i thought this before but after i saw it i really started thinking he was born to play the doctor

Dreams of Candlelight

The veela drarry thing.
Part 1-8 (X) || Part 9-13 (X)


Harry breathed in the steam floating up from the fine ceramic cup in his hand.  The fragrance was warm and floral, relaxing the tension in his shoulders as it curled into his skin.

“Mr. Potter,”

Harry looked up from his perch on the couch, on the opposite end of his aunt and cousin, putting him closest to their guest. He set the cup down on the matching saucer with a gentle clink.

“Before we get started, I would like to mend your injury.” Mrs. McGonagall gestured with her wand. “May I?”

Having just seen her make fine china tea cups and an entire platter of small cakes appear from thin air, Harry was keen on witnessing more magic. He ignored the way his aunt and cousin huddled as far away from them as possible, and looked at the aged woman who sat in Uncles Vernon’s arm chair. He saw kindness crinkled around her eyes and remembered the stern set of her face when she all but barreled into the house after Aunt Petunia tried to shut the door in her face. He didn’t think many people often said no to this woman and got away with it.

“Er, sure?” Harry replied with a small smile.

“Just a diagnostic charm first then.”

She flicked her wand at him and said a spell, making Aunt Petunia whimper. Harry faintly glowed a soft blue and Mrs. McGonagall’s expression tightened even more as she glared at the spot above his head. Harry looked up to see wispy words and numbers floating over him but was unable to discern the meaning for himself. She turned to his aunt.

“Would you be so kind as to explain how Harry managed to break his arm? And why he has gone without treatment? Surely you have access to a hospital.”

Aunt Petunia made some incoherent noises before Dudley blurted in a high pitched voice, “The freak fell.”

After Dudley’s outburst, Aunt Petunia seemed to gather herself. Harry knew that if Uncle Vernon were here, he’d be purple faced and shouting, but luckily he was at work.

“The boys tend to rough house, you know how children are. They play hard.” She sniffed with narrowed eyes. “He didn’t say anything about a broken arm. I believed it was a sprain. He is a clumsy boy. Prone to getting sick often as well.”

“I see. In my experience, children can be as cruel as an inattentive adult.” Mrs. McGonagall’s replied briskly. She turned her attention back to Harry. “Mr. Potter, may I heal your arm? I’m not a Healer, that would be a ‘doctor’ , but I can mend scrapes in a jiffy. We will have a professional look you over afterwards, of course.”

“No! No more waving that - that thing in this house!” Aunt Petunia cried.

Mrs. McGonagall ignored her and waited for Harry to nod and scoot closer to her chair. “This might hurt a bit or feel odd.” She waved her wand over his arm multiple times, it looked excessive really, then with a muttered spell, jabbed the tip at him.

Harry felt a cool sensation wash over his arm before the bones and muscles knitted together. He blinked in awe and held up his arm to inspect it, moving it painlessly for the first time in days.

“I love magic.” Harry said quietly. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now, have a cake Mr. Potter, and we’ll get you sorted.”

“Sorted? He’s not going to that freaky school! I’m not paying for it.”

“I assure you that Hogwarts takes magical education very seriously. The professors are very passionate about the subjects they teach.” She sipped her tea. “As for Mr. Potter’s tuition and supplies, it is taken care of. That is, if you want to attend? Unless you would rather further your education here in the muggle world?”

Harry swallowed a bite of cake and cleared his throat. “I’d like to go to Hogwarts.”

“You were accepted to Hogwarts the day you were born.” Mrs. McGonagall smiled. “Your parents would be thrilled. You’ll make a fine wizard.”

“You aren’t going to that school, boy. Do you hear me? If you leave to go to that school, you aren’t to come back here.”

He bit his lip. His heart hammered in his chest. Harry felt both elated and nauseous at the thought but he wanted to do this.

He was magic.

He wanted to be able to make friends. Harry had Draco, but he wanted to know what it was like to have other friendships too.

“Mr. Potter,” he looked up from his plate. “I will help you look into other possibilities if you desire. You have choices, and a difficult path ahead of you, but you aren’t alone.”

Harry thought of his dreams, about Draco, about flying and sharing stories. Every day he hoped that magic was real, and wanted badly for something to happen so the Wizarding world could be real. He wasn’t stuck here. He could leave now if he wanted.

Harry grinned at her. “When do we leave?”

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everyone always talks about rfa and babies, but what about rfa and toddlers? i honestly think that toddlers would be more difficult than babies but i'm not a parent, who knows lol

Oh anonny, anything dealing with the Mystic Messenger crew and their children I always go overboard and this request is no exception! These turned out ridiculously long so I’m sorry to everyone in advance! I also want to thank everyone for the name suggestions for the kids, I sincerely liked all of the suggestions and the help is greatly appreciated! Anyways, I loved writing this one so I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yours and Yoosung’s son Byul was quite a handful to say the least
  • He was a bundle of energy since the day he was born and it was especially shown through his toddler years
  • Byul would run around the house shouting gibberish and when you told Yoosung to discipline his child, he tried but never succeeded as he thought he was a bad father
  • You needed some girl time so you and Jaehee planned a day trip together leaving Byul in the hand’s of Yoosung
  • The second you said your goodbyes to your husband and son, Byul ran to the master bedroom, jumping wildly on the bed
  • “Byul calm down! Just because mommy isn’t here doesn’t mean you can act crazy! You’re going to get hurt!” Yoosung said as he tried to control his crazy son
  • But Byel ended up falling off the bed, crying his little eyes out as Yoosung went into panicked doctor mode
  • After making sure Byul didn’t have any injuries, he told his son in a firm voice that he had to listen to him to which Byul nodded and wrapped his small arms around Yoosung’s neck
  • Yoosung smiled and gently carried his son to his computer chair, sitting him down on his lap and started playing LOLOL - Byul’s eyes widened in wonder and every time Yoosung would beat a monster, Byul’s tiny hands would fly up in the air as he’d exclaim “Daddy’s the best!”
  • Yoosung’s heart soared as he and his son spent the rest of the night playing video games as his son cheered for him
  • You came home, expecting to see the house in ruins, but instead saw Yoosung and Byul laying in bed together surrounded by pillows and stuffed animals
  • From then on, Yoosung became a more strict but still loving parent to Byul, who was still a ball of energy but loved watching his father play video games or reading him bedtime stories with animals in them
  • Yoosung smiled at you, thinking that maybe he really could be a good father to Byul


  • Yours and Zen’s son Jun-Ho was a mini looking Zen but with none of his personality
  • Jun-Ho was an extremely shy and anxious toddler, hating the limelight and attention that he received by being a famous actor’s son
  • Even though Jun-Ho was shy, when it was just you, Zen, and himself he’d become a screamer
  • If Zen tried telling him ‘no’ then Jun-Ho would scream at the top of his little lungs and Jun-Ho’s singing and screaming voice was awful
  • Your son would wake up from his sleep because of a nightmare, screaming while doing so, resulting in a lot of sleepless nights for Zen
  • Zen would lay in bed with his boy as his son would curl into his father’s embrace as Zen said “It’s alright Jun-Ho, daddy’s here. I’ll protect you from the nightmares so don’t worry okay? I’ll even sing to you until you fall asleep.”
  • Jun-Ho was also extremely clingy to both you and Zen, he’d typically need to have one of you by his side or he’d become an anxious crying mess
  • But Zen realized that his son loved dressing up in both your’s and Zen’s clothing, often giggling when he’d see Jun-Hon wearing one of his leather jackets paired with your skirt
  • Zen could see the happiness in Jun-Ho’s eyes when he’d dress up so Zen started to encourage his boy and would even dress up with him at times with
  • Jun-Ho would say “Daddy looks good!” When dressing Zen up and the silver man had to admit, for a toddler his son really knew how fashion worked
  • No matter how shy or clingy your son was, Zen would always make sure that Jun-Ho would feel love from him as he tried to be the best father that he could


  • Your’s and Jaehee’s daughter Min-Ji was a good mix of the two of your’s personality with a huge temper mixed in
  • If Min-Ji didn’t get what she wanted, she would throw a huge temper tantrum causing both you and Jaehee major headaches
  • Min-Ji also had a habit pulling people’s hair, with Jaehee sometimes wishing that she would have kept her hair shorter
  • But Jaehee already had to take care of the RFA boys on her own before, since they’re basically toddlers themselves, so dealing with her little daughter wouldn’t be a big deal
  • Jaehee was always firm but kind towards Min-Ji, scorning her when needed but also showing her plenty of love
  • “It wasn’t very nice to pull mommy’s hair now was it Min-Ji. You should go apologize to her and if you’re truly sorry, then we can do something fun together.” Jaehee would strictly tell her daughter
  • Since your birthday was coming up, Jaehee decided that for apologizing to you, Min-Ji could help her bake a cake
  • Jaehee noticed how much fun her daughter had while making the cake and how calm she was, realizing that maybe baking was her passion
  • She let Min-Ji decorate the cake once it was baked, Jaehee giggled at her messy creation as her daughter exclaimed “Mommy will love it!”
  • You walked into the kitchen, startling the two girls, and complimented Min-Jo’s decorating, giving Jaehee a quick kiss as you noted that she finally found something to calm your daughter down
  • Jaehee lifted Min-Ji into the air and held her close to her as she thought being a mother to Min-Ji was the best feeling in the world


  • Your’s and Jumin’s daughter Nari was the definition of beauty, grace, and sass
  • Nari was typically a good toddler and was very calm, except when it came to Elizabeth the Third
  • Your daughter was obsessed with cats, making Jumin one proud father, but that meant she’d never let Elizabeth out of her sight
  • As she got older, she would take Elizabeth with her everywhere and she ended up ignoring you and Jumin
  • Jumin wanted to spend time with his three favorite girls but Nari seemed to never want to be around him, making Jumin concerned
  • Nari was also a fan of arts and crafts and one day accidentally spilled red paint on Elizabeth’s fur
  • When Jumin went over to clean Elizabeth, Nari looked at him in fear as she started crying, making Jumin realize that she was intimidated by him and that he wasn’t being a good father
  • After cleaning up Elizabeth, Jumin sat down with Nari, who was cuddling her Elizabeth look-a-like plushie, as he apologized to her
  • “I know that I haven’t been around lately to spend time with you and your mother and for that, I’m sorry Nari. Why don’t me, you, your mother, and Elizabeth spend the night together okay? I don’t say it enough it I love you my little Sapphire.” Jumin said as he sat his little girl on his lap with her smiling at her nickname
  • From then on, Jumin cut his work hours down to spend more time with his family, which usually ended up being Nari drawing pictures for Jumin to hang up everywhere
  • You and Jumin would tuck Nari into bed every night with Elizabeth at her side, with Jumin determined to become the best father that he could be


  • Your’s and Seven’s child Sae-yoon was surprisingly a good boy, until you weren’t around
  • Sae-yoon was a huge mama’s boy, he’d constantly be by your side making Seven slightly jealous
  • But when it was just Seven and Sae-yoon, the toddler loved making a mess of things for Seven to clean up after
  • Sae-yoon would smack Seven’s computer screens, tangle the wires, and spill his fruit juice all over his father’s electronics
  • Seven isn’t very good at disciplining Sae-yoon, he doesn’t want to end up like his own parents but you encourage Seven that some firm words were sometimes needed as a father
  • Much to Seven’s shock, every time he’d try to show his son something on the computer, Sae-yoon would yell and throw his little fists at the screen
  • He even tried to make his son some homemade meals but Seven was stunned when his son threw a bag of Honey Buddy Chips at his father
  • Seven was about to give up until he saw his son in his bed, frustrated as he tried to read a storybook to himself
  • Sae-yoon was about to start crying until Seven walked in, laying down next to his son and took the book from him as he dramatically read the story as his son giggled
  • “I see that you’re more interested in books then computer Sae-yoon and that’s alright! I’m still going to teach you about computers when you’re older but for now, you’re going to hear all kinds of crazy stories from me, the great 707 to you, my little 505!” Seven told his son as he lifted him in the air, both boys laughing
  • Every night you would tuck your son into bed and listen to Seven’s insane stories, acting out all of the parts and usually ending up tickling his son at the end to tire him out and Sae-yoon would always say “Daddy tells the best stories!“
  • Seven, tired himself from the crazy story-telling, would thank you for supporting him as he promised that he’d be the greatest father to his son
Let Me Love You | Pt. 2

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Taehyung 

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1492

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Taehyung hugged you a little bit tighter and talked while looking into Jimin’s eyes.

“And that’s why I’m going to take care of them. In this house. In front of your eyes.”


Eyes wide open, you looked at Taehyung. What was he saying?

All of a sudden, Jimin started laughing. You looked at him in disbelief. Was he really laughing right now? In this situation?

You opened your mouth to say something to him but he stopped laughing and started talking. “Wow, the time has come!” He chuckled lightly. “Our Taehyung lost his mind.”

A breathy laugh escaped Taehyung’s mouth and he nuzzled his nose in your hair while stroking your cheek with his thump. “I’m actually pretty serious right know.”

You on the other hand stood there, frozen, and didn’t know what to do. You felt dizzy and the sharp pain in your belly wasn’t making it any better.

Seeing Taehyung’s movements made something snap inside of Jimin. Taking big steps toward the both of you, he yanked you away from Taehyung and hissed. “Don’t touch her.”

