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We think that in life, the most beautiful moment is youth. There are a lot of people who miss their youth and since we think we’re spending our youth right now […] The saying ‘the most beautiful moment in life’ seemed like the definition of youth. You can’t really be sure what youth is, but we thought it was the moments that you miss the most and think about most beautifully.

HYYH + minimalism

Be My Date

Requested by abbessolute: Barry finds out his best friend got stood up on a date she was looking forward to and he either gets angry, come over to comfort her or takes her on the date.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 2440

A/N: Thank you for the request! I tried to make it as cute as possible and I hope you all like it :D Let me know what you think x


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Just Roommates

Here’s my entry for @bionic-buckyb‘s AU Writing Challenge! (Sorry it’s so late. I’m the worst.)

PROMPT: Roommates
CHARACTERS: Female reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Bucky’s parents (mentioned), Sam Wilson (mentioned), Peggy Carter (mentioned)

TAGS: This is my first time writing Marvel, so I don’t know who to tag! @mamapeterson, I know you like some Marvel stuff. 

Originally posted by bovaria

You stood at the side of the bed, a bowl of Frosted Flakes in one hand, a spoon in the other. You were slowly taking bites, taking your time chewing, savoring the crunch of the cereal. You tilted your head to one side, then rolled your eyes, loudly clearing your throat.

The blonde in the bed blinked open mascara-smeared eyes, pulling the covers up around her naked body, but not before you got a shot of her clearly surgically-enhanced chest.

Naturally, you thought.

She closed one eye, squinting the other, then lifted the hand not currently holding the blanket to rub at that eye. She shook her head, then spoke, voice raspy and hoarse.

“Who are you?”

You smiled around the bite you had in your mouth, chewing and swallowing before you spoke.

 “Bucky’s wife. Who are you?”

Her eyes widened, shock evident in her features. She sat bolt upright in the bed, clutching the blanket in both hands. She started shaking her head, eyes still wide and scared, and you couldn’t hold back anymore. You snorted, letting the spoon fall back into the bowl. After laughing to yourself, you shook your head, meeting her eyes.

“I’m just kidding. But you should totally see your face right now.”

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This Type Of Thing

“Cotdammit!” Jay’s voice echoed in the studio as he tapped away on his phone.

Chacha who was in front of the sound board walked outside to the receiving area only to see his friend choking a cellphone.

“What’s going on?” he asks Jay.

“She’s not answering any of my texts or calls.” Jay says through his teeth. Huffing and puffing from what seems to be a colossal annoyance.

“Maybe she’s busy? She does have a life outside you, you know.” Chase says in the hopes of calming down his long time buddy.

Jay rarely got riled up but when he did, he usually responds with sarcasm or corny ass jokes. But when it came to you, he found himself getting too mad even for what seemed to be the slightest of reasons.

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“Have you ever thought about doing, like, a video tour of your house?”

“You think people would wanna see my house?” Dan asks as he fits the key into the lock. His front door swings open soundlessly. Inside it’s dark, with only a little bit of illumination from the kitchen to light their way as they step over the threshold. Dan still isn’t quite used to living alone. He always half expects Barry to walk around the corner, eating cereal in his underwear or otherwise doing Barry things.

“Man, I love your house!” Arin enthuses as Dan sets about flipping on light switches. “It’s got good, like- what’s the word? You know, when a place has good vibes?”

“I think you’re thinking of feng shui?” Dan preens a little. He likes his place, too. It’s definitely a reflection of who he is, so to hear Arin praise it gives him something akin to the warm and fuzzies.

He loops his arm through Arin’s, starts to lead him toward a door at the end of the hall. “I like to do my writing in here,” he explains. “It’s peaceful and stuff.”

Arin breaks away from him as soon as they enter the room, makes a beeline for the nearest stack of papers. Dan doesn’t think to stop him. He lets Arin look around while he searches for what Arin actually came to see- the beginnings of a new Starbomb song. None of them have done any formal writing for a third album but Dan was struck with inspiration. He figures Arin may be able to flesh it out, turn it into something tangible.

