i thought this was going to be hard

EXO Reactions: Seeing you in the lingerie they bought you

Baekhyun: *Bites his lip as you twirl round in circles while dancing for him* “I never knew lacy white bras and thongs could look so good on you, jagiya.. Quick, go and try on the black pair I got you!” 

Sehun: *eyes focus on you as you step out from your shared bathroom* “Wow jagiya.. I sure did a good job didn’t I?” *and with a sassy smirk* “Come closer to me, I wanna find out how hard it’ll be to take these off.”

Kai: *stares at you from across the room, his clothes already off* “Oh baby, I thought you were going to make this easier tonight.. tsk, tsk, going to make me cut off those brand-new bra and panties?” *while moving towards you* “Aish, this girl.. always asking for me to play rough.” 

Kris: *You didn’t know when he was getting home, so you quickly change into the lingerie and danced around the house while cleaning, but you are interrupted from dusting as you hear a whistle sound from behind you* “Damn baobei…” *while walking over to you and biting his lip* “You are just so good to me, allow me to return the favor.” 

Lay: *very surprised to find you lying in bed with only lingerie on, so he’s a little confused until you say* “Lay Ge, come play with me.” *then he gets it* “Of course, my baobei.” 

D.O “Jagiya, I-” *sees you cooking dinner wearing only a blue lacey thong and a very see-through bra* “You just want to be punish on the dining room table don’t you?!” *and that night, you were*

Tao: *when you walk into the living room wearing nothing but a thin black lace nightshirt* “Baobei, if you don’t get your ass over here and on my lap in the next 5 seconds..” 

LuHan: *his eyes follow you around the bedroom as you make your way to him* “Well? Are you just gonna look and not touch?” *your teasing excites him* “Your wish is my command, Baobei.” *and lets just say you got exactly what you asked for*

Xiumin: *while he’s cooking in the kitchen with his back to you* “Jagiya! The spaghetti is almost rea-” *he turns and sees you* “Well, nevermind about the spaghetti, cos that’s not what i’m eating tonight..” 

Chen: *your moans fill the air while he gently touches you through your thin pink panties* “Mmm, I sure made a good choice putting you in these… Now, how do you thank your oppa?” 

Chanyeol: *he was exhausted from a long day, but perked up immediately as you exited your shared bathroom to reveal yourself in a flowy, flowery lace button-up* “What? You wanna be exhausted too? Alright then.” 

Suho: *he comes home to find you sitting on the couch, in a thong, staring at him* “Jagiya… be a good-girl for daddy and come to me.” *when you run immediately to the bedroom* “Sigh, she must be wanting a firm spanking.” 

DISCLAIMER: All gifs taken from google. 

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How do you feel about squirrel and hedgehog

Far superior to anything America could ever produce. It can be violent and scary at times, but that is just how the world is, and kids should learn that.

((OOC;; Squirrel and Hedgehog is a cartoon that airs in North Korea. It’s…surprisingly hard to find episodes of this, especially translated. Basically, it is a military/spy thriller cartoon with animals, in which the squirrels and hedgehogs represent the North Koreans, the wolves the Americans, the weasels the Japanese, etc. I thought it was actually okay as far as propaganda cartoons go. The plot was pretty good, there was lots of action and suspense, and I got a little invested in it just from the few episodes I was able to find. Of course, it is rather violent, and basically teaches kids that their country is great, but victimized, and that fighting for it is the brave and honorable thing to do.

However, I do get a small amount of satisfaction in knowing that someone within the North Korean government approved what is essentially a weird, military furry wetdream with a sexy American fox.))

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i have a lot on my plate w homework in all my classes but gym and constant projects, not to mention the school event organization team. should i still audition for the musical or do you think it'll take up too much school time w practices all the time and costume fittings and all that?

