i thought this show would have been easier to color

Drawing thingie

Firstly, since I’ve been asked about the character bodies and proportions, let’s start with that.

The Body

I learned drawing from watching a lot of anime, reading a lot of manga and combining that with actual human anatomy, so I got to a point where the body has become very stylized. aka, the head is always somewhat bigger than it should, along with the eyes. And after playing around, I got to what you see in every doddle I post here.

The best way to learn to draw the body, not just human, but animals as well, is to break it down in forms. As you can see above, everything is a geometric form of some sort. They usually teach you to start from cubes and such, but I self taught myself by skipping that step (ups) so idk. Also, the circles you see everywhere are the joints. They help you understand how the body moves, the wrists, shoulders, knees and everything.

The body proportions are pretty basic, actually. In the human body, the average height is equal to 7 heads (more or less) This is something EVERYONE WILL TELL YOU and it’s actually NOT exactly true! Because every person I’ve ever measured was 6 heads and a half or something. But the “perfect” way of drawing someone is to respect the 1 to 7 proportion, apparently. SO just go with that while you’re learning lmao.

You will also notice that I’ve split the body in three segments named “a” That is because those parts are equal. 

I will take this chance to encourage you to inspect your own body. The BEST way to learn about anatomy and how it works is to reference your own body. Look at your hand and draw it, inspect it. Bend your wrist in all kind of ways and see the limit. I learned to draw hands by looking at my own and filling up a sketchbook (because I find hands to be really interesting) and the same applies for the entire body. Bend over, do a split, jump around. You feel how you move and that helps so much in understanding how the body works. 

Knowing anatomy from an artist’s perspective is very important. However, it is NOT the same as knowing the kind they teach you at school. Yes, that’s also important, but what you want to learn are the bones, the joints and the muscles. As soon as you see them and how they work, you are already at least ten times better than before. 

The Head

Everything I draw is VERY stylized so…

The anatomy, funny enough, still works. Sort of. For example, your eyes are situated on the same line as the tip of your ears, and the mouth on the same line as the base of the ears. This si not true in all accounts, but mostly. Also, since the face is so personalized, I can’t give a whole lot of advice, but I think you learn more by seeing, so just stare at the faces above and try them out idk. :’D


I use, mostly, ProMarkers from Letraset to draw, because they are not expensive, they have a wide range of colors, and the color blends in nicely. I also have some special ProMarker Flex. They have a brush-like tip. The few Copic Markers I have also have brush tips. 

Markers! If you are a beginner, I do recommend you start with ProMarkers. Copics are cool and all the professionals use them, but they are very expensive. So I think you should start with something easier, just to see if you actually like using them, if nothing else. If you want to know some more things about ether kind of markers, don’t hesitate to ask me, because I’ve been using them for a while. I think I could offer some advice ^^

I actually have a chart thingie for all the BTS members so I can remember all the colors of the skin and hair, plus the shadow. It helps.

(the ProMarkers have names for each color, while the Copics have numbers)

Also, some of you asked for a step by step process of how I draw the doodles, but I thought it would be easier to actually show you how I draw them, so I made a video here

Hope you might somehow find this helpful!
If you want to ask more, please don’t hesitate :)
Thank you for your time~