i thought this posted the other day but apparently it got messed up

Real Talk: Context/Reading Comprehension is Important (But Lacking) in the Outlander Fandom

So, you know those pictures of Sam Heughan on a train that came out a couple of days ago? The one where he was standing across from a red-headed woman, who may or may not have been with him? The one that, just like every other photo of Sam, created speculation because whenever Sam’s near a member of the opposite sex just while living his normal life, people assume they’re hooking up? 

Well, I was tweeting about it with some friends and my tweet apparently got taken out of context.

Well Terry Dresbach has either been trolling my TL or someone sent her a link to the tweet, but the woman took a screenshot of this twitter convo and tried to DM it to someone, I presume Marina, but she ended up posting it to her Twitter instead. She immediately deleted it. But for people who saw it, the result was a legit mess.

Terry must’ve thought I was saying Sam and Marina were dating and tried to warn Marina. But if she had scrolled down to the very next tweet, she would’ve seen this:

That was a link to this tumblr post, where I said:

I bet you he’s with Marina Campbell, Outlander producers assistant, Ginger Jaspers mom, and fellow cross-fitter. That’s my guess. She was at one time, if not currently, apparently dating Sam’s trainer. It is not unusual for people to have platonic friendships with the member of the opposite sex. I have plenty of them. Every time there’s a pic of Sam there’s constant speculation of who he’s with, what he’s doing and why. He’s probably coming from a workout or just living his life. Normal people do such things.

This is explicitly stating that Sam and Marina have a platonic friendship. There are a few reasons why this is annoying/problematic. First, there’s a lack of reading comprehension/context in this instance that also rampant throughout this fanbase. READ SOMETHING FULLY BEFORE YOU MAKE ASSUMPTIONS. 

Second, is this what Terry should really be focusing on right now? Shouldn’t a member of production be focused on the show, not an actor/production team member’s personal life? If she’s screen grabbed this, you can bet it’s not the first time. Terry, you’re a member of production in a position of power, you should be above all of this and I would hope that you have bigger fish to fry. Terry’s essentially created controversy where there is none. Seriously. This is nuts.

Third, this relates to an even bigger issue here: Is this what we’re really focused on in this fandom? An obsession with who Sam is with and what he’s doing in every. single. candid photo of him that surfaces? An assumption that he’s boning every woman he comes into contact with, causing people to either freak out and question why they ship Sam and Caitriona, or use it as evidence against those who ship them? Like that magazine cover? I honestly am more concerned about his coconut water addiction than who he’s with. Is this what we’re really going to concern ourselves with because Starz absolutely refuses to engage fans and promote Season 2, so we’ll settle for these ridiculous distractions? Does anyone remember that this show is about Jamie and Claire? Will we ever have nice things again?

I’m honestly simultaneously amused and confused by this, as well as this entire fanbase. I’m sure I’ll piss a lot of people off with this post. I’m sure people will unfollow me. But I had to share my thoughts because I was yet again unintentionally embroiled in a Twitter controversy.