i thought this was a swell idea

So, an idea or theory or whatever. I never post any of my thoughts here, but hey, here goes nothing - (potential spoilers ahead)

Lup could be Taako’s sister?

-A swelling feeling in his heart upon hearing her voice. Taako is gay as hell, so any past female lovers are immediately off the table, leaving an open room for…family, maybe? It must be someone he clearly cared about a lot.

- The umbrastaff which belonged to Lup and is very closely connected to her, only wants to be used by Taako. (refusing to be held by Magnus in that one scene where they land in the trees)

-Only he could hear her voice when using the spell for telepathy. Which makes sense because he was the caster but I like to believe that it also has an emotional meaning???

-Taako and ChaLUPa. Goddamn it, Griffin. If this doesn’t sound like a Griffin thing to do, then I don’t fucking know. I mean, the whole campaign is a big vore joke, so anything ever is possible…

And that’s that. My thoughts. I dunno, just leaving this here. Maybe someone agrees or has more points to add????

heart: sirius black

It was Valentines Day and all you wanted to do was show Sirius how much you appreciated him as your boyfriend. Lily thought it was a fantastic idea to charm hearts whenever he said your name, or mentioned you in a conversation. A prank, maybe, but it made your heart swell with complete and utter joy whenever you happened to be near him.

“And Y/N was like-” Sirius whispered to James, but was abruptly stopped by confetti like hearts surrounding his face.

“What is this nonsense?” Ms Mcgonagall quipped, a stern eye staring down at Sirius.

“I swear I didn’t do it,” he tries to reason but she dismisses his talking with a sway of her hand, continuing on with her lesson. He could hear whispering and looked behind him to see it was Y/N and Lily, a hint of rose pink settled on your cheeks.

“You’ve got quite a girl there, Padfoot,” James chuckled, slapping his shoulder in a jokingly matter.

Throughout the day, he would hear giggles from students who saw the hearts circling him. It wasn’t a surprise that he talked about you everyday but now he had every reason to because you put this charm on him and he wasn’t sure whether or not to be angry at you or love you even more.

He was, what one could explain, sauntering down the corridor to Potions, and was as late as ever. But he didn’t seem to care. A charmed note descended down to his polished shoes and confused, he bent down at the knees to take a closer look at it. It was in your handwriting, the loop of the ‘y’ giving it away.

Sirius, meet me at the Astronomy tower at 6, it read, a heart on all four corners of the note. It was cheesy and overly sweet but it was you, he was thinking about after all and he loved everything about you.

Y/N was looking out at the stars that just began their show, dazzling in the midnight blue sky. Sirius watched her intently, she too was like a star that shone despite the darkness around her.

“Y'know I think you’re absolutely ethereal,” Sirius confesses wholeheartedly, the wind blowing through his hair. A shy smile spread across your lips, and you turn around to see the boy you adored so much.

“Happy Valentines Day,” Y/N whispers, your voice like a melody as it flows into his ears.

“You too babe,” he replies, crouching done to kiss your honey-like lips.

“And also I’m going to get you back, this is a warning.”

cyber-canine  asked:

I work in a garage, and customers sometimes hang around while we fix their cars. Idle chit-chat mostly, with the radio playing in the background. One day, the stuff in the radio gets political, so the customer asks me my thoughts. We go back and forth on immigration policy, and his darker side shows more and more as we go along... Turns out that this Jackass thought Japanese Internment Camps were a "swell idea!" After that, I just went real quiet....


“There’s just something about him… I have dreams about us… We walk the empty city streets at night hoping for the chance that one of us will make the first move.” - my thoughts that overwhelm me

Choi Seungcheol Moodboard

a/n: 1:11am… i felt the urge to post something, but i have premade moodboards i wanna wait to post… so i just made this now… here’s some low quality pictures for a high quality boy… my heart swells with the love i have for him… i need more ideas/inspiration so please request something!

if you have punched a nazi, thought about punching a nazi, wanted to punch a nazi, supported someone who punched a nazi, or overall think that nazi punching is a swell idea…………….. i love you


The 16th of June 2016 marks 2 years since I had top surgery with Dr Andrew Yelland in Brighton.

I am SO happy with how my chest has healed. Although looking at these photos, what stands out most to me is how much I have changed! I am now just over 3.5 years on T and can’t believe how much younger I look in the first photo. I had hardly any hair on my slim face…I think my head is generally bigger and more square shaped now (?)… I’m definitely looking more like a young man in his twenties these days and am proud to have sprouted more hairs on my chest :) 

I am quite shocked by how much swelling appears to have reduced in the second set of photos. I had no idea it could take this long for swelling to go down but there’s a HUGE difference in the appearance of my chest now. For a while I’d thought it was fat that was left over but as you can see, it’s all gone!

