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Request:  What about a fanfiction where Ethan and the reader (and the rest of the gang) go to a university or college made for youtubers? And Ethan and the reader like each other or are dating? Sorry I’m horrible with coming up with ideas! If you do my idea can there be some fluff tho? I would write this on my own but I’m not fully sure I know how to tell it, but if I come up with more I can write my own version too, of that’s ok! And btw I love your writing! Oh and sorry that I ramble.

Summary: Fem!Reader goes to University of Youtube with the gang. Heres a glimpse into what a typical day with the gang is like in class.

A/N: Behold, the literal only gif I could find of the entire gang. This was a cool request! I saw a fic in the markiplier x reader tag similar to this about a youtube university with markiplier and jacksepticeye so if you want to read some more youtube college stuff I’d definitely recommend checking that out! The fic is by @septiceyesweetheart and it’s really good! I love it a lot (may or may not be because I’m also latina and can relate to Bella)! Anyway, back to the fic. No Amy and Kathryn in this one :( because I haven’t gotten the hang of writing them well just yet and the fic was getting waaaaaay too long with them. It’s already pretty long as it is. I really like this idea though and if anyone wants me to make this into an AU sorta thing, feel free to request some more! Hope you enjoy!

Wordcount: 1462

Warnings: I cursed a couple times I think

Thanks for the awesome request! Request some more please!

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Game Over (M)

Request: please can I have a Baekhyun smut where his girlfriend is a serious gamer and he gets bored of her having all her attention on the games and not him so one day he goes and eats her out whilst she’s playing and forces her to continue playing whilst he eats her out?? And then you can take it from there haha. Sorry if this weird or you don’t want to do it 🙈

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1573

You had always been a hardcore gamer. There was just something about the virtual world that intrigued you. The little things like unlocking a new achievement or finally completing a campaign seemed to send you into a high of joy. Your love for gaming definitely seemed to attract a similar audience, and that’s how you met your boyfriend, Baekhyun.

He was a bit of a League of Legends nerd and you’d sometimes play together on new servers. He’d also listen to your rants about the latest level of this new game you found and comfort you when you couldn’t beat it. Baekhyun understood you and that’s why you loved him. That didn’t mean your obsession didn’t bother him though.

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So, I decided there were not enough screenshots of Barb Wire on the internet. So here. Have a few I decided to take. (#6 is my favorite, and I bet you all thought I was joking when I said Tem on the crane was the Most Fives Thing Ever.)