i thought this was gonna be easy

Animals are not decor, fish are not decoration, fish are not aesthetics, they are sentient beings that need proper care. 

Jars, flower base, “fish bowls” aren’t suitable homes for our aquatic friends, I know popular knowledge tells you betta fish are cheap, easy and can live in any thing with water, but this is animal abuse. 

Nobody is born knowing and it’s ok if you thought your little friend was gonna be happy in those conditions, BUT it’s now a responsibility, ignorance is not a sin, but if you know what your pet needs and you still don’t want to take proper care of them, you shouldn’t own one. Internet is a blessing and you can easily research about proper care, here are the basics: 

  • Betta Fish need at least 2.5 gallons,but the more the better. 
  • Betta Fish need a low or non flow filter, without this there could be dangerous amount of ammonia and waste in the water. 
  • Betta Fish need a heater, they do better in 74-81 °F   
  • Betta Fish need water conditioner, anti-stress 
  • One tank = One betta. 
  • Decoration: They need hideouts and plants, they can be live plants or silk plants, plastic can hurt their fins. 
  • They need a LID, they tend to jump. 

Fish are PETS, and NEED you to be responsible, it might be just a fish for you (I hope it’s not) but for them YOU are their entire world, our pets rely 100% in us, their health is a responsibility.


N a d a l i n d  -  Adalind Schade x Nick Burkhardt 

Grimm 6 x 04

I am so happy to be back here with you. - Adalind  

Yeah. Me too. - Nick 


random phone screencaps of Lin in Do No Harm because I love this character a lot and he deserved so much better

No Money - Archie Andrews

listen to the song here

Sorry I ain’t got no money I’m not trying to be funny but I left it all at home today

You can call me what you wanna I ain’t giving you a dollar this time I ain’t gonna run away

You might knock me down, you might knock me down, but I will get back up again

You can call it how you wanna I ain’t giving you a dollar this time I ain’t gonna run away

What is most important to you? The question was bold, standing out against everything else on your page.  It was sitting there blank, the only question you had skimmed over.  Sure, at first glance it was easy.  My friends, you thought.  Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin… Archie.  But that was easy.  Every other applicant trying to score a job at Pop’s was bound to say the same tedious answers.  My family, my friends, my education… blah blah blah.  You wanted to stand out.  Every other question you answered above and beyond (Jughead tutoring you for free in English was just about the best thing that ever happened to you) and wanted to make your application a star among clouds.  

You were currently sitting in a booth alone at the diner you visited oh so frequently visited.  Normally you were here with at least one of your friends, but today you needed some peace quiet and french fries to get you through this paper.  You’d been tapping your pen against the tabletop for the last ten minutes, eyes reading the words over and over.

“You want your usual milkshake doll?” You looked up to see Pop there, smiling kindly at you.  “Filling out my job application for here?” You nodded.

“Just one left” You pulled a smile, as he scribbled down your order.  Chocolate milkshake, as always.  He looked over the empty lines on your form.

“Tricky one for ya?”

“Too easy” You replied with a sigh.  Pop chuckled, sliding his pen behind his ear, and his notepad into the pocket of his apron.

“Friends comin’ tonight? You’re never here all alone”

“Yeah I came here by myself.  Needed some calm”

“Your one pal’s real quiet.  Not the loner one with the laptop, the one who comes here.  Probably writin’ poems or somethin’ he’s always singing” You laughed quietly at his mention of Archie.

“Yeah, Archie’s looking to be a singer now”

“Really? Pro athlete all star boy? Wants to be a musician?” You nodded, still smiling softly.  “He any good?”

“He’s great” You said genuinely.  “Really great.  He has some serious talent”

“Is that a blush I see creepin’ up your face?” You looked away quickly.  “Wow, it’s redder than your boyfriend’s hair”

“Oh he’s not my-”

“I’m not her boyfriend” You jumped, turning as Archie had just walked in, wandering towards your table and sliding in the booth across from you.

“Boy how did you even know-”

“We have this conversation all the time” You said, cutting off Pop.  Because it was true.  Everyone always asked ‘what the lovely couple would like to eat’ or ‘how long have you been dating?’ or ‘you have a lovely girlfriend sir’ even your grandmother once asked if you and him were together yet.  You’d laughed and shook your head but looked away, trying to hide the slight frown on your lips.

