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how about a hug, hm?

Robert’s not really sure, if he’s a good dad. He’s trying, really, he is - but Ellen is only three weeks old, and it’s all so new, and scary, the sort of unknown territory you can’t prepare for.

He’d tried, sure. Robert had done his research, he’d talked with Aaron, he’d thought about how things had been when Victoria was born, but no amount of books, or online articles could have prepared him for the reality of having a newborn.

It was his first full weekend with her. They were still working out the custody thing, him and Rebecca, and so there was nothing official yet, no custody arrangement set in stone, and so he’d mostly had quiet afternoons and singular evenings with his daughter, Ellen Sugden-White bringing more noise into his life than he’d ever thought possible (she was really giving Liv, a run for her money, even at only a few weeks old.)

She was crying.

Robert hated when she cried.

Logically, he knew babies cried, but he still hated it when her little face would screw up, cheeks red as she’d scream, and he hated it even more when he didn’t know what was wrong.

He’d only changed her, and he’d fed her, when her first cries had begun, and so he didn’t know why she was so upset.

Maybe he was doing something wrong.

“How about a hug, hm?” Robert tried, scooping her into his arms. It was January now, cold and damp, and so she was wearing a cuddly soft onesie he was sure Victoria had bought for her, tiny dancing bears embroidered across the snow white material.

Ellen continued to wail, tiny face screwed up as she cried.

“I don’t like it when you cry,” Robert admitted, rocking her in his arms, something he’d seen other mums around the village do, something he’d seen Chrissie do, one recent afternoon in the pub.

Chrissie had thawed to him, lately. They’d never be best mates, no, but even she could see how earnestly he was trying to be a dad, trying to make up for all the things he’d done wrong in his life by pouring his heart into this new, tiny person, this little girl who didn’t know what a bad lot she’d gotten in life by having Robert Sugden as a dad just yet.

“I’m going to do my best to make you smile,” Robert continued, pacing the length of the spare room, the little room they’d turned into a nursery. Liv had been pissed, when she’d gotten back from Mauritius, and the nursery was the first time he’d seen her thaw - she’d painted little bears, and animals all across the back wall, a colourful explosion Ellen was sure to love as time went on.

Liv hadn’t forgiven him quite yet, but they were getting there.

“I’ll mess up,” Robert continued, grinning to himself as Ellen’s cries turned to soft snuffles, his daughters face pressed to his shoulder, cheek squished against the bare skin of his shoulder. “I’ll definitely mess up, but I promise I’ll always make sure you know you’re loved.”

“She’ll know.”

Robert turned around, smiling as he noticed Aaron standing in the doorway. He’d been trying, trying so hard lately, and things had been hard, since Ellen arrived, but Aaron was soft on her.

Robert knew he was, because he knew what love looked like when it shone from every inch of Aaron’s face, and it looked exactly like the soft smile, and the wide eyes that were half focused on Robert, half focused on Ellen.

“We’ll be okay, won’t we?”

Aaron nodded, crossing the nursery in a few short steps. “I was always going to love something that’s a part of you,” he said quietly, brushing a gentle thumb across Ellen’s forehead, his daughter drifting to sleep.

“I don’t deserve you,” Robert couldn’t stop himself, couldn’t hold it in. He didn’t deserve the love and forgiveness Aaron had given him, the way he was willing to take on raising a child who’d been convinced out of anger, out of spite, out of hurt.

But then again, Aaron had always been a better man than Robert, and he had a heart big enough to give so, so much love to so many people, every single day.

“You do,” Aaron pressed a kiss to Robert’s bare shoulder. “She looks settled.”

Robert nodded, still rocking slightly on his heels. “I’m afraid I’m going to mess it all up,” he admitted, looking at Ellen. She was so perfect, so completely unaware of the realities of her life, the awkward family dinners and the unanswerable questions that were to come.

He didn’t want her to ever change from the little innocent bundle he held in his arms now, warm, tiny fingers pressed to his chest, right above where the bullet scar was, the harsh reminder that he’d almost missed out on all this.

