i thought this was a photograph omg

Fun Moments With Autism™ (*sarcasm*):

“wow you’re so rude”

“what are you upset about?”

“you have a serious case of Resting Bitch Face haha”


*only realizes social faux-pas 3 days later when someone points it out to me*


 [randomsong] (10 hours)

*paces around room, consumed w/ rage bc of minor change in routine* 

“why would i order something different to eat if i already know what i like??? what do you mean i’ve eaten the same 2 dishes for a month?”


me: *doesn’t understand innuendo/dirty joke*

friend: “omg you’re SO INNOCENT lmao”


me: *watching asmr, squeezing play-doh, touching random objects for hours, while playing w/ a mermaid pillow, flapping hands and jumping* ummmmm what is this stimming you speak of?


*overwhelmed by my burning love for my SpIn* … when will i be free…


relative: “we almost never talk. sometimes i wonder if you actually love me”

me: *confused and heartbroken bc i thought that my feelings were obvious*


“why are you so weird”

“you need to be more friendly”

“omg rou’re SO antisocial”

“stop doing this you look stupid”

“do you have photographic memory?”

“i don’t understand why you’re struggling w/ this it’s so simple”

*talks non-stop abt my SpIn* *only afterwards realizes that my audience might not care abt the thing as much as i do*

“what difference does it even make if the dirty dishes are close to the clean ones???”


*has to order something/have a ordinary social interaction/talk to someone* *practices what to say beforehand*


“why are you always in the dark? why do you have your phone/notebook brightness so low? don’t you know it’s bad for your eyes?”


*goes on vacation* *feels lost w/o the routine provided by school/college/extracurricular activities*

Anonymous submitted: this lil drabble was inspired by that photographer eren and nude model levi pic you posted and also by simsmonogatari’s a m a z i n g ereri sims edits/screenshots!! im sending this from mobile so lets hope the formatting doesnt get all weird omg, vaguely nsfw!!!

“Move your hand a little,” Eren tells him, and Levi scowls.

“No.” His hand stays exactly where it is, leaving him with at least a little modesty. “I thought you were an artist, not a pornographer.”

“But your arm keeps getting into the shot,” Eren complains as he adjusts the settings on his camera. “It’s disrupting the composition of the photo.”

“You just want to take dick pics of me, admit it,” Levi drawls, amused delight bubbling up in the pit of his stomach as his boyfriend flushes and hides behind his camera again.

“It’s art!” he rushes to exclaim, rambling on about lighting and composition and contrast, all of which goes completely over Levi’s head. He doesn’t know shit about photography or about modelling, but Eren had assured him that it was fine.  

(“It’s okay, just do what I tell you and we’ll be all good,” he’d said while he’d still been setting up their living room for the impromptu photo shoot, and in all honesty, the thought of Eren being the one in charge and bossing him around is somehow very appealing, even if it’s not in the exact context Levi might have preferred.)

The photos are just for Eren’s portfolio, so it’s not like the whole world will be ogling at Levi’s naked body. Even so, he can’t help but to fidget a little under Eren’s intense gaze. They’ve seen each other undressed countless times, but this is different. Eren’s hovering over him fully clothed while he’s left bare and vulnerable, all of him on display, and it’s not helping at all that Eren’s looking at him like a damn gourmet meal.

Levi turns his head away, pressing his face against the cushions surrounding him. He hears Eren chuckle from somewhere above him.

“Could you turn over for me?” he asks, and Levi is glad to comply. If he’s laying on his stomach at least he’ll be less aware of Eren’s eyes on him. That’s what he thinks, at least, but as soon as he’s changed positions, Eren’s hand is on him, gently stroking along his back.

“So stunning,” he mutters in a reverent voice, his fingers leaving Levi’s skin just as they’re about to caress over the cleft of his ass. “Stay just like that, please.”

Then he’s snapping away again, and with each click of the shutter Levi feels some of his tension ease. It’s just him and Eren, his lovely and kind Eren who would never do anything to make him feel uncomfortable or insecure. In fact, even now he keeps whispering idle little compliments to Levi, admiring the arch of his spine and the inviting roundness of his ass.

“Can you lean over to the side?” he asks, and after Levi’s done just that, adds, “Good boy. You’re a natural at this, so graceful and obedient.” The words are spoken in a light and playful tone yet upon hearing them Levi’s still fighting the urge to grind his hips down against the sofa.

It gets even worse because soon Eren’s flopping down next to him, his gaze alight with a sort of fond intimacy that makes something in Levi’s chest clench up. “No face shots,” he insists when Eren maneuvers him to turn a little and aims the camera at him - that had been his one and only condition before agreeing to this.

