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And I wonder if you see my name on your phone and your heart breaks a little. If you receive my phone call and you choose not to answer because you know my voice might make you sad. If the idea of that exchange might break the glass house you’ve built around your soul. I wonder if you talk to the moon with a glass of whisky when you can’t sleep. Or if you play my favorite song on the way to work without meaning to. I wonder if you have to quiet the fire in your chest every night before you fall asleep, and if you’ve named the flames after me.

Because mine breaks a little. I choose not to answer sometimes. I’ve got a glass house. And I talk to the moon too. My fires are named after you and for fuck sake I’m running out of ways to say that I miss you.

—  carryyourown 
Ten years from now I don’t want to tell the story of how I lost the boy of my dreams because I was too afraid to try. No, that’s not my story. This is my story.

I love you. Or at least I like you a lot. I don’t know how it works because I’ve never felt anything this strong before. That might sound crazy but it’s true. You are constantly in my head, like this annoying song stuck on repeat and you try to get it out of there but you can’t. And when we’re together I am insanely happy. And I say insanely because it’s just so much happiness that it almost drives me insane thinking about it. You are goofy and handsome and smart and incredible and so beautiful. Just all of you, in every way, is beautiful.

So maybe my story won’t end with you and me being together. Maybe we won’t ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. But now I know I’ve tried. My story may not be perfect but at least I know that I wrote it, I didn’t let it write me.
—  Story time.


my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy


If I’m renewed

If I can belong to a sign

I am never going back

I am never going back

This song had for a very, very long time been the one song I always thought fit All Might the most (especially during the Kamino Hideout Raid Arc) from the lyrics to even the title of the song and I could never draw what I had in mind so I always put off making art for this amazing song. 

BUT I recently learned how to color panels so I’ve been working on this for like two-three weeks on and off and I’m so happy with the results oh my god please listen to the song while scrolling through this to get the full effect. 

Advice For Littles Who Miss their Caregivers

Not being around your caregiver can really be a bummer. I have really bad anxiety and depression so not being around my caregiver sometimes makes me feel *sad dinosaur noise*.

After thinking about it I thought it would’ve been a good idea to make a post about different things that might help other littles to not feel so *sad dinosaur noise*.

• Hum your favourite song
• Draw a picture
• Paint something
• Take a nap
• Make sure to eat
• Make sure to drink the right amount of water
• Color
• Cuddle with your blanket/ stuffies
• Go for a walk
• Play video games
• Exercise
• Do your nails
• Watch videos
• Cook/ Bake something
• Find a new hobby
• Catch up on any work that you missed out on/ is due soon
• Write a poem/ song
• Make silly faces
• Dance around
• Watch a movie
• Do your makeup (even if you’re not going anywhere)
• Sort out your room, a clean space is a happy space
• Make a collage of your aesthetic
• Keep yourself occupied

I find these things work for me, you could give them a try and see what works for you. The key is to keep yourself occupied until you can get to see or talk to your caregiver again. This list is just to give ideas on what to do. Please do not feel like you have to do all of these, if none of them work don’t feel bad, do what works for you.

I hope this helps ^-^)/ I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Remember to smile.

“Some people are meant to be loved and others just naked”

A/N: I got stuck with OTR and wanted to try something new. Basically this is businessman Harry, long af, smutty af and has daddy kink. Please tell me what you thought of it if you read it? I might start working on a second part if you like it. xx

Harry and Y/N are enemies in the business world but the perfect partners under the sheets.

Based on the song Wrong by Zayn ft. Kehlani

Part I. Part II

Originally posted by ohbabyyeah

Y/N is good at getting what she wants. Most of it, she won’t lie, is handed to her in a flash when she mentions her last name but she’s never felt one goddamn bit of shame for it. If there’s one thing she had been taught is to feel proud of her genes and with pride is how she shall use them to her advantage. She enjoys drawing out the tension when her high heels click into her office and everyone around her avoids direct eye contact in case she throws a fit or feels like firing them. Likes that whenever she has a special gala evening event her assistant’s phone blows up with designers begging her to wear their brands. Fucking loves being the heiress of a growing empire and she defends it mercilessly. A hustler in couture dresses and fresh manicure.

In rare occasions, though, almost once in a blue moon, Y/N gets told No. When she can’t use her father’s connections as a shield, she isn’t afraid to build her own and get to work.