He’s still searching when he hears Arin gasp behind him, and then a muttered, “Whoa.”

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Unnecessary Tutoring

Request: Not requested

Pairing: (Andrew Garfield) Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You really want to get to know Peter, but the only way you could think of was by faking ignorance and pretending to need to get tutored by him.

Warnings: Language

Word count: 1,977

A/N: I thought this would turn out better with Andrew’s Spiderman, but if you want to think it’s Tom Holland’s Spied you are more than welcome to.

My Masterlist

Feel free to request anything by sending an ask to my inbox! (Please check if requests are still open before requesting!)

Unnecessary Tutoring

“Fuck…” You whispered to yourself, toying with the phone in your hands as you contemplated the lit screen in front of you.

The phone was open on a contact- Peter Parker’s contact to be exact. After having only one class with him, you’d foolishly fallen in love. You treasured the days when you’d walk into the Biology room, expecting to be bored to death with yet another lecture and instead getting to see Peter’s smile and his beautifully fluffy hair covering up your view of the professor’s board- not that you minded in the least. He gave off a warm and friendly vibe and had a kind personality, making your days that much easier to get through- well, that was when he attended the lectures, anyway. For being so smart, he had an outstandingly large amount of tardies and absences.

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Tyler Seguin - Longing

Originally posted by flyersphiladelphia

OK, so this is just something I’ve been mulling around in my head and finally got a chance to write. I’m definitely thinking about doing it as a multi-part fic if anyone actually likes it! So, if you like it and want to see more let me know!

Up Next: Gabriel Landeskog

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Thea checked herself in the full length mirror one last time before heading out. She lightly ran her fingers over the light, delicate yellow fabric that clung to her olive skin. As much as she was excited about Jamie and Katie’s wedding she was also dreading it because she knew she’d have to deal with Tyler. It had been a month since the night they’d shared together, six since they’d broken up, and she was finally starting to get her bearings back, she wasn’t thinking about him or hurting all the time. Tonight was going to be a challenge to say the least.

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How about Jason hiding his relationship with Dick from Roy because Jason and Roy are BFF, but Dick and Roy are exes, and bro code and blah blah he finds out & drama ensues.

Won’t be offended if it’s not you aesthetic, but I’d love to see it <3

So I will be the first to admit, I’ve had quite the dry spell. (I even got a sad little ask in my askbox this morning from someone that really missed my writing). I’ve been focusing on other projects and doing a summer class, but I’m about to have a few weeks off to hopefully work on stuff. I’m going to try to get a few longer fics out based on some of the prompts I’ve gotten along with (maybe) opening my ask box for some new ones and giving you guys the drabbles you came here for. 

Best Friend vs Boyfriend

“You know,” Dick said as he shifted where he was, cloth brushing his skin. “When I came out of the closet, I didn’t think my boyfriend would be the one shoving me back in.” 

“I know,” Jason said as he opened the doors and Dick stepped out, pulling a hoodie off one of the hangers and slipping it on. 

“I also didn’t think he’d literally be shoving me in the closet because he has to hide our relationship from his roommate.” 

“A roommate who happens to be one of your exes.”

Dick sighed and went over to the nightstand picking up his wallet and keys. “I was okay with you not telling Roy when we were just dating,” Dick said. “I was even okay with it when we started having sex, but now? Jason we’ve been in a relationship for six months, that’s longer than Roy and I were together. I think it’s okay if you tell him.” 

“I will,” Jason said. “I’m not ready yet. He made me swear to never date any of his exes.”

“You’re probably not going to be ready,” Dick said as he kissed Jason’s cheek. Jason wrapped his arms around Dick, pulling him close. “Jay, a lot of people already know we’re together. I think it’ll be better if you tell him yourself instead of Roy finding out from someone else. How would you feel in this situation?”

“If one of my best friends was dating you?” Jason asked, swaying them gently back and forth. “I think I’d probably be fighting to win you back.”

Dick smiled and it was so sweet Jason couldn’t help but pull him into another kiss. “You need to tell him,” Dick said as he pulled away, looking into Jason’s eyes. 

