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season two thoughts???

i watched all of this as soon as it came out last night so i probs forgot a lot of details lol. here’s some stuff i liked about s2:

  • sheith fucking died good riddance
  • shiro in ep 1 just being like “guess i’ll die lol” Mood
  • episode 2
  • pidge being cute heals my wounds
  • for some reason i wasn’t expecting a rebel galra organization at all so i really liked that!
  • that monster from the 3rd episode that essentially vores things and then vored itself and died
  • the pool scene and also every klance interaction in general tbh
  • paul blart mall cop space edition! how does netflix know who i am and what i want!!!!!!
  • lance’s cow that just fucking disappeared 
  • galra keith!!! Nice!!!!!!!!!!!
    • hunk making galra keith jokes is my fave i hope we see more of that lmao
  • the scene w lance’s insecurities setting the stage for a lance arc in s3
  • i wasn’t expecting the twist w haggar at all and now i want answers lol
  • i really loved every coran scene i would die for coran

things i didn’t like about s2

  • hunk being reduced to food and fat jokes like…he’s so much more than that wtf hunk deserves better
  • building up other character’s intelligence at lance’s expense is :/// lance is a Smart Boy give him some credit wtf i hope we see lance being respected more in s3
  • lance, hunk, and allura weren’t really around but i’m hoping that this means that s3 will be focused on them like how s2 was focused on keith, shiro, and pidge
  • i wish we saw more of ppl’s (and keith’s tbh) reactions to galra keith but i’m hoping that’ll be addressed in s3 cuz i doubt keith can adjust to this info as quickly as it seemed like he did
    • i hope we learn more about keith’s parents too wtf where is keith’s mom
  •  i can’t remember anything else but there’s a good chance i’ve missed some stuff

so yeah i liked season 2 a lot!!!! it wasn’t perfect but i have a feeling that s3 is gonna be way better and probably make up for what a lot of s2 neglected

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Archy! Regarding architecture imagery absent of people, I understand it's great for demonstrating design, and I see that this is a very common approach, used on both built and non-built projects. To me, however, it creates a very stiff and non habitable image of architecture. What do you think? Should there be more thought behind the inclusion of people in our presentation of architecture or am I just overthinking this?

I like both, you can get a great image of architecture with or without people. You might like to know that a great deal of thought goes into how a building is photographed whether is for artistic, marketing or documentation purposes.

But, would this image of Fallingwater (above) benefit from having people in it? I don’t think so and it does not make the architecture seem stiff or non-habitable. What about this one of the Ribbon Chapel (below). Don’t overthink it, a good picture brings out the true spirit of the architecture regardless of the lack or inclusion of people in the image.

Toujours Pur - Part 5

The space in Walburga’s chest continues to burn, her mothers words ringing in her ear.

You are a hard person to love

Druella: Have you looked in the dining room?

Walburga approaches the door, hearing voices from inside.

Avery: …good game you’ve played there.

Lestrange: Always knew you were an old dog.

She rolls her eyes, pushing the door ajar.

Orion: Though I have little choice otherwise. I thought she might be a challenge, but she’s just the same. Flowery words and flattery… women are so simple.

Walburga freezes. She can hear their voices clearly.

Lestrange: She’s a bitter, spiteful thing. I don’t know how you bear her.

Avery: Then why put up with it?

Orion: Tourjours Pur. It goes beyond just being pure of blood. I would have ended up with that ridiculous blonde had I not persuaded my cousin to propose to her. Walburga was a regretful final option.

Orion: Thinks the world belongs to her, that we should all be on our knees. I don’t think she realises she’s a woman. It’s that crazed mother of hers, telling her she’s important.

Lestrange: Nice face, he says…

Avery: Like he doesn’t notice the arse like the rest of us!

Their harsh laughter stokes the fire in Walburga’s chest. It roars in her ears.

Blind with rage, she tears herself from the door before it turns to ash beneath her fingertips.

She wants to scream. Or make someone else scream.

Walburga: …What are you talking about?

Druella: You got the ring. And you found love.

From across the room she makes eye contact with her mother, suddenly cold. Walburga isn’t burning any more.

You are a hard person to love


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Have you ever had second thoughts
about having second thoughts? 
Like, you know where you are 
and what you have is good 
and you shouldn’t be questioning it
but there is something lingering 
in the back of your head 
that tells you maybe 
your second thoughts are unwarranted?

And maybe I am not making sense
but have you ever been in love? 
And love is love is love is love 
until it’s not. Then what is it? 
“Do you stay until love comes back?”
That right there is the second thought.
The second second thought is 
“maybe it isn’t love but it is better than nothing 
so I might as well stay; lukewarm
is better than freezing even if I crave the heat." 