A year has made so much difference. 

This one is totally different than anything else I have written.If it’s not to your liking, @cherieann-2001, let me know and I’ll rewrite it!


 Where the fuckity​ fuck did you go? You can’t keep running off on me, Jesus girl. I’m sorry that you had a fucking run in with Sherry and Amber, I just thought it would be fucking nice if you could get along with them, and well, teaching them how to use a crossbow seemed like a fucking swell idea. Guess not sweetheart.

 I’m telling you right now, if you went on that fucking run with D to get back at me, there will be hell to pay Cherbear, got it? I know you think you can take care of yourself.

  I’m an adult just like you, Negan!

  An adult you might fucking be, but you are still my baby sister, and I have always taken care of you, since we both were tiny. I’m the big brother that patched up your scraps. I’m the big brother that punched that little shit Jimmy when he pulled your pigtails. I’m the big brother that held you when that fucking dick broke up with you at prom. And then threatened to kill him. And I will never stop protecting you. So my darling, get fucking used to it.

 So here I sit, waiting by the fucking main gate. If that fucking asshole, Dwight, laid one fucking finger on you, I swear to all that is fucking holy, I will finish the job that fucking mullet head started, this time using Lucille!

 I see the trucks coming back, I’m craning my neck trying to see inside them, I need to know your fucking okay sweetheart.

 And then I see you, opening a truck door, Dwight comes running around from the driver’s side to help you out. Fuck, it looks like you’re fucking limping! You stop, looking at Dwight, who looks down at you and fucking KISSES YOU!!!!

 DWIGHT! YOU SCARFACED LITTLE ASSHOLE!!!!  I start swinging Lucille by my side.

 You both look at me, scared.

 Guess we’ll be having a loooong fucking talk tonight, Cherbear.


Today is the first day in four that my body has not seen the wrath of itself, but that doesn’t mean the idea hasn’t consumed me. The thought of loving myself still feels like pulling teeth. See, this is one day, for the swelling in my knuckles to subside. One day for my wounds to heal. I’m starting to pray for more, but the rattling of my bones just won’t stop. I know from the way I buckle at the knees when the weight of it all becomes too much. So, today- today is the first day that I think I might need more.
—  8/15/16

“Well, you sure did it now! I told you we should have bought me maternity shirts the other day! When my tits went from Ds to these Hs in just 6 weeks, I knew you had pumped me full! I hope you’re ready to show off your baby making fiancé to everyone!”

Your dick swelled as you stared at her. The night you proposed, you had insisted on fucking her without a condom. She had moaned into your ear that “you better be sure.” You thought she was just giving you a normal warning. You had no idea she meant that she knew she was hyper fertile. That she had 26 siblings and that no women’s pregnancy had been less than twins in her family for the past 4 generations.

Now you were trying to find 10 white strollers for the wedding. What she didn’t know was that you were planning on her waddling down the isle with your next litter.


Hello my lovelies ❤ I hope that you are all doing well 😚 I want to first off apologize for the inactivity. It seems like lately I have only been posting theses kinds of apology posts. I am really really sorry. I have been super stressed out lately. As some of you may know I love in America. I am an immigrant, I am Muslim and I am brown so things aren’t looking too swell for me here and it’s been really hard. It’s hard when people judge you and hate you without really knowing you. So I am really sorry for that 😩 I’ve been going to protests and rallies to gain support and writing letters when I have the time so I haven’t been able to really work on mystic messenger stuff 😞

Another thing is, the unknown child fic is taking longer than I thought. I have finished everyone’s except Jumins, Sevens and Saerans which are the most popular and most requested sequel. I just have an idea for the stories and I have not been able to put it into words. So I am going to be working on requests for a little while and then work on the remaining fics when life settles down a bit.

It seems that I have lost quite a few followers due to the inactivity which is definitely understandable. And again, life has just been a bit rough for me but to everyone who messages me and talks to me on here thank you. It definitely makes my day. Those of you who continue to support me, thank you so much it really means a lot to me. I seriously love you guys 😭 So thanks again and I’m sorry ❤😔

Ten Years Time

My heart is brighter than this full spring moon that leads me to thoughts of you.
Not just ideas and moments but feelings and longing, swelling in waves washing over my eyelids.
I feel your name echo in my bones like poetry echoed in caves above tide pools.
I feel you in my fingertips twitching in the middle of the night, please awaken my body with your sacred hymnals spoken on lips grazing gently to skin.
Humming electric as you sing notes only written for me at the alter between my thighs.