He started walking toward the door but Taehyung’s words stopped him.

“Yah, Park Jimin! Does she know?”

You could feel Jimin’s grip around your wrist getting tighter. Clenching his jaw, he glared at Taehyung.

“Shut up.”

“Oh wow, she doesn’t know? Then I’m really glad to be the one telling her what kind of a bastard you are.”

Confused, you turned to Taehyung. “Tae what are you talking abou-”

Before you could end your sentence, Jimin walked toward Taehyung and pushed him. “Shut up!”

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Jimin turned around but Taehyung started talking again. “Why? I think she needs to know that the father of her daughter is cheating on her with another woman?”

“I SAID SHUT UP!” And with that, he punched Taehyung in the face.

Walking toward you again, he held your arm and started walking. “Let’s go.”

You yanked your arm out of his grip and stopped walking. “W-What is he talking about?”

He reached out for you again but you pushed him. “WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT JIMIN?!”


“You heard right, Y/N. He’s cheating on you.”

You walked toward Jimin and slapped him for the second time today. “You never really loved me.”

You were breathing heavily and the pain in your belly was getting worser.

“Was I not good enough for you?” Tears were rolling down your face and your whole body was shaking. Both of you were standing while he was looking at his hands and you were looking at him.

“I waited for you, Jimin. Every night, I waited for you.. Do you know how many sleepless nights I spent? Just because I could open the door for you when you came home.. Just because you wouldn’t feel lonely when you came home..”

He wasn’t looking up and neither was he speaking.

“I bet you came home because she had no time for you. Right? You didn’t give a crap about me. Never. You just didn’t want to be alone and that’s why you came home to me and pretended to be happy and interested..”

The pain in your belly was getting unbearable. You held your belly with your right hand and held Jimin’s chin harshly with your other hand.

“You don’t deserve us, Jimin. You don’t deserve my baby! You don’t deserv-”

But before you could end your sentence everything went black.

“We can’t hear a heartbeat!”

“She’s unconscious, that’s not good for the baby!”

“Doctor, I can’t hear the baby’s heartbeat!”

“We gonna have to deliver the baby emergency C-section!”

Slowly, you opened your eyes. You were in a hospital room and when you looked around you saw that three nurses and one doctor was standing around your bed while one was doing something on your belly, the other one was doing something on your arm and the doctor was talking to Taehyung. Wait why was Taehyung here? Where was Jimin? What happened? Is your daughter okay?


After hearing your voice, Taehyung run toward you and held your hand while stroking your hair.

“Everything is going to be okay, Y/N. Don’t worry I’m here.”

“Doctor, I still can’t hear the baby’s heartbeat!” One nurse shouted.

What was she saying?! 

“What?! What’s wrong with my baby?!” You tried to stand up but the nurses held you tight so you couldn’t move. You shouted desperately and started  crying and sobbing.

“Taehyung, what’s wrong? Please tell me something Tae, please..”

“Shh, everything is going to be okay, Y/N. You have to stay calm, okay?” he was crying now too.

“Miss Y/L/N, we gonna have to deliver your baby emergency C-section.”

You were in shock and every time they told or asked you something you kept telling them to repeat it. Your doctor explained to you everything that could go wrong in the surgery but the only thing that you could think of was your little daughter and her well being. 

After signing some papers, they prepared you for your surgery. Taehyung on the other hand, was standing beside you for the whole time while placing little kisses on your temple and whispering comforting words like ‘Everything is going to be okay.’, ‘Don’t be scared, Im here.’, ‘My little princess is going to be okay, I promise.’ in your ear. You were thankful, really

The thought of Jimin crossed your mind but you couldn’t even ask Taehyung where he was. Did he really not care? Did he mean it when he said that he doesn’t want the baby? His own daughter?

Slowly, you could feel your eyelids getting heavier and heavier. And the last thing you remembered was Taehyung kissing your forehead and whispering “I will be waiting outside for you. Don’t be scared, beautiful.” before you were engulfed by the darkness again.

You were in your hospital room, holding your little daughter in your arms while Taehyung was sitting beside you and played with her tiny hands.

“She’s so beautiful, Y/N..”

You looked up at him. Amazed, he was looking at your daughter. You knew that Taehyung was interested in kids but seeing him this happy and excited made you chuckle.

Hearing you chuckle, he looked up at you. “Why are you laughing?”

“Because you look like a little kid.” 

He rolled his eyes and started scratching his neck. You knew that he wanted to ask something but wasn’t sure if he should or not.

“Spit it out, Kim Taehyung.”

“Ehm.. C-Can I hold her? I will be careful, I swear. Just for one minut-”

You chuckled again. “Of course you can, dumbhead. Why are you even asking?”

Placing your little daughter into his arms, you watched him admiring your daughter. Again, the thought of Jimin crossed your mind. Does he know that his daughter was born? Why wasn’t he here? Was he with his real girlfriend?

Lost in your thoughts, you heard Taehyung calling your name. “Y/N?”


Without looking up at you, he started talking. “I meant it when I said that I would take care of both of you.”

You opened your mouth to say something but you heard the door open and a nurse walked in with some papers in her hand.

“Miss Y/L/N, how are you feeling?”

You smiled at her. “I’m okay, thank you.”

“That’s good. We have some paperwork to do. I will tell you some things about your daughter and also ask you some questions and you need to answer them, please.”

You nodded. “Okay.”

“So, your daughter was born on the twenty seventh of August at 03.08 am. Right?”

You nodded again. “Yes.”

“Her name is?”

You smiled and answered. “Hana.”

The nurse wrote it down while smiling and started talking again. “Name of her mother?”

“Y/N Y/L/N.” 

“Name of her father?”

You opened your mouth to answer the question but stopped when you realized that you couldn’t. Jimin’s words echoed in your ears. ‘I don’t want this baby in my life. I don’t want you, Y/N!’

You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard Taehyung’s voice.

“Taehyung, Kim Taehyung is her fathers name.”

Shocked, you looked at Taehyung. What was he doing? Was he insane?

The nurse smiled again. “What a beautiful name, Kim Hana.”

Taehyung smiled. “Thank you.”

Little did you know that Jimin was standing by the door, one hand holding a little bouquet and a present for his daughter and the other hand formed into a fist, listening to your conversation.

Author’s Note: Okay guys, this is the second part of ‘Let Me Love You’ and I hope you like it~ And let me know who you think is better for the baby and Y/N. Jimin or Taehyung?

The Thing Under the House

It wasn’t long after an investigation into the disappearance of Steve Bowman was launched that my partner and I ended up at the home of Anne Deering.

The house sat atop a hill, away from everyone and everything. It was in need of work and the crawlspace under the house appeared unnaturally dark which made no sense to me but that’s all I could think when I saw it. A strange thought to have but it invaded my mind and stayed there until my partner parked the car.

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168: Single father.

Harry: He continues running his hands over his face, pacing the hospital corridors. Every time the double doors swing open, his eyes shoot up in the hope it’s a doctor giving him some good news, but it’s not. Instead, he sees other couples leaving happily with their newborn babies in their arms and he would give anything right now for that to be the both of you. “Harry, why don’t you hold her” Gemma whispers softly, approaching her brother gently and encouraging him to take his little girl from her arms. Harry shakes his head. “I can’t” he murmurs softly. “Not right now, Gem.” Gemma sighs softly and gives the newborn baby girl a smile. “But she wants her daddy” Gemma tells him. “Not. Now!” Harry seethes through gritted teeth. “Honey” Anne coos from behind him, resting a gentle hand on his back. “Why don’t you come and sit down. Have a drink, something to eat. You need to keep your strength up” she suggests. Harry shakes his head, tears threatening to spill over. “Why haven’t they come out?!” he exclaims, trying to peer through the windows of the swinging doors. “Why aren’t they telling me anything?!” Anne sighs, placing her hand on the small of Harry’s back and guiding him to the grey plastic chairs. She looks around at the various family and friends who have come to show their support. Louis shifts uncomfortably in the chair, not knowing what to do or say, whilst Liam’s knee is bouncing as he nervously bites his lip. Harry bows his head, rubbing his hands through his hair as he has flashbacks to your beautiful baby girl being born. It was such a happy moment and it was snatched away from you both within seconds. Your body had gone limp and there was excessive bleeding, and the doctors had ripped you away from him, and were literally pushing him out the room. When the routine checks were completed on your baby girl, the nurse had tried to hand her to Harry, but he had refused, screaming and crying for you instead. It snaps him out of his thoughts when Anne takes your baby girl off of Gemma, and rocks the infant in her own arms. “Harry?” she questions calmly. “It will help, it will your take your mind off everything.” Harry nods, swallowing the lump forming in his throat. His mum always knew the right things to say and do, something that all mums should be able to do, and he knows that you’ll be exactly the same. Taking his baby girl, he can no longer refrain the strangled cry from leaving his lips. “Hey darling. I’m your daddy” he murmurs stroking her cheek. “Mummy’s trying to give us a bit of a scare at the moment” he whispers softly. “Mummy likes to worry me lots and I’m sure you’re going to be just the same. You have her eyes, baby girl” his bottom lip quivers, but he stays calm. “I’m going to look after you. I’m going to scare away the monsters under the bed and I’m going to chase away the boys until you’re at least twenty. And I’m going to teach you how to ride a bike and play football like a pro, but don’t tell mummy. I don’t think she’d want you to play for United.” The atmosphere in the room changes just slightly, everyone having a slight grin as Harry talks to the little bundle of joy cradled in his arms, a few tears escaping Anne and Gemma’s eyes. Suddenly, the double doors swing open and all heads in the corridor turn. Harry quickly stands up, his baby girl still held in his arms. Anne stands behind him, placing a gentle hand on his back. The doctor coughs uncomfortably, grasping the clipboard. “Mr Styles” he starts, his eyes shifting to the floor. “I really am, truly sorry. We tried everything we could” he begins. Harry shakes his head vigorously. “No” he whispers, his heart shattering, surely breaking into millions of tiny pieces, and then some more. “No no no no. Not my wife. Not my (Y/N)! No!” he exclaims. Anne rubs his back gently, but nobody can say anything that will make this any better. Harry’s a single father now, and nothing will bring you back to him or your baby girl.

Liam: He can’t quite comprehend that it’s you standing in front of him after two years. “(Y/N)” he gasps out in shock. You smile but as expected, his expression doesn’t mirror yours. He grabs your upper arm, his grip tightening as he drags you down the driveway. “Why the hell have you come back?!” he spits out through gritted teeth. “I came to see my son” you whisper softly, looking at the house in the distance, staring at the window and only hoping your two year old doesn’t see the commotion occurring outside. “Your son? Your son?!” he scoffs. “He stopped being your son the day you walked out and left him! He needed his mummy and you abandoned him!” Liam hisses. You lower your head in shame. “I was ill, Liam” you murmur. His demeanour changes slightly for a few seconds. “I know that. But there were a lot of people around you to help you, (Y/N). Plenty of new mums suffer post-natal depression. They learn to cope with it. You ran away from your problems” he spits harshly, anger returning once again, his hold tightening on you once more. “That’s not true, Liam. I left because I didn’t think I could look after him. I couldn’t be a good mum” you cry. Liam shakes his head. “You already were a good mum. The moment we took that pregnancy test and you were the one reassuring me that nothing would change between us and that we’d always be there for each other.” Silence engulfs the night air and he turns away from you,  running his hands through his hair and over his face, before placing them on his hips. You sigh before speaking again. “I saw a picture of him the other week. The paps got pretty close. He looks just like you” you smile. Once again, he scoffs and turns to face you again. “Good! Because life would be too fucking cruel if I had to look at a miniature version of you every day!” He pauses, gathering his thoughts. “Dammit (Y/N)!” he yells, his fist making contact with the wall beside you. “Two years, two fucking years I waited for you! You left me with him when he was two months old! He screamed and screamed and screamed and I could never do anything right or know what he wanted. I gave him milk, changed him, gave him cuddles but the reality was, he just wanted his mummy. I got no phone call, no letter to tell me you were safe! I just had to assume you were alive! A part of me had wished you were dead because at least it meant you didn’t choose to leave me!” You cower, his knuckles red and grazed from where they had made contact with the brick, tears pooling in your eyes as you realise the extent of his anger. Liam quickly backs away, holding out his hands. “I’m sorry. I would never hurt you. You know that.” You nod, swallowing the lump forming in your throat and staring at the ground, but you mentally question his statement. You don’t know Liam anymore. You lost the right to know him when you left him holding your baby. “What, what is he like, Liam?” you dare to ask with a shaky breath. Liam smiles proudly, but hurt is evident in his eyes. “He’s, oh God, he’s so, so perfect. He’s so amazing. He’s kind and caring and happy and funny. He sings, you know?” he quickly scoffs. “Of course you don’t know. And his favourite uncle is Louis because they sing together. His favourite food is alphabet spaghetti and he can spell his name almost by himself. He hates broccoli because it looks like a tree. He’s scared of cats because he got scratched by one a few months ago, but his favourite animals are monkeys at the zoo” he reels of the facts about his son, causing your heart to physically shatter into millions of tiny pieces. “And I’m not letting you come back here to fuck it all up, (Y/N)! You missed everything! You missed him say his first words, you missed him take his first steps. You weren’t the one up all night with him when he was in hospital with an infection. You weren’t the one taking him to the doctors when he had chickenpox. I’ve been a single father for two years, (Y/N)!” He pauses, running a hand over his face once more. Looking up at you, your expression breaks his heart. Relief washes over him that regardless of being distraught in front of him, you’re healthy, and alive, at least. “Why did you come back, (Y/N)?” he asks calmly. You sniff, wiping away the tears from your cheeks with the back of your hand. “Because I want a second chance. I want to try again. I want to raise my son, with you.”

