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Uncommon Questions for OCs and their creators:

Send me a # (questions for OCs) or a letter (questions for creators) and I’ll answer


  1. What’s the maximum amount of time your character can sit still with nothing to do?
  2. How easy is it for your character to laugh?
  3. How do they put themselves to bed at night (reading, singing, thinking?)
  4. How easy is it to earn their trust?
  5. How easy is it to earn their mistrust?
  6. Do they consider laws flexible, or immovable?
  7. What triggers nostalgia for them, most often? Do they enjoy that feeling?
  8. What were they told to stop/start doing most often as a child
  9. Do they swear? Do they remember their first swear word?
  10. What lie do they most frequently remember telling? Does it haunt them?
  11. How do they cope with confusion (seek clarification, pretend they understand, etc)?
  12. How do they deal with an itch found in a place they can’t quite reach?
  13. What color do they think they look best in? Do they actually look best in that color?
  14. What animal do they fear most?
  15. How do they speak? Is what they say usually thought of on the spot, or do they rehearse it in their mind first?
  16. What makes their stomach turn?
  17. Are they easily embarrassed?
  18. What embarrasses them?
  19. What is their favorite number?
  20. If they were asked to explain the difference between romantic and platonic or familial love, how would they do so?
  21. Why do they get up in the morning? 
  22. How does jealousy manifest itself in them (they become possessive, they become aloof, etc)? 
  23. How does envy manifest itself in them (they take what they want, they become resentful, etc)? 
  24.  Is sex something that they’re comfortable speaking about? To whom? 
  25.  What are their thoughts on marriage? 
  26.  What is their preferred mode of transportation? 
  27.  What causes them to feel dread? 
  28.  Would they prefer a lie over an unpleasant truth? 
  29.  Do they usually live up to their own ideals? 
  30.  Who do they most regret meeting? 
  31.  Who are they the most glad to have met? 
  32.  Do they have a go-to story in conversation? Or a joke? 
  33.  Could they be considered lazy? 
  34.  How hard is it for them to shake a sense of guilt? 
  35.  How do they treat the things their friends come to them excited about? Are they supportive? 
  36. Do they actively seek romance, or do they wait for it to fall into their lap? 
  37. Do they have a system for remembering names, long lists of numbers, things that need to go in a certain order (like anagrams, putting things to melodies, etc)? 
  38. What memory do they revisit the most often? 
  39. How easy is it for them to ignore flaws in other people? 
  40. How sensitive are they to their own flaws?
  41. How do they feel about children? 
  42. How badly do they want to reach their end goal? 
  43. If someone asked them to explain their sexuality, how would they do so? 


A) Why are you excited about this character?
B) What inspired you to create them?
C) Did you have trouble figuring out where they fit in their own story?
D) Have they always had the same physical appearance, or have you had to edit how they look?
E) Are they someone you would get along with? Would they get along with you?
F) What do you feel when you think of your OC (pride, excitement, frustration, etc)?
G) What trait of theirs bothers you the most?
H) What trait do you admire most?
I) Do you prefer to keep them in their canon universe?
J) Did you have to manipulate or exclude canon factors to allow them to create their character?


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I'm new here, sorry to bother, but why won't answer any paperfresh questions?

Warning: Long post so yeah… hence why the read more o-o

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Jasper’s Gem is her defect

I’ve mentioned this in reblogs, but it needs its own post. If only to keep my sh’t organized…

To be more specific, her Gem size. 

Let’s start by comparing CG Amethyst to the Famethyst:

Her Gem is the same shape and same size as the other Amethyst’s. And, despite what some theorists have been claiming, we have NO reason to think any of them is defective. Especially since we have an actual expert on the subject commenting on it. 

Peridot: “I tell you, it really makes you appreciate the Prime Kindergarten, Amethyst. Your Kindergarten was so thought through! Sure, you might have spent extra time in the ground, but everything else is stacked in your favor! Great location, great holes, even spacing, consistent depth, a real kindergartener gets it right.”

The only reason Amethyst ended up smaller is because she stayed in the ground to long. If not for that, she would ended up looking like her Prime sisters. The problem with Beta was not that it was a Kindergarten on Earth, it was the fact that it was a rushjob. As Peridot points out, there is some serious planning involved in creating a proper Kindergarten. 

Let’s look at the Beta’s:

Despite looking different, all of their Gems (that we’ve seen) have the same size and same shape. A safe assumption here is that a Jasper Gem is supposed to be round and smooth. 

Another misconception the fandom often does is think that Jasper was the only successful Gem from Beta. And the show never said that. What we’ve been told about Jasper is that she’s the only perfect Quartz made on Beta. That Jasper somehow came out absolutely perfect despite coming from a Kindergarten that was a total rush job. 

They don’t look that different from the Amethyst’s. So, for all we know, some of the Beta’s we see in That Will Be All could be normal Jasper’s. They could be what a Jasper is supposed to look like. 