“I’ll have a burger” Archie said with a signature grin to Pop.  He winked, and walked off.  “So.  Why’d you come here all alone?” Archie asked, folding his hands together, and putting his arms on the table and leaning towards you.  His eyes flickered down to the paper between the two of you.

“It’s my job application… to work here” You told him.  No one knew, just your parents, and Pop.  So you weren’t actually sure how he would react.

But you weren’t expecting him to break into  a grin the size of the moon, and clap his hands together before holding yours firmly.  Your eyes widened slightly at the gesture, and he was still smiling.

“y/n that’s great!”

“I-it is?”

“Yeah you love it here! Plus free food! And extra cash!” You giggled softly and nervously at that, looking down at the table so he wouldn’t see the blush that rose to your cheeks upon his hands clasping onto yours.

“You’re right” You said, and gently pulled your hands out of his.

“Took you long enough to admit it” You smiled a little, already going back to your paper.  “Need help?” You shook your head, and Archie nodded, watching you intently.  You were quiet, this didn’t go unnoticed by him, but he knew it was because you were in a deep concentration.

Your eyes were swallowing the words on the page, wide and full of curious thought.  Every once in awhile your nose would crinkle up, and your lip would curl at the end.  When it wasn’t curled, your bottom lip was being tucked in between your teeth.

He thought it was utterly beautiful.

After an hour, you’d finished up the form, and your meals.  Pop had gleefully taken the application for you.  Telling you that the odds of you getting the job were highly in your favor.

“Thank you so much Pop” You said with a big grin as you pulled on your hoodie.

“No problem toots” The man said, before walking back behind the counter, and going back into the kitchen to finish up his orders.  Archie walked up next to you, and you smiled up at him

“You want to go to the drive in?” He asked, and you nodded, letting him put his hat over your head, until your ears were covered.

“Thanks” You mumbled, and you both walked out of the diner.

“I drove the truck” Archie said, revealing his keys before grinning.  “And I brought a bunch of blankets too so we can set them up in the back and stuff” He unlocked the doors, and you both climbed in.

“It’s been awhile, since we’ve seen a movie here” You said.  “You should text Betty, and Ronnie” You said.

“I did” He replied quickly.  “Veronica’s figuring out stuff with her mom and Betty’s staying back in the projection booth with Jughead” You nodded.

“Well that just means one on one time for me and my favorite ginger” You said with a giggle as you bumped your elbow against his arm.  Archie rolled his eyes, but smiled genuinely towards you.

The theatre wasn’t very busy, there were so manyother things that tenagers found to do than go sit outside in the cold watching old movies.  But you still saw the magic and was always entertained being at the Twilight.

You couldn’t remember the last time that you were there though, it seemed like it had been ages.  But you’d been so wrapped up in the anxieties offered by life, that you had barely spent time outside of school, and your room.

“Hey, hey y/n” You jumped slightly in your seat, looking over at Archie.  “We’re here.. You alright? You pulled a tight smile and nodded.  Then unbuckled your seatbelt, and heading to the back of the truck.  You stared up at the screen, playing trailers and ads as Archie laid blankets over the back bed of the truck.

“Hey Archie?” You called, and he looked up at you.  Both of you on either side of the car.

“Yeah?” You bit your cheek, thinking for a moment.  But staring at him and his green eyes, you couldn’t find the right words.  Suddenly, ‘I’m sorry I’ve pulled away from us’ just didn’t feel right.  “y/n?” Archie gave you a concerned look, but you shook your head, tucking your hair back behind your ear.  “Hey… what’s going on?” He straightened out the end of the blanket and walked over to you.  “And don’t say nothing, cause I know that’s a lie”

“I don’t wanna lie”  Archie nodded, hands curling on your wrists and tugging you to the end of the truck.

“Alright, well I’m here to listen… whenever you want to talk” You nodded your head as he pushed himself up onto the bed.  Then turned around, wrapped his hands around your waist and pulled you up too.  “Do you want to?” You nodded, crawling back towards the the mountain of pillows.

“Yeah I just don’t know how to start” He nodded, and you pulled your knees towards your chest.

“Well… I’ve got all night” Archie said, and you nodded, wrapping your arms around your legs.  “Come here, lean over” Archie held his arm out, and he could see the deep blush creeping up your cheeks.  But you did, leaning your head onto his chest, and letting his arm drape around your shoulders.  “It’s okay” His hand rubbed circles on your waist.

