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Moana: Queen of Plant Movies

It’ll be a while before I can get screenshots but I thought I should let all you plants-in-movies devotees know while you can still see it in theaters that Moana is basically the movie we’ve all been waiting for

There are dozens of distinct and probably identifiable plants, including a whole bunch of Polynesia canoe plant crops. It puts even Studio Ghibli to shame in that department (though not in narrative or characterization, obv). Not to mention the lichens, and mosses, and corals. Everything is depicted in exquisite detail, including all the plant fiber arts and textiles, and the wood and stone and shells and starfields. 

It’s an incredible-looking movie, but a special treat for you plant fans. Extremely worth your time if you can see it. I’m looking forward to taking dozens of screenshots and gawking over all its particulars when I can get my hands on a digital copy.  

Rebirth of Chen An: Chapter 21

What an unreasonable man; they only met once on a plane. Even if his habits remained the same as in his previous life, these trivial quirks shouldn’t have aroused Ivanov’s interest enough to investigate him.

Chen Zhang An’s death should have been good news to Ivanov. It is the removal of a powerful competitor after all.

‘I thought Chinese people are all very friendly and warm. Hey - hey, don’t go, long live the friendship between Russia and China!’ Following close behind Chen An, Ivanov started spouted strings of utter nonsense.

What an idiot.

Chen An couldn’t help but frown. How could a madman like Ivanov be his competitor?

‘How do you say in it Mandarin? We have a shared destiny! Hey, An, how about a drink?’ Ivanov didn’t seem ready to part with Chen An yet.

With Ivanov’s looks and wealth, he really didn’t need to follow behind a man whose looks are nothing exceptional.

Chen An felt a sudden bewilderment; Why is Ivanov following him? Is it just because he share a few similarities to ‘Chen Zhang An’?

But even more perplexing, why is he in the cruise bar drinking with Ivanov?

‘I haven’t introduced myself; I’m Ivanov.’

For a man with such striking looks, he would attract attention no matter where he goes. Ivanov reserved the entire bar the moment he stepped inside, his burly guards standing guard at the door entrance like stone guardians, scaring away all the other tourists who tried to enter the bar.

Without a word, Chen An picked up a glass and took a sip.

His indifferent demeanor gave Ivanov an odd feeling that he was trying to kick an iron plate. Jeering disdain flashed through his eyes as he lightly circled the rim of his wine glass with a slender finger. ‘As is the usual custom of making friends, aren’t you going to tell me your name?’

‘But you know that already, don’t you?’ Chen An replied languidly. He isn’t dumb enough to jump into hole Ivanov dug for him.

He couldn’t quite accustom himself to the strong alcohol. It seems like his sensitivity to alcohol has increased immensely since his rebirth, because in the past, not even a thousand shots could bring him down. In fact, he had once depended on this alcoholic capacity that is as vast as the sea to seal a deal with Ivanov’s father on the bar table.

Whether you are a man or woman, whether you are a child or a senior citizen, all Russians like to drink. Vodka in particular, is an integral part of their lives.

The glass of martini in his hands felt like a glass of poison; Chen An had a restless urge to finish it in a mouthful.

Could it be that after switching a physical body, his alcoholic tolerance had turned to shit?

‘Don’t be a girl, An. Drink it all.’ Ivanov smiled as he raised his emptied glass in his hand, his words successfully provoking Chen An.

Though Chen An appear to be in his thirties, but his soul is that of a man over forty years old. He didn’t enjoy being looked down by someone so much younger than him one single bit.

Especially when he was a champion drinker in the past.

Chen An then did an action that he regretted to the bottom of his soul. He raised the glass of martini and downed it completely.

Translator’s notes:
*Although An is Chen An’s given name (with Chen being his family name), but typically with Chinese names that has only 2 characters, people will address them with their full name as oppose to only their given name. To do otherwise, would be informal, almost like a pet name. So, for a stranger who you technically only met once to call you ‘An’, it is a little creepy.

anonymous asked:

What was that storyline that you said should have been Caroline's? And about possibly having ties to the strix?

Wait I think I missed the Strix headcanoning.. what was that about?? And yes Augustine should have been about Caroline (and it would have given us more carenzo!)

I pray to jesus that I had begun tagging my asks when I got that one, because that ask was amaaaaazing. Ima try to go find it, I know I used to have the screenshot of it, but I switched laptops and I think I never passed my screenshots over to the new one.

Basically, it was about how Bill knew how to resist compulsion, and seemingly thought he could teach Caroline to just not want blood anymore and it would work. And I think Tristan could resist compulsion, and the Strix had this guy, who fought Marcel, and he only feeds off of whoever he beats in a fight. It was like the strangest thing, and he hadn’t fought in like years or something??