Or maybe you haven’t been in love,
that’s okay, I can make it simpler. 
You’ve been tired, right? Exhausted 
to the bone, knock down, drag out tired 
but for some reason you didn’t go to bed 
and the next morning you think
"I should have gone to earlier." 
That is the second thought. 
But then you start back peddling and you think
about all the nightmares you have ever had 
and how sleep is restless, leaves your body achy 
and you tell yourself "I didn’t need to sleep.
I’ve been running like this for so lone,
my body has adapted.”

And now the second second thought has 
taken over and it is such a dangerous thing

—  The Second Second Thought || O.L. 

Y’all. I’ve been listening to this youtuber’s channel for a while now and thought some of you might like it. This person does videos of World of Warcraft, Skyrim,& Overwatch video game music with wonderfully done shots of the game environments. Really good for studying, relaxing, focusing on anything really. Or to just appreciate if you wanna kill some time looking at the pretty landscapes while listening to pretty music/ ambience. 


The reason why team DR is team of demons: They promoted like they were main ship and killed off without much bait.

Just personal thoughts on Amami’s true intention: I think the reason why Amami said he will end the game was because he knew how to find the mastermind as he was survivor to the last game. He was planning to pinpoint&summon the mastermind by going to the most sensitive place for her (library). If he managed to kill her, he’d be the one ending the game. If he got killed, he thought that the guys were going to find out the real culprit in the first trial and finish the game without further murders.

And the reason why he told Kaede that it might be a good idea for her to take things easy and he was worried about her: if Kaede provokes the mastermind too hard by trying to defeat her, she will be framed for murdering when Amami is killed as a part of his plan.

And sadly, his worries happened. I think Amami is this kind of guy.


I recently bought this absolutely gorgeous little leather bound notebook (and it’s refillable! hallelujah!) and honestly, the first thought that came to mind when I saw it was that “this would make a GORGEOUS grimoire.”

And hey, since I’m currently writing a book about witchcraft, I thought making my own grimoire would be a pretty cool art/research project :3

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m completely spellbound by the sea, and since the journal does have a compass on the cover, and has anchor and helm charms, I’ve decided to choose sea magic as my specialty~!

Really think I’m going to enjoy this little project! If anyone’s interested, I might post some pictures of what I choose to fill the pages with in the future!

Edit: If anyone has any good resources on sea magick, please send them my way? 

So I started Gaiden today...

…And it’s actually really fun so far? Yeah it’s clunky and old and doesn’t have all the same stuff as later games, but it’s still pretty good.

I’m not too far in, I just recruited Silk, but I just thought you should know.

I might screenshot some things, but who knows. And also there’s like maybe one spoiler and I won’t say anything about that so don’t worry about those.

(Also I’m even more hyped for Echoes now just so you know)

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in neverland it seemed like there weren't adults anywhere unless they were allowed there by pan... everyone seems to think hook has had just like TONS of notches on his bedpost, but other than tink who showed up only a few years before hook left neverland, i thought there weren't really any women there. so does this mean hook might have been celibate for a couple hundred years? or male-exclusive?

Hmm.. good point. He could have done, who knows? 

I personally don’t think he would have went male-exclusive, he seems quite comfortable in desire for female company, but the man’s got centuries behind him, he could have done a bit of experimenting, who knows? - it remains a mystery.

Given that, we do know that he was sent quite a few times out of Neverland for runs. And he did stop off for a beverage of two in that time. Who’s to say he didn’t enjoy a little downtime too?

Plus we know that A&E expressed that their was history between Tink and Hook - a fling of sorts.

I wrote a bit of a meta on Killian and his reputation with women a while back, there’s a copy of the original post here.

Or if you’d prefer, i’ve pasted it below if you’re interested in reading it.


So i’ve been thinking recently (always a terrible idea) about Killian and his behaviour throughout the show and how he built a reputation.

I know i’m probably going to be way off base but this is just my thoughts and opinions…

The sleeping around thing

So we know that Killian has a reputation for sleeping around - being a pirate and all - but I feel like, while there is some truth behind it, it’s not as true as he has people believing.


We’ve seen that he does likes a barwench or two - the s3 finale showed us that.


We also heard him admit to Emma, that while his past self was more than ready to bed her (or another woman) if he would have remembered her, he would have gone after her. That doesn’t sound like the kind of thing a guy who uses and loses women would do.

Paying off the prostitute

We saw during the missing year that Smee and Killian’s crew paid a woman to spend the night with him. While he cheered and made all the right suggestive gestures to his crew, as soon as they were alone he paid her extra to lie about their evening and sent her on her way.