Louis: “You’ll look after them both when I’m gone, won’t you Louis?” you ask him softly. His thumb skims your hand as you lay, bodies entwined, together in bed. He presses a kiss to you forehead. “Don’t talk like that, darling. We have plenty of time to do this, it doesn’t have to be now” he tells you, his hold on your waist tightening as he pulls you closer. He squeezes his eyes shut quickly, almost as if to remove the awful and harrowing image from his mind. It doesn’t work. “But we do, Louis. We do have to talk about this. I haven’t got much time left. I can feel it” you whisper softly. He gulps, swallowing the lump formed in his throat. “Don’t” he warns gently. “Please. This isn’t going to help anyone” he murmurs softly as tears pool in his eyes. You shake your head and raise your body slightly, leaning on one arm. You caress his cheek gently, skimming your thumb along his jawline. Giving him a sympathetic look, you sigh heavily. He mirrors your expression as he observes your features. The circles under your eyes are darker, and your lips are dryer, and in general, you look weaker. You had been fighting the cancer from the moment you were diagnosed, with chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions, and when they didn’t work, you had various surgeries. After those failures, Louis had researched every recommended doctor, paying for any available treatments from abroad as well to give you the best chance of survival. Of course, nothing had worked and your illness was confirmed to be terminal.  “I’m worried about you, Louis. You’re in denial. We’ve had second and third opinions! I’m dying and as horrible as this disease is, Louis, we both have to accept it. You’re going to be a single father and I want and need you to be ready for our babies. I know the boys will look out for you all, as will both my family and your family. But our babies! You’ll need to learn how to do their hair, you have to make sure you cut the crusts off their sandwiches, and you have to make sure they sleep with the right teddy bears. And you, Louis. What are you going to do? You’ll have to find someone else who can make you happy and be a good mum for them” you whimper. Louis scoffs although gives you a small smile. “Honestly (Y/N), only you could be laying here, literally dy-” he pauses, not sure how to continue, because saying the word out loud would only cause more heartache. You nod encouragingly, and in understanding. He quickly shakes his head to erase the thoughts. “Stop worrying about me” he whispers softly, stroking a strand of hair behind your ear. “And as for finding someone else who makes me happy? That will never happen! Nobody could ever make me happy like you do, darling. There is nobody else for me. You are my soulmate, my best friend, my wife and the mother of my children. Nobody else even comes close, sweetheart” he whispers softly. “But please don’t worry. I’m not going to lie and say it will be easy, it’s going to be so, so hard, baby girl. But I have our babies to look after and I am going to be there for them every step of the way” he reassures you. “And I promise, darling, I’ll see someone to get some help and support, yeah?” he whispers and you give him a small smile. “I love you, Louis. So much! And I am scared of leaving you all. But I’m not worried about you being a single father. You will do an amazing job, Louis. I know you will. And if you do move on and find someone who makes you happy, please don’t feel guilty. I need you to be happy and learn to love again. And I promise you, I won’t haunt you” you joke. And while Louis gives you a small smile, the sadness in his eyes is at the forefront and he presses a kiss to your forehead. “I love you, darling. I really do.”

Niall: “Thanks” Niall murmurs softly as Harry places the mug of hot tea in front of him at the table. Harry gives Niall a small smile and nods. “Can I hold her?” he asks. Niall nods and hands him the baby girl. “Watch her head” he warns gently and Harry chuckles at his protectiveness of the little human now in his own arms. “Niall, she’s beautiful.” Niall smiles proudly, but his eyes still display sadness. “How are you coping?” Harry asks. Niall is silent, giving Harry a quick nod in answer, before his true emotions show and chokes back a sob. “Oh Ni” Harry murmurs, placing a hand on his best friend’s back, the baby girl easily held in one arm. “She didn’t have to leave me, H. It didn’t have to be like this. There were so many people around her that wanted to help her and I tried so, so hard” he sobs. Harry nods in understanding. “She had post-natal depression, Niall. I know it’s hard but it’s important to remember that it’s not because she didn’t want to be a part of your life. She just felt she couldn’t cope. She spoke to therapists, to you, to me and the boys, to El. It’s a dreadful thing but she loves you and she loves your baby girl so much” Harry reassures him. Niall shrugs. “I don’t even know where she is. I came home from the studio and she’d gone. She’d packed a few things and left. She didn’t even leave me a letter. I have nothing left of her” he sobs. “You have her” Harry whispers softly, referring to the little bundle in his arms. Niall nods and gives a small smile at the sight of his baby. “Yeah. She’s so perfect, Harry. But I can’t do this on my own. She needs her mummy too. I just want her back, Harry. I need to find her and get her home to us. I’m not angry, I’m not cross with her. I’m just upset that she didn’t feel she could talk to me before leaving.” Harry nods in understanding once again. “What about her family? Have you contacted them?” he asks. Niall nods. “They haven’t seen her. She’s officially classed as a missing person. But you know what she’s like, Harry. If she’s missing, it means she doesn’t want to be found. Remember the time we had an argument and she was gone for days?!” he chuckles, but the situation is far from lighthearted. “I can’t say she even chose to leave me. It was the depression that made her leave. This would have at least been easier if she chose to leave us because she doesn’t love us. But she does, but she’s scared that can’t cope. She’s not herself, Harry, and that’s scary. She’s out in the world all alone. What if she’s hurt? What if someone hurts her? She can’t look after herself in her state! And what if she hurts herself?” he gulps. “What if” he pauses, lowering his head in his hands. “What if she’s already dead, H? What if she’s killed herself?” Harry rubs his hand on Niall’s back. “Ni, mate” he begins, before carefully taking the baby girl and quickly placing her in the bouncy chair. “There you go princess” Harry whispers softly. When he returns, he pulls his best friend into a hug. “You can’t think like that, Niall. People are out looking for her. The police are doing everything they can and when they find her, they’re going to get her the help she needs, ok? And then she’ll be back to you both. But you have to stay positive, yeah?” Niall nods, chewing his lip and quickly swatting away the tears streaming down his face with his fingertips. “She’s stronger than you give her credit for, mate. She’s been through so much in her life and you have both had to cope with so much together. And she’s always been the strong one. Hell, if I had ever been through what she has, I don’t think I’d be as strong as her, Ni.” Niall sighs. “You’re right” he murmurs, but he’s quickly disturbed when he feels the vibration in his pocket. Ripping his phone out, his stomach lurches as he considers all sorts. If it’s the police, it means they could have found you, dead or alive. He takes a look at the caller ID and your name flashes. He quickly punches at the answer button. “(Y/N)” he breathes a sigh of relief when your breath hitches down the other end of the phone. “Babe, oh baby, where are you? Tell me where you are darling” he cries down the phone as he grabs his car keys. Taking a look at Harry, he quickly mouths “go” and he knows his baby girl will be safe with his best friend. Once you reveal your destination, he breaks every speed limit possible to get to you. Relief washes over him as he realises that maybe, he’s no longer a single father, and that you’ll be a family once more.

Zayn: “Hey angel!” he exclaims as his five year old daughter runs out of the school and into his arms. Liam watches on with a huge smile, having offered to spend the afternoon with Zayn and his little girl. The boys had been great at keeping Zayn company and helping him to bring up his pride and joy, something you had made clear that you wanted when you were diagnosed with your terminal illness. “Look after them” you had told the boys. Normally, the happy little girl would be smiling and laughing when her daddy picks her up and tickles her, and normally she’ll race to tell him all about her day and what she played with and what she has learnt. But today, something was different, and when he set his little girl down, he noticed she had been crying. Wiping the tears away from her face, he’s quick to reassure her. “Baby girl, what’s wrong? What’s happened? Why are you crying?” he asks, his voice full of concern. She sobs harder as she tries to tell him about the day’s events. “All my friends got to make a Mother’s day card today and my teacher told me I couldn’t make one because I don’t have a mummy!” she hiccups throughout the sentence. “Come here, sweetheart” he pulls her into a cuddle, wrapping his arms around her protectively. His emotions are clear to Liam, who has known Zayn well for years, and he knows that whilst he’s upset at the mention of the loss of his wife, and upset for his daughter, anger is at the forefront at the teacher who told his little girl she was excluded from the activity. “Zayn” Liam whispers softly. “Let’s go. You can write a letter of complaint, yeah? Let’s not cause a scene” he murmurs softly. Zayn nods, knowing that Liam is right. Going into the school and having his much needed rant will only satisfy him slightly, but it could scare his little girl, and he didn’t want that. Within minutes, Zayn and Liam had both arrived at the park allowing your daughter to play whilst the boys took a seat on the bench. “Zayn!” Liam exclaims as he pulls a packet out of his pocket. Zayn shrugs as he lights the cigarette and takes a drag from it. “I need it when I’m stressed” he murmurs. Liam lets out a breathy, sarcastic laugh. “So your wife died of terminal cancer and here you are, prepared to give yourself lung cancer?” he asks, raising an eyebrow. Zayn sighs deeply, before quickly stubbing out the killing machine. “You’re right, I’m sorry. I’m just so fucked off, man. Who does this teacher think she is? She has a mum just like everyone else. We still go and see her” he tells Liam, gesturing to your daughter and referring to your grave. Zayn runs a hand through his hair, sighing deeply, and allows the silence to take over, with Liam giving him time to think and reflect. Soon enough, your little girl comes running over to Zayn, demanding that they go home and have dinner “because it’s nearly five o’clock.” Waving a quick goodbye to Liam, Zayn takes his little girl home. There’s a comfortable silence throughout dinner before Zayn pipes up, suggesting an idea he had thought of. “Baby girl, I know you said about this teacher today, but she’s wrong to say that. You have a mummy just like all of your friends, ok?” he asks, and she nods in response. Zayn smiles. “So how about, we do something even better and make mummy a card home here? We’ll get some paint and some glitter and we’ll do some drawing. And then on Sunday, Mother’s Day, we’ll take the card with us and put it on mummy’s grave. What do you say, darling? ” The little girl nods her head excitedly. “I want to use yellow paint, it was mummy’s favourite colour. And I want to draw flowers because mummy loved flowers too. And maybe we should take her some flowers” she adds, and whilst a smile dances on her lips, there is a sadness in her eyes. Because whilst Zayn may be a fantastic dad, he’s a single father and coping as well as he can isn’t going to bring you back. Your little girl will grow up without her mummy, and Zayn will do everything in his power to keep the memory of you alive.

Let Me Love You pt. 8

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Let Me Love You

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

Description: When the truth finally comes out are you willing to take Baekhyun back?

Genre: Smut // Fluff // Slight Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

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You push the door shut behind you. You can feel Baekhyun’s eyes on you as he waits for you to speak but you are not ready to turn around. You dread the moment you meet his eyes. What exactly is there for you to say? For him to say? Realistically, you shouldn’t have agreed to this talk. Him lying to his fiance that he’ll be out late and to not wait up for him. You kissing Chanyeol on the cheek and tell him you had a great time tonight and can’t wait to see him again when in reality you’re letting his best friend somehow persuade you back to your hotel because the only man you can think about is Baekhyun. At this point you don’t know who’s worse; you or Baekhyun.

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Make it hurt ( Then Kiss it better)

Chapter 4

“So, when did you start drawing?” i said cheerfully, watching Jung kook as he lay on his stomach on the soft white carpet of his room, sketching happily on the huge board on the floor. 

Yoongi had picked me up after lunch and driven me to his home. After a few minutes of idle chatter with his brother, he’d disappeared, after telling Jung Kook that he would be back at dinner time. 

That was still an hour or so away. 

“when i was five.” He said brightly. “ Yoongi hyung bought me my first set of colors.” He grinned. 

I smiled. 

“I used to draw with the gardener’s son…” Jung Kook said wistfully. “ His name was Taehyung. “

I leaned forward.

“where is he?” I said gently.

Jung Kook shrugged.

“He goes to school . I can’t … because I’m sick..” He pouted. 

“You can still play with him if you want to…” i said kindly. Jung Kook bit his lips.

“What if he thinks I’m a freak?” he whispered. “ Boys shouldn’t be omegas.” 

I swallowed the slicing pain that went through my heart. 

“Who told you that?” i said evenly.

Jung Kook shrugged.

“Only weak people become omegas.” He said , biting his lips again.

I scoffed.

“I’m an omega. I’m not weak.” I rolled my eyes. He frowned.

“You’re an omega?”

“Can’t you scent me?” I said surprised. He nodded grudgingly. 

“I thought you were like Yuju, noona. She sprays perfume to smell like omegas. it makes me sick.” 

i froze.

“She.. wait.. what?” 

“She wears omega scents. She buys them from a boutique in ilsan. She showed them to me. is it true that they hurt omegas to make those perfumes? ” 

 jesus christ, what the hell was wrong with that bitch….

 “Of course not. She was probabaly joking..” i lied through my teeth. I was going to kick that twit in the fucking teeth when I saw her. 

