i thought this part was qt

Attolia uncharacteristically said the first thing that came to mind. “He sharpens his beard into points like a fork,” she said of her ambassador, “and uses cheap hair oil.”

“Well that is certainly frank on your part,” said Eddis, laughing. “I had thought you were fond of him.”

“So did he,” Attolia said dryly. 

Queen of Attolia by @meganwhalenturner

My entry for Thick as Thieves. I thought about using one my old art but I love drawing Attolia and Eddis and friendships so.

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Do you have some new Gryles fic recommendations (I've exhausted your list)? :)

Sorry for the delay! I wanted to wait to answer until I was on my laptop. 

I had to go look at what I even had on my recc list bc I made it a long time ago. There’s like nothing there sorry lol. As you know there isn’t tons of new content, but I just went through my bookmarks and here are some I liked that were written in the last year or two:

Doodle of a Surface Life by the one and only junkshopdisco (it’s a WIP and perfect)

The Morning After by Writcraft and If It All Goes Wrong by sunsetmog (two very very recent, good one shots about Pixie wedding gryles)

There were two good, really cute gryles AUs in the last 1D big bang: 

The Seaweed is Always Greener by goseaward (not something I’d usually be into but I thought this story was so precious I loved this Harry)

High Spirits by becka (this is like half gryles, half nouis fyi. The gryles parts were v qt)

Let’s just see how we go by becka (age warning on this one. I liked this Nick)

Can’t Escape the Magnetic Side by hllangel (a XFactor AU from when nick was on)

titanium (we bleed in whispers) by femmequixotic 

I’ll have to go in and add other, older fics to my list. Thanks for the reminder bc someone else asked for this a few weeks ago and I forgot all about it!

Also im sure you’re well acquainted with ymorton’s fics but I’ll say it every time: if you haven’t read every single thing on her masterlist, including all of the little snippets and one shots, you really, really should. Recent faves that I’ve revisited were the ‘prince and his DJ’ series, phone sex with niall listening, never ever (similar in theme), small town cop/town sweet heart mini series. So many I could go on!

My Love is Real

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Okay, so I’m going to start off with our Pink Princess, Kim Seokjin.
When I first saw the video for No More Dream I kind of tried to decipher what roles each of the members fit in the group, and for some strange (really strange, like wtf?!) reason I thought Jin was the “bad boy” of the group. Can you really blame me though???

Originally posted by bbanqchan

Like what the hell is he doing here? Why would he does this???

Originally posted by antrea

And you guys wonder why I thought he was the bad boy?! When I first saw the video I was like, “okay, this guy is good looking AND he’s got a manly image. He is the bad boy!” Actually, it wasn’t even until after they released Bullet Proof Part 2 that I started watching Rookie King and then I was like, “nope, not a bad boy.”

Originally posted by shimssi

In all actuality, Jin is just a qt pie who doesn’t get enough praise. I think that may have to do with his role as the visual of the group. Sometimes he feels like the Dara of the group, and before the hate comes, I just mean it in that they both get written off for being good looking. Like, that’s not all that Jin is good at. He’s the eldest and he takes that responsibility seriously by always caring for and being kind to the other members.

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He’s also so sweet and he lets the other members tease him, even though he is the oldest.

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Originally posted by bangthebae

However, at the end of the day they love him because of his warm and loving personality.

Originally posted by princesseok

That’s not all that Jin is good for, though! His voice is that of an angel! He seriously has such a sweet tone, and while it’s true that he doesn’t have the range Jungkook and Jimin have or the deep tone that V has, he still balances the vocal line so well (his ‘whoas’ in Boyz with Fun tho) and BTS wouldn’t sound the same without him.

So let’s just all agree to love and care for him because he’s always caring for everyone else and he deserves to have the ARMYs look out for him.

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Okay, let me talk about our fluffy green alien.

Originally posted by hugtae

Really, V can do no wrong. He is possibly the cutest human being I have ever seen, and at least to me, he seems like the most innocent member of the group.

Originally posted by bangthebae

Whenever I think about the fact that V had to hide all those times the rest of the members were doing their video logs it really makes my heart hurt for him. V is so sweet, and just the thought that he didn’t let the fact that he was basically in the shadows for a while before he was allowed to be seen get to him?!?! He’s stated countless of times he was just happy to be debuting with the rest of his team, like???!!!!

Originally posted by bitemytonguedarling

The kids voice tho! People can’t say that V is just a pretty face, which is what I heard a lot in the beginning. Even I was like that a little at first. My first impression of V was that he was good-looking, but it’s not fair to him to simply place him as “the good-looking one.” He’s got an amazingly deep, soulful voice! He’s like the one that balances Jin’s sweeter voice (Boyz with Fun, hellooooooo?!?!?!) Let’s just all praise that we have Kim Taehyung in the group, kay?!?!

PS: My fave part of No More Dream

Originally posted by bw-bts

I don’t even know why, but this is my favorite part of the video. V in those glasses is just, ugh!!!

Seriously though, V is a special little snowflake and everyone should love him lots.

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Now, allow me to introduce our leader, our flow king, the light of BTS: Kim Namjoon.

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Wait, why is he our leader again?

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There are so many reasons why Rap Monster is important, here are just a few of my reasons.

1. He is one of the best rappers (not just idol rappers, either) in the game. He literally kills with his flow, you guys. Once Namjoon gets a hold of the mic it’s an all kill. He’s a genius! 

2. We all may make fun of Namjoon but no one can touch his ability as a leader. He is always so genuine, and even if he may not seem like he takes care of the group in the way the Jin does, he is still always encouraging the members.

Originally posted by the-rap-man

No, but really, we all know what a great leader Rap Monster is. You can tell by how comfortable all the members are with him that he’s a good guy. If they were a bit awkward with him then you’d be able to tell.

3. My last (but seriously not the last because he’s too great) reason why Namjoon, a.k.a, Rap Monster is important is BTS itself. As we all know, Namjoon was the first to sign under BigHit and the first member of BTS, however Namjoon was already in the underground long before anything happened with BTS. Ya’ll can search his pre-debut videos on YouTube, and the truth of the matter is that he could have made it on his own. He’s got a strong flow, great stage presence, and sharp lyrics. Bang PD himself stated that when he first heard Namjoon rap he was ready to have him debut right then. Rap Monster didn’t want to be on his own though, he wanted to be in a group where he would have that strong brotherhood that he wouldn’t have gotten being on his own, so he joined BTS. Even now I always hear people saying that RapMon would do better on his own, but he is so dedicated to the group, these guys are seriously his family. In that hidden camera when Bang PD made him choose between going solo and being in BTS he chose BTS without even the slightest bit of hesitation. He’s also not afraid to call himself an idol even with all the hate he sometimes gets for being an idol rapper. I love all that about Rap Monster, so please show me where he is bad leader.

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What’s one distinct thing that sets BTS apart from a lot of other groups? Three words, people: Jimin’s High Note.

Originally posted by aegyojimin

Park Jimin is such a valuable member of BTS and not just because of his abs. The kid is dripping with talent. He can dance, sing, and he’s got the charm needed to keep everyone interested.

Originally posted by jiminuh

And seriously, seventh in looks my butt!

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(I don’t take this too seriously because I know the members like to tease each other) With all these things going for him you would think the kid would be arrogant, but he’s still so goofy and respectful towards his Hyungs.

Originally posted by seugah

His dancing skills are also not something to be taken lightly. He’s the best dancer in BTS besides J-Hope and he’s always working on getting better. When I first saw No More Dream I actually thought that Jimin was going to be my bias because he’s the first person I really noticed in the video. Even though that isn’t the case today, I seriously still love Jimin to no end. He will always hold a special place in my heart and I just hope he keeps doing well and he stops losing weight because a healthy Jimin is a cute one.

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Oh, who do we have here? Did someone say Golden Maknae?

Originally posted by ofzico

I love little Kookie, so, so, much! He’s my little man who thinks he’s all grown-up, but is actually afraid of girls. Jungkook is obviously important with a title like Golden Maknae. The kid is actually good at everything!!! He can sing, rap, dance, he’s charming. Like, what can’t you do??

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Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

He’s also so funny, and I seriously don’t even know what to say about Jeon Jungkook other than he’s amazing. Plus we both have the same ultimate bias (GD) so I feel like I would be able to get along with Kookie really well.

Originally posted by the-sharpest-wives

One thing that I would like to say about Jungkook is that I love how much he loves being in BTS. We’ve all seen that video where he gets too overwhelmed during Born Singer and he starts to cry.

I can seriously respect him for that because that just shows me how much he really wanted this. How much he wanted that moment where the whole crowd was singing his song back to him. How much he really wanted to be sharing that stage with the rest of his brothers and that really got to me. Seriously, all I can say is that I hope Kookie keeps on doing what he’s doing.

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We have reached that point in this long text post ya’ll. The part where I’m going to need some hope to keep going, and where else would I look for some hope other than our ball of sunshine, Jung Hoseok, a.k.a: J-Hope.

Originally posted by btsleepy

Okay, let me just start this off by saying FACIALS!!! J-HOPE’S FACIAL EXPRESSIONS BRING ME LIFE!! LIKE:

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I can’t even come up with good enough words to describe J-Hope. He’s so freakin nice, funny, talented, caring, warm, creative, unique, I can seriously go on. J-Hope was at one point my bias, and sometimes I still catch myself loving him a little more than the rest. Don’t judge me though, okay? There are just so many things I love about him.

Originally posted by hoesoks

His rapping.

I know he may not be as good as Rap Monster or Suga but he’s so good in his own right. We have to remember that J-Hope didn’t come from that underground rapper scene that both RapMon and Suga came from so he pretty much had to bust his butt practicing in order to be able to call himself a rapper like they do. He’s got this swagger about him when he raps, and out of the rapper line I feel like he’s the most versatile with his rap. He can manipulate his tone without it coming out weird. Exhibit A is his part in Cypher Part 3.

Another thing I love about J-Hope is his dancing (obviously).

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He can make even the simplest of moves look amazing! He’s got so much talent for dancing, he’s one of my top favorite main dancers in a group.

I also really love J-Hope’s goofy personality.

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He’s always making me smile and I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t try changing who he is for anyone.

All in all, J-Hope is such an amazing ball of sunshine.

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Bonus cuz I literally died when I saw this episode of AHL.

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Okay, so who am I missing? Hmmm?? Oh, that’s right!


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Ya’ll will have to excuse me if I start to ramble (or cry) I just seriously love Suga so much!!!

Okay, so here is my list of my favorite things about Min Yoongi/Suga.

1. His talent.

I know a lot of people tend to overlook Suga’s rap with Rap Monster in the group, but we ARMYs know how truly amazing Suga’s rap is. His flow is so incredible, and I know by now “Suga Sweg” is a running gag among the fandom, however I think people that don’t really know about BTS need to understand that it all started with his rap.

Like that hook? He spat fire over that hook and made it sound amazing! It’s not only that, but the emotion he puts into his rap. Like I can feel his anger, his frustration, his sorrow. His words cut deep because I believe every word he is saying. I know a lot of rappers want to talk abut the “struggle” and all of that, but with Suga he doesn’t make it sound cheesy or overused. He makes his struggles sound real and relatable.

So, yes the whole “swag” thing is something we ARMYs joke about, however it is also 100% true that Min Yoongi has swagger!

Aside from his rapping, his producing abilities always impress me. The songs he has written for BTS are amazing. Everything from Miss Right, Tomorrow, Boyz with Fun, and all the other songs he has written and produced with the rest of the rapper line are great! I feel like he doesn’t understand how good his songs really are, which I think is a major reason why he hasn’t released his mixtape yet. I just wish he would have more confidence in his work because everything he has written so far has been amazing!


His lyrics always impress me. He can write a verse and I swear it will be the most relatable thing I have ever read in my life. One of my favorite verses of his is his verse in If I Ruled the World. I love how while RapMon and J-Hope talk about wanting girls, and famous clothing brands (nothing wrong with that HOLLA) he writes about wanting to buy a house for his family and to rule the world with his music. LIKE?!?!?!?!?!

Originally posted by mylivingphantasy

Another one of my favorites is his verse in Cypher Part 2. Like, bro. The part where he says “If I’m the sun you’re, the moon, because when I rise you go down.”  

Originally posted by thesummerbreak

2. His personality

I love Yoongi’s personality so much because he can go from intimidating as-f rapper one second to squishy and lovable the next.


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And then there’s his cutie pie side…

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I read this post once where another ARMY summarized the reason behind Yoongi’s personality really well. I’m sorry I can’t remember the name of the person, but basically what he/she said was that Yoongi was a lot more reserved and quiet because of the way he was brought up. Yoongi has said so himself that his dad was the traditional tough and reserved father who didn’t show him much affection. Naturally, if someone is brought up being taught that showing ones emotions is a sign of weakness then they are not going to show their emotions much to other people. Another thing this person pointed out was that Yoongi growing up in Daegu influenced his tougher attitude. Of course, V was also raised in Daegu, however he was raised by his grandparents in the countryside, while Yoongi grew up in a part of the city that is famous for the rough city people. Of course he had to be tough in order to survive in a city like this. It’s the same with people from New York, Boston, or Chicago. You have to be tough in order to not get pushed around. What I really loved about what this person stated was that they mentioned how being in a group with such loving guys helped Yoongi to come out of his shell a little more. By being surrounded by a bunch of guys that are loud and playful he understood that showing emotion and being a little cute sometimes isn’t a bad thing. This is reflected in his recent attitude in their newer shows and broadcasts. He’s a lot more playful and he isn’t afraid to show how cute he can really be. I think being a member of BTS really helped Yoongi out a lot.

His snarky attitude tho!

I love how Yoongi can be a little shit sometimes. It’s part of his charm and what really attracted me to him when I was watching Rookie King to learn more about them. He really doesn’t give a fuck what people have to say about him most of the time, and at least to me that’s a really good example to set.

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Like, the tude is real with this one, AND I LOVE IT!!

His love for ARMYs

We all know that all the guys love their fans, however I feel like Yoongi always does his best to show his love. His birthday surprises two years in a row for the fans was so cute! I really couldn’t believe that instead of accepting gift from the fans he decided to make gifts for them instead. I thought it was so cute of him to spend his own money and time and effort in order to surprise the fans. Seriously, if that doesn’t show his love I don’t know what does.

Originally posted by forjimin

Okay, I know I’ve been going on with Yoongi for a long time, but I just want to say one last thing. Yoongi is a really contemplative kind of guy. You can tell by the way he always takes a long time to write his music because he wants to be 100% satisfied with it. He thinks a lot about what people think about his music, more so than himself, and that’s because his music is the way he shows others who he is. He’s a really deep thinker and sometimes I feel like I want to shield him from the fame because of how sensitive he really is. I think that’s also a reason why I don’t want him to be on shows like SMTM (even though I KNOW he and RapMon would probably kill) The citicism would DESTROY him. Just look at how they ripped Mino apart. Mino was obviously talented and I’m not saying I don’t agree with him losing because Basick also deserved the win, HOWEVER I hated how people played him off like he had no right to be there. Suga thinks about these things and I just wish there was a way for us all to send him warm hugs and smiles so he knows we are there for him. I truly love what a deep thinker he is though. To me he’s like a little Tablo. He can go hard one minute, then hit you with the feels the next.

Let’s just all give Min Suga some love, okay?

Originally posted by suga-suga-suga

What I’m saying is that I feel like we should all be careful with the way we talk to ALL the boys because they depend on our feedback the most. We should all be nothing but positive towards them because the music industry can chew you up and spit you out and not give a flying fuck. They’re just looking for the next big thing, really. I really, truly feel like BTS could become something big. They have the supportive management and the talent to do so. So when they have their comeback let’s all give our seven boys tons of support and affection so they know they we appreciate their hard work.

Okay, sorry for this long-ass post, and if you read all the way through it then bless you and may you have an amazing day! Also, let’s all pray together that we survive this comeback because I really don’t know, ya’ll.

Love your fellow ARMY, Sandra! <3

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