Now we know this was mostly to do with him missing Emma, but something tells me this isn’t the first time he’s used this tactic. As I said before - he clearly did sleep with quite a few women in his day, but I don’t doubt for a second that he’d paid them off on more than one occasion to keep quiet. It’s not like the women would complain - they get a pocket full of coins and bragging rights to bedding a notorious captain, without having to actually do any work. WIN - WIN, right?

Why do I think this??

Killian seems to be a man who falls in love quite easily. I don’t mean with everyone he meets - I simply mean, when he finds the one, he falls and falls hard. He spent centuries mourning the loss of Milah, his first love. He spent his time in the missing year mourning the loss of Emma; a woman he loved who as far as he knew, might not have felt the same.

Killian’s a one- woman kind of guy. And if given the choice, I think he’d rather spend his days with one woman than a string of mindless flings night after night. Not exactly something a guy who loves to sleep around can easily give up.

We saw how he was when he first met Milah. He was talkative, polite, courteous - he was interested in her and knowing about her. If it was just about sex for him, he wouldn’t have cared about her having a husband and he wouldn’t of cared about her desires to see the world or adventure with him. He’d have had one goal in mind. Which brings me to my next point.

“I’ve had many a man’s wife”

This was a line he used when tormenting Rumple in the crocodile. It’s been used against him quite a lot by anti’s (but we won’t get into that) and while it’s probably true that he has slept with women who have already had marital ties, I again think this line was built up on reputation.

Could I see Hook purposely scouting out already wed maidens and making it his objective to bed them, only to rub it in the faces of their husbands afterwards? No.

Could I see a newly formed pirate captain, seducing/being seduced by a woman and spending a night of bliss with her, only to be confronted by a raging husband the next night, demanding a duel while his crew cheers and eggs him on - renaming him the wife stealer? And while he probably had no clue she was legally tied to another, he used the mishap to his advantage by keeping quiet instead to boast about the incident for all it was worth and build up his reputation? Most likely.

“Your pretty face buys you a lot”

I saw a conversation on my dash last night about when they think Killian realised he was devilishly handsome and could use it to his advantage - I want to link to the post but I can’t bloody find it now, so if anyone knows what i’m talking about, please feel free to link to the post!

But I just wanted to add my thoughts on the subject.

I feel like Killian becoming aware of his looks and charms was a slow process. I think he used it as a diversionary tactic and as a way of getting him out of trouble, which later he began to use as a defence mechanism.

I imagine him discovering how easy it is to get away with things as a new pirate. I can imagine a barmaid or some merchant etc, freely flirting or letting him off with free goods while gushing about his ‘pretty face’ etc. And when he walks away a bit bewildered, one of his crew informing him that he’s got the face to get away with murder when it comes to the opposite sex. I imagine him slowly trying out the technique and learning how to use it for his benefit, slowly mastering the art until he knows - if needs be, he can get himself out of a tough spot by turning on the charm.

I imagine this working for him over centuries to the point where the teasing and jesting from his crew members about his tactics become second nature and he begins to use it as a defence mechanism.

I think Killian lacked a lot of confidence when starting out - his morals, his role as a brother, his abilities as an honourable man etc. But I think there was one thing he learnt he could be confident about - and that was his looks/charm. And so he flaunted it.


No one hates Killian more than Killian himself. He’d rather have people expect the worst of him as he probably already thinks the worst of himself as it is. At times he can be his own worst enemy. So can I imagine him building up a reputation as a ruthless, wife-stealing, heavy drinking, whorish pirate - because it’s better than anyone knowing the truth of him being a broken, revenge driven, hurting shell of a man. It’s easier to let people believe a lie than see the truth, isn’t it?

So yeah. While I think Killian is rather honest with his past deeds, I have a strong feeling that they aren’t as bad as what his reputation makes them out to be.

As I said - these are just my thoughts and observations - i’m sure many will disagree with me… but that’s the fun about fandom, right??


Heyo, I’m chill now and got over my issues. All is good. Just had to… get stuff off my chest, but I’m good. I’ve thought a bit more on this topic, and…

Despite how much I do enjoy giving my own commentary on fandom things, I do think that we as bloggers should keep in mind how much power our own words can have. While you may desperately want to prove another blogger wrong or give your own opposing opinion on a “controversial” post, please do remember how many people will see this. How many people might jump on the commentary train on opposing sides just because you reblogged it.

You’re not required to fight every battle, guys. Especially if it’s a petty “X character does/does not have flaws” argument. We as a fandom have gone through that a ridiculous amount of times- the majority know it’s silly. We know. 