“Styles Enterprises, how may I help you today?” the female voice squeaking bored Y/N to death. She decided to let the silence linger just for kicks. The girl on the line might’ve had nothing better to do, but she, on the other hand, was in the middle of chugging down her Cosmopolitan. What could that bimbo do about it, anyway? Y/N could get her fired with a snap of her fingers, didn’t even matter that she wasn’t her boss.

Speak of the devil, that fucker was dead.

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Last Dance Analysis

can’t believe it’s been over a year since I wrote one of these. usual disclaimer that this is just my interpretation/i’m not claiming this is the DEFINITE ACTUAL MEANING behind last dance. apologies that i’m posting this without screencaps for visual reference, i’m a lil too tired for that rn but i’ll hopefully add them later ✌

also i make reference to some ideas i’ve previously discussed in my other bigbang analysis writing so if you’re not familiar with that you might wanna check out my posts on loser, sober and zutter (though they could do with an update at this point). 

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Melt with You (reader x Bucky)

I wanted to thank everyone for your kind reception to my first fan fic ever, Accidents Happen. I’m blown away by the number of likes, reblogs, and follows I’ve received. Thank you so much! I’m glad I took the leap and hit “post” when I almost didn’t. :)

I haven’t stopped thinking about what might happen next with the characters, and have a lot of time thinking at work, so I decided to do a follow-up story! I’m not sure if this will become a series type thing, but I know there’s more possible story to tell, so we shall see. :D 

Let me know your thoughts and comments! And please check out the notes at the end of post. :)

And thanks for the encouragement @you-and-bucky ! Hope you enjoy it :)

p.s. I tie music and lyrics to every part of my life, so naturally I put them in a story too. I hope the songs fit in well like I imagined. 

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  


Melt with You (reader x Bucky)

Characters: Reader, Bucky, Steve

Summary: Occurs just after the events of Accidents Happen. Reader and Bucky become more emotionally intimate after getting physical ;) . They talk about the past and the possibility of a future.

Warnings: Sexy fluff I guess? Still not one for smut. :) One swear word (about the only time I’ll do that is in song lyrics)


You breathed a happy sigh, tired and invigorated at the same time.

Lying on your stomach in bed, Bucky beside you drawing circles with his fingers on your bare back, there was nowhere else in the world you’d rather be. It was late morning by now, the past few hours spent making love, laughing, talking, and just enjoying each other’s company in your happy little cocoon.

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fic: you know you’re supposed to keep it (parse/tater, past discussed jack/parse)

@des-zimbits wanted “fic where Tater tells Kent that Jack has a boyfriend he’s joyously in love with and telling his team about/introducing them to, and then Kent and Tater process the news and what it might mean for them?” and I thought… if Tater was so sure about Jack having a girlfriend earlier (obviously that could’ve been for show but go with me here), then that’d mean he and Kent are together but he still doesn’t know about Jack in Kent’s past… and then this story happened. Probably both more angsty and more about Jack/Parse than the prompt.

secrets you keep for so long they become a part of you

warnings: not sure of more exact tags, but Parse’s mental landscape is a Mess.  //  ~2k, also here on ao3.

“You never guess what Zimmboni just told me,” Tater says as soon as Kent opens up his Skype request. It’s funny: for years any mention of Jack would’ve stolen his attention, but right now all he can think about is his boyfriend, and how he fills up any space he’s in so attractively with his boundless energy. He’s bouncing on his bed right now, making the camera of his laptop jump, and Kent aches to be there, to feel that enthusiasm. He curses the length of almost two months that are marked out on both of their calendars until they’ll be able to see each other again.

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Out Run My Gun ~Jerome Valeska~

    // Hey! I already answered the ask, so here’s your request. I took my own sorta spin on it, and as I was writing I just thought of lyrics that sorta work with it, and I could see Jerome doing something like he does. Anyways, I hope you like it, hun.

Disclaimer!! Some lines are taken from a song! All credits of the song go to Foster The People. The song is Pumped up Kicks.


Title: Out Run My Gun

Rating: Fluff.

Warnings: Threats (not graphic, or bad), also, is whaddya a word because I don’t know it sounds like one. I use it as one, in case that bothers you. There might be some more words in here that are like, verbally accepted. Like, you can use them when talking, but they aren’t really a “word” that you would write in a paper or something, if that makes sense.

