i thought this was funny in the start

when did we, as a fandom, collectively agree to fancast dane dehaan as andrew minyard?

Drunk Christian Yu

Christian Yu

Word Count: 400 words

Genre: Scenario, Funny (hopefully)

Little note: I just suddenly thought of this while working on other requests and thought it’d be funny. It’s quite random but enjoy it.

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It was the night of Christian’s birthday. As you would never let him spend his birthday with just you, because he had more people that cared for him to celebrate with, one thing lead to another and you were left with a drunk Christian. But he was a peaceful one. After everyone left, he had sprawled out on the floor by the window, star gazing. You were now sitting next to him, with your legs crossed and Lori comfortably curled up on your lap.

“When I’m really rich and famous,” He started. “And they want to build a statue to honor me, I’ll tell them to make a statue of you instead.” He stated with confidence, firming the idea by waving his index finger like a politician during a speech.

His arm didn’t take long to fall back onto the floor.

“That’d be an ugly statue, don’t let them do it.” You answered.

“It’d be a beautiful statue!”

“But I don’t want a statue of myself.”

“Okay…” He nodded slowly.

Quietly, he went back to watching the stars. You began petting Lori.

“When I’m really rich and famous…” He started off again. “I’m buying a nice ass Porsche and naming it after you.”

“Name it after Lori instead.”

“I already have one Lori.” He answered. A tiny pointy ear lifted, reacting to his voice pronouncing her name. You rushed to soothe her down with pets.

“You already have one of me too.”

“Right…” He nodded only once, realizing you were right.

And again, he quietly went back to watching the stars. Slightly amused, you continued petting Lori who was a very tired puppy at the moment.

“When I’m really rich and famous…” He went again. “I’m buying you a castle.”

“I don’t want a castle.”

“Goddamnit, you’re hard to please.” He huffed and chuckled, making you smile.

He slowly rolled onto his side, with a few groans in the process, facing you and using his arm as a pillow. His eyes, half closed, sparkled from grogginess.

“When I’m really rich and famous…” He grinned. “I’m asking you what you want and I’ll give it to you.” He concluded, adding a little nod to confirm it.

Keeping one hand on Lori, you reached out with your free hand to caress his cheek.

“When you’re really rich and famous, all I’ll want is you.” You smiled.

“I knew it. You just want me for my money.”

Want 1 picture that describes Seán’s Sonic Mania video? 
Here you go! ;D

Actually the funny thing about this was when I took this screenshot I hadn’t seen past this part of the video yet and I was planning on making this anyway just because of this screenshot and Nostalgia Boner literally was first thing that I thought of for it. Then I started watching the video more and then coincidentally enough Seán ends up saying the exact same thing a few seconds later and when I heard that I just lost it laughing! This is not the first time something like this has happened, I have this huge weird tendency to unintentionally predict something Seán will do or say in a video and in general. IT’S FUCKING WEIRD! xD Either I know how he thinks way too well at this point or our minds are just way too similar to each other. Silly minds think alike I guess everyone, haha! :P

Cici and Jimmy has the Sex

Bucky was right when he said he had no clue how to care for a child. You didn’t know how long it had been, as the days began to run together, but when your head started to itch, you realized you hadn’t had a shower since you were turned.

“Buckbuck!” you called, though he wasn’t very far.

“What is it, Munchkin?” he asked, no longer trying to correct what you called him. Not that he tried very hard to begin with, as he started it, but he actually thought it was kind of funny.

“I smell. I need to bath.”

“Crap,” he muttered. “Sorry, I didn’t think of it.” His head snapped up and he lifted his arm and took a whiff. “I need one, too,” he groaned, realizing he hadn’t had one since then, either.

You went to his bathroom and he plugged up the drain, filling the tub with warm water. He closed the curtain half way, and left his shower things near the closed end. When the tub was full, he instructed you to sit at the closed end and call him when you were in. You did, and he sat on the floor, leaning against the tub.