So we have an idea of what a Jasper Gem is supposed to look like. And possibly an idea of how a Jasper holographic body is supposed to look like. So back to our Jasper: 

Her Gem is a sliver of what it should be. While other Jasper’s have a round, smooth Gem, Jasper’s……is a nose. 

So Jasper being perfect is not due to her Gem. Its because of the code on it. Jasper’s Gem somehow has a perfect code, perfect data stored in it despite being half the size of what its supposed to be. And, this is subtle, but Jasper actually projects a beefier body than the Famethyst. 

So Jasper’s Beta origins is always visible. Whenever she sees a reflection of herself, she sees the thing that marks her as a Beta Gem. As an Earthling. And we can now infer that being an Earthling is a black mark in the eyes of Homeworld. 

Earth is an awful place. And anyone from that place is just as awful. 

It doesn’t matter that Jasper is a hero to the “grunts” of Homeworld, Earth is still a hated place. And she is keenly aware of her Diamond that she failed to protect. 

Not to mention Jasper has been alone all this time. The other Betas had each other for support. Thanks to Holly Blue, I’m certain that they know how Homeworld sees them. Sees Earth. But they have each other for support. 

Jasper doesn’t. She’s been all alone, surrounded by this idea that Earth and everything related to it is awful. And on her face, she has a visual reminder of her own origins. That marks as defective despite having a perfect code. 

What it’s Like to be...

Hello tumblr! I have a very special announcement that I would like EVERYONE to read: I’m doing a “What it’s Like to be [gender/sexuality]” series and I want everyone to participate! My main goal is to inform everyone about all of the different genders/sexualities, and help those who are questioning. Each gender/sexuality will have its own post which will consist of submissions by you! Each post will have the flag, definition, myths/misconceptions, tips/tricks, and your experiences and thoughts!

Here’s how it works:

  • If you are a member of the LGBT+ community, send me a message or ask telling me all about what it’s like being your gender/sexuality. Everyone can submit! You don’t need to be following me, and you can submit for multiple genders/sexualities. You can submit on or off anon, one point or 500 points. You can submit even if you think it’s already been done, you think it’s an obvious point, or if you’re closeted.
  • Send me a message/ask listing your experiences, jokes, tips, myths, definitions, symbols, and more related to your gender/sexuality. There is no limit for submissions!
  • Send everything in by Friday, July 28, 2017. The reason it’s that far in the future is because I want time for a lot of people to submit. At the moment I don’t have a lot of followers, so I allowed myself some time for word to spread and submissions to start coming in. I will start posting on Saturday, July 29, and will continue until I have posted all the submissions.
  • Unless otherwise requested, submissions that are off anon will be tagged in their contributions as a thank you. You can ask to be tagged as well if you don’t submit, but I really hope you do because this can help a lot of people out there to get information.
  • If you remember something or want to add something after a post has already been posted feel free to comment/reblog anything we’ve missed! Please do not change anything if you do, but you can add to it.
  • Remember that each experience is different for everyone. That’s why I want so many people involved. When reading these posts, if you disagree with a point please do not hate on me or the person who submitted it.
  • Each post will be tagged as [ #what it’s like to be ] along with the gender/sexuality of the post and any other relevant tags.
  • Here is an example of what a post might look like:

What it’s like to be [gender/sexuality]

{Picture of flag}

What is [gender/sexuality]?

[gender/sexuality] means…

Myths and Misconceptions:

People often think or confuse us for…

What is it like to be [gender/sexuality]?

Your experiences, stories, jokes, symbols,  and more.

Tips and Tricks for being [gender/sexuality]

How to pass, where to look for good clothing, how to explain your gender/sexuality, showing pride while in the closet etc.

Contributions by:

Tag list of people who contributed off anon

Additional Tag list:

Anyone who wanted to be tagged that didn’t contribute, just shoot me an ask or a message and I’ll add you to the tag list!

I highly encourage EVERYONE who can submit to do so, and if you can’t please signal boost this! I hope this will be a huge success and will inform a lot of people about the LGBT+ community.

Okay so if you don’t know already, I love Doctor!Cas in destiel fics SO MUCH. Like I don’t even need to read the fic if it has doctor!cas in it, i’m already there XD. 

So here’s a list of the best/my favorite destiel fics with Doctor!Cas in them. I’ll update this from time to time when I find more fics :) (I track the doctor!cas tag on ao3 lol) All of these are AU and complete! 

Tagging: @deanscolette, @lostboycas, @seraphmisha, @rebmathegisher <3

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Just a gentle reminder on this first day of pride month that calling an aspec “cishet” without their permission is aphobic since this erases their aspec ID(s) and reinforces heteronormativity not to mention it’s cissexist if they’re actually trans/nb/agender/etc 💜

April Studyblr Challenge by @nkbstudies

Day Six:  How do you keep your work organized?