I think the question is “are you excited about the idea of being in the musical?” if the thought of it makes you really happy then I think it’s worth it. It will take up time and it might be hard to organize it with all the stuff you have going on but if you really want to be in it, go for it :)

Babylon 5 Watch (Season 1, Episodes 1-3)

With @jenniferstolzer a season deep into Buffy the Vampire Slayer already, it’s time for me to hold up my side of the trade by starting Babylon 5. Like with Jen, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts as I go through the episodes.

Pre-show Apology: I’m going to go ahead and say sorry now for the nicknames I give people. It’s a new show and names are hard for me anyway, but I’m sure I’ll remember who everyone is at some point. Maybe…

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"the movement from being alone and cut off from the world and descending underground deeper into the loneliness" Ok, look, the video nearly had me in tears and now you're writing gorgeous things like this and I'm going to lose it again. It's a beautiful, beautiful video, and I hadn't even thought of descending and then climbing up out of the sadness to acknowledge and accept it. That makes it even better, wow. Talk about a gut punch.

I blame Niall! does he fully grasp the emotional impact of his songs? it’s a whole new level for him. one more thing I love: towards the end, the soft blue of the almost-night sky, with the golden city lights. it’s my absolute favourite time of day, but so hard to shoot because it’s so fleeting. but heartbreak is fleeting too, you know? it’s all-consuming while you’re in it, but looking back on it from a better place, maybe you can appreciate that there is a gut-wrenching beauty in feeling something so deeply? maybe it’s better than feeling nothing at all? am I making any sense??

I’m so emotional today. We’re 2 years in of Wyatt owning his practice and it’s so damn hard. When does it get easier? Is it always going to be like this? I hate it so much. He works ALL the time. He gets home at 8:00 every night, works every other Saturday or more. I never see him because as soon as he gets home, he’s ready for bed. If he’s not in bed, he’s thinking about his stupid office. There’s no “leaving it at work” even though that’s a wonderful thought. There’s so much more to my complaints but I’d be here all day. I’m so worried about when the baby is born because he’s supposed to be in charge of the kids but he’s been running consistently 2 hours behind every day. I’m so proud of everything he’s done and how hard he works, but sometimes I just wish we wouldn’t have done this.

final fantasy xv sentence starters ( part five.)

  • “ maybe they were right about your lack of dignity.”
  • “ you sure we’re in the right spot?”
  • “ oh, we made it out alive!”
  • “ i seriously thought we were at journey’s end.”
  • “ sorry for giving you such a hard time.”
  • “ i just had to get my hands on this, even if it meant blackmail.”
  • “ you understand, don’t you?”
  • “ we’re supposed to go near that thing?!”
  • “ pipe down before you wake it up.”
  • “ told you, i’m a wo/man of integrity.”
  • “ what’s that look for?”
  • “ this your idea of a joke?”
  • “ i need you to calm down so i can explain.”
  • “ i’m as calm as i’m gonna get!”
  • “ we had no way of knowing.”
  • “ then we can’t be sure until we see it with our own eyes.”
  • “ lotta good hoping’s gonna do.”
  • “ you mustn’t lose faith.”
  • “ ___ lied. they betrayed us.”
  • “ conjecture gets us nowhere.”
  • “ we’re searching for truth.”
  • “ all you’ll find are lies.”
  • “ let’s make a detour.”
  • “ hey, get back here!”
  • “ where are you going? c’mon!”
  • “ don’t bother.”
  • “ the hell’s going on?”
  • “ makes sense? are you serious? what about any of this makes sense?!”
  • “ the news just told me i’m dead.”
  • “ if you’re looking for the whole truth, you know where to find me.”
  • “ something this big can’t go ignored.”
  • “ and what about us? what do we do?”
  • “ no going back - only way’s forward.”
  • “ so all talk of peace was merely a pretext.”
  • “ in the end, though… well, it just wasn’t enough.”
  • “ i don’t know. your guess is as good as mine.”
  • “ this is far from over.”
  • “ the daemons’ll be coming out any minute!”
  • “ as long as we keep moving, we’ll be fine.”
  • “ but how can you be sure?”
  • “ what- the monsters got you scared?”
  • “ nah. monsters don’t scare me. i ride with one every day.”
  • “ you wanna run that by me again?”
  • “ i’m glad you’re safe.”
  • “ i owe you big time.”
  • “ well, fortune favors the bold.”
  • “ the wise make their own luck.”
  • “ you just gonna rush in like that?”
  • “ got any better ideas?”
  • “ surprise ‘em from behind.”
  • “ should be easy for you.”
  • “ wanna tell me what i’m here for?”
  • “ i’ll go with you, for the time being.”
  • “ don’t get used to it. i’ll be gone before you know it.”
  • “ i’ll enjoy it while i can.”