“I will.” Jason promised.

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Relief | Pt.01

This is a request submitted forever ago. Sorry, it took me so long to write it. The anon requested an ‘angst scenario where the reader was afraid of love and relationships.’  This is part one of two.


Warnings/Genre: Smut, Angst

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 6k

Pt.01 Pt.02

Originally posted by mn-yg

Yoongi’s POV

Yoongi’s favorite part of the day was the end of the day. When he could finally come home and sleep. Today had been especially annoying, and he was more than happy it was over. He was already stripping off his uncomfortable clothes and getting into sweats and a tee.

He was about to throw himself onto his bed to sleep, but he couldn’t ignore the grumbling noises that came from his stomach. Hesitantly he grabbed his phone ready to order something. Out of habit, he left his room languidly making his way to Jin’s room. Yoongi always out of politeness would ask his older roommate if he wanted anything to eat if he was ordering something.

Without even thinking Yoongi twisted the doorknob to Jin’s room, pushing it open to reveal you. You were half naked, bending over to retrieve your bra off the floor. When you noticed Yoongi’s presence, you quickly stood up straight. You cocked your head to the side and smiled at him.

Yoongi stood there frozen. He had expected you to automatically cover yourself and scream. Like most girls would if they were walked in on getting changed. Yoongi was caught off by your behavior, and how you stood there on full display for him. He should’ve closed his eyes right away and backed out of the room. But you were too tempting. 

He couldn’t help it when his eyes wandered down to your chest. Yoongi could feel his cock twitch at the sight. The swell of your breast adorned with purplish pink marks, a few that seemed to maybe be bite marks as well.

Yoongi was quickly brought out of his trance when Jin yelled out for you from the bathroom. All he could do was squeeze his eyes shut and back out of the room. Heat grew on his face and the tops of Yoongi’s ears started to turn bright red. He was beyond embarrassed at what had just happened. It was one thing to walk in on you like that, but another that he stood there so shamelessly gawking at your body.

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An Ichigo to match this Grimmjow. This time I was being really careless with my brushes to see if another “accident” would happen, but nope. I had to fake it.

Weak- Cassian Andor

Originally posted by fuckyeahrebelcaptain

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Prompt: #47: “How am I supposed to do anything when you’re looking at me like that”

Warnings: None, just kissing and angst. My usual MO. 

A/N: Okay so I know this has primarily been a Percivan Graves content blog for a while now, but I couldn’t resist. And I had a lot of encouragement so thank you xD I hope this turned out alright…he’s a difficult character to capture but I really, really loved writing this! Let me know what you think!

I heard footsteps coming up the ramp and turned to look over my shoulder. I smiled as Cassian poked his head around the corner. I should’ve expected him to turn up at some point. He seemed to know me better than I knew myself. I’d gone to the ship in an attempt to be alone, to gather my thoughts before tomorrow. Sleep was evading me, the way it always did before a big battle. Only this time it was different. I had a feeling about this particular battle, though it was a feeling I didn’t want to dwell on for too long. Cassian was about the only person I wanted to see right now anyways.

“Shouldn’t you be resting, Captain?” I asked, going back to cleaning my gun.

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Welcome to Ashes to Ashes! Click here to see a list of our services.

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$20 – Ashes are mixed into a special liquid used to germinate a tree seedling of your choosing. What better way to honor your loved one than to use their ashes to create new life in the form of a great tree!

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Our products are guaranteed to satisfy, but don’t take our word for it, read some of the reviews from some of our clients themselves.