“Anyway…i thought you wore those too..” He shrugged.

i shook my head. 

“Of course not. I’m a real omega and let me tell you, i’ve beat up more boys than your brother. “ I said firmly. 

Jung Kook giggled. 

“you’re lying.”

“Of course not! i even almost beat up your brother.” i grinned and he laughed harder.

“Hyung wouldn’t let you…” He protested and i laughed. 

“Well, what matters is that i could if I wanted to. And it not just beating up people. I could do anything i wanted. No one can stop me . Just because I was born a certain way, doesn’t mean i can’t live the way i want to live….” I said firmly.

Jung Kook stared at me thoughtfully. 

“I want to go to school too.” He said suddenly. “ But hyung thinks it’s too dangerous.” 

I hesitated. 

“Jung Kook, I can’t make promises I may not be able to keep but I’ll talk to your brother… is that okay?” I said with a smile. 

“Really? You’d really do that for me?” He looked heart breakingly hopeful and i smiled before ruffling his hair. 

“Of course i will.” 


“I didn’t know that Jung Kook’s doctor is my brother.” i said casually, climbing into Yoongi’s car and buckling myself up. He hummed and turned the vehicle on, peering back to pull out of the driveway . 

It was nearly a week since I’d first met Jung Kook and I’d been spending a lot of time with the little imp. He was a genuine treasure and I missed him fiercely evrytime we had to say good bye. 

over the week , i had developed a sort of grudging friendship with Yoongi. It wasn’t particularly affection driven. just a bit of respect and appreciation. 

And it helped that he was pretty easy on the eyes , a voice snickered inside my head. 

( shut up, hoe.) 

“Yeah… he is.. why?”

“Have you talked about sending Jung Kook to school?” i said hesitantly.

Yoongi scoffed. 

“did he beg you as well.. Don’t mind that.. he’s a kid and he doesn’t understand…”

“Precisely!! Yoongi.. he’s a kid… don’t take away an essential patrt of his childhood from him…”i protested and Yoongi growled, the sound hitting me in the pit of my stomach. I blinked as my entire body curved away from his tone, an instinctive urge to hide taking over. 

“You will not fill his head with nonsense, Min Jung… i swear to God if you give him these fanciful ideas and put him in danger ..I’ll wring your neck.” 

I swallowed , my throat dry.

“i’m sorry.” My voice came out meek, subdued. 

Yoongi took a deep shuddering breath. 

“Jung kook is the most important thing in my life. If anything happens to him, I’ll …I’ll never forgive myself.” he whispered and I nodded, vaguely aware that all I wanted to do was clamber onto his lap and nuzzle his neck. 

Oh, shit. What was happening, really?

“I’m not trying to hurt him.” i said weakly, swallowing the dryness in my throat. It felt like a struggle, trying to get my words out. 

“I know that… but he needs to be taken care of right now. Besides, can you imagine the kind of bullying he would get in school..”

“There are suppressants that…”

“He’s too young for those. And too weak. “ 

i sighed.

“What about Taehyung?” i said softly. 

Yoongi frowned.


“Why won’t you let Taehyung come play with him?” 

Yoongi tapped the steering wheel impatiently and i stared at his hands. ivory white fingers that looked oddly hypnotising against the expensive leather.

“I never stopped him from meeting Taehyung.” He said firmly. “ Jung Kook felt uncomfortable because Taehyung happens to be an alpha.” He said with a shrug.

I hesitated.


“Yes, oh. Now, I’m dropping you off , so I’d appreciate if you don’t turn my brother into a version of yourself.” He smiled a little and i rolled my eyes. 


“which reminds me… Did you tell him it’s okay to hit Alphas?” 

i blinked.


“He socked an Alpha kid in the hospital last evening. Said that you’d told him to…” 

I bit my lips to contain the smile.

“why..uh.. Why did he hit him?”

“Said he bothered him about something. That doesn’t matter! What matters is he shouldn’t be going around hitti- Why the hell are you grinning?”

“Because I’m fucking proud of him. And you should be too.” i snapped. 

“Proud that he’s beating people up?!” Yoongi stared around at me in disbelief and i rolled my eyes. 

“Proud that he’s standing up to himself! Think about it… If he was an Alpha you wouldn’t think twice about him hitting a guy… “ I accused.

yoongi sighed. He ran a hand thoruhg his messy blonde hair, exasperation written all over his face. 

He looked frighteningly like how Seokjin usually looked at me. 

100% done. 

“I don’t know what I was thinking…letting you near my impressionable young brother..” 

I grinned and poked his cheek, earning myself a snarl.

“Oh , don’t lie. You love me.”

i don’t know why i said it. But he didn’t bat an eyelash, smiling softly and shaking his head.

“Brat.” He said softly. 


“You dragged me to the store in the middle of the day to buy an iron man figurine?” Jieun whined in displeasure and i elbowed her in the ribs.

“Shut up and tell me what looks better? This three foot tall one or the smaller one with more detailing…”

“He’s not going to be able to haul a three foot thing all over the place. If he likes to sketch you should give the one with more detailing..”

“I knew there was some use in dragging you along..” I kissed her cheek and she grunted. 

“I can’t believe you’re actually eading to Min Yoongi’s house. How does stuff like this happen to you? He’s so fucking hot..” She groaned.

I rolled my eyes.

“He’s also engaged.” I pointed out.

“To the biggest wart in human existence.” Jieun muttered.

I snorted.

“Yes. But i’ve learned that people should be allowed to make shitty choices if it makes them happy and trust me the guy actually seems happy with that creature.” 

It was true. 

It boggled my mind but Yoongi seemed to genuinely care for the girl. And there was no doubt that Yuju’s world seemed to revolve around her handsome boyfriend.

“You can’t tell me he doesn’t make you feel some type of way. ‘  The Min Yoongi effect’  is what they call it in the goosip board.” Jieun laughed. 

I smiled grudgingly. 

“i won’t deny it. But yeah, i’m not an idiot. i’ve worked too hard for too long to lose it all over an alpha.” I said firmly, and it was a nice reminder. 

“Then why do you keep running everytime he texts you?” Jieun retorted. 

I rolled my eyes.

“You sound like i run to hang out with him. I go and give jung Kook company. The kid is sick and lonely.” i said firmly.

“Whatever. Just don’t get in too deep and end up regretting the whole thing. “ 


On the morning of Jung Kook’s birthday, everything went to hell. 

i woke up sweating, shaking and disoriented, completely stunned and even more embarrassed. I hadn’t had a wet dream in such a long time and i flinched in disgust when i felt the wetness between my legs, slippery against my thighs . There was a dull , stinging ache at the base of my pine, unfamiliar and not exactly unbearable but definitely hard to ignore. i stared at the ceiling for a few seconds, before dragging myself up and glancing at the calendar. 

Jieun was snoring softly , her even breathing filling the room. I squinted in the darkness, flinching when I saw the red crosses on tomorrow’s date. 


I dragged myself to the cabinet and grabbed the box of suppressants, tossing four pills into my palm and swallowing them down quickly before reaching for some water.

The scenta maskers lay in the adjacent box but i figured the suppressants ought to be enough. 

 I stayed standing for a few seconds and slowly the sweating stopped, the ache fading to a dull throb and my eyes began to focus again. 

But yet, the feeling of something not being right hung heavily in my gut. My body felt oddly weightless, my mind vaguely distracted but not by my thoughts. it was like my skull was stuffed with cotton wool, like i was trying to hear and see underwater.

 images and sound registered but made no sense. 

I stumbled a little as I stood up again, my feet trembling mildly. I moved back to the bed, staring in distaste at the soaked sheets. 

It was a while before I could get it cleaned up , tossing the sheets into the laundry basket before half stumbling and half dragging myself to the bathroom. The shower helped, bringing me back to my senses and by the time i was out, Jieun was awake. 

She gave me a look of confusion.

“why do you look like you ran up and down thirty flights of stairs?” she said mildly and I grabbed a handful of tissues from the small tin on the table, swiping at my sweaty face. 

“I think I’m coming down with a fever…” i muttered. 

“You took your suppressants right?” She said worriedly and I nodded.

“I even took an extra couple, just to be sure.” i said firmly. 

She nodded firmly. 

“Good… By the way, hwasa’s coming over to get that assignment.” 

I sat on the bed, fully intending to get up after a minute and pack for class but Jieun returned from her shower, dressed and ready but i was still sitting there, feeling a bit like like my feet had been filled with lead. 

“Okay.. do you want to , like take the day off?” Jieun said worriedly. “ You look like you’re about to fall headfirst if you tried to stand.”

I swallowed, thinking about the three papers I hjad to turn in today all of them having a say in my final grade. The final grade that would help me enter Med School. 

“I’ll be fine…” I shook my head and grabbed some more tissues, wiping away the sweat and tapping into every ounce of energy I had left, before dfragging my self to the dresser. I looked …. weird. 

I stared at my self, the sweat slicked skin and mostly an odd sort of glow. 

 omega glow.


That made no sense. I was on suppressants. But there was no denying the way i looked right now. My lips were no longer plum pink. They looked blood red and swollen, bitten red. 

I felt panic build up inside me. What was happening to me? 

When Hwasa came in, she actually froze in place, just staring at me in disbelief.

“Holy shit! Who railed you?” She whispered.

“What the hell…” i muttered, snatching the assignment out of her hands and slipping it into my backpack. 

“you smell like Alpha.”

I froze.

“What? You smell like Alpha. Like someone gave you the fuck of your life. Which one was it? i thought you repelled all of them .” she grinned , waggling her eyebrows and I shoved her out of the way before grabbing my key and stalking out of the room. 

I grabbed my phone and dialled Yoongi’s number. 

A second later he picked up.

“Min Jung?”

“Hey…I was wondering if I could drop by later in the evening because …”

“No. I’m having Yuju over.”

I blinked.

“oh. It’s okay, I can get a cab…”

“I said No. My girlfriend and i are going to be there and I’d rather you don’t come.”

Oh, wow. 


“Yoongi , you don’t have to be prize dick over it. i just want to see jung Kook. You and your girlfriend can go snog in peace. I’m not going to becoming in between you.”

He scoffed.

“As if you could….”

Jesus Christ, what the hell was up with him anyway?

“Listen , it’s Jung Kook’s birthd-”

“No, you fucking listen to me, alright! Just because Jung Kook has some weird fascination with you doesn’t mean you can just fucking walk in and out of my fucking home as you like, okay? I’m telling you you’re not welcome and Jesus, can’t you fucking get a hint?”

I gaped at the phone for a few seconds, not even sure what had happened or why. 

And the a steady beeping told me that he had hung up. 


By lunch break, the whispers were becoming hard to ignore. Most Alphas shot me looks of disgust and I wanted to burrow into the seat. My thighs hurt, my back throbbed like I’d taken a baseball bat to it and my fingers kept trembling. 

The aftermath of what had happened with Yoongi still stung. I mean, we’d almost been on the way to becoming friends, or so I’d thought. And then he’d gone along and proven just why alphas were considered dicks. 

 I was looking forward to the privacy of my room.

 I wanted to avoid the stares and the mutterings, so I took a shortcut through the undergrowth and the woods that interspersed the various dorms.

Stumbling forward and losing my footing for the third time in a minute..I finally stopped, taking a deep breath and acknowledging that something was wrong with me. I gripped the nearest tree and slid down the rough bark, whimpering at how much heat was building up inside my skull and inside my body. 

Fuck.. Fuck.. Fucking fuck.

i fumbled with the phone…barely managing to dial Seokjin before the first hot flash took over, excruciating pain and searing heat mingling and shooting up my spine till I was flat on the damp muddy ground, twigs digging into my body as i fought the tears of frustration. 

“Op-pa!” I choked out.

“Min Jung?! where are you.. what happened?!!” he sounded terrified and i swallowed , fighting to keep away the haze of arousal and dopamines that were being dropped into my bloodstream. 

“Heat… I dunno.. what happened… I took the pills… ” i managed before another shot of searing pain hit my skull.

“oh, Fucking hell, didn’t he tell you yet-? I’m going to fucking murder him.. Baby, where are you?” Seokjin said urgently and I stared around in misery, frustration building up. 

“In the woods.” I whimpered. “ I don’t even know where I am…” 

“Okay… baby there’s a tracker on it. I’m going to find you real soon, okay? Are there Alphas around?”


I’d completely forgotten about that.

i was stuck outside an Alpha Dorm in full heat.


They were going to find me. No if’s or but’s about it. it was just a question of when.

But I wasn’t an idiot. I took a deep breath.

“Jin , You need to hurry. They’re going to be able to scent me real soon. I think I’m really close to the dorms. i’m gonna try and move away, okay?”

“ Find somewhere close to flowers or honeysuckle. They’ll help mask your scent. And i want you to rub some of the damp earth on your wrists , your neck and on your mating gland. “

i blinked.

“My  what?!”

“Fuck.. it’s the small bump at the curve of your neck.. where your neck meets your shoulder.”

“you want me to rub dirt on it?”

“Damp earth…. It’ll mask the scent. “ 

 I dropped the phone when my fingers got too sweaty and my vision went fully blurred, the phone no longer visible or reachable. i tucked it into my dress pocket. I clawed at the ground, well aware that this wasn’t one of the weak little heat flashes I’d had over the year.