My heart is heavy with your archived secrets and stories, for whenever you need to find the boy I loved when I was sixteen.
You will find yourself neatly preserved next to the ash of my youth I singed to make room for fear that you ever may find yourself lost.
In my heart you will be, and have always been.
I will remind you, between my ribs, sunken in my chest, your home has always been.

“Come to my Christmas, with me!” She exclaims, “And I’ll go to yours with you! Been a while since I saw Anne last, and she’s the best to talk shit with, and you’d get to meet my crazy aunt!”  

Harry guppies like a fish for a moment, having not been expecting that, but the swell in his heart and the excitement buzzing in his bones gives him his answer without much thought, “I don’t think you’ve ever had a better idea.” He tells her seriously.


Y/N and Harry spend Christmas together 

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makkiro  asked:

Skids down the hallway and almost bumps into Oikawa. "Did you hear about the new planets?!"


█ ▓ ▒ ░ 【 】჻ K I N G

        ❝ The ones that somewhat resemble
!!! ❞

                                 Oikawa’s chest SWELLS with the idea that he can FINALLY fawn over such a concept – amazed that Hanamaki decided to even pay attention, not that Iwaizumi or Matsukawa would care unless told like Hanamaki just did. Oikawa had read the article and had ended up DANCING around his room.

        ❝ There could be organisms that
           eventually turn into something
           smart like
!!! ❞

this your dead reckoning;
 and your reckoning of the dead.
 this is your Abundant Anyway. 
this is showing up when there is nothing else to say, and finding your place within it. 
this is writing it down when the shapes haven’t strung themselves up on intention and actually formed a single conscious thought. 

it is the overcoming itself, even when it takes you under because all of it feels cheap. an unsuccessful barter because no written thing, no matter how ravenously consumed, will ever equal the weight and worth of what you thought you had. its disappearing has left the scales permanently unbalanced, and not a single earthly object will ever set the balance again. we know. 

and all i know is everything now feels like waiting. waiting in a way that doesn’t diminish anything, but only ever-grows all. enlarges me somehow. swells me up to a size i had no idea i could ever be; taking a new shape i’m not even sure i want. 

yet the stretching out causes me to touch the corners of a room I never noticed i was in– and i call it compassion. no longer afraid of everything outside of myself that threatens to make me more alive. somehow all of that is suddenly safe and worth it. somehow i have started to listen where before i could only hear. somehow the loss of a dream is the gain of a vision and it speaks: there is so much time left not to waste; so much work to be done, so many hands left to hold. so much to find in those very places where there is nothing left to say. 

grief will blow you up and round you out. soften your edges and change your shape entirely- if you let it. grief will infuse you with intention. and even though at this moment none of that feels anywhere even close to enough: someday it will be. you have to believe that someday it will be. 

 -jamie lee finch. 

You know, on a re-watch, I really think that Kylo Ren originally intended to abandon the Dark Side when he faced his father on the bridge. He drops his helmet, the music swells, and he hands his lightsaber to his father.

And then the light goes.

Poe says “as long as there’s light, we’ve got a chance” and when the light goes, I think that Kylo thought the weapon was finished charging. Han has just gotten him to entertain the idea that maybe it’s not too late, maybe he can come back, and then light fades and Kylo think that it’s fired, that his mother is so much ash and dust and he helped make it that way, and how do you come back from that? His father is wrong; he can’t come back. The Dark Side is the only thing left. And so he murders his father. If there’s a place in the universe for someone who’s, in his mind, committed matricide, it’s with the Dark Side. 

Seal of Approval (Scott Lang/Sam Wilson x reader)

Request: Can you do a funny oneshot where you’re a Avenger and best friends with Sam Wilson and he finds out you’re dating Scott Lang when he sees you making out with him and Scott says something witty like didn’t I beat you up last time I was here please

Here you go, doll!  Hope it’s okay!  

Scott grabbed your hand, trying to quell the tremor caused by your raging nerves.  The two of you had talked about this moment several times and thought it was finally time, but now you were having second thoughts.  

“Hey, you’re gonna be great, trust me.”

You nodded silently, smiling weakly at the house in front of you, rather than at him.  The nervous energy in your stomach was growing more uncomfortable and a lump built in your throat as your emotions began to swell. “I don’t know, Scott.  Maybe this isn’t such a great idea.  Maybe it’s too soon.”  