Need To Know: Things will be explained(a little bit) in Jerome talking. //


    Loud laughter fills the silence, startling everyone in the class. Something about it feels so familiar to y/n. The wild, varying pitches. She doesn’t have time to recognize who it belongs to though; the door bursts open and the loud, persistent banging of a machine gun fills elicits screams. Her eyes widen, yet she doesn’t scream. All the other kids get to the floor, hiding under their desks and screaming, some even sobbing. A flight or fight response kicks in, and y/n blindly launches herself at the door, making it through due to the incompetence of the lackey guarding the door. As she continues to run forward, out of the corner of her eyes she can just barely see someone walking towards her leisurely. He cackles light-heartedly, calling out in a sing-songy voice, “Darling, don’t run from me.” He pulls the safety on his gun, aiming it at her lazily. He laughs again, and begins to call out to her once more. 

All the other kids with the pumped-up kicks,” he pulls the trigger and the loud bang causes his laugh to become more wild. 

“They better run,” he pulls the trigger again. 

“Better run, outrun my gun,” he pulls the trigger as y/n turns a corner, her heart stopping when she sees no option but one. She rushes into the girls’ locker room, ducking into the nearest shower and pulling the curtain across. His footsteps seem unnaturally loud as he walks into the locker room, instantly seeing her shoes behind one of the curtains. 

“All the other kids with the pumped-up kicks,” He calls out, at this point just taunting y/n. 

“They better run,” he murmurs, his eyes growing dark as he fires another shot, this one at the ceiling, more to elicit a reaction from y/n. When she lets out a small cry, he smiles. He laughs maliciously, jumping up onto one of the benches and spinning, kicking a binder off in a flashy manner. He pounces forward, landing in front of the shower she’s hiding in. 

“Better run…” He reaches forward, his motions painstakingly slow as he grabs the curtain and pulls it back. Before he can get it over all the way, y/n bolts out in a futile attempt to get away he grabs her arm and throws her into the locker area, moving forward. He saunters forward and tilts his head. He snakes his arm around her waist, pulling her too him.

    He presses the gun to her temple. He tilts his head down, his lips only inches from her ear. “Faster than my bullet.” He whispers, his hot breath causing her to shudder. He pushes her forward. “Turn around,” he says, motioning his gun in a circle. She turns around slowly, trying to calm herself down. When her eyes meet his, everything clicks into place.

His laugh.

His voice.

“Jerome.” She whispers.

His face darkens slightly, and he points the gun at her, not faltering, his lips turning up in a cruel smile. Before she can say anything, he pulls the trigger. Her hands fly up to her face, although that wouldn’t protect her from a bullet.

But nothing happens. Jerome stares down at his gun, pulling the trigger again.

Nothing happens.

He moves forward, pulling the trigger aggressively, only stopping when he reaches her. He throws the gun, and it skids far away from them. Y/n smiles, opening her mouth to say something, but he cuts her off quickly, shoving her back. His pale hand wraps around her neck.

“Je-jerome,” she gasps. “Stop, please. I can explain,” her mind goes into panic mode as he pulls out a second gun, pressing it to her temple.

“Explain leaving me? Explain telling me you never loved me, never cared for me? It’s pretty obvious what ya meant, darling.” He growls, his eyes growing dangerous.

“It wasn’t like that!” She raises her voice as much as she can.

“Then what was it like, y/n!” He snaps viciously, his grip tightening slightly.

“It was a fight. I didn’t mean it.” She whispers. “I didn’t mean any of it, Jerome. I was angry…but…” Jerome pulls the safety.

“But what?”

“I…I love you, Jerome.” She says, daring to meet his gaze. A smile slips onto his face, and he steps back.

“That’s great, darling.” He holds the gun up, aiming it at her. “But tell me the truth.”

“I am! I am, I promise!”

“I don’t believe you!” Although he seems angry, it’s clear that his mood is fully playful, which only confuses y/n more. Before she can ask, or move, he pulls the trigger. She jumps back, staring at him with wide eyes. Jerome throws his arms up in an over exasperated shrug and sighs loudly. “Right, I forgot. This one has blanks.” He tosses it to the side and smiles, skipping forward. “But I scared ya, didn’t I?” She shakes slightly as he pulls her into a hug. “Did you think I’d hurt you? I mean, I was going to. Only because I thought cha’ hated me. I guess I was wrong though, huh?” He kisses her temple, tangling his hand in her h/c hair. He hums, swaying back and forth slightly.