(This also goes for annoying anons. Sometimes people are just looking to get you angry. Don’t let them take that satisfaction.)

Overall, please, please be cognizant of what you say. Please be respectful. PLEASE don’t start up the old fandom drama where it’s not needed.

While you were out burrowing in holes
afraid to imagine
too breathe out courage
and inhale faith

I managed to crawl over
boundaries laid out on terrain
that knew my name
but had no recollection
of who I was beyond
the impression of what
the wind whispered

Here has since gotten rid of its phobia-

the shape of my shadow

sound of my voice

that my touch might burn…

if it is the not knowing that brings terror
perhaps we should find out

—  T.L.R 

- I like my hair when it’s down and curly like this. The colours look good :)
- I am so glad that it’s a long weekend so we can move tomorrow,clean Sunday and still have Monday as a day off
- But on Monday Joel, Nicole and I are going on a hike. It’s a 4 hour hike so we will tramp to the hut, have a picnic, play some cards and tramp back before dark. It’s not meant to be good weather tho. Fingers crossed
- I like my goal I set of buying nothing that I don’t need. So many times Iv thought ‘man I might go buy a juice’ and then been like nopppeeee, save that money.
- Is it creepy that there’s a Dad at work and I find him attractive for an older guy?
- I currently have 14 children in my whanau (family) group at work and boy is it busy! It’s 2 weeks in and I’m like arhhhhh what are they all doing, what’s their interests, have I spent quality time with them all this week etc etc haha
- Time to sleep in my own house for the last time for over a year. 😢😢

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Ayyy Haysey ;3 How do people in the U.K. generally view Trump? I'm curious.


That there is a good question. It depends on who you ask really. Wel already had our ‘Trump’ moment with Brexit, which was fought on a similar campaign of fear (though Trump clearly saw that and thought he could do better) buuuuuuuuuut he is mostly seen as an accident waiting to happen. We’re also a bit worried about what he might do regarding the climate and china. Anything he, and by extension america, does will mean a good chance we’ll follow suit, as our politicians have about as much backbone as a sponge!

But hey, remember this, it’s not, nor will is EVER be Trumps america, it’s YOURS. And don’t let him, or anyone else, forget it.

Hope you’re having a good day :)

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Hey I have a question that's been bugging me for a bit tbh. Of course this is okay to ignore or redirect if needed. What might be this blog's opinion on "dysphoria" as a term used by cis intersex people? I'm trans and intersex, and tbh it came as a shock to me to see trans people say they thought it was a trans-only term,since I feel the experiences are (or rather, can be) very similar. If it's not a good word to use, is there a better one? Perhaps I'm looking at the wrong angle, for example.

Gender dysphoria/sex dysphoria is just a name for discomfort or anxiety surrounding a disconnect between your gender identity and your physical sex (or how people gender you based on your physical sex), which isn’t limited to trans people. There are people who still feel comfortable calling themselves their assigned gender or fitting in with it, but still feel uncomfortable about their sex characteristics. These people could of course be intersex, and anxious about an intersex trait that isn’t in line with what a dyadic cis person of their own gender might have, like an intersex cis/ipsogender woman with a moustache or a penis, or a man with breasts.

Between 8.5% and 20% of intersex people have gender dysphoria, although a larger portion of us don’t identify with our assigned sex, so it’s likely that most of these people aren’t cisgender. Still, what you’re describing is completely possible and definitely counts as dysphoria.



I can not stress enough how disrespectful this is.

I didn’t even write it and I’m embarrassed that someone in our fandom did this.

I get it, Yuzuru is an adorable cinnamon roll and to the yoi fans, like a real life yuuri. But he’s NOT Yuuri. The similarities stop at being a japanese skater and having a plush tissue box (seriously that’s it).

Yuzuru is a FOUR TIME GOLD MEDALIST, and just won gold again. He’s a clean, professional skater, and while i love Yuuri, comparing Yuzuru to Yuuri who, while being a great skater, placed last at the last gpf, and may possibly not win this one, is wrong and disrespectful. You might as well be comparing Yuuri to Victor when it comes to skating talent, and we all know Victor is ten times better.

Fans of Yuzuru are lashing out at the yoi fanbase because of this, and i cant apologize enough to them because someone in our fandom thought this was a good idea.

Thanks to the idiot who did this, because now the real skating fan community hates us. 😰😤😠😡.

Please, go watch Yuzuru skate, and you will understand why it is important that you dont compare the two. As a hardcore yoi fan myself, i found that disturbing.