“Hey, I need you to talk to me, alright?” he requested anxiously. “I need to know you aren’t drownin’ in there.”

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Headcanons of Izuku getting a bad haircut cause of their s/o? They really wanted to try to cut hair but ended up fucking it up lmao

Thank you so much for your ask anon! 💕 This is the first headcanon since I took my break and I feel a little rusty. I humbly apologize if it’s neither funny nor the best thing I wrote 🙈. I still hope you enjoy it!

Midoriya Izuku

  • When s/o mentioned they wanted to try how hair cutting works Izuku was not the first to volunteer, but when they asked him he could not resist
  • S/o is decent at most things they do, so what could possibly go wrong… or so he thought
  • Izuku gets a little nervous when s/o suddenly starts laughing frantically, telling him everything is all right and it will turn out well. He is actually not worrying at this point so this statement makes him a little anxious. Boy is troubled when he sees more and more of his green curls falling to the floor, but he decides to trust his s/o and stays silent
  • By the time s/o tells him they are finished he sees them sweat dropping. Lord, he can’t look worse than Bakugou with straight hair, right?
  • Izuku looks into the mirror, to say it’s a haircut is more than a just too nice description. “Don’t freak out, Izuku. Don’t freak out”, he mumbles really audible. When he sees the hurt look in s/o’s eyes he can’t be angry at them, it could be worse
  • He tries to reassure them “It’s not that bad, really. Other couples have been through bad haircuts too, right?” Though, inner Izuku is freaking out a little
  • The next time he attends class Bakugou is the loudest “Deku, you nerd. Did you fall under a mower or something?”, he laughs. In the back, Kaminari is mumbling something to Kirishima about having a bad hairstyle contest between those two, but he better not get too loud

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Hoe story in the making: Just got out of a shitty relationship and I'm so ready to start being a hoe again!! Me and this cute girl I know were platonically hanging out and I found out she's a lesbian too and she's woke as shit and after like a whole day of hanging out she told me to hit her up if I ever wanted to chill and she kept telling me how cool and funny she's always thought I was and!! I'm just hella excited, we're talking about chilling later this week and i'm super pumped

ahhhh goooooood luck!!!!!!!!!

Thoughts on Ep 6

After I posted my thoughts on the last episode, an anon wrote to me saying that apparently I put too many gifs in my posts.

So I hope you’ll all forgive me if I completely ignore them, and carry on as I normally do.

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So let’s get started.

I really enjoyed the conversations between Jon, Tormund and Gendry. Not only was the first one pretty funny (Tormund being his usual self), but the conversation between Jon and Tormund was actually quite deep. Tormund pointing out the problems with Mance, someone that he had respected and almost revered while following him.

Obviously hinting to Jon to not follow the man’s mistakes.

“This one’s been killed six times and you don’t hear him bitching about it.” The Hound is great, we need to keep him around.

So many good interactions in this episode.

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Jon offering Longclaw back to Jorah, despite needing it to fight the WW, is completely in character for him. However, it is also so noble and selfless that it makes you wanna slap him upside the head.

Damn it Jon, you need that sword. Give it to him later. It is the Ice Zombie apocalypse, you can be a bit selfish now and then.

Jorah refuses and tells him to use it well and to give it to his children after him.

Hmm foreshadowing much, HBO.

That story about Arya shooting the arrows, with Eddard showing his approval for it, got me in the feels. He knew his daughter wasn’t going to be a ‘proper lady’ and he didn’t care.

Damn, Eddard’s such a good dad

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“With your help” Way to ruin the good moment, Arya. Shit.

“He lost the Battle of the Bastards.” And he would have had a better chance of winning it, if you had told him about the Knights of the Vale, instead of hiding it from him!

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Sorry, that still annoys me.

“What are you scared of?” Holy shit. Arya’s being quite intimidating in this scene.

