i thought this scene was funny idk


Isit just me or the comedic scenes of the mob boss and the monk nizamuddin, although on its own I enjoy and do find funny, are put in so randomly throughout the episode that it kind of takes away from the feeling of suspense and imminent danger of the scenes leading up to Do bong soon’s direct confrontation of the Serial kidnapper? Idk I wish they’d held back on those scenes only after the conflict with the serial kidnapper has been resolved. :/

Water=Shippy Moments?

Anyone notice this?
In all of the major/iconic ship moments so fare, they have taken place in/near water.
Shower Scene= Shower Water (Ladrien)
Umbrella Scene= Rain Water (Adrienette)
Kiss Scene= Fountain Water (LadyNoir)

Im calling it, there will be water somewhere nearby during the reveal.

(i apologize in advance for this probably stupid post bc im more just vomiting all my thoughts onto this and idk if it even makes sense,,) 

so i’ve been thinking and…

this scene was obviously great. i cried at it, you probably cried at it. everyone cried bc fucking finally dazai acknowledged akutagawa jESUS FUCKING CHRIST. its pretty funny too, how getting noticed by precious senpai made him faint (akuchan u dork,, i love u) but like…. how does akutagawa even feel right now?? 

no like seriously, i really am wondering how he feels now. it doesnt seem to be addressed in his later appearances after this chapter (and if im wrong pls feel free to tell me bc im not bothered to go through the other chapters rn tbh). he’s literally been working so hard just to gain dazai’s approval, he’s gone through hell for this. and now he finally got to hear the words he’s always wanted. and yeah thats great and all, but like…. what do u even do when u finally get the one thing you’ve spent all ur life working towards??

idk like… is he at peace with it?? is he fine now?? i honestly cant imagine that after everything he went through, he’ll just be Super Fine™ now. like ‘aight u told me im stronger now thats all i needed kthxbye’ idk i just dont feel like thats something you can just get over so quickly, even if he got what he wanted. 

akutagawa seems to be constantly improving, so i feel like he’s just gonna need to gain dazai’s approval again and again. 

or maybe im completely wrong, who fucking knows. not me, clearly. anyway, thats all i wanted to say bYE

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prompt: our favourite gays have been so busy with work that they've barely seen each other for a few days, they plan a special sexy night in but end up being so exhausted from work they just end up curling up together and going to sleep (idk i just thought this could be kinda funny and cute)

So Danvers. Tonight, huh?

Alex blushes and Alex licks her lips, because Alex knows exactly what Maggie means by tonight.

It’s been impossible for them to get more time together than quick lunches and even quicker, handsy make out sessions in stolen moments in alleyways behind crime scenes, equipment rooms in the DEO.

But tonight? Tonight, there are no impending attacks, and they’re both off shift. All night long.

Tonight, Sawyer. I can’t wait to touch you.

Kara arches an eyebrow as she senses Alex’s heart rate increase dramatically as she waits for a reply, as she checks her phone so, so much more often than usual.

Can’t wait to touch you, too, babe.

Alex smiles and blushes hard when her phone vibrates against almost immediately.

And taste you.

She blushes even deeper when her phone goes off again.

And hear you scream for me.

Kara is surprised Alex can even get this red, that any human could get this red, yet somehow look so damn pleased at the same time.

Mags, I’m still at work!

Alex gasps slightly at the response, earning a barely stifled snicker from Winn, a confused stare from Kara, and a deep, long breath from J’onn.

Perfect, I can bend you over that lab bench you look so hot standing over.

Alex smacks Winn lightly on the back of the head before typing out her response.

Oh my god, I need tonight to come. Like, right now.

Oh, you will babe. As many times as you want.

“J’onn, any chance I can head home early tonight? I have some uh… things to take care of.”

“Maggie changed her name to things?” Winn wants to know, and Kara’s eyes fly wide.

J’onn buries his face in his hand to hide his smile. “Yes, Agent Danvers. Go take care of things. By all means, enjoy yourself.”