Standing up was hell, but i managed, vision swimming dabgerously as i spotted the dense undergrowth leading deeper into the woods. I’d never even ben there. You’d have to be suicidal to go off the paths in the woods but desperate times. 

I walked on unsteady legs for what felt like hours , but could well have been just a few minutes. I could smell honeysuckle closeby and a few turns bought me to a glade , the forest clearing up at the top to let in weak sun. I curled up into the bushes, grabbing a twig and digging into the ground . After digging up a small pile of dirt, I grabbed a handful of the mess and rubbed it on my wrist. my neck and shoulders feeling like i was burning off my skin. 

It took another hour of mind numbing pain before the scent hit me. 

Soothing and comforting. 

i wanted to sob in relief. It was Jin. 

“Op-pa…” I choked out when he came into view and his eyes softened . 

“I got you, baby girl. “ He dropped to his knees in front of me wrapping strong, warm arms around me. 

“I think i’m dying..” I rasped out, voice cracking. 

He chuckled.

“i’m sure it feels that way… Listen…I’m going to give you a sedative, okay? It’s going to help because this pain is only going to get worse and I don’t really want you to go through with it…”

“I… Why did this…?”

“I’ll explain once it’s over. Just trust oppa, okay?”


When i woke up again, it was to the steady beeping of a heart monitor. I blinked groggily, feeling like I was lying inside a swimming pool, my entire body weighed down by heavy clothes and bed covers.

I huffed, struggling to sit up. 

“Wait.. you’re.. you shouldn’t be getting up yet…”

i froze at the voice. 

“What the hell are you doing here?” I said , syllables breaking off from the strain of speaking. 

Yoongi looked a little green. 

“I’m…I’ve been here for the last fivce days.” he looked guilty as fuck and I felt foreboding rise inside me like a living thing. 

I blinked.

“What the hell?” 

“Seokjin thought I should stay closeby …. to help with… calming you down.” he reached out, as though to touch me and then seemed to think better of it, pulling away . 

I gaped at him. 

It took me a few long seconds for the implications to sink in.

My hands flew up to my neck and I felt it. The distinct indentation of twin teeth, right on the curve of my neck. 


“Minjung, wait I can explain…” 

“You … bit me.” i said , too stunned to process it anymore. 

“I didn’t want to!! I had to…. you.. you were really sick….” 

I swallowed, not able to understand or come to terms with it. 

“Did you… Did we…?” I stared at him in disbelief and he immediately shook his head. 

“No.. No.. i swear I didn’t have sex with you…. It’s …I didn’t..” He said hastily. 

The door opened and Jin appeared, momentarily freezing in place. 

“How could you do this to me?” I said softly, staring at my brother, the only man i had ever trusted in my entire life. “ You know how I feel about mating… You know how I feel about it…” 

 My life is over…

“ Baby…. i wouldn’t have done it if there were any other way. You were really sick and your temperature was so high…”

“So you nrough in an Alpha to bite me!” I snarled in disbelief. “ I’m not a fucking bitch in heat!!” 

“Min jung…”

“And even if you had to… why one earth would you pick  him??!!! He hates me… He has a fucking  fiancee!!!”

Jin bit his lips. 

“it’s because Yoongi already imprinted on you.” He said gently. 

I froze, stunned. 


“ That day… in the Music room..” It was Yoongi who replied and there was a world of hurt and regret in his tone that made me want to claw my eyes out. 

“You knew? You knew you’d imprinted on me?” i said, stunned. 

Yoongi didn’t reply and i laughed in disbelief. 

“Wait.. did  you  know too?” i glared at Seokjin and the way he looked at his feet answered it all.

“Oh my God. “ i whispered, stunned. I thought of all the stares. The way the Alphas had stopped hanging around me. If Yoongi had imprinted on me, they must’ve smelled him on me. 

I felt suddenly weak and lost. 

“i asked you…” i said stupidly. “ that day… i asked you if we’d … you said no…” i stared at Yoongi in confusion…” wy would you lie to me?” 

“Min Jung…I’m sorry…” He said softly and I couldn’t believe it. 

After everything he’d done to me, everything he’d said he was apologizing..

“Is that why my suppressants weren’t working? Is that why you made me want to use scent maskers instead? Because i was smelling like Yoongi?” i stared at Jin and he gave me a little smile. 

“You’re a smart girl…”

“Not smart enough, apparently. “ I turned to Yoongi.

“What are you goign to tell your fiancee? That you’ve got a new pet for your new home?” I sneered. “ A nice little bitch who would entertain you when you go into rut and don’t want to hrut your precious wife.” 

“Min jung..!” Jin said warningly but the tears slipped out without warning and I swiped at my eyes furiously. 

“Because that’s what i am, aren’t I? Created especially for  your  pleasure.” I said bitterly. “ How long were you hoping to do this Yoongi? Hoping to prove to me that Omegas aren’t anything more than whores. Will you do this to your precious broth-“

One minute he was in the chair, staring at me evenly and the next second he was snarling, fingers wrapping around my throat and pinning me to the bed as he straddled me.


I stared back defiantly, only mildly scared at the way his iris changed color, a deep blazing red. 

“I’m going to ignore what you said, because you’re upset. Don’t fucking bring Jung Kook into it. I never looked down on you. Never have , never will. You think i wanted to mate  you? You- the most cynical, most cruel heartless bitch I’ve ever met? You disgust me…. The way you wear your arrogance like a fucking armor. And trust me, if it weren’t for the fact that you were getting your brain fried with a fever of 45 degrees, I wouldn’t have bloody looked at you twice. 

“Yes, i imprinted on you. Not because I wanted to! And yes i lied. Because, I didn’t want to upset you. i was going to leave anyway. And once i married Rose the bond would break anyway. I  was  trying to make your fucking life easier. That’s why i went to your brother and told him to change your meds and make sure that it wouldn’t affect you in anyway….If , for one second you stopped thinking that the world revolves around you, you’d fucking know that I never wanted to prove any shit to you…. You’re not  that  important to me.!!

“So, if you want to go ahead and bitch about it, do it. But keep in mind that the only reason you’ve got a pulse to bitch with is because i overcame my own dislike and helped you fucking live.” 

He squeezed down again and i choked for a second before the hold relaxed. jkin sttod away, wisely . He stared evely as Yoongi climbed off me and grabbed his jacket.

“Get your shit together and act like a rational human and then we’ll talk.”

I stared as he stalked out , slamming the door shut behind him. 

Arc Reactor (Tony X Wife!Reader)

Characters: Tony Stark X Wife!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers, Iron Man

Warnings: Operation


Request: Can i request this Imagine on Being The Reader Tony’s wife and being with Tony when he gets the arc reactor removed and their being minor complications when the Reactor is removed but he pulls through and the reader and their teenage daughter is with him when he comes out and his daughter   being super worried about him after thinking her dad wasn’t going to make it.

Originally posted by fuckyeahtonystark

You were terrified, and honestly you had every right to be.

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In 1 month you would be turning 17, and i wonder everyday what would that be like, if you would be borrowing my clothes and make up, or if you would still play with dolls as you did when you left me here.

Would you still be funny and sweet as you were?, Never calling me “fat” or things that you know would hurt me.

I miss you, so much its unbereable, like a hole in the middle of my chest. You were my sister, my only sister and I dont have you by my side anymore. And its really unfair. I would give up my life if that would bring you back.

I’m so afraid noone will remember you but me. Thats one of my greatest fears. If people forget how lovely you were and how strong and brave and how willing to go through hell just to live.

I want all people to know about you.

Lucy (Lucia Florencia), was born in February 4th in 1998, when i was six years old, and she was my best friend ever.

She was really funny and loved to play dress up. She usually used Sailor Moon’s suit and put make up on and it was just hillarious.

She really liked when i took pictures of her, she was like my model, i really liked taking pictures of her. She is the cutest thing the world has ever had.

Her hair was long and waivy and dark brown, and her eyes where so bright and charming and obscure at the same time, really misterious.

She played the piano, the violin and had a really good ear and could play lots of songs only by ear, without even know how to read partitures.

She was bright as hell, but really talkative, and sometimes naughty. Once she came back from school (9 years old), and told my dad, “I have one bad new and one good”, my dad said “Tell me the bad first”, “the teacher put me a bad face on my notebook because i punched Anna on the face, she was being really rude”, and my dad said, “and whats the good one” “That Anna is okey, that we are fine, and it was nothing at all, just that”. He could not stop laughing after that.

She was my rock, and I was hers. We loved each other even more other sibbligs do. She was the true face of love.

Her favourite stuffed animal was the racoon you can see in the bed besides her. She was burried with him, his name was “Mapachin”, and he was her fav since she was like 3 years old, when she cut really deep her finger and had to have stitches and mum bought that to her for being so brave.

She got sick in 2008, she was 10, her back started hurting really bad, and after xrays and exams, mum came back crying like I had never seen her, and my world felt appart.

I had to go and tell Lucy she had to go to another city to get her back cured. and she asked me if she would have to take some medicine, and it broke my heart.

She had cancer, a new kind of cancer, in one tumor it had different fenotipes and there was no treatment that cured the whole tumor, so they removed it. It didnt work.

She thought she was cured, my parents never could tell her the truth after that, we were all a reck, really messed up people, we still are. We will always be. Life really took love away from us in such a hurtfull and horrible way its almost impossible to describe.

Whatever doctors said that she might have or experience, happened. Every single bad thing. She had to lie on a bed for 4 months without moving, cause her brain tumor wouldnt let her. Her lungs tumors filled her lungs with water, so she couldnt breath anymore.

After some months of unbeareable sadness and hoping for miracles and praying to every god ever existed. Doctors had to put her in medical coma, because she wouldnt get better. Ever.

And that was it. on June 8th on 2010, my sister died of cancer, in a hospital bed. Her last thing she “said” (she couldnt talk anymore, so she said I LOVE U blinking her eyes really hard), was I love you, to my mum, dad and me.

And I lost everything.

The day after that, was when i saw death itself. My sister, insanely pale and blue-ish in a coffin, and i had months and months of nightmares.

I miss her smell, i miss her voice, and i miss not remembering everything that happened before the illness, because i wasnt really thinking something as destroying as that would happen.

Im just writing my heart here, you cant see my fingers trembling, or the tears running down my face, but i know you can feel them, because i need to tell you all this.

Please think of her, even though you didnt know her. She was my baby sister, and my mate, and my love. And i dont have her anymore and I dont want her to be lost in time and noone knowing who she is.

She couldve been a remarkable piano player, or an actress, or a veterinary,for her love towards animals. But she hadnt the chance to do that.

She didnt have her first kiss

or her first period

or travel to disney world

or be trully in love with someone

and most of the things we enjoy as teens and young adults. She couldnt have them, so please, think of her when u do. Say her name before going to sleep, tell your kids about this amazing girl who lived in Mar del Plata, Argentina and told the kindergarten teacher she wanted to be a Ship captain just like her dad. And how she was not ashamed at all when she asked santa for a HotWeels Car wash instead of a barbie.

I love you, and I hope you think of her.

Eugenia Cecilia Arroyo.


The Truth About Forever

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader ft. Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: Romance, Implied Smut?, Angst, Slice of Life
  • Words: 6.3K
  • Description: There are a lot of things you know. You knew the water in the lake was the clearest, most fresh tasting in the world and that lavender hyacinth graced every hillside, peeking through patches of wild grass and forest green shrubbery. You knew the weather was pleasant enough and the air clean enough even for someone with a body as weak as yours to sleep peacefully under clear moonlit nights. You know a lot of things, but there was one thing you didn’t know…

 “Jungkook and Y/N forever…” Seokjin reads the little inscription on the corner. “Hey, this person even has the same name as you, how weird.”

Reverof is a quaint little town located on the shores of a large freshwater lake, one of the largest in the world. Settled back in a bygone era, known as the early stages of the industrial revolution, it has long past its steel producing, machine manufacturing days and has now become a top vacation destination due to its invitingly mild weather and stunning natural scenery. People from all over the country flock to Reverof annually, spending their holiday weekends camping by the mountainside, hiking through its charming forest trails, gazing at its magnificent waterfalls, and sailing on the surface of the lake’s ocean-like vastness.

The lake was so big; the other side of the shore was not visible to the naked eye. Anybody visiting would think Reverof was just like a city by the ocean, and being a lakeside town, it did have most of the attractions a seaside port city would offer, but of course there were a couple of differences here and there. Reverof didn’t have rocky cliff shores that jut out to be met with aquamarine waves, but instead pine tree covered slopes that gradually reached out into the clear water. It didn’t provide the signature salty breeze and blushing beaches at sunset, but it did have the gentle musky scent of a forest after the rain and colorful pebble covered shorelines.  

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Jungkook Scenario: Stay With Me.

Request: Hey beauties, Can you do a scanior of jk based on goblin ost stay with me, of him in love with a noona , she like him back but feel burden of age difference so she don’t it’s right. tho it’s only one year. Thanks Love you too.

Genre: Angst / Fluff.

There he came again. You saw Jungkook through the window, the place where you spent much of the time having glimpses of the world. Your flat was on a busy street, so no matter what hour of the day you saw people, cars, pets, couples sharing love, families going to the museum, school excursions, you saw everything through that window, including your neighbor, the only guy you had allowed yourself to befriend, even if most of the times you regretted that friendship.