I know this whole thing is another Littlefinger manipulation, but I really enjoyed that scene, even if I’m still salty over Sansa taking credit for taking Winterfell.

I need my Hound/Tormund buddy comedy, like right now!

“I want to make babies with her” “I’m good at killing people.” God I love Tormund. If he dies at any point in this story, I am not going to be pleased.

And the great interactions keep on coming. The conversation between Jon and Beric was great. No talk about how Beric fights for the Lord of Light and his will, but that he fights to protect people, something that Jon instantly understands and connects with.

This is why I am really enjoying this season. 

One of the main complaints that I’ve seen against this season is that, apart from Euron attacking the fleet and the Loot Train attack, there hasn’t been that many big action sequences. Even the majority of the Unsullied taking Casterly Rock happened off screen, and Highgarden’s scking was entirely off-screen.

But for me, seeing these kinds of interactions, between the characters that we’ve grown to know and love (and a few that we don’t), is just sooo much better.

“Jon Snow is not in love with me” Sure Dany.

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Tyrion come on man! Bringing up Dany’s infertility that casually. A little tact wouldn’t go amiss.

“Do bears have blue eyes?”

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A wight polar bear. These guys just can’t catch a break can they?

Beric and Thoros just casually lighting their swords on fire is pretty awesome, I’ve gotta say.

Why is Sansa still talking to Lf, and taking his advice? She knows what kind of a man he is, and what his feelings and plans for her are. And yet she continues to keep talking to him. he is no helping herself, is she?

God damn it, I hate Littlefinger. Can he just die already?

Jon and the others ambushing the WW and his wights…

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Jon kills another White Walker. That’s my boy!

I’m not sure how i feel about the ‘Hive mind’ thing that the WW and the wights have going on. It just feels too cheap and cliche, and we know how GRRM feels about that. I just think that it would just be too ‘easy’ if all they have to do is kill the NK and all their problems will just die.

But that’s just me.

That rumbling sound as the storm approaches them is intimidating as hell, just like at Hardhome. And the musical theme is just phenomenal, as usual.

Tormund: Unless the Lord of Light is kind enough to lend us some fire

Beric: Hold my beer.

Ok, why is Sansa now treating Brienne like shit? Maybe I am misreading the scene, but that seemed really fucking disrespectful. Brienne is just trying to protect her, not treat her like a child. I get that Sansa is rattled, what with Arya not so subtly threatening her, but none of that is Brienne’s fault.

Fuck yes. Dany riding out to save Jon and others at a moment's notice. Also her winter dress looks amazing. 

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*The Hound throwing shit at the wights*

*The wights start charging*

It was at this moment he knew, he fucked up.

Holy shit that aerial shot where you could see the wights swarming towards them!

I find it kind of funny how not even the characters care when those no-name red shirts die right next to them. One of them just got swarmed by wights and Beric might as well have have shrugged.

I got really scared for Tormund when he was being dragged by the wights guys. Out of the characters there, him and Beric are two that i could very easily see dying, and I don’t like it.

Oh look, another red shirt down.

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At least this time, Jon actually tried to help him.

I’ve already seen parts of this episode, Dany arriving being one of them, but seeing it again now, on my big TV and in full HD, gave me full-on chills.

I’d already knew about Viserion’s death, but seeing it again was no easier. His screeching in pain as he falls, Dany’s look of complete horror as she watches, and the cries of the other dragons as they realise what has happened to their brother. And that sorrowful music as he sink beneath the lake.

That shot Benjen riding towards Jon, with his fire mace thing swinging around through the mist and smoke was amazing. 

The cinematography in this episode is on fucking point.

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I’m pretty sure that the music that plays during Benjen’s sacrifice was a version of the Stark theme, and it was an amazing moment.

I love the complete look of shock on Dany’s face when she sees Jon’s scars. When she realises that it wasn’t a figure of speech, that this man literally took a knife in the heart for his people

Arya right now:

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I’m not gonna lie, Arya is creeping me the fuck out.