“If you don’t go in there willingly, I’m just gonna have to throw you over my shoulder and haul you in there myself.”  He stepped in front of you and put his hands on your waist, forcing you to make eye contact. “(Y/N), why are you so scared? I’ve never seen you scared of anything. You’re an Avenger, right?  I mean, I assumed that’s what your suit was for, but maybe you’re just into really weird role play or something…”

“Not appropriate.”

“Let’s.  Go.”  

Before you could take another step closer to the house, the front door flew open to reveal your fear. Moving quickly towards you, you knew there was no escape now; you were spotted.  Eye contact was made.  You were marked.  


Scott knelt down to grab Cassie in a hug, standing to spin her around until they were both dizzy and laughing at the sensation.  He really was great with her; it was clear that she was everything to him, and it was important for you to meet her and for her to approve.  When they finally stopped spinning, he set her down to greet you.

Cassie was still laughing as she walked towards you, but her balance was thrown off and her gait was sloppy. She tripped over her own feet, landing soundly on her bottom.  “Daddy, spin (Y/N) next!”

He glanced at you with a smirk and a wink that she couldn’t see.  “Don’t worry, honey.  I’ll give her a spin later.”

Stop it!” you mouthed silently.  Your eyes widened when she approached you, and the shaking returned to your hands.  Kneeling down to face her, you held out your hand to introduce yourself.  “Hi Cassie, I’m glad I get to finally meet you.”

She suddenly charged at you, full speed.  You opened your arms to catch her, and the force of her impact knocked you back onto the ground.  Scott was no help, laughing at the sight of you being tackled by a child, when he has seen you fight and win against assailants twice his size.

“Daddy told me that he likes you a lot.  Are you going to be my second mommy?”

Now his laughter stopped. You caught the change in his stature at her words, and now you were the one laughing at him.  “Well, sweetheart, we haven’t talked about that, but if we do, you will be the first one to know, I promise.”  You stood and lifted her to her feet, wiping the grass and dirt from your clothes.

Cassie smiled at you, happy that she would be the first person you would tell such a big thing to. “Daddy, can we get ice cream now?” Apparently, meeting you was done to her liking, and now it was time for the really important business.

“I don’t know, honey, it’s really close to dinner time.  I think we should probably wait.”

“Come on, kid,” you grabbed her hand and led her to your car, smiling back at Scott as you walked away, “it’s on me.  Us girls gotta stick together, especially for something as important as ice cream.”


“So I’ll see you next weekend, right?”  

“Yep, it’s about time you come to me for a change.”

“Okay, that’s not fair.” Scott said, “You get to use the team jet whenever you want.  I still get to fly coach and sit way too close to people that I really don’t want to be that intimate with.”

Having a long distance relationship had its challenges, with Scott in San Francisco to stay close to Cassie, and you in New York with the Avengers, but so far you had made it work. And yes, having liberty with the jet helped a lot.  “You know,” your voice was soft as you began, looking at both of his hands in yours, “if you joined the team, you could use it whenever you wanted, too.  You could stay with us and fly back to see Cassie anytime.”

“(Y/N), are you trying to make an honest man out of me?”

You paused, holding his gaze as you contemplated the thought.  Not ready with an answer for him, you leaned in for a goodbye kiss, grabbed your bag, and headed home without another word.


The tower was filled with activity when you arrived home, but Sam always made it a point to welcome you back, no matter what else was going on.  As you disembarked from the jet, he was there waiting for you.  He looked pissed, but you searched your mind and couldn’t think of why.

“Where the hell did you go?”

“What?  I told you where I was going.”  You threw your bag at his feet and he willingly grabbed without question, seemingly trained by you to do so.  “Besides, since when do I need to report to you?  Steve’s my S.O., not you.”

“But I’m your best friend.  You didn’t even ask me if I wanted to go with you.  I’m hurt, (Y/N).  It cuts me deep.”  Sam put his hand to his chest, feigning the pain caused by your lack of invitation. “So where the hell do you go every weekend anyway?”

You smiled inwardly, knowing that Sam wouldn’t approve of your choice in boyfriend.  He and Scott didn’t have the best meeting the first time, and you weren’t in any hurry to get them back together.  You were certain that Sam didn’t want a repeat, especially when the team was home now and it wouldn’t be kept a secret this time around.

“To see a friend.”

“Mmm hmm.  A friend.”

You nudged him with your elbow to his ribs as you walked, earning a surprising high-pitched yelp from him as you laughed out loud.  “And as my best friend, you should know better than to go digging around where you don’t belong.  You might want to watch yourself, I happen to have some embarrassing inside info that makes for wonderful blackmail.”