“It’s not”

“It is” He grew quieter, as the movie began to play.  “No matter what, it’s gonna be okay” You took in a shaky breath, and watched the movie silently for a few moments.  You tried to calm your thoughts, and slow your rapid heart beat.  “Would this have to be about Grundy?” You scoffed.

“No, no it’s not”

“Okay well anything that could result in me being mad at you is out the window so now there’s really nothing to be worried abou-”

“I had sex with Chuck” His head turned to you so fast, it was just a blur of red hair in front of you.  His eyes were wide, a hard green that sprung tears in your own.

“Did he-”

“No… no it was consensual” His green orbs instantly softened.  “Two weeks ago I was at the Blossoms, for Cheryl’s party?” He nodded, prompting you to continue.  “Add uh… Ronnie was off making out with Betty… and I was just around Chuck and Reggie cause I don’t know…  they’re your football friends and um…”

“I’m not upset” Archie assured you, cupping a hand around your cheek, trying to comfort you best he can.

“He asked me if I wanted to go upstairs… and I wasn’t drunk or anything I knew what he wanted and I just wanted to get over… I told him I wanted to”

“What were you getting over?” You shook your head, looking away and causing his hand to fall from your face.

“Just life” You said weakly.  Alright, so maybe him and Grundy has been eating at you a bit.  You let out a sigh.  “I don’t want to lie to you Archie”

“Then don’t, you don’t have to” He responded.

“Okay then- then I have to be really honest about something” His brows raised momentarily, but nodded, silently telling you to continue.  “I uh- wow this is embarrassing”

“Trust me, I’ve done some weird things I doubt you could say anything that could shock-”

“Archie I’m sorta in love with you”

You proved him wrong in an instant.

“Sort of?” You blinked at his response.

“That’s it? That’s all you have to say I just told you like, my biggest secret ever and that’s all you have to say-?”

“I only ask because I really like you” You stopped talking.  “So if you only sorta like me then I don’t want to push you to do something you don’t want to do” You stared at him, trying to get a read from his expression.  A gentle look, soft features, the slightest ghost of a smile on his lips.

“So it might not be sorta… it might be a lot” You told him, and Archie pulled up a smile.

“I can work with that” He said, and leaned forward, eyes flicking from your lips to your eyes, as though asking for permission.  You nodded, and met him halfway.

It wasn’t like anything you’d experienced before, or heard or read or watched.  It wasn’t fireworks exploding behind your eyes.  But it was magical, in some way.  In the softness, the sweet and gentle touch.  It was his warm hands cupping your face and it was his vanilla tasting lips on yours.  It was his rapid heartbeat against your chest, out of sync with yours but just as fast.  It was your shaky breaths when you’d part for the shortest of moments.  It was the way you laid down on the bed of the truck, in a comfortable, and non-prompting way.  (you were in public this couldn’t escalate any further anyways) But you could just lay there on your sides, kissing softly and lightly.  It was like you were both experimenting with your feelings, relishing in how good it felt to touch the other.

“Knock knock hookers” You jumped, seeing Kevin standing next to the truck.  Instantly your face flushed a red pink color, and Archie just groaned as he sat up.  “Thought I’d come join you, but I don’t want to be a cock block so say the word and I’ll be on my merry way” He smiled cheekily, and you rolled your eyes.

“Get up here Kev” You said to your friend, sitting up next to Archie.

“What’d I miss in the film?” He asked, climbing up to sit next to you.  You looked at Archie, having no idea.

“Don’t look at me I wasn’t paying attention” He shook his head as he whispered.

“That’s alright, watching you two swallow tongue was entertainment enough for me” Kevin said, causing you to roll your eyes again.

“We didn’t even-”

“Don’t even bother” You said to Archie, letting your head fall onto his shoulder.  “It’s Kevin we’re talking about.  He only speaks dirty” Kevin winked at you, and seductively swiped his tongue over his top lip.  You rolled your eyes (again) and slapped his arm.  Then settled back against Archie.

There were probably still conversations to be had and questions to be discussed, but you could put that off till later.  You were far too comfortable where you were now to ruin it by talking.

But it was you and Archie.

How bad could it be?

This time, this time

This time, this time I ain’t gonna run, run, run, run…

Not this time, not this time

Nadalind | Adalind Schade x Nick Burkhardt

Grimm 6x12 - Spoilers


I would rather do what I love to do and that’s more what pushed me into wanting to do what I do now. Because it’s such a passion for me I wouldn’t ever want to give this up. You’d have to kill me! I would never take my own life! You’d have to fight me for it! 'Cause I love this way too much.