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Holy shit. The Jon and Dany scene gets better and better the more times you watch it. The looks, the hand holding, the way that Jon holds onto her hand to make her look at him again. 

Smooth bastard.

So….. The Night King just resurrected Viserion as a wight dragon.

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All joking aside, this was a PHENOMENAL episode. Easily one of the best in the whole series. Great character interactions, awesome battles scenes and a shocking loss. In short, all of the reasons why we fell in love with the show in the first place.

And next week is the last episode guys. If I didn’t know about THE big Jonerys moment in the next episode (won’t spoil it here in case people somehow haven’t heard) then I would say that they probably couldn’t top this episode.

i feel like keith and lance would be that couple that was really touchy before they actually get together 

  • keith was never a touchy person, but he’s so touchy with lance 
  • and lance is, so he doesn’t really notice the difference until shiro is like “hey my brother is hanging all over you what’d you do to him?” (he Knows he’s just trying to see if lance does) 
  • lance is like ??? dude i thought that was normal 
  • but they’re on the couch and lance has his legs thrown over keith’s lap and is basically on top of him 
    • until he gets up to go to the bathroom or something and keith starts complaining that he’s taking away the heat source that is himself 
    • so lance thinks it’s funny to just flop down on top of keith with his entire body so he can’t even move 
    • “this better?” he asks, all smug 
    • keith, grumbling but wrapping his arms around lance’s back “yeah…” 
  • lance rests his feet on keith’s lap ALL THE TIME and everyone is appalled the first time he doesn’t shove him off right away
  • they’re mid debrief or something and keith is explaining how some alien attacked him in the most crazy, absurd story but no one can hear it because they’re all staring AT WHERE KEITH HAS HIS HANDS ON LANCE’S ANKLES 
  • keith tugs at lance’s sleeve whenever he wants his attention 
  • lance has a hand on the small of keith’s back for no reason very often
  • lance emerges from an explosion Dramatically and keith runs to him and starts running his hands all over his chest checking to see if he’s fine
  • and lance grabs his hands and holds them tightly and tells him “i’m okay, keith” over and over again until keith finally stops shaking
  • they like to hook their ankles over each other when they’re sitting beside each other 
    • lance thinks it’s funny to try and get keith’s shoe to fall off 
    • footsie that turns into a very aggressive competition 
  • honestly these kids probably start holding hands and are still completely oblivious to the fact they look like a bickering couple who’ve been together for years 
  • they’ll figure it out 

it makes me sad that people outside of the toy collecting community will never have the full context of the “optibotimus fake coke commercial” disaster because it is just so funny if you were there when it happened

i’ll try to explain it as best i can regardless

optibotimus is a fairly prominent transformers toy reviewer. you could call his reviews the most baseline they could possibly be. Thew and Vangelus are on the far end of the “entertainment” side of toy reviews, Peaugh is on the far end of “purely informational,” Optibotimus sits squarely in the middle. He shows you the toy in front of a white screen, shows you what it can do, cracks a joke occasionally, and that’s it.


one day, optibotimus decides that he wants to run ads on his videos

fair enough, right? people do that. they put vids on youtube, run an ad on ‘em, get a little bit of pocket money.

how did he decide to do it?

he made an ad for coca-cola and started running it on his videos

he did not come to any sort of agreement with coke, he didn’t arrange for a deal.

he just made the ad, ran it on his video, and hoped that Coke would give him a brand deal because he was already running ads for them on his videos.

coke personally, politely, declined his offer.

his fans didn’t exactly care for it either.

I invite you all to watch it:

Yes, the video is 20 minutes long. just watch the first minute. watch the first minute knowing that that advertisement was made with no arrangement with Coca-Cola, the dude just thought that if he started running ads for Coke, Coke would start paying him. 

it’s so funny

Oh Shit…

It happened gradually…

Sirius: *bursts into the dorm, locking the door behind him*

Sirius: *spots Remus and holds a finger to his lips* Shhh…

It had started with little things. The way he’d put his hair up with his wand, dark curls falling across his forehead. The impressively dramatic eye-rolls. The sound of his voice. His crooked smile…    

Then it became more specific.