“I know. Tilt your head back,” Eren says, and after Levi’s done that, he lays a careful hand over the hollow of his throat, his fingers splayed out as far as they’ll go. For a short exhilarating moment he thinks Eren might choke him, and for fuck’s sake, why is that thought making him so hot and bothered?

He crosses his legs as tightly as he can and hears Eren breathe out a gentle laugh.

“See, I told you it wouldn’t be so bad modelling for me,” he says, and he’s right, damn him. After getting a couple of shots of his hand on Levi’s neck, his touch wanders lower along the lines of his collarbones. “Oh, wait, the light is perfect here, you’re perfect. Stay still for a little longer.”

He does, even though he’s itching to reach out and touch Eren and shed him of his clothes, too. Instead he waits while Eren takes picture after picture, occasionally advising him to turn or stretch his neck the other way. All the while Levi’s extremely aware of Eren’s eyes on him. His attention is solely on Levi, and Levi lets himself drown in it, lets each hushed praise wash over him and indulges in the fact that, at least for now, he’s the center of Eren’s world.

“You know what would also look really good on you?” Eren wonders out loud. “Body paint.”

Levi snaps his head back down to glare at him. “No body paint. It would mess up the whole apartment.”

For a few moments Eren seems dejected, but soon enough he looks like there are numerous other ideas brewing in his head. “How about lace?” he asks.

“That’s,” Levi starts off, pausing to think for a while, an inexplicable blush rising to his face, “acceptable.”

Eren beams at him like the damn sun, all but blinding Levi with his gentle smile. “Great! I’ve been wanting to shoot in low light so how about some candles for the next time, too?”

“Sounds more like a romantic evening than a photoshoot to me,” Levi quips, his head spinning pleasantly at the thought of there being a next time. “Just how many naked pictures do you need for your portfolio, anyway?”

“As many as I can get,” Eren nearly purrs, finally setting the camera down as he wraps his arms loosely around Levi, purposefully sliding his thigh in between Levi’s leg. “Do you know how difficult it is to resist you, though? You’re so enticing that I could just eat you up.”

“Go ahead, then,” Levi murmurs and pulls him in for a kiss, Eren’s lips deliciously soft against his. That talented tongue sweeps over Levi’s bottom lip in a demanding manner, and Levi gives in, as he always does when it comes to Eren, thoughts of lace and candlelight and more of this sweet intimacy already settling in at the back of his head. 

Oh my godddd!!! (๑♡⌓♡๑) Anon I LOVE YOU SO MUCH for writing this, this is amazing!!! This AU has been in my mind all the time since yesterday and you went and did this amazing piece, thank you so much, it’s perfect, PERFECT!!!

For the ones who haven’t seen it, this is the artwork this drabble is referencing!

(Artist: Lena_レナ | Source: | Posted with permission.)

Also tagging my dear @simsmonogatari so she sees this. Now I’m going to read it again (⺣◡⺣)♡*.

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have you ever thought about doing a tutorial? i'd really like to see how u create ur art cause it looks like a posterized photograph and it's so good omg!

it’s cause they are, sort of

I did one a bit back!~

the ending notes are really just asking for you to have some fun with it and try experimenting lol

mbti types commonly used tags

ENFP: #funny #lol #omg #wait #i thought this was a picture of a lizard #but turns out #it’s just a man holding a photograph of his wife #whoops

INFP: #why can’t we just love each other #inspirational #puppies

ENFJ: #this is so important #we all need to read this #powerful

INFJ:#let me just tell you my life story in the tags #when I was a child…


INTP: #ref #interesting #aliens #my theory has been confirmed

ENTJ:  #political stuff #i’m running for president #wait #you shouldn’t know that #oh well #I’d make a great candidate tho

INTJ: #this is why we need to delete the internet #aesthetic

ESFP: #cUTE #ok #but seriously guys #we’re not gonna talk about what happened that night #and who may have #or may not have #been left at a gas station #because I am embarrassed #and scared for my life #fashion

ISFP: #awwwwwww #awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww #cute #animals #art

ESTP: #HOT #HOTTT #hHOT #BRO #we should do this

ISTP: #I’m not a spy #i don’t even know #where you would get that idea #lol #government organizations #you shouldn’t know this

ESFJ: #adorable people #friendship #love #food pics #photography

ISFJ: #quotes #inspirational #aww #I exist everywhere and nowhere at once

ESTJ: #money #get rich quick #life goals #important #yes.

ISTJ: #reference #ref #life #adulthood #oh this makes sense now



• Everyone always says that Namjoon would be super sexual right?

