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The binding of Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir is the child of Loki. Fenrir is also a gigantic wolf. Now I will tell the tale of the tragic faith of Fenrir, which also tells the tale of how Tyr became Tyr the one-handed. 

Fenrir were the cutest little wolf cub. and all the gods dotted on him constantly. But the older he got, the more dangerous he became. you see Fenrir were no dog, despite cuteness, he was very much a wolf. As such his spirit were of the wild animal and he knew not his own strenght.

The older Fenrir got the more dangerous he became for the gods of asgård. While the young Fenrir were not full of ill-will his wild spirit became more and more difficult to handle for the gods of the village. In the end the only one who could interact with Fenrir safely were the god Tyr.

Tyr remained a friend of Fenrir despite the scorn of the majority of the gods of asgård.Tyr also tried to be the mentor of the young Fenrir to be milder towards the other gods of asgård.

But the day came, when the gods of asgård, decided that Fenrir needed to get bound and controlled. They could not get Fenrir to agree with that though. So they tricked him by pretending that their chaining of him, were a fun game of testing Fenrirs strenght against the chains the gods bound him with. And Fenrir happily broke all the chains the gods tried to bind him with.

At last, in desperation the gods bought a thin golden enchanted chain. But Fenrir suspected that the final enchanted chain they brought forward were an trick.

Therefore Fenrir said: “that chain looks like it could never hold me! this must be a trick!”

And the gods looked at eachother, cause they were uneasy with tricking Fenrir, who after all, were the very same wolf cub they had all loved once upon a time. But in the end Tyr stepped forward and with a heavy heart and told Fenrir comforting lies. Tyr said:

“I will put the hand I use to swing my sword into your mouth to prove it is not a trick. if it is a trick your are free to bite off my hand. You know me Fenrir dear friend. I would never willingly sacrifice my dominant hand.”

and Fenrir were like: “sounds fake but ok.”

The gods bound Fenrir with the enchanted chain. Fenrir tried break it, but he could not. In rage and despair of having been betrayed by his friend Tyr, Fenrir bit off the hand of Tyr.

Tyr, between crying about just having lost a limb, said: “ok i deserved that but also ouch that hurt.”

Fenrir meanwhile: “i am in rage! I am bound by this chain to Ragnrök! I am going to kill you all when Ragnarök comes! anger! this is literally the worst! all i did was being a wolf, and not a tame pet! what did you expect, that i were a mere puppy? I am the child of Loki! I am no pet!”

here I believe the rest of the gods just slowly backed away from this very dramatic scene, while feeling somewhat bad about themselves.

and that is the story of Fenrir, the gigantic wolf, who are eternally bound by the gods. but when Ragnarök comes, he will commit revenge for this betrayal of the gods of asgård.