Okay, ONE more post about South Park and I will resume your normal programming.

Adding romantic drama in TFBW really thickened the narrative from the previous. Since the boys and girls always separate into separate factions when these big pretend games are played, it would’ve been hard to include and keep engaging. But Tweek and Craig are both boys. It’s perfect. Them having a quarrel further drives the theme of division in the game. That said, I’m 99% sure this is a self-contained story where they make up at the end, going along with the main plot. But through it all, we’ll be on the edges of our seats waiting for it.

Just a thought.

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20 WildeHopps (Mrs. Wilde/Judy's heretofore unmentioned elder sister Victoria Hopps)

[Yeah booooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy]

“Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear”

Victoria arrives at her studio apartment. With one hand, she unlocks the door; the other presses her phone to her ear. She’s chatting to one of her many, many sisters.

“Oh, yeah, it’s been great. Really great. We’re going slow, but she’s… yeah. Totally. I really think I’m lucky I ever met her.”

She whacks the door closed with her hip, light glinting off her sunglasses.

“Still, though… Who would’ve ever thought I’d be dumb enough to date a fox? Hah, yeah. I’ve done plenty of stupid stuff before, but this really -!”

Victoria looks up and freezes.

Marian is sitting on her couch.

The vixen meets her gaze. Her green eyes are hard to read, but they certainly aren’t impressed. Victoria stares, open-mouthed.

“Uh, Laverne, I’ll call you back.” She hurriedly hangs up, dropping her phone. “Uh, h-hi… that spare key I gave you works okay, huh?”

“Yes,” says Marian. “I wanted to surprise you.” She stands, arms folded. 

“C-colour me surprised. Mission accomplished. You did it.”

Silence hangs in the air. Marian says nothing, just stands there and waits for Victoria to plead her case.

Victoria’s mouth is dry. “Uh… so…”

She closes her mouth. Then opens it again.

“Look, babe, you gotta understand… It’s like - okay. Rabbit culture. Differences. It’s just that, my family - especially my grandpa, we… I…” 

She removes her sunglasses and runs a hand down her face. 

“…Y’know what? No. I don’t have an excuse. Or an explanation. That was a stupid fucking thing to say, whether or not you could hear it. I’m really sorry.”

Marian says nothing. Then, silently, she starts moving. Victoria fully expects her to push past her and walk out the door.

But she doesn’t. She stands just in front of Victoria, looking at her from above. Then, slowly, she pulls her into an embrace.

Victoria blinks, a lot. Then she squirms. “No. No hugs. I do not deserve a hug.”

“Well, that’s for me to decide, isn’t it?” Marian rests her head on Victoria’s. “And I think you do deserve a hug, for such an honest and unconditional apology.”

Victoria’s voice is soft. “So… you’re not mad?”

“Oh, I am livid,” says Marian serenely, and Victoria laughs. “But I can find it in my heart to forgive you.”

Victoria relaxes into the hug, eyes closed. “You’re still the nicest lady I’ve ever met.”

“And don’t you forget it.”

That “Mordred has a brother” idea had been haunting me. Especially in modern hell AU. An older brother, maybe by 4-5 years.

Mordred’s parents split, so the two of them lived separately and emailed each other back and forth, but like. One time Mordred went to watch BH6 and then *called* him, sounding genuinely freaked out.