“We love her,” Aaron nudged, looking at Robert intently. “We can figure the rest out.”

“We?” Robert hated how uncertain he still felt sometimes, how even now, it felt like walking on eggshells, wondering if he’d really been lucky enough to have had Aaron forgive him.

Aaron grinned as Ellen’s tiny fingers wrapped around his thumb, her grip surprisingly strong for such a small baby. “Yeah, we.”

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And now there’s desperation when there should be inspiration. I’ve lost all my relations and I’m constantly stuck in the same situations. I try to use my imagination to fuel my aberrations yet I’m still stuck in this same old town. I can feel this abomination of everyone and anyone, especially me. All I need is validation, an accreditation, a confirmation of my existence to know that I matter but all I’m getting is castigation. Please… don’t give me your commiseration as it only piles on more complications and that is the last thing I need. There’s a deprivation of love and an underestimation of the insane amount of desolation. A desperation to fulfill our necessitation of things that can never be ours constantly leaves us in anticipation. Too much hesitation to stand out in this civilization. And still… I don’t know where I stand in this cruel nation. All these misconceptions and lies are eating me alive. There’s this abnegation of hope entering my life and at this point I’m not sure what to do. Maybe my dreams were set too high, maybe they were fated for eradication but either way, my aspirations were never meant to be fulfilled.
—  Where did I go wrong? // S.T.

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Hiya! Im kinda in a little dilemma. I always thought the my my mom and brother would be okay with me comming out as bisexual. But then my mom and my brother both saw a transgender ad on youtube, the Gigi Gorgeous one if you havn't heard of it, and both of them said that it was "bad" and "digusting". It kinda hurt and I thought about how they may be biphobic. Now i'm not sure if i should still come out to them or not. Should I, or should I wait?

Wow…. Seeing transphobia in the news or something is one thing, but when it’s in your own house, that’s another. I should know, because my brother and possibly my parents are transphobic. But they don’t have a problem with homosexuality or any of that, so there’s a good chance that your family may be the same. I mean, gender identity and sexual identity are two different things. If you’re worried they still might be biphobic, then you could always tell them that one of your friends or someone you know came out as bisexual and you don’t know how to feel about it, just to see their reaction. If they’re disapproving, then you may want to wait a while to come out. There’s no shame in that, because if it’ll make life worse for yourself you can surely avoid it.

Dear science-trassh,

It was a pretty big adjustment for sure…  I’m still getting used to all the sights, sounds, and smells around here.  I was here during my childhood, so I guess it’s not too unfamiliar, but it’s still a big change from what I’m used to.

My things from back home should be all right though, assuming they make it through customs.  Mr. Wright was nice enough to send me all my office supplies from the agency, and Athena volunteered to grab everything from my apartment!  Everything I asked her to grab, that is.

I haven’t given much thought to what I’ll be wearing once my clothes wear out, though.  Hopefully there’ll be a shop that carries something befitting a lawyer by that time.

-Apollo Justice

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tell me one thing that makes ontae so great?

you sure want one thing? T.T

hmm I think because they are special case, the two met on the rooftop when none of them knew each other, jinki offered to be his vocal teacher and gave him private lessons. he didn’t say “ taemin is another trainee, I should not help him, he might debut and not me” he genuinely helped him. i feel just happy with the thought of how their reaction was when they debuted together. it’s obvious that onew has a soft spot for taemin and taemin has a soft spot for onew as well. taemin isn’t afraid to even say how much he likes onew to public and he stated  that he loves him. i think the best was when a fan asked him to write something heart fluttering and he wrote ” i love you onew hyung”. there is a saying that if you stayed with someone a lot you will end up doing what he does and copy him and you can see that in ontae(probably every member copy each other but ontae more) i’m going to do a post about that later btw. whether you think of ontae as a father and son or leader and maknae or you are an ontae shipper you know how special they are and i think that what makes them so great  and lastly i want to put some gifs to cleanse my soul

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the one that made every ontae shipper and the world explode

and lastly my favorite (basically the mc called onew taemin and taemin onew and that was their response )

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I'll Be Honest...

