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I'm Not Gay

D.va: MCCREE, are you SURE you don’t like Hanzo? -3-

Tracer: Ya can’t hide a rainbow from me, Jesse. You know that.

McCree: … *singing* I’m not gay guys, that ain’t me! I’m just comfortable with my sexuality. So I can admit when I see a guy, who’s got a handsome face and pretty eyes-

*starts imaging Hanzo*

and a rock hard chest….and rippling abs…and the tightest ass…..and those sculpted calves…..and the bulging quads…and that perfect bod…..and oh my g o d take your pants off *drooling*

D.va: oh m y

Tracer: …..called it

Hanzo: ………………………… *Hanzo.exe has stopped working*


i don’t want to write anymore
of how brilliant the moon is tonight,
nor the light of the stars over the distant plains,
how they give me a brighter world, a better path;

because, my love, they don’t.
yours is the only light worth writing about—
the only light i’ll ever need
to keep away the terrible darkness
enveloping this world of mine.

—  L.T. Basinga, everybody’s talking about the brightness of the moon tonight but all i can ever think of, as i lie alone under a cloudless, starry sky, is you.

i hope you all know that i am heartbroken that i didn’t know enough about ballet companies to set tangled ribbons in an actual ballet company. my ideal ballet story takes place with during winter because ballet during the winter is an aesthetic and also because 

marinette and adrien in the nutcracker

You know what I just realized

Everyone who is going to see the Lego Batman movie is going to see a trailer for the Lego Ninjago movie.

That means that EVERYONE who sees the Lego Batman movie is going to be introduced to Ninjago.


I mean, like comic book nerds, families, kids, teens, adults, celebrities….

And only a really small percentage has seen Ninjago.

This is the first time a ton of people will be introduced to the world of Ninjago and the characters we hold dear to our heart.

Warner-you better not screw this up.

if they pull this off, they’re just as brilliant as i’ve always thought they were and if they don’t, i spent an extra week believing that they’re just as brilliant as i’ve always thought they were… nothing to lose imo


Josh: I would, with great frequency, find my way into Brad’s trailer when he wasn’t there, just to see what I could do. He’d keep weird, life-affirming post-its on his mirror and I’d change them into horrible insults. Janel came to me one day and said, “We should send some sort of bouquet from Brad to Jimmy for Valentine’s Day,” and I thought, “Oh my god, that’s brilliant. Plus, I have personalized stationary, which will certainly add artistic verisimilitude.” We bought something ridiculous like three dozen roses to be delivered to Jimmy.
Bradley: I remember I had a check written for $3,000 to the guy who was editing the In Memoriam reel at the SAG Awards because I thought “How great, let’s kill Josh.” But the guy chickened out. So when I wrote my second West Wing script, Josh had to say several times on national TV, “I’m a terrible actor. I can’t act.”

So for some reason, I started singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight and I realised I don’t really know who originally wrote it. Turns out, it was written in 1939 as Mdube by Solomon Linda in Zulu and performed by The Evening Birds.

He was completely ripped off by The Weavers and other western musicians because they thought his music was “simply tribal”. That’s not all.

Like, what the fuck? He wrote one of the most iconic songs of all time and died in poverty. This wasn’t the 1800s. Black artists are still disenfranchised because of western ignorance and institutionalised racism.

Since it’s black history month, I thought I’d share this.

Listen to the original song, it’s brilliant.

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"There’s the handsome and brilliant “Erwin Jr.” (Colt)..." omg I thought I was the only one thinking of this *sobs*

Ha! I just saw @perfectackeracy​ refer to him as “Jerwin”. I’m sold!

You most certainly are not the only person who thought that. In panels like the one below, I felt like Isayama wasn’t even trying to be subtle.



It’s not just how he looks. He’s shown standing up to the Marleyan captain and speaking up despite the impropriety of being an Eldian. Even Jerwin’s leadership abilities were mentioned. By all appearances, this is cut and paste Erwin.


Gorgeous banner by @akai-echo , who was inspired by the original movie poster for the film. It is absolutely perfect! The loudest shout-out to @eala-musings, who beta’d this in no time. She’s such a champion. Thank you!

Loosely based on the film Journey to the Shore, a 2015 Japanese romantic drama film directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. It is adapted from the novel Kishibe no Tabi by Japanese writer Kazumi Yumoto.

Summary: Even after three years, Katniss Mellark still cannot resign herself to the death of her husband. When Peeta Mellark returns, she is willing to go to any lengths to keep him with her, even agreeing to abandon everything and embark on a journey that will change everything she believes about love, regret and the persistence of hope. A story in three parts.

Written for @thegirlfromacrossthepond, who has a birthday today. You are one of my best friends, a brilliant writer, and a wonderful person. I thought you, of all people, might enjoy this offering.  It’s a little on the heavy side and not a typical holiday fare but I hope you’ll like it in the end.  Happy birthday!

Warning - Major Character Death before opening of the story.

Part 1 - Lost

Madge dabbed at the corner of her mouth with the linen table napkin.  I don’t know how my best friend always managed to eat without smudging her lipstick while I only managed to look like a half-done up clown, but it was one of the many superpowers that I begrudgingly envied her.

“He’s a financial consultant with Capitol Funds.  His family has a house in almost every District.  Gale has known him since college.”

It was her latest set-up – some nice man of marrying age with more money than God and an impeccable pedigree. Someone to take her widowed best friend off of her hands.

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Harry looks at him, at the sun illuminating his outline, the angle of his jaw, the tilt of his chin, the way the sunlight casts ever-so-faint shadows of his eyelashes over his cheekbones.” -ch 15

Running on Air by eleventy7/@eleventyse7en​ (the first drarry fic I ever read. super beautiful and well-written. go read it and cry)

this is that one scene in the canola field. it really gets me so I wanted to draw it. it didn’t turn out as planned but what can you do

I’m genuinely confused, why is there so much hate? I thought the episode was brilliant! Also, this isn’t our story to write, people are getting upset because it didn’t go exactly as they wanted it to. But when has this series ever done something mainstream, or predictable? No one in the crew deserves this hate, and I feel so sad that these are the reactions they will recieve, and not the love from the rest of us


In this week’s NEWS na futari (2016/10/14), Shige was on fire and I’d like to share some of his brilliant moments. ♥

He went with a young job hunter to see how expensive and demanding the job hunting business is. She is left with only 90€/month to spend freely while also being supposed to spend 600+€ on proper dress code attire and 80€ on photos to go with the job application.

In the studio, they go on to talk about unpaid internships which KoyaShige get into a little discussion about. Koyama argues that internships pay in experience which made Shige shot him a snappy “That’s something only people who have money would say.” Also, when one of the expert guests insists on handwritten applications to avoid people sending in mass applications, Shige reminds everyone that “[the candidates’] lives depend on this” and therefore should not be made as difficult as humanly possible.

He also argues strongly on behalf of people who won’t be hired because of their social network profiles, saying that contents from the past are from the past and that people change.

All in all, Shige did a fantastic job and this NEWS na Futari episode was really interesting because of the strong stance he took. It made the show so much more bearable despite the quite frequent sexist BS some of the guests spread (this time: a guest commenting on “false advertisement” when women have their photos shopped).

So, yay Shige! That’s what I’d like NEWS na futari to be! You go!