The way his voice would crack when he tried to hit the high notes in “Stayin’ Alive”. The way he’d always tilt Remus’ book down, peering over it with a mischievous look that said very clearly he was up to no good. How he passed every test effortlessly, infuriatingly, playing it off as “luck”. The way his shoulders hunched and his expression turned stony every time he passed Regulus in the hall, desperately trying to think of something to say to his estranged sibling. The way his whole face would light up whenever James introduced him as his brother. The way he’d sit quietly in the hospital wing after the full moon, dark bags under his eyes. The fact that he always took notes when he knew Remus wouldn’t be able to make it…  

Sirius: *sighs with relief when no one knocks on the door* *turns to Remus* Hey Moons, If anyone comes asking where I am… tell them I’m off snogging McKinnon or something.

The fact that it hurt when he said that…

Sirius: *notices the way Remus’ hands are trembling as he turns the page, his eyes staring blankly at the same spot*  

He didn’t know when it had happened… what had changed…


Oh shit… 

… I’m gay. 

Bts reaction to their s/o walking funny the day after

Seokjin: Jin would be quite concerned seeing you flinch by every step you took. But he was also trying not to laugh because, to be honest, you looked really funny acting as if nothing’s up.

“Come on, jagi! Just admit that I was right when I said that you’re gonna regret this today. Know your limits.”

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Namjoon: Namjoon was smirking while taking a sip of his morning coffee as you walked, or should I say crawled, to the kitchen. He’d just look at you and feel kinda proud.

“Well… you asked for it. I’m sorry I was that rough but I have to admit that this is pretty funny, even slugs are being faster than you.”

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Yoongi: You were moaning around because of your pain at Yoongi. After about half an hour he got annoyed and pushed you onto the sofa starting to undress you and kiss your body at the same time.

“You were the one that screamed ‘harder’ so don’t blame me. You should have been happy to still being able to walk. After this you’re not gonna leave your bed”

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Hoseok: This devil would check on you constantly while having having dirty thoughts 24/7. He’d kiss you gently and care for you until the pressure got too much.

“I am so sorry baby but I think now you’re ready for round 2.”

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Taehyung: Tae would be so giggly the moment he saw your penguin-walk, stil quite amazed by how he was able to do you so rough that this was the consequence.

“Wow, ain’t I a sex monster? Yes, yes I am.”

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Jimin: Jimin would find the situation so funny and amusing, he was laughing at the sight of you walking or trying to walk. Still, he felt bad about it and wanted to help you as much as he could.

“Is there anything I could do? Any way to make you forgive me?”

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Jungkook: Kookie would apologize as soon as he saw your agony but still act as cocky as possible after. First saving his ass and then getting it in trouble again just as usual.

“I’M SO SORRY BABE!….. But wow, you asked me to and I am a gentleman, I can’t just say no. You wanted me so badly, huh?”

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Wow 3 posts on 3 days, your girl is hardworking! lol okay no I just don’t give a fuck about school anymore. Soooo we’re soon gonna be 2,000 followers wtf 

Don’t Call Me That.

Lemme know what you think!


(Not my GIF)

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When he first hears you say it, it’s faint and he’s not sure if you actually said it or if his mind is playing games. All he hears his your voice,a mere whisper even calling the name “Alex” in your sleep. He can also here you whimpering and a change in your breathing pattern which he recognises as how are when you’re about to cum and he knows he doesn’t like it when you’re having wet dreams about another man, he hates it really.