Even if I ship Chriseva/Mohnstad and I wanted it to be endgame so bad, I wasn’t at all surprised or even mad. I’ll admit, the ship was quite predictable, and I appreciate the twist Julie Andem made. Most of us thought they’ll happen, but it goes to show things weren’t always meant to be. The idea was realistic (them not getting together), but how things turned out for them respectively was a bit of a cliché (the whole “love at first sight” and “getting back with your ex” situation). I’m fine with both Chris and Eva not getting together, but I think other things should’ve been done better.

But I don’t think their character development was completely thrown out the window either.

Chris finally found that moment that would change everything and it was with Emma. Remember his dream? Well, everything turned out to happen in reverse. As he first laid eyes on Emma, it seems that the world stopped around him. This explains the message between him and William. Chris’ best friend considered his f*ckboy past and wanted him to be sure of himself. He just had to wait for that “moment”. But everything was good when he was with Eva, because with her, he gave up his player ways. He tried to be serious with a girl for once, and that’s amazing dedication. Eva may not be the one for him, but she played a role in his character development.

And for Eva, she’ll most likely get back together with Jonas. I had a feeling they weren’t exactly over each other. All they need was space to work on themselves because their relationship was toxic. Eva grew to become a stronger character. Not the lonely and insecure girl we knew before. Now we know that she wouldn’t be easily brought down by Jonas and his shortcomings. She became a better version of herself, so hopefully, she’ll be able to work with Jonas on the faults of their fallen relationship.

Many are disappointed, because Chriseva/Mohnstad basically sunk… Down to the very bottom of the ocean. But hey, Skam ended. Do we really need to add up to the hate this amazing show’s receiving? Let’s think about Chris and Eva’s development as characters. They made each other better people, and that’s the beautiful thing about the ship.

Let’s just imagine them in an alternate universe.


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wow, they call you sunny for your light leaks? i would've thought people call you sunny because of the happy and carefree themes in your story :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) help i'm dying


Hi and happy midsummer! Since I have been sort of unable to do my usual doodling lately though actually I can draw quite fine and some of these pictures are from last week to prove that but let’s say it’s combination of laziness and mild discomfort with proper drawing position, anyway I thought I should show some sign of life here.

To make up the lack of content I decided to go through my folders and sketchbooks to gather up some.. things to post. There are few unfinished sketches that I gave up with/forgot and couple tests with new art tools (like white gel pen and copic markers) which I didn’t particularly like and originally didn’t intend to post anywhere. But here they are anyway, hopefully you’ll find them interesting at least :)

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(trigger warning // eating disorder) hi, just thought that you should know that as i have recently been diagnosed with anorexia and am struggling so bad with accepting my body which is one thing i have to learn through recovery, your posts about body positivity really help me especially if i'm struggling after eating. you are a beautiful person inside and out and you have/are helping me so much and so many others too so thank you so much for everything 💖💖

This message made my heart melt 💕 I’m so glad I can be of help to you. Sending you all of my love and good wishes. I just know you can get through this and I want you to know that there may be setbacks but that’s just part of the journey! Remember you’re beautiful af always

I’m getting dressed and suddenly thought “I should sit down and rewatch the raven cycle that would be a good thing to do” but immediately I was hit with the realization that it is not ye available for me to just sit down and watch and I’m sad. Also my copy of the raven boys is with a friend so I can’t even read it.


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I’ve thought, since I’ve been on tumblr for over seven years now, I should really make a tracker of all the different blogs I currently have on this sitw. Many of you only know me from one blog however you may have actually interacted with me on another blog as well! Here’s all of the blogs I currently have to clear things up!!