You lived alone, because for you it was vital to live as such, you seldom went out and you worked from home, you had known Jungkook by bare chance one day throwing out the trash, he had opened the door for you and he had smiled, dashingly, beautifully, and it was like seeing the world for the first time. 

You couldn’t say no to that smile, so later on you had opened the door and for the first time a man had entered your apartment, in what it seemed like ages you had had a real conversation with someone, but you knew you couldn’t get your hopes up.
Jungkook, although younger than you was mature and interesting, he worked for a car company, he liked to travel and had been in many places, places that you could only dream about and that he showed you in the pictures he brought in his tablet, Rome, Puckett, Prague, Jakarta, Auckland, and many more, it showed he liked to party regularly and you guessed he must had a ton of friends, a ton of girls to choose from. You knew you were a little part of his life, minuscule, but you liked to think he also looked forward to it.

The bell rang and you jumped, you had dolled yourself up, a little, just as you used to when he came, you wanted him to find you at least agreeable so you made the effort. You went and opened the door for him, greeting him with a smile as always feeling yourself tremble a little when he took a step forward way too fast, you jumped back almost falling and Jungkook laughed.

-Y/N, what is it? You are like a cat- he joked, you laughed a little, telling yourself you should be more attentive.

-You know, gotta stay alive, I mean awake, attentive!- you shook your head in embarrassment as you closed the door. 

Jungkook chuckled. -You are cute, will you do your famous tea today? I came all the from my home for it-

-Jungkook, you live next door-

He smiled widely. -I know, but I came here-


You went to make the tea, Jungkook waited patiently watching you from the kitchen table, his eyes never left your frame as you searched things and prepared a few cookies, he observed you making you blush, it was time like this when it was the hardest, thinking of him as something else, something that could not be.

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One Night Stand

So this has been in my drafts for pretty much forever.  I havent posted it because ive been a little afraid to in all honesty but here goes nothin.  I hope you enjoy it!!


Originally posted by hail-to-the-goalies

           You weren’t the type of girl that ever had one night stands, like ever, and you were by no means a puck bunny but when Connor McDavid himself started buying you drinks you couldn’t say no.  For crying out loud it was Connor McDavid, no one could say no.  But the little plus sign was a harsh awakening as to why you didn’t have one night stands.  It wasn’t just a maybe either, this was the fifth test you took.  To make matters even worse every time you had tried to call he sent your call directly to voicemail.  Understandably, no one wanted to keep in touch with a one night stand but what if you were calling to tell him you tested positive for HIV or chlamydia or YOU WERE PREGNANT with his child.

           You weren’t sure what to do, you couldn’t raise a child on your own you could barely keep yourself together.  You were on the verge of writing a letter, a fucking letter, until a friend had suggested you going to a game and getting his attention.  At first it seemed like a great idea but now being at the Rogers Place along with 18,000 other people getting the great captains attention seemed hopeless.  With about ten minutes left in the third you made your way out and down to the changeroom area.  You waited an hour and a half outside the doors receiving looks from everyone that walked by you making you want to scream as loud as you could. Finally, Connor left the changeroom, his hair wet from his shower, his suit looking perfect, and a beautiful smile across his face.  

            He looked in your direction telling his teammates he would catch up with them later.  The smile that was on his face seconds ago, turning into a frown making you regret your decision to tell him.  “What the hell are you doing here?” he asks you lowly pulling you into a corner.

            “I called you” you start slowly “I wouldn’t have to be here if you would have just answered your phone.”

            “Well sorry (y/n) people don’t usually keep in contact with their one night stands” he says with annoyance laced in his words “I gave you my number but people don’t usually call their one night stand.”

            “You don’t have to keep on reminding me that I was only a one night stand” you say anger taking over you “I found something out and I can’t do it on my own, I don’t have the money to or the time or the mental strength.”

           “What the hell are you talking about?” he asks his voice soft “(y/n) you sound like you’re going to say you’re pregnant.”

           “Connor, I am” you whisper “you got your one night stand pregnant.”

            You could see all the colour drain from his face, mimicking yours after you saw the first test and after your doctor told you. “B-but… but that’s not possible, we-I used protection (y/n) I can’t raise a kid I have my career, I don’t even know you how can we raise a kid together?”

            “And what Connor my life doesn’t matter, I’m in school, I plan to have a career, I can’t raise a kid all by myself” does he really think that you’re going to raise a kid on your own?  Of course, people did it but there is no way you could.

           “That’s not what I meant of course your life matters too but come on (y/n), I the captain of a fucking NHL team you can easily put school on hold for a little while.”

           “Oh!” you yell having absolutely no other response.  Does he realize how expensive university is?  Even though he was handed a full ride scholarship you thought maybe he would have some idea of the cost.

           “Ok that came out wrong” he says quickly “I mean if you’re going to have this kid you’ll have to put school on hold.”

           “I’m not going to get rid of it Connor so yes I will have to put my life on hold, which isn’t what I’m asking you to do, I am just asking you for help” you take a pause to catch your breath and make sure you aren’t about to cry “I don’t have the money to raise a child by myself.”

           “Fine if it’s about money I’ll give you money every month.  But (y/n) I can’t be a father.”

           “Then you’re a coward Connor” the words come out like venom “A fucking coward, you made a mistake and you won’t stand up and help take care of the fucking problem.  Maybe it’s a good thing you don’t want any part of this child’s life, I wouldn’t want him to take any traits from you anyways.”

           “You said him?” he questions quietly looking down at your stomach “did you already find out?”

           “No, it’s still way too early to.  I just have a feeling” you reply, instinctively bringing your hands to your stomach “I’m only about two months along.”

           You stand in silence for a few minutes, silently contemplating what you should do. Apologize for calling him a coward? Ask him once more to be a part of the baby’s life?  Or just leave?  You pick the last option and begin to make your way out of the arena before the tears start flowing.


           “Whenever you’re ready in there little buddy, mommy’s ready for you to get outta there” you laugh a little at the baby voice Connor used, it wasn’t the first time but it always managed to make you laugh.  

             Connor hadn’t chased after you that day at the arena but two weeks later at an ultrasound appointment he showed up and shed a tear when the technician played the heartbeat, not that he would ever admit it, and continued to come to every appointment since then.  He had introduced you to his team as his girlfriend even though he hadn’t asked you about it.  But after that he asked you and made it official, and five months later you were basically living in his house.  

              Now in the home stretch of your third trimester you couldn’t wait to get the baby boy out.  Indeed, your hunch had been right, Connor insisted you find out the gender to be sure you were buying the right products and because he though it would be a girl and wanted to prove it to you.  The baby’s room had been painted and all set up, the theme, of course, Edmonton Oilers and hockey in general.  At first the rest of the team had been hesitant about you, wondering if Connor was positively the dad and weary that you were just using him for the money but after you convinced them with a DNA test they took you in and treated you like family.  You understood the hesitancy and you were glad for it knowing that your baby would be raised in such a wonderful environment.  Many of the wives that were already mothers were ecstatic to help you with everything and the entire team loved teasing Connor about becoming a dad.

           “Con, I’m happy that I chose you to have a one night stand with” you smile at him “but if he ever asks I think we should tell him something else.”

           “Yeah” Connor says after thinking about it for a minute “that sound like a good plan.  I’m happy you didn’t give up when I didn’t answer your calls.”

           “(y/n) after he’s born I’m going to marry you” Connor says moving up the bed to be beside you “because you deserve everything and I’m going to give it to you.”

           You can’t help the tears that start coming out of your eyes “I love you so much Connor McDavid” you say leaning forward to kiss him.

           “And don’t worry” he starts again “I’m going to propose to you in the best way you could ever thing of.”


Dean cheats on the reader, so she runs with a secret and stays in a small town working in a diner when the boys come back into the picture

Dean and Reader

ANGST, cheating, forgiveness, emotional and physical abuse, fluff, seriously like teeth rotting fluff

Word Count:  2,777

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           Another hunt, another fight. Your boyfriend was angry again, and per usual he went to the bar down the road from the motel. I decided to go down and talk, as I walked in I saw him dancing with a skinny blonde, making out like teenagers. I never knew my heart could shatter like that. I walked back out and back to our room, I knocked on Sam’s door and saw the door open. He saw your condition, “what’s wrong?” I started sobbing, “He cheated on me Sam” He grabbed me and held me as I sobbed into his shirt. “I’ll have Cas take you home to pack okay, you can use one of bobby’s cabins” I just nodded and went back to the room and gathered my things.

           I prayed to Cas to help me out, I heard his wings and he immediately knew the situation. He touched my forehead and sent me back to pack my belongings. “I do not understand y/n, why would he do that?” “Because he can” I knew there would be a day he would find someone better than me. Cas helped me with my belongings, packing my car.

           He hugged me tightly and promised to keep in touch. I started the car and headed out into the great unknown. I had never felt so alone in my life, I knew I wasn’t but it still destroyed me, every fiber of my being.


           I heard pounding on the door and knew it was Dean, I wanted to kill him for doing that to her. She was like my sister, and I was supposed to protect her from the heartache. I opened the door seeing Dean an absolute mess. “You deserve to feel that! How could you??” “I know Sam, Cas already talked to me. I always promised I wouldn’t break her heart but I did anyway”

           “Well she’s gone now, so you can back to being a one night stand guy” “I don’t want to” I shook my head and slammed the door in his face. He deserved what he got coming to him. Cas had zapped in later and revealed that she was pregnant, she had called him panicking. I sent her a text and told her she wasn’t alone and that I would help when I could.

Reader POV

           After finding out that I was pregnant, I decided to leave the hunting life. I had used one of Bobby’s cabins, close enough to a town that had a diner that was hiring. So, that’s what I did, I worked and slowly fixed up the cabin to be homey and comforting.

           I was about six months along and found out I was having a girl and couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Today was a full shift day, so dressing comfortable was key, and with it being a nice warm spring day I wore leggings and an old band t-shirt that used to belong to Dean. It was four in the afternoon and the dinner rush had just started.

           I started to not feel well, and Lou could see that as well. “Hey go home, I know you’re not feeling well” “Thank you so much” Before I left I grabbed dinner to take home hoping it would help. I set the food on the roof when I heard a sound I hoped I never had to hear again. There they were, getting out and heading toward the doors.

           I quickly got into my car hoping I wouldn’t be noticed, which didn’t work at all. I finally got the car started when they both looked my way, eyes going wide realization. I quickly got out there hoping they wouldn’t follow. But who was I kidding? Of course, they would find me, that’s their job.

           Once I made it home, I took a quick shower wiping the sweat from the day. It was a perfect evening for having the windows open and the radio playing. I dug into my food and absolutely enjoyed the food. ‘Never Be Alone’ by Shawn Mendes came on the radio and I instantly started tearing up. The truth was I was alone, I didn’t have anyone except for the little one growing inside my stomach.

           I was pulled out of my thoughts when there was a knock at the door, I guess it was now or never. I turned the radio off and steeled myself for the impending fight coming. I opened the door to see both boys, I stepped aside and let them come in. I sat back down and started eating my dinner again. “What are you guys doing here?” “Just finished a case and decided to get some food”

           I nodded and continued eating, feeling better now that I had some food in my system. “Well thanks for stopping by” I picked up the wrappers and threw them away grabbing a bottle of water and leaning against the sink. “I’ll let you guys talk, I’m gonna grab some food and bring it back” “Sam I know what you’re trying do and I’m too tired to deal with this”

           Suddenly I really didn’t feel well, to the point of falling to the ground and crying out. “Call an ambulance” I could hear Sam on the phone and then felt two arms help me up and pull me to the couch. I tried so hard to not find comfort in these once loving arms that I felt protected, now I felt heartbroken.

           The ambulance finally arrived, whisking me away to find out what was wrong. They got me settled in a room after the poking and prodding. The boys sat by my bed, there were no words spoken, just silence. The doctor finally came in, and had informed me that I was pushing myself too hard and from now on I was on bed rest until the baby was born.

           After the doctor left, I rolled to my right side with a pillow under my expanded belly breaking down in the worst way possible. “Could you just leave? HAVEN’T I SUFFERED ENOUGH?” I was angry, beyond angry. He was never there with the horrible morning sickness, he wasn’t there when you went to your first ultra sound and found out you were having a girl. They weren’t there period.

           Visiting hours were over and the boys left, hopefully permanently. Cas had flown in to check on me and to make sure my daughter and I were healthy. It was like clockwork, every week he visited and kept in touch, making sure my daughter was safe. “I was fine before they showed up” “I need to tell you that Dean isn’t himself anymore. He doesn’t smile and he drinks way too much for one man to consume.”

           “That’s his fault Cas, not mine” He kissed me on the forehead and flew away. I fell asleep quickly but it wasn’t a restful sleep. All night I had nightmares and flashbacks to that night. The nurses had to come in on multiple occasions to calm me down, it was hard staying stress free.


           I decided to go see the brothers figuring out a way to fix this. I knew Dean was remorseful for his actions but I don’t think he fully understands. “Sam Dean” “I really screwed up, didn’t I?” “I think you need to see why she’s being the way she is” I touched his forehead and brought him to her room. I sent him into her subconscious to see what she had dealt with before him.