Brendon Urie explains how his passion for music kept him alive {video}

Imagine Being Badly Hurt by the Delanceys

“Are you gonna apologize, newsie?” Oscar asks. Morris has you pinned against the wall, his fist twisting your shirtfront.

“I didn’t even do nothin’!” you respond. That wasn’t quite true, but there was almost no way the brothers could pin any of those pranks on you. It could’ve been any of the boys. Well, come to think of it, maybe you hadn’t been as sneaky as you thought.

And the Delanceys aren’t going to go easy on you because you’re a girl. You dress like a boy, act like a boy, speak like a boy; there’s no way you’re telling them otherwise.

“You didn’t do nothin’, which means you did somethin’,” Oscar says as Morris shoves you harder against the wall. “It’s a double negative. Learnt that at school.”

“Didn’t know they taught such advanced stuff in the second grade,” you taunt, (e/c) eyes flashing in a rush of defiance.

Obviously, that was the wrong thing to say. When two beefy guys have you up against a wall in a dark alley, making fun of their lack of intelligence is the wrong way to go.

Oscar’s fist lands squarely just below your ribcage. You pray your cap doesn’t come off, revealing the (h/c) braids pinned to the top of your head. What a strange thought to come out of all of the pain.

You make a fist to punch back after the pain subsides a little, but one of them grabs your arms, holding you back. Another blow to your gut. You double over in pain, but a fist connects with your right eye. You see stars, and suddenly you’re on the ground. The blows never stop coming.

You try to curl yourself up into a ball, but that only aggravates them more. Oscar hauls you up, grabbing your arm, but that sudden jerking brings the cap off of your head. He drops your arm, and you sink back to the ground, trying not to pass out from the pain.

“Crap,” Morris breathes. “We just beat up a girl.”

“Let’s get outta here,” Oscar replies. “Anyway, we didn’t know she was a girl. We didn’t know.”

“Can we just leave her like that? Shouldn’t we help her?”

“Are you crazy? There’s somebody comin’! Let’s beat it!”

The brothers’ footsteps retreat. ‘At least they have the decency to feel ashamed of beating up a girl,’ you think to yourself before everything goes black.

When you wake up, you’re in a bed, surrounded by pillows and blankets. You’re back at the Lodging House, you realize. You try to turn your head, but you groan instead at the sharp pain. How did you get here anyway?

Suddenly, Race’s blond curls and blue eyes are above you. Through your left eye (the other is swollen shut) you can see the concern etched on his face. “What happened to you?” he asks. “You was gone all day, an’ nobody could find ya, an’ when we did, you was all beat up in a alley! What happened?”

“You… you know how they guys… dared me to-“ you slowly and painfully begin, lifting a hand to your forehead to try to clear the pain.

“You didn’t actually do it, did ya?” Race cuts you off, knowing the answer to his own question. “So the Delanceys did all this to ya.” His face is red, and his jaw is clenched tight.

You nod. “They stopped… when they realized I was a girl.”

“I’m gonna kill’ em!” Race cries. “I’ll soak ‘em real good. Don’t you worry, (y/n)! I’ll get ‘em! They’ll pay!” He stalks out. You’ve only seen Race’s temper flare twice before, and it’s never pretty.

“Race!” you cry, trying to stop him, but he’s already gone. You almost pity the Delanceys for what they’re about to go through.

The easiest scene to film was, surpisingly, when Christian flipped Ana over with the spreader bar. I don´t know why it was the easiest, but it was. The day before, we had our BDSM expert there showing us how to do this and do that, and I thought, Man this is gonna be hard tomorrow. And I don´t know what happened. I came to the set, Dakota´s in this great mood, like bouncing on the bed saying, “Let´s do this!” And we did it very quickly and (Dakota and Christian) were having a very good time. I mean, she was just giggling all over the place. So that one was easy.
—  James Foley

I’m honestly tired of seeing vanilla girls posting about falling back on sugaring like they’re gonna have “dozens of sugar daddies” and be instantaneously rich like the (not very convincing) SBs in articles on FB or Snapchat. I like that these articles are making it seem more mainstream and less taboo, but they’re also making it seem glamorized and easy. To be fair, that was my mindset when I first thought about becoming an SB (I blame the media). But I’m also more inclined to research something before I dive into it. If these new girls are taking it as an easy way out, they’re not gonna do their research, and they’re gonna get screwed over.