So when morning comes along with it comes having to face reality and for you to deal with a very distant and angry Harry. When you confront him to talk about it,he promises it’snot big deal and that he’s just having an off day but having been with him for so long, you know he’s lying. You’ve finally had enough after dinner and you corner him when he’s the most vulnerable and his guard was let down : the shower.

“Harry you have to tell me what is wrong or else there’s nothing I can do to help you.”

“Who is Alex, love?” The nickname which was once used as a way to express his love for you and how it was not measurable is not used in a spiteful tone filled with hatred.

At first you're​ shocked and then you stop for a second and think which brings back the faint memories of a dream that you had the previous night. A dream starring your boyfriend as his character in his film, an arrogant look on his face as he nailed you against a wall and kissed you with all his might. At this you start laughing finally realising why Harry has been so bitter all day, he gets angry when he hears laughter bubble from your lips. it pisses him off about how you find the thought of you cheating on him with a man named Alex funny.

“What’s so funny? Is this relationship funny to you?”

“Oh harry, my sweet innocent baby boy, do you remember what happened when I came to visit you on set during the film?”

“You had fun. You spoke to Fionn, Barry, Aneurin, Tom and Jack and you told me how proud you were. What does this have to do with an Alex?”

You laugh at your daft and apparently clueless boyfriend. “ All that aside, what happened in the bedroom? After you came back from set?”

“Well the condoms I bought for your week long visit got over in two days. You loved my uniform, didn’t you?”A smile slowly grew on his face as he understood where this was going. Well two could play this game, he concluded as a sly smirk formed on his berry pink lips.

“And why was that?” You gasped as you felt his hand slide against your core,already slick and wet at the thought of him fucking you.

His left hand begins to gather your hair against one shoulder, his mouth planting spongy kisses against your neck as his right hand just lingered over where you needed him the most. Two of his fingers slowly entered your hole while his thumb rubbed circles against your clit without any rhythm. 

“So wet for me, aren’t you? Who did this to you baby?” his voice rough and husky as it was laced with desire, you failed to notice his accent was also a little thicker.

“You, Harry. You did this. Oh god, please don’t stop.” One of your hands went down to hold his that was still steadily pumping his fingers into you while his thumb continued it’s motion against your sensitive nub. He suddenly stopped, his fingers pulling out of you as his other hand released your hair from it’s gasp. 

“What did you call me? That’s not my name, is it baby girl?”He bought him fingers up to his mouth, his tongue peaking out and licking all the wetness that was coated on them as his jade irises stared point blank into your eyes, a lustful look in them.

“Daddy please.”

“Well, I would. But that’s not my name either.” His arms were crossed in front of him as he looked at you, finally having you in the place where he wanted you, All pliant and willing to do anything for him.

“Well I’m running out of answers and I need you Harry please.” You stomped your foot frustrated, tears pooling in your eyes as you were desperate for him. Desperate for his cock to be in you, to reach that sweet spot that made you see stars and feel like your were in heaven.

He stepped forward, cornering you completely  into the wet shower wall. Your back hit the cold tiles as you looked at him all doe eyed and desperate, his favourite look on you if he’s being honest.

“Well darling, you can call me Alex.


So that’s little thought I had this morning. I hope you all liked it, I can do part two of her actually calling him “Alex” in bed if y’all are up for it. @trulymadlysydney @oh-styles , you can’t beat me at my own game. Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?

Love you all so much, xx.

Percy Weasley

Flustered pt. 1

Prompt: “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1705

Warnings: fluff, friends to lovers

A/N: some bucky fluff to make up for all the shit I have put you all through with the past few fics he’s been in haha. this will be a series, so let me know if you want to be tagged. happy reading!



The music was loud and the people were all over the place. All you wanted was a moment of peace. Natasha made you wear a ridiculous dress, one of her own, and all you wanted to do was get out of it and get into bed, or into a warm bath. A social butterfly wasn’t something you would necessarily include on your resume.

But that relief was most likely not going to come anytime soon. No. This wasn’t one of Tony’s lavish parties that you could just leave if you got too tired. This was a mission. This was important. And sleep would only come after the night was finished.