“My husband was a heavy whiskey drinker, so I thought what better way to honor him than to turn his ashes into a glass tumbler. The glass came out better than expected. It was gorgeous! Holding the glass in my hand just made me feel closer to him. Lately however, the glass mysteriously fills up with a reddish liquid out of nowhere. I am assuming it is part of the service you provide? Tonight I shall toast my late husband and take a swig.” - - Mary O’Connor

“After a long battle with Cancer, our son Jeremy passed away. Jeremy was an active child and loved playing in the neighborhood park. So we decided to buy the tree package and turn Jeremy’s ashes into an elm tree which we planted in the park. The tree grew very quickly and it is quite a sight! My wife and I visit the tree often and we are pleased to see other children playing by the tree. I can almost sense Jeremy’s presence at these times. It’s too bad there have been a rash of child disappearances in the area lately. It seems, that some kids have gone to the park and disappeared. I pray for these kids and hope they are found alive, but if not, I shall refer the parents to you.” - - Lewis Miller

“After my wife passed away, I thought pressing her ashes into a CD would be a perfect memento. I compiled a list of her favorite music. Imagine my surprise when I played the CD and heard my wife’s voice speaking to me as though she were alive! I don’t know how you guys did it, but hearing my wife’s voice again filled me with joy. Not only that, but the recording keeps changing every time I play the CD. My wife was always a bit of a chatterbox and there were times I wish she would shut up, but now I play the CD all the time – day and night. My only complaint is that I wish she wouldn’t bring up the accident. …I didn’t mean to hit her that hard…” - - Charles Leger


Name: She is my sister, Bones!
Pairing: Bones x reader!Kirk’s sister
Summary: the reader is Kirk’s twin sister who he has always taken care of, then one day he comes in Bones’ room, looking for him, and runs in the reader and Leonard cuddling.
Author’s note: yes, I have a lot of requests. I am working on them. But right now I need this type of writing.

“You are warm,” you murmur, pressing your cold hands against Leonard’s neck, and he gasps, leaning back and then returning to you momentarily.

“You are freaking cold!” he grabs your hands and smiles at you. “Why wouldn’t you just wear gloves before going down with Chekov?”

“We were playing snowballs! I had gloves, but they were uncomfortable,” McCoy sighs and rolls his eyes, raising one hand and gently stroking your cheek.

“Such a child,” he wraps his hands around you, pulling you closer and murmuring something about you being a complete idiot. You grin and try not to laugh, feeling absolutely safe and perfect in his arms, sitting on a couch with a huge blanket wrapped around you.


“What?” he asks, pretending to be grumpy, but you feel how he carefully strokes your back, trying to pull you as close as possible, to make sure that you are getting warmer.

“Nothing,” you smile. “I am glad you are not mad at me.”

“Of course I am mad! What do you think you are doing, ricking your health? Your brother will take my head off,” he thinks then adds quickly. “Twice.”

“Jim wouldn’t!” you laugh, and McCoy joins you, as you rest your head on his shoulder and close your eyes, pressing your nose against his neck.

“Yeah, he would,” Leonard leans back, still holding you with both hands, and plants a soft kiss on your palm, feeling how you almost curl in a ball in his hands, totally melting in the warmth of his body. “My little stupid Kirk.”

“There are two of us,” you grin. “One is the captain, I bet you wouldn’t call him ‘little’ and ‘stupid’… Would you?”

“You bet I would,” you nod, knowing that he actually would.

“Bones, I’ve been looking for… Oh,” Jim walks in the room and stops, not seeing your face, but clearly understanding that McCoy is having his personal time with a crewman. “Sorry… Doctor McCoy, you are needed in the Sickbay.”

“I am on my rightful break, Jim,” Bones answers, hiding a huge grin by keeping his face behind your head.

“I am sorry, doctor, but I cannot find my sister. I am afraid she may be in trouble,” you honestly are trying not to giggle.

“Jim, I am sure she is fine and having fun. She is a grown person, let her go,” Leonard advises him and presses his lips against your temple.

“She is my sister, I am supposed to take care of her. Will you help me find her?” you roll your eyes - even though Jim in only minutes older than you, he took you as his responsibility.

“Jim, chill!” you turn to him, not pulling away from Leonard even for a second. “I am seriously fine and having more fun than you are.”

“Y/N?” you grin and nod. “Bones?” Bones nods, not trying to pretend that he is ashamed of his hands holding you so possessively. “You two are…”



“Because your best friend is awesome,” you answer simply, as Leonard tries not to laugh at Jim’s terrified face. “You’d feel worse if I were with Spock, so chill.”