• And I mean okay maybe but I feel like in a relationship, he’s not any more than anyone normally would be

• Like yea he’s all big and tough and such but I feel like in a relationship he’s able to let all of his walls down and be just some nerdy dork

• He probably talks about philosophy and things that he’s read with you and ofc you listen because you love him

• Like at night when you’re just relaxing and his voice is so calm as he talks about all of these things that he’s interested in and loves and you’re sat there all heart eyes because he’s honestly just really interested and passionate about this

• He’s so soft tho like wtf he loves waking up to you and he’ll just lay there and look at you all lovingly and shit until you wake up and when you do he’ll blush and look down bc he totally wasn’t staring at you

• He’s the type to massage your shoulders when you’re stressed

• He’ll probably panic when you cry because he doesn’t know what to do but he’ll want to help but he’s scared that if he does something, it’ll be wrong

• So at first he’ll just leave you alone if you’re stressed but if you mention that you want him to help he’ll admit that he just doesn’t really know what to do

• You’ll have to tell him and after you do he’ll be there in whatever way you want him to be

• He loves having his arm over your shoulder

• Like that’s his default if you’re walking or sitting next to each other or something, it just feels right for him

• When he’s away on tour he demands for you to send him selfies because his misses your face

• He screenshots all of them and has a folder in his phone for them in case he’s unable to skype you

• The boys tease him but he’ll be like “okay but look at how amazing this perfect person is”

• You’re probably his fashion photographer tbh

• You’ll be out w him and he’ll see something and be like “OMG BABE, PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE OF ME W THIS BC IT GOES W THE AESTHETIC OF MY OUTFIT”

• And you’ll be like “gdi fine” bc he’s cute and you love him

• He doesn’t say “I love you” a lot but says it with all of the little things he does

• I mean, tbh, just him looking at you screams “I love you” bc you can basically see hearts in his eyes

• He’s honestly really caring and thoughtful tbh

• Like if you have a period, he keeps his house stalked w pads and tampons and had a heating pad and medicine

• If you mention anything that you need he usually has it around somewhere just in case

• And remember that one time you mentioned that one drink you like? Well surprise he just brought it home out of nowhere like a month and a half after you mentioned how much you like it

• Said you really like this one take out place? Surprise, he’s taking you there to grab dinner

• Mentioned that you really wanted to see this one movie? Guess what he rented for the night?

• Like he remembers the little things you say and just casually shows it

• He doesn’t even realise that what he’s doing is sweet and thoughtful

• He just sees something and is like “oh! My person said that they really like this thing, I should bring it for them”

• Also k he’s totally the kind of cutie to call you “my person” and idk about you but I find that extremely adorable?!

• But if he’s talking TO you, he’ll call you “babe”

• Unless you’re like “Joon, no I’m not into that”

• Then he’ll call you whatever you’re okay w bc he just wants you to be happy

• Joonie is soft, okay? Please cherish him

Once Again >> Jungkook, You (Part 3)

Part 1 | 2

12th January - 04:00 PM

“So what are you doing here?”

“I’m working on a project to cover up the life in France, I’m staying in Paris for 3 days, today is my last day then I’m going to Lyon tomorrow.”

Jungkook looked outside the window, they were in Lyon already. The train hadn’t moved yet, Jungkook turned and looked at her curiously. “We are here already though.”

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Hello my fellow ST★RLIGHTS!

So… as you can see from the title, yes we have been really lucky to be able to attend VIXX FANTASIA UTOPIA concert in Singapore that was held on 29th May! The concert was amazing and we even won the hi-touch session OMG (don’t get us started again). We are really thankful and we thought of sharing some of the photographs we took during the concert! Okay, we are not fansite noonas so please pardon us for our photography skills!>< Nonetheless, do give us proper credits if you want to use it! 

Meanwhile, regarding our scenarios… to be honest we are less motivated to write and I really don’t know why. Please just bear with us as we get our thoughts sort out and we will see how it goes:) Last but not least, do continue your love for VIXX!


Anonymous asked: Omg, here comes a real life prompt: I’m a photographer and was booked for a wedding last week. And while I look through the hundreds of photos now, I just found one in which the bride’s brother (who was flirting with me) held a piece of paper with “call me + phone number” in the background, and my first thought was not to call him but to write you how wonderful that story would be as a Destiel AU with Cas as a photographer at Sam’s wedding! :D

Author’s note: One of my favorite prompts ever, I loved this so much! Enjoy. ;)  

Castiel smiled, prompted by the many happy faces in the room. It was contagious, seeing all of these people filled with pure joy. Weddings were Castiel’s favorite part of the job, no doubt about it.