Dean POV

           All I saw was a piece of crap trailer in the middle of nowhere. I opened the door to see her cowering in the corner, bruises covering most of her skin. Then I realized that this was before we rescued her and brought her with us. I walked to the back to see her ass of a boyfriend with another woman in bed.

           I walked back out to see that she fell asleep in the corner. The whole time I watched she was beaten, screamed at and most of all, cheated on. I watched every time when that asshole bringing multiple woman home, her spirit being crushed more and more. Cas finally zapped me out, I was speechless and I knew I had to do whatever it took to get her forgiveness and to be there for her and our child.

Reader POV

           After being awake for a couple hours, I decided sleep wasn’t going to come until the Winchesters were out of town and out of my life. I called Lou and explained the situation and he was completely understanding and offered his wife’s home cooked meals to keep you stress free. I guaranteed him that I would take him up on his offer, his wife was an amazing cook.

           He also told me that he had a talk with an amazing young man, he said he could see the sadness on his face. “It’s not going to work Lou, he did something unforgiveable” “Can I tell you something? I know about the hunting world, hell, Bobby was like a brother to me” I just don’t know” “I’m just going to ask to give him a chance, ok?” “Ok”

           After that phone call I had a bad headache and asked if the blinds could be lowered to get the room dark. I turned on my phone listening the music that helped me feel better and relaxed. I saw the door open and Dean walk through the door way, he had a bouquet of pink roses and a teddy bear.

           I opened my mouth to say something, he put his hand up hoping to stop me. “I messed up, like big time here. You are an amazing woman, and I did something unforgiveable. Cas showed me your past and I broke even more because I became a monster like he was. You deserve better but I hope I can work to be forgiven because life has been hell without you and I really want to be there for you and our kid.”

           “It’s going to take a lot of work Dean, it’s been so horrible being alone and I’ve cried my share of tears over the last six months.” He walked over and sat on the side of the bed and took my hand kissing the knuckles. “I will do whatever you ask” “Then ok, I will move back to the bunker but I get my own room for right now” “Whatever you want, I won’t argue”

           Once I was released from the hospital, Sam had helped Dean and I pack up my belongings and put them into my truck. I sat with Dean in baby while Sam drove my truck behind us. We were on our last leg to the bunker when we decided to stop for food and to stretch. I was really craving a cheeseburger, so that’s where we stopped.

           After the amazing food, we kept on our path home. I started falling asleep but couldn’t stretch out enough. “If you want to, you could use my leg as a pillow” “Thanks” I put my head in his lap and automatically felt better, but I needed to be careful. Once he started running his hand through my hair I was a goner.

           The next thing I knew I was being lifted and carried, I was too tired to really care. So, I snuggled in closer reveling in the human contact I had needed on multiple occasions. Once my body hit a bed I was back asleep and comfortable for once in my life.

           I woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee, so I stretched and followed the amazing smells filling the hallways. I walked into the kitchen to see Dean at the stove and Sam on his laptop. “Good morning” I saw Dean turn around and smiled that smile, Sam got up and kissed me on the cheek and made me a cup of herbal tea.

           I sat next to Sam and saw he was doing research on how to handle stress during your pregnancy. “We need to make sure that you stay stress free” “I’m already feeling better just being back here” Dean set the plate in front of me as I zeroed in on the bacon, and the chocolate chip waffles. We ate in silence just enjoying being together.

           “I found a room to make a nursery, so if you wanted to do some shopping we could” “I like that idea” We planned to meet in the garage around one, so I went to get a hot bath, I needed to soak. I walked in and saw that the water was already there with lavender oil in the water. I stepped into the nearly scalding water and sighed contentedly.

           Once I was dressed, I headed out to the garage in a pair of bleached skinny jeans and flowy tank top that showed off my bump. We rode in silence and enjoyed the music playing through the speaker. We reached the store and Dean looked like he wanted to ask what we were having. “It’s a girl” He got this smile on his face, like he was the happiest man in the world.

           “I hope you’ll like the name I pick out” “I’m sure it’s unique like you are” I smiled and nodded my head. “Austin Renee” He reached out, interlocking our fingers together. “It’s beautiful” He leaned in as I leaned in, kissing each other for the first time and feeling the anger just melt away.

           We picked out furniture, clothes and made sure we stocked up on diapers. It was into the evening when we finally made it back. We walked in hand in hand, knowing full well he was going to work his ass off to gain forgiveness.

           Over the final trimester of my pregnancy he did everything in his power to fix things between us. We recently started sleeping together for about two months, he always talked to her or sang to her. He was over the moon when she kicked and moved around. I was at my due date but nothing was happening so I did some of the things that were suggested.

           Nothing was working, so the last resort was having sex, and of course Dean was totally happy to oblige. It’s not that we hadn’t been physical since I came back but my hormones right now were over board. Boy, did we try, but for some reason she wasn’t budging at all.

           There was an urgent case that they had called on and was asked for help. So, of course we argued and I ended up winning. I would rather be stuck in a car than in a bunker completely alone. To say there was tension in the car was an understatement, “I’m sorry Dean, but you will not miss the birth of our daughter! You can be an asshole all you want but I’m in the right”

           Of course, I had to start tearing up, I hated my hormones. He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. “I’m sorry too, I know you want me there but I just worry that something could go wrong” “It won’t I promise! We do have an angel on our side” The rest of the car ride was better and relaxing.

           We made it to the hotel before sunset, but they only had one room left with double beds. I was ok with that completely, Sam had ordered pizza and a two liter of caffeine free coke. I got comfortable after a filling meal, when I felt a weird pain in my back. “Are you ok sweetheart?”

           Right at that moment my water broke, “Umm Dean, it’s time” Dean just stood there like a statue while Sam was calling an ambulance. After the umpteenth time, he broke out of his trance and rushed over helping me through the contractions. The paramedics arrived finally, and informed me that I was too far into delivery to move me.

           So, with Dean behind me talking me through the contractions, our little girl came into the world. They put her on my chest and I was in love, she was beautiful and had a set of lungs on her. “You did so good baby, you were a beast. She’s so beautiful just like her mother” It was all so simple, we created this beautiful little human who had so much love already.

           Once we reached the hospital and settled, I fell asleep with Dean next to me holding Austin and was already wrapped around her little finger.

scene one

okay so the bad boy series is taking a back seat so i can focus on finishing this series. if you have any questions or you want to request an imagine, please click here


Song Shawn’s humming: Windows by Lewis Watson

His shirtless figure looks oddly in place at your cramped Los Angeles apartment, surrounded by empty water glasses and half-full Chinese take-out cartons. The sunlight drifting in from the large windows paints his body with glowing yellow and when his sweats are hung low on his hips like that he looks almost sinful. The sizzling of bacon on the stove hides the sound of your footsteps as you walk further into your tiny kitchen, leaning your side against the wall, gathering your hair at the top of your head and securing it in a messy bun as you watch him cook ; he curses as hot grease spits from the pan onto one of his fingers. It’s all very charming and oddly familiar and you can’t seem to tear your eyes away.

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Emison Prompt

Prompt idea: Alison gets hurt and Emily is supper protective

She should have been there. She really should have. Alison didn’t need to go get her medicine but the blonde was stubborn so she went anyways. The fact that she was 7 months pregnant wasn’t an excuse for her to do nothing she said. Come to think of it, she really would have been better doing nothing because now she’s been hurt and Emily wasn’t there to protect her. She was going to kill him.

It all started 6 and a half months ago when Alison was pushed by AD or his helper who really knew at that time. When Emily saw the blonde on the ground, her mind immediately went to the darkest place. She couldn’t bear the thought of Alison and their baby getting hurt. From that point one, Emily was even more protective than she was before. She was always dubbed as the protectrice in their little group and after the incident, it became even more true. The thought of something happening to either Alison or the bay made her sick.

For months, Emily didn’t let Alison go alone anywhere, even when AD was gone for good. She would go to all of the blonde’s doctor appointment, they would carpool everyday to go to school and they always went grocery shopping together. If Emily was unavailable to take Ali somewhere, she would call one of the girls. At first, Emily’s behaviour really bother Alison but after a few week she got used to it. She would never admit it but she liked the way Emily took care of her.

It was in her 7 month of pregnancy that it happened. Emily suddenly fought a really nasty cold and Alison was left to take care of her. She didn’t mind. After all of the brunette has done for her, it was her turn to take care of Emily. The swim coach was a stubborn patient. She didn’t like taking pills and she hated syrup. At first, Alison complied with her wishes for her system to be drug free but after three days, her state got worse.

“Ali you don’t need to go please, I feel fine, really!” said the brunette unconvincingly being the victim of excessive coughing.

“It’s either that or I am taking you to the doctor,” said Alison stubbornly as she put a jacket on. “I am only going to Walgreens to get you mecs that will be strong ehgh to cure whatever the hell you have.”

“Then let me come with you.” Emily made an attempt to get up but she was stopped by dizziness.

“Yeah, you’re not going anywhere.”

“Then neither are you.”

“Me do you want me to get sick because of you. It could be dangerous for the baby.” The blonde knew it was a low blow but Emily really did need the medicine.

“Fine,” she said begrudgingly, “but you have to text me every five minutes.”

“Of course.” Alison gave Emily a quick peck on the forehead before she finally got out of the house. It was a rainy day so Alison was extra careful on her way to the drug store because she knew that if she got as much as a scratch on her, Emily would lock her up in the room until the baby was born. Everything was going fine until she got out of the pharmacy and stupid Lucas ran right into her knocking her on the ground.

“ Omg Alison I am so sorry,” the man immediately said helping her get up, “ are you okay? I am so sorry I didn’t even see you because I was in such a hurry!” Alison got up but she immediately grabbed Lucas arm for support. She looked down at her ankle and she saw that it was in an odd position, like an inhuman position for it to be.

“Fuck,” she winced. Her curse made Lucas even more worried.

“ What? Are you hurt somewhere?”

“Yeah, my ankle,” she replied with pain in her voice.

Lucas looked down and turned a really unflattering shade of green when he saw the ankle. “Yeah, I am taking you to the hospital. Your ankle is definitely broken and you have to get an ultrasound to make sure the baby is okay.”

“Fine but be prepared.”

“For what?”

“Emily is going to destroy you.” Lucas swallowed hard. This was not the way he planned on spending his Friday night.

An hour later, Alison was in a hospital bed waiting for her turn to come for the X-ray and the ultrasound. She had called Emily 20 Minutes earlier and she was expecting her any minutes now. Lucas had stayed with her to make sure the blonde was okay even though she advised him against it. But he said that he wanted to stay and that he wasn’t afraid of Emily. She was the sweet one in their group of friend. Right?

Alison was getting her X-ray when Emily walked in. She looked like shit due to her cold but it didn’t stop her from still looking really pissed. When Lucas saw her arrived, he got up with the intention to explain and apologized but he didn’t have that chance because Emily had already grabbed him by the shirt.

“Look,” she began saying her tone low and menacing, “I don’t care that you’re Hanna’s friend or that she lives in your apartment because if anything bad happens to Ali or the baby, you’re doomed. I am going to make you’re life a living hell. You think A was bad, I’ll be worse. Do you understand?” He nodded fast still holding his breath. “Good. Now if you want to continue living I suggest that you start paying for whatever bill the hospital will come up with. If she has to stay here for the night, you’ll pay for a private room. Hanna told me that you’re rich now so that shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“N- no.”

“Perfect. Now that that’s settle I am going to go ask the nurse for an update on my girlfriend and tell her to put all the cost on your account and don’t think of leaving yet because she’ll need your bank information.” He watched her walk away. When she was far enough, Lucas finally let go of his breath, still shaking.

Meanwhile, the nurse told Emily that Alison was in her room, waiting for an update on her ankle. When she entered the room, her tensed shoulder relaxed immediately. Alison seemed okay. She was laying in her bed while playing with her phone.

“Hey,” Emily said approaching the bed.

“Hi.” The brunette bent down to kiss her girlfriend.

“What happened,” she asked softly.

“Lucas ran me over when I was leaving the drug store. Omg your didn’t yell at him did you!?”

“No! Of course not!”


“I only threatened to kill him while grabbing him by the collar and I blackmailed him into paying the hospital bill.”


“What? He hurt you, I couldn’t stand there and do nothing!”

“You’re lucky I love you,” said the blonde grumbling.

“I know. And I love you too.”

Till next time!

In Memory of You // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by imjaeboms

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Sad, angst

Summary; After a short battle with cancer, you leave behind your husband and daughter to to and live on without you. Everything about your daughter reminds Jaebum of you; and he tries his best not to let it tear him apart.

WARNING: this scenario contains mentions of Death, Cancer, Tumours and grief after losing a wife/mother.

It had been exactly 7 years to the day since the sound of your singing echoed throughout the halls of the Im residence – exactly 7 years to the day since your now 14 year old daughter and your widowed husband Jaebum finally laid you to rest after you lost an 8 month battle to cancer.

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The Heart Crumbles (AU TRANS Oikawa Tooru x Iwaizumi Hajime)

Author - Char

Words - 2,079

Warnings - nothing too awful but deals with gender dysphoria

Pairing - Romance is only slightly hinted at but I would say it’s Oiks x Iwa-chan


I stared at my reflection in the mirror of my room. Aoba Josia’s boy’s uniform sitting on my frame. I shifted slightly uncomfortably at the ace bandage tightly wrapped around my chest.

