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By request, here is the (full?) romance. Spoilers, obviously.

Update: So I went to load my save this morning and realized I’m only like 55% done. I thought I was near the end so I may have accidentally jumped the gun when I uploaded this. For all those who are like, this is it? it very well might not be. But, even if it is, I’m still happy with how this romance turned out. 

If there ends up being more scenes I’ll redo the video and upload the newly cut video. 

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Send me a character and I’ll say...
  • General Opinion:  REMOVE | Dislike | Eh | Okay | Like | Love | WOULD FOLLOW INTO HELL
  • Best Trait
  • Worst Trait
  • OTPs
  • OT3s/OTNs
  • BroTPs
  • Characters I wish they’d interact with more
  • Characters they should stay away from


I was looking through my (unsorted) PSD folder and realized I hadn’t uploaded this yet, even if I told my friend @eldstunga/Adrian that I would. It’s a “youtube cover” commission for him and his friend. They’re making a parody/humour fantasy “audio book” and it’s amazing. Sadly (and not sadly, since I think it’s great) it’s also in Swedish. Adrian is the one reading <3 Kudos, kudos. (Should you want to listen to his lovely voice in English, he also does flight simulator video things and his channel is here.)

Anyway! If you know Swedish (or if you’re into listening to things you don’t understand) here it is: Thaais och Kalla handen, del 1

And if anyone’s wondering why the text is different in this version and the one they use, it’s because I typoed at first and they thought it was fitting so they kept that version. I’m gonna upload this one, though…

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o((>u<))o Yui Appreciation Week starts tomorrow!! Can't wait to see lots of positive stuff about her. I'm so tired of seeing jealous hypocrites bashing her for ridiculous reasons. I feel like we should have another Yui appreciation week sometime later in the year too! :3

That’s certainly something to consider. One thing to remember is that anyone can share their thoughts about Yui/MC any time of the year. There doesn’t have to be a special occasion, although for organization purposes it’s certainly easier this way for all.

By the way, she earned her keep in Rejet’s character popularity poll:

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Popularity Poll

She got 1015 votes. Which means that 1015 people chose to vote her as their favorite character in Diabolik Lovers over the vampire/first blood they have a bias for. Considering that you only get to vote ONCE, and considering that Yui, an otome heroine, is meant to act as a ‘proxy’ (in some eyes), 1015 votes is definitely nothing to scoff at. That paired with the fact that there are Yui merchandise and Yui cosplays should tell you that there are more people who like her than those who dislike her. And that’s something people got to live with.

I haven’t seen any bashing lately (then again, I utilize xkit and tumblrsavior, lol), so I don’t know. But I’m definitely looking forward to the coming week. *w*

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Totally agree with you. If they had a good marketing team some stuff would change. Unfortunately I don't see things changing re talking about Sam's acting when 1) the showrunner himself fails to 2) the showrunner thinks Jamie's actions are stupid and things no man would do 3) most see Sam as the meat maybe take Jamie for granted? Not sure if I'm expressing this thought correctly... Season 3 is a major season for Jamie, and I hope it all goes well in that area. Claire's growth was S2's salvation.

I dunno dude, maybe things will never change. Maybe if we start speaking up about wanting objective, balanced reporting, maybe it will change. Or maybe we’re just destined to keep on keeping on, on the broken OLPR rail tracks for another 6 months(and beyond), I just dunno.

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Will things change? Probably not. 

Should things change? YES.

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Hey is the poem on the unrequited klance thing yours? because its gorgeous

Wow I didn’t think of it as a poem that is pretty cool. But yeah I wrote it so thanks
Sometimes I think I should be a song writer because I have no notable talents and can put romanticized teenage decadence into words and rhyme but I should’ve thought about that before learning art instead of playing music shouldn’t I

Mae is Mentally Ill and (a) God is (Probably) Real

ok a thing I keep seeing on Steam discussion boards and in general is people saying Mae isn’t a) mentally ill and/or b) experiencing supernatural phenomena. so let’s fucking break it down

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first thoughts:

I haven’t watched much video (like only one minute or something because I just got home from work) but that tiny Water is cute and I am now calling him Squirrel Ghoul.

I am not liking the new Fire & Aether using Gibson RDs. That was Martin’s thing and I feel like those should not be a Ghost “brand” thing, but I guess they have a Gibson endorsement so meeehhhhh. On the other hand, RDs are so fucking beautiful and that black one has white binding like OMG so pretty! 