I hope our fandom doesn’t start doing that to other skaters. 😓i get how fans like yuzuru bc of yoi, hell i found an interest in iceskating period bc of the show, and the show did draw my eye to him, but they’re not the same.

God why cant ppl just like both without having to do this?

-Rant over

Edit: i see that the page is back to normal thank goodness. As for ppl saying that I’m overreacting, am i really? I follow many of Yuzuru’s pages and all of them expressed nothing but hate not only towards the person responsible, but the yoi fanbase as a whole, and even the show itself. “Yoi is disgusting leave yuzuru alone” “i hate that show for doing this to Yuzuru” “anime fans have gone too far” “i knew that these two communities could not mix”….i have a screencap of someone saying that last one and it hurts my heart so badly because yuri on ice is such a flawless piece of work and so far we’ve done nothing but love eachothers communities. But they feel like yoi fans are being rude, disrespectful, and going too far because of this and that upsets me because the community we should be respecting the most is the real life community, the one with real ppl, not the one with imaginary ppl, no matter if we love one more than the other. I’d like the yoi community to keep good face as a welcoming community that’s respectful. If you dont see whats wrong here, you’re part of the problem.
The Problem with BBC Sherlock – of Terrible Themes, Abuse, and Tragic Gays

Here’s my first essay on my thoughts on S4.

I’ve been digesting the shock and sense of “wrongness” after THE FINAL PROBLEM, and I’ve come up with some ideas on why it bothers me so deeply. It has to do with themes. Every good story has a theme. It might be “love conquers all” or “the bad guys always lose” or “truth always comes out”. The themes of the show after S4 are truly repellent.

1.       The THEMES after S4:

a.       No matter what you do or sacrifice, it’s never good enough and you won’t win your heart’s desire in the end.

b.      It’s okay to abuse to your loved ones, it’s completely forgiveable, and, in fact, the most abusive people win.

c.       Lying and killing people is okay and you can still be a good person.


2.       SHERLOCK sacrifices himself over and over for very little reward and a lot of abuse.

a.       First, Reichenbach Falls. He jumps in order to save John, Lestrade, and Mrs. Hudson from snipers.  He goes off to dismantle Moriarty’s network, in part to keep them safe. Yes, he hurts John terribly. And yes, it was a mistake. But ultimately, Sherlock still did it for his friends. This is never explicitly discussed or acknowledged in the show between John and Sherlock after Sherlock returns. John never learns what Sherlock went through or says thank you. In fact, the “bomb” scene in S3.E1, Sherlock tricks John into forgiving him only to make a joke out of the whole thing. This is too serious a situation to joke about, yet a real resolution of this conflict is never shown. By S4.E2, it’s clear John still harbors anger over it. Never resolved.

b.      Sherlock plans John’s wedding and is his best man. If you read that Sherlock is gay and in unrequited love with John, this is a tremendous self-sacrifice. Even if you don’t, it’s still a sacrifice—Sherlock is not a party type. He hates social gatherings. Yet he does this for John. John never appears grateful. At the end of the wedding, we have Sherlock walking away alone and (probably) heartbroken.

c.       Sherlock is shot by Mary—and then forgives her, for John. This is almost incomprehensible, but nevertheless,  Sherlock catches John’s wife, Mary, in a lie, offers to help her, and she shoots him in the chest. He dies on the operating table. He comes back through superhuman effort. Mary threatens him again, twice. Yet he forgives her and tries to patch things up between her and John. Why? Because that’s what self-sacrificing friends do? Is this Stockholm Syndrome? Self-loathing? Never explained.

d.      Sherlock kills Magnussen to protect Mary. This was basically an act of suicide. But he did it – for his friends. Neither John nor Mary ever acknowledge this. In fact, in S4.E2, John tells Greg they should have known Sherlock was psycho because “he shot a man in the face” (yes, John, to save you. asshole)

e.      Sherlock again tries to help Mary when her past comes after her (S4.E1), and in the end, Mary throws herself in front of a bullet for him. Ok. Weird but OK. Afterwards, John blames Sherlock for it and casts Sherlock out of his life in a hateful way (again, breaking Sherlock’s heart when Sherlock did nothing wrong).

f.        Sherlock goes back on drugs and nearly dies confronting serial killer Culverton in S4.E2. At the end we find out it was all done to “save John Watson” from his grief. So once again, Sherlock nearly dies for John. And during E2 John treats Sherlock horribly, even going so far as to beat and kick him in a brutal attack.

g.       S4.E3 – Sherlock  battles with Euros to save John. There’s really no appreciation or recognition of this in the end.