“But… Uhm… I am the captain…”

“And I am your lieutenant. Spending my free time with your doctor. We checked, it’s not forbidden by the law of Mister Spock,” Bones giggles, as you pull away and look at your brother. “Jim, nothing is wrong here.”

“It certainly looks wrong. I… will head back to the Bridge and pretend that I never saw anything,” he storms out of cabin, and you turn to McCoy, both of you trying not to laugh at the thought of his surprised, almost terrified face.

“He reacted well.”

“Better than we expected,” you smile, leaning forward and gently kissing him. Bones quickly kisses you back, then frowns. ‘What’s wrong?”

“Your brother, Y/N… It’s always your brother.”

“What about my tiny ball of brotherly love?” Leonard rolls his eyes, annoyed by your endless love for your brother which will stop you from understanding that Bones is in huge risk of being murdered.

“He may kill me now.”

“I don’t think he will. He is nice and just very caring…”

“So caring, I just felt his glance skin me,” you realize that Kirk did look like he wanted to kill the doctor.

“Oh, don’t overreact, he wouldn’t…” the communicator turns on, and you hear Jim’s voice.

“Doctor McCoy, report to Sickbay. Lieutenant Kirk, report to the Bridge… Now, we have an immediate issue.”

“Of my brother being over-possessive of me,” you whisper, then turn the communicator on. “Yes, captain.”

“Yes, he would, sunshine. Come on, we have to head back to the job,” McCoy helps you up and pulls you close, holding your face with both hands. You have noticed long time ago that after McCoy divorced, his opinion on relationships was rather sceptic, but your relationship really changed him, even though he still was very paranoid about ever letting you go.

“I will see you tonight,” you promise quietly, pressing your lips against his.

“Don’t let your brother do weird stuff, ok?” Leonard asks at the end, smiling at your eyes, locked on his face.


Secret (Sirius Black x Reader)

(It’s better than the title I swear. This just came in my mind, I’m working on some requests now!)

You tried to turn the knob of the Marauder’s dorm but found it locked. ‘That’s weird’ You thought due to the fact you could hear muggle rock music being blasted.

You immediately took out your wand and muttered “Alohamora.” You heard the lock click and you pushed through the door. You were stopped in your tracks by the last sight you expected to see.

Sirius was facing away from you, his long, dark hair pulled back into a bun. He was wearing a faded denim button up, sleeves rolled over his elbows and thin grey joggers. He sat on a stool in front of an easel, a paint pallet in one hand and a brush in the other.

You closed the door softly behind you and started to walk quietly to him. He was obviously very focused and you didn’t want to distract him so you sat on his bed and just watched.

Your eyes widened in shock when you noticed the painting. It was you, asleep, resting on a white pillow. Sunlight shone across your face, making you look angelic. One arm gently placed over your head, the other across your bare chest. Sirius was working fervently, only stopping to rub his strained eyes or tuck a hair behind his ear.

About an hour later, Sirius checked his watch. He then turned to put his tools in his trunk and nearly spilt his water cup when he spotted you.

“(Y/N)! What are you doing here? I thought you went to Hogsmeade with the guys!?”

“I-I decided I’d rather spend time with you, I’m sorry.” You stuttered back, surprised he seemed so angry.

Sirius’s anger seemed to fade into embarrassment, his cheeks flushed.

“I-I… t-this isn’t anyth-”

“Sirius, why didn’t you tell me you paint.” You asked, standing and walking over to the flustered boy.

“I haven’t told anyone.” He said softly, “I thought you’d think it was… I don’t know, It’s just a bit embarrassing I guess.”

You rolled your eyes at him and gestured to his easel.

“This is the most beautiful painting I’ve ever seen.”

He looked skeptically at you, “Really?”

You nodded, “Really, Sirius you’re very talented.” He broke into a bit of a smirk.

He scrunched his face, “You’re not creeped out by it.”

You shook your head with a smirk, “Maybe if it was bad.”