my favourite lyric in breathe is ‘i see your face in my mind as i drive away cause none of us thought it was gonna end that way people are people and sometimes we change our minds but it’s killing me to see you go after all this time music starts playing like the end of a sad movie it’s the kinda ending you don’t really wanna see cause it’s tragedy and it’ll only bring you down now i don’t know what to be without you around and we know it’s never simple never easy never a clean break no one here to save me you’re the only thing i know like the back of my hand and i can’t breathe without you but i have to breathe without you but i have to never wanted this never wanna see you hurt every little bump in the road i tried to swerve people are people and sometimes it doesn’t work out but nothing we say is gonna save us from the fall out and we know it’s never simple never easy never a clean break no one here to save me you’re the only thing i know like the back of my hand and i can’t breathe without you but i have to breathe without you but i have to it’s 2am feelin like i just lost a friend hope you know it’s not easy easy for me it’s 2am feelin like i just lost a friend hope you know this ain’t easy easy for me and we know it’s never simple never easy never a clean break no one here to save me i can’t breathe without you but i have to breathe without you but i have to breathe without you but i have to i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry’

All Of The Joker's Lines In Suicide Squad

“Doctor, Quinzel. I live for these moments with you.”
“What do you got?”
“So thoughtful.”
“There’s something you can do for me, Doctor”
“I need a machine gun”
“What do we have here?”
“Oh I’m not gonna kill ya. I’m just gonna hurt ya really really bad.”
“Question, would you die for me?”
“That’s too easy. Would you live for me?”
“Careful. Do not say this oath thoughtlessly.”
“Desire become surrender, surrender become power.”
“You want this?”
“Say it, say it!”
“Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty”
“Oh god, you’re so good”
“Are you sweet talkin’ me?”
“I like this guy”
“He’s so intense”
“Well that she is, the fire in my loins, itch in my crotch, the one and only the infamous Harley Quinn”
“Oh, Come to daddy”
“Listen, You are my gift to this handsome hunka hunka.”
“You belong to him now”
“You don’t want no beef? don’t want no beef? Don’t want no beef?”
“Look, are you enjoying yourself?”
“That’s right”
“Oh, we have got company.”
“Where is she?”
“Bring the car around"
“We’re going for a drive”
“Blah blah blah blah”
“All of that chit-chat’s gonna get cha hurt”
“I can tell you meant that”
“You’re gonna be my friend”
“This look neat.”
“Professor, would you pick up the pace.”
“Hello, baby”
“Come on baby.”
“Oh, you know I’ll do anything for you.”
“By the way, I’ve got some grapes soda on ice and a bear skin rug waiting.“
“This bird is baked.”
“Ok honey, it’s me and you”
“Let’s go home”

Honestly, I don’t have that many cosmere theories, though not for lack of trying. I just usually run into one of two problems:

a)  Whatever I thought up is way too easy, and Brandon Sanderson never takes the easy way, or

b)  I’ve honestly got nothing. I see that that detail is probably gonna be important, but I have no idea which other pieces it fits together with.

I have four theories as to why Victor cut his hair

1. When his hairline started receding he thought the weight of his hair was gonna make it recede faster so he lopped it all off.

2. He saw an advert for hair donations to children with cancer, stood in the street crying over it for half an hour and then rocked up at practice the next morning with short hair. Yakov also started losing hair, but mostly due to stress.

3. Wasn’t feeling inspired by skating so sliced his hair off as an easy surprise for the audience.

4. Yurio bubble gummed him.

How Kallura Can Become Canon

Okay, so remember that one post I made? About the whole Season Structure and the pairings? Well, I have been thinking about the way I pointed the pairings, and I decided on speaking out ways on how they can become canon.

The first pairing we’re gonna point out, is Kallura.

Now, I know I stated stuff like:

  • “I’m gonna be straight up honest, I seriously doubt this ship will actually happen.”
  • “if it were possible, it would seem pretty forced.”
  • “I’ll be questioning what the writers are thinking if they are making this ship canon.”

And I know that stuff kind of seems like I’m bashing the ship, but that is no way my intent. I was simply stating opinions from my perspective. However, I thought long and hard about those three ships, and I thought of ways how they could actually become canon. I especially thought about Kallura because the other two were easy. I wanted to think of ways Kallura could happen without the whole thing being forced, and I think I may have figured it out.