SO – what does Sherlock ever get for his repeated sacrifice and pain? For getting shot, tortured, and beaten? For having his heart ripped out and watching the man he loves choose someone else?  He gets a John Watson who seems oblivious to what Sherlock does for him, is in love with his wife and cheating with another woman, is furious with Sherlock and treats him like shit after his assassin wife dies, and beats Sherlock. John finally does come back to Sherlock, but only in the capacity of a friend. More on this below.

3.       MARY – the lying assassin gets all the rewards and a Mary Sue make-over

a.       She pretends to be a nurse at a clinic, befriends John Watson at his lowest point after Sherlock’s death, and he marries her.  Given what he know about her past, surely she didn’t’ just coincidentally end up in John Watson’s path, yet it’s never explained by what deceit and plotting she found him.

b.      She has a secret past as a freelance assassin. Though it’s played up that her past was “very naughty” (Magnussen S3.E3), later in the show she’s whitewashed as being part of a mercenary team that did things like extract hostages. She lied to John about who she was and used a fake name.

c.       She shoots and murders Sherlock – and gets away with it completely. Both John and Sherlock  forgive her! She faces no prosecution and no penalty even from Mycroft or Lestrade, two of Sherlock’s protectes. This is never explained. She never even  says “I’m sorry” or justifies the shooting, not until long after she’s been forgiven and everything’s been swell for her.

d.      Sherlock remains “bffs” with her after this, calling her “his family” and trying to help her when her past comes back to haunt her.

e.      Even in her best moments, she’s manipulative and selfish. For example, she insults John’s value to Sherlock and refuses to let her husband have any say in naming the baby. In fact, she names the baby after herself and announces the name to a room full of friends without discussing it with her husband first. There are a lot of instances like this.

f.        She has an extremely implausible redemption arc when she throws herself into a bullet for Sherlock. Not only does it defy all logic and physics, it’s just dumb and corny.

g.       John is grief stricken for a whole episode. Mary constantly appears as a sort of “Yoda” ghost, uttering words of wisdom and continuing to be whitewashed as some sort of wise woman who retains the role of arbitrator over John and Sherlock’s relationship, as if it’s up to her to validate it. 

h.      SHE NEVER PAYS FOR HER ASSASSIN PAST, LYING TO JOHN, OR KILLING SHERLOCK. The audience is expected to continue to welcome the cloying presence of this killer. And so much about her remains unexplained.


a.       Despite the promising claims that “he’s smarter than he looks” in TAB, John Watson in S4 continues to be clueless. He keeps refusing to see how good Sherlock is and how much Sherlock is trying to help him and Mary. 

b.      John’s wife shoots Sherlock in S3 and John forgives her? How is this possible for a “strong moral principle” man who shot a stranger to save Sherlock in S1.E1? Who punched a police chief who insulted Sherlock in S2.E3?  He’s a doctor, he knew Sherlock’s wound from Mary was basically fatal! On top of this, we have a man who goes to a therapist for “trust issues” who forgives his wife for lying to him from day 1, and he’s okay with not ever knowing her real name? Honestly?

c.       John is bored but seems complacent in his marriage to Mary in S4.E1. But it’s not clear. Does he not notice the way she manipulates him, such as with the baby’s name?  He certainly seems grief-stricken after her death. If he’s really not happy in his marriage, why not make that explicit? Or vice versa? He never says “I love you” to Mary and yet, there’s no reason to withhold it since he never ends up saying it to Sherlock either. It’s just super confusing what he feels for her or for Sherlock. Basically, he seems grief-stricken. Mostly.

d.      Trashcan John. The first time another woman flirts with him, he begins a sexting affair, despite having a wife and infant at home. This is John who is “unfailingly loyal?” If it would have been a plot point, such as him being miserable with Mary, it would have been more justified. But he did it and then he’s also grief-stricken when Mary dies. Inconsistent.

e.      After Mary dies, John treats Sherlock abysmally, shuts him out, insults him, calls him a monster, accuses him of tricks, etc. to the point of physically beating Sherlock when Sherlock is drugged up and ill. This is the man who has repeatedly sacrificed himself for John. And Sherlock did nothing to deserve this abuse since he was not responsible for Mary’s death.

f.        In S4. E3, The Final Problem, John is used as more of a set piece than anything real. He helps solve the “puzzles” at the fortress, but on an emotional level there doesn’t seem to be much there.

g.       A real arc for this story would be that John finally sees/ acknowledges all that Sherlock had done for him, and/or sacrifices himself in return (like a 3 Garridebs moment). But this never happens. There is no satisfying resolution to this relationship plotline. Yes, at the end of S4.E2 John and Sherlock finally talk, John seems to forgive Sherlock, and there’s a hug. But that’s pretty minor stuff compared to all that Sherlock has done for John and feels for John and all John and Mary did to hurt Sherlock. 