It felt as if it took forever for the week to pass, but it was finally time for Scott to arrive at the tower, undoubtedly ready to regale you with tales of life in coach.  He insisted that you not pick him up, so you were now waiting anxiously on the sidewalk outside.  Cabs passed by over and over, but none of them stopped, and you were beginning to grow anxious.

“Hey, you up there.”

You closed your eyes and sighed, exasperated.  When you opened your eyes again, you looked down to see him waving enthusiastically at you. “Scott, did you seriously use the suit? What would Hank say?”

He popped up to his full size in front of you, opening his helmet to reveal a shocked look on his face. “I think he’d be okay if he knew it was to get to my girl.”  He leaned in to kiss you, but you pulled your head back, out of his reach.

“No, I mean what would he say if he knew you were standing in front of the Avengers tower wearing it? Did you forget that they don’t know about you yet?”

“Oh, shit.”  He was about to shrink down, but paused, grabbing you and dipping you backwards in his arms.  “I need this first.”  Scott pulled you up to meet his lips, wrapping his arms around you, with your arms tightly around his neck.  

“Ahem.”  You both quickly separated, recognizing instantly that Sam was standing behind you.  “Does anyone want to tell me what the hell is going on here?”

Casually running your hand across your lips, you cleared your throat to regain your voice before trying to introduce them.  “Um, yeah…Sam, this is Scott.  Scott, this is Sam…but I believe you two have already met.”  You looked back and forth between the two men, watching for one to make a move towards the other.

“Right!  Sam!”  Scott pointed his finger and looked at Sam excitedly.  “I totally kicked your ass!  I kicked your Avenger ass and didn’t die!  How cool was that?!”

Both of your hands were immediately covering your face, astonished by how stupid your boyfriend could be.  “Scott…” you groaned his name quietly under your breath.  He gave you a quick kiss and closed his helmet, immediately gone from your sight.  

“Okay,” you turned to Sam, who was looking at you with a stunned expression, “how about I won’t tell anyone that you got beat up by an ant, and you don’t tell anyone that I’m dating one?”  You paused, considering what you had just said, “Yeah, that sounded better in my head.”

2am thoughts TW

People romanticise the idea of self harm, but the part they always forget to leave out is the pain, the look on your mothers face because you’ve hurt the body that she grew for you & how much you’ll make her cry.
They always leave out the nerve damage, the infections, the stitches, the swelling, the shame, the guilt. They always leave out the fact that it’s a year on & I still can’t feel parts of my arm & that it still hurts sometimes. They leave out the blood, the blood that is fucking everywhere. The blood that your mother comes home to see, everywhere. They leave out the stained clothes & the clothes that you can’t wear anymore because of what you’ve done. They leave out the fear of someone ever seeing a cut or a scar, so you’ll wear a jumper & jeans on a 40 degree day.
They leave out that it is something that makes people scared of you, not want to be with you. They leave out the emergency room, & the judgemental looks & stares you get. The hours you’ve spent there with nobody wanting to see you, because you did this to yourself so why should they help you? They leave out the relapses, & the crying. They leave out the fact that you’ve been in therapy for 3 years & you still aren’t better. They leave out the fact that self harm isn’t a fucking game, they leave out that it has completely destroyed my life. They leave out that it’s destroyed my body & left me with a body that won’t ever quite heal.




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Watching the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Why I should be crying: it's a touching love story about two people barely struggling to get by, Holly's terrified of being tied down but she's terrified of being alone and now she truly feels alone because her brother who she loved is dead, the man she thought she was going to marry dumped her by a letter through his cousin because she wouldn't be good for his rep, the hauntingly beautiful song 'Moon River' is OBVIOUSLY about her and Paul, which is emphasised by it swelling to a crescendo as they kiss in the rain and it's a gorgeous ending both aesthetically and romantically.
  • Why I am crying: Cat had been abandoned into an alley in the rain and was all alone and had no idea why Holly threw him out of the cab and Holly was terrified she'd lost him forever but she found him she found Cat the cat is safe and will soon be warm and dry

Hey guys sorry for the lack of posts!
Here’s an update on what you’ve missed.
Cali had a swollen face, went to the vet but because the swelling went down before our appointment the vet couldn’t figure out what happened :(
Since the vet trip she’s swelled up twice more and I really don’t know what’s causing it. Her rolls aren’t infected and they are very clean. Her teeth are fine as well. The only thing I can think of is she’s allergic to something but nothing in the house is new. We’ve chopped down a tree which we thought was causing it but the swelling came back when the tree was gone lol (poor tree)
If anyone has any idea please let me know!