I sort of answered this in this infographic I made and posted when I first made this blog! Each class has its own notebook (math and sciences have binders, technically) and its own color. When recording assignments in my bujo, I write it in the color of the class it was assigned in (history notebook is orange, so all history assignments are written in orange). This system really works for me, so I thought I’d share it! It’s cheap, too. All you need is a $5 pack of rainbow pens or markers and you’re set!

tbh i feel like lup is a character that griffin has been dying to make a central part of the group, and not because she’s amazing and embodies the entirety of the story, but because she creates character conflict. for pretty much the entire balance arc, griff has tried to get the three boys to disagree on stuff, but because of who the characters are, taako and merle being too easy going and not caring enough, and mags practically overriding any conversation or argument by just rushing in has made for a dnd campaign with basically no conflict amongst the pcs

now a campaign doesn’t need to have conflict to be a good one but for an audio only story, conflict is the easiest way to develop the characters and get the boys to really address what’s important to them and what they would fight for, but with a character like mags (which is a very common type let me tell you i’ve been overrided too many times) the other characters generally do not get a say unless they extremely object. which has probably been something very irritating for griffin where he had to literally pull their teeth to get backstory and character details

so enter lup who’s not afraid to bite back at the boys and question their choices and just from that argument we, as an audience, suddenly understand lup almost completely. we understand her motivations and what’s she terrified of and that she, as a character, cannot lose hope. and!! we even got a huge understanding of taako!! i mean look at all the meta that came from just that one interaction because suddenly we see this interaction and it justifies who taako is as a character. i would even go as far to say it developed mags as well

as a dm, griffin has been trying desperately to get the boys to fight against each other with moral choices (wonderland, the chalice, lucas, and others too) and granted they can’t just put out an ep that is an hour of back and forth between the boys of deciding what to do with the chalice, but griffin has been trying to get to develop past the ‘magnus rushes in, taako’s good out here, merle? does something?’ (sorry i forgot what merle’s was OTL) to the point where griffin has tried multiple times to separate magnus from the group to force the other two to take initiative and lup and this new play style is finally making them do exactly that

so TL;DR Lup is a character that griffin has been dying to introduce and is the character conflict/instigator that the campaign has needed for a long time

Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader- Stalker From Another Universe (Part 4)

I was about to post this, but then my mind got side tracked and then I fell into the void that’s named Tumblr.  When I finally snapped out of my daze, I forgot that I was posting something….. This is what you do to me Tumblr!!!

Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3

Warning: Swearing, blood.  There’s nothing to worry about here….

Tagging: @cheyennethefangirl, @its-scarlet-witch-bitch

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7 Random things about sigils

Just some things I wanted to write down having to do with sigils. I thought some of this information might be useful, and I couldn’t figure out a way to work it into a post on its own, so please enjoy,and stay beautiful my friends. <3

1) Sigils that are flashing much like a strobe light, become some form of brain stimulant that eases all who see it into a more gnostic like state, attracting their attention to it giving the sigil energy, and allowing it to manifest.

2) You don’t need to do any sigil method in order to make a sigil, all you need is something unique that you can associate your intent with. This will become your sigil.

3) Sigils are one of the lowest forms of programmed energy constructs, but are still incredibly useful.

4) The more an individual sigil  is used for its purpose, the stronger that individual sigil is at performing its purpose, and it may eventually get to a state where it does not need to be charged anymore, because of the great amount of energy that the sigil contains.

5) Sigils can be made for specific entities, and can be used to call them to you.

6) You can use more than one sigil at the same time and combined their energies by simply drawing a the same circle around them, and then charging, and activating them.

7) Because sigils are programmed energy from your intent a practitioner can always set up triggers on their sigils. These triggers can be words, or actions that begin the activation of that sigil’s manifestation. In order to put a trigger on a sigil all you have to do is write it into its intent, so that the energy will know when to manifest. This can be good for sigils that you want to use in a specific way, or at a specific time.

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Idk if you're comfortable answering this or not... but can you talk about the difference you feel mentally when you're taking your medication vs how you feel when you don't? I'm seeing a psychiatrist next week and the whole thing still kinda scares me a little bit but I know that it's something I need to finally do. Your posts make me smile btw, thanks for being you.

the difference between not taking and taking medication can be minimal for some but is absolutely life changing for others. personally for me it is life changing. i feel out of control. like i can’t control my own emotions or thoughts. i feel everything in absolutely waves. my feelings are everything or they are nothing. they are out of my control. on medication i feel my emotions as everyone else does. i can physically feel the difference in my brain. it’s like it levels you out. i recently saw my psychiatrist and even said to her that i hate relying on medication and she said to me you wouldn’t deny a cancer patient their chemotherapy. a child their ADD meds, etc. and you are no different. and this is why we need to stop the stigma surrounding mental illness and taking medication. because that shit saved my life.