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Loving Me is Like Loving War

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[ part 1 ] - [ part 2 ] - [ part 3 ]

Billy Hargrove x Reader

A/N: Kay so I hope this is as fun for you to read as it was for me to write, ending to this part came out different than I first thought but I think I prefer it? Idk, let me know what you think. 

Also, feel like I should just say that yeah Billy Hargrove as a character is a complete dick but I feel he’s such an interesting character to work with?? and dacre is gorgeous so y’know.


A comfortable silence filled the car as Billy pulled out of your driveway and you found yourself watching him closely. His face looked cold and hard, his eyes were fixated on the road and his jaw was clenched; he was concentrating, and you took this opportunity to really look at him. In a way you hadn’t yet had chance to.

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I’d Like to Make You Mine

A/N: I want to specify that this IS NOT a part of the Saint Nicholas verse (such as Don’t Leave, Stay, Am I A Sure Thing, etc) b/c it involves some stuff that won’t take place for a long time b/t Harry and Y/N in the main verse. BUT I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPER CUTE AND @yeahmynameissushi​ and I discussed this at length. SO…

dedicated to @yeahmynameissushi

Nick. Harry. Y.N.

Harry where are you

This stage is so big Nick and I are lost…help

Yeah fucking step up H !!can’t invite us to China and abandon us at a hotel

They gave us wings to try on!!

omg Harry they’re actually letting us try on the wings !!!

I look HOT they should let me walk

Nick does look hot H, you’re missing out.

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first date w/johnny

• alright so johnny is an annoying barista at your local starbucks
• and without fail
• every time you have ordered a drink
• he has spelled your name wrong on purpose
• it started like letters in the wrong place
• now there’s some numbers scattered in through your name
• will not stop even though every time you spell it out

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answering asks!

SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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Chat Log: Romance

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Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05

Swagyeol has added BaconBits, Kyungsoo, and XiuXiu to group chat “HALP ME PLZ I’M DESPERATE”

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i really, really like you | | [ archie andrews ]

a/n: sorry that this is a tad late, i took a break away from posting any stories because i got in a rather sour mood and didn’t want that to be in my writing. But I am feeling better so I hope this will be fluffy for you nonnie and Arch. Don’t send me hate if you don’t like reading boy x boy because I think male readers deserve some love as much as the female readers. Just ignore this imagine if you don’t feel comfortable or you can change the pronouns in your head since this uses male ones. U/N and A/N are your uncle and aunt names and FN/N is your full name by the way and I made reader wear glasses, go ahead and shoot me. The english teacher is named after my junior year creative writing teacher who inspired me to write in case you were wondering. Thought it be a fun easter egg kind of deal. Ships are closed for the being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

nonnie requested: Hi! Could I maybe request an imagine with Archie Andrews x male reader, where Chuck tries hitting on reader and then Archie gets jealous and steps in and “saves” reader and then tells reader he likes them and then like idk, fluff?

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              Relationship(s): Archie Andrews/Reader (eventually established), Betty Cooper & Reader (friendship), Veronica Lodge & Reader (friendship)

You had grown up in Riverdale with uncle U/N and aunt A/N after your parents moved to the city and offered to take you with them since your father had gotten a big promotion and needed to be relocated. You refused and asked if you could stay with your mother’s sister and her husband instead since you enjoyed living in the rather small town, your parents were hesitant but eventually talked to your uncle and aunt about it. Your parents signed paperwork for them to be legal guardians over you and you had lived ever since. You visited your parents during holidays and the summers when you could but mostly stayed in the rather smaller town. Maybe it was the charm or that everyone knew everyone, least that’s what they say right? Everyone knew you as the awkward boy that always seemingly had his nose in a book but you grew up rather handsome which made girls and some guys interested in you. You, of course never seemed interested as you helped Jughead and Betty write for the school’s newspaper, The Blue and Gold.

“Hey, Y/N.” Chuck says as you push up your glasses, you had since ditched the oddly thick glasses as you had new ones that suited your face more. You bit your lip as you silently prayed in your head that he would leave you alone, it was no secret that you were bisexual (or gay if you prefer) around school. Chuck seemed to not care obviously about his reputation, he was a flirt but also very much of a douchebag since he became cool and was on the varsity football team. “Do you think you wanna go out sometime?”

You rolled your E/C eyes as you pulled out your english textbook among other things you might need to do your assignment for Mrs. Theisen’s class as she was your favorite since she made english fun with a lot of improv and let you express yourself freely. “Look, Chuck, I don’t how to put this nicely but I’m really not interested in you that way.” You say as you close your locker while looking at the dark skinned varsity player with a shake of your head but before you could move further he blocked your way.

Chuck was the guy who didn’t like being rejected at all as he glares at you, “Something wrong with me, Y/N? I thought you liked dudes, so come on what’s wrong with me?” He says like he didn’t already know the answer as you felt rather awkward, you weren’t a weak per say but there was no way you were going to go fight a varsity player plus you didn’t want to get involved into that mess.

“Maybe it’s your attitude that’s the problem Chuck.” A new voice says as you both turn your heads to see the ginger male aka your friend, Archie Andrews whom got into varsity with little to no trouble. Archie hadn’t admitted to anyone quite yet but he really liked Y/N even though it was a guy but he liked boys and girls. “So why don’t you go pester someone else before things get ugly,” He adds while Chuck scoffs before shaking his head before winking at you as you make a winced face in disgust. Archie turns to you when the other left, “You okay, Y/N?”

You turn your head as you loosen the disgust off your face while you smile at him, “Yeah I’m fine, sheesh. That’s like the third time this week.” You shudder, “Thanks dude by the way for you know, sticking up for my ass.” You chuckle as your friend joins in as he looks like he wants to say something, “What’s up Arch? You look like you wanna say something.”

