s Moving Castle again and I made a list of all of the things Sophie calls Howl and here they are

(companion to this post)

A wicked man

Only a child in his twenties, for all his wickedness

This overdressed boy

Young man

A slitherer-outer

Thoroughly self-centered

Fickle, careless, selfish, and hysterical

A mess

Not only heartless, [but] impossible

Quite impossible

Poor Howl


i have to say, the scene in please like me where josh has walled tom off in his room for eating the truffle oil mac & cheese and he tells tom he can have some pizza but only under the condition that when tom orders, he asks for extra jalapenos and insipidly pronounces the “j”

and so tom reluctantly does it and josh and claire just die of laughter

was like the most realistic depiction of friendship i have ever seen on tv

just, like, laughing so hysterically you can barely function over something that is objectively so stupid

that was very real


I remember when you five debuted and everyone went hysteric over the fact there was finally a girl group in the industry in which all could sing with extended vocal ranges that weren’t limited to high pitch (not dissing other ggs but this was just refreshing to see).  

Kim Boa- you proved to listeners that you are freaking worthy of your position as a vocal coach of many successful groups in the industry.

Kim Bohyung- you proved constantly that powerhouses can exist in k-pop 

Park Narae and Yang Jiwon- you two proved that being tied down to girl group visual roles isn’t simply enough and earned the titles of vocal beauties

Park Sihyun, my bias- you proved to listeners that rappers can make equally amazing vocalists. 

You girls had so so so much potential and I thought to myself just one more push- one more push and they’ll make it; they’ll finally deserve the recognition they deserve.

But no, unfortunately it never happened because disbandment news have arrived five years too early.

I am just enraged that these girls have started underappreciated and ended underappreciated. Year after freaking year us supporters have said “these girls are underrated” hoping for the day we wouldn’t have to say that anymore and instead replaced by “finally, finally our girls have made it”. 

I remember when MAMAMOO debuted afterwards and everyone said “yay, we have SPICA AND MAMAMOO that are vocal powerhouses” and I’m so happy that MAMAMOO are climbing in success and recognition, 

but why, why is SPICA not? is it the songs, the concepts, the management, the people? it’s probably all of those factors combined and I’m just wondering what if they were in a different company, what if they had a different concept, what if people didn’t f**king sleep on them? 

Where would they be?
Unfortunately that will forever remain a question. 

Thank you SPICA for blessing us with immense talent over the past five years- it breaks me that you five are parting ways but nonetheless I’ll support your future endeavors.

The Sherlock fandom must have gone mad

Guys, I’m reading your hysterical reviews and they make me sad.

TFP WAS SHIT BECAUSE JOHNLOCK HASN’T BECOME CANON. How stupid must one be to honestly think so???? Hey, maybe you haven’t noticed in 13 episodes, but this show doesn’t have canon pairings. It has fanservice scenes for each one, for shippers of every pairing could be happy. This is sort of the trick? Johnlock? They fucking live together. Two men. Raising a daughter. Sherir? That SMS, plus Eurus insisting Sherlock had sex when heard him playing her theme. Sheriarty? A whole damn kiss (well almost), and a whole blank page of how Sherlock survived. Look, isn’t it cool: all shippers have space for maneuvers. For me, it is enough. Hating TFP and series 4 in general because you wanted to see John and Sherlock banging and you haven’t got them banging is fucking childish.

THE PLOT IS UNREALISTIC AND TWISTED. WHY COULDN’T EVERYTHING BE LIKE IN SERIES 1? okay, you know who would start whimpering first if everything would as nice as pretty as in series 1 and 2? YOU. We have four seasons, each brilliant in its own way, and each unique. Yes, season 4 was nervous, mind-crushing, unexpected in so many ways, but it was fresh, I would even say, refreshing. We got Sherlock as a human, Sherlock as a crazy drug addict, Sherlock as a brother, Sherlock as a friend. This series is absolutely amazing in terms of his character development, the MAIN character development. Remember the first scene we meet him? He’s beating a dead body. In TFP, he’s breaking a fucking coffin. Would you like Sherlock to stay as in series 1 forever? Really?