Not sure how to feel about TF right now. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but damn. All of this makes me feel kind of uneasy and sad. I want people to be friends. I don’t want him to turn out to be a dick. I keep reminding myself that he is very nice to cats, children, and his fans. Maybe he’s just a dick to work with? Ugh. :( Also, I just can’t bring myself to dislike him, because he seems like he might be a damaged person (it takes one to know one). His super ambition may be coming from kind of a dark place, which is something I can’t relate to, but can understand and empathize with. Just going by interviews, I think he was raised by wolves. Which I very much DO relate to. 

I’m happy to support new ghouls, though. They’re just doing their jobs. Maybe this is just a terrible growing pains sort of period for the band and it will all work itself out in the end. I love this band a lot. <3 I am sad and miss the other people, though. I’m glad I met Alpha & Air. 

Aaaand while all of this plays out, I will continue to sit over here in my corner and play Sway by MCC over and over like a goofy little kid and pretend that everything is ok! 

PS Also I hope that the people who have my Papa paper dolls don’t decide to burn them in a huff. That would make me very sad. 

A PSA about the SAM:

SAM = split attraction model

Listen, the SAM is a wicked awesome thing that helps a lot of folks understand their romantic and sexual attractions better. BUT, as a card carrying aspec that uses the SAM, I want everyone to know that it’s super duper important that it not be applied to ppl who don’t use it on themselves. People don’t like this, largely bc they find it sexualizing. Whether or not you agree with that, their feelings should be respected 10000%. 

This means that the SAM should NOT be your first assumption about a person when they tell you their orientation. The standard IS “no-SAM”, even if they tell you they’re aspec, and this isn’t aphobic or anything; it just makes good sense (since not all aspecs use the SAM) and is respectful of other ppl’s feelings. 

You really can’t lose if you follow these rules. :) 

tl;dr - Until a person explicitly uses the SAM to describe themselves, NEVER use it on them. 

This has been a PSA!


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Why do you not support autism speaks? I mean all I know is that they help fund research for autism... isn't that good? But please inform me of anything I should know about that organization

Friend, I had the exact same thought once upon a time. I’m glad you’re asking questions to educate yourself!

Have a thing I posted last night; you’re not the only one to ask this question. 

Basically, a lot of the research they do is trying to find a “cure,” but the majority of autistic people don’t want that because it implies that autism is this horrible thing that needs to be eradicated. That’s super ableist - autistic people aren’t “broken,” they just function differently than allistics (people who don’t have autism) do. 

There’s more than just that; see the linked post above. 

Mod Marie-Rose

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Hi! I really do agree with your stance on abortion, except for two things: I personally believe the only reasons to ever abort would be if 1.) The child was conceived through a rape or 2.) In having the baby, the mother would be sure to die. Your thoughts?


these are interesting points you brought up. i understand that these two circumstances are both very difficult, especially for the mother, to go through– but no matter how you put it, abortion is murder, and should be avoided at all costs.

first, let’s address rape. i know rape is a horrible crime and i feel saddened and sickened whenever i hear cases of a man taking advantage of an unwilling woman. but the crime rests solely on the man’s shoulders– the baby is innocent. the baby had absolutely no control of the circumstances in which it was conceived. therefore, it should not be punished, especially not by death. it is the man who should be punished justly by the law. but i understand that this still leaves us with a mother who’s carrying an unplanned child.

instead of killing her unborn child, i believe the mother should either give raising the baby a chance, or set it up for adoption. raising a child may be a challenge, but the possibility exists that it can bring happiness and joy to the mother as well. i’ve heard cases of raped women becoming mothers and discovering that their baby actually helped them heal from the past and move forward. of course, that always isn’t the case. there will be mothers who feel that they absolutely are not ready to raise a child, or that the child will have a better chance at happiness away from them.

in that case, they could always let the baby be adopted by another family. for birth mothers, adoption is free (x). according to this site, if the mother so wishes, she will be able to contact her child without charge also, so she won’t have to completely cut off communication if she doesn’t want to. and– at least in the united states– the demand for adoption is high. there are many, many families who are ready and willing to adopt a child should they be given the chance (x) (x).

the second case, in which the mother could die of childbirth, is a little more complicated. in these situations, i don’t believe doctors should resort to abortion right away. only when they have exhausted all of their options do i think that killing the baby is necessary. only when the situation absolutely rests between saving the mother or the baby would i say it should be done. i think doctors should try their utmost to save both lives first before anything else.

thankfully, many birth complications are reversible, and can be fixed by a c section if all other methods fail (x). 

thanks for bringing these points up. if you have any other questions or concerns, i’ll be happy to discuss them.