Y/n pulls away from him harshly, and sticks her tongue out at him. “Whatever ginger.” She says, walking past him. Jerome’s eyebrows shoot up, and he laughs, his movements resembling a snake as he turns around. “Don’t be like that darlin’,” he says, skipping forward to throw his arm around her. He pulls her to his side, and stops her. “Or I might not make you my queen.” She turns her head to look at him, and he kisses her forward, turning his head to stare forward, motioning out widely with his free hand. “We could have it all.” He looks back at her, amusement twinkling in his eyes. “Whaddya say, darling?” She looks off to the left, pretending to consider this for a while before turning to him, and nodding. Jerome smiles, wrapping both arms around her and kissing her softly before pulling back. “Let’s go cause some trouble.”

Oh Marceline
Pat McHale
Oh Marceline

I’m not sure if this has been posted already, but thought I might as well throw it online. When I was working on Season 1 of Adventure Time (2009? 2008?) we had to write a montage song for the episode “Evicted!” while Finn and Jake are looking for a new house. Pen wrote a bunch of lyrics, so I brought them home and fine tuned them and put them to music. I recorded a demo that was too long, so i just digitally sped it up to be the right length (which is the recording above).

It was supposed to sound sort of… lame… like sort of… like a lame singer songwriter guy who’s into Dave Matthews but isn’t nearly as talented. That was, like, a thing in the early 2000s… a lot of people played this certain acoustic guitar style, but I don’t know the name for it. Maybe it has tinges of what was called “Emo”? Or… what does Hoobastank sound like? Uhh, I don’t know. Who cares. I’m old now and I don’t remember anything.

In the end I didn’t want to sing the final version, so Pen did the singing in the show. He did more of a Blink 182 style thing. Blink 182? Is that right?

My own review NO SPOILER of Beauty and the Beast

Sooooooo I basically came out from the theatre 2 hours ago and still cannot bear all the feelings I have in my heart.

If you’ve even slightly followed my blog in the latest months you probably know that I’ve been quite obsessed with the BatB live action, so no wonder that I was so scared when I went at the cinema to watch it today.

I had many fears, the worst were:

- Will the costumes work?

- Are the song going to be well put into the movie?

- Are the characters going to be well done? Belle, Gaston, Le Fou, the Beast…

So yeah, I had lots of thoughts in my mind.
Then the film begun and believe me when I say this: it’s not what you might expect.

It is indeed similar to the 1991 version (the majority of the scenes are the same ones and the plot is identical) but they have added even more to it.

I don’t really know how to explain myself without giving too much away, but every scene is so gorgeous for different reasons; weather it is for the castle or for the actors or for the songs… every damn scene is amazing.

Emma Watson is amazing, i’m not a critic so I don’t have a career or a degree which can promise you I’m right, but she is Belle, even for those who couldn’t see her as Belle… the film is so gorgeous that all your doubts will just melt away.

Talking about melting, I cried so much at the end of it. The fact is that I was so scared of being disappointed by the film that I went in really nervously and when the film finished I couldn’t bear it and had to burst out crying really badly for happiness.

This film is pure joy and the last scenes (from the Mob song to the end)… those are so amazing that I cannot even see them as different or separate moments.

Believe me when i say that they did an amazing job and if you had doubts about actors or costumes or whatever… well, watch the film and I promise that at least one of these doubts will leave you.

Watch this film, it is gorgeously made.

Playlist for Makoto Naegi with dark songs!

I hope you like it, Naegi! I wasn’t entirely sure what constituted as “dark,” but the songs on this list are some of my personal favorite songs I thought might fit, so hopefully they work! - Mod Twogami

Just Might Think Twice - Elliot Alderson x Reader

Author’s note: I wrote this mostly based off a Twenty One Pilots song called Car Radio. This is the first Elliot fic I’ve written thats getting posted on here so let me know what you think of it. Hope you like it. ***Beware of triggering topics. This is written in the readers p.o.v.***

Reader’s P.O.V:

I sit in silence, from the time Elliot goes to work until he comes home. Leaving me alone with my thoughts. They consumed me. I had no distractions, no escape from them. Sometimes quiet is violent.

Sitting on the fire escape, the city that never sleeps began to quiet down as it got late. It would never be completely silent in the city just like my mind. Taking a drag of my cigarette, my lungs filled with fire before I exhaled desire. Desire to be distracted.

Elliot walked in as I came inside from having a cigarette. “Hey.” I sighed plopping down on the bed. My eyes closed, listening to him rummage around the apartment.

“Hey.” He mumbled. I felt a wet nose on my face, my eyes opened to a small black terrier waging his tail. I couldn’t help but smile.