h.      Even though John is technically “back at Baker Street” at the end of S4, it’s only in the capacity of a friend. In addition, John basically “defaults back” to Sherlock because he no longer has Mary.  There is no moment where John has to actively “choose” Sherlock, over Mary or even at all. THIS IS LAZY WRITING, NOT A SATISFYING RESOLUTION.


a.       This is one of the biggest crimes of the show. What we get in the end of S4 is a gay Sherlock in unrequited (desperately unspoken) love with John, a love that will seemingly never be returned. Is this 1998? Why do we have a tragic anti-gay ending like this in 2017?? It’s nearly as bad as just killing off all the gays. (Or making them all villains, which the show has also done – Irene, Moriarty, Magnussen in the hospital, and Euros).

b.      It could be argued that Sherlock is not gay, that he’s asexual, or even in love with Irene. Yet the show planted many, many clues that Sherlock is gay and in love with John.

                                                               i.      In ASiB, Sherlock repeatedly ignores or pushes off Irenes heavy advances. When he ‘wakes up’ at one point when she’s sitting across from him, his first words are “Where’s John?”

                                                             ii.      Janine says several times “I know what kind of man you are”. Even in “faking” a relationship with her, Sherlock never had sex with her (he jokes “I was waiting until we were married.”)

                                                            iii.      Sherlock’s horribly pained look at John after the wedding , and then he leaves the wedding early.

                                                           iv.      TAB, in which Sherlock confronts very gay-acting mind-palace Moriarty, facing his own homosexuality.

                                                             v.      See Sherlock’s many sacrifices for John. If that isn’t love, nothing is.

                                                           vi.      Sherlock spirals into despair and drugs whenever John abandons him.

                                                          vii.      Mary says on the DVD in S4.E2 that John is “the man we both love”.

                                                        viii.      Many, many other instances.  

c.       John is ambiguously bisexual earlier in the show then becomes strictly hetero. He flirts with Sherlock in ASiP, is horribly jealous of Irene and Janine in ASiB and HLV. Irene, whose specialty is “knowing what people like” tells John he and Sherlock are a couple. John has an implied intimate relationship with his former male commander, Sholto. In a deleted scene, he flirts with a soldier at Baskerville. There’s some drunken knee-groping during the bachelor party in TSoS. However, during all of S4, any sign of this flirty and possibly-bi John has been removed and his heterosexuality is “doubled down”. Why? To avoid any hint that he might get together with Sherlock at the end? 

d.      Sherlock never even admits outloud that he’s gay, not even obliquely. Why? Is it something to be ashamed about? Do we not deserve a gay hero? If they really intended to leave it open-ended what Sherlock was, why did they plant so much of the above evidence that he was gay? If he is gay, why not have him admit it!

 e. This all amounts to a huge queerbaiting exercise, given how many subtextural and textural clues we were given in S1-S3 that this was ulimately a romance. 

These are my thoughts on the story so far. I’ll try to update this with some pics later.


How did that make you better at Stealth?!

Background: Okay, so during the last session I DMed, all my players were within 200xp of leveling up, and I thought it’d be more dynamic if I had them bring in two character sheets; basically, level up ahead of time, and I’ll tell you when you get to switch over. It might be triggered by particularly interesting RP, or a good round of combat, but they wouldn’t know until it happened.

Most people stuck to their current class, but the Ranger had been talking for a while about how he was looking forward to taking a level in Rogue; he also wound up going off on his own for a while, and being the first to level up as a result.

Ranger: *has just made it over a wall to a restricted area, using a rope to access a nearby house, an act which included several bad rolls in and of itself*

DM: Okay, just as you make it into the window, the guards come around the corner. [rolls] One of them doesn’t seem to notice anything, but his friend grabs him by the shoulder, and points out the rope hanging over the road.

DM (as guard): “Hello? Who’s there?”

Ranger: Oh. I’d like to roll Stealth, and then [rolls] …Nothing, because that was a natural one.

DM: What were you going to do?

Ranger: Well, it doesn’t matter; they know where I am, and I just made it more–

DM: Nonono, that roll was to see how stealthily you managed to pull off whatever you were going to do. The nat-one still applies. What were you going to do?

Ranger: *sighs* I was going to cut the rope and try to slip away.

DM: Okay. You pull the rope taught, and go to cut it with your belt knife. The blade slips, and skids across your hand. You take [rolls] three points of damage–

Ranger: God damn it…

DM: And inadvertently let off a small curse, alerting them to your presence. *smiles* You know, they didn’t necessarily know where you were before? They just saw a rope, they didn’t know which way you crossed.