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you are an incredibly talented artist how can i be more like you (i love the young pope with a passion)

steps to become more like me:
1. sell your soul to jude law
2. wait
3. regret

No, but honestly, thank you very much! ♥ The Young Pope inspired me to pick up drawing and writing again (I dropped both about seven years ago because video editing is so fucking time-consuming jfc), so I’m glad I can contribute my poor excuses of both to the fandom. TYP is the best thing that happened in 2016, to be honest, and needs more love on second thought, it also ruined me so perhabs it should burn in hell. Anyway, thank you again, very kind of you <3

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Newbies often feel quite overwhelmed with the amount of sophisticated knowledge in the LW/EA memespace they should aquire. Do you see any short track to 80/20 this? Related: what are, in your opinion, the most "upstream" topics, research and activites within the LW/EA network?

The LW wiki is helpful, but there’s no substitute for reading the Sequences. Once or twice I’ve thought about creating some kind of “short” readable glossary/101 kind of thing, but it always gets bogged down both in questions of what to include.

Ironically, I don’t understand how you’re using “upstream”. Maybe I need to take a remedial Local Memespace Jargon course.

(Also, this concludes my latest backlog of asks, so I’ve reopened the ask box.)

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You're so thoughtful and wise. I'd really appreciate your advice, if you have a minute. I have a close family member who perpetuates a lot of colorist attitudes. It especially worries me, because says these problematic things to her kids, and it's starting to affect their behavior. I feel like I should say something, but as they're all much darker than me, I'm worried I'd come off as condescending? I also don't want to seem rude, telling someone else how to raise their kids, y'know

you should say something. colorism isn’t something that only bothers people who are dark. the fact that it bothers you means you are the right person to say something. you don’t have to make it a big confrontation. you can mention that you’ve noticed that the comments have started to affect their behavior. whats more is if the mother doesn’t change, you could be the person where everytime you’re around the kids ,you affirm and support them. you tell them how beautiful their skin is, about their history, and about how they should know that they are great just how they are, no matter what anyone says. you could be that source of positivity where their mother is not

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I hope you are doing fine!!!! 💛💛💛 I am so happy for you that you made out with that girl that you have a massive crush on (even though it was not in the way you wanted it)!! But I am sure you will figure it out 😘😘😘 wishing you the best of luck with that and also your blog is amazing and you seem like such a cool person and you're so pretty ☺️☺️☺️☺️ have an amazing day!!! now i'll shut up 🤐 bye

THANK U SO MUCH DEAR THAT MADE MY WHOLE DAY!! I am sorry everyone for posting things that don’t make a lot of sense (lol). Tell me if I should make this into a storytime because I think I’m gathering my thoughts and will be able to post an explanation to make things… make more sense… your kind words made me smile so much :’)

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LEIGH I HAVE A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU! One word: Edinburgh. How. Why. My heart is aching. Its torn, shredded, bleeding. 😢😢😢😢😢 You're too good. Too good at this. Its going to take me so long to get over this, I will be forever scarred by your addictive writing. And you're probably cackling madly in glee (and you should be, tbh. You deserve to for this masterpiece) But I need to confront you about all the emotional pain you're causing me here! 😢😢😢

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I feel so uncomfortable with all the exposure and mourning they do publicly. The younger twins, Lottie, Louis. Maybe this helps but it always seems as if they want people to feel sorry for them idk cause why do they do it? They can talk about her privately etc.

I can’t believe you thought sending this was a good idea.

She was their mum, and it’s their grief, they can do whatever they want and the last thing anyone should be doing is judging them.

Welcome back to ALDT! I planned to post this on Tuesday, but I thought,”Hey! Everyone has been so patient. Why not post this early as a reward?!” If you check out my twitter you can also find work in progress of this page.

Things have been super busy, I was in the middle of a move. It took a lot of energy out of me. Everything should be back on schedule now. Thank you everyone. Cheers.