Now, I will admit, that in the analysis post, I seemed like the person that favored the yaoi ships and was a big hetero ship hater or something. But I did state:

“I’m really neutral with ships. I’m okay with people shipping whatever. Everyone has their reasons for thinking a certain couple will become canon or whatever they enjoy seeing together.”

So if you ship Kallura, or Pallura, or Peith, or Shallura, I would totally support you 100% but I will state my honest and personal opinion, and sometimes my opinions piss others off cause they sound careless when they’re really not meant to.

But before I get completely side tracked in explaining myself, I’ll get right to my ideas on how these two could actually become the 80′s pairing that I’m sure most people would say is their first ship in their childhood.

More Interaction

This is pretty self explanatory.

If the two get more screen time together, then it’s bound to become canon. After all, you can’t form a relationship without forming a bond. It would just end up seeming like some puzzle piece forced into a place that doesn’t fit.

They did have moments of interaction in season 2, but it became squandered a bit later when Allura didn’t even want anything to do with Keith because of his galran blood. But it did get a bit patched up in the end and it was a rather powerful way of doing it. Which leads to the next way it could become canon:

Powerful Moments

Now there was this whole scene of the two practically ‘open space dancing’ and holding on for dear life to each other. And while that took a whole big ass step and was literally screaming:


In people’s heads, on the contrary, the biggest moment, was the hug:

In the first season, Keith claims he doesn’t normally hug strangers, or whom he considers to be a stranger. It points that hugs or any physical touch is an emotional thing for him. This scene in particular, Allura wasn’t holding him, rather, she was leaning herself on him, giving him the decision to accept her and forgive her behavior, or push her away and the tension builds up for longer periods of time.

Thankfully, Keith accepted Allura’s apology and has forgiven her, and something like forgiveness in a person can actually lead to something.

Stronger Bond

After that whole scene, that gives plenty of opportunity for a bond to form and later become something much bigger as the story progresses.

So yes, while it doesn’t really seem all that possible for the ship to be canon because of the lack of interactions the two have with each other, it could become more and more plausible in the third season. It all depends on how Allura interacts with the other paladins.


So remember when I asked if anyone wanted me to do a superbat fic rec master post, this is the result of me trying and failing. Instead I’m just gonna share my favorites (tbh this is just for me to have an easy way of acessing them). There was so many fics that I couldn’t really decide between them, so I thought it would be better to split in two posts, the next one it will probably be posted in january.

Garden Of Earthly Delights and All That’s Best Of Light And Dark by  Dannell Lites Archivist (offpanel_archivist)

Complimentary by mithen

Dark Knight, Bright Son by sofia_gigante - BDSM; this series is still on going.

Temptation and Strength by mithen

Split Second (part I), Unity(part II) by aDarkerKnight

Once He Had Believed by Romany - millerverse

Pipe Dreams by aDarkerKnight

Say It Like You Mean It and the sequel All He Had to Do Was Turn  by Romany -  clois superbat fic

Puppy Love, or, the Dog Prince by mithen

Ties that Bind by Slash_addict

If You Want a Spoonful of Sugar, Get Mary Poppins by RileyC

Complements Series by whiteroses77  -  warning for rape in PART 5

…If You’ll Have Me by mithen

Hookerino: The Clark/Bruce Opus by tmelange - this one is unfortunately unfinished, but I think it ends in a way that it kind of serves as a good ending so you won’t feel idk unfufilled by the way it finished. *

Dilectus Meus Mihi… by mithen

Stranger in a Strange Land  by mithen

In Flight As In Love by kungfunurse - dragon  

Acts of Man by aintitnifty

Once Upon A Dream by whiteroses77

Fake Empires by copperbadge

Agonists by whiteroses77

Interview with a Batman by mithen

Waiting for Lightning by RileyC

That Which We Call a Rose by arysteia

B-theory of Time by PsychopompSentinel

Keeping Busy by kleine_aster *

Concurrence by whiteroses77

Rubicon by BuckinghamAlice

Rules of Engagement by Bekkoni

Don’t Give up the Curse by Trista_zevkia

You’re Sad When You Sleep by emotionaloversuperheroes

And We Will Face The World by khazadspoon

Clark Kent Kissed Me by RileyC

Just a Formality by FabulaRasa

Raspberries and Writing Exercises by PsychopompSentinel

Winter’s So Cold This Year by RileyC (sequel to “Cruise Control”) *

Le Petit-Déjeuner des Amoureux by BuckinghamAlice

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Eclipseby whiteroses77

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A Winter Romance by Magnetism_bind  *