The young couple swaying in the middle of the dancefloor looked stunning, and Castiel snapped countless pictures of them. Sam Winchester and Jessica Moore; from today on Mr. and Mrs. Winchester. They were both practically glowing, lighting up the entire room and everyone surrounding them, even though they only seemed to have eyes for each other.

Aside from sweet, it was also bittersweet. As much as Castiel loved seeing others happy, deep down he would sometimes feel a tiny sting of jealousy when working at these kinds of events. Weddings made him somehow long for something that he’d never had, and feared might never have. He quickly banished that thought, taking his chance to get a few more decent pictures before the first dance of the evening ended.

From there on, Castiel discreetly moved around the room, making sure to get some proper pictures of all the most important family members and closest friends. The bride’s parents, the groom’s parents, Jessica’s best friend Tessa, and Sam’s friends Andy and Kevin.

Castiel paused and chuckled when he spotted the middle aged woman who was sitting in a dark corner, dejectedly staring at the dancefloor. She was sipping wine and looking like she’d already consumed way too much alcohol, even though the night had only just started. The sad single aunt; one could be found at almost every wedding. Castiel didn’t allow himself to think about how this could be him, ten years from now. That thought alone made him decide to spare her, to save her from a picture that she probably wouldn’t want taken of her.

Moving to the other side of the room, Castiel skipped a breath when his eyes suddenly landed on the ridiculously attractive brother of the groom, who was standing not too far away. Dean Winchester. That’s how the man had introduced himself to Castiel earlier that day, and Castiel had committed the name to memory. Dean was beautiful, dangerously beautiful. Because even though apparently by some miracle he was single, Castiel highly doubted that Dean played for his team. He sighed as he watched how Dean joked around with a red haired girl, laughing a laugh that Castiel was certain could end wars. Dean’s eyes were sparkling, his cheeks flushed. When they’d been introduced this morning, Castiel had taken note of the freckles on Dean’s nose, and even though he couldn’t see them from here, he was all but daydreaming about them. And those eyes, wow, those eyes…

“Why don’t you take a picture? It’ll last longer.”

Like taking a cold shower, Castiel abruptly came down from his Dean-induced high, gasping and lowering his camera when he saw that it was the man himself standing right in front of him. Dean was mockingly raising an eyebrow at Castiel, and oh god, he must’ve been really out of it if he hadn’t even noticed Dean coming his way.

“I- I apologize.” Castiel uttered as he tried not to drown in the depths of those amused green eyes. “That was very unprofessional of me.”

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Omg Jen your last Ed edit the one with the Tony Cochran! How did you learn to photoshop so well? I'd love to learn since I'm thinking about studying design next year.

Oh, thank you! A couple of people have thought that I drew that somehow, but you’re right; it’s definitely a photomanipulation. All of the elements in it are from real edited photographs, not drawings. 

I actually don’t use photoshop, though. I use a program called Macromedia Fireworks, which is a very primitive graphics program that I think was last updated in 2004 and has since been discontinued. (Would you believe I got it when it was the hot new thing? Heh.) The upside is that you can now download it for free from the manufacturer, although they don’t offer any support for it. I’ve installed this program on pretty much every computer I’ve touched in the last 15 years. It doesn’t have nearly as many features as Photoshop, but you can do some pretty cool things with it.

As far as getting good at manipulating photos, it just comes down to practice. Like with anything. My first attempts were terrible! But also I know the program inside out and know what it can do and what its limitations are, and I think understanding your tools is an important part of learning any skill. And there are some practical things that you learn from doing, like choosing good photos to stick together, always shrinking instead of enlarging, and always flipping the base photo instead of the head if you’re doing a head swap, because people can tell if you’ve flipped the head. Stuff like that. :) 

Just for fun, here’s a side by side comparison of my manipulation and the base photo I used:

Photo manipulating is a lot of fun (and super useful for custom birthday cards), so if you’re thinking about learning – whether you take a class or teach yourself like I did – I recommend it! :D

Ok, so I missed like six weeks worth of Kill La Kill Episodes had no idea whats been going on until today where I Just caught up. I just have to say that OMG SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!!! But here are my thoughts on each episode: 

  • Episode 14: 

  • Episode 15: 

  • Episode 16: 

  • Episode 17: 

  • Episode 18: The following events in the episode were so shocking that no photograph could possibly depict my feelings on the episode sooo here are some nipples 

  • Episode 19: Spank La Spank
  • Also: 