Ranger: Yeah yeah… What sort of room am I in, by the way?

DM: Oh, it’s like an extra bedroom, but it’s currently being used for storage. The guards approach the door, and you hear knocking from below. There’s no response. After a while, you hear the guard enter the house.

Ranger: Is there anywhere to hide?

DM: Not really; I mean, you could try to fit under the bed… 

Ranger: Anywhere to tie a rope off to?

DM: What are you thinking?

Ranger: I could drop the rope out of the window, and shimmy down while he comes up to look for me.

DM: Roll me Perception.

Ranger: [rolls] Twenty-one.

DM: There’s some furniture, and flaws around the window, sure. Glancing out it as you look, you notice the other guard waiting by the entrance.

Ranger: Dammit! He’s standing watch.

DM: The footsteps pass underneath you, and start up the stairs…

Ranger: Which way does the door open? Into the room I’m in, or out?

DM: What? Um… [rolls] Out. 

Ranger: *grins* Oh, wonderful! Then I’m going to take my beartrap, and set it up right inside the door.

DM: *starts laughing* …What?

Ranger: I’ve got a beartrap I keep with me. I want to set it up right inside the door, so that he’ll step in it when he enters. It’ll snap shut on his leg, which ought to make him yell; his buddy will come running, and I’ll be able to escape. 

Paladin: Can he do that?!

DM: *flipping through notes, still laughing* Well, um… What’s the Reflex save on that?

Ranger: No save, he just has to Perceive it. DC20.

Healer (to Ranger): Don’t you have to roll to set it up?

Ranger: Nope! I’ve got the equipment description right here.

Ranger (reading from book): “Sharp jaws spring shut around the creature’s ankle and halve the creature’s base speed (or hold the creature immobile if the trap is attached to a solid object)” –I didn’t have time to do that, so it’ll just limit his movement— “+10 to Attack, 2d6+3 Damage, DC20 Perception to notice, and they need to make a DC20 Strength check in order to take it off.”

Ranger: Remember, it’s night time, and the room’s pretty dark, so that should have some effect on his Perception check.

DM: Oh, it will… *puts down notes* You know what? Sure. You set up the bear trap in front of the door, hearing him reach the top of the stairs as you finish. *struggling to keep voice stable and not choke*

Paladin: Oh my god…

Ranger: *biggest shit-eating grin you’ve ever seen* You’re not there. I back into the corner by the window, tie off my other rope, and get ready to run. 

DM: You’re not trying to hide?

Ranger: Nope!

DM: Okay. He comes down the hall, opens the door… [rolls] *slowly places hands over face*…Rolls a one on his Perception check…

Ranger: …Oh dear.

Healer: He falls head-first into the trap, and dies instantly! Completely silently.

DM: He does see you by the window, and is distracted by that–

DM (guard): “Hey!”

DM: –and as he goes to take a step in, his foot catches on the threshold, and he falls forwards.

Healer: Oh shit!

DM: *struggling to breathe* Roll me damage.

Ranger: [rolls] …Fourteen.

DM: The trap snaps shut on his knee. [rolls] He fails his Will save, and lets off a shriek, that eventually devolves into cursing. You hear the other one rush inside at the noise.

DM (other guard): “Eriz? Are you okay?!”

Ranger: I toss my rope, and I’m out the window!

Paladin: I cannot believe this.

DM: As you slide down the rope, you hear the guard in the trap yell “Out front! He’s getting away!” I assume you’re just picking a dark alley and bolting?

Ranger: Yeah, whatever’s closest.

DM: Roll me Stealth.

Ranger: [rolls] Goddamnit!

Healer: Seriously?!

Ranger: One!

Paladin: If you get arrested, I’m not bailing you out.

DM: Okay. The other one reverses direction at the shout, and dashes out into the street just in time to see you dash into the alley. What’s your movement?

Ranger: Um… thirty.

DM (other guard): “Stop!”

DM: You hear heavy armored footsteps chasing after you.

Ranger: Oh, he’s armored! That’ll slow him down!

DM: Yeah. Make me one last Stealth check. [rolls]

Ranger: [rolls] …I’m changing dice. Eight?

DM: *places head down on table, finally cracking and dissolving into full body-shaking, gasping-for-air-laughter* He got a six.

Healer: What?!

Paladin: No.

DM: Darting through the alleyways, you eventually hear his footsteps fall behind; you successfully lose him along the way.

DM: *laughs for a good twenty seconds before managing to recover* You can take your higher level sheet now.

Ranger: Woohoo!