SO THE HEADCANON WAS that wouldn’t it have been cool if the Strix knew who Caroline was or something, because they knew her dad, who like the knew the same stuff they did. It was bomb dot com. 

osirisjones  asked:

Hey, I thought I should let you know that that screenshot you reblogged of a post saying that slash isn't/was never about mlm was actually written by a queer man of color who has since apologized for the post, and wrote: "It’s really very ironic because my original intent was to argue that the way and means of arguing against mlm fetishization have been paternalistic and not sufficiently intersectional." My kneejerk reaction was also 'ugh straight people' but in this instance that's not the case

Those who embrace the rhetoric of the oppressor becomes complicit in that oppression. I’m glad he got his head out of his ass about it at least, but that kind of bullshit is not limited to the one post and deserves to be spoken out against.


…..Should I escort myself from the fandom for doing this poor done screenshot edit that might have been done already before the Felix fans strike me down?

I…just thought this scene from ‘Story for Steven’ summed up Hawkdaddy’s thoughts on Felix nicely.

I am so sorry.

excuse me while i go hide


So sometimes when I’m working on something and I’ve been working on it for a LONG TIME I get really frustrated and feel like I didn’t make any progress at all. So sometimes it’s nice looking back at WIP screenshots from earlier and going “oh yeah, look at that, things actually did change a bit during the course of working on this. 

This isn’t close to finished yet, but I thought I’d show the comparison. I let the scene breathe a little (I have a tendency to draw scenes about 30% closer than they really should be in the initial drawing), I fixed Manny’s expression, changed some colours around. These are all decisions I made while working on it and going “blughbwughgbgahguwhhghhh” the entire time. But comparing them, I’m glad I did what I did. 

I’ll finish this damn painting eventually. 


I just thought I should share some stuff about Sarah since she deleted her twitter.

1 I wish I had more screenshots but she has been going after other famous youtubers such as Mark, Jack, Pewdie, Syndicate, but yami was the first one to reply.

2 These photos are very provocative and she’s apparently 14. This isn’t “Victim Blaming” or slut shaming, its common sense tbh. If you are underage do not post photo where it looks like you are in your underwear or with your boobs three quarters of the way out. That can be taken as child pornography.

3 Like yami said he was hacked and she is very manipulative and kind of fucked up in the head. She drinks and smokes and clearly has something wrong with her.I hope she can get her issues sorted out and that all can be forgiven for Yamimash in time. You don’t have to forgive him right away but see  that he is  standing up for his actions and taking responsibility for them,

His video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lUcIrFWowk

I was rewatching FMA, because naturally I liked to torture myself with emotions. And then I was scrolling through tags and spotted all the mess in the Mark tags (and there was a distinct lack of popcorn??? rude.)

I know the Maes Hughes - Mark reference has been made before, a million times, probably…but, y'know. I thought I should spam some quickly doodled (And badly edited to look like a dumb screenshot) positivity? Something like that >u>“

We’re a little behind on the inbox and such. This hiatus should help us get back on our game there.

In the meantime, there’s no reason not to share some discussions us admins were having the night of Walnuts and Rain. Usually we get some asks that prompt us to share those thoughts, but there haven’t been any asks about this, so. Just saying it ourselves.

Before it was confirmed that Huge King and Prince Huge are related, I went into the Hard Easy and Walnuts and Rain to scope out the possibility, scaled screenshots from both eps so Finn is the same height in both, and:

It looks to me like Finn’s chair is Prince Huge-sized. Is Prince Huge supposed to be Huge King’s right-hand-man? Why isn’t he there?? Or literally anyone else [who hasn’t been enslaved in butlertude]???

Well???? It’s a good question. The best we came up with was that everyone got fed up with Huge King’s sloth and collectively decided to up and leave him. That lends itself rather sinisterly to his — y'know. Tying up Finn so he can’t leave. Overworking foodboys who canonically free Finn just for giving them cake. Entertaining himself ab aerternum with the cuckoo clock.

He tells Finn a story from ‘several years back’ about the clock chiming early because one of the foodboys got wedged under it… this has been Huge King’s setup for YEARS. 

All we know about Prince Huge is that he was a cursed frog whose body was restored by a kiss from Finn. The mudscamps told Finn and Jake that their village had been under siege by the mega frog for 'many moons’. Who in Huge would have cursed him? Makes more sense that he was out and about in Ooo when it happened.

That’s about it, off the top of my head. That, and 7718 could have been one of the party bears from Belly of the Beast?

Though his design is off a bit, as most if not all party bears have a differently colored stomach with some sorta Care Bears-ish icon.