EURUS IS A SUE. Great, now why wouldn’t we take a look at the concept, not at the character from the point ‘are they are realistic enough to meet them at the grocery?’ Eurus is what Sherlock could become. Dangerous, sociopath, playing wicked games, super clever…lonely. Eurus is what he would be if not for his friends. John, Molly, Lestrade. Moriarty and Irene. Mycroft and mrs. Hudson. Sherlock has them; Eurus has no one. Locked in prison, alone with her mind, she must seem a cliché of an Evil Genius to you, but to me, she seems a dark side of Sherlock himself. A dark side that he confronts, and wins. The scene where they play violins, it’s amazing. I cried. From this perspective, Eurus is a striking, fantastic character. A Sue? Ah, I forgot, you need to meet her in the grocery to believe in her.

I’ve ranted here for too long, but I hope you got me. Sherlock has never been a show where the writers chew everything for us. It has never been a story with one dimension. And it has never been, and was never supposed to be boring. You may yell about how unrealistic and bad-written s4 is, but of we’d had three copies of s1 instead, you’d long for action and twists. There may be another season after it, maybe not (I believe there will not, but Moffitiss are so good at violating people’s expectations), and yet I am happy about what I’ve seen.

Sherlock is a wonderful show. And I don’t need to see two male characters banging to say so.

I couldn’t get this thought out of my head when I found out what you wanted, so here is a bonus critical role fic gift that incorporates Scanlan and Polymachina.


Happy late birthday!

Scanlan doesn’t have a soulmate.

this fact has never bothered him, not all that much anyway. So he has no initials on his skin that could tell him who he will love and care for, romantically or familial. He doesn’t care all that much, he has magic to pretend he does if that need arises, though no one cares or ever asks.

He knows most people get them young, somewhere in their early teens or close to it in their respective race’s age category. It’s a mess and he has no idea or want to figure out ages and things for every race. He knows it usually means their soulmate has been born, unless of course a person was born with someone’s initials already on their skin, in which case they were born after their soulmate. Usually that means a few years to a few hours difference between them.

A soulmates initials were also able to disappear, like Scanlans’ had, when the owner of the initials dies. The only mark he ever had since he was a baby had been erased from where it had been written, on his hand, when he lost his mother.

He has no marks, but everyone else does, so he makes jokes about it when he can. The troupe he joins doesn’t judge him, and the ladies he spends time with don’t care so long as he pays, and that’s good enough for him.

He notices something strange one day however, while he puts his hair up in front of a mirror. Beside the bit of charcoal he has that curls near the outside of his left eye, there’s something black above it; near his temple. Identical letters are on both his temples actually, which is strange in itself.

Both of them are the initials ‘VV’, but while one is small flowing script, the other is a bit blocky.

He knows, of course being a well traveled bard, its possible to have more then one soulmate. It’s usually in cases of family members, and different names instead of one person showing up twice. He has no idea what it means to have the same initials twice, even if they are both written differently.

It doesn’t help shit when he finds a 'K’ initial on his neck without a second letter signifying a last name.

The Gods are probably fucking him over with this, but he cant bring himself to care. He can figure it out if he ever meets these people. He isn’t sure he ever will, if they are even real.

It sure explains why the troupe had been looking at him so weird for the past couple of weeks at least. He wonders briefly how long the initials had existed before anyone had even taken notice.

He cant help how befuddled he is years later, when he assumes his soulmate is somewhere around the age of a teenager, the 'VV’s’ both are replaced with a 'Va’ and a ’Ve’. Nothing he has ever read or heard about soulmates ever covered what has just happened.

Three other initials appear soon after the others. The one on his bicep is hard to read, near completely indecipherable, but he manages to figure out its supposed to be a 'GS’. It looks more like a white tattoo then actual letters. One of the others is actually in small gnomish cursive, written on his left leg, so he figures rather quickly that whoever has the initials 'PT’ is also a gnome. Its kind of nice to know that, in a way.

The initials 'TB’ show themselves in large bold letters on his back, colored red instead of the standard black found in most races.

Years from this moment, he wont notice the red mark to be gone from his body until its already to late to say goodbye or try to help the person it belongs to. He will do the next best thing as a way to remember the person though.

His body is a beautiful masterpiece, marked in multiple places with the initials of more then one soulmate. Its frankly ridiculous to him how he could ever find any of them, much less find a way to love and care for them all.

Finding 'PFVMKdRIII’ that flows across his right arm in Common script and just peaks out of his sleeve, a few years after he figures he is finished getting soulmates, sends him into a complete laughing fit that makes him leave the troupe for awhile. He has a noble soulmate and he doesn’t believe that for a second, so he takes time off from being with a group to go at it alone.