  • @themagnetprotectingstarksheart
    • (This is my main blog and the blog I spend most of my time on! This is an original character of mine, Alumina, the human personification of Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor. This blog is currently ACTIVE)
  • @rosetylerstwins
    • (This is an rp blog for two original characters of mine, Sarah Jane Tyler and David John Tyler, the twin children of Rose Tyler and The Metacrisis Doctor. They are based in the Doctor Who Fandom. This blog is currently ACTIVE)
  • @manyimaginativemuses
    • (This is a multimuse rp blog with 14 different muses from 14 different fandoms. This blog is on again/off again when it comes to activity)
  • @brokenheartandabrokenface
    • (This is an rp blog for Broken Doll/June from The Devil’s Carnival series. This blog is on again/off again when it comes to activity)
  • @godthesarcasticalmighty
    • (This is an rp blog for God, yes that God, based mostly in the Supernatural fandom but he can interact with anyone and everyone since he is in fact GOD. This blog is on again/off again when it comes to activity)
  • @borninthebackoftheimpala 
    • (This is an rp blog for an original character of mine, Celeste Winchester, the daughter of Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel. This blog is currently inactive due to lack of muse)
  • @scarredforeternity-forlove
    • (This is an rp blog for an original character of mine, Prince Zerik of Andalls, and he is an OC without a fandom. This blog is currently inactive due to lack of muse)
  • @theforceismyown
    • (This is an rp blog for Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars series. This blog is currently inactive due to lack of muse)
  • @themanofthreefaces
    • (This is an rp blog for three original characters of mine: Phillip, Monty, and Christian. This blog is on again/off again when it comes to activity)
  • @valdisbelongstoloki
    • (This is an rp blog for an original character of mine, Valdis Rolfdottir. She is the Goddess of Death and was saved by Loki as a child. This blog is currently inactive due to lack of muse)
  • @littleninalehnsherr
    • (This is an rp blog for an older version of Nina Lehnsherr, Magneto’s daughter from X-Men: Apocalypse. This blog is currently inactive due to lack of muse)
  • @thebeautyandthedevil
    • (This is an rp blog for two original characters of mine: Serephine Amore and Damian Thomas. They are based mostly in the Les Miserable fandom but are generally not confined to one fandom. This blog is currently inactive due to lack of muse)

Currently these are the only blogs I have! If anything changes, I will update this as needed!

Love you guys so much!!!!

~ Carson <3

Someone unearthed these gems from the depths and I thought I’d share. The interviews are from mags around mid-2004.

Q: A recent emotional story?

T: Koyama-kun said he’d take me shopping and it’s been 2 months already so I realized it was just lip service. (laugh) But recently I went shopping with Shige-kun. He taught me things like what not to wear and I learned what I should wear so I was really fun.

T: We get along well, right?

S: I wonder about that (laugh).

T: Shige-kun is the only one in NEWS who took me shopping.

S: Ahaha! That was just after work sometime, I was forced to take you along.

T: Huh? I had fun learning about shops from you. Koyama-kun promised me that we’d go shopping but he never invited me.

S: That was just Koyama being polite.

T: Yes, if I bring up the promise with Koyama he just laughs and says be was being polite. But I like Shige-kun’s fashion sense I decided to go with you ♪

S: Really? That time I wanted to go shopping too so I was only half joking… I also asked from politeness “Wanna come with me?” but Tegoshi was like “When? When? Today?” and started coming towards me looking like you were about to cry. I couldn’t turn you down.

T: Dahahahaha!

S: You’re always manipulating like that.

T: Waa! I don’t! I started looking like I was about to cry because if I was really rejected I’d be sad. I was really happy at the sunglasses Shige-kun picked for me. I’m looking forward to the day we go shopping again together!

S: I’m not going with you anymore (serious look).

T: Huuuuuuh?

S: Wahahahaha! I’m just joking. I like Tegoshi’s cute side.

Damn, I wish I could see chibi Tegoshige shopping…

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idk if you watch riverdale but you should because you would do wonderful wonderful things with the characters

i watched exactly eight (8) minutes of riverdale so i could read @justcourbeau’s fic and i keep meaning to go back and finish it but ive been doing a lot of anxiety fueled rewatches of old survivor seasons instead so

yikes @ me



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I was wondering if I could get a star. I've just had a huge fight with my boyfriend and I'm not sure how long we'll last. I don't know what I'd do without him and he's the only reason I want to live.