And she plans to. Very, very much so.

But before evening comes, she’s run two consecutive sting missions and, if Maggie’s later texts are any indication, Maggie’s had a deeply frustrating meeting with top brass and one of her men broke his leg in a raid.

Before evening comes, they’re both even more exhausted than they were to start the day.

“Hey, sexy woman,” Maggie grins when she opens the door with a bottle of wine, because she’d promised to make Alex cum, and she’d be damned if she would go back on said promise just because she was tired.

“Mmmm, I missed you,” Alex says softly into her lips, putting the bottle and Maggie’s gun and Maggie’s jacket onto the counter and pulling her hazily into the bedroom, hands roaming everywhere, Maggie moaning into her mouth and Alex gasping and grabbing at her harder at Maggie’s tongue slipping into her mouth.

They fall into bed wrapped in each other, fall into bed ecstatically and happily and full of relief because this is the perfect remedy for the lives they lead.

They fall into bed wrapped in each other, and then they both realize that they’re laying down. On soft sheets, in warm arms, on soft pillows.

“I want you,” Alex whispers as her body melts down into the comforter.

“I want you too,” Maggie tells her with closed eyes and a soft kiss to Alex’s nose.

“Sleep first, sex later?”

“But I also really just wanna hold you and sleep,” they spurt out at the same time.

Alex relaxes in relief and Maggie laughs and draws her closer, draws her under the covers, draws her jeans off and her bra off and her body close, close, close.

“Sleep well, beautiful.”

“In your arms? Always.”

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Dude, I don't know if you're taking prompts, but I just thought of comedy gold: Okay, so the 77th class is filming the video saying how they caused all the destruction, and they'll be back... Except it's not that simple. Because of minor (and funny) inconveniences, they have to do multiple takes. For example, one of Gundham's hamsters accidentally run up someone's pats or something idk.

Deleted Scenes - exclusive cut on how the sdr2 kids actually recorded the video

“Have you enjoyed the killing game we planned?”

They will once again dye the world in despair.


…As soon as they get this video right.

“Goddammit! What is it this time?” Hinata swore in exasperation as he turned around to glare at the culprit of the commotion.

“It’s not my fault! Something crawled up my pants!” Souda defended himself in tears. And as if to back him up, a hamster popped up from within his jumpsuit.

“Oh, it is one of the Zodiac gods. Awww, it got attached to him.” Sonia cooed.

“Tanaka, could you please reign in your animals?” Hinata scowled.

This wasn’t the first time that this happened. And he’s brought more than just the twelve zodiac gods.

“Foolish mortal. It is futile to try and suppress the powers of the gods!” Gundam laughed deeply as the rest of his hamsters squeaked in agreement.

Sometimes Hinata questions himself for even trying.

“Hey, aren’t we done yet? My legs are going to fall asleep from all of this standing.” Hiyoko whined as she sidestepped for emphasis.

“Just a little while longer. Let’s hang in there, okay?” Koizumi tried to reassure her.

“Do you want Ibuki to sing a song to wake you up? Because Ibuki is all gung-ho for a sing-along!” Ibuki howled with great enthusiasm.

“P-Please, don’t. I know more effective methods on how to treat numbness. But only if you’ll l-let me.” Mikan stuttered weakly.

“Definitely not. We’re not turning this into a music video.” Hinata firmly objected.

This wasn’t even a full minute video so why the hell couldn’t they finish this recording already?

“Maaan, I’m hungry! Can’t we take a snack break first?” Akane complained as her stomach grumbled.

“Master control over your body. You just ate on the way here.” Nidai calmly pointed out.

“If it’s food you want then I’ll gladly prepare them!” Teruteru cheered as he set up a grill.

“We’re counting on you.” Twogami offered his moral support.

“Guys, just so you know we haven’t even recorded anything yet.” Hinata commented, his tone dripping with frustration.