His complete lack of conviction in anything currently making sense in his life at that moment means he doesn’t notice the 'KS’ initials in gnomish that finds its way to his chest, right where his tunic splits before the fabric becomes a collar. He wont notice until after a sword is pointed right at it, poised to kill him as he refuses to fight his blood.

Someday Scanlan finds his soulmates, some together, others at different times. There are varying levels of romance to most of them that they all eventually figure out together, even though its less about romance and more to do with being whole together and love, while one is as close to the same familial soulmate relationship he used to have with his mother.

He has soulmates, and he loves all of them. That’s all that really matters, no matter what sort of difference in relationship he has with them.

Lee Pace’s Favorite Songs:

  • ROCK: “The Hills” - The Weeknd
  • LOVE: “Hysteric” - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • HIGH SCHOOL: “All Mine” - Portishead
  • ABOUT A CITY: “Look Out Cleaveland” - The Band
  • DANCE: “Danger! High Voltage” - Electric Six
  • LIVE: “Little Red Corvette” - Prince
  • RNB: “Pyramids” - Frank Ocean
  • DUET: “Poncho & Lefty” - Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard
  • MOM AND DAD: “Drifter’s Wife” - JJ Cale
  • CHRISTMAS: “Lumberjack Christmas” - Sufjan Stevens
  • MOVIE: “Bang Bang” - Nancy Sinatra
  • HAPPY: “Home” - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
  • REGGAE: “Riding for a Fall” - Delroy Wilson
  • ALL TIME: “Young Americans” - David Bowie

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loving somebody // yuri on ice

“Seeing the way you and Viktor talked before he left…it was nice.”

“I thought I sounded pretty hysterical, actually.”

Sara shakes her head. “No. You sounded like you cared, because you do. Like you pushed through the hurt for his sake and yours, because that’s what was best.” She takes a sip of the dismal hot chocolate, avoiding Yuuri’s eye. “Stuff like that,” she mutters around the rim of the cup.

Rating: K
Word count: 1,600~
Summary: Yuuri and Viktor get introspective with two trusted people during their night apart in episode 9. 

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When Emergency! makes you think that you’re being haunted by a ghost.

Just earlier today I saved this gif to my phone to send to one of my friends, because I thought Cap’s reaction was hysterical and it makes me laugh every time I see it (I love you Cap!) and while I was looking through my phone for a picture I wanted to use for my Twitter timeline cover, I noticed the first picture in my recents.

My heart sank a little and I’m like “what the hell is this and why is it on my phone?” I didn’t remember taking any pictures or saving any pictures recently and I studied the picture long and hard before I came to a sudden realization.

It was the freaking gif that I had saved but it had frozen when I was looking in my photos. LOL! 😂

Here I am thinking I’m looking at a picture of the manifestation of a ghost that I clearly didn’t remember taking a picture of, at precisely 1:20 in the afternoon when I had my phone in my hands.

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“Threats we took in our stride. I mean, suddenly there would be a few more cops; but this [Montreal, 1964] was one of the few times I was really worried. We were playing the gig and, as always, I was on a high-riser. I had the cymbals up towards the audience to give me a bit of protection; usually I had them flat on. I also had a plain-clothes policeman sitting there with me. But I started to get hysterical, because I thought, ‘If someone in the audience has a pop at me, what is this guy going to do? Is he going to catch the bullet?’ I found this was getting funnier and funnier all the time, and the guy just sat there.”

[Ringo, Anthology]

A colour film of the Beatles in concert has been found recently. The footage of the Beatles performing at the Forum, Montreal, Canada on the 8th September 1964 was taken by the father of one of ‘The Four Frenchmen’, one of the Beatles support groups. Due to recent death threats, there is a large police presence. The film also includes part of the Beatles press conference before the show. The 8mm film lasts 10 minutes and was discovered in a drawer by the grandson of the filmmaker after his grandfather passed away. 

anonymous asked:

I thought it was hysterical because she was backtracking like crazy. Did she really try to tak on Harries? There were people commenting that never talk about Larry. People were ready and willing to take her on. It was one collective, "Oh hell no," last night and continuing into today. Does she really want to take on Harries?

harry defense squad be like: