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If you don't mind me asking, do you have any recommendations for Check, Please fanfic?? Like what are your favorite ones? Bitty and Jack are just so cute and every time I read a fic I just want to read more! Also, I love your blog so much. Your tags are always so funny 💛

I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me about this. 

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New Perspective - Peter Parker

Request from Anonymous: Hey! Can you do a Peter Parker imagine during civil war (reader is in team cap.) in which the reader is a class mate of Peter, and a Avanger with ‘sort of’ the things that 'Mistique’ can do (with all the shape shifting), which gives gives reader a lot of advantages while fighting against poor Peter, and she just makes a lot of fun of him for just not getting anything on her. Sry I Just imagine it pretty cute and funny ^^

Words: 1255

Warnings: None :)

A/N: I hope I’ve got everything in here that you wanted (I didn’t really know what I was doing so I just played with the shape shifting part but I hope it’s okay). I’m team Tony so writing about the reader on team Cap was certainly interesting. I hope it’s funny :)

You weren’t exactly scared, but you were definitely nervous. You knew what everyone on the team could do and the thought of fighting half of them was not on the list of things you wanted to do in life.

This was even going to have an effect on your school work. Going to Germany so close to finals had also not been on the list of things you wanted to do.

“Ready?” Steve asked everyone.

You nodded and soon you were out in the middle of the airport with your team, facing the people that you had considered to be people you would never fight with, in front of you.

Honestly, you had hoped that this wouldn’t come to a fight - you thought everyone was better than this. But if it came to a fight, like it had, you knew that you had to stand up for what you believed in.

Steve spoke to Tony. You noticed that they both really didn’t want to fight like this. But seen as they both had conflicting ideas, there wasn’t any other option.

All of a sudden Tony called “Underoos!” and someone in a red and blue suit flipped in and grabbed Steve’s shield. You were glad you had one more person on your team but now everything was even if this person, whoever they were, was on Tony’s.

“Hey everyone.” They said. It was a guy, you noticed, and not an old one.

“Who’s that?” You whispered to Wanda.

“I don’t know.” She said, “But give him hell.”

You grinned at this and then turned back to the opposing team.

You saw this new guy looking at you with his head tilted slightly as if he was trying to work out something. When he saw you looking back at him he returned his attention back to Tony. You were now starting to question what you had gotten yourself into. Maybe homework would have been better.

Now the niceties were over and done with, the proper fight started. It really did hurt to see your friends fighting each other.

You ran over to behind a wheel of one of the planes and looked out of what was going on. Everyone seemed to be engaged in little fights of their own. You didn’t know where that new guy had gone but you knew it wouldn’t be long until you ran into him again.

You had decided on going to help Clint fight Natasha and ran out of your hiding place when something dropped down in front of you.

“Going somewhere?” This new guy was just asking for it.

“Not anymore.” You said and spun round and tried to kick him but he quickly moved out of the way using a string-like substance to pull on.

“That stuff coming out of you?” You asked.

“Not really, Y/N.” He answered and you stopped dead.

“How do you know my name?” That was probably the fastest reaction you had ever had to anything.

“Uh… I don’t.” He said lamely.

“Who are you?” You demanded.


“No really?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Yes it does.” You ran at him and kicked his legs out from underneath him. While he was on the floor you grabbed at his mask and pulled it off.

What you saw was something you never thought you’d ever see.

“Peter!?” You exclaimed wondering what the hell he was doing here. “What the-?”

“I could ask you the same question.” He said and grabbed his mask back and quickly put it back on.

“Don’t think this means I’ll go easy on you.” You said getting into a guard stance with your hands in fists by your face.

Peter chuckled. He really didn’t know what he’d got himself into.  

Right in front of him you used your power to morph into his Aunt May that you had seen a couple of times.

Peter took a step back in surprise.

“Yes, Peter, I’m not going easy on you.”

He didn’t have anything to say to this and you understood that.

After he had paused to decide what to do he fired one of his webs towards your legs but you moved quickly.

“You won’t want to hurt your Aunt now Peter would you?” You teased as you dodged another one of his webs. You crouched down behind one of the big crates.

You could tell Peter was struggling. And you weren’t planning on making it any easier for him.

You shifted into the form of Liz Allen and rolled out into the open.

“I know it’s still you, Y/N.” Peter said.

“Yes but at the moment I’m Liz and she’s about to kick your ass.”

Peter didn’t move out of the way in time as you brought your leg up and firmly kicked him in the chest. He fell to the floor and landed on his back. You sauntered over to him stood over him.

“Bet this is where you want Liz to be.” You said as you lent down and properly straddled him now.

This was definitely turning into a weird day - you were basically straddling Peter Parker, the guy who you saw in Physics class, in the middle of a fight, in an airport.

If this was the effect that the Avengers were having on you, then you didn’t want to know what the future had to hold.

Peter brought his knee up and it connected with your side so you had no choice but to role off him.

You shifted again into his best friend Ned.

“Having fun?” You joked. “It’s hard trying to hurt the people you love.”

“Yeah but I don’t want to hurt you either.” Peter said.

“What because I’m a girl, Parker? It’s 2016 - let that go.” (Because Civil War happened in 2016)

“No because I don’t want to hurt you.” Peter repeated.

You were about to throw another punch but stopped. “Why then?”

“Just don’t want to hurt you.”

“Peter, at the moment Spider-Man isn’t being pitched to me very well so let me see what you’ve got.” You stood in a relaxed position with your hands by your sides waiting to see what he did. You decided to make it even easier for him by turning back into yourself.

Without warning, Peter shot two webs at both of your arms and pulled you quickly over to him. You fell into his chest and you knew you couldn’t get out of this.

“I think you’ve fallen for me.” Peter stated.

You rolled your eyes. “So this is what Spider-Man does huh? Hits on girls in the middle of fights.”

“It’s been known to happen.”

“Not anymore I hope.”

You didn’t even know why you were flirting back with Peter. It was just an unconscious decision. He was cute, you had to admit, and the fact you were thinking that as well just changed your perspective on the whole thing.

“Ok I’ll let you off punching me, if you take me out one night next week.”  

“Are you blackmailing me into asking you out?” He laughed back.

“It’s been known to happen.” You grinned.

You pulled your arms out of the webs and Peter’s hold and stepped away from him.

“It’s been fun, Spidey!” You called as you ran off to re-join the proper fight.

“So I’ll see you next week?” Peter called after you.

“Yes if one of us doesn’t get killed before!”

You didn’t hang around to see Peter’s reaction but you were pretty sure you knew that he was smiling, almost as much as you were.  

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Best of Alex's stage antics from the eycte tour in your opinion? My personal favorite is him lying down on the camera track and in a very animated manner pretending like he's going to be hit by a train

by “best” do you mean “worst”?? lol i hate him. jk. well half kidding hahaha i love him and i hate him.

the train crash reenactment was indeed very dramatic hahaha


i’m personally fond of the very first time he lied down on stage and did bicycle legs, before it was something to be expected at nearly every show lmao


i also have a personal fondness for the time he did it at lolla since it was right in front of me lol


and when he performed from the balcony in a bath robe


the absolute WORST was in dublin when he lied down on his back and then like…scooted/wiggled across the stage??? i was very disappointed last week to find out that video has been deleted and as far as i know there isn’t any other evidence of it happening.

i’ve always thought his singing to the camera at rock en seine was genuinely cute and funny, if that’s considered an antic


and then there was the stage crawling lmao


i always laugh when he does this to miles during i want you in tokyo


OH MY GOD I FORGOT ALEX THE CONTEMPORY DANCER. that one might be my favorite hahaha


the pillows at le nuits de fourvière


stupid ass motherfucker lip syncing miles’ part




his kangaroo hopping always makes me laugh


“she loves me, she loves me not”


whatever the fuck this is


there isn’t a video, but this dumbass and his cheeseburgers

[x] i’m excluding the cheeseburger to the groin since that happened to him, it wasn’t intended to be an antic lol

when he does the thing with miles’ mic stand in this video


“welcome aboard everybody”


the time he danced like groot


alex “pay attention to me” turner


when he stole someone’s sunglasses in santa ana


and his dolphin dive at coachella


also when he runs around the stage during les cactus at rock en seine, but i can’t find a gif lol.

i’m excluding any milex antics because this is already long enough, but pretty much everything i didn’t include but would is in this video haha

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The RFA reacting to waking up with MC for thr first time? Not in a sex type of way but maybe they fell asleep on the couch or MC sat next to them till she fell asleep type of thing. Fluffy is nice :p

Fluffy is life! ^^ Hope you enjoy this!

RFA reacting to waking up with MC for the first time


  • He woke up with the morning breeze blowing in his face, was he so tired that he really dozed off on his rooftop?
  • He looks down and… you??? You and him with a blanket wrapped around you two???
  • Wants to scream and push you away before the beast comes out, but… you look so peaceful in your sleep, so comfortable… you shouldn’t be so comfortable around a man, all men are wolv… oh, shit! You’re hugging him and snuggling in his chest.
  • Now he remembers, you two went to gym together and then he invited you over to cool off after such an intense work out session
  • He feels disgusted at himself for leaning against you like that, he was probably all sweaty. Well, so were you, but your sweat smells like cinnamon to him, so he doesn’t mind.
  • You two went to his rooftop and talked a little drinking a beer. You seemed cold, so he grabbed a blanket, and next thing you know… you were cuddling like this…
  • Despite all his fear about losing control, he feels so glad, he would love to wake up with you all over him like this every morning, but probably somewhere more comfortable like his couch or… his bed…
  • “Zen… are you okay?” your sleepy voice and you half lidded eyes, this is too fucking much!  “You keep shaking, are you cold?” he feels really hot, actually…
  • “I-I’m fine, MC, don’t worry.” “Okay, so go back to sleep…” you nuzzle at him again. Oh well… you heard her, beast, go back to sleep…


  • He feels his neck a little wry, this pillow seems different… wait! It’s not a pillow, it’s… it’s… YOUR LAP!
  • There’s so much for him to feel flustered. You’re so close, he’s sleeping on your lap and you are IN PUBLIC!
  • Oh yeah… LOLOL is about to send a new expansion, so there he is camping in front of the store waiting to be one of the firsts to buy it.
  • How he managed to bring you along is a thing he’ll never know… but what’s more important right now is… the sweet smell of cherry emanating from your hair…and your legs are so comfortable…
  • Wait! What? No… the most important thing is… why did he drag you to this? And he should have offered his lap, or… at least, his shoulder for you to rest! You must be so uncomfortable! But you look ok… and so cute…
  • Are people in line looking at you? Oh no… this is so embarrassing… they must think you are a couple…
  • But would it be bad? People seeing you as a couple? He would never say it out loud, but he fantasized so much about doing couple’s things with you…
  • Cooking together, having meals together, waking up together… at the same bed… oh no no no! What was he thinking? This was so naughty, especially having you this close…
  • “Yoosung, are you feeling sick? You’re so red… maybe you have a fever?” he didn’t even notice you waking up. You put your hand on his forehead, could he get even redder? He looks at you all tense, your eyes are a little squinched because you didn’t wake up completely, so…  cute!
  • “Hum… you don’t feel that hot…, just rest a little more, okay?  I’ll wake you up when the store opens.” He hesitates a lot, but you’re so warm and he’s so tired… he awkwardly rests his head again on your lap and feel your fingers resting lazily on his hair, well, none of his fantasies went that far…


  • She wakes up when she feels your head leaning on her shoulder… oh… Zen can ever know you two slept during his movie.
  • WAIT! You’re sleeping on her? YOU are sleeping on HER?
  • She feels kinda honored that you think she’s comfortable enough for you to just lean on, but… why?
  • You two came to see this movie Zen has a cameo on, maybe you two got too tired of waiting for his scene? She would be offended if it was someone else, but since it is you… she understands, she felt asleep too, after all.
  • She wonders if people on the row behind you think you’re just a couple and you are snuggling in her because it’s romantic… she giggles at this thought because, well… it feels sort of… exciting?
  • Yes… it’s such a bright feeling… the idea of people seeing you as a couple, imagining you do these cute and cheesy couple things… she would like doing these cute and cheesy things with you…
  • If you did that while you’re watching one of Zen’s DVDs together, on her couch… oh! What would she do?
  •  “Jaehee… did I miss some funny part?” you whisper at her ear, and she shivers. “Hum… n-no, MC, why?” “Well, you’re grinning so much… did Zen appear yet?”
  • “No, not yet… you can sleep a little more if you want, I’ll wake you up, okay?” you just nod, close your eyes again and go back to her shoulder.
  • Yes, she is grinning again, but it has nothing to do with the movie.


  • He wakes up at his couch feeling something on his lap, it seems a little heavier than Elizabeth the 3rd
  • Oh… oh… it’s your head, you are… resting your head at his lap, this is… weird? And… so… intimate? And… good?
  • At least you don’t have your face turned to his body and… oh, you roll over, he can feel your breathing through his shirt.
  • He invited you over to show you some ideas he had for a new cat project. People could judge him and he didn’t care, but your opinion on his cat projects is always fundamental.
  • You gave him great suggestions as usual, and you two could spend the whole night discussing it, but you  felt tired at some point and fell asleep on his shoulder.
  • He should have offered you a bedroom, but he was pretty tired himself… and you’re so warm and… look so comfortable.
  • He’s not sure about what moment of the night you fell on his lap, but… does it really matter? It’s so… amusing…
  • He feels so tempted to caress your hair, it looks so silky… and your peaceful sleepy face is so… mesmerizing, he could watch you sleep like this every night.
  • He would prefer doing this in bed, when he can look straight at you, laying beside you… easy there, Jumin…
  • It’s so weird knowing you trust him that much to let yourself be so vulnerable near him, usually people feel so intimidated by his presence, but not you… you just think he’s good enough for you to rest…
  • “Jumin, doesn’t your neck hurt?” your sleepy voice is like music to his ears “No, MC. Why do you ask?” “You’ve been keeping your head down, maybe you have a wryneck?”
  • “Don’t worry about me, MC. What about you? Aren’t you uncomfortable?” you  look around, grab a pillow and put on his lap. “I’m okay… sweet dreams, Jumin.” And you get back to sleep.
  • Well, he doesn’t need to sleep or dream, this is sweet enough for him.


  • He wakes up because this pillow feels a little weird…it’s comfortable, but it’s different…
  • Oh, it’s not a pillow, it’s your chest… he blushes, did he drool a little? Gross… and kind of pervy?
  • He looks at you and sees you’re drooling a little too, ok, now he’s not that embarrassed.
  • Wants to take lots of pictures of you to spam the chatroom, but there’s something about you like this that makes him feel he should be the only one to ever see you so peaceful and vulnerable.
  • His legs hurt, keeping them curled up like this all night because there’s not much space on the backseat of his car it’s a little uncomfortable. Luckily enough, the upper half of his body enjoyed this warm and smooth pillow that is your body.
  • He invited you for a ride in one of his babies, unfortunately, there was a problem with the engine. He called a tow truck, but it was taking too long and you looked so tired… so you two moved to the backseat… maybe he was very tired himself too… who knows if the tow truck showed up after all?
  • He can hear your heartbeat, it’s so liberating and soothing at the same time, now it’s slow since you’re sleeping, but he can’t help thinking if he could ever make it race with his words or… with his touch? What is he thinking? No no no…
  • Most of your body is under him, but he would still like to touch you more, run his fingers through your hair, trace your jaw line… he keeps getting greedy with you…
  • He rarely sleeps this well, well, he rarely sleeps, and being able to relax like this just because you’re this close could only mean one thing, right?
  • “Saeyoung, don’t your legs hurt like this?” your sleepy eyes and messy hair are the cutest thing he’s ever seen, he swears. “Oh… a little, but it’s fine, MC.”
  • “No… here, let’s exchange so you can stretch your legs a little.” Now your legs are curled up and he’s being the pillow.
  • Well, now he can at least caress your hair, but he’s the one with the heart racing like crazy.

You can see Saeran and V here~

Snobbishness is a funny thing.

*Me at 22 when I was working part-time at a flower market and then one of the other girls found out I had a degree*

*Her* “You think you’re better than us? Right?” (She was mad. And smoking. Maybe drunk. And really did not know how to apply eyeliner.) 

*Me* “Hey, I grew up poor too. I just thought it would be nice to work with flowers till I figured things out. I always liked flowers. My parents never bothered about the garden we had; but I always did.”

*Her sneering* “Cute. Fucking cute. You and your fancy degree. But you think you’re better than me?”

*Me* “Honestly, at this point, I truly hope so.”

boyfriend!jackson au

Request: hi! can you please do a boyfriend!jackson au? thank you so much! (:

Thank you for requesting an au, I had fun writing this one bc Jackson is so !!cute!! and I love writing like this omg it’s so fun and I don’t have to be as serious with it.

I have maybe two more requests after this one, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to writing them because I still have a project or two, a book report, and a singing thing for extra credit in english AH

again thank u to whoever sent me this au suggestion its cU te bc jackSIN

Originally posted by weebits

  • he first saw you at hollys coffee
  • you were sitting alone at one of the window tables and he thought you looked lonely and sad
  • so he came to you like
  • HEY swETIE u look kinda lonely (he does an internal haha) mind if i sit with u???
  • you were like?? okay sure buddy whatever
  • immediately, and i mean immediately did you two become friends
  • BEST FRIENDS AT THAT (jackson is just such a sweet man how can you not love him)
  • you two were so noisy in the coffee shop when you first met that you two got kicked out
  • its not your fault jackson made you laugh so hard?? so hard that u nearly hit your face on the tabL E
  • okay fast forward one year
  • jackson is completely wrapped around your finger (he has been ever since he first met you but he doesnt need u to know that)
  • he won’t ever leave your side because he feels lonely when he’s not stuck to your side
  • he teases you about your height OFTEN how rude
  • he ruffles your hair and makes smooching sounds so that you don’t get huffy with him though
  • and when you do get huffy and upset with him, he holds you as tight as he can and tells you that your height is perfectly fine, you are perfect the way you are and he tells you with so so much sincerity
  • this is still when you’re friends mind you
  • you both hang out a lot outside because you like the fresh air and jackson likes to give you warm clothes even if you’re already wearing three layers
  • you accept his jacket anyways because they always felt more comfier than your own
  • and when you two did chill inside
  • you usually had your legs thrown across his lap
  • scrolling through your social media feed as jackson watched something on the tv
  • sometimes he would drum his fingers against your knee
  • or randomly hug you and snuggle you because he loves u and ur his lil bun you deserve all the cuddles in the world
  • he realizes he has feelings for you when you two are hanging out at your home
  • you had no make up on and you were wearing shorts and a slightly bigger than your size tshirt
  • you were snug against his side as you two watched a romcom, his arm casually slung behind you on the couch
  • there was one part in the movie that seemed to be really funny to you and he witnessed the way you laughed so hard that it was completely silent
  • your eyes were crinkled up and your hand was barely covering your mouth (which was wide open)
  • when the scene got even funnier that same hand that was covering your mouth slapped his chest and he looked at you with wide eyes and thought ?? what the fuck they’re so cute i love them
  • fast forward to like .. three days later
  • jackson confesses to you, holds your hands tightly even though hes sweating like CRaz y and keeps his gaze on yours as his mouth forms each and every word with such eloquence that your breath catches in your throat
  • of course you accept his confession because wtf you like him too
  • so now you two are dating
  • and jackson has gone from aw ill squeeze u and pinch your cheek affectionate to iM GOING TO SMOTHER YOU WITH MY HUGS affectionate
  • he is almost always seen stuck to your side by your friends and his friends
  • if jackson was a glue he’d either be gorilla glue or loctite super glue.
  • he just won’t leave u alone when you two are together
  • it can be a bit too much sometimes if youre feeling cranky, but really, jackson is super sweet and his hugs are the best
  • he gives u so many kisses !! 2 many to count but u love it so who cares!!
  • when he kisses you he frames your face in his hands or he tilts your chin in his direction so he can lightly kiss your lips
  • jackson absolutely loves giving you kisses on the top of your head and he loves holding your hand or your wrist
  • theres always some part of him touching you
  • once you two got together you both stayed in more, but still went outside, just not as much as you two used to
  • the only reason why you didn’t go out that much anymore is because you two would be too busy staring or giggling at the other
  • and a lot of people sometimes gave you annoyed looks because you too were really affectionate in public
  • like one day it was very cold, it was even cold inside the coffee shop you two met in and you both were waiting in a very long line
  • you didn’t wear enough thick layers and jackson scolded you bc “you naughty girl, you’re going to catch a cold if you don’t start wearing warmer clothes ): “
  • and with his hands shoved in his pockets, he opens his trench coat to invite you into his very very warm embrace
  • u know
  • COUGHS this one (creds 2 the owner thank u for this picture)
  • he hooks his chin on the top of your head with a grin and you can’t help but blush once he wraps his arms around your waist with his coat closing in around the both of you
  • v cute
  • he lOVES IT when u rest your head in his lap becaus e youre so pretty and he loves you and he wants to run his fingers through your hair all the time just to see you flutter your eyes closed and fall asleep with his fingers tangled in the strands
  • jackson is so fond of you and he thinks you are a wonderful person, inside and out, he never lets you forget that because he wants to be sure that you absolutely know and understand that you are his sweetheart and he thinks you’re suPER #1 on the planet
  • he tugs at your hand a lot when he wants you to see something he found cool
  • you also pull at the hem of his shirt when you want his attention and he FINDS IT SO ADORABLE YOU’RE SO CUTE
  • he lives for your compliments
  • ur laugh gives him life
  • your kisses healed a boo boo he got on his finger once (he swears it was because of the kisses not the ointment)
  • he gets shy when u touch his chest or bury your face in the crook of his neck aw bean
  • he screams each time he sees you
  • “JAGIYA”
  • all in all jackson is a super sweet man who will treat u right and give u the love you deserve

Confession:  I initially romanced Garrus as a joke. He was a big weird raptor man and I thought it would be funny. It was kind of cute at parts but I couldn’t get over how silly the whole thing was. Then I got to the end where they say goodbye before running to the beam. It was the most romantic and depressing thing I had ever seen. I stopped playing and cried for 2 hours. It was traumatizing.

BTS Reaction #35 - You feel self-conscious around them

anon asked: Hi! Could you do a BTS and Monsta X reaction to you being self councious around them?

The Monsta X Version is ~here~

Seokjin: He would joke around with you a little bit, but get serious after he got you to laugh a little. He would want you to relax a little bit before he got serious in case you’d feel awkward otherwise.

“Look, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me in any way. I want to be a person you can relax around and rely on, just like I do with you. Is that okay?”

Originally posted by sugaa

Namjoon: he’s a pretty blunt and straight forward guy. he’d accidentally blurt out “Why? You’re amazing and you make me nervous all the time…” He would realize what he said and get quiet until he heard your quiet laughter and looked up to see your smile.

You’d say something like “I really don’t know why you’re nervous around me, but I feel the same way about you… the amazing part and everything.

Now he’s uncharacteristically shy, smiling to himself cutely, and it’s the best thing you’ve ever seen.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Other members are below the cut~

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How do you think Mephisto would react if his s/o purposely ignored him and paid more attention to Amaimon when he's in his hamster form? Lawl

This is the perfect request, this made me laugh when I read it,Hamaimon is my idol tbh.

Originally posted by hebihime

  • He’d think it was funny at first
  • That you were distracted by a cute animal
  • He thought you had more focus then that
  • He’d laugh along with you and smile for a little while
  • Until it kept dragging on, that’s when he got annoyed
  • He would gently tilt your head back to focus on him
  • Sit in front of Amaimon to obstruct your view
  • Not let Amaimon crawl on top of his hat anymore
  • He’d whine at you and tell him you not ti ignore him
  • He may try turn Amaimon back into his normal form
  • Or banish him to another part of the mansion
  • When your still not listening to him and instead focused on the small green hamster he does the only thing he can
  • And turns into his doggo form to steal back your attention and the spotlight away from his little brother
  • He’s the sorta doggo that will sit on your lap and lick your face
  • If he’s really pissed off you might see him accidentally let out his frustration and growl/woof at Amaimon
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Originally posted by mooseleys

Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, pure fluff. 

Word Count: 528

Summary: Y/n takes her boys Christmas shopping

A/N: Part two to The Only Woman We Need. Just a random idea that I thought was cute. Hope u like it. 

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines@whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname@sallyp-53@supernatural-jackles@d-s-winchester@winchesterreid@teamfreewill-imagine@deanscherrypie@helvonasche@kaitlynnlovegood@notnaturalanahi@kittenofdoomage@wayward-mirage@nerdflash@riversong-sam@miss-miep@impala-dreamer@mypeopleskillsarerusty0203@greek-geek481@chelsea072498​ @tttiiigggeeerrrsss​ @deals-with-demons​ @plaidstiel-wormstache​


The Family They Deserve Masterlist

“Dean Winchester! Get your ass over here!”

Y/n heard a little giggle, looking down at Sammy who was smiling up at her.

“What’s so funny baby?”

“You said a bad word”

Y/n hissed out loud, making the boy laugh even more.

“Sorry. But you know not to say that. Ok?”

He nodded, his hair bobbing.

She looked back over to Dean, seeing him walking alongside John.

“Took you long enough.”

John rolled his eyes, not wanting to hear a lecture on how he was meant to be keeping an eye on the boy.

“Now, Dean. What do you want?” she asked, kneeling slightly in front of him.

“I don’t need anything. I told you. Just buy Sammy more stuff.”

The little child’s eyes widened with excitement and glee, but fell flat when y/n responded that Dean was getting something, whether he wanted it or not.

“Ok. Come on. We’re going into here and you’re gonna pick a present for Christmas!”

Dean objected again, but y/n just picked him up, not caring that he was slightly heavy or that he was wriggling around in her arms.

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Today was Dan and Phil’s meet up at Vidcon in California. I was not going to use this meet and greet because it was for a friend but sadly she couldn’t come. After asking a lot of people I decided that I should not let the meet and greet go to waste. 

So basically all I got to do for two plus hours was wait in line. The fun part was whenever Vidcon crew found out people were scamming their way into meeting Dan and Phil. They sent Dan and Phil to their break and would not let them come out until everyone in line was registered and had this meet and greet. Thank goodness that disaster was over but sadly people that scammed their way through well some still met them. I’m all for everyone meeting Dan and Phil but it just wasn’t fair to them to be there longer than they were told. Plus they haven’t slept for two days. Goodness. 

Anyways to the part where I meet them. I flew from east Tennessee for Vidcon and to vacation in Los Angeles. With that being known I had my boarding passes and thought it would be funny for them to sign after they told us about their plane fail. So it comes to be my turn and Phil is first so I’m just like arms open and jogging to him saying HI. I was so happy they are so nice and cute and I just cannot say enough positive things about them. Then I hugged Dan and I swear their hugs are so good. Like Phil can just hug me all day and I would not mind. After the hugs I said that I flew all the way from Tennessee for this and thought after the story last night that you could sign my boarding passes. They said sure and did. After that I said so I’m jet lagged and you two are jet lagged so let’s just pretend we say something cool and take a photo. Dan was looking at me like he knew what I was saying but really didn’t. We all do that. That just makes me laugh. So I hand my phone over for a photo and my camera decided to go back to the regular screen and on the screen is twitter, tumblr, instagram, wattpad, clock, camera, and more. He literally saw that I had wattpad. Like please run me over and leave me to die. I didn’t say what I wanted to do for the photo so we just smiled. What’s so funny is that it looks just like my first photo. lol. I cannot with my life. After the photo was taken I got my phone back and Dan said thank you for coming all the way out and for watching our videos. I leave to get my bag and continue on with life.

That is my meet and greet with Dan and Phil at Vidcon US 2017. Can I be honest? I literally didn’t feel that great after meeting them. I think it was rushed and that it wasn’t as personal to me as meeting them last year at the Washington DC stop on TATINOF. Overall I’m really grateful and wanted to share my experience with people that haven’t meet them and to let everyone know that they are actually nice and do care about their subscribers. 

If you want to read about my first meet and greet experience then click here: http://stayinyourlehane.tumblr.com/post/144795723734/yesterday-there-was-history-made-in-washington-dc


(((( for my dear joanna senpai who just started stanning 17!!!

everything has either junhui/minghao in it because i’m trash for them like that!!!

i didn’t put in the titles/authors since u can see it after clicking the link ))))

https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/813692 - JUNHAO SMUT first of all i love this because it’s well written smut and junhao i love Sinning

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6931981 - junhao! i just found this while looking at the junhao tag in ao3 and i love the concept a+++

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6365353/ - WONHUI. 105k words of wonhui. and it has a lot of dancing terms, but! the characterization is A+++ i love it

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5277134/ - jihan but i love this au so much so im recommending it anyways!!! but this isn’t complete!

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5218811/ - A SET OF ONESHOTS/DRABBLES for every otp, but i don’t think this is done too. but you can see a lot of rare otps so who knows you might discover an otp here that u never wouldve thought u’d ship

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6701665 - WONHUI + MINGHAO SMUT AA AA A A AA A AA i love anything with wonhui and even moreso with minghao SO THIS FIC IS A BLESSING

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6602794 - WONHUI again this is hella funny and really cute i love the sns parts!!


http://archiveofourown.org/works/5821237 - ANOTHER WONHUI (do u see me being trash for wonhui now they are like my suyeol) + kid!minghao i love every single thing in this fic i love minghao my smol child my heart ached bc of this

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5451419 - surprise, surprise!!! WONHUI + soonhoon (aka 96 line!!!) smut ahe this is when i found out that i actually ship soonhoon

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5344013 - ANOTHER WONHUI IM SORRY i read a lot of wonhui. this is another smut. but this was one of the first svt smut i’ve read and im hAPPY BECAUSE THIS IS A GEM.

http://archiveofourown.org/works/6817777 - oh man junhoon i literally read this before i rec’d this i love fluff i love nonau junhoon ESP WHEN THEY FIRST WON THE MUSIC SHOW oh god jun is so bf material

http://archiveofourown.org/works/4700573 - CHINALINE one of the first fics i read i love this so much mgmhnhg (+++badass minghao, gr8 concept)


http://archiveofourown.org/works/5352575 - JUST a really cute short junhan fic!!! i love them too but theres not a lot,

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5268311 - OKAY this is a lot of pairings (ot13) but there’s no smut i just really love this fic to bits it’s still ongoing but i just loVE THIS FIC SO MUCH

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5960836 - another ot13 fic i love ot13 very much and it’s a cute au!! it’s ongoing as well but i still rec anyways

UPDATE (1/???)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/5247953 - ot13 very short orchestra!au fic. i’ve never handled an instrument but it’s reaLLY FUNNY AND JUNHAO TALKING ABOUT ANIMALS WHILE JIHOON IS TALKING ABOUT ASSIGNMENTS

• archiveofourown.org/works/6963403 - ANOTHER OT13 FIC it’s a short group message fic and 95% relatable bc im in a gc as well and the roasting + gay is overflowing (written for svt’s first anniv!!)

UPDATE (2/???)


http://archiveofourown.org/works/6997735 - WONHUI + side!gyuhao!!! i LOVE THIS FIC TO BITS BECAUSE WONWOO IS SUCH A TSUN AND COCKY JUNHUI IS JUST?????¿¿¿ reallyho t???¿ and gyuhao i love gyuhao so much


http://archiveofourown.org/works/6767350 - READ IT THIS IS THE BEST THING AFTER BAEKBAMA

ok this is all i have for now!!! there’s a lot more but some are ongoing and havent updated for a while so i didn’t include them. i hope you enjoy reading all this!!! ^o^ ***i will edit this every now and then when i find good ones that tickle my fancy ahe


For years I thought that my weight was the cause of my loneliness, that I would never find anyone to love me because I was fat. The truth was I didn’t value myself so I let dick head guys make me feel shit.

Then one day I met a guy at work and he was so polite, friendly and lovely. He wasn’t my usual type, but he was handsome and sweet. I thought we were just friends, because ya know, guys were always too ashamed to actually go out with me. Then out of the blue one week he asked me out, he said he thought I was funny, beautiful and that I had a cute welsh accent.

It was weird to have someone look beyond my size as so many guys wanted to keep me as some dirty fat secret. So, I took a chance and said yes. Turns out that was a good choice because 6 years down the line I am literally happier than I have ever ever ever been in my life. Dan makes me feel like the most special person in the world and he is 100% part of the reason why I am in such a content place with my body image.

Where I’m trying to go with this is please don’t let the way people treat you make you feel like you don’t deserve the happy ending. Open your minds and hearts to the idea that love surpasses looks and size, be kind to yourself and to other people and you will welcome in opportunities that will lead to special things. Most importantly believe in yourself and your worth, love starts with yourself and that truly is the greatest love story.

anonymous asked:

Out of curiosity and some positivity for Mon El. What do you like about him? And what do you love about karamel?

Hello, love! I’m going to try to answer this question without repeating myself too much because God knows some of you must be tired of hearing me indicating my reasons for why I ship Karamel. I’ve actually made a post about it some time ago if some of you want to check it out: here it is. But I never get tired of talking about this so let’s do it.

I love Mon-El so much! In spite of his upbringing and the rotten society of Daxam, he’s still innately good and that’s impressive. It shows how powerful his good nature is when it can outweigh his ingrained values and customs from his home world. And I love that he isn’t blind to his mistakes and he just really wants to be better. He’s always trying so hard and bettering himself step by step. And that’s cool. I love that the writers didn’t rush his character development and didn’t make him just have a sudden epiphany and magically become perfect. He’s actively trying to improve and find out who he is and where he belongs in this new world. Ultimately he’s not just a cardboard cutout character. He’s actually had one of the most interesting and complex character developments on the show. And he’s such a cute puppy, so naive and pure. And so damn funny! And I think that he isn’t truly conscious of how good he actually is beneath that exterior and that’s where he falters sometimes. All the times that we saw him act by instinct and not by thought, he’s always trying to protect people or just do the right thing. I love that Kara has been inspiring him to embrace this part of him and help him become the best version of himself which is already there but just needs encouragement and love.  

And obviously I ship Karamel because they complement each other, they’re different enough that they can learn from each other’s differences (he’s learning to be more courageous and selfless and she’s learning to let a guard down, loosen up, become more tolerant and stand up for herself as Kara Danvers); and they’re similar enough that they can agree and stay together in regard to the most important matters; they understand each other and they talk and reminisce about stuff that others can’t; they don’t have to hold back their powers when they’re together; they’re both cute, bubbly and playful which makes everything more exciting; they’re so affectionate with each other and Kara believes in Mon-El so much and he really admires her and that’s just beautiful. And I could go on and on or go into more depth but I guess you get the point. 

Go Reid!



Prompt: the reader surprise Spencer sweetly at the Bureau softball game.

@overcastmisfitkid @paradiselover-18


When you entered in the bullpen, you immediately looked for Spencer.
He was not at his desk, not in Hotchner’s office and neither at the coffee machine so when you saw Agent Anderson you stopped him.

“Hi Grant, do you know where Spencer is?”

“Good morning Miss (y/l/n). He left an hour ago with Agent Morgan but I don’t know where they are.”

“Ok, thank you Grant. Can I go to Garcia’s office or it is a problem?”

“Of course you can go, don’t worry.”

So you headed her office to see one of your greatest friend. It was always a pleasure to spend time with her because she was always happy.
When you knocked she hurried to open the door and when she saw you, she squealed in happiness.

“(Y/n)! Why on earth are you here?”

She hugged you too tight that for a moment you couldn’t breath.

“I came here to see Spencer but Agent Anderson told me he left the office with Derek.”

While you were speaking she let you come in and you sat in one of her computer chair.

“So Penny, where are our men?”

“My chocolate thunder plays in the Bureau softball team this year but they needed another player, so he asked Spencer to take part in the team.”

“Oh God, don’t tell me Spencer is training!”

You laughed at the thought of Spencer playing a game that involves physical actions. You imagined him in that moment and you thought it was funny and cute at the same time.
Penelope told you that Morgan sent her a message telling her that Boy Genius was too frustrated and suddenly you stopped laughing.
You had just realized how much Spencer could be embarrassed about his sport skills and you felt bad to made fun of him.

“When is the game? I would really love to support him.” you asked.

“Tomorrow. We can go together. And you know know what?!”

You already knew that she had a fancy idea.
She opened a drawer and took out some markers, pastels and glitters.

“We are going to do some banners!”

You didn’t even try to tell her something that you took a sheet of paper and started to draw something.
It took a while before Spencer entered Penny’s office. Fortunately you two had already finished your work because you wanted to surprise him.

“Honey, what are you doing here?”

You stood up from the chair and kissed him lightly. You told him the reason why you were there and then you left, telling him you would have waited for him at home.
That evening was spent wonderfully between kisses and something more.

The afternoon of the next day Penelope drove you to the stadium where the game was about to be played.
You joined the rest of the team and suddenly you heard your name be pronounced by someone.

“(Y/n)! What are you doing here?” Spencer asked smiling.

You ran toward him in the game court and you jumped in his arms.

“Were you really thinking I would have missed my handsome, smart boyfriend playing softball? Then, you think I would have wasted time with these?” you said showing him the banners you did with Penny the day before.

He could not help but laugh sweetly at you sweetness.

“Now go and win.” and with that you kissed him passionately.

From the stands you heard someone clapping hands and whistling at you two and you grinned.

Even if Spencer failed every time, you always smiled at him and blow him a kiss to encourage him and, after all, at the end of the game all your kisses counted.
He made the team win and you could not be more proud of him.

One Piece 856 - Review/Thoughts

Now I’ve been waiting for this chapter since this arc started and mostly I enjoyed it a lot… However I have some mixed feelings.

Haven’t written a review for like 10 chapters… ^^’‘‘ But I felt like I really really had to with this one! ;) I hope you enjoy my review of chapter 856 “Liar”!

SPOILERS under the cut.

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Here’s a fuck manager story. I had just moved 900 miles away from where I grew up to live with my boyfriend. I had started working at this cell phone store. Of course you have shitty customers (literally this old guy shit on the floor) but for the most part it was quiet and relaxed. When I had first started we had no manager, I had no real training. Just had to watch and learn. After about 6 months we get this manager who I thought was really cute and funny. He was twice my age. So of course there was A LOT of flirting at work. He liked to drink a lot and send me late night texts. They were typically fine just kind of like “Hey!!!!” Nothing really inappropriate. During this time I was extremely vulnerable, I had severe mental health issues going on. Manager of course knew this. He had started grooming me (buying me dinner and drinks and gifts all the time). He had pressured me into moving out of my boyfriend’s apartment and he almost got me to move in with him. Instead I moved back home, manager kept calling me awful names each night when he drank, telling me I was a bitch or childish or some shit. Ended up blocking his number. He tried to drunk message me via Facebook. Blocked him on there. And recently (It’s been 6 months since I last spoke to him) he tried sending me a message via Instagram and I’m just so done. Awful experience 0/10 do not recommend

IEJI ~ Happy Birthday to MUCC~

2017/05/04 (Thu) at the Ibaraki Prefectural Citizen Culture Center Hall
(Coming of Age Ceremony and Concert)


For goods sales before the show, the line was crazy. I lined up an hour before sales were to start and the place in front of the venue was pretty much full with people queuing already, 500-800 before me and in the end at least 400 behind me, easily more. Some of the goods were limited to two items per person (towel and shirt), towels and one size of the shirt still sold out before I got to the goods table (T_T). Shirts were all sold out by the end.

Next to the door they had a board and bamboo decoration for a coming of age ceremony (as I am sure is conducted for Mito kids in that very venue when they turn 20). About the mistake in the printed year (heisei 27 instead of 29), it says this was Yukke’s mistake.

They started a bit late, I think partly due to the goods craze and partly due to ticket double checking. I was in the second last row, and saw half the last row being asked outside again, to be questioned about their tickets. Apparently someone had bought a ticket for that area online so they were trying to figure out which seat so they can get the seller.
Re-sale was always prohibited but they are finally cracking down on re-sales where the price was increased / that happened on ticket-resale sites (where people often increase the price).


First, Satochi, Yukke and Tatsurou came on stage in traditional clothes, but no Miya. Miya came in from a side door for the audience, walking through the seats to the stage in his flashy red clothes.
Once he had joined the others on stage, Mito-chan (the mascot) appeared and gave them a package of nattou. Tatsurou opened it for a sniff, then had Yukke smell who all but JUMPED back at the strong smell. Mukku (the red one) came out and gave a little speech about MUCC and told each of the members something. Miya sat down in the middle of him speaking (“But it’s your Coming Of Age ceremony! Keep it together just for a little bit longer!”), used his folding fan, dropped that to the ground and just was a flashy brat all around.
Mukku to Tatsurou: 20 years ago you had close-cropped hair and “god” written on your face, and you still managed to grow up so cool.
Mukku to Miya: Good job getting anything done with these three idiots.
Yukke would have been next in line, but Mukku turned to Satochi first.
Mukku to Satochi: Please study a bit harder for kanji and math…
Mukku to Yukke: You are only at 18 years and therefore not of age yet. In two years, please celebrate your coming of age at home alone.


01. Aka
02. Fuzz
03. Zettai Zetsumei
04. Worlds End
05. Kyousoukyoku
07. Mukashi Kodomo datta Hitotachi he
08. rhythm session leading into Himitsu
09. 1979
10. Wasurenagusa
11. Suna no Shiro
12. Ieji
13. Heide
14. Nirvana
15. Orugooru
16. Namonaki Yume

18. part-changed Sekai no Owari
19. part-changed Ranchuu

Double Encore
20. ESCAPE (Moonchild cover)
21. Dejavu (Luna Sea cover)
22. NO?!
23. 1997
24. Daikirai
25. Ranchuu
26. Myakuhaku


For Aka, the first song, the guys didn’t seem to move around as much as normal so everyone was all “huh? something’s off”, but most of the audience didn’t realize that there were entirely different people on stage that were only wearing MUCC’s costumes – until the real members popped up behind them and the body doubles disappeared from the stage.
In one of the MCs they talked about this. Like, about who the body doubles were:
Yukke: Mine was SCREW’s Rui.
Tatsurou: Mine was Girugamesh’s Shu, GirugameShu.
Miya: We didn’t find anyone for me until yesterday, but one of the kouhai I drink with when home kind of looks similar to me, and he’s in a band now too and had time to come, so him.

That guy is a bassist so all of the three in front were bassists XD
Tatsurou: What about you Satochi?
Satochi: Mine was Takayasu-san.
Tatsurou: Yourself?
Satochi: (small voice) yes.

Tatsurou: I feel like we shouldn’t talk about stupid things during the MC for the 20th anniversary, but MUCC came this far while talking about nothing but useless stuff during the MCs so I also want to stay true to that.
Yukke: Oh, I have something stupid to talk about! It’s something I can’t say normally, but… is it ok to talk about shit for a bit? (everyone: ???)
Yukke: Shit drills have been really popular lately, you know, study sheets where the answers to all questions will spell out shit!
Satochi: (nods in happy understanding)
Yukke: Satochi, you received some of those right? Presents from fans? I don’t know why they are so popular, maybe they are more fun to do than normal drills?
Satochi: Yes, they are fun! So much fun! (sounding like an excited elementary school kid)

Satochi was reading 実話ナックルズ in a store (… if you don’t know the magazine, please do a picture search for the name, such a yankee mag omg). Which lead Miya to remember…
Back when Miya had a part time job in Kabukichou, at some after party a kouhai got utterly wasted so Miya helped stuffing him into a taxi and someone must have taken a picture of that because it appeared in 実話ナックルズ with something like “A True Account Of Kidnapping! The Dark Side Of Kabukichou!” (MUCC cracking up)
Tatsurou: So you really appeared in the magazine?!
At the time apparently Miya mentioned it during an MC too and Satochi went to a convenience store right after the live to check it out and yes, the article in question was there XD

For the encore, they changed positions:
Tatsurou → bass (not one reduced to two strings this time, a normal fully stringed bass)
Miya → drum (behind his own little drum set, not Satochi’s)
Yukke → guitar
Satochi → vocal (with little angel wings on his back)
During Sekai no Owari, for all the 俺はまっすぐ歩けない lines (“can’t walk straight”), Satochi was penguin walking around the stage avoiding two steps in the same direction XD
And all of the growls sounded like Satochi was throwing up… XD;

Satochi thought they were doing only Sekai no Owari with changed parts, but no, also Ranchuu. In between the two, Satochi admired Tatsurou because
Satochi: Damn, doing vocals is EXHAUSTING how do you do it, moving all the time is so hard you’re amazing!

During Ranchuu, there was even more Satochi throwing up (“growling”… but he even stood in ways that suggested throwing up, like bending over and such) and moving in adorably cute patterns around the stage, like damn, I have never laughed so hard during Ranchuu that my stomach hurt afterwards but this time, oh wow XD SO CUTE. SO FUNNY.
So, a big percentage of the crowd was laughing waaay to hard to do any headbanging, but we enjoyed it to no end XD

For the double encore, they returned to their normal positions. And started with two song covers, for ESCAPE they had live piano on stage again, played by Yoshida-san who has worked with them during recordings before (he played the piano for Shinsou on Zekuu and ever since worked with them whenever they needed a pianist).
Apparently they first hired him for only one song (Suna no Shiro) for this live, and then with “can we add one more song?” “sure” “ok and one more then” they ended up with him on stage for three songs XD

The second time of Ranchuu, this time with everyone on their normal position, was amazing especially with the contrast to Satochi’s supercute version. Now everyone could (and did) go crazy enough for both times XD

Tatsurou: That you all have gathered here today, that means that MUCC are a part of your life! We are family!! Please continue like that for many years to come!!!! Ah… I said that, but… zen’in shikei!!! (what he always calls during Ranchuu, “You’re all under death penalty”ish, so everyone cracked up at that XD )

When they left the stage after the last song, Satochi started to throw Yukke’s bass into the audience, but of course stopped before it left the stage, shocking Miya next to him for a second XD

  • Announcements via a text video projected onto the backdrop

- Re-release of Tsuuzetsu and Homura Uta
- Tour in the summer in tiny tiny venues

Miya on Twitter on the Re-Releases:
“We could finally announce about the New Tsuuzetsu and the New Homura Uta. I think there are good parts to MUCC from long ago as well as good parts to the MUCC of today, so with this release we can directly compare their music which should be fun. We don’t want to just reproduce what we did back then. Right now, there are things we cannot do the way we did them back then. But also, there are things we can do now that we could not do back then. And so I think we managed to make something we could only make as the MUCC of today.”