“Don’t be such a hardass. Lighten up a bit, will ya?” Kuzuryuu smirked at him.

“Everyone’s just enjoying themselves.” Pekoyama seconded.

“But can’t we do that like I don’t know… after the video?” Hinata crossed his arms. Despite his protests, he made no move to stop his classmates from their fun. He sighed but there was a smile on his face. “Seriously, you guys are having way too much fun over this.”

“Everyone is so full of hope! I’m so happy to be a part of such a hope-filled class!” Komaeda commented with a huge grin.

This wasn’t a bad scene at all. Too bad it won’t get shown on the video.  And about the video… Well, the video could wait. It wasn’t even a minute long so they could finish that later.

So before they carry the burden of despair, let them relish in the joy of hope.


-he was on #Dantheman ?!
-i’m so done with this guy jesus christ.
-how do you feel in one word?
-FREAKING SELF PROMO?! DanandPhilShop.com
-the make up video
-lipstick on the bed/carpet
-the tweets
-“me and phil share every interest”
-mothers day
-> aw he went to dinner with his mum
-he’s eaten before the liveshow
-nawh he’s proud that so many of us joined in with the red nose day thing!
-his grandma :D
-New Muse song
-New Kedrick album
-NZ x-factor thing
-his obessesion with Kanye West.
-the MCR Thing
-cheeky selfpromo
-nawh Phil really likes instrumental music
-The Walking Dead
-danisnotonfire video by the end of the week (probably friday)
-new merch soon (early april)
-music again
-uhmn he mentioned Troyler?! :D
-his hair
-Nickelodeon :DD omfg!
-> “need to copyright that shit”.
Question: what’s happening on the 21st of march?
Answer: *mumbles* i may upload a video..(idk i think he said that…correct me if i’m wrong!!)
-he stayed longer :)
-phil was outside and busy
-Game Of Thrones

MENTIONED PHIL: ||||| ||||| |||

(Please hear me out! Omg)

-PLEASE DON’T MENTION PHAN IN THE CHAT !! Dan may get uncomfortable again..and you don’t want that, right?

-Okay..good..anyways..this was a fun younow!! But it also was an emotional roller coaster jfc!! It was funny and hilarious and stuff but then he started talking about instrumental music and stuff and got kind of serious and idk how to feel now. I’m not sure and I don’t want to alarm anyone cause I might be completely wrong but HEAR ME OUT OKAY?
->this younow got me thinking…don’t worry Dan was very happy in the show and everything is fine between Dan and Phil. They are not fighting or anything as some people thought but I feel like something is going on behind the scenes…idk maybe they’re just busy but I feel like these little shits may be planning something or idk. Dan often starts to read out a question and then just mumbles because it could give something away? And he can get really awkward when he reads the chat. I’m sure some people would say “the question was just inappropriate” but idk. Could be..could be…. It’s just a feeling. Tell me how you feel please? Am I going crazy or is there anyone who feels the same way???
Please don’t hate me! :/ (I know my English is not perfect..)
I love you guys!! (My ask box is open..feel free to talk to me!!)

Hey guys! It’s SWAW (Sam Winchester Appreciation Week) Day 3 and I’m having a blast, I’m glad I joined in time for this!

My Favorite scene is from Season 7 episode 17, The Born Again Identity.

This scene (Sorry I only have screencaps and not any gifs) is one of my favorites because it shows how selfless and giving Sam is. Sam is broken in this episode, mentally and physically. He will DIE if he doesn’t get sleep soon. They have medicated him with everything they can and he still isn’t asleep because of Hallucifer (Idk, did I spell that right?), but he’s not just sitting around either. Here he is, slowly going insane, and about to die, and he’s helping someone else without a second thought… and I think Sam deserves a lot more credit than he gets simply because of this one episode. Yes, there are many other scenes, both funny and serious, that make me love Sam, but this one is sticking out a lot right now because I just watched this episode.