“I got him from a guy who couldn’t care for her.” Elliot sat beside me. “Her name is Flipper.”

“Flipper.” I rubbed her belly.

“I figured she could keep you company while I’m at work. Cause you know..” He trailed off.

“What do you mean? You make it sound like I go crazy while you’re at work.” Elliot looked guiltily away.

“Tell me Elliot.”

“You fell asleep on your laptop the other day. When I went to put it on the table, I saw you were writing, I read some of it.” His green eyes stared down at his hands instead of looking at me.

“How much did you read?” My heart raced, my mind panicked. It felt as if I couldn’t breathe. “Elliot, there were things I wrote that are private.”

“I didn’t mean to read it, I didn’t know it was that bad.” Tears spilled down my cheeks, I pressed the palms of my hands into my eyes. Elliot sat beside me on the bed, his warm hands rubbed my back in an attempt to comfort me.

“I just don’t know what’s wrong with me.” I mumbled.

“Nothing is wrong with you. We’re all battling fear.”

“Does everyone think about suicide?” I sniffled, cautiously looking up at him. “When I was in high school, do you know how many times I thought about just pulling the wheel on my way home? Too many times Elliot.” I wiped my tear stained cheeks with the back of my hand.

Just like Elliot, my father was taken away too early by the same company. My father was my best friend, and I lost him. My mother was never home, she was always working so I wasn’t close with her.

Elliot was always at my house, we took solace in that. Our fathers were almost inseparable, I guess in turn, it’s what made Elliot my best friend.
That was one thing I never revealed to Elliot, I told him everything except my suicidal thoughts. He was the person that prevented me from going through with it and he didn’t even know.

In high school, Elliot would always be waiting on the front porch when I came home in the afternoon. When he told me how much he needed me, I knew I couldn’t go through with it as much as I wanted to. I couldn’t leave him like his father left him.

Knowing Elliot, he would blame himself if I did pull the wheel. Just like he blamed himself all those years after his father’s death.

His large eyes instantly filled with worry. Elliot took me in his arms, his touch was hesitant, but full of warmth and comfort to me. Everything that was bothering me was still there, deep inside, but it melted away, just for a little while.

“Please don’t,” his voice cracked. “I need you.” he whispered, pulling me closer. “I know I don’t show it, but I love you so much and I worry that one day I’ll come home and you’ll be gone and it would be too late.” Elliot sniffled.

“I used to say I want to die before I’m old, but I just might think twice.”

I’d never been in a relationship when I wrote my first couple of albums, so these were all projections of what I thought they might be like. They were based on movies and books and songs and literature that tell us that a relationship is the most magical thing that can ever happen to you. And then once I fell in love, or thought I was in love, and then experienced disappointment or it just not working out a few times, I realized there’s this idea of happily ever after which in real life doesn’t happen. There’s no riding off into the sunset, because the camera always keeps rolling in real life. It’s magical if you ask anyone who has ever fallen in love it’s the greatest. Now I have more of a grasp on the fact that when you’re in a state of infatuation and you think everything that person does is perfect, it then if you’re lucky morphs into a real relationship when you see that that person is not in fact perfect, but you still want to see them every day.
-Taylor swift Elle magazine 2015-


So this post may get edited, and I’d love if people added songs that they thought might fit. I’ve been meaning to get into video editing again, and this series ( only two episodes, but meh ) has me SUPER MOTIVATED. Here are the songs I’ve picked out so far. Feel free to leave your own/reblog with suggestions. I’ll post them as I make them.

Red : Nothing and Everything

Safetysuit : Gone Away

The Weeknd : Devil May Cry

Lauren Aquilina : King

Starset : My Demons

Crywolf : Stomach It ( This is the song I am currently working with )

Stephen : Crossfire

Springtrap's Summertime Blues

I thought I could give you guys a treat and try having Springtrap sing! Though then I realized that his singing is kinda sub-par .~. (as lampshade by PM). But, hey, he’s been a rusting pile of metal and guts for some time (the pic is a flashback), so cut me him some slack!
Man, this was not easy to edit. Go over to @flightbotjetwing​‘s page and thank her for her hard work (and you might as well look at her work and MAYBE follow her. :3 totallynotsubliminalmessaging)

Original song “Summertime Blues” sung and performed by Alan Jackson
Editing by me and @flightbotjetwing​

Art by @nobody-art​

Springtrap/Spring Bonnie © Scott Cawthon

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