His brown eyes met up with your E/C eyes through your glasses as he licks his lips nervously but he might as well come clean while he has the chance now to do it. “To tell you the truth Y/N, I uh was jealous.” He rubs the back of his neck as you look at him in a rather surprised expression, your friend being jealous of what as he continues with a serious expression. “I, I like you. And rather as a like I want to go on a date with you kind of way to see where this takes kind of like. Perhaps maybe go to the homecoming with me if you will.” Archie’s cheeks turn slightly pink as he waits for your reply as you rendered speechless that your friend had pretty much just asked you out and to go to homecoming with you.

“O-oh. Oh wow, I didn’t expect this least from you.” You watch as Archie’s breath hitch, “But I think that sounds like a wonderful idea, I’d love to go to the homecoming with you.” You smile at him as you try not to laugh at your friend’s sigh of relief.

Archie mirrors your smile, “It’s a date then.”


Veronica tries to hold in her squeal as she fixes your lapels of your black suit jacket to smooth them out, she was the one who claims that she knew it would happen. “Perfect, who knew you could look so devilishly handsome in a suit? Oh wait, me since I picked it out plus you should wear contacts more often Y/N-kins.” She says while you smile at your friend with a chuckle. “Come on, Betty you have to agree with me that Y/N looks nice without his glasses.”

The blonde made a hum sound and nods to you with a thumbs up, “You do look sharp Y/N, kudos to you Ronnie. Now do I look good?” She asks as she twirls in her white dress to show it off as you gave her also a thumbs up.
“You both look lovely but sadly, we got dates to tend to and are probably looking for us. Shall we?” You offer both your arms to link with Betty, your childhood friend and Veronica who became your friend quickly while you three moved to the gym as their heels clicked. You smiled as you let them each go to their date before you spotted Archie with his red suit jacket and black bowtie. You chose not to wear any bows or ties, but rather you had the first two to three buttons undone of your F/C dress shirt, it was rather strange not pulling up your glasses to your face with contacts in but it was worth a shot. “Well I’m not the only handsome one here it seems.” You say as you and Archie stand in front of each other.

Your ginger friend smiled as he offers his hand, “Care for a dance Y/N?” He asks as you accept while he pulls you close to the dance. Archie settles his forehead against yours, almost near your H/C hair while the music plays, “I, um.” He starts as his eyes meet up with yours, “I know I keep asking you questions Y/N, sorry about that but these might be the last ones of the night. I promise.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle at him while shaking your head slightly, “So many questions Archibald.” You say while your eyes met his again, it was good to see him clearly without your glasses framing your face.

“Sorry again but how do you feel about us maybe dating like going on dates on stuff, you never gave me that answer earlier. Just the one with homecoming-” He says before you cut him off with a small press of your lips on his.

“Of course I’d like to give a chance if you are ready for the possible criticism of dating a guy than a girl.” You say with a worried expression since it will effect on Archie’s social status in school of a varsity football player.

He shakes his head, “I don’t care as long as I have my friends and you. Let them say whatever they wanna say but I want you.” Archie mumbles as you can only hear it before leaning in to kiss you as you gladly accept.

It lasted for awhile until you pulled away to take a small breather, “Then yes. Congrats Archibald Andrews, you are very lucky winner of having YF/N L/N as a boyfriend.”

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sorry if im dumb but what is a keroro

“[sergeant] keroro” is the main titular character in the anime “keroro gunso” (also known as “sgt frog” in both the dub and the english translated manga!), and he looks like this:

the anime + manga’s plot basically boils down to like, keroro and his platoon (the “keroro platoon”, consisting of keroro and four other characters) being tasked with invading earth (”pekopon” / “pokopen”, as they call it).

the keroro platoon are a race of frog-like aliens known as “keronians”, from the planet “keron”. i have no idea how long this might get so i’m gonna put it under a readmore! i’m gonna try and be really simple w/ explanations etc.

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Ice Cream for Breakfast | Ian x Reader

Bit longer than yesterday’s part. Idk what I should call this fic thing so if you have any suggestions based off of the two parts I’ve posted so far, I’d love to hear them lol. Also! Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my idea, I really appreciate the feedback! Love u xxxxx

This part is also a little random. The next one will be posted TOMORROW and it will feature SMUT, so either shield your eyes or pull down your pants, depending on how u feel about that kinda stuff lmao

Summary: Ian asks you out because he’s feeling bold. Then he fucks it up for himself because he’s Ian.

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HEY KEL who are some artists who have inspired your art style one way or another?? also what cons will you be attending in sg this year??

OMG I have so many inspirations tbh so i’m not too good at picking out which one has influenced my style directly??? UmM some artists I LOVE TO DEATH THO are REI, L1ng, JC LEYENDECKER, Dian MZ, Onorobo, James Jean, Akihiko Yoshida, Milkmanner, Paul felix, Annaxiin,sara, Hwei, Nozmo, Phil Noto, Junji Itou, Naoki Urasawa! There’s a longer list on my main blog (it’s very very long and still updating)

As for cons I’ll be at cosfest and EOY (maybe)!  

MORE ASKS UNDER CUT it’s v long im sorry

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Did you miss it ? As usual, this is kind of cracky. Almost everyone is in there : Peter, Wendy, Felix, Bae, Tink, Lily. But much Darling Pan such wow. 

Mild spoilers for Les Mis. … don’t ask. Also, lots of swearing and bad spelling. Underage drinking. And close to no plot at all (who needs plot). 

Fake relationships and afternoon drinking

F to B : are you dating wendy ?

B to F : … what ?

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