So older Surana phoned Cullen directly like wtf did you do you piece of undercooked dough if you did ANYTHING to him I’m going to personally go over there and…do something…and Cullen was like who did WHAT to Mordred but all it was, was Mordred identifying a little too hard with Hiro LMAO.

Cullen even thought Mordred got this weird stalker because he sure didn’t mention any brother.

Mordred’s older brother was Carver sized and living in Canada, that was why. Mordred and his mum’s family lived in Texas. Because Mae needed to be within driving distance of him and Mae’s like. Texan. Really really Texan.

Dear Charlie,

The last time I wrote you I was drunk and forgot to sign, and it was a few weeks before I started high school. And it made me start to think about something. A few years ago, when I was severely depressed and suicidal, along with uncontrollable anxiety and an eating disorder that wouldn’t never quit, I never thought I’d make it to high school. I’d always thought that by that time I’d be dead. But now, I’m getting better. I’m taking some pills to manage my anxiety, my depression is to a minimum now, and my eating disorder is slowly improving. And on Tuesday, I’m going to be joining the Gay-Straight Alliance at my high school.
And to everyone else here who is struggling, I hope this can act as a beacon of hope for you. Life is hard, and often giving up seems better, and sometimes, you may even give up. It happens. We’re only human. It’s definitely happened to me before. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, is that you keep getting up. You keep fighting, because everything gets better with time and effort. Things will pass, and there will be a time when you can say you’re ok and really mean it. I promise you. Everything gets better, make sure you’re there to see it.

Love Always,
The Gay Girl

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I’m curious about how your thoughts about the 3rd act of the movie once she was back in her homeland and her actions there.

I didn’t like how she behaved (meaning pretending to be single when she most certainly WAS NOT- one of my pet peeves as far as movie behavior goes) but I understood it. She was going through a lot between her sister dying and her sudden marriage to Tony and not being able to talk about that with her mom and not HAVING her sister there to talk to at all. Sister love stories (and tragedies) always hit me really hard. I watched it with my sister and we broke down when Rose died. :( 

What bothered me most about the third act was how Tony pressured her into marrying him before she left. Like dude no!! But again I understood his own fear that she’d leave him and that desire to make it permanent before she floated away forever. I just wish he could have been okay with a promise and then the opportunity for a beautiful wedding once she’d healed more. But once she had married him, I was so happy when she stood by that and came back to him. I honestly didn’t know what the movie was going to do with that but I really loved its resolution.

The whole Jim thing was frustrating to some extent (because he’s gorgeous and sweet and I love him so there’s that part of you that wants her to be with him) but I also liked how it honestly presented his appeal without enforcing the idea that they had to be together just because he’s an attractive and good person. The idea of there being “just one” person out there for you is stupid. Eilis could have been completely happy with him if she’d stayed in Ireland and never met Tony. He’s lovely. But there are lots of lovely people in the world! Once you choose someone, there’s only one. That’s the beauty of it. I did think it was a little hard on Jim? I want a sequel where he meets someone absolutely perfect for him!!!!!!!!

Two final thoughts: Eilis is an interesting character because she has this hardness to her. She’s got a lot of edges and even her charm is a little arched and distanced, but she’s still loving and vulnerable. I liked that, especially considering that the template for female characters can skew to one extreme or the other with regard to hardness or softness. The moment when she tells her mother about Tony and breaks down saying that she wants to be with her husband is especially poignant because she’s not usually demonstrative. That felt so real. 

Second thing: When Eilis is at the beach and she comments on how different it is from the beaches in America, Jim gets kind of sad and defensive about how Ireland must seem so backwards to her. (Totally natural.) I love that she tells him “you seem calm and civilized to me!” It’s so cute because I understand Jim’s fear and protectiveness over his native land and I love her affirmation that no, she really does love it. And aLso how “calm and civilized” can apply to him too!! Which is so cute!! And he’s so delighted and pleased by that anD AHHH HE’S SO CUTE. 

I think that’s everything? What about you?