Superman and the Monstrous Bat-Man of Gotham City by EloiseReed  *

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Melly - I have a confession- when I first heard the song I was a bit underwhelmed- thought good but not great. Now after listening to it some more I think it is the best thing he has ever done!! The song is like an earworm- can't get it out of my head!!! As long as radio keeps playing it this song will go far :)

Ok if we’re going by confessions, with my first listen I was excited it was New Zehn, but I was also not all that into it? I was, as the youths say, fraudulent. But now at roughly listen 347, I’m honestly like “THIS IS  WHAT ZAYN’S HAIR WOULD SOUND LIKE IF IT WAS A SONG, WHAT KIND OF MAGIC, WHAT KIND OF ENGINEERING MARVEL”

Pretty much it was exactly this

Half way to California

I drove 13 hrs yesterday, 888 miles to Flagstaff, Arizona, from Dallas 😳😳😳. I thought it was gonna be easy because I drive to Atlanta at least once or twice a year and that’s only 12 hrs and it’s a piece of cake. This was… not that, lmao. It was a HAUL. But, the hard part is over and I only have a six hr drive to LA today 😃. Tomorrow night, I will be in the presence of one Andy Lincoln and I was so excited about that fact, that I bought new bras. Who wants to be in the same room as Andy freakin Lincoln, El Captain of Richonne, with a walmart bra on? Not me!

Jaime Reyes teaching his S/O how to Skateboard Headcanons

> It started with you complementing his skating skills and generally just admiring him for it. Then he asked if you knew how to do it - if not he’d teach you.

> So in favour of spending more time with your boyfriend and learning how to skateboard - you agreed. That afternoon, Jaime went to grab his board and flew you to this old skatepark he knows since it’s always empty, this way you wouldn’t have people watching you to put you off. Jaime is thoughtful that way.

> Firstly you just had to get your balance on the skateboard, seemed easy enough once you’d loosened your death grip on your boyfriend’s shoulders that is.
“Jaime I’m going to die!”
“(Y/n), you’re not gonna die.”

> Scarab mutters something only audible to your boyfriend about a 0.00032% chance of you falling in a peculiar way that could inadvertently lead to your death. Jaime sighs, sending a glare to this pebble before kicking out of the way.
“What was that for?”
“I just decreased your chances of dying according to Scarab.”
“Ah - okay then…”

> Put his hands on your waist to help with balance and everything so you got the hang of it without falling off of the board whilst he told you where to manoeuvre your body weight to turn.

> Scarab is very useful and has an endless list of statistics that make for the perfect skateboarder.
“Scarab I’m trying but it’s harder than it looks!”
“(Y/n), I know what Scarab said but you’re not going to get a weight distribution of exactly 64% to the right - even I can’t do that every single time I turn.”
“Do not dissuade them Jaime Reyes, they’re balance and skill are gradually increasing.”
“Alright, alright - Scarab said you’re doing good (y/n)!”

> Probably fell a couple of times because mastering a new skill is not easy. It really hurts when you fall on your butt so you just lay down with a sigh, Jaime is over you in seconds asking if you’re alright whilst brushing some stray strands out your face.

> Jaime being really supportive and helpful, plus you can have a lot of fun with him.

> That boy is liable to slip into Spanish when you get it right and he’s super hyped about it, like he will kiss you if you complete that ramp.

> Ended up falling on your boyfriend when you lost control of the board, you moved so you were straddling him and decided to kiss him while you were there.
“You’re a pretty good teacher Mr Reyes.”
“And you’re a wonderful kisser (l/n).”
He blushes after he realises what he’s just said.

> By the time you’re done, you’re both sitting against the wall with your fingers entwined watching the sunset.
“You up for something to eat?”
“Ah, you read my mind cariño. I’m paying since you did a great job today.”
“Aw thanks Blue, we can go wherever you like then.”

> May or may not buy you a new skateboard so you can practice together if you actually enjoyed skateboarding.

> When/if you become a pro skateboarder, you’d both go together and trade board tricks. Jaime’ friends that do skate are kinda jealous over the bond you two have and the fact Jaime actually got his gorgeous s/o into skateboarding.