My first ever Screen Actors Guild Awards were in 2011, just before series one of Game of Thrones aired. I approached the bank of photographers that looked like it was about two miles long, and I thought to myself, ‘Oh my god, what do I do? Come on! You can do this. Just stand and smile.’ So I walked in front of them, and I stood and smiled, and then all of them put their cameras down and shouted, 'Who are you?’ So, let’s face it, from there things could only get better really, couldn’t they? – Emilia Clarke, photographed by Paolo Roversi for Vogue UK (May 2015)


So I wanted to wait to write this out fully and not in a jumbled mess (even though I’m still freaking out 12 hours later!!!)
On Tuesday night at half 10, Taylor Nation DM’d me on Twitter asking for contact details (I freaked out cause I was like I THINK I KNOW WHY) and I sent them across but didn’t actually hear anything from them until half 11 the next day (why I got less than 4 hours sleep!!)
Sierra from Taylor Nation called and it was a U.S. number so as soon as I saw it I FREAKED out even though we were at the train station. She told us Taylor saw our photos lurking on tumblr and said “yep I wanna meet those girls” 😭😭 so we got given all the info and then got on our train to Manchester, checking in and getting ready and getting to the arena at about 4.
At 5 we could pick up our letters from box office and then I thought I would just lose it for real but we had to queue up to get in at 6 even though our meet and greet was at 6:15. We SPRINTED to the meeting place but in the end we weren’t let in until like 7:15 anyway 😂 we got given wristbands and then headed inside loft 89 where there was pizza and cookies and drinks and we all just freaked out as we could hear her behind the curtain and even SEE her sometimes. We saw management with a clipboard of stuff and our tumblr post taylor screenshot we was on it!!!
I think we were the third or fourth group in and literally the curtain opened and she was like “OH MY GOD ITS THE PRETTIEST PRINCESSES IN THE ROOM!!!” And was doing the shake it off shimmy thing and looked so hyped and immediately gave us BOTH hugs 😭 she then was like about the tutus “aren’t they just the FUNNEST things to wear like ever?” And we were shaking around in them and I was like yeah people stared at us all day but we love it!! I then I said how seeing us on her camera roll killed me and she was like “yeah, y'know…I’m creepy, I’m very creepy” and did this ADORABLE face like 😏😏 HER LIPSTICK WAS SO ON POINT AS WELL JUST SAYIN.
I told her about how when she played Ours as the surprise at Red tour (my all time fave) I freaked out and fell down the stairs and bruised me knees bad and was like crying with happiness and she pulled this adorable lip pout sad face and then laughed and was like “best reaction EVER!!!” And Alice said how we love her songs and I said how Clean changed my life so she goes “well I’m playing that one tonight just as a warning so try not to hurt yourself again, okay??!”
Then the photographer was hurrying us along and Taylor goes “should we do like a ballet pose like something like that?” And then after the photo she gave us hugs AGAIN (she gives the best hugs omg) and was like “you guys are adorable I love you enjoy the show!!!” 😁💕
SORRY THIS IS SO LONG BUT I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE SHARING A MEETING TAYLOR STORY!!! Thank you SO much taylorswift for making all my dreams come true 💖💖


I never thought it wasn’t a feasible goal. I wanted to be an actress since I was really, really small. I knew I didn’t want to sing, and I didn’t want to do music, and words were the ways I wanted to express myself. And I don’t know, it’s pretty good, isn’t it? You can create characters and dress up and just extend the role-play you do as a kid and make it your job. It’s pretty exciting. I never thought about film, though. Film wasn’t in my head; I didn’t see it as feasible. I just didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t know where film came from when I was under 10. I just thought I’d be a stage actress. I always knew money would be tough, but that never frightened me. I grew up without any security — I obviously had lots of security because I have two parents who had a good marriage and stayed together and we had a creative household full of ideas, but there was never any financial security. So I knew I could have a good life without that.

rosamund pike photographed by jeff vespa. (2007)

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - 22 [End]

HERE I GO. I am watching on my PS3 so I can use big, pretty screen but my computer is right next to my TV so I am just going to write here while I watch because I feel I should write WHILE I watch the last episode so I can express whatever emotions I may have. lol.


This took me over an hour to get through because I kept rewatching scenes. Expect lots of gifs since it’s the end…. 

255th Completed Anime - Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - 10/10.

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So... Just What Is That Green Thing?

I thought this, too!  But then…

I don’t know what a package of tobacco even looks like but… okay! Oh, wait…

Upon closer inspection it does look like it. OMG, photographic evidence that this man is all that and a bag of chips.

#i'msorry #pleaseforgiveme #couldn'thelpmyself #hereallyisthough #i'msorry