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Can I just make every thing stop? Like Siriusly al the girls in my class are like " the WORLD IS GONNA DIE I DINT WANT TO DIE" and I'm just like I wouldn't die dying tonight

Isn’t that what makes life exciting? That it never stops! 
It’s hard sometimes, sure, and sometimes it makes me wonder what it’s all for, but then I start to think that among all the bad things that are happening, there’s still some good out there in the world, and my thought process is, “one day, i’m going to be that person that makes another one smile and I’m going to be that good in the world.” 

So while sometimes the world goes by a little too fast, it’s so exciting to just be there for the ride y’know? 

🐈 giving the cat emoji warrior names 🐈

[note: an anon asked me to do this and i like doin things for the greater good but im gonna post this and never admit to how long i spent doing this im just going to post this and pretend this never happened]

brightfur - ginger-and-white tabby tom from windclan; loves chasing buns out in the moor and is often known as being pretty naive and kindhearted, cares WAY too much about others opinions of him, never curses or uses foul words like “foxdung” or anything of the sort, he’s a good boy

applecloud - a goddamn ball of sunshine. they’re a sweet ginger-and-white tabby cat from thunderclan who chatters all day about whatever topic has grabbed their attention, they’re very sweet and caring. cant really fight, their greatest accomplishment is stealing the fresh-kill pile.

firetail - a taciturn and strict molly, firetail is quite the blooming leader. a ginger-and-white tabby molly from thunderclan, she’s serious and is very comfortable in her deputy position. she has a soft spot for kits and apprentices and likes to dip her nose into things that aren’t really her business, however

cranecloud - sweet gray tabby molly from riverclan, very soft spoken and kind. she doesn’t really like fighting, prefers to stay close to camp and hunt for her clan. hates violence and sometimes dreams of an easier, laid back life as a kittypet.

mudsplash - brown-and-white tom from riverclan, mudsplash is very excitable and basically bouncing off the walls. sweet but he gets kinda huffy sometimes, can be sorta pretentious about the things that he feels passionate about. super cute tho and has a penchant for flirting w/ tomcats from other clans

rushstar - orange tomcat leader from windclan, very mysterious and soft spoken. prefers to ‘stay in the shadows’ as it were, doesn’t say much and doesn’t have a loud voice. many have to lean in to hear him.

tinybird - little ginger tabby molly from shadowclan, tinybird holds the reputation for being the smallest of the smalls in shadowclan. she’s tiny and moves quick on her paws; she’s a small cutie, but she’s DEFINITELY a troublemaker - picks fights w/ others a lot and uses her tiny cuteness to get her out of trouble.

crowbreeze - black molly from shadowclan, crowbreeze is very flighty and paranoid - she hates the dark and doesnt sleep outside, holes herself in her nest at night because she just hates hates hates the dark. believes in ‘other cats’ who live past starclan AKA aliens.

maplepelt - simple red-brown tom from thunderclan. he doesnt really…do much and sorta is just there. cats ask about him and he just goes “haha yeah” and thats sorta it. very simple, prefers being in the background. just sorta appears outta nowhere.

sandstream - pretty pale ginger molly from riverclan; sandstream loves to swim and is very comfortable in the water. she’s extremely gay and loves to cause mischief, though, and everyone knows that she loves to stir things up and watch. very hard to hate though, especially if you live for drama.

tawnyheart - boastful ginger tom from skyclan, tawnyheart talks a lot about how proud he is of skyclan but can’t name two past skyclan leaders. doesnt have much to back up his bravado, but he thinks his ‘charm’ will help him with that. he’s a good warrior, but he earns his -heart suffix bc he loves judging others 

darkshadow - goth black molly from shadowclan. she basically is the most stereotypical of shadowclan cats; dark-furred, dreary, loves talking about emo things. she’s kinda a downer but also very kind and soft spoken, she hates to raise her voice.

You know, when you feel unwanted or when you think your friends don’t even think of you as a friend-


—  That’s it.

Malec Appreciation Week: Day 4 - An underappreciated scene
Official petition for Magnus to start referring to the bow and quiver as his in casual conversation