“Tooru!” came my mother’s hell “Iwaizumi-kun is here”

“Coming!” I shouted back, forcing my voice into a lower octave. I turned away from my reflection in order to stop scrutinising myself. Stop it, idiot, you looked the part. I scooped my bag off the floor as I walked down the stairs to meet my best friend for our first day off high school. He stood slumped in my doorway with the same old bored expression and I found my lips tugging into a fond smile “ready, Iwa-chan?”

“Don’t call me that” he said for the million and first time since we’d been friends and I pouted.

“Have a good day!” My mother called as we walked out the front door. I turned and she gave me a determined smile my friend didn’t notice. I waved, slightly shakily as I followed Iwa towards the school. 

I probably shouldn’t sugar coat it if I explain what’s happening. I am transgender. It’s as simple as that. I was born into this world as Oikawa Tomoko. I suppose for me there was never really one time where I knew that I was born the wrong gender - having the set of amazing parents that I did - they knew years before I figured it out. My mother always told me that I’d barely learned to talk when I told her I didn’t like being a girl. Every Christmas and birthday I’d push away the toys given to me “for girls” begging my relatives for sports equipment and books about space instead.
There was a man that worked with my mother, who told me it was alright that I didn’t like girls toys and he gave me my very first Volleyball. Tooru was his name. By the time I was 7 I told my parents I didn’t like my name. They said - pick a new one. I told them Tooru. 
My parents are incredible people. They let me wear what I wanted. Play with what I wanted and would let me introduce myself as Tooru. Honestly, until the age of 13 I thought deep down, sure, I was a girl. Nothing about that was going to change. But I liked being mistaken for a boy and when I met Iwa in Elementary and he assumed I was male.. I never bothered to correct him. After all, I looked like a boy and my name was Tooru.
I didn’t know what transgender even was until I was 11 and my mother told me that my Uncle Tooru was actually born a woman. I now realise she was gently pushing me on to a track she knew I belonged and by the time I was 13, I knew I was a boy. That was when I started to live as a boy and when I hit 15 and puberty I was put on hormone replacement. I was gifted with little to no curves and a flat chest, a bit too tall as well. Most of these things girls my age would mourn about. I was over the moon.
Honestly, when I entered high school and joined the volleyball team I was not expecting all the female attention I got. Oh boy, do I revel in it though, cause I know.. if only they knew… Iwa-chan probably thinks it’s me being a huge narcissist. I won’t lie, it does boost your ego a little but I like it cause it just… solidifies my gender. Makes me believe that I can be who I want. Though the wave of confidence it gave me was amazing.
Sometimes, the whole “Grand King Oikawa” was an act. I was allowed to be myself on occasion though, geeking out about aliens to Iwa - him really being the only one to stick with me. Even if I never told him I was born female. I will one day.. maybe when I’ve had all my surgeries and can officially be the Oikawa he knows..

"Shittykawa!” Iwa barked and I snapped out of my day dream, my eyes focusing on the volleyball practice in front of me “Captain’s shouldn’t space out like that”

“So mean, Iwa-chan!” I pouted 

“Focus, we have the Karasuno game next week” he sighed

“I’m not worried” I grinned

“Don’t drop your defence” he sighed, giving me a pointed look.

“I won’t!” I laughed “come on, let’s practice” he gave a weathering sigh but jogged after me as we went into practice.

Looking back, god should I have been more worried. However, in a lot of ways I am so grateful for our - albeit slightly bitter - loss to Karasuno. It brought a few amazing things into my life. And those things started off with crying. After a few encouraging words from our coach, a huge thank you to the people who showed up to support us I watched my team mates go to the changing rooms after that so called bitter loss.

“Oikawa?” Matsukawa frowned when I didn’t follow

“I’ll catch up, I forgot my track suit” I lied and he nodded, following the team. Another lame excuse as to why I wasn’t going to change with them now. Half the time I hung with my supporters before practice was to make me late so my team mates wouldn’t see my bandages…

I waited a while, trying to  hiding out near the bleachers while people left. By the time the nets were put away I slid into the changing rooms. I sighed, seeing my team where out the showers and had changed. The weight on my chest was crushing and I felt my emotions daring to over flow. I stared at one of the bathroom cubicles, turning into it quick I pulled off my clothes - pretty annoyed the doors didn’t lock and I untied the bandages. I let out a breath of relief at the feeling on being able to breath properly again, turning on the hot water. I looked down though and saw my body and I just… crumbled. Everything getting on top of me all at once. Our loss, not being able to play Shiratorizawa, I couldn’t prove myself.. and to add to it my gender dysphoria was kicking in and I fell to my knees, ragged sobs finding their way out my mouth.


“Oikawa sure is taking a long time” Hanamaki said absently with a frown, me, him and Matsukawa being the only ones left in the changing rooms.

“I’ll go check on him” I sighed “you guys head on home, you did well today”

“Thanks, Iwaizumi” Matsukawa smiled weakly as him and the other boy walked out the changing rooms. I put down my bag and rolled my eyes. He was probably just taking way too long to wash his hair. Again. I stopped in my tracks at the noise of soft cries coming from the stall, almost drowned out my thundering water and I didn’t know what to do. I paused before moving to the showers. Go make him feel better, say something nice for once. I opened the stall door quietly. He didn’t notice me as he cried into the balls on his hand, sitting on the floor of the shower. I frowned when I noticed something.. or I guess lack of something. My gaze shifted up his body, my frown deepening at his chest. Then it clicked in my head as my gaze fell on the pile of ace bandages sitting near him. I stumbled back in shock, the door closing without a noise and Oikawa’s cries continues. My brain seemed to shut down at the sudden information and I took off, grabbing my bag quickly and running from the gym.


I sighed as I walked into homeroom on Monday. It had been an emotional weekend to say the least. Not only was I crushed by our loss but I’d been to my therapist and my doctor and as soon as I turned 18 my surgeries were going to be scheduled. Which was terrifying. And to top it all off. Iwa hadn’t replied to any messages all weekend. Not a single one. I saw him staring at his notepad in front of him as I walked in and I found myself grinning at the comfort and familiarity of his face. 

“Morning, Iwa-chan!” I grinned as I threw myself down into my chair - he didn’t respond “you’re not still moping about Friday are you? Cause you played great!”

“It’s nothing” he muttered and I felt my heart crack in my chest at him being so dismissive. Iwa was a little uptight but he always thanked my kind words when I said them. I didn’t have the chance to reply before the teacher walked in and told us to be quiet.
It continued like this for days, he didn’t speak to me and when he did it was little to no words. It was breaking me. Honestly, Iwaizumi was like a crutch to me. Without him I was just going to tumble into a hole I knew I’d never get out off. He might not know about me but he’d always been there, even for the smallest thing. He’d roll his eyes at first but when he knew I was upset he knew to hug me and to say it would be alright. Then make a dumb joke or insult to make me laugh. But it was just him. His smile, his flaws and amazing qualities that got me through the day to day shit of life.. now I didn’t even know what I’d done.
I heaved a heavy sigh as I walked into the changing rooms for Volleyball that Friday night - after 5 days of Iwa ignoring me. They were all already changed and walking out 

“Late as always, Oikawa” Hanamaki raised an eyebrow and I found myself plastering a fake smile.

“This super cute girl wanted tot talk to me, what’s a guy to do!” I said in my usual dramatic fashion “I’ll be fast!”

They rolled their eyes and left me alone. I could feel myself deflating as Iwaizumi obviously avoided eye contact with me. I slumped my bag down, yanking off my trousers and throwing them into the locker angrily before unbuttoning my shirt. The ace bandages slipping slightly, I sighed, grabbing the end before it slid off to tie it back up.

“T-Tooru” came a voice. I froze. I knew who it was anywhere.

“A-Ah, Iwa-chan!” I maanged, looking over my shoulder “I can explain I uh, got a fractur-”

“Oikawa" he stopped me with a sigh “it’s alright, don’t give me an excuse.. I know”

“Oh” I said, my throat had closed up, I looked at the floor - wanting it to swallow me up into oblivion.
Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT.

“I, uh, I saw you in the shower…“ he mumbled

"Ah” was all I could get out. There was a couple moments of deafening silence.

“I’ve been reading about it.. I wanted to be a better friend” he said, my head snapped up at this. There was a cute pink hue dusting his cheeks as he fiddled with a piece of purple cloth in his hands “I read that.. using ace bandages is really bad for you..” he met my eyes finally and held the purple material to me “so I, uh, I bought you a proper binder. So stop with the bandages.. they can seriously restrict breathing, cause fluid build-up in your lungs and other serious injuries, they can break your ribs - Oikawa”

I stared at the material in my hands, I felt tears start to leak out my eyes - dripping from my face and on to the cloth. I lurched forward - throwing my arms around his shoulders - now totally bawling into his neck. I heard him sigh, his arms moving around my waist to return the hug.

“Th-thank you” I snuffled, as I moved away. He held me at arms legnth.

“I don’t know the ins and outs but.. I wanna be there for you” he blushed and I felt myself crying harder as he squeezed my arms “h-hey, stop crying, idiot”

I smiled “sorry, Iwa-chan”

His lips twitched up into a small smile “come on, Shittykawa, we’re late”

“So mean!” I pouted and he let off a soft chuckle. 

My best friend.


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Date Night

AN: Inspired by this gorgeous photo of Billie Piper.

Rose and Tentoo are set for their first official date in Pete’s World.

Just fluff, really. Forward me the bill from your dentist, cuz I’m about to give you cavities from how fluffy it is. This is my first real fic. Yay!

Rose took one last look at herself in the full-length mirror of their large walk-in closet. She fiddled with the fabric, smoothing out the wrinkles on the side in an effort to distract herself from her nervous and excited anticipation of the evening.

It was their first official date since they started their life together on Pete’s World. Sure, in a month’s time, they had spent plenty of time together. She and the new new new Doctor had been out for chips and a walk or two. They’d settled into their new living arrangement in the guest house of the Tyler mansion. They’d started hashing out the details of their day-to-day lives while working slowly through the Doctor’s adjustment to a more domestic and human life. They’d opened up about their feelings for each other and their memories of their lives apart from one another. But after a few weeks filled with heady conversations, the Doctor decided it was time for a bit of levity–a real, proper date.

She smiled at the memory from three days prior. “I can’t take you to see the stars yet, Rose,” her part-human Doctor said, wrapping his arms around her, “but I am going to take you out on the town. It’ll be a night to remember, the stuff of legends,” he said, with all of his Time Lord swagger, with the grin that makes her melt. “Only the best for you, Rose Tyler.”

In the meantime, he encouraged her to pamper herself with a pedicure and a visit to the stylist and to shop for a dress. “Posh,” was the only detail he was willing to divulge. “Go for the works. You deserve it!”

She tried on many dresses in different department stores, but none of them spoke to her until she saw this one: dark blue like the night sky; silver beading that mirrored the stars; the drapey sleeve on her left arm; her right shoulder bare; the bit of wild print at the bottom that captured her spirit. She smiled in the dressing room mirror. Perfect, she thought.

In the closet, she took one last deep breath before she called out to him. “You ready?”

“Rose Tyler, I am always ready. Ready as I’ll ever be. Born ready, I was. Well, not born. Loomed. You know Time Lords—“

She bit her lip as she stepped out of the doorway, eyes immediately trained on her babbling beau across the room.

He froze on the edge of the bed where he sat. His eyes roamed up and down her form, lingering on her bare shoulder, and he swallowed hard. Play it cool, Doctor, he thought. Let’s see if I still got it.

He cleared his throat and straightened his tie. “Really,” he said, nonchalantly, “this was a terrible idea. Rubbish.”

Her eyes darted from his and focused on the fibers in their carpet. Nervousness began to win over her excitement. What is wrong? Does he not like the dress I picked?

“Don’t know why I planned this.” He rose and slowly started to approach her. “Shouldn’t have made that reservation. Kind of worthless, if you think about it.” He reached her position in the doorway of the closet.

“Why…why do you say that, Doctor?” she asked, continuing to avert his gaze. “I was so excited for tonight and I thought you—“

“Because,” he said, as he wrapped one arm around her waist and lifted her chin with his free hand, and she met his eyes. “With you looking like that,” his voice low, “I’m not sure we’re even going to leave this house.” He wiggled his brows.

She grinned and laughed, the tension melting away as he moved his hand to join the other at her hip and pulled her closer. She grabbed the lapels of his blazer and pulled him into a kiss.

After a moment of lip-locked bliss, she pulled away, to which he made a small groan, and said, “No. For that stunt you just pulled,” she lightly tapped his chest, “we are going on our date as planned. And you should know, Doctor, that I will make the evening as agonizing for you as I can. Let’s test out that new part Time Lord, part human physiology, shall we? I bet you’re not quite as in control as you used to be.” She slowly slid her hands down his chest to envelop his waist in her arms and flashed him his favorite smile, with her tongue peeking behind her teeth.

He groaned again. “But Roooooooose—“

She grabbed his hand and led him out of the bedroom. “C’mon, Doctor! Let’s get this adventure started.”

“Right! Allons-y, Rose!” he hurried her out of the front door, feigning more excitement for the plans he had made than what would come after the evening was finished, but Rose could see right through all that bravado. And tease him, she did. Because Rose Tyler always kept her promises, whether it was for good foreplay or for “Forever.”