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170730 The War fansign: Kyungsoo fanaccounts

@exoxo​_84 (videos at link): Chanyeol was dancing all day to the music playing! At the ‘down down baby’ part, Kyungsoo and Jongdae burst into laughter at EXO-L’s volume as they sang along ㅋㅋ their imitating EXO-L is such high quality~ they realized and understood that the fanchant only included the ‘down down baby’ part ㅋㅋ

[Jongdae: Why is your confidence disappearing?

Kyungsoo: Down ↘ down ↘ baby ↘]

+ Kyungsoo lip-syncing to Chanyeol and his voice-changing toy ㅋㅋ it’s cute how it’s like they have their own language 

@love_for_D: [about Kokobop] Junmyeon sang “down down aegi~ [baby in Korean]” when they said it was originally “down down bab-y” and not “bab-ey.” Kyungsoo said we mustn’t find that funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

@VGT5SEHUN: I got Kyungsoo first, and while other members wrote “to: [first name]” he wrote “to: [first and last name]-nim!” haha this message really is from him. The first thing I asked was if his shoulder is okay after getting hurt and he said it was okay TTT I asked if he went to the hospital and he said yes TT Kyungsoo thanked me back for saying I was grateful for him and asking for his health TTT

@pol_cchack, pag4ni21bc: One of the fans there burst into tears. She was at the very front so Kyungsoo and Chanyeol were there saying to not cry and asking others nearby to help her. Kyungsoo was asking her why she was crying… then went aigoo… and then Chanyeol said really loudly “DON’T CRY”…. 

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Just my thoughts on what happened with the Supergirl Cast

I ship Supercorp, and I 100% want nothing more than for Jeremy Jordan to get lost. But as I was watching, and rewatching, that entire monstrosity play out I started to pick up on something that I myself have experienced.


I experienced the receiving end when my entire theatre class joined in on a “No one likes you —-” and even when I was having a good time talking to my friends, one specific girl would always cut into my conversations and throw in a “no one likes you anyways”. Somehow she always got it in there, and people I thought were my friends would join in. Peer-Pressure. Now I would laugh along, act like it was a funny joke, but inside I was dying about it. It really hurt. But I knew that the majority didn’t think the same way that girl did; they just said it to join in on the joke because they saw me laughing and everyone else was doing it so why not?

Now, how this connects to Supergirl. Jeremy Jordan was the one singing it all. And when he brought up Lena and was saying that they (Lena and Kara) were really great friends, Katie began laughing, and Melissa started singing “My Girlfriend!” while Katie began making a praying kind of hand symbol. In this split second before asshat began to scream at the camera, you could see that they were being fun and lighthearted about SuperCorp. They were being pro-SuperCorp, and all was well in the world. Then Jeremy started screaming into the camera, and like almost anyone who is put into an uncomfortable situation, they all started joining in and laughing. It was obvious how uncomfortable the whole thing was for Katie and David, and maybe even others felt uncomfortable. But because of the reason that just stopping all of the “fun” in the middle of an interview to call out Jeremy for his bullshit would have looked SO AWKWARD, and who the hell wants to do that when look everyone else is having fun??? So they joined in and didn’t say anything even though they probably didn’t agree on the inside. All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t be so quick to condemn everyone in the cast (besides Jeremy fucking Jordan) and we should wait it out and see what happens. We probably won’t get an apology, but notice how Katie then went on to not so low-key defend SuperCorp by saying that the audience can take from it what they like, and Melissa joined in with a “Yea!” And the others were nodding awkwardly. They wanted to agree, but probably felt awful about what they had just done. I’m completely open to all sides of this fandom, Karamel, SuperCorp, Sanvers, etc etc… so if you would like to comment on this and let me know how you read into it, I would be so pleased to hear about it! I just felt that I had to express how I felt after that shit storm.