Of course you can have a star, friend <3

I’m sorry you and your boyfriend had a fight :< If you are really worried about how long your relationship has, I would talk to him about it. I know that’s a scary thought and nerve-wracking thing to think about, but it should help clear up any misunderstandings between you. Communication is extremely important, especially in relationships. Communicate how you’re feeling, communicate your worries, and listen when your boyfriend does the same.

If it does come down to a breakup, I want you to know that you deserve to live for yourself. You deserve to see all that life has to offer, and you deserve to see your own strength and light. You are amazing, and you deserve to know that.

No matter what, you will be okay. Stay strong <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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Hey you never know, Hoechlin saying all of Season 1 was his favorite Stydia moment is because he's thinking it was obvious that Stiles and Lydia never would or even should be a thing. Now that wolfishly handsome Derek and Stiles ... that's another question.


I replied, he thought it was funny watching Stiles trying to be straight. 

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enjolras sometimes talks to himself in third person and when he saw grantaire wearing a suit on marius and cosette's the first thing he thought was "enjolras would bang that"

Oh my gosh this made me laugh so hard thank you so much. He totally would tho. Thank you so much for thinking of this. Some day I should tell the story of my URL but today is not that day.

like, Cullen is a massive bag of dicks at several points in his life. 

he’s from a tiny village and when his childhood dream of becoming a Templar he’s fairly royally fucked over with torture and demons and the aftermath is probably handled fairly poorly on the Order’s side of things

so then he’s angry and scared and it feeds off each other to make him a person who openly dislikes an entire group of people for something they have no control over, and a person who has the power to treat these people poorly, and hell- at some points he may well abuse that power, because fear is a strong emotion and can make people do bad things. Although I suppose through his time in Kirkwall, and his interactions with Hawke, he’s forced to face the fact that not all mages are the same because mages are people 

but it pretty much has to get to a point where a woman is like GENOCIDE before Cullen actively voices this opinion 

come forward a couple of years, the dude is still wary of mages but he’s trying to be better and I suppose it must be fairly tricky to rewire almost 10 years worth of thoughts and feelings one had, particularly when the triggering event still haunts your dreams on a fairly frequent basis. but he’s getting there. 

I’m not entirely sure what I’m trying to say with this. 

But essentially; Cullen was an asshole. He’s made a considerable amount of progress since the Kirkwall Rebellion and since joining the Inquisition, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t an asshole before and can never excuse his action. It does mean that people can change, though, I guess. 

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The music business is very confusing but I thought Taylor had her own label? I also checked the artists under Republic records and she isn't mentioned. I would really love for Zayn to sign with them they truly seem to care about their artists.

Hi anon,

Yeah, you’re right, she’s with Big Machine Records who have a long standing partnership with Republic though.


Then the other thing is that Republic was the label who released the Fifty Shades Darker ST. 

Plus the rumoured (i know people said they heard it at the listening party for SGT) collab with Nicki Minaj for Zayn too who definitely is a Republic artist.

I’ve thought for a while that they’d be a great label for him to move to should that happen and yeah,  Charlie Walk as you’d expect as President is very supportive of their artists, wasn’t just Liam and IDWTLF that he had on his IG story but all his artists who were on KIIS LA. 

We shall see. 

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have you gone through many dungeons yet in skyrim? which type is most interesting? [nord, dwemer, etc]

nord dungeons SUCK because whenever i go there they all look the same and my follower, marcurio, only has snarky things to say about it, plus al lthe draugr are JERKS and i hate dealing with them and they should stay dead

i like just random caves over ruins, i remember the very first cave i EVER explored had a power word on the wall and because i walked into the cave before doing any of the main story i thought i was dying or i got poisoned or it was fight music and i was really scared because my screen was flashing and i thought i might be having a hallucination at one point and i walked up to the wall and it was like WORD OF POWER GAINED and i had NO idea what was going on i almost cried :(