He blushed, “I-I mean it didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted, I wanted it to be a bit more realistic. It-it’s hard with acrylic to capture what I was going for…”

He looked simply beautiful as he explained his work. Sirius usually did, his god given looks were enough but the passionate look in his eyes, the strands of hair falling from his bun against his cheeks, and the way he was chewed on his bottom lip to focus made him unbearably attractive.

“…I’m just glad you like it, you are my muse as you can see. That one night you fell asleep in my bed, you just looked like an angel. I couldn’t get the image out of my head.” He finished, a hit of nervousness in his voice.

You said nothing but pressed your lips softly to his. His were rough, but felt perfect against yours. He pulled away gently, with a smirk

“I was kind of hoping you would do that.” He mumbled, brushing his thumb across your cheek. You responded with a smile, wrapping your arms around his neck. He bent down again, pressing a harder, more passionate kiss. You breathed in the scent of acrylic and cologne, feeling drunk on the smell. He pulled you flush to him, running his hands down your back and resting on bum softly.

You heard a cough and heads both shot to the doorway to see 3 wide-eyed, very uncomfortable looking Marauders.

MC accidentally confessing her feelings after drinking too much

sort of an AU(?)


-blushes like, REAL HARD
-did not have a single clue on her feelings towards him, even with MC’s texting and calling
-probably because he always single
-A little self conscious at first, considering how other RFA members look more…manly?
-pretends everything is fine, but continously squealing inside
-“omg i cant believe this!!! You can do this Yoosung, just simply ask her to a cafe and explain everything…yes. I hope i’m not dreaming…” -Explains the situation the next day and also confessing back to MC
-so glad this happened


-E-Excuse me?
-Went crazy the next second after MC confessed and took a moment to calm down
-Keeps talking to himself on how to solve this ‘situation’
-“Should I tell her the next day through calls, texts or in person? Or just pretend everything is fine, but this is only chance for me to say it out loud…ugh…”
-He knew how MC always respond to his flirty texts, compliments on his selfies and gives supportive comments whenever he got a new role
-But not sure if those were just genuine behavior/comments or…the next step
-Feels really warm inside and thinks about MC during the night


-Blank expression on the outside, but feels genuinely surprised after hearing it
-Since he’s not good at showing emotions, he didnt really expect that MC would actually fall for him
-drinks wine to calm down his heartbeat
-In order to confirm the ‘confession’, he thinks about how MC usually responds to his texts and stuff
-“It really seems like this is what she wants to say to me for a long time…hmm.” -Sends MC a bouquet of flowers the next day, with a small card that explains the ‘incident’ and his feelings towards her


-Immediately tenses up the moment he hears it
-Instead of feeling nervous, he simply looks towards MC and sighs at himself
-He genuinely couldnt believe that theres someone that likes both his cheerful and ‘true’ side
-“I guess there’s no more turning back now…thanks MC.”
-no sarcasm is involved. I repeat, NO sarcasm
-He knows how well they got along just by looking at their texts
-After a deep thought, he decides to send in binary codes to show his feelings


-Are you serious…?
-She isnt really expecting an answer, but instead wonders if she heard wrong
-Close to shedding tears
-Sometimes she questions herself if their relationship is purely platonic
-Scared that it’ll break their ‘friendship’ if she questions it
-“I-I’m so glad we decided to meet together today, this is a perfect opportunity for me to finally confirm our true relationship!” -Secretly plans out the best scenarios for next day
-Unfortunately, she’s feeling nervous af when they met up
-In the end, it turned out better than expected :)

anonymous asked:

I would love love love love a guanlin soulmate!AU? Preferably fluffy af & with some guanlin/seonho bromance sprinkled in aahhhh I love the cube baby chicks :^) thank you!!!

Originally posted by peach-somi


member: guanlin

rating: g

if the story completely cuts off right where the ‘read more’ is, i suggest you open this post on a computer/laptop or open it on your phone’s browser!

Lai Guanlin #B4E7FC

The inscription on your wrist catches your attention once more. You give it a long, hard stare, your teacher’s voice fading out into the background as you read the color code over and over again. For